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Full text of "Photogravure memories and B.P.O.E. album of the Benevolent and protective order of elks of the United States of America"

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Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2009 witii funding from 

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 

Photogravure Memories 

B. P. O. E. ALBUM 

Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks 

United States of America. 









The Lodges are nrriingeti accor,ling to 'Dis^enuilion and folloiL- in S'limericul Order 

throughout each entire Stale. Tlierc is also added a Table oj 

Reference to all subjects contained in the zuorl- 


p. E. R. Richmond, V'a., Lodge No. 45. 
Ediiok AND Compiler. 

The New Franklin Prin mnc C(]\ii'asy, 
ldlu.mbus. cjhio. 

Puhlishi-rs of 


Allen Counly Public Library 
Ft Wayne, Indiana 


Iiiltrid atcurdiii;; to Act of C"i»nt;rrs^, tii the >L-jf i<>'>;. 

in the olHcf i>f Kihrariari of Conjircss. Washinulnn. I). C. 

Auld Lang Syne. 

Should auld acquaiiitance be forgot, 

And never hrousjlit to min'. 
Should auld ac(|uaintancc be forgot, 

And auld lantr syne? 


For avid lang sync, my dear. 

For auld lang s\ ne, 
We'll take a cuji o' kindness yet, 

l'\)r auld lang syne. 

\\e twa hae run about the braes, 

.\nd pu'd the gowans fine. 
But we've wander'd niony a weary foot, 

Sin' auld lang syne. 

Wc twa hae paidl't i' the burn. 

From morning sun till dine; 
r.ut seas between us braid hae roar'd, 

Sin' auld lang syne. 

.'\nd here's a hand, uiv trust\- frien'. 

And gic's a hand o' thine; 
And we'll tak a right guid willic-waught. 

For auld lang syne. 

— Robert Burns. 

Founder of the Order of Elks. 

Grc-ir.d Trustees, 1903-04. 

J^^ -* RULER. ^ 

Grand Officers, 1903-04. 

J. Bki.i- S.Mini. 

Fremont. 109. 

Xoilhwcsl l^istrirl. 

M,.uuis \V. Ri-.vick. 

.Middlctouii. •-'•'m. 

S.'iilh-.K-i-st Dislih-L 

"District Deputy Grand 

Exalted Rulers of Ohio 


l.nwis P. Metzcur, 
Salcni, 3o."i. 
.\,rrtlii-iisl Ilisliicl. 

Du. Cn.\s. S. H\Ki 

Mariclt.T. ITT. 
Si>u(lii\iit I'istrul. 

District Deputy Grand 

Exalted Rulers of Ohio 

General Index of Lodges and Contents. 

AivKdN 490-4'J4 

Ai.i.iA.NCi; 53«-5-4<J 

AsiiT.Miii.A 4l-'-4'4 

Ul-I.I.AIKK 502-512 

lii:i.i.Ki-<iNT.\iM; 344-34'^' 

1'.(I\VI.1NG C.kl-.KN 60I-r)02 

I?ucvi(rs 35«-3^"' 

CAMiimiK'.i: SsS-saC) 

Canton 2«2-28-l 

CiirLi.icoTiiK 179-1S2 

ClN-CINNATl 19- ^M 

ClKCl.KVll.lK 3'3-3l5 

Ci.iAi-i.Axn '^S" 94 

CiiiiMiirs io5-i()6 

Cmnxkait 420-425 

CiisiioCTox 495-49^ 

nAVT,.X 2f.8-28[ 

Dki-ianci: 352-353 

DKi.AUAn- 303-312 

]•: AST I.ivi;urn,,i 429-43''' 

Ki.vuiA 520-532 

FlXlU.AV 2S;,-30i 

Fkkm.ixt 382-406 

(Vm.mpolis ^-Y'^^!'. 

Gkkk Ni-ii;i.ii 5*^7-5^*^ 

Hamilton 319-32^^ 

Hii.i.snoun -IS5-48.) 

In|m:\ 1" I'lKlTll-CHAVLUKS "13 

Ini)i:\ h' l'.rsiNi;ss C'l.AssiiK-AiinNS. . . '211 

lK,.NTOX 407-41 '■ 

Jackson 533-537 

Kknton 367 


I.IT.ANON 5'3-5'7 

, ,„, 368-3S<i 

LOOAN ?27-52S 

MaNSIIKI.H 2()2-267 

MAunnTA 54i-5(" 

Maui, IN 95- W 

Mauiins Fi:uky fio5-6ii 

Massii.i.on 522-524 

Mmiii.KTowN 423-428 

Mol NT N'KRNoN 347-35' 

XAroi.i:<iN *''2 

Xi:i-sonvm.m: 573-578 

\i;u AUK 499-501 

Xi;u l.i'.xiNr.ToN 5''2-5f'3 

Xi;\\ I'liii.Aina.riiiA 5''4-5''7 4^17-484 

XoKUAi.K 59'-594 

()uic.iN ANii I'lki'osis 01 Tin; OkiiKk.. 4- II 

rAiNi:svii.i.K 579-580 

I'lMiA 5('8-572 

I'liursMoiTii 354-357 

Saii-.m 448-4()C 

SaNI.L SKY 437-442 

SlIiNKV 595-597 

SruiN(.in;i.ii i(«)-l-8 

STi:ri'.i:Nvii-i.K 4i5-4'9 

Tin: (.luiiicu in Ohio 12- 18 

Til I IN ^27-A^A 

Toi.Kiio 183-232 

Tuov 603-605 

L'liuiciisvii.i.K 518-521 

I'l'PKu Sanih-skv 3'6-3'8 

Wauukn 443-447 

Wasiiinc.tox C. H 341-343 

Wkm.stox 589-590 

Wn.M I nc.ton 598-600 

Xi.NiA 583-58'> 

\dlM.STO\VN 233-2''m 

Zani:svii.i.i: 337-340 

Index to Illustrations. 

I'.ASi; Bam. 'I'i:am. Toi.kihi 184 

CiiKKuv PicKi:u>, Tiii.i.iio i8'i 

DiSTUICT Dl.lTTllS. li)0J-'0,i <'lM' I 

I'.I.IAr.N O'ci.nCk T.ixsl' I'rniu r.i;^A- 

Ij.Ks' Urii.iiiNi. I'.iiiAiur. 502 

l'"l.ks' I'.l ll-IHM.. C'ni iNinrs I'M 

lu.Ks' I'.i 11 iM m:. MAuii:riA 542 

Mlks' Tkmmi;. C'iNLiNXAii 17 

HaI.I. l''.NTkANCi;. I'lNCIN NATI -- 

I.AIHi;s' Kl.CIJTli'N KiiOM, (.'iNCINNAri ■!- 

1. ,1- Umom. Cincinnati 1^ 

I.nln.i; Kn(i\l V, I )i;i.A W AUK 3"2 

l.oin.i: Rooms, East I.ivicki'ooi 431 

l.ciiK.i: I\<ioMs, FixDLAV 285 

l.oni.i: RnoM. FuKMONT 381«,i; I\(«i\is. Xklsonvii-Li: 574 

l.oiu.i; Rooms. 448 

l.oiu.i; Rooms. Si'uini.iii'.i.h I'i8 

l.oiN.i; Roo.M. Till. 1:110 183 

l.oiT.i: Rooms. \\'ai<i<i;n 445 

M i:\inui.M TAin.i;T. Fui:.\ion 1 385 

Sl.\'.i: AM' OUC.AN I.OIT. ClNCINN.\'l'l 20 

'l".\i;i.i I. llni.iiiNr. Co.mmittki:, Cincinnati. 25 


WiNiiou .\Nii Sr.MuuAV. Cincinnati 24 


IX the compilation of tliis ucrk the .Icsign ha^ Ikmi to present to the r.n.theihoo.l 
of Elks a definite account of the purposes, ohjects and aims of the (.)rder. the 
inception of the C )ri:anization and its development into one of the greatest and 
most influential societies in the world. 

Tiie ])ortraits with which tiie work is protn>ely illustrated were prepared hy a 
special copper plate process, and are the finest that modern skill an.l art can pro- 
duce. The rapid t^rowth of the Order and t'.K- constant in<|uiries re-ardm- its 
history and principles. makes it a duty imperative upon every true lilk to study and 
make 'himself familiar with all matters concernino- the Organization, so that he 
may i)e ahle without hesitation to impart all desired information. To enal.le him 
to attain this end this volume is res|)ecifully snhmitted. 

The growth of the Order has hecn phenomenal. Having a memhership at this 
writing o"f nearly 200.000 memhcrs, 57 new lo.lges having heen added this paM 
vear making a total of 8yi lodges all in good standing. 

Considering that onlv one Lodge of Elks is allowed in any city, and that cities' 
uf less than 5000 inhahitants are not eligihle to leceive a charter, this is remarkahh;. 
The Klks can consistentlv claim as good, representative and select a da- ol 
mc'^ihe'-s!,ip as anv fraternal' organization in existence, accnintcd for nioMlv hy 
the law all.nving onlv one lodge in a city. The efficiency of this ruling is further 
displaye.l in the great numher of lodges that are i.rovi.ling cluh houses tor th.eir 


This would he a prohihitive feature were miscellaneous organization per- 
missahle Anv white male citizen of the United State, of good character and 
Ma.uling in his ;ommunity and in health, who has reached the age of tv ent;. -<.ne 
vears. is eligihle to memhership. 

■ Each lod-e is allowed to fix the price of initiation fee. which vanes, at the 
present time, 'from $15.00 to $.00.00. The ( )rder of Elks is not a henehcial one 
at least no henefits are specified, and no lodge r.hligates itself to exten.l any. 1 he 
j-Tks however, have estal.hshed a reputation for .lispensing chanty-lxnh among 
its own memhership and otherwise. There is only one real .secret m tlie ( )rder o. 
JUks. and it is one that everv Elk is con^taiuK taught to ol.serve. namely, to keep 
sacred the name of a hrother receiving aid or relief fmin the ( )rder. 

The Origin and Purposes of the Order. 

Till'* ()I\I)l'".k ( )!•■ I'",LI\S is a chilli (if AiiKTica. and (hk- nt its iMlilcst 
()fts|irin|:^-s. It i-i:iil(l iml lia\c liccii ik-visixl li\ the mind nl mail under any 
other ciiiiditi'Mis than tlmse that exist in uur free country and under our 
free institutions. It lias ikj ranks and titles; it is no respecter of persons. 
All i-Jks are e(|uai. differinij only :.s one may excel another in lovinjj the sjood 
and heautifnl. and in ])erfor:ilinjj noble deeds in silence and \vitli(nit parade. Its 
])rimar\- object is to succor those in sickness and distress, and to liel]) the weak 
and unfortunate and cheer the despoiident. 

FoUouin:; uKidestly in the train of this j,M-and purpose are other aims that 
aid in its fulfillment by teaching men how :o live, by frequent intercourse under 
pro])er restraint, that curb selti.siiness and excess, and which tell men how to enjoy 
the s'ood things of life witliout abuse. Tiic founders of tlie ( )rder had no concep- 
ticnidf the sctipe and ])ossibilities of the ])rescnt ors:anizati:.ii. They never (h-eamed 
of its greatness, but they are entitled to and deservinij- of every credit for sownig 
the seeds that have imxluced such manihceiu and -ratifyini;- results. They 
■■builded wiser than they knew." 

The first lodj^e of klks was orij^anized on May Ji. i8(>S, on the second lloor 
of a two-storv frame buildin.!.;-. at Xo. jy Delancy Street, New York City. It was 
coiii|)osed oiiiv of a few ,y:emlenien of the theatrical ])n)fession. drawn toij:ether 
for social iiilercourre. It has now developed into a wide-spread and powerful 
( )rder of Ueiievoknce and Charity, with lodfje.- in ei.ybt hundred and ninety-one 
of the princi]ial cities of the l/nion. 

r.oru of bn;therlv love, and aiminjj U) i)ro.iiote tlie l)rotherliood of man, it is 
designed to offer to its memiiers the certainty of warm hearts and welcome liearths 
in the various cities to which bnsiiK>s or pleasure may summon them. One can 
well realize the satisfaction of hndin"- in every city a little circle of kindred minds: 
kind. ai)preciative and imelhscnt friends; .social spirit>. who. linked to.irether liy 
the mvstic tie. extend the ri^lit hand of fellowsliip and srect yon with the kindly 
smile of iirotherlioo.l. 

The idea has become jirevalent that none but members of the theati^ical 
profession and its dependencies are eli.uible to membershi]) in the ( 'rder. This is 
erroneous. It is true that nearly all of the rei)utable male ])ortion of the jirofession 
are me.nbers; but on tl;e roll of'membershiii will be found the names of |)i-ominent 
officials, merchants, bankers, journalists, Icijal and medical men. and the brislit 
liij-hts of the world in art. literature and music. 

Tlie social c muctiou. the ojiportunity to brill!:;- the brothers into a clearer 
conce])tion of the true claims for consideration of its members, is only one object 
of the ( )rder of I'.lks. I'.rotherlv l.ove and justice are not the bri-litest jewels in 
the crown of a wortliv member. Charity shines forth prominently m all their 
actions, the beacon Udu that .i^aiides them from the slioals of reckless liberality and 
the quicksands <<\ proverbial iirodiiialitx . It is neulles> to refer to the well-known 
•■■enerous charitv of this ( irder. whenever occasion demands its aid. Scarcely 
can the cr\ of ilislress echo on the .-lir. the wail of misfortune, or the moan of 
d'esiiair summon assistance, ere the I'.lks tender the best efforts to aid and relieve, 
questioninu- neither countr\ nor creed, doctrine nor belief. 

This Order is a iinrely charitable (jr.i^anization, seeking- to do its charity in 

(tKH.iN .\M> l'iNr(isi;s 111' iiii: ( )i;iii:n. 

.silence, tluit the |)i()U(l .spirit lliat siifters in secret, I'earini; more tlie Iilusli of shame 
that comes of askini; than tlie pantos of hun.t;er. may feel that never will its sore 
need, nor the manner of its alleviation he piil)lishe<l to the world, and that the 
faults, the frailties, the necessities and the help extended will remain as sacred 
confidences never to i)e divnl<;ed. .\iid this fully explains the reason for the one 
Ljreat secret of the ortijanization, that the name of a hrother who. overtaken by 
adversity or misfortmie, receiving; aid or relief fr(jni the order, shall never he 

In the year 1867 Charles .Mi^ernon Sidney \ ivian. the son of an lin,L;lish 
clergyman, of the e.-;tahlishcd Church, arrixed in Xew ^'ork City. He was a l)allad 
sin,i;er and two days after his arrival obtained an ens:;agemeut at i!utler"s .\merican 
theatre, .\'o. 472 iiroadway. X'ivian l)oarded at Mrs. Giesman's. .\"o. 188 Elm 
Street. .At the same house were a number of actors and musicians and in the 
winter of 1867-68 the male lioarders of .Mrs. Ceisman met on Sundav afternoons 
and s|)ent the time in social intercmu'se. .\t one of these convivial natherintjs 
\ ivian proposed that a permanent social orsjani/ation be formed. The sus;g;Cstion 
was favorablv acted u|)on and earh- in the winter of the same vear the orj.janization 
was formed and given tlie name of "jolly Corks," either from the corks that Hew 
from the bottles on tlie occasion of tlieir meetins^s or because of their connection 
with the minstrel and theatrical |jrofession. 

\ ivian was the first "Right Honorable i'rimo" of the "Jolly C<3rks," as the 
presiding ofilicer was officially designated. Of tlie forty who constituted the mcm- 
l^ersbip at that time, in addition to Charles .\. S. \'ivian, there were: W. L. 
liowron. T. Oatton Riggs. Cicorge W. Thom|ison. Tony Pastor, Henrv ()'.\eil, 
Hugh ()'.\"eil, George F. McDonald, Henry \andemark, William Sheppard. 
Th(5mas C.ayuor, Fernando I'astor. Ceorge W. Rockafeller, James Cdenn, Claude 
C.oldie and John .Mulligan. The new organization was very ])opular from its 
inception and soon the parlor of .Mrs. Giesmans boarding house was too small 
to accommodate the members who met every Sunday afternoon. .Xew ((uarters 
were secured at a house kejjt by I'aul Summers at No. 29 Delancy Street. The 
"Jolly Corks" grew in numbers rapidly and it was at Summers' ])lace that a 
reorganization was effected and the name changed to the "Benevolent and Protec- 
tive ( )rder of Elks." 'I'his im])ortant event took place on Sunday, February 10, 
1868. The selection of a new name was left to a committee of five. \'ivian and 
X'andemark were members of the committee. \ ivian suggested the name of 
■I'luffaloes." but the three .\mericans on the committee insisted that the new order 
slioidd be tluiroughly .American. Some of the members of this committee 
happening to meet at l'>arnum"s ( )ld .Museum were favorably struck by tiie 
a|)pearauce of a fine elk's head whicli was suspended in a conspicuous place. In 
looking up the historv of the elk the chairman became deeply impressed by the 
descri|)tion oi the animal in Goldsmith's ".Animated .Vature" and r)uflfon',s^"Xatural 
History," where it is described as "Fleet of foot and timorous of doing wrong, 
avoiding all combat exce|)t in fighting for the female and in defense of the young, 
l.elpless and weak." His researches and re])t'ri confirmed the committee in their 
choice of the name of "Elks" for the new organization. The elective officers' titles 
in the new onler were: Right Honorable I'rimo: First. Second and Third DepiUy 
I'nmo-: Honorary Secretarv. Ci rre>ponding Secretary, Treasm^er, and Tiler. 

The first constitution of the " lienevnlent :uid Protective ( )rder of Elks." 
orL;ani/.(i I'l'bruarx lo.lSdS, gives Charles \ ivian .'is the presiding officer. h 
i.s .-i >mall black book two and one half li\ ilu'ee inches and contains tweKe pages 
Ti-.e ii>t ol officers given therein for the > ear 18(18 were: Right Honorable Prini'i. 
(_'har!es \'i\iai. : I'irst Deputv I'rimn. R. 1\. Stcirl) : Honorary Secretary. Wiliirnn 

llKir.lN AMI I'l KI'iiSI'.S III' Tin: (jKlil'.l':. 

Carlclon: TivasurcT, II. \an.lcmark: Tiler. William Shcppanl. The nihc; 

r.Kiuhcrs of the new .n-anization whose names were si.y:ne<l D the prear.', . e o. 

the Oonstil.ninn were: E. M. I'latt, W. L. li-wnm Harry ' 'V^^:" ;"■ J' ; •,;, 
\she, [ohn C. i^o.i^, ;. G. Wilton, F. han-horn, J. 11. r.l<".ni < .. K .\K1 .mall 
n„l T.'C.ratton Rit,'-^; The constitution eontaineil filteen .\rticles an<l twentv-one 


Rules an<l Rei^maticns as follows: 


Article 1.— This Order .shall he called the i'.enevolenl and I'rotective (Jr.ler 

ut" h'.lks. . , • , 

Article '—There shall l)e but two decrees m this order. 

Article .V— No member shall be clii^il'lc to the second de-ree until he sh.-ill 
have been a member <// /(•(i.n/ three months. ,■ ,> , i ,-,>,,.„. v one 

Article 4.— X.. pers.m shall be admitted to this Onler un.lei tueiU>-oiK 

■''*' Art icir.V— Candidates can only be proposed by members who have received 

"'' Artidl rSlembcrs shall be elected ,.,/v by ballot. Three bloclc balls consti- 

'"" VniclT; — The api)ro|)riation of all funds for relief purposes shall be in the 
hands of a committee of duly <|ualified members of the second ^^S''^, 

Anicle S.— The R. 11. Trinio shall appoint all cowituttccs tiom the lank^ ot 

""' 'Anide'j^There shall be two sessions at all regular meetings of the ( .nler; 

'"" ' Wrio-Au' bnsinS of this Order shall be considered strictly 
private, and anv member .livulsing the same, or any part thereot. shall, on conv.e- 

''""-Art^cirl'^^The officers of a Lodge of this Order shall consist of the fol- 

'""'If n' I'rimo. three Deputv Primos (First. Second, and Third, in order), 
Secretarv, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and 1 ilei . . ,, • Order o 

Article i_'.-.\nv officer violating the Constitution or Rules ot tn.s Ouki. o 
anv part thereof, shall be liable to imi)eachnient. . , , • ,1,, , ,„ 

Aiticle i,v-The Treasurer shall be requiredto give bonds m at least tw 
tlioiisTiid dollars on assuming the duties of his office. 

trticie .4-It shall require a two-thirds vote of the members ot the second 
degree then present to imi>each or remove any officer of tl"^ O'^'l^r, „^^^,,,,rv 

\rticle n.-Tbe vote ot all the livmg S. D. s shall K ccc^ar. 
,u onler that an amcn.lment or alteration of this Constitution he etteUed. 

Laws and Regulations. 

, . That the meetings of this Lodge shall be held once evcrv week. 

. That it shall be the dutv of the Secretary to read the Aiticl s of C.nsti 
,n,;,,n .,, the lod-e previous to lialloiting for a candidate or candidates. 
'"' " That Ihe miatlon fee be two dollars, and L,.dge due> tweiUy-hve cents pei 

^"■^'^ '"tI^ a'\"'o""e dollar be ,iaul 0,1 the proposal ,>f a candidate, and the 

'^'-'r ';l!,::;^;"^;:;ifi:^u•;;:";r'acceptance i. .m to ead. 

r,: Thai the \rtides of Con.stitutio.n be read to each candulate pi .01 .0 



Okk'.ix ami !'ri;i'(iSh:s ui' ■niK ( )i;iii'.i;. 

7. Tlial ilic lialldl for im.'ml)crslii|) sliall tal<c place oti the next ni^iilar 
iiKi-liiiL; after propdsilinii, and his uiitiatioii at the fnllowinL;- regular mcetin!^. 

iS. Tliat a member of the second dO'jree can propose ijut one member at each 
nieetint;', and no more than five candidates can be initiated at eacli regular meetini;. 

9. It siiall be tlie (hity of the R. 11. I'rimo to preside at all meetini;s of this 
Lodyc ; call special meetings when be deems it necessary: appoint all committees; 
have t;eneral supervision over all matters periainini:^ to the Lodt^e ; shall see that 
all members cijndnct themselves |)roperly. ami comply with the Constitution anil 
Laws of this Order. 

10. It shall be the dnty of the Deputy Trimos to assist the R. 1 1. I'rimo in the 
duties above stated, and officiate for him in his absence. 

11. It shall be the duty of the Honorable Secretary to keej) correct minutes 
of all ret^ular meetin.!.;;s; all accounts between tlie members and the Lodj;e ; receive 
all moneys: pay the same over to the Treasurer, and receive bis receipt for tlie 

12. It shall be the duty of the Corresiionding- Secretary to issue all certilicates 
aijpcrtaining to the business of the Order, and assist the Honorable Secretary, 
when necessarx', in the discharge of his duties. 

13. It shall be the duty of th'> Treasurer to keep a correct Jiccnuiu of all 
moneys received and ex]X-nded by the Lodge, and report the state of funds at 
the last meeting of each month, or when called upon by the Lodge. 

14. It shall be the duty of the Tiler to assimic sole charge of all the property 
of the Lodge, viz: The rooms and condition of the same: keys of the doors; 
attend tlie door at all regular meetings of the Lodge, and shall l)e responsible for 
the faithful disciiargc of all duties attending the same. He shall also purchase 
all i)roperty, stationery, etc., at the request of the Lodge, and all bills for same 
to be ])resentc(l to the R. II. I'rimo for his signature, prior to tlic li(|uidation of 
the same. 

15. Ajiv member neglecting to pay bis dues for four succesive weeks shall 
be notified of the fact, and, failing to give satisfactor)- reasons therefor, siiall be 

16. Seven members shall constitute a (|uorum for the transaction of business. 

17. The funds of this Order shall be appropriated for the following purposes: 
.All nccessarv expenses attending renting of room for meetings, balls, concerts, 
or exhibitions given jjy this Lodge; printing, books, stationery, postage, and all 
other materials necessary for charitable and all other purposes, conformable with 
tlie terms of the charter, and consistent with the object of this ( )rder. 

18. The annual election of officers shall take place tlie last regular meeting 
of each year. 

19. The roll shall be called at the termination of the first session of each 
regular meeting. Members being absent shall be fined twenty-five cents. 

20. It shall he the duty of every member of this ( )rder to attend the funeral 
of a clcceated b- other, on receiving notice to that ell'ect. the relatives of tiic 
('eceased sanctioning the same. 

21. That no alteration or suspension of tlk abo\e rides, or any one of them, 
be made ludess two-thirds of the me:nbcrs of the second degree present shall \ote 
i?i the affirmative. 

("■i;o. ]'. .\lcl)o\.\i.ii. Chairman. 
W'.M. SlM;i'i'.\i;i). 

C'llAKM.i:S \'l\].\X. 
I'.. M. I'l.ATT, 
TlloM.AS < ">. RlC.CS. 

()U1C.IX AXn I'i'KrnSKS n|- Till- ( )KI)i:i(. 

Tlk' alilo m.Kiiu-r In wliicli tlif almw cummilti-c |i(.Tl'iiniu-il ilic (liun's a->siuiu-<l 
[licm will l)L' best realized when il is renienihered thai alt!ii)Ui;li the sjniwth of the 
( Jrder has rendered necessary a number of clianj;es and additions, the Constitution 
as adopted in 1868 is substantially the basis of b"lk jurisi)rudence today. 

Mr. \ivian. as Rii,dit llon<iral)le I'rinio, presided at the tirst session of the 
newlv orijanizcd Order, but on leaving New York for I'hiladelphia, he was 
succeeded bv Ivichard K. Steirly. .\ew members were enrolled at each succeedin-;!: 
meetinj^ anil more suitable (luarters were soon obtained on the upper floor ot 
Military Hall, Xo. iy3 I'.owerv. ( )n .\pril ](>. i8C>8, tlie tirst ball oi the Order 
was .Lri'ven at Farrcro's Assenibly Rooms at the corner of Kroadway and 28th 
Street on the site of the present Fifth .\veuue 'i'heatre. The first annual benefit 
was held at the Academy of Music on June 8ih. and in tlie amiouncemeuts there 
was an ajijjarent effort to i^iye the Order an exclusiyely theatrical character: the 
orit^inal notices announcing; the first annual benefit of the " Performers rieneyoleni 
and I'rotectiye Order of I'llks." The attemjit wa> not successful and the Order 
contniued to enroll members in larse numbers :md of yarious professions. In an 
article from the pen of lion. W. C. \an Derlip, of I'.oston, Mass., Lodge on the 
••h:iks Rest," which we copy from the Flks Annual Register of 1893, appears the 
following on Charles .\lgeron Sidney \'iyiau, whose picture we pruit in this 
work : 

"In the center of the "Klk's Rest.' directly behind the bronze Elk, lie interred 
the remains of Charle.s .\lgernon Sidne\ Vivian, the founder of the Order of Elks. 
He was the son of an Enghsh clergyman, who belonged to the Established Church. 
He was an actor, gifted with a wnndeiful yoice, of a cheerful, sunny nature. 
and was one of heniost versatile men in his profession. He died in LeadviUe, 
Col.. March 20, 18S0, of pneumonia, when it was the center of the gold excitement, 
at tlie a"-e of 34 vcars. The funeral took place Sunday, March 21, 1880, and. was 
a splcndi.l affair for that region, the Knights of Pythias taking charge of the 
ceremony The casket holding his remains was the most expensive that could be 
obtained', and cost six hundred dollars. The whole population of the town turned 
out with a band of music, and accomiianied his remains to the cemetery. 

-On March 17 1889. it was brought to the attention of P.oston Lodge, by 
P.rother Thomas A.'Oaly, that \iyian was buried at Leadville, and that the grave 
was unmarked, save by a slab of w.)od, <;n which lus name was scratched \vitn a 
nail. Previous to this P.rother Allen O. Myers, then the editor ot the Socu;/ 
Session, had called the matter to the attention ot I'.rothcr \\ . C. \ an Uerlip. 
chairman of the P.oard of Grand Trustees, who reported the facts to I.oston 
Lodge and Hrother .Mvers was re<|uested. when he visited Denver and Leadville, 
to forward the remains to I'.oston for interment, it possible, l.rother A vers 
visited Leadville. and on behalf of P.oston Lo.lge, and aided by members o the 
Denver Lo.lge. and P.rother William F. PlcIicI, of Omaha Lodge, cause.l the 
remains to be taken up an.l forwar.le.l to P.ostnu. P.rother P.cchel having kindly 
procurred free transportation for the same, They were re-mterred m the lUk s 
Rest.' at P.oston. Mass.. A|iril 28. i88<,." 

Until 1871 \"ew York Lodge con.siiiuted all there was of the Order, but the 
fame of the great uork being .lone by it spread far hevoml the limits ol the city 
an.l attracted the attention an.l a.lmiratu.n ..1 -ulier cities. In iS,o 1 hila. clpma 
ha.l ma.le appticati.m to New N'ork l.,..!ge f,,r auth..nty an.l mstructmn to '^nvi a 
brancb l,H|..e When the matter was consulere.l by .\ew \ .M'k L.xlge it oecuiK 
eyi.leut that it woul.l he uece.sary to form a (n-an.l l.ulge to enact genera aws 
for the gui.lance an.l contn-l of sub..r,linant lndge> as New ^ ork Lo.lge coul.l not 

()KIC1N A.\'I> I'lUl'dSKS 111' TIM'. ()uiii:u. 

serve this piiriiosc uitlimit uiiitiiii; in itself llie doiihle ciiaracter of l)iitli a j^'rand 
and subordinate body. And so tiie tiien |)resent and |)asl officers constituted tiieni- 
sclves a Grand Lodge and applied to the Legislature of the State of New York 
for an act of incorporation whicli was granted them March lo, 1871. as follows: 

AX ACT t<j incorporate the (irand Lodge of the llenevoient ami I'mtective 
Order of lilks. 

I'ASSICI) .MAUI' 1 1 11). 1S7I. 

The People of the Stale of A'c-i' ]'oi-k, rcpre.urJcd in Sciialc and Assembly, do 
eiuiet as folloics : 

vSection 1. Geoige J. Green, ]{lmer J. Posi, Claude G. Connor, John Hodges, G. I\iggs, Joseph C. rinckney, \\'illiaui Kort'f, Ant(jnio I'astor, Hugh P. 
O'Ncil, Samuel K. Spencer. A. II, .Mulligan, William Coflin, Jv G. I'.rnwne. 
George i'. Dalton. George W. Cumberland. George F. .AFcDonald, William L. 
IJowron. William Sheppard. G. W'. Kockefeller, \\'. Ilallam lirown, Charles T. 
White, John II. J\orft, Tiiomas d. ('laynor, Ilenry I'. O'Neil and Fernando 
I'astor, and tlieir successors, and all such persons as are or may be associated with 
them, are heieby created a l)ody corporate and politic, under and bv the name 
of the "Renevolent and Protective Order of Klks," and as such shall have pcr[)etual 
succession, with the right to sue and be sued. .\nd the saiil corporation hereby 
created, is autiiorized to buy, purchase, take by devise or (itherwise, real and 
personal estate to the value of two hundred thousand dollars, and to hold, sell or 
dispose of the same, and to have and use a common seal, and also to establish 
branch organizations. 

Sec. 2. Tiie said coriwration >hall have p.ower from time to lime t<i make, 
constiUitc, ordain and establish, alter and amend such by-laws, rules and 
lations, as they shall judge proper lor the management of said corporation and 
its members. 

Sec. 3. The general business and objects of said corporation shall be to 
protect and aid its members and their families, and to accnuudate a fund for 
that purpose, which said funil shall be used and appropriated for no other pur- 
poses whatsoever. 

Sec. 4. The persons particularly named in the first section of the .\ct shall be 
the first Trustees of said corporation ; and hereafter at each and every annual 
meeting of said corporation, there shall be elected by ballot five Trustees who 
shall have of all property and eftects belonging to said corporation; the 
said Trustees to hold office until tiic next succeeding annual meeting, and the 
affirmative vote of at least three of the said Trustees shall be requisite for the 
purpose of making any order for or authorizing the investment of any money or 
moneys, or the sale or transfer of any stock, securities, or property belonging to 
the said corporation. 

Sec. 5. .All vacancies in the I'nard iif Trustees caused by <leath, resignaiton 
or otherwise, shall be filled bv the said corpi irati<iii by ballot without unnecessary 
delay. The said Trustees shall hold a regular meeting at least once in each month 
to receive reports as lo the business and ati'airs of said corporation, and to transact 
such business as max be necessary: and any Tiu^lee neglecting 1<1 attend any of 
the meetings of the board for three successive mnuths may thereupon, at the o])tion 
of the said corporation, be considered as having vacated his position and a successor 
may lie elected to fill the same. The sairl Trustees shall not, as such, directly or 
individuallx'. receive any pay or emolument for their services. 


Sec 6 The corporation lierel.v created shall possess the K'c'ncral IH^^^-^^rs of 
and be subject to the restriction and liabilities prescribed m 1 .tie three, Chapter 
eighteen, of the Revised Statutes. 

Sec. 7. This .Act shall take effect immediately. 

Static oi" Xicw Vouk, 1 ^.^. 

Oi-i'ici: OF Tin: SixKin'AUY or Stati:. J •"" . , o- 1 

I have compared the preceding with the ..riginal law on hie u. ^l^^f'^^^^ 
do hereby certify that the same is a correct transcript there.rom, and of the svholc 
of said original law. . „„i, ,1^.. 

Given under mv hand and seal of office at the City of Albany, th.s. sixteenth da) 
of March, in the year one thousand eight hundred and ■-vcmy-one. ^^^^ 

[^'■•'^'••^ Dep. Secretary of State. 

were ll.e only lo<ls» until .S?-;. »;l.en San Fra"f'>" ^° ;l;C'«aS° ,^»- J( '„„ 

"' "°;-tTr,»r ,V all .... -slon, o,,,,c G™„, L»£ »- •;*' t'l;S 
d,y of Xew York F„, ^^J >-" ™S' o ."g .^".o"" One".l,i..g 
conlcst was wasc.l .o make .lie Orand Lou ™;' r,|„„ were llie annual re- 
,l,at materiallv assisted in abottt the "'»""'"„" ',,7,ee<li,.c l&P. "' 
unions of the members of the order hekl J''""; ''"/° 'fLxJe uU '<*■ .''^ 
whieh we have made metuion in the htsto y »' Col.'.:iJ«: ^o 1-'^ j. |^^,j ._^ 


Cmcinnati, 1886, LJctroit, 100/ . v." ^ Pnnd LocWe m gratory. 

Since the amendment to the const.tut.on "^^^'";/' ,^^,^X he d at the same 
it has been customarv to have the annual reunion of the order 
time and i^lace as the Grand Lodge session. 

2 Past Grand Exalted Rulers. 

O ,870-71 C.KouGE J- Gui^N . . , 

^ 1873-73 Cmakucs T Wnrr... ^.,^^ ^. ^^.^, 

CO 1873-74 JosK.-n C. .NCKNH^ .■ .■ .7>/„/.,/.//>/n<, 

S .874-75 ^^■'•^^^ •?;:"•'•' W.. r.r/.' 

(V, ,875-76 Hknkv (1 X M, ^.^^^ j.^^,^. 

,878-79 ^t'KOKCC R. MA.t u. 

W 1879 C11AK1.F.S E. Davik. y.^.yo,-k 

,879-Bo i:--c.wAKu... .•.v.v;^i;: y!:;;- 

,880-82 Thomas E. Gakuki 1 


OuiCIN AMI I'lNI'dSKS 111' Till", ni;|ii:i;. 

1882-83 jiiiix J. TiNiiM.K jV''«' yoric 

1883-84 ki)\\ IN A. I'KUUY Boston 

1884-85 l-fKNKY S. Sandkkson A^«^' york 

1885-86 Daniel E. Kki.i.y Ballimorc 

18S6-87 Wii.i. E. English hidianapolis 

1887-89 Ham iLToN E. LiCACii ll'ashiiii^toii 

i88y-yi Simon Qi'inlin Chicago 

i8y 1-93 Edwin B. Hav Washington 

1893-94 AsTLKY AiTKkLY LouisvUk 

1894-95 EnwiN V>. Hay Washington 

1895-96 William G. Mkykus Philadelphia 

1896-98 Mkadk D. DktwilKk Harrisburg 

1899-00 li. M. Ai.LKN Binningham 

1898-99 John (>alvin Cincinnati 

1900-01 Jkko.mic \'>. Fisiii:k Jaincstoicn 

1901-02 CiiAUi.Ks E. I'rkktt Waterloo 

1902-03 r.i:oU(;ic 1'. CuoxK Omaha 

1903-04 JosKi'H T. Fanninc. Indianafolis 

•Dieil in ollicf. ICst. I.cailing KniKlit C i;. D.ivies lilled tlic unexpired term. 

Since 1890 the Craiid Lodcro and Annual Reunions have been held at: 
Cleveland. 1890 ; Louifville. 189I ; I'.uffalo. 1892. Detroit. 1893: Atlantic City, 
1894; Atlamic City, 1895: Cincinnati, 1896: Minneapolis, 1897; Xew Orleans 
1898; St. Louis, 1899: Atlantic City. 1900: .Milwaukee, 1901: Salt Lake City, 
KJ02; r.altimore, 1903; Cincinnati. 1904. I'.uflalo has been selected for 1905 
— July 10. 

Atlantic Citv lias enjoyed the high privilege and distinction of entertain- 
ing t'.ie Grand Ledge on three occasions ; Cincinnati twice and lUiffalo will have 
had it twice after the next meeting. The migratory meetings— the swinging 
around the cicle— has probablv done more to enthuse the members and build up 
lodges ill the sections where the meetings have been held, than the most heroic 
individual efforts could have accomplished. 

The Order of Elks has manv beautiful sentiments, but the most beauti- 
ful is that of the Eleven O'clock Toast, when at that hour wherever there 
are Elks gathered in social intercourse tbev drink to "(Hir Absent I'.rothers. 
I'.rothers fjoth in the natural and social order, cannot but be moved at this 
time when those who have passed into the great beyond are remembered in this 
touching and beautiful tribute. 

The color of the order ad<ii)fed by the Grand Lodge many years ago is 

purple. , . ,, 1 

The Houer of the order adopte.i hv the Gran.l Lodge 111 1892. at the sug- 

..c-,tinn of the tlien Grand Kxalte.l Uuler Iv I'. Hay. is the '•Forget-me-not. _ 
In 1890 a ])rovisioii was enacted in the new cmisiitution and laws reciuiring 

l,,docs to erect a memorial tablet in tiieir lodge rooms in honor of their dead. 

The Miirit of this law has Ix'cn carried out bv many of the Ohio lodges and quite 
umber have verv beautiful tablets, iiolahh Cincinnati. Fremont and East 

a n 


The Order in Ohio. 

\cxt Ui rciiiisylvauia, Ohio lias a gicaler tiunil)cr uf loilgcs and iikmii- 
hcrs tliaii any other state in the union. I'.uikhnys arc hem- erected all over 
the state and il will he a matter ..f verv few year> every lod-e will 
,,wn its h,.nie. The persiiniiel ..f the nieiiihership is ul ilie hi-hest and many 
,il the most distinguished people of the United States liave heeii treiinenlly enter- 
lained hy the Elks of Uhio. . 

JM-oni i.S7() to i8S0 oiilv l.nn- h.d-es existed m Uhm. alter which "ue or 

iS(io; I'drlsmnulli. r.ucvrus. i\eiuiin. i.mia. i-m.i...n. ........... ,^y,. ............... 

iS.,- Stenheiiville: i.Vv C'nneaut, .MiddleK.wn. !•.. Liverpool; 1894. Sandusky : 
iSns Warren. Salem: uS,;;, Xiles. llillshoro, .Nkmn. Cnsh.icton: i8y8. .Newark, 
I'.eliaire I.el.anon, L-hrichsviUe. .Massillon. Canihri.lffe; 189.,. Logan, hlyna,^ Jack- 
snn Mliance. Marietta. Xew Lexington. Xew Philadelphia. Liqua: 1900 1 ames- 
ville'lancaster: 1901. Xenia. Xel.sonville. C.reeuheld. Wellstnn. Xorwalk . 1902. 
Si.hiey. Wilmingt.m: 1903. Howling Creen. Troy; 1904. Martins 1-erry. 

Ohio Association of B. P. O. Elks. 

This ass<,ciation f.irmerlv the Reunion .Vs^^ciatinn nf Ohio Lodges, was 
..rganized -in Sanduskv in .August, 1898. The first annual meeting thc-re- 
afPer was held in Cleveland in .August, 1899; secnnd at Xewihdadelplua, .\u- 
..■nst u;oo: third at Marietta, September 19. 1901: fourth at Xewark, September 
4 loo': fifth at Columbus. Mav 13. 1903; .sixth at Lima. June 11. 1904. 

Samuel H Xeeds. of Cleveland was the first i.resident. serving the two years 
i8n8--go lie was followed hv C. T. Wight, of Sandusky, tor 1900- 01. L. 11. 
Archer, Columbus. ..jn2--03: George X. Henry. Steubenyille, 1904-05. the pres- 
ent incumbent. The foHowing are the constitntiun and laws ot the associatuMi . 


Xam,.— This organization, f.nmerlv "The Reunion .Association of Ohio 
Lodges 'of' the llenevolent andj'r.^ective Or.ler of Klks." shall be known as 
'he "( >liio .Association of Elks." . 

(,,,|,-CT— The object of this organization shall be to unne all the I'.lks ot 
Ohio in clo.ser bonds of fraternity and sympathy and to promote tlie mterots 
of the order of l^lks in every proper way. 

A[i.-.Mn-Ksmr— The membership of this .irganization sliall be c.imposed ot 
all regular 'lo-lges of r.enev.lent and Protective Order of l-.lks in the state ot 

'"""p,,,,,,,-,-s-l.:ach lodge -shall he enlhled In one delegate and alternate, 
which delegate 'and alternate must be selected b> h,. 1, .dgv .at the la>t meetmg 
night of .Alarch .if each year. 


xr,,,..,.,^.,,^ —There shall be one regular meelnig of lhi^ associaliou during 
each'vea'r, 'at'l'east six weeks before the meelnig oi the (.rand L.Mlge, at such 


Till-; OuiiIlK IN (Jllin. 

lime and [)lacc as shall be tlctcniiii;c(l upon ai the animal nieetiny;; and such 
s[)ccial meetings shall be called b)' the I'resideiit and liuard of .Managers as 
the)' deem necessary. 

Dui:s. — The annual dues of this association shall be $1.00, payable at the 
animal meeting, for the ensuing year, in advance, by each lodge. 

( )i'i"ici:ns. — The officers ot the association shall consist of a I'resident. \ ice 
I'resident, Secretary, Treasurer and SergeaiU-at-.\rms, who siiall be elected by 
tlie majority votes cast of delegates in attendance at the animal meeting. Xo 
votes by [)i"oxy will be recognized. 

The above officers, with tiie addition of three to be elected from the boily 
of the delegates, at the same time and in the same manner, shall constitute an 
K.xecutive C(jmmittee to e.xercise general suptrvision over the altairs of this 
association, when not provided for otherwise. 

Dl'Tiks oi- Ui'i-ici;ks. — i'resident: Jt shall be the dut\ of the rresideiu to 
preside at all sessions of the association, and give the deciding vote, in case of 
a tie. Call all meetings when necessar\'. .\|)p(iini all committees not otherwise 
provided for. liave general supervision over all matters api)ertaiiiiiig to the 
association, lie shall approve all orders on the Treasurer, before payment 

\ ice President: The Vice I'resident shall preside and perform the duties 
of the 1 'resilient in his absence. 

Secretary: It shall l)e the duty of the Secretary to keep correct minutes 
of the proceedings of the association; to keej) all accounts between lodges and 
the associaticjii from all sources, giving his recei))! for same; [jaying the same 
tf> the Treasurer, after they have been properly entered upon his b(X)ks. Notify 
all lodges of meetings and attend to all correspondence. Draw all orders for 
'.he [)ayment of bills a.gainst the association, after being ordered by the associa- 
tion and approved liy the I'resident. He shall turn over to his successor all 
books, papers, accounts, etc., remaining in his possession. 

Treasurer: It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to be the custodian of 
all mone\s received b\ him from the Secretary, and to give to the Secretary 
receii)t for same. I'ay out all moneys on order of the Secretary, approved by 
the President. 

Sergeant-at-.\rms : The Sergcant-at-.\rms shall have charge of all en- 
trances at place of meeting: shall refuse admittance to all who are not justly 
entitled to be present and shall kee|) order and enforce the commands of the 

Co.\i.\nTTi':i:s. — .Ml committees, unless otherwise ordered, shall be appointed 
by the I'resident, or in his ai)sence, the \'ice President, and shall consist of at 
least three and not over five memljers. 

l'.\i<i.i.\Mi:.\r.\KV PuACTRi:. — Cushing"s Manual shall be the guide and au- 
thoritv in all matters of ])arliamentar\' practice, except as otherwise ])rovided in 
the constitution and by-laws. 

.\.Mi:.\i).M i;nts. — This con.stitution and by-laws may be amended at any regu- 
lar meeting of the association, liy a two-thirds vote of the members present, 
len da\>' notice having been gix'en to each lodge. 

In Conclusion. 

The woi-k- done b\- the lodges of the state is best expressed in the histories 
which follow in these pages. While Ohio, next to Pennsylvania marshals the 
longest line of I'.lks in the uniim, >he is not content to sit idle and let others 
pass her bw but each week new recruits are galliere<l into llie ranks of the order 
llial not onlv teaches but practices the nolilo virtues of Charity and I'.rotherly 
I.ove with Fidi'litv ;ind in Justice. 


> I 

l-.v:illi-.l Kvilir. i:-.l. I. .If, Kiiiflil I.St, |,,,y. Kniyhi 

I'.M. I.. 








77 : 




A^llt;lIml;l ... 


ItitwIitiK ('.reel 




Cliillicf.tlit: ... 




;J7 ' CtjUnnliiiN 

'S^ti I Conncaut 

;i7ii Cosliocl"n 
58 I Dayton 

j Ik'tiancc 

i Dclawnrt- 

K. Livorpintl . 




(".allipoH-i .... 

('.rtf ulifl"! 


3(il I liiUshoro 

177 I 1 ronton 

4<t4i I Jackson 

157 I Kenton 

570 1 Lancaster 

422 j Uclianon 

102 ' Kiiiia 

452 [ 1-opan 

5(; I MansticUl .... 

477 I Marietta 

'A'l 1 Marion 

8^ I Martins Ferry 

441 I Massillon 

257 I Middletown ... 

14(» I Mt. \ crnon 

929 ! Napoleon 

543 i Nelsonville 

391 I Newark 

5<H» , N. Lexington. . 
510 I N. I'liikn.U-Ii.hia 


258 I 
415 I 

Hi!) I 
11.7 I 



730 j 
523 1 
3(6 1 
2S5 ; 



I'ainesville .. 






51 I SpringficKl .. 
231 I Steul)cnville 

94 ; Ti'lin 

5:t ', Ti.lcili 

SliS ' Troy 

424 I riiricllsvillc 
VA ' l'i>. Saii.lusVy 

21k'> ' W'arn-n 

VW-llslon .. 
W ilniin.i;l..n 


.55 I Viiungslown 
114 Zancsville . 





C C P.cnntT 
W . .1. liiTry 
W . W. •I'lilliiToii 
I;. W . ArL-lar 
l-rt-.l <,'. ,S|iiUic 
W . S. (.■'•aimr 
C. C. (..irni|..y r. (.(jiir 
l^ilpli 1). Sli...i|. 
I'.L-.i. v. SoMiKin 
Aug. ik-rmi.inn 
(.. r,. Slllllz.; 
11. W. I'lvvini; 
.[.-iMR-s kos, 
.lu>. I'. I'.ni-kcy .\. Hay 
.l.ilin K. Kcniu-y 
I'. \\\-<K^u\mK 
licrt W l.c.-i. 
.1. S. Ilill.irt 
S. l:. ka«>..ii 
.1. .\. Siliaufcr 
II. Ucii-iiiK.r 
.1. I-;. Il:illi.l:iy 
.1, T, l.aniL-l- 
.I..I1M I-'. lUalh 
.\l. K. C'raviT.s 
K. W . I'ritcliaril 
I'.cnncr .l.nlc.s 
I'. .M. Crow 
I.. C. Silhnnsh 
1;. W. K.imsfV 
II. C. .McCuni 
.1. W . Caliricl 
Charlis l.'ittiT 
.1. .\.|.hy 
!■". .\. Sttnucl 
.folii W. IVrrill 
Kraiik .\. \ont 
S. S. Til)lials 
k. S. Clcim-nl-, 
.lames I" Ka.yaii 
I'. \\. Ilicki'ian 
I-:, •!■. .lolms..n 
C .\. I.onalnic 
U. v.. llaNcnnan 
II. \'. (trincroil 
[•■. W . \anl.usi-.i 
I'. (',. IImkIu-s 
.1. (',. I.'l.onm'l 
!•■. W . .M.iultiin 
K. I.. C..l..n.rn 
W. II. 1;. inli.irt 
.1. I,, llickiilslifil 
T. .\. iiiirkc 
W. C. r.^yloi 
l-r;:iik T. |l..i<.- 
\\ . .M. I'-L.-I'iian 
.\. 1;. CaiiiiilK-ll 
\~.i W . I':is..p i 
■ Ml. .11 I'.n-sxK 
.1, (I. I.i-lic 
.\l. S. 
.1. W . ClLUiaiuy 
S, S. duti-.ill 
I'. II. I.iuir 
II I.. .McKlroy 
CI\.|l- Ktrasom-r 

II. \'. -Mc.Vaiiiara 
IC. W. Iliihl 
I.. \. I'arkiT 
.1. M. WlK-alaii 
1;. r. Williams 
.1. !■;. Slialzcl 
II. ]•;. \alciuiiiL- 
.l.'imcs U. ^cott 
(.. T. Wiltir 
!•'. II. Kramer 
I". II. KircliiKT 
.\l. ruruillciiar 
I'luKenc Ilcrlj.jrt 
.\. 1!. Ilawsoii 
li. C. Ivi.lcs 
I". S. roivnsfiul 

II. I\l.l,'kT 

II. II. .NhilkiKup 
1;. 1.. I'ortirik.M 
T. i;. lon- 
C. 1;. l.ach'.kT 
.Nkrlc .\. I'oc 
r. I'. .McC.alian 
T. W . .McConiuck 
Cliarlt's l,inii;li 
('.. J. WiiikKr 
S. W. Ilicstanil 
W'illiatii Wciler 
II. .\. .\Ialoii.y 
.1. K. Still. nKs 
I.. II. I'urstll 
W. .V. ri-.ii..ri)sor 
C. W . |iau-..n 
('.. II. U.-iili 
W . I-, \ .»-s<lL-.Ir. 
I". 1:. .\;c(".ri-w 

.\. I'. I.lllsCotl 

.\. W". I.ivcil 
I'.. I.. .Xyrc- 
K. C. \ aiiDcrvi-cr 
Carl llriil: 
I-'. .1. r.cck 
C.tor.i;^ Sliaefjr 
C. I-;. C.r.K-cr 
.\lf. (■,<il,!stcin 
\\. I". Ilur>t 

I.. I-:. Lewis 

!■:. ('.. Martin 
C. II. Stocking 
.1. C. Ihivtlies 
.Mark W. Selliy 
I.. 11. Il.uris 
I-. P. Ilillz 
I.. W". Ileiiiie 
l-reil. Siiy.ler 
II. .\. /.ink 
.1. I-:. IlKiller 
W. .1. .Mlirecht 
C. .\. Peters 
Ch.llles r.i-.,,.!,- 
I'erce Hale 
I'.. C, '^iiuli 
.1. M. ll.iUer 
l(, I., l-.rvin 
|.'. .\. \ an.lervort 
W. I-;. K.ser 
I". II. 
W. C. IIank> 

W. S. Williams 
C. I.. SIntter 
S. U. Foulils 
W. T. I.ainliriilge 
.\. U. KiKBs 
<"i. W. I'"earnsi(ie 
V.t\. J. Songer 
('.. 1". Mahalfey 
.1. U. Snyder 
(Juillhy Cliiner 
A. II. I.unlap 
II. I'. Jackson 
U. i;. I'inley 
I''. .1. Kniireclit 
l>. i:. Kerr 
I'!. C. kenner 
II. v.. .Myers 
.| C. I>ie-il 
K..y U. l;i,ldie 
.1. W. Sellars 
C. C. ICnsign 
W*. X'anKeiiren 
C, C. l;..wliis 
C. !•:. I'.ush 
Charles .Murray 
W. I'". Thomas 
('.. Itarrere 
It. T. Uichards 
.\. \'. I;\'ans 
W. I.. Kinlay 
Charles A. Carr 
W. 1:. Moore 
Chas. Tucker 
U. j. ICdmislon 
C. C. lleehnan 
Harry I'fafI 
C. II. roster 
.1. \\. ICvans 
II. P. Harrison 
.Vote Shields 
I'. ('.. Sevcrns 
W". P. lIulTy 
l-'ved Tharker 
k. W. Smith 
J. F. .Xu.^ent 
C. C. Stidler 
P. .1. Sheehan 
I". I). Suydaia 
I-;. M. Martin 
W. W. Steiner 
i:. .1. Daehler 
X. I.. Reich 
W, I.. l-iesiiiKcr 
C. M. W yman 
W . I'. K.iontz 
C .\. \ail 
C. II. Mtenl.aiiKli 
.1. .1. M.ioney 
.1, C. H.ihins 
II W I', no 
T. (.■|l,.iioell 
I-. .M. Ilrierly 

.1. I.. Il.irsey 

.\. C, Si. . lie 

(".. S. Kinizsluiry 

Harry II. 

Ilarrv C. I'liyli 

' II. C. Pars.ius 

ll.'irry W. <'.ree 
, W. II. Cook 
.1. S. Johnston 
J. K. Casey 
J. X. i:asley 
A. M. Jones 
C. I). .Xichols.oi 
II. II. Iloiiii'iel 
I). II. Collell 
C. I-'. Williams 
J. P. McC.iven 
P. J. Plunkett 
Win. Ciunilile 
l'\ J. .Mward 
P. P. I.ellari 
1;. C. C.rilhn 
C. I-'. I.ittmer 
II. I.. i:iliolt 
W'. C. Stewart 
II. C. Wilco.^ 
J. !•■. liurket 
W. II. Schwartz 
I-rank I.. Shaw 
.\. J. Shorr 
J. v.. .Morgan 
J. I-;. Sherriehle 
.Vugust I,intiier 
Frank Crttmit 
P. C. Robinson 
J. 11. C.ardncr 
Charles Stih'i. 
C. II. ChappclIJr. 
W. J. Kyan 
K. W'. Hartman 
K. ('.. Keiser 
W". S. Spencer S. .Monks 
F. W. Justus 
W. U. Kiec 
("i. k. Spearman 
I). U Donovan 
.\. I,. Pritchard 
-\ C. Davis 
Joiin T. Pylc 
Irwin Kinsey 
.1. W'. Tipix;r 
C. S. llarrinijtoi 
1:. 11. IlcWItt 
i:. K. .\Iagec 
C. M. Searl 
John Johnson 
John kay 
l.oiiis P. Kraft 
(.'. II. Iligler 
J. S. Parsley 
William Cril! 
F. II. Searles 
k.II.S.ilherla- .IJr 
John While 
\'trgil Ilarm.'in 
W'.W . I .unnavant 
I '.rant 1'.. W 
.\. .\. I...«.i 
K. II i-.i.iiol-aiii 
C. I., .I..I11. 
II. J. Dingledy 
J. W. .McC.lashon 

II S, Hart 

P. .\. ('.allele 

I'. C. .Moore 

T. J. Uusser 

I.. 1:. Swisher 

li. 1;. llerrilT 

C. I-'. \ olliner 

J. P. .Mahalley 

i-;<U\iii ('.. koth 

W. C.reenhaiim 
John lloyle ! 

(ieorge k. Curl 
Henry M. Stowu 
J. W . kanney ^ 
.\. II. James 
II. kolnnson 
I:. I'.. .Miimnia 
Peter F. Seihel 
I'*. .\l. .\rm>trong 
S. I.. 
(*.. W'uhrman 
W. T. Platt 

I. T. .Miller 
John C. liiitz 
1;. T, Ila.'ler 
I.. M. I.arsh 

C. McConnaughy 

D. II. Clark 
T. B. Philips 
(".. II. Palmer 
Frank Matt 
W. M. Stublis 

II. I.amherton 
I.. 1!. ICngle 

K. S. Iliestand 
C. I^. Faircs 
J. .M. P.rigel 
llayward Long 
k. U. Crawford J 1 
G. A. Sehald 
S. J. Dorgan 
C- W. Davis 
F.d. C. livar.s 
G. n. Woods 
C. J. Greely 
John Kosch 
S. P. McDcrmott 
F,. S. \"anSc'ver 
W. H. Black 

A. W. DeWeese 
Floyd L. Smith 
J. Frank Kerr 
J. C. Manser 
John Derrick 
L. M. Harris 
W. .\l. Trainer 
II. W. .M.-ie.Sio 
F. M. Heller 
T. ZiegeiifeMcr 
J- W II. .1.1.10- 
II |i, ll.ile 
r, J, I. a. Ill, 

C. .\- I'.ossar.i 

II, H. r.rowi. 

J. II. Derrick 

T. II. /ell 

B, 1:, Waleoll 
1:. I-; llaglev 

I'red 1:. Smith 

J. II. .McC.nnel 

A. U. Amsden 

J, .X. Seliindew.d 

Harry S. Kerr 

F". Kiminons 

J. I!. Gormleyjr 

A. M. Sarchit 

Jacob I. Pijier 

i:dw. U. McKee 

( 1. 1". kattemian 

k. C. Weldoii 

S. Smith 

II. L. I.aiium 

G. .\. lacks.. n 

l'..\.G. Lawrence 

A. F. Diers 

11. J. Jennings 

('reo. S. Crviler 

('., Bcndheim 

C. L. Sotherdet. 

W. F. Hosier 

W. .\. Galiil 

A. II. Uhrig 

Bert Lough 

R. A. Ilunn 

D. kockholii 

C B. 

W. A. Motz 

H. L. Runkic 

IC. 11. Hininger 

S. N. Williams 

Arr-os Young 

J. A. Wcllman 

.M. D. Warn Ir 

C. W. James 

H. True 

George Cook.; 

J. J. Klotz 

J. V. Bonncll 

L. F. West 

J. I). Groll 

W, F. Bort 

IC. W'. Craytoi: 

T. T. Smith 

M. Seibold 

K. W'. Stilhvag) 
F. II. Fox 

G. K. 
liert Ostertag 
G. K. Krickir 
J. H. Miller 
W. L. .MIendor! 
Chas. F. Vag-r 

C. .\. Winston 
Joseph Bcatt. 
J. G. Fiegelist 
I. .M. Kelsiy 

D. M. Shill'ii;,- 
Ltldwig Ries 

F. Frederic' 
F. Craver 
J. I. aid 
C. Sellers 
M. Ilinman 
.\. Xishet 
II. Kenne.Ij- 
.\. Sharpe 

L. K. Stone 
H. I-:. Scho.iley 
C. .\. Seam:iii 
W'. Campbell Sr. 
ILL I'.artholoniew 
S. G, Harvey 
.\. 11. Lyon 
J. F. Burris 
J. L. Smith 
Henry O. C'ook 
.M. A. Meehan 
X. T. MeCrea 
(ieorge W'. Snovv"' 
W'. C. Twinuni 
John J. Koski 
J, F. Ligiitcl! 
L. G. M,im;:a 
Harry W'ait.m 
T. I-;. Dankel 
Percy B.'ixtei 
k. Holcombe 
P. C. Tri-cl- 
i". .Mtssinger 
J. M. Kaufman 
Harley West 
G. II. Phillii's 
Fay C. Jlolines 
l.anjel MonI 
F.. C. I.a.rd 
II. K. Penrce 
P. .Mt Vncspie 
W'. .\. Ueid 
H. W. Johnson 
H. S. Green 
James McC.^y 
J. P. Donnelly 
F. IJarriiijer 
W'm. I-:. Miller 
W m. Ileitzman 
P. A. Gruhb 
L. I. Dermody 
Ed H. Piso 

C. E. Scott 
J. W. Allen 

J. .v. Diamo.i.J 

D. E. Thomas 
J. E. Butler 
W. J. Bjscom 
T. \V. Morgan 
S. Genslinger 
T. B. Xichols 
James Sheen 
John Mc'.ermott 
Thos. Doorlev 

P. P. Crahi'l 
T. M. Loup 
S, A. Coonrod 
C. W'. Seymour 
W'. .\. Dai ley 
J. C. Lewis 
Thos. McKel'y 
C. I-'. Kiiineman 
C. F Parker 
11. P. keaga-. 

C. L. Ilaw.^rtb 
(^.co. Swarlz 

D. H. 
W'. C. Conrade 


liim-r r.n;ir<l. 

< )rgatnst. 


K. v.. McNiil 
I{vail I'arkcr 
kny N. 
John !■". Sherry 
J. A. I1.U1H.S 
I., lira.llcy 
S. W.kkIs 
C. KItmIi 
M. llran.ll 
S. ('.rant 
!■:. Hahlkt 


J. II. 
U. !■; 
L. .1. 

c. I-:. 


I-.. SmiuIi 
Mynm L. tu\ 
II. I.. Caih.t 
Will .Martin 
.1. IlL-nry Wi-IkIi 
W'ni. .\latlhev\s 
II. W, .\luuntam 
Frank C Long 
II. K. Hose 
H. 11. Scott 
.1. Edwards 
H. Beck 
L. Colter 
F. C Williams 
li. Kby 
Paul .Morrison II. Shauf 
(.. Stroilt'icck 
I.. .M. I latter 
.1. .M. Ricscr 
ICd. Juniper 
W. K. lo'ey 
J. K. .Mnntifuniery 
U. Cole 

.1. V' 
II. C. 
I'. I!. 


F.. P. 
C. C. 
C. S. 
1.. S. 
I. I.. 
J. C. 
\V. M 

I). S. C.aslon 
(icorgc IV Stone 

J. F. WeiKcle 
U. II. Cihsnn 
T. J. Quinn 
S. Walter Jr. 
I"'. J. Thomas 
P. K. Wolfor.l 
T. J. UeaKati 
I.eo T. Weltz 
W. n. McCalhsler 
Fred .\. Shank 
.■\. C. Kussi 

(ills Veck 
C l'ils«.m Jr. 
I'. I.. Fox 
W. Kobiiisiin 
<".. li. Silencer 
C. II. McUKcl 
E. S. C.alUil. 
I>. I!. Smith 
J. C. SchalTcr 
Freil .MaaK 
II. W. Ccnirtri!;h: 
K. W. Cehhardl 
I.. Crissinger 
W. II. Ilurll ,irt 
Louis .McClatn 
Wm. Kuntz 
iTank Suniiiitr 
.\. W. Smith 

ICarly Jr. 
C. C. Ilofc-Kcss 
W. C. 'ieakic 
llert Can oil 
David Morgan 
IC. II. Monahan 
W. P. Hentlcrson 
James Culleil 
John Slihlis 
Theo. Michael 
("i. Krishhaum 
.Max ^'oung 
Clyde II. Pape 
I" red Kraner 

F. Perry 
I). Yost 
C. Augenstien 
John C. Ilaird 
W. n. Sargent 
Henry IJoska 
!•;. Adolph 
J. S. Caldwell 
A. li. Kundcll 
C. A. Hinc 
O. C. Kalhfleisch 
F. H. nickcv 
John ("»arvvood 
J. .\. Sawyer 
Joseph l.einp 
O. II. Ilullmsei 
W. II. .Mixandcr 
liihn (',. Ila.ler 
W. I-:. C.aiighan 
C. M. Uedmon.l 
William Hill 

.\. I!. 
I.. M. Hazard 
Daniel Xiclinis 
J. W. Wilson 
II. Schnhach 

L. J. 
I.. .\. 

U. P.ownian 
I!. Kighllm.ger 




i:. II., 
II. C. 
.M. I!. 
I. .M. 
I. C. II 


I lopkina 
C. .McCalla 

T. Hier 

Chas. F. Il.iin 
C. 11. Coup 
F. Ilartwig 
.\. J. H. i-o»te 

-M. i;r 


J. II. i:iliott 

.M. (i. Spaiilding 
J C. V. Iliitton 
W. II. Hoskcl 
J. .\. i;vans 
i;. T. Humes 
C. .\. Price 
C. C. l.or.l 
I'.eo. C. Criles 
S. J. Kyan 

P. Johnston 
T. Clyhurn 
F. I'.cniler 
L. Wiggins 
H. Ilaniptor. 
C. Crossland 
W. Ilurhin 
i".co. K. W'hilcy I 
H. (i. W'emmer 
I,. C. Wright 
C. H. l.owr'.y 1 
C.corgc Wiescr | 
James Wark 
C. T. Updc.jratl 

J ones 

W. J. Ohy 
S. liurkley Jr. 
Kd. K. Ilennett 
i:d. Wittich 
Fred S. Sayle 

.\. T. Jones 
li. li. 
I-:. C. .Merkle 
Frank li. Ilielil 
J. I.. I'unne!! Jr 
i.oui- SteinfiM 
k. S. Davie, 
.M. S. I.lipller 




W. .\ 
(".. F. 
K. L. 
.v. T. 
M. V. 

n. J. 

J. H. 
.!• \'. 
J. M. 

c. c. 

F. F. 


W. H. Schaus 

John .McClave 

Irvin \. Ues 


C. II. li.w.ten 
J. G. P.eacli 
F. C. .Mayer 
J. ]■.. Carroll 
F. W. 
W. C. .Martin 
C. 11. Fink 
Win. (lOetz 
F. Schwartz 
C. Kichmond 
I'. Illasius 
lohn Kiinz 

H. .\rmstrong 
K. J. Stewart 
W. .\. Lucas 
II. v.. Sanile-rson 
C. It. naldwin 



IKS T. Close 

(".. Simp-tm 

.\. llarlor 

.\. I.ainh 

O. Hale 

v.. Cnniivll 

11. Osier 

F. P. Childs 

W. H. Pritchard 
Rohert Prechtel 
Cico. \\'. Stumm 
C. H. Ziinmerlin 
Dr.ll. William.son 
Lminet I'inley 
.\1. II. Uitler 
Harry Kehstock 
11. .\. Jaeger 
Wm. McManiman 
l-"iiiil J. Wagner 
P. I'. Cermanc 

.\. P. Hunker 
Fre.l Myers 
J. l-reil Waldeck 
C. J P.aer 

W. (■.. iM-hcr 
W. ClilT Sutton 

Al, II rngvmach 

C. li. Uei.l. J. F. Ilruekemiller. J. .\. Ilradley 

C. W. Ca»elman, i:. W . Hielil. P. W . W elkcr, U. T. Mi.irei. 

C. .M. Cro>hy. C. i;. Ducro, P. Caliill |II. I'. W yhrechl 

Conrad Kumliach. (icurge \\ . .Myers, S. '."•. Crow 

II. .M. .\rniat. Harry I. liartholomew, John Iv. .Miller 

Thomas Conley. I:. (I. Sargent. .M. .\. .McKen.lree 

11. F. .Miller. J. F. .Maiter. W . II. Kepner. J. K. .Myer-. W . li. l-orre-t 

C. K. .Mcllyar, T. W . Scolt, 1.. I]. C.irlisle 

I'.. .\. W illiam>. \\. H. Cavnali, W. \'. Cartrighl. C. C. liow. C. 1. dlnrly 
H.W.Woodrow, II.W . Chapman. V\ . F. Sulzliaeher. .M. Cunning. K. t ..Tomlin^on 
Frank \. Krug, (".. .\. F'icke. .\. E. I'jiiminger. 1^. S. Keefer, J". J. Logan 
P. .\. Walling. 11. \'. Courtriglil, F. L. Fickardt 

D. J. liarry. Frank Kuzcl. Dr. C. L. Franks. Walter N'eed~. J. Schmidt 
\'al Loewer, J. (i. Pari>h, W. Fritsche, \\ . I". HolTiuan, L. J. .Mc.Nainara 
()-<ar Wiilk. C. W. Curry, C. H. Siniond- 

F. IC. Ponicreiie. C. II. Ilrookc. II. L. lieaeli 
Tucker. William F. .Miller 
C. Smith. ,\. t'l. Cunniiighain 
C. Deni-on. J. 1.. Wolfley 

IjlvMU li. Could, i;. C. Dean. .\ 

.\. Hake. J. C. 

\. Cilhert 

Nyau. J. li. Slahl 

C. i;. Decker. T. IC. 

W. J. Ilohannoii. .\, 

i;. .M. Wickhani. W. 

Henry Joseph. John J. !■!( 

I-;. C. Johnson. F. 11. Suilro. J. D. h"a\on. J. 

Ceorge P. Jone-. I. II. 1-reece. 1. J. Sli.ilz 

J. Hell Smith, C. 14. .Myers, P. J. Coltron. S. J. 

Max Slioher, Charles U. Comer. II. II. Ileiikiiig 

C. C. I.upton, J. L. Turner. II. .s. Cowman 

C. llowald, W. C. Shepherd. C. S. Iloscli. Wm. Sehuler, l-.d. H. l-rechtiiiig 

H. J. Sehweinsherger, C. I'. Lyic, 11. C. Stain 

11. W. Ilrown. John Iv. Lowe, Charles Lintner 

1). P. Coll. J. J. .McKittcrick, William Fogarty 

J. .\. liaird. M. Schick. J. 11. Fletcher 

James .\. Davidson. C. P. .Voll, Walter IC. liarker 

(i. F. Ilrown. W. L. Stockton, William Carson 

F'red Ilerold. W. F. Hoover, E. J. -Vewman 

Dr. .\. K. Smith, F. Ilrown. John !•'. White 

T. k. Ilarncs. E. F. Seymour, Ceorge H. lllecker 

James .\ye, .J 11. llecker, IClKwortli Smith 

S. G. Klcinmaier, W. II. Sclialfer. W. 11. Jcssop. 1). R. Cressinger. T. J.Ryan 

John .\. Moore, .\ugust Kraatz, Thomas II. Owens 

T. 11. Smith, II. \'. Kramer, S. R. Weirich, A. H. 

11. Scliald, T 

\. Yost 


Rohert W\ 
H. Cates 

Ceo. R. Kdson, T. .\. Dickey, C. Ed. Sehald, < 

Lvert rtogardus, M. T. Lee. C. C Snow 

James Donovan, F. S. .Martin, H. R. llittmer. John Wwrke, Iv 

KImer J. Rosscr, Charles 1.. liaird, J. 1. Pritchard 

J. C. llrcnnan. Daniel .\ltshonl, W. II. Kussntaul 

.\. T. Ward, T. J. Tracy, Ros, Rissler 

S. R. Meyers, H. E. llurnside, 1). Defenhaclier 

W*. .\. Thomas, D. J. Finney, J. W. Tipper, D. S. De(~.ariiu 

.T. M. Harr, J. II. lleattie, I'ri Keiser, J 1'. I.aning, Ceorgi 

R. C. Moody (',. IC. Cuisewhite, II. F. Crofoot 

W, P. Rice. .\. .\. Hall, Cus Leilolt, Leo Louis, I'Vank Laiige 

11. S. Crimes, (".eorge M. Oshorn, W. O. Trcmper, John Ilecr, John Jon 

W. S. .\tchi-on, F. J. Kckstein, W. C. Fawcett 

C. J. Krupp. W. C. Schauli, Ceorge .\. Schoepllc 

Kd. i:. Kali. C. W. Ilenjamin. .\. K. Friedman 

WML \'anTas~ell C. R. Pur-ell. P. M. Cartmell, II. \oges t' 

J. M. Powers. T.John-on. T. \, I.. Ilionip-on. W.S. .M'Cau-leii 

Cliarle- 1. Ilurtiier. I". 11. \';in Nuys. J. W. Spraggiii- 

W. .\. Kelly. W. M. I'.ndfrey. J, II. I'lie.ill. P .\. Carrigan. \> 

\. II, Peter-. I.ouis R llalheim. C. I., \ o-t 

J, I-, llarretl. U. H. liiiril-.. W. F. Clark 

H. II. Newell. M. II. IlrinkerholT. C, II. Il.are 

C. II. Master-, •!. M liallon. 1-. .\. Wolf 

11. D. Piirscll. II. II. Millikan. Ilnmplirey Jones 

J. C. Spira I-. .\. Carraci, W", 11. ReyiioMs 

C. R. Fi-her. I'.arl Shaw. S. R. Mitchell 

J. C. Conwell. J. 11. Dickey. H. N. SchlesiuBcr 

C. A, Smith. I". .\. Simpkins. Ceorge E. MeNah. \\ 

William 11, .\dam-. F, M Wilkinson, S. .\. Wellcr 

I. I'arkliill 

.11. MFarlaild 

11. ll.lll. J. P. Ilazlelt 

Membership and Financial Statistics of Ohio Lodges: 

(Taken from Grand Sccrelary's Kcporl, l')04. 1 


5 Cincimiaii 876 

18 C'li'vclaiul (/>[ 

.52 M.irniM 17,5 

.17 Culiiiiiliii^ 612 

3[ .S|iriii;4rnl<l 181 

52 Cliillicnilu- 2.^8 

5.1 T' ilcdo 588 

55 ^'nllnR^ll)^^ll ,390 

3(1 Mansfield 272 

38 I )aytnii ,^[7 

(18 Caiilnii 2X^ 

75 Findlay ,^46 

76 Del a ua If 151 

77 CiiclcvilK' 79 

8.! I'lipcr Sandu-ky 85 

<).i llaniillim 252 

1)4 'I'ilTin 149 

107 ( lallipiilU 102 

114 Zano^villc 218 

I2(J \\ .ivliiiiffloii C. H 99 

1.^2 I'HlKfiiiiiainc 65 

140 Mi)MMt W'rncin 153 

147 Defiance 8g 

154 Porismomli 119 

l'5() Bncyrns 207 

157 Kenton 49 

162 Lima 322 

169 Frcniniit ' 224 

177 Irniiton 177 

20S A slitahnla 2.37 

2.V Slenlicnvillc 2.^8 

256 LnnncaiU 193 

257 Afiddlctown 149 

23S East Liverpool 171 

285 .Sandnsky 206 

29.T Warren 181 

.305 Salcni 252 

.352 Xilcs 130 

361 ITil!>l>nro 124 

363 Akron 454 

376 Cosliocton 145 

.TOT Newark 132 

419 Rcliaire 221 

422 I.clianon 149 

424 Uliriclisville 76 

441 Massillon 136 

44S Camliridse 162 

452 I.ogan 83 

465 F.l yria 227 

466 Jackson lor 

467 Alliance 100 

477 Marietta 412 

509 New T.cNinfrlon 71 

510 New Pliiladclpliia 115 

523 Pi(i\ia 147 

543 N'clsoinille loS 

54<) Paincsvillc 176 

570 Lancaster 145 

fifi8 Xonia 131 

717 r.rtenfield '.5 

72'i W'elUlon 113 

730 Norwalk iS*") 

78(^1 Sidncv 97 

797 W" ilniin.srtoii 144 

SiS Piowlinsi r.recn o!') 

H^,■^ Troy So 

8(15 .\tarlins Perry 01 

029 Napolc'Mi 27 


Cast! on Hand. 

txpended on 

Total Value o( 

March 31. 1904. 

Charily. I'KIJ. 

Olhrr Cropcrtv- 

$ 2.248.12 

$ 1-853-28 




''.543 -'I- 









105 75 


3-.! 19-2') 





not given 



1 5,000.00 









1 0.000.00 








not given 








1 ,000,00 






T^; 8t 




1 ,000,00 







920.5 1 



not given 

not given 













not given 







473- 1. S 








124. 26 



not sivcn 












1 50.00 
















4-37-.=; I 


















not given 



I -293-36 





I 10.00 










1 30.00 






1.201 07 



42 1. 38 


' 53-75 




not given 

not given 

not given 



$302,782. 14 

Elks' Thmtlf., Cixcixnati. 


Loi.oi: RiKiM (I'kunt). 

LoncE Room (Rear). 

History of Cincinnati Lodge No. 5. 

ClXCIXXATl I.t)!)'".]". Xo. 5 i>\ llu- 1 a-iicvoltnt and I'lMlcclivo Or.lcr of I'.lks, 
uab horn DccoihIkt .^i. 1876. As its iuinil)LM- iiulicalcs. it was the tiftli 
Ludgc uf ]-;iks cstalilislicd. the first l;ein- in Xcw York City, in iSf'iS. the 
second in Philadelphia, the third in San I"nuicisco. and the fonrth in 

The founder of the ( )rder of ■■'.Iks iiad not the faintest concejuion of tiie ni- 
hercnt strength of its i)rinciples. its jiossihle inlhunee. nor its masnificent tjrowth 
and o-rand future. 'i"he most sanj^uine dreamer among- the scanty menihershii) of 
the P.oliemian ))and did not hope I'or more than a l"e\v [.odges in larger cities, and 
they thought the letters of the aljihahet would sul'lice to designate all that would be 
created, and Cincinnati Lodge was given "I-.."' the fifth letter, wliich was after- 
ward changed to "Xo. 5." Among the |)ai)ers is a letter dated March 3. 1877. 
written by 1'.. C. I'.rowne. the Treasurer of Tony I'aMor's Company, on the letter- 
head of the Metroiiolitan Hotel. Xew York City. In this he savs: -I am more 
than proud of my l>al.y. Cincinnati Lodge Xo. 3. You must know that Marry 
P.arton and myself are the iiarents of your Lodge. A few words at Chicago last 
summer led to the formation of Xo. 5." 

During the tall of i87r. a charter list I'or the new Lodge was circulated, and 
the following names apjjcar in handwriting of the signers, on the original paper 
which was found among the cast-aside papers: 

"Wc, the iiiKlcrsignccl. dcsirnns of liccnmiiisr charter nicnilicr'; of t.odKC 
No. i. n't tlic Dciicvolciit Order nf F.Iks, of ilic City nf Ciiiciniinii. .igrec to 
pay the siiii) of A5.00 each towards opciiins and Maniiipt tlic said lienevoloiil 
Order and defravin? the c.xponFes of charter, di^pcn-aiion. etc. ^^r. Jolni 
H.ivlin will act as Treasurer pro tein. .\. Tliaycr. .\. J. Gdhsan. R. R. Ora- 
hani. L. W. Steele, Charles S. Maunire. Joseph Wright. Louis O'Shauffhnc^sy. 
Peter Mian, Mood Irvine. Edwin Price. John A. Mackay. J. B. McCornnck. 
Chas Tlioinpson. Cliarles Broadwell. Joint .\. Picrj.ont. Harry C. Barton. J. 
P T'wcc. Sam. McC.lasson. John Havlin. R. R. J. Miles. Harry Vance, Harry 
\Vi"lliains. N. D. Rnl)erts. Fraid^ Roche. Henry I.rwis. Sid B. Jones. Jnhus 
Early in December. 1876. .\. Thayer and Peter .Mian went to Xew ^'ork City. 
and rcceive.l the two degrees in Xo. 1. Tliese two. with Xick Roberts, who was 
a member of Xo. I. and who took a demit with the other two. to form the new 
Lodge, made the quorum reipiired to open a lodge. .\ dispetisation was granted 
Decetnber 17. i87r,. Xick Roberts' •■llutn|itv DumiHv-- Co iipany ..p.ned at ihe 
,,1,1 W,„mI Theater, corner Sixth an<l \ine Slreel-. ..n Christmas Day. 1S70, and 
December JO. on Tnesdav afternoon, the three named ,.pened the L,"lge at 114 
West l-'ourth Street, in a small r,«iin on the secon,] llM,,r. A new btuMing ha- been 
erected on thi- -ite. John 1 lavlin w.-i- the hrM who became an I'.lk in Cin- 
cinnati. With him the following gentlemen were initiated in the or,ler named: 


SlAl.i; AND OkC.AN I.UIT. 


Cl.VLlWATl N'o. 5. 

Joliii A. I'icrpiiiit. |iisc])li Wrii^ln. Ivlwin I'licc. A. J. ( ",illi<^r;iii, I larry C. Ilailun. 
I.oiiis ( )'Sliaii.<j;linfssy. Sam. .McCilassnn. Ilanv Williams. 

( )n 'riuirsdax', I )(.-C(.'ml)cr 28. \i. !•". J. Miles, since (kccasnl. wa'- iniiiaii'i! aluiic 
ill a room on the second lloor of the (irand < >|iera ihmse, on \ ine Street. 1 Iarr\ 
Lewis presented himself l)nt heini^ only twenty years old. lie was compelled to 
retire, and did not hecome an h'lk until three \ea.s later. Nick Ro'ierts. as the 
oldest Ivlk, ])resided at tiiesc nieetint^s. < In Siimlav afternoon. Decemher _^i, 187(1. 
the eleven niemhcrs met and conferred the deijrees ii])on the followiiii; yentlenien . 
joiiii .\. ^facka\■, qood-natiired. Iia])py-.i.;ii-hick\- Joiin. wiio made his last appear- 
ance the season of '91, at Tike's. an<l went from the a]ipkmsc of warm-heartci! 
friends to his death at the I'.nrnet House: 11. Iv. C.raham. llie popular actor; Harry 
S. \ ance, of Woods' old stock company: John I'. Joyce, whom evervhodv loved, 
who went into the sreat beyond and never left an eneni\ hehinil : John Vk .McCor 
mick, the "Macon" of the ]**iu|nirer: poor Lev. A. Steele, who retm^ned from other 
lands to find the final sleep in tiie citv where he had nian\' friends; Sidnev B. 
Jones, the railroad man; Hood lr\ine and Charles .M. 'i"honi])Son. the 1 ild Tiler of 
tlie Lod.!.je : Charles S. .^Ll!;■nire. Charles C'. ('.roadwell. and Julius Kahn. Tlu- 
Lodtje was instituted with twenty-t\\o me uhers. olticers were elected and installed. 
and Cincinnati Loc1l;t .\'o. 3 was launclied upon the uncertain seas of a .ijreai 
cit\'. which has sw allow eil ii|) so many similar ventures. It will he nut iced that 
the first niemherslii]) was composed chielly of the actor and the journalist and his 
friends. These were the hritjht and L;ifte<l chiklren of lioheniia, ever williufj with 
their talents to tjrace any social and festive occasion, and always read\- to (ipeii 
hands and hearts and pockets to aid the weary children of men, who touched the 
chord of pity by the cry of distress. It is about this time that one of the first grand 
officers, Thos. Iv Carret. an old news])aper man of St. Louis, said in his annual 
address : "This ( )rder springs naturally out of liunian need — sociability. It is now 
ill the period of transition from the chrysalis of one profession, and is now taking 
on the wings of all. It has advantages that no other secret order possesses. It 
has enrolled among its members the lirightest and keenest intellects of the day ; 
no other known order or socict}' holds such resources within itself, and herein is 
our supreme advantage. .May we carry the work forth until we have a home in 
every city or town in the land where there are people honest enough to laugh, 
and of sufficient cultivation to feel the need of social communion and rational 
amusements." This hope has been more than realized in the years that have fol- 
lowed its utterances, for in more than 850 of the leading cities of the United States 
there is a Lodge of Elks, and Cincinnati Lodge has done more than her share in the 
splendid result achieved. Ko. 5 had her ne.xt meeting in Odd Fellows' Lagle 
Hall, Corner Eighth and Central .\venues, Sunday evening. January 14, 1877. 
The $22 worth of property was cared for and was carried from ])lace to place in a 
small chest. On Sunday evening. Eebruary 25. 1877. the Lodge gave its first 
social session. It was a ladies' social, the first given by an Elk Lodge, and it was 
attended by an elegant audience. It was jiresided over by John D. Evans, since 
flead. who delivered a beautiful address that not only touched the audience, but 
charmed and delighted Elks of the other Lodges in the young ( )rder. For its 
success in this first entertainment. Cincinnati Lodge won commendation from the 
drand ( Xihcers. and was given the title of the "Silk Slricking" Lodge. 'I'lie jiress 
the next da\ contained very llattering notices of the I'"lks. but this meeting on 
Snnda\ alarmed and pained the good brothers among the Odd Fellows, and the 
Trustees of Eagle Hall adopted resolutions and ordered the Elks to vacate. This 
the IClks prom])tlv did, and Charley Thompson and the little chest became wander- 
ers until a committee secured the lease of tiic hall from the Odd Fellows at the 


1.. Mill's' RlXKPTInN RiidM. 

'am. Emkanci. 

Cmhut III lldiiK' .111(1 l''(inilli Slrrvls. h ir three iiKnillis at llir rale iit" $15(1 a year, 
Willi privilege n\ a lease hir ihree yearv The l..i(lv;e lielii its nicctiii.ns in this i)lacc 
uiilil jamiarv. iXSi, u hen it reiiKived lu joo \ine Street, where it Cdiitiiuiet! to 
ineel. exeepi inv ;i hrief iieriod sjient in non.i;lass Castle at the 
c.inurni SiMli .•nil! W .ilnui. until the present ina,i.;nitkent home was hon.Qht and re- 
niodeied in i,X<,,S. 'I'la. \]y^t annual henefit was liad hy enlertaimnents at Wood's 
;nid the Cr.-md, on \.i\eiiiher ,S. i.Sj;. with l';iir results. The initiation was first 
hxed ;it Sjo. and the ;innual dues at .'^d a year. The social .sessions were .generally 
made sell-sustainin- l.y ihe hues imposed. There was not much attention paid 
to liusiuess or details dnrino- the early days of the Lodge's existence. On July 
1.^. 1N77. the Kinauce Committee niadc its first report. In tliat time ^934 "hail 
heen received, of which Slctj was for dues and ^815 for initiations. Of this 
amount .S70S.35 had heen e.\pen<led for properties, rents, socials, etc., leaving- 
^--5-45 111 llic trea-ui\. Complaint was made that few members had paid their 
dues, and the acconnis were reported hadly kept, and more hnsiness-like methods 
were urged. This i^ the curse of all secret societies. .\ great many men who 
are luisiness men, godil husiuess men, join henevolenl organizations, and .seem 
to think that tlie\ c;in he run on ;i hn.tlierly love hasis. Charity is a i)oor hook- 
keeper. Xd lodge, (ir ;iny organiz.-ition. can pros]ier until run upon the strictest 
and most exacting business princijjles. 

Cincinnati J.odge staggered under a great load of abuses, until her affairs 
were put ui)0n a l)usiness basis, since which time it has prospered in a manner 
gratilyiiig to all interested. The Lodge moved along for several vears, living an 
uneventlul existence, growing in members, but not gaining strength. It went 
up and down until 1883. when its treasury was .sacked by an unfaithful official, 
and it looked for a time as though the Lodge must go under. The mistake was 
made of reducing the initiation fee. and an inllu.x of membership began that 
proved very detrimental and harmful. A few members clung to the" charter 
during the darkest hours, when there was not money enough to pay the rent, 
and some members iiecanie di.sgusted and abantloned the Lodge to the certain 
demise wliicli seemed to await it. ]!ut it began to pick up slowly in 1883. and 
gathered strength, until the Lodge was again bankrupt liy the failure of the 
Fidelity I'.ank in 1S87. The Lodge had invested all of its surplus funds in the 
stock of this bank, and was held by the C.ovcrnment as a stockholder. But the 
good timber in the Lodge stood true, the Lodge steadily grew and prospered until 
now it is one of the most nourishing organizations in our citv, and has contributed 
more than any Lodge of any other Order to the prosi)erity and good name of Cin- 
cinnati by its hospitality to tlie strangei who tarries within our gates. 

(.'incinnati Lodge h;is been honored by tlie C.rand Loilge bv tile appointment r.t 
dirterent times as District Deputy and as memlier of many of the most important 
C.rand Lodge Committee.- of the following prominent and liighlv esteemed 
brothers: W. .M. Shaw. A. J. C,illig;iii. Scott Holmes. L'.ugene L. Lewis, ilenrv 
W . .Morgeiuhaler. T. I. C.igan. Willir.m Modeller and by the election of I'.rolher 
jdlm l'.;il\iii ;is C.rand Lxalted Kukr. ;i di-tiiictii m imt eiijoveil b\- ;ui\ dther 
iiK'illber in ( lliio. 

In jn-tice to tlio>e who lalioi'ed in se;is(,u and mit. to gi\-e the Lodge the de- 
lighliul linnir which is a creflit am! ;iii Imiidr tn Imth the ( )rder <if l-'lks ;nii| the 
Cil\ 111 CiiKiiin.ili. we leel that sDiueihing iiioie th.-iii the simple st;itement of a 
fact accomplished, shmild be recoidi'd m this history nf the Lodge. The eminent 



p.isiu.m uccii|>iiil liy riiK-liiiuui I.'i.Ikv in ilk- CoiinciU ..I llu- ( )nlcr; U< r.-i|. dly m- 
crcasiii.i; nicnihcrshi]) ; il> raiikiiiii- |)ii>ili<in as >>w nf i1k- -rcalc>i l'".lk LV-iurt'> in 
llu- Cdunlrv and ilk' t^rcal ninnlicr (if visilin.L;- nicnil)i,TS, all (Icniaiulod the acquisitior. 
(if (|iiarlor> ninrc coninindiniis and in kci-piit.q- witli llic lii,i;li sncial and l)nsnics> 
cliaraokr and |)ors(innol <'\ iis incnilurs. This ni'f<l was fnnluT acccntnatcl ni 
iSyfi at llu- tinu- ipf llu- cnU-rlainnK-ni hy (."incinnali "f the C.vand l.nd-i.-. ncitwuli- 

-tandinL'; which, vcfs lew 
have ci|nalled ami n'nu- sur- 
passed the ("iiand I,od;j:e eii- 
tertainincnt nl that year. 
'Phis signal hunnr ha.s again 
ciinie til Cincinnati fi"ir Kf'M 
and il remains with her to 
(iiitdo it possihie the niag- 
niticont receiitii.n and eil- 
lertainment nt iSijii. 1- null 
the repiirt ul" the luiildinii 
cniiimittee we have made 
excer])ts of the ninsl salient 
facts cmiiU'Cted with the 
coiistnictiiin of the "Tem- 
ple." a full |)age view of 
which we are ahle to give 
through the kindness of the 
chairman. I'.ro. II. W. Mor- 
geiuhaler. liesides some 
smaller views, which tell 
their nwn stury. 

.\t a regular session of 
the Ludge. held on Friday 
evening. Dec. lo. 1897, the 
comniittee of three consist- 
ing of iirothers Doyle, 
Kirchner and liodenier who 
had been api)ointed in Sep- 
tember to look up locations 
for Lodge purposes, was 
augmented by the addition 
of Brothers Lewis and Mor- 
o-enthalcr and to this committee of hve is due the credit, not only for the purchase. 
?emodeliiig and e(|uipnieiu ..f the Imilding. but also fnr suggesting and providing 
wavs an<l means for its payment. 

Alter receiving niimernii-^itinns and inspecting variuus places, this com- 
miiiee nil januarv 14, \^')^. imrchased Inr seventeen thousand dollars the property 
III the h'ii-st l-jiglish l.iuheran Church situated on h'.liii street between .Xintli and 
Cmin. having previouslv satisfied themselves that the purchase moiu-y might I'c 
raised fn mi the iiieiiiber':^ by sulv-criptii m mi nme- -.ecured iiy mnrtgage ti> trustee. 
jiavable in ten vears nr simner. at ri])tii>ii nf tlie l.i "Ige. 

In accurd.-ince with this plan the l.mlge executed a mnrtgage to the Central 
Tru>l and Safe Deposit Company tn >eciire payment nf the certihcates issued to 


Window contrilnileil l\v Hrotliers Sam'l \V. Trust, Sol. 
W. Levi .-ind .\. K. Eniminger. 

(."iNl'I N'NA'l'l \'(1. 5. 

llic follow iiiL;- iiaiiK-d l)|-()tlKTs — iwciitv -iwci in mimhrr — wIkj tuok llu' entire 
aniDunl, Sij/mki at tlio very low rate (if 7, \>vy cent, interest. Tliex were: 

Max I'leisclniiann.Si .'WK) 

l\. 1. .\I(M ;j;an . . . . 

1 .( )( )C ) 

M. C.nldsniilli. . . . 

1 .noo 

('.. W. Selmler. . 

1 .< )( 11 1 

William Stace\ . . 

1 .000 

I. Ivdward Snlm . . 


1'". 1 1, kircliiier . . . 


("iciirsje r.. Ciix . . . 


Williant r.iMlemer.^ 500 

A. 1'".. i'".mniinp;er . . 50(1 

T. W. ( ".raydiin . . 5110 

Ivhvard I'.uss 30:3 

Aiiij. I. I ieiikel. . . 300 

I(ise])ii 'P. Carcw. . 30:) 

I'jiiile Werk 300 

John Mderlein. . .Si.odk 
Louis I. I laiick . . 1 .000 

W. [. (")'l)ell l.ooD 

II. "W. .Mor-enllialer 

1 .0; )( 1 

.\nj;". 1 lerrinann . 1 .oon 
A. Iv 1 ioiiiniLj. ... 1 .001, 
Jiihn (inctz. Jr. . 1,000 

The coniniitlee makes special mention of the u:eneroiis act of these brother 
in the follo\vin<j words: 

"The Cnmiiiiiiee feels llial the l.nilj^'e i^ iiiicler ,1 very great iil>ligati<iii to 
the hiiitlicrs who ^iih-^crihed lo the I' iCr ihc purchase of this property. 
They not only made it iKK^ilih' 10 aei|iiire ilic property. luU lent their money 
to tlie l.o(l.!;e at ;i rate of interest wliieh i^ one-h.ilf the rale ordinarily com- 
manded liy ,1 loan of ilii; kind. * .\ -aving of $5H) per year 
for ten year^ ua^ llui^ elTecIeil. uhich may In- -aid !'■ he re.dly .1 gift from tlic^e 
sidi~crllier- 10 thi- Lodge." 

(")ti the satiie nioht. jamtarv 
the Coniniittee in makiiu 

14. '>^V^ 

that the Lodge itidorsed the action of 
I resolution itnaniniously adopted, the 
Committee was continued with 
fitll power to act in making 
contracts for retiKxlcling and 
fitrnishing the building. In 
conctirrctice with said resolu- 
tion, platis atul specifications 
u ere prepared, the work of re- 
construction successfully car- 
ried through to completion 
atid the bitilding fttrnishcd 
and dedicated to lilk purposes 
July 6. i8yS. 

In appreciation of tlie ser- 
vices rendered by this Com- 
mittee the Lodge has Iiad con- 
spicuously placed iti the en- 
tratice hall of the building a 
tablet of comtiiemorative 
bronze, a re])roduction of 
which in ditninitive is here 
given. In connection with the 
acquisition of the Tetnple. the Conitiiittee in its report states that between the dates, 
necembcr 31. 1897 — the 21st anniversary of the Lodge — and .March. 1899. a 
jieriod of fifteen months, the membership increased from 43C) to 601 and the cash 
accittmilatiotis from $7,000 to over $30,000, or tiiore than three titnes the atnoittit 
accunntlated b\- it dtiritig the t\\ ent\ -f)iie years of its existence. This si)lendid result 
could not ha\e beeti accomplished without hercitleati effort oti tlie part of the 
Committee ;md .1 generous res])on>e on the part of the inembei> front twenty-two 
of which the Lodge was alile to secure a loan of $17.0(1) an<l then, iti less tliati ;\ 
vear thereafter ,itid within a month's time to r.iise Si 1.400 from 114 of thetii by 
means of life tuetubershi]) certificates towards |i;iying ofi' this loan. Of the 143 
members, from whose initiation the Lodge re;ili/.ed $7,230 iti fees alone, one liitti- 
dred of them, compo>ed of men of the highe-t standing in business and professional 

P^/RCU/tSCD tin UOIii:i.|:li Iti: CHiK.svi!)i(:r):iiji 
" — Lin) ruitK'!i;ii i:v - 

DROi.ii Till; Suri;i;visioK or rtiv. 

BlIDtDI^U CaU'.U'iimiH. 

^iSKCnnThtet. ^ I'lt/iK'Kff.lflliCltK'l:);: 

^>-^™- JorrM liovMS. -b^'c 
IJnntcAinD to run Puiu'OKfts ort v iw; 
?^opnBtt OF Eta s Jur,Y Gni. IfiSR. 

8 «.qiitr WAMO ev ouom of t(!r (onrifJ 

Cl M'l \ .\ ATI Xd. 5. 

circles, were taken in in a class on the da\' of the dedication of tiie 'reuipie. Added 
to the above receipts there was $6,000 reahzed from tlie two minstrel performances 
of March, i.SyS and 1899. Aiul tluis from these varions sources the Lodge was 
enabled to pay on the total cost of the Temple of $31,0:10 the sum of $30,000, of 
which amount $23,000 was accumulated entirely within the period from January 
I. 189S to March 14, 1899. As staled this would nut have been accomplished but 
fur the faithful manner in which the members generally iesi)onded to the ilemands 
made on their lime and means to carr_\' out the suggestions and schemes which re- 
sulted in th;it splendid achievement — the lUk's Temple of Cincinnati. 

The Chairman of the Committee ,to whom more than any cither individual 
member crcflit is due for giving to the Lodge its magnificent home, closes his report 
with well deserved praise of tlic then Secretary. Frank T. Hier, for the 
ever willing and efficient services rendered the Huilding Committee, concluding 
with these words: "There is no honor within the gift of the Lodge tliat will be 
too great a reward for his services." thus foreshadowing and inviting the action 
iif tlie Lodge, in less than two years afterwards, of exalting him to its highest 
position of dignity and honor. 

Credit is due Cincinnati for being the first lodge of the Order to erect a me- 
morial tablet in honor of its dead. It is a magnificent work of art and was first 
suggested by a small emblematic design of the Order prepared on glass by Lud- 
wig Holzschuch. the great Mmiich glass painter who afterwards became a mem- 
ber of Cincinnati Lodge. The Illks' Annual Rc;^istcr of 1893 thus describes it: 
"It is a inaitcrpiccc nf art and glass painting, perfect in composition as well 
as in e.xccntion. Tlic richly carved fiamc of antif|ne oak forms a Greek temple 
portal ; in llie opening of this appears tlic tablet, lighted up in the rear by arti- 
ficial light, in a fairy-like bcanty. The arrangement of color and light brings 
forth a sucet harmony, neither affecting ihc eye nor the snrroinidings. The 
tablet proper is 3^x0 feet, while tlie heavy oak frame is 12x6. The ar- 
rangement of the names of the .'Vbsent Brothers at the iM-ittom is snch that their 
movement, althongb transparent and in harmony with the other parts of the 
tablet, docs not interfere with llie pictiux. and new names can be added and 
bnrned in by any glass or china painter. 'I'he mechanical part of the tablet is 
faultless, using the best material and making it strong enough to last for several 
centuries. The glass part is leaded trigcther of over aOO pieces fastened with 
iron bars in a separate rack whicli then is put in the carved oak case." 
As evidenced by the long list of "Our Absent Brothers," page 32, the grim 
reaper has been busy in the ranks of Cincimiati Lodge, usually simimoning the 
best beloved of the memliers to appear before the Crand I'.xaltcd Ruler of all, 
every one of whose names are recorded in ineffaceable letters of fire on this me- 
morial tablet of the lodQc. 

Transom over front entrance, (.'oniribuicd hv Hrotht-r .\ 


K. Knn 

Cincinnati .\'< 

Past Exalted Rulers and Secretaries. 

The following have been Jixaltctl Rulers and Secretaries cluriiig llie twenty - 
seven years of the Lodsje's existence. 

lixAI.Ti;i) RULKKS. 

1670-77 A. Tliaycr, . . . 

1877-7« I.. O'SliaiiRJiiK-bby, 

1878-79 W. A. Colter, . . 

1879-SU J. B. McCormick. 

1880-81 Ur. C. S. Miiscroft. Jr., 

1881-8-_' Will. Shaw, . • • 

1882-8:i A. J. C.illigaii. - . 

1883-84 A. Tliaycr. . . . 

1884-8") H. C. Taliiiadgc, . . 

188o-8(J .-v. Th.iyer. . . - 

1880-87 A. Thayer. . . . 

1887-88 L. M. Haddcii, • ■ 

1888-89 L. M. Haddcii. - ■ 

1889-90 Will. C. Zieglcr, . . 

1890-91 R. Griffiths. 

1891-92 Scott Holmes, . . 

1892-93 Norman G. Kenan, . 

1893-94 C. H. Kleinfclter, . 

1894-95 Eugene L. Lewis. 

189.5-96 Ed. W. Doiiham. . . 

1890-97 John Galvin. . . . 

1897-08 Edward S. Kcefcr. . 

1898-99 Henry W. Morgcnihalcr 

1899-00 Thomas J. Cogan. 

1900-01 Frank T. Hicr, . 

1901 02 Wni. Bodemcr. . . 

1902-03 W. A. Hopkins. . . 

Jos. Wright 
W. G. Lodwick 
W. 0. Lodwick 
W. C. Cook 
W. C. Cook 
W. C. Cook 
W. C. Cook 
W. G. Lodwick 
W. G. Lodwick 
W. G. Lodwick 
W. G. Lodwick 
W. G. Lodwick 
W. G. Lodwick 
W. G. Lodwick 
Win. Grautnian 
Wm. Grautnian 
Wni. Grautnian 
W. C. Ziegler 
Geo. A. Ficke 
Geo. A. Ficke 
Geo. .\. Ficke 
Frank T. Hier 
Frank T. Hier 
John Doyie 
John Doyle 
John Doyle 
John Doyle 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Shaw, Wni E.xalted Ruler, 1881-82 

Gilligan, A. J .Exalted Ruler, 1882-83 

Ziegler, Wm. C. .... Exalted Ruler, 1889-90 

Holmes, Scott Exalted Ruler, 1891-92 

Kenan, Norman G. Exalted Ruler. 1892-93 

Lewis, Eugene I Exalted Ruler, 1894-95 

Donham, E. W. .... Exalted Ruler. 1895-90 

Galvin John Exalted Ruler, 189G-97 

Keefcr, Edward S. Exalted Ruler, 1897-98 

Morgcnthaler, H. W. Exalted Ruler. 1898-99 

Cogan, Thomas J. ..Exalted Ruler. 1899-00 

Hier, Frank T Exalted Ruler. 1900-01 

Bodemer, Wm Exalted Ruler. 1901-02 

H..pkins, W. A Exalted Ruler. 1902-03 

Grautman, Wm Secretary. 1890-93 

Ficke, George A Secretary, 1894-97 

Bancroft. Frank C. Oiniitted from New 

Bedford, Mass. 
Smith. Jackson. Oiniilled from Knuxville. 


Officers 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler .Amor Smith.. Jr. 

Esteemed Lcadiiii: K iiiglit ... .D:iv\d Prince 
Esteemed Loyal A';/i'.t:/i/. . . . Bernhard Levy 
Esteemed Eeefuiiii.i; Knight A. B. Duiilap 

Treasurer O. F. Rattermaiin 

.SVriv/acv John Doyle 

Tiler. . .'. M. A. Median 

Inner Guard J. R. Rey 

Clniflaiii W. J. Byrtli 

Esquire Lee Bamberger 

Organist C. E. Tudor 

'I'rustee Frank X. Krug 

Trustee E. S. Keefer 

I'rustee Frank H. Kirchncr 

Trustee G. A. Ficke 

Trustee .^. E. Emminger 

ClNCl.N.NATI Xl). S- 

AUIcs, E. J. 
Ackcilaiid, \\ illiaiii. 
AckLTiiiaii, C. A. 
Alliens, J. v. 
AlcxaiidcT, Uciiiy. 
Allan, Hdward '1'. 
tAiidoi bull. Max (.'. 
Appcl, Many. 
.VriiR'l, Tliunias I). 
t.\rniludcr. Olto. 
Arnold. C. li. 
.■\sli, .Sanuifl. 
.'\vcry, Jolin A. 

liacliaracli, \\. S. 
HaunislL'in, A. J. 
Baktr, Jaiiio. 
I'.akcr, Will. I.nni^. 
ItallniaiiM. J. W . 
U.inilicrger. Jacob. 
I'.anilicrgLT, .Sanuu-I. 
liancrol'l. FranU C. 
I'.mgc. Tlicodore. 
I'.aniard. C. A. 
Barr.-i. W . !■. 
Liarlon, Harry C 
Haniii, X. K. 
Uiallie. A. C. 
Heck. George. 
Becker, I. \V. 
Hecker, l.onis S . 
Beebe, Brooks I'". 
Beiiniaii. ['". W. A. 
Bellsniiih. K. P. 
Bellslcdt. Herman Jr. 
Benjamin, Isaac. 
BeniieU, Isd. K. 
Bensinger. Hugeiie. 
Berger, .-M. 
L'erger, George M. 
Irlernian, Saimiel. 
lienling. Henry. 
Betimann. .Mired. 
Bicklev. H.irrv T. 
BickerstafT, R. M. 
Bieler, Chas. J. 
tBiigar. James K. I'. 
I'iggs, James. 
Bint'ord. I':d. T. 
Bird. G. F. 
Blaeszcr. Jovepli. 
Blasingham, D. D, 
Bloch.'H- F. 
Bloom. Sam. 
tB.Hle. Albert. 
B.idenur. Alviii. 
t'!>Bodemer, William. 
tBouniann, .\illuir G. 
Ro>s. Edward. 
Bnndnt. Fngcne. 
Boudi^h. J.inic-: O. 
tBraemer. Tlicodore. 

!^ Indic.Ttrs C.r.iiul Lodge Member. 
+ Life Member. 

Roster, 1903. 

Biandl, J. .\1. 
Brannslein. F. W . 
I'lreiniaii, J. I'. 
Tlirewsler, J. W . 
Brockinaiin. J. .\. 
Brodbelt, .S, K. 
Itr.Miiuell, I. H, 
Brookt'ield, Carroll. 
Brooklield, Fduanl \'. 
Brr-.oks, (.". I.. 
Brown. (.'. ICdgar. 
Broun, I 'aniel \\ . 
Brown, l{. 
liixjwn. lui.geiK. 
lirown, ( I. J. 
I'lioxlerniarni, Janu-> < i. 
Brnckm.imi. W illi.ani .\1 . 
rBrnn^nian. .\. d. 
I'.nclier. W. H. 
Bndd. Cliff M. 
Bnlir. George J. 
Biircklianser, J. J. 
Burger, Cliarle^. 
Bnrke, M. 

Biirkliardt, .\ndreas ]■'.. 
Burkliead. Charles W. 
Biirnelt, F. G. 
Bmiis, Benjamin J. 
Burns, William E. 
Burton, C. H. 
Biiscli, Ed. H. 
Bnscli. H. C. 
Bvriie, John. 
Byrtb. William J. 

Cain, Henrv J. 
Calcutt. H.'S. 
Caldwell, AI. 
Caliian, Jolui, 
Camion, I. J. 
Carew, J. T. 
Carpenter, W, W. 
Carroll, R. de \'. 
Carter, C. M. 
Casey. J. M. 
Clianibers. R. G. 
Christie, diaries I. 
Clark, C. C. 
Clark, W. H. 
Clark. Wjlliam J. 

Cogan. Thomas J. 
Colter. X. C. 
Connor, W. E. 
Conroy. .\. J. 
Conroy, T. P. 
Conwav. J J 
Cook Fank. 
Cooper. Charles. 
I 'orboy. Conielins. 
Corcoran, Ed. B. 
Corcoran. M. T. 
L'orcoran W. T. 
vCo^tello. F.. 'M. 

^.'.•^tello I'eter K. 
Co.\, Genige B. 
Co.\, Waller T. 
Criin, 1). Cal. 
tCrocker, Samuel A. 
tCroibers. Joseph W 
tCrolhers, W. W. 
Ciirran, I'. J. 
Ciirren. J.ilin. 
Dale, Daniel. 
Duller C. Oskanip. 
tDaller John C. 
Daly, John. 
Davix .\. C. 
tDavis, Clark W . 
Davis, H. J 

tDavis, William l.iillier. 
De Almond. A. i-'.. 
Deck. W. \al. 
DeJ.ibn-. I. M. 
I )eniiy. Joseph D. 
Dermoily. Joseph J. 
Dcvere, John E. 
Dierkes, John 1 1. 
I )il.g, Henry Jr. 
Dillmaii. Henrv. 
Dingle. E. B. 
Dinkel, Joseph II. 
Dinkel, Xic. C, 
Doerr, Walter. 
'Doiiham. l\. W. 
Doiincllv. Harry. 
Donnelly. .\1. 
Doran, Ch.iiles 1.. 
tDorger. Frank J. 
Dorse. Jacob, Jr. 
Doncette. M. A. 
Donglass. Howard. 
Doiirson, I'. J. 
Downing. W. l\. 
Doyle, George J. 
tDoile, John. 
Dreifns, Xat. 
Dreihs. Charles F. 
Dront, I.nke. 
Dne. A. I,. 
Dnhme. H. 
Dnnholter, J. H. 
Dnnican, M. J. 
Dunlap. A. B. 
Dunning. Robert I.. 
tDnrr. Peter W. 
TDnileiiliofer. John. 
Dntleiibofer. \'al. Jr. 
Dwycr. James. 
Ebcrh.irdt, T .A. 
Eckerle. John. 
I'ldmondson. R. F.. 
Edwards. James .S. 
Ebrman, Joseph. 
Eisciiberg. M. 
Elliott. Thomas B. 
Elmore. C. J. 

Cl.Nl-l.N.NATI Xo. 5. 

l-.U:iN .\l:iN. 
Tl-.inuiy, 1 ahull. 
Yi:.iimRri, I'lcd 1.. 
Tl'.iiiiiiiiigiT, AliiiiMi !■'.. 
luidci-, C. !•'. 
lipiily, Cliarlo M 
l-.rliari. 11. I ). 
livaiib. .\laUlu\ii, 
ICvciL-u. Iliraiii ( .. 
livcisoii. Daniel S. 
livcslagc. I'lCdit'i' \\ 
UwiiiK. William 
tlMlllklKT. JaiHc.-. \\ . 
I'ce, George \:. 
Feist. Leopcikl. 
Feiiiiessy, Jame> l',. 
Ferris. I iuward. 
F\y. l-.Juard. 
• I'icke. ("lenige .\. 
Fischer. John. 
Fischer. Louis. 
Fu-hbiini. C. U. 
iFislier. \V. E. 
I'lUgerald. I'.. F. 
Fhich. John U . 
Maniiery, J. I. 
tl'"leischniaiiii. Julius. 
tFleischuianu, .Ma.s C. 
tFolz, Frank \V. 
Forn, \\ illiani F. 
Foster. Frank. 
Foster, Harry .\l. 
Foster. Jolui \\ . 
Foss, John II. 
tFoncar, T. M. 
tFoulds. Frank W. 
tFo.N, Gustave. 
Fo.\. William F. 
Freiberg. A. J. 
Freiberg. ). .Artluu'. 
Freiberg. Si<lney J. 
Freiber.g. Sig. 
Freiberg. Sol. II. 
tFrench, Tihleii K. 
IFrcund. H. \V. 
tFrev. John. 
Frieillaiuler. W. J. 
Fritz. Richard. 
Frohinan. C. S. 
Fruhaiif. Ma.\. 
Fuchs. Ma.x. 
Fucrst. Cornelius. 
'rGalviu. John, 
("lalvin. Maurice I.. 
Ganz. Berthold. 
Gatto. Charles E. 
Gatto. I.onis .\. 
Gazlay. \V. H. 
('.eicr. Jacob. 
Gcicr. P. O. 
Geigcr. .Vdolph. 
Geis. .\u.gu5tus A. 
('.entile. 1.. 
Gerdcs. F.dwin J. 
Gerde>. William. 
C,tr-l. William Si. 
I'.ibsoii. John H. 

Gilligaii. .\. (.'. 

(Hlligan. .\. J. 
t'.illigan. J. J 
Gland. )rl', C. II. 
I iluciiou sky, \ ic. 
(.old, (.eoi'ge J. 
Goldbiirg. Henry. 
(ViUie. Ge«jrge. 
G.ililm.'in. Kaljili. 
tGold>iiiith, .\iuse^. 
(;.ral. Will J. 
G.ran, George \ . 
G.ranger, Will W. 
C.rantni.'in, William 
ti.reene, 'I liomas .\l. 
TGrecnfelder. Jacoli. Jr. 
< fieenw ;ild. Ben 1 am in. 
G.regg. l-;ili> 1!. ' 
G re iff. H. .\. 
"I'.riflin. John I-'. 
Grililu. Sila~ II. 
Grilfith. Til.. ma- 1., 
Grosch. John. 
I'.ro^ llerm.iii. 
■;-Grnber. K. W. 
('.iKllileiii. bred 
Guggenheiiiier. 1 I. 
Giiliiii.iiin. W a-limg.ii.i. 
Gimklacli, 11. Jr. 
tlUmning. James 1 1 

Haass, Joseph 1 1. 
Haass, William .\l. 
Haberer, Hmil. 
Hackmann. J. II. I-. 
fHaerr. Jacob .\, 
lla.geil.irn. .\l. .\l. 
I lagerlv. .Michael J. 
tHalm.' George M. 
I larmeyer. Fd. C. 
Harris. M. 
Harrison. R. F. 
Hart. Ivluard 
Hart, ' 1'. 
Harth. F. J. 
Hatch, Samuel G. 
Hater. Henry. 
tHanck. Louis J. 
iianser. Simon. 
Hayes. Leon H. 
tHazcu. .A. T. 
Hazcii. Levi r. 
Heck. Will S. 
I Ic.giier, Fr.iiik. 
Hegner. 11. J. 
Hehcnian. Harry, 
Hcidelbach. Seward. 
Heiiisheimer. F. I.. 
tHeiikel. .Xngnst J. 
Henne.gan. lohu F. 
Herbst. Mhn. 
Hcrfurth. John. 
Heron. James. 
Hcrrlinger. A. 1.. 
Herrlinger. \I. P. 
Hcrrlinger. W. P. 
tllcrrmann. .'\ugnst. 
1 lei lenstein. Fred. 


1 lcs>e, Simon. 
I leuck, > .e.iige \. . 
Iley, Iteiiiainni. 
t-llier. l'"ranlv 'I'. 
Ililb, I.e... 
Hill. John. 

I iiilenbi.'ind. W illiani. 
Ilillver. Clark. 
nines. J. M. 
Ilirscli. .\la.x. 
t|lir>cliberg. Syl. 
I lirschmanu. Charlei. 
Il.icker. A. F. 
1 bulges, li. S. 
Il..elle. Heiiiv. 
Il.pff. Adolph A. 
tllolTinan, Chaile>. 
Holmes. .Scoii. 
Holraii. J. K. 
+ ll..iiing, .\. K. 

llo|)kins. William .\. 
I I liber. C. 1-".. 
Hughes. W. 11. 
fl luminel. Louis 1". F. 
I liimplirey. W. G. 
Iliimphrcys. E. C. 
tHimt. Luke F. 
lliiiit. Thoma- F. 
Ilunuick. H. !•". 
Husinan. Henrv. 
Huss. W. I), 
tllussey. 1. F. 
I liitcliinsoii. H. C. 
I Intlemniller. H. I.iuiis. 
Ilynicka. Rnd K. 

llH-iId. Edward. 
I bold. Michael. 
Irwin. Harry J. 

Jackson. Hall X. 
Jackson, W. H. 
James. W. 1). 
JotTee. George. 
Johnson. John E. 
Johnson .\'. Ro-,s. 
Jones. Charles E. 
Jones. Joseph L. 
Jones. Salmon, P. 
tjung, E. W. 
tjnng. J. George. 
Juttenl>ock. E. .A. 

K.ielin, Charles. 
Is.impe. J. H. 
Kane. G. E. 
Kane. Samuel F. 
Kane. W. J. 
Kasper. .\iUou. 
Kauffinan. Charles J. 
Kayscr. W. I., 
tlseefe. Frank J. 
i'Keefer. Edward S. 
Keeley. Clem G. 
Kellv. lames I. 
Kelly. J.ilin. 
t Kenan. Norman G. 

Cincinnati Nu. 5 

Kcrl, Samuel 11. 
Kelt, Fraiiz. 
King, Robert C. 
Kiuiieary, Joseph. 
Kinney, Uwiglil. 
Kinsinger, Fred. 
Kinsley, J. K. 
tKirchner, Frank 11. 
Kissel, Henry. 
Kissick, Charles U. 
Klayer, F. \\ . 
Klein, Sid. Z. 
Klopp, -Michael. 
Knab, Aug. 
Knorr, George 1,. 
Kobmann, H. W . 
Kohler, John. 
tKohner, J. A. 
Koop, li. S. 
Krennberg, Henry ._ 
Kreinier, August G. 
Kreimcr, F^ H. 
Krippncr, Frank. 
Krohme, ]. F. Jr. 
Krolluiann, Jacob. 
Krucker, Henry. 
tKrug, Frank X. 
Kuenv, J. D. 
Kuhn. C. W. 
Kuhn, E. C. 
Kuhn, Michael. 
Kylius, G. W. 
Lange, Morris. 
Langhorst, H. A. 
Leahy, James W. 
Lee, John W. 
Lecn, Patrick. 
Leidlein, John F. 
Leininger, F. A. 
Lentz, C. E. 
Leoni, Harry. 
Leopold. E. A. 
Levi, Charles I.. 
Levi, Jac. C. 
Levi, Reuben. 
tLevi, Solomon W. 
I^evy, Bernhard. 
Levy. Julius. 
Levy. Samuel. 
jirLewis, Eugene, L. 
Lewis, Thomas M. 
I.illard, Robert W. 
Limberg, Frank. 
Lindsley, Milt F. 
Loch, Isaac. 
Loeb, Samuel J. 
tLocwcnstein, Max. 
tl.ogan. Thomas J. 
tLoiigu-nrth. Nicholas. 
I.otz. Adam. 
Love. Frank L. 
l.ovcnian. Frank. 
I.ucders. W'ilHnm H. 
l.uers, John G. 
Mc.Avov, Hugh. 
McCarthv. D. \V. 
McCassy, E. G. 

McConias, K. T. 
McCracken, James 1). 
MclJcvitt, C. J. 
McGinn, E. J. 
McGuuan, \» . A. 
McGrath, Thomas H. 
Alclntyre, M. B. 
.Mc.Uonagle, J. li. 
McKoberts, Robert. 
Maag, F'red. 
tiMack, Alfred. 
Mack, Clarence E. 
TMagnus, Joseph A. 
.\laguire, J. C. 
Malcy, C. 1". 
Maloney, John J. 
Maly Frank M. 
Mangaii, 1 honias. 
Martield, Elliott. 
Marks, H. R. 
Marmet, William. 
tMarquelte, J. Clifton. 
Marston, J. M. 
tMaxwell, Walter H. 
May, Al. J. ^ 
Maycox, J. G. 
Mayer, Emil M. 
Meehan, Michael A. 
Mechan, R. E. L. 
Meier H. VV. 
TMeicr, H. VV. Jr. 

Meinhardt, John C. 

Meloy, Charles D. 

Menzel, J. J. 

Menzel, William H. 

Meyer, C. Harry. 

Meyer, Ferd C. 

Miller, Charles E. 

Miller, E. H. 

Miller, John. 

tMiller, Joseph A. 

Miller, Thomas H. 

Miller, VV. Ed. 

Millikin, P. M. 

Moch. Moses Edwm. 

yMoerlein, John. 

Moncnr, G. A. 

Montelius. F. A. 

Mooney, T. E. 

tMoore, Jesse J. 

fMoore, Lew VV. 

Moores, F. Lawson. 

Morgan, Arthur R. 

tMorgan, Robert J. 

t"Morgenthaler, Henry VV. 

Morrison, Robert. 
Mosbv, John B. 
Mover, S. L. 
.Mueller, John M. Jr. 
Mulibcrg. Edward. 
.\lulitcman. Arthur H. 
t.Muhllianser. Ed. C. 
MuUcr. M. 
tMulviliill, John C. 
tMulvihill. T. J. 
Murdock. Joseph D. 
Murphy. Daniel. 


t.Muriiliy. John 1'. 
.Murphy, Richard. 
Murray, Wilbcr 11. 
Musekamp, VV. G. 
tMyall, A. J. 
Nathan, Hugo. 
Xanghten, Charles .V. 
Nelson. Lew. 
fNewberpcr. D. M. 
Newberger, Ike. 
Nicol, J. U. 
Nichaus, Joseph IL 
Nieman, .'Vrthur. 
Niklaus, Ed. G. 
Nippert, Carl L. 
Noctor, Thomas J. 
Noone. J. A.' 
Nougaret, Andre Louis. 

Obermeyer, 11. 
O'Connell, Charles. 
tO'Dell. William J. 
O'Donnell, C. J. 
O'Dowd, J. J. 
OtTner. Isaac. 
O'Hara, Joseph VV . 
tOhlhauser, William L. 
Oliphant, VV. J. 
O'Neil, D. VV. 
Orville, Charles T. 
Osier, A. P. 
Osterfeld, G. H. 
Osterfeld, Herman. 
Osterman. Clemens. 
tOtis. John C. 
Ott, Rud C. 

Pallen, Joseph. 
Parker, Bush. 
Patton, Robert J. 
Patton, William A. 
Paul, John. 
tPaxton, Thomas VV. 
Peck, George. 
tPeebles, Joseph S. 
Pcrin, O. L. 
Perkins, William T. 
Peters, William. 
Peterson, Gus J. 
Peterson, J. A. 
Peyser, Thco. A. 
Pfeifer, Simon A. 
Pfeiffer. Albert. 
Pfleger. Otto. 
Phillips, Walter. 
Piepmeyer. Joseph F. 
Plucker. George E. 
Pohl. H. William. 
Porter. E. A. F. 
Powell. Tohn. 
Powell. R. .'V. 
Prince. David. 
Pritz. C. E. 
Pugh. C. R. 
Piirccll. Robert J. 

Quill. Jere M. 
Oninn, Richard. 

L'lNCliNNATl No. 5. 

R^dloli", Cliarlcs. 
Raltermann, C. J. 
tlvaUcrinaiin, Edwin I"". 
Uattermaiiii, FraiiU. 
tRatlcnnami, Oscar F. 
RaiiscnbciKcr, ('.. A. 
Ray, William F. 
Reakirt, L. B. 
Rcilly, James A. 
Rcilly, P. J. 
Rcmmcrs, John 11. 
Rcnan, Edward. 
Renner, Otto J. 
Renncr, I'etcr. 
Remicr, I'liilip. 
Rcttig, John. 
Rey, John R. 
tRevnolds, Robert R. 
Richardson, James S. 
Roach, P. J. 
Robben, H. J. 
Robbins, E.^ W. 
Robinson, G. H. 
Robinson, John G. 
Robinson, Robert G. 
Roell, Philip V. 
Roever, Alfred. 
jRohan, A. J. 
Romes, John. 
Rooney, John J. 
Rosenhein, Otto. 
Rosensteil, Charles. 
Roth, Charles. 
Roth, Frank J. 
tRoth, John G. 
Ruckstuhl, Edwin .V. 
Rneckcrt, Jacob J. 
Runyan, W. K. 
Russell, W. H. 
Ryan, John E. 

fSadlcr. L. L. 
fSalmar, F. B. 
Salzman, Theo. 
Sa.xby, Howard. 
Schaaf, P. W. 
Schaffner, C. E. 
Schiebel, William F. 
Scliindler, Charles E. 
tSchlachter, G. Henry. 
tSchlachlcr, Jacoli. 
Schlemmer, C. T. 
Schlenderniann, F. E. 
Schmidlapp, Eonic H. 
Schniit, Henry. 
Schneider, GcorRc C. 
Schoncbaimi. Edward. 
tSchnlcr G. William. 
Sch.dtc, H. J. 
Schnmann. A]. C. 
.Schwill. .Mliert Jr. 
Scolt, J. B. 
Sccor. William .X. 
ScRal A. 

tSeibert. Ferdinand. 
Scinshcimer. Frank. 
Senimons, Benjamin. 
Scrodino. Herman. 

Scrposs. H. H. 
Shappell, William 11. 
Shafcr, I,. R. 
Shaw, Charles H. 
I'Shaw, William i\l. 
Sli;iy, 'I'lionias F. 
fSlK-rlock. John C. 
Shields. W. 11. 
SiebeMthaler, John E. 
Siebenthaler, \\ illiam 1'". 
Siefke, Edward H. 
Silverman, Joseph. 
tSilvcrson, Charles. 
Simon, J. J. 
tSimonton, Mark. 
Sindlingcr, Edward. 
Singer, Warren P. 
.Smith, Amor Jr. 
fSmith, Austin, M. 
Smith, Cornelius II. 
Smith, Harry !•'. 
Smith, H. S. 
Smith, Irwin J. 
■"■.Smith, Jackson. 
tSmith, Samuel W. Jr. 

Smith, William B. 

Smith, W. W. Jr. 

Snyder, Jacob A. 
tSohn, J. Edward. 

Solomons, I. M. 

Southern, I. M. 

Spaeth, P. D. 

Spaith, George. 

Spiegel, F. S. 

Spillane, D. 

Spivey, Thomas S. 

Sprague, J. M. 

.Sprcngard, M. J. 

Sprigg, R. L. 

Stanage, William H. 

Stane. Edward C. 

Stanley, A. E. 

Stapcly. George IT. 

Stein. Charles. 

Steinberg, H. 

Stephens, Harry K. 

Stephens, William B. 

Stern. A. S. 

Stern. C. 

.Sternberger. A. 

Stevens, C. B. 

Stevens, Ed. A. 

Straehley. Erwin O. 

Straus. Alfred 1. 

.Straus. Ma.v. 

Strauss, L. C. 

.Strauss. W. J. 

.Streng, E. .'X. 

.Strieker. Frank. 

Strobel. C. H. 

Strohel. O. A. 

Sturm, S. W. 

.Sullivan. Joseph .\. 

Sullivan, J. J. 

tSulIivan. ^I. J. 

Swift, Edward. 

Terhime, Charles P. 

Terhime, Louis .\. 
Tharp, W. P. 
Tibbies, George W. 
Trager, Isadore. 
tTrost, Samuel W. 
Trnm, A. B. 
Tuch. Harold H. 
Tudor, Charles E. 
Tuechter, \V. P. 
Tully, Ed. J. 
Tuohy. J. W. 
Turnipseed, A. G. 

Ullman, Adolpli. 

Vaughan, W. R. 
Vedder. 11. A. 
tVehr, Gerhard A. 
V'erhagc, H. A. 
Voight, W. 1.. 

Wade, Frank J. 
t\\ agner, Edward. 
Walker, E. W. 
Walker, W. E. 
Wallenstein, George W. 
Walsh, P. J. 
Ward, C. C. 
Washburn, J. B. 
Weaver, W. W. 
Weber, John C. 
Weil, Edward F. 
Weinrich. George. 
Wendcl, H. C. 
tWerk, Emile. 
Werner, C. C. 
Werner, Louis. 
Wernicke, O. II. L. 
Wcstheimer. Henry. 
Westheimer. 1. F. 
Wetzstciu. Sol. 
V\ilcox, G. W. 
Williams, Charles F. 
Williams. C. Lee. 
Williams. John B. 
Wilson, John B. 
Wimsev. Thomas J. 
tWindisch. William A. 
fWing, Charles B. 
Wittgcnfeld. Harry G. 
Wolf. Daniel A. 
Wolf. N. J. 
Wood, E. R. 
Wuest, Al. 
tWuest. Jo.cph. 
tWuest. Robert. 
Wylcr. A. L. 
Wymond, Joseph S. 
Zangers. Jacob. 
Zech. Con. 
Ziegle. L. E. 
tZiegler. Henry M. 
■iJZiegler, William C. 
Zimmcrliu, W. F. 
Zimmerman, Josepli. 
Znnmermami. C. .\. 
tZumslein, Frank C. 
tZumstcin, F. M. 

Cincinnati .\'<i. 5. 

Our JIbscnt 


Wcihcrell. H. J. 

W'hmiey. Fred 


(•.r,iydon, T. W. 

Air. Robert. 

.^chuch.irdl. 11. 


Finnegan, J. 1 1. 

Joyce. Joliii I'. 

\'ounf;. John !'. 

ICIlis, (■eorge. 

!'icr|ioiiu. John A. 

Nlir. .\rnol(l. 

Ivimes, W.' H. 

Lewis. Harry. 

Sclnv.Hz, Al. .\l 

Grittiihs. Gei>rgc R. 

Lord. Cliarles. 

Loch. Jacob .\. 

Paul, Wm. H. 

Morlidge. diaries. 

Thielc. E. A. 

Taylor. Win. F. 

Kelly. S. B. 

He,-.Iy. J. R. 

Bruckmann. H. .\. 

.\flaiiis. \Lar.sli. 

Wrisht. Joseph. 

Stacey. Wm. 

Kalin. .Mliert .\. 

John T. Fitzger 


Boebinger. Chas. 

Gilmoiir. James 1) 

Cary. C'.eorge E 

Budwonh, Harry. 

Ricahv. John. 

Frank Reynolds 

Brown, .\dolph J,. 

Hughes. D. B. 

Taliaferro. W. 


Schwab, Edward. 

McCanmion. L. H 

Sterritt, George 


Reuss, Herman C 

Mackey. John A. 

McGale, John. 

Bradley, Frank .\. 

.\Ic\cvin, Thomas. 

Davies. Ben L. 

Foster, p'rank T. 

McGlasson. S. K. 

L Rinkeid)crgcr. 1. 

Dieschbourg. Chas. 

Allan. Peter. 

Folz. David. 

Dusenl>erry. John H. 

Egan. Stephen. 

Rattermann. F. 


Bemis. Chas. E. 

Johnson. Richard. 

Burke, P. J. 

Ryan, Chas. R. 

Boyle. Thomas. 

Hart. John C. 

Dexter. John C. 

Burnett. .\\i. 

Warwick. X. R 

Fritscli, John G. 

Koster. John A. 

Early. W. J. 

Siebenlli.iler. G. V. 

Wilson. Harry. 

Blair. H. E. 

Lcavitt, Edward S. 

Bohrer. Albert F. 

Goetz, John Jr. 

Deckeback. t'icorgc E. 

Warren, Andrew. 

Deckebach, Free 


lutzi, P. A. 

Williams. Harry. 

Reichel. Cliris. 

Burdick, C. H. 

Lee. James. 

Hamami, E. H. 

Hawley. W. H. 

Riley. John J. 

Tinner. George 


Heister, .\L Jr. 

McNeil, Joseph. 

Tltomson, J. M. 

McCabe. J. B. 

Woodson, Frank. 

Xealis. J.cmes E 

Campbell, Tom H. 

Sholt, E/.ekieL 

Martin. F. K. 

Biirgogync, Michael., Mark. 

ni.xon. J. Cal. 

Kuerze. Robert M. 

Kline. John. 

Moses. M. 

Holder. Charles S. 

Warden, Oscar. 



l.eavitt. Edw. S. 

Trefzger. Ollie. 

Lew. .Max 

Strietmann. Geo. E. 

Brown. Thomas. 

Laner, S. IL 


Cincinnati, No. 

William Alukkt lIcirKiNS, 

Lslciiu'd /.oyol Kiiifilit, 1900-01 

Siipi Branch Pub. I,i1)r.Tries 

D.wiii I'ki.nck. 

I'.sl. I.rrliiiiii!: A.' »('.!,'/;/, li.KX)-oi. 

I l|Uician. 

Francis Taylor Hii:r. 

lixallcd Ruler, 1900-or. 

.Siipt. Cinti. Ice Mfs. & C. S. Co. 

Jacob .\. Haekr. 

Ustcciiicd Leading. Kniglit, 1900-OI 




John IX>vli;. 
.\m. Boiidinp & Tnist Co 

ClXClXNAI'l, Xo. 


Ciislodian Hll< Building. 

JiiHX Hkkman Dierkf.s, 

Inner Guard, IQOO-OI. 

("icn. Agt. Xew York Life Iii«. Co, 

Amor Smith. Jk.. 

Exalted Ruler. 1903-04. 

Tallnw and Oil Maiuifactiiic 1 

Hdwakii, Bicnnktt. 


Piano Salcsiiiaii. 


l.KK B.V.MllKKC.KK. 

Esquire. iix).l-04. 

W'liolo-.ilc C'n,'ar Dealer. 

Cincinnati N'o 

William Bodf.mer, 

Sccirlary Trustees, 1900-01. 

Manager William Bodemer Esl. 

Fkank Xavier Krug, 

President Trustees, 1900-01. 

Ice Dealer. 

Fra.vk Hi;.\rv Kirchnkr, 


F. II. K. &• Co., Contractors. 


T(iM D. Cami'bicll, 

Trustee, rgoo-oi. 

Died February 12. 1903. 

C'lXriNNAI'l X( 

Harrv a. Veddkr. 

finance Cuinniillcc, lyoo-oi. 

Bodniann Leaf Tol). Warclioiise. 

Con. Zech, 

I'liiaiicc Cominiltcc, 1900-01. 

Scc.-Trcas. Henderson Litho. Co. 

Otto .■\r>ilei)ER. 
f'iiiaiicc Commiltcc, 1900-01. 
Pres. The O. Arnileder Co. 

James I Iercn. 

Heron iK: Co.. 

Fiirniuire and Carpets. 


.■\l.,\lil.\ I'J.IAS Emmingeu, 

IIknkv W. Mokokntmalkk. 
Tax Attorney. 

Galvin &■ Galvin. 

Gkorgk RiciiAiin GKinnns. 
Died Ociolici- I, 1900. 

'1" HUM AS Jamks Cocan, 

Sliay & Cogaii. 



Thomas Fuaxcis Siia\. 

-Sliay & Cogan, 


Cincinnati No. 5. 

WiT.I.IAM J. O'Dki.l 

Pros. The O'Dcll Com'n Co.. 


(■.KdKi.K Hi:ki:i:ut ST.\ri:r.\ . 

\'. I'rov TIk- O'Dcll Omu'm Co.. 


Louie ScHMiuL.Arr, 


Tallewaiida Mineral Springs Co. 

John Frf.y, 
Real Estate and Loans. 


\\ .\Lri;u IL\Tcii .M.\.\u ti.L, 


Tlic Palace Motel. 

Cl NCI \ XAI'l Nil. 

I'jiu Ann Su ii'T. 

Somliciii i'assciiKi'i' Asrin 

WmImsIi K. K. 

Fhi;iii:kick GL'i;nii.i;iN, 

I'lv-^. TIk' ('.. I!. ScluiUc Soii^^ Cn 

I roil ami I lanhv.irc-. 

GusTAvn Fcix. 


B. P. O. Elk Jcuclry. 

\Valti;k Tavlok Cox. 


C. C. C. & St. I.oiiis Railway. 


KoMI.UT Josi:ill r.vTToN. 

'ic^. TIk' K. J. PaiioM Co.. 
.■\ wiling MaiuifactnrtMs. 

Jamks I^um:ij. 

noted ivL\ 

l^"licc I)opariiiiciu 

JiiiiN P. AIlupmv. 

Jiiilgc Court of Coiniiion Pleas 

Hamilioii C'oimiv. 

Fki'UijuicK M.\.\r.. 


Sli-eel Cleniiiiitr IH-pariniciu. 

Thomas J. Wimskv. 


PoIjcc ni|)aniiKiii. 


'>iix Baj'Tistk Hor-rMAXx, 

Siipcriiiieiuleiii of Streets, 

^ir^l Deparlineiit. 




Mayor Flcisclimaini. 

.lilllN R. Kl.VSI.KV, 

Cily 'l"rca?;iiri.'r. 

(-'■1)1(1 & Silver Plating W'nrk';. 

Al'C.L'ST 1 Ii;i(KM.\X.\'. 

Water W'urlcs CimiiiiissioiKT- 

.1 LI. I IS FlKI sen. MANX. 

Mayor of Cincinnati. 
Flciscliinann & Co. 


l"irARr.i:s li. Wi.NC. 

I'iini & W'int;, 

Wliolc^ialc Paper Dealer.^ 

Cincinnati No. 5. 

TnoNtAs Maslin ("iHKKiVi:. 

(ireene. Eiiihrv &■ Co.. 

[.ivo Slock Oc.ilor";. 

John G. Roth. 

Vice President 

•riie J. C. Roth Packing Co. 

T.M.KIN l'lMl'.k\. 

(ireene. F.nihry &■ Co, 
Live Slock Ileiiler-. 

.\Iicii.m:i. KuiiN. 

M. Kniins Son.s, 

-Meals :iii<l Provisions. 



Joii.\ lii:M;\' Kami'K. 

The (ireal Iv.isiern. 
Bakery and ResirituMnt. 

Cl\( INNATI \'(l. V 

Jamks H. Gunning, 

Manager Collection Depl. 

R. G. Dun & Co. 

Joseph Frank Pici-mevf.r. 

Secy The Charles Moser Co. 

Paints and Colors. 

John Francis Griffin 

W. LLriiFR Davis. 


Union Central Life Ins. Co. 



The National Hardware Co. 

Cincinnati .Vn. 



W. T. W'aKiici's Snii^, 
MiiKial .iiiil Mi' Writers 

Max C. Fi.kiscii.m ANN, 

Floiscliiuaiiii & Co.. 

l)i.s:illcrs and Veast Miifrs. 

William Mliku. Jr., 
l-iimluT I )i.'ali.'r. 

H. W'illia.m Mi;ii:r. 

II. Will. Meier & Uro.. 

Wholesale Wines and Liquors. 


H ur.o Ci uc.c. i: n 1 1 i: i m lr. 

llnKo ('in.nKeiilieinier S: Co 



John Eckkri.K, 
Traveling Salcsniaii. 
lolin Bcrger & Son. 


Wholesale and Manufactnrcr. 

Ckokc.k M. Bi;ki.i:r, 

|,,hn Bcrger & Son. 

Leaf Tobacco Dealers. 

r.nwAun l'". luoi.n. 
Of I'cier IboUl. 

Cigar Maniilacuner. 


Cll.M'll.S KoTll. 

Wines and l.iqnors 



George Albert Ficke, 

Siipt. Bottling Dcpt. 

The C. Moerlein Brewing Co. 

FE<r;iiKKiCK I.ouis E.m.micrt, 

Dealer in 

Brewers' Grains. 

J. George Jung. 

Secretary and Trcasnrer. 

The C. Moerlein Brewing Co. 

Frank Heg.ner, 

Traveling Salesman 

The C. Moerlein Brewing Co. 


Jaohi Gi;i:i:NM:i.iii;k, Jr., 

Traveling Salesman 

The C. Moerlein Brewing Co. 


ClM'I.VXATl No. 5. 


Cily Salesman 
The C. Moerleiii Brewing Co. 

John Mof.ri.eix, 


The C. Moerlein Brewing Co. 

Jiii[N l'"Ki:iii:i(ic]< l.i;iiii.i;ix, 


The C. Mnerlein Brewing Co. 

JiiMN il.MNKS nuSKN'llKRRV, 

I'iiil .Voveinher 2.^. 1901. 


11 \uKv .v. GKi.n-i'. 


TIk- C. Mnerleiii Brewing Co. 

Ci xriNXATi \'(). 


Tlic Gcrkc BrcuiiiR Co. 

l-jm.Mjii C Mrjii.ii.MsiiK, 


Wiiiili-cli-Miililli;iiisiT Brew. Co 

Hekkv Hlsm.w, 

Traveling Salesman 

W'indiscli-Mnhlheiser Brew Co. 

Kari. Kaki.ix. 


The C.erke Brewing Co. 


.\k]hiu N'ikmav. 

Mana.ger lioiiling l)ei)l. 

'I"lie Ceil Wieileni.inn Brew. Cn 

Cincinnati No. ,. 

Joiix Fischer, 


'I'lic Jung Brewing Co. 

\iM II Ik (',1 liuci; Ii(]ii\i \vx 


\\ ines and Liquors. 

GiroRcr. H. Osteri-klp. 


Tlic Bellcvnc Brewing Co. 


CiiAui.iis ArrusTus O'Chnnicli.. 


Palace Huicl Cal'e. 


I''l(.\.\K I'llSTEK. 

C'iiiciiiiiali Gas and Electric Co. 

MiciiAra. Jiisi;ni Si' 

Carboiiallng Macliiiiery. 

Beer Pumps, Etc. 


Jiiii .V W. Fii.sii;i(. 

John G. Rhijinson. 

Prop'r John Robinson Circus. 

Roliinsnn's Opera House. 


1 1 \HK\ I'i;.v.\ i< Smith, 
I'.lk lewehv. 

("iNCINNA ri X'o 

jKkKv M. (Jrii.i.. 
1". H. KircliiiLT & Co. 
CoiK-ral Cniuraclors. 


fir.NRv Bkktlinx, 

Prcs. The I'.onliiig Bros. Co.. 

Paints. Oils. X'arnisli. 

Fu.wu Wii.i.i.wi Fdi.z, 
Frank W. F.ilz .K: Co.. 
Ci.'ncial Contractors. 

CciU.NKI.Il'S Fui.UST. 

Cnrni-lins Fiicrst &; Sons, 

Brick Contractor.-. 

J.\Mi;,S MoNUOIC M.\KST0.N'. 

Designer, Mfr., Decorator 
111 Coiiipo, Plastic Relief. 

Cincinnati No. 5 

Gkorce L. Knokk. 

With A. &■ H. Knorr, 

Ice Dealers. 


Prcs. and Oeii'I Manager 
The Tec Delivery Company. 

Cii.\Ri.r.s .\i.i;i:nT X.\lxuti:.n', 

.■\sst ("len'l Manager 
Tlie Ice Delivery Company. 

Cos J. PlCTKUSll.N-, 

Merchanl Tailor. 

l-'i;.\NZ Kl.TT. 
Manufacttn er~' .'\gcni. 

ClNli NXA'l'l N'l). ',. 

Wai.iku PhILI.TI'S, 
Pics, and Treasurer 

'I'l'c I'"aglc I.illiograpliing Co. 

Jamks B. McCabe, 
Died July 7. 1902. 

Jiisi.i'H Sn.\ i:uM.\.\'. 

Joseph Silvcniian & Co., 

Whnlcsale I.iqtinrs. 

Mcisi-S r.di.nsMi Til. 
I'rc^. 'I'lic (".nld-iiiilli-CK-inen Co. 
W hoksalc Toys and Fancy Goods. 


JosKi'H DiNSMoKi: Dknxv. 


Sporting (loods. 

\nrii.i.A Jami.siin .\h ai-1.. 

A. J. Myall S: Co.. 

Leaf Tobacco Dealers. 

J. A. Pktkkshn. 


Wluiloalc aiul 

CiKiiKci: Wash iN!,T(iN Mvksi.aci;. 


Wines anil Liquors. 

Uk.nkv J. Cai.\, 

Ovsicrs. Came. 

C'l Ml \ \AI I \"ii. :;. 

I.ouis Ai,i:.\aniii;k ('..vnn 


Union I.nniulrv. 


Traveling Salesman. 

\nr.: i,:in l.aundrv Maeli. Co. 

fii.\Ki.i;s E. G.MTO, 
Union l.aundrv. 

(".rni;,.i. Wii.i.iA-M Sen ri.i.i;. 


Seiuiler's Cafe. 

John I'.ai'.iista Williams. 


Williams' ()y-ier & Cluip Ilonsc. 

CiNCIN XA'l'l No. 5. 

John 1-:. RvAX, 

Cloik Freight Dcpt. 

C, C. C. & Si. I.duis Ry. 


Clerk Registry Dept. 
U. S. Postoffice. 

CiKdiici; Buck, 


.\'e\v Ein])ire Restaurant. 

I'i;i<ni\ANn .'>i,iiii;ur. 


Arcade Barber Sliop. 

('■i:iikc.i: SpAnji. 


The Cjihscin House Barher S!i"p 

I'.ii.KNK BuriKii'. 
Moll's iMiniislicr. 

CiiARLKs Levi. 

Traveling Salesman 

I. & S. Bing. 

Cl NCI XXAI'I N'll. 

(.'IIAKI.KS lirSTATlcHS Scil 1 Xlll.KK, 

Diiiini; Car CnndiK-tur. 
\',. S: (). S^ W, R. R. 

I'.llWARIl FkV, 

Native W incs. MooRK, 

1 iKMiV DiLLM AN. 


The .Motto Sample Room. 

Tiio.MAS Pi;ri;u Co.\i<i 
Conroy Broi Iters. 
Sample Rooms. 

C'l Nl I \ NATI. .\'( 


'rnss Founder and Maiuifacuucr. 

Mosics EliUIN MoCH. 
.Mocli. Bcrniaii & Co., 
Clotliing. Wholesale. 

RiCllAKIP MlKlllV. 

Masler Phnnhcr. 

The Kicliard-Miirnliv I'lumli. Ci 

Max Flchs. 

The Fiichs-Bnddc Co., 

Iniiiorters Sponges and Chamois. 

Gerhard A. Veiir, 


Cincinnati No. 5. 

Jacob A. Snviii:k. 

MaiHifacHirer and Siipcrintciukiu 

Fairnioiint Woolen Mills. 

Si-\ioN Hesse, 
Traveling Salesman. 

Daniel S. Eveuson. 

.Mechanical Engineer. 

Chief Engineer Court Honse. 

JusEi'ii Blaeszek, 


Postmaster Station 10, 


Police Court Clerk. 
n,e,l .lul.v J^. i'J"-^ 

l.i.iiNAiui Gkmii.i;. 
.|iisc|ili (".cMiilc X- C(i. 
Coiiiiiiis>ioii MocIkimIs 

l.iiuis FiscHi;ij, 


CiNciXiVATi No. 5 


SlipcrimoM(li.'iU cif F'ulilic Sclicinl*. 

William Meeker Shaw. 

Dist. Pass. Agt. 

C. B. & Q. Railroad. 

.\. I.. Due, 
The .\. 1.. Due Fireworks Co. 
Maiuif.Tcturcrs of Fire Works. 


Waltek Dokrr. 

C. Docrr & Sons, 


C'l xri xNA'ii. \'i 

Aic.i-sT[:s A. ('.i:is. 
Piircliasiiis Ahciu 
Aticliiir I'.imny t'um|i:niy 

.Maiuici; A. Ddi'CKTTi:, 


'I'lu- M. A. Diiuccili.' Oirriage Co. 


Traveling Salosman 

\. C. Soluvah S: Bro. 

!■.. J. McCiN--. 
Ti .nrliii.L; S:ili-Mii:in 
(Jnrcii l'ii\- I^iinliiiL;' Ink (' 

(■•i;iii«'.i: J. Uliik. 
'i'ravclins Salosiiiaii 
r.nhr. PfalT & Co. 

Tl \'( I \ NATI, \'i I. 

JdiiN William 1'iallman, 

Cinciniial i Ci inA-spi iiuk-nt 

Tho O'lVll (.'mil. C'liipany. 

Richard A. Pou ull, 
Xippcrt. Powell & Smile 

|-JA\ Mill t.'. I llM I'll Ki;\ s. 

Sales Agent 

L', S. Ca-t Ir.m I'ipe S: F. C". 

IIauuv ArrEL, 


Cloak? and Snili 


1 1 i:m;\ I [■ii;i Li:. 

I'linieaiis \ III lelle. 
\\liole~ale Millinerv. 

C'l NCI \ \ATI. N(l. 


The Majestic Cafo. 

A. PiTii-i'KR, 
Commercial Traveler. 

A. C. Davis, 

West Disiiifcclins Company. 

Justrii D. Isj.KiN', 

Klein Brothers, 

Wholesale Lirpior Dealers. 


Ri;ui!i;n I.i;vi, 

Levi & Ottenhcimei, 

Wholesale Wines and Licpiors. 

C'l Ml X NATI. No. 5. 

Wll.l.lAM F.MKKSON BliliNS. 

Mnil Crirricr 

I'. S. I'.i^lal Sfi-vicc. 

I )i;nnis Sell, I. am;. 

I".l.l~. Wnrl<LT. 

•|k- (.'liarks Class Cn 

James B. ^IcMonacle, 
Glass Worker, 
Reading, Ohio. 

Ai.. A. Hon. 
>lin KaiilTiiiaii;.; Cn. 


Aktiu'k II. Mini.i:.\iA\. 

Glass Blcnvcr 

The C'h.irk-i Boldi I '.lass Co. 

I \CI \ NAI'l. 

I)u. IIk.nks' Charles Wicnuel. 
I'hysici.ui and Surgeon. 

Benj. Greenwald, 


American Watch and Jewelry Co. 


Seward Heiiii;i.i:acii. 

Propr. Fnl)i:ni Mnfg. Co.. 

r,adics Skirts and Snits. 


Jacob Zangers, 

Manager Optical Department 

The Fair. 

Cincinnati. Nd. 5. 

I.ouis J. IIauck, 
The Tului llaiick I'.rowins Co. 

Ch.\rles E. Stkin. 


The Hiidepolil Brewing Co. 

Charles Burger, 

Burger Brothers, 

Hops, Malt, Brewers Supplies. 

Aldert [,.\ckman, 


The Herman Lackman Brew. C"n. 


Henrv F. Lackm.\x, 

\'ice President 

The Herman Lackman Brew. Co. 

Cl NtMN'NA'I'l. Xn. 3. 


Cafe and Restaurant. 




Ai.. C. Schumann. 
Caterer and Cafe. 

John Kohler, 

Fred B. Sai.mar, 

Crnbcr & Salniar. 

Props. "The Mecca.' 


Harry A. Greiff, 


The C. Moerlein Brewing Co. 

■'.l!Ni;ST \\ . K(il;.\I ANN. 
MorclmiU Tailor. 

IIkkman S. Koor, 

H. S. Koop & Co.. 

Ladies' and Men's Furnishers. 

Mattresses and Bedding. 

August G. Kkkimer, 
C. & A. Kreinier Company, 
Fnrniture — Wholesale, Retail. 



Isnac F.iller's Sons & Co. 

Clothing, Boots. Shoes. 

Cl \( I \ \ A I I. \'<l, T. 

Mauion Bkltcic McIntvki:, 

Baylcss Slnvc &• Range Co. 

IT. IT. Skri'oss. 

Importer of 
Oriental Rngs. 

. P. BlCl.l.S.MITH, 

[•'rank Ratikkmann. 
General Insnrancc. 


Harry Hi;iiiiMAN, 

Inspector of Constrnclion 

Tlie Cin. Gas & Electric Co. 

("l Ml \ NATI . \'ll. 5. 



Ciiicimiali Gyiiinnsiiim. 

RuDOi.i'ii C. Ott, 

\\ iiies .uul Liquors 

Isaac H. Oi-i'nkh. 

Traveling Salesman. 

Albuquerque, Xew Mexico. 


Thomas W. Paxton, 


The Edgewood Distilling Co. 

ClNClXNAI'l X(i. 5. 

H. A. Verhace, 


'I'hv Cin'li Soda Water & G.A.Co. 

George Goi,de, 

Men's Outfitter. 

Sliirt Maker. 

]-JlUAriIl SiNDI.lNT.El!, 

.Mimro Cafe. 

IIi:.Nuv GuN'KLACn. Jr.. 

-Sccrcl.iry and Treasurer 

The Nalicui.d Billiard Mis^. Co. 


History of Cleveland Lodge No. 18. 

CLEVELAXI) I,( )I)C.1-1 Xo. i8 was first organized and instituted on Novem- 
ber 28, 1882. under a dispensation granted by Grand Exalted Ruler Thomas 
E. Garrett, the late Col. John A. Cockerill, the then editor of the St. Louis 
Post-Dispatch, and E.xalted Ruler of Xo. 9. being deputized by the Grand Exalted 
Ruler for the brother Cockerill was accompanied and assisted by Bros. 
M. W. Hibbard, J. W. Xorton. W". F. Coulter, W". D. Wetherell, C. F. Joy and B. 
H. Engelke. 

The institution of the l.ndge and installation of the officers took place in a 
lodge-room at that lime located in ilic present City Hall. The charter officers 
were: Exalted Rnlcr. J. .M. Hooili; I'.steemed Leading Knight, L. G. Hanna ; 
Esteemed Loyal Knight. W . I. .\kers: ICstcenicd Lecturing Knight, M. A. Foran ; 
Secretary, W. H. h'ckman : Treasurer, Dudley P.. Xick; Tiler, Geo. W. Morgan; 
Esquire, Edward Mills; Inner Guard, Robert T. Van Epps ; Organist, M. ^L 
Murphy; Trustees, M. iM. .Murphy, X. M. Jones, VV. W. Armstrong. 

Substantially the same ofilicers were re-elected at the election held in March, 
following year. The charter members of the Lodge were: W. J. Akers, W. W. 
Armstrong, Thomas .Axworthy, II. M. P.rainerd, J. ^L Booth, C. S. Barrett, N. 
S. Cobleigh, S. R. Carter, W. II. ICckman, M. A. Foran, James Gibbons, G. W. 
Gardner, N. M. Jones, M. M. Murphy, W. J. Morgan, X. P. McKean, G. W. 
Morgan, Edward Mills. J. W. Roof, W. S. Robison, \\\ F. Thompson, G. H. 
Worthington, D. B. Wick, W. Iv Way, L. G. Hanna, R. T. Van Epps, A. G. 
Daykin, M. Welfare, Sam. Briggs, C. T. Wesley, H. W. Hubbard, F. DeH. Robi- 
son, John Huntington, Hugh Buckley. 

The Lodge disbanded in the latter pan of 1884, and was reorganized May 
30, 1886, by Bro. Harry Sanderson, who was specially deputized for the 
purpose under dispensation issued by the then Grand Exalted Ruler Dan 
Kelley, of Baltimore Lodge. The first officers of the reorganized Lodge were: 
Exalted Ruler, John .A. Xoe; Esteemed Leading Knight, E. A. Kieckhofifer ; 
Esteemed Loyal Knight, Louis Hartman ; Esteemed Lecturing Knight, C. B. 
Squire; Secretary, J. H. Hicks; Treasurer, George W. Glidden; Tiler, Harvey 
R. Nourse ; Esquire, Ed. Schumann. 

The charter members of the reoganized Lodge were : C. H. Campbell, H. R. 
.Vourse, J. H. Hicks, Harry L LeBean, E. .Anderson, Dan Catoir, Louis Hart- 
man, John H. Hartman, Fred M. Coan, Ike Gottlieb, E. Schumann, John A. Noe, 
C. B. Squire, 11. F. Match, Samuel Grossman, John D. Campbell, William H. 
Hersey, Thos. J. Charlt<in, J. !•".. I'.rand, H. W. Lochmann, L. E. Benjamin, Wm. 
L. Noville, James 11. Maiming, ( )scar Hunt. A. Bryan, George W. Glidden, Harry 
Glidden. Frank Shepard, F. W. Strauss. H. Nichols. F. D. Wagner, Y. Cornnell, 


C'l.iA i:i..\Mi Xii. iS. 

1". I.. Dicljoll. IV'lrr Dunn, J. II. (Juinn. 'I'lios. W. ijuiiin, P'ri'd hirljdll, W :incn 
lloi-bc. J'".. A. Kicckhc)l"t'cr. 

Tlio liiil^r I'.as l)L-cii hdiiiircil li\ tlu' (iraml I,iiiIl;c 1i\' tlir a|)|)i>inini(iu a- I )i--- 
irict Dcpiitv ami in incnilioi'sliii) mi il> varimis LMiiimilU'i.'s ol llic Inllciw iiil; liiijiilx 
esteemed r.rinliei>; M. A. l'"i>raii. ("eni^LVe i\. WDnlf, C. A. I'.etzler. C i'. Si|uire 
and S. II. .\'ee(l>. il e m<isl sii^iial hniior liavin.t;: been l)esli)\veil liy the aiipMinimeiit 
nf the last iiaiiH'il a> (".rand Treasurer of the < >rder. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Xi.c. Jciliii .\ iSS I— |,SS7 r,.iy. Frud .\ iSw.;— |S<| ■ 

Si|iiirc. (,'- 1! i>0>7 — lJvS<"^ liculer. (.'. -\ iSi)i— |S<J7 

OX'niiiinr. eV I) 1S.S8— l88'i l.nvMT. J. C i.S()7— iSyS 

i.:iii,sf. Jiilin I! 1880 — 1890 Scnrcr. Jolin (~, 1S98 — kSqm 

l)iil)iilt. F. 1 1890 — 1S91 Trinkner. II. J \Xcjii — 1900 

Kiiincr, Jnlin M 1S91 — 189J Xcctk. Snimiel H 1900 — 1901 

WcHilf, C.corgc R 1S92 — 189.? McC.cirr.iy. J. \' imoi — 19OJ 

Kilmer. Jolin M ]SlX^ — i^9A Miirr.ny, John 1 1902— 190,^ 

Cniliy. M. M 1894—1895 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Hicks, John H. U'oolf, George R. Scorer. John ('.. 

Hartiiian. Louis. Il.Ttcli. H. F. Trnikner. II. I. 

Sqnhe. C. B. Crouy. M. M. Xccds. S. 11. 

I.ang. John B. Seckler. F. C. Mc(V)rray. J. \ . 

Uicl)olt, Fcrd L. (".av. Fred .\. Mnrrav. lohn I.. 

Foran. M. A. Ueizler. C. A. 

Kinner. John .M. I.'uver. J. C. 

The Lodi^e meets every Wednesday evening- at 410 Superior Street. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

lixultcd Kulcy F. W. Sclnvemner Inner Ctiditl I Inward Sio,de> 

lisl. Lcculinii Kiiii^lil Harry W. FAving Cliaphiin H. .\I. .Morrison 

list. Loyal Kiiii^lil Jo.->epli J. Klein Organist Frank J. Deeriek- 

list. Lc'i'liirin;.; Kniiilil.. .Richard Taylor Jr. 

Secretary . . .' Henry M. Sioue I ruslees. 

Treasurer Sylvester Sniiih J. W. Jiingnian. C 1. Frank-. 

y"_v/('r (".eorge \V. Snow Walter Xeeds. F' Zi/elnian. 

lisijiiire I'.. F. Hellwig .Marcns Cohen. 

Roster, 1903. 

.\danis. Joslui.a W. .Andrew. Jo-e|)li II. .Xncr. ('.eorge W. 

.\danis. J. 1'. .\n,gel. Ilenrv. 

.Mhen.^on. T. A. .\nspach. X.' H. Backu-. William \'. 

Allen. C. I.. A|.|.. H. S. Baker. F. 11 

Allen. S. C. .Arnisirons. Rohen .\. I'.akcr. .M. I. 

Allen. W. J'. Arnold. C.enrue I'. B.ildwiii. D O X 

.\Kord. Wdli.ini C. Arnndel. .\. W. Ir. B.-illa-ch. r,r..i-c 1-V 

Anililer. lav C. A-ling. lohii l-'.. B.inihrKk. W . S. 

■ IilIkmIi- (.i.uiil \li mill 

Ci.iA i:i..\M« Xo. 18. 

Uar.l. S. \V. 
Uargc. Al. J. 
ISarkcr. Hariiar<l S. 
Barry, IJ. J. 
Harrv, liilwiii IJ. 
Barlfcll. J. H. 
BarllcU, .\icli()la>, Jr. 
Bartslic. C. 1-. 
Bc-aii, I.. 11. 
Bcarcislcv, \'. X. 
Beck. U illiam C 
Becker, l'"raiik J. 
Beckerle. lleiirv. Jr. 
Bcckerlc. J. V. 
Beers. Kord F. 
Beidler. J. .A. 
Bell. J. li. 
Beiuler, jacol'. 
Bene.-. (;. 1). 
Beiiiiet, \V. J. 
Ijcniietl, George .\. 
^^Bclxler, Charles A. 
Bevingloii, J. H. 
Biddle, Waller A. 
Bicrce, E. B 
Black. Peter F. 
Blaiicliard, C. M. 
Blasis, Julius A. 
Bleet, William. 
Blnouier. William S. 
Bloomingdaie. C. F. 
Boelunke, Henry. 
Boeliiukc, Tlieodore. 
Boelmike, William. 
B(illin.s>er. Charles I,. 
Bond, (ins. P. 
Boucr, Edward S. 
Bovlan, N. J. 
Bovd, W. H. 
Bradley.\V. J. 
Bradv, George F. Jr. 
Brady, J. T. 
Brake, George C. 
Bramley, M. F. 
Brandt, Fred H. 
Brandt, R. F. 
Breckenridge. R. P>. 
Breitinger, J. J. 
Brinsmade. 1 homas C. 
Brobst, F. A. 
Brongh. Edward. 
Brown, T. I). 
Brown, W. H. 
Browne. B. W. 
Bruce, F. I'.. 
Brvan, A. J. 
Bryan, Al. 
Bryan. Charles F. 
Brvan, !•". Pcrrv. 
Bryan. J. E. 
Bnchmann. .\le.\ .M. 
Bnclianan. lames A. 

Buck, 11. li. 
Bmice. 1.. I-;. 
Bnrke. Erwin .\. 
Bnrke, Fred S. 
Burke, George A. 
Burke. Tliomas .\. 
Burns, J. H. 
Burns, W'illi.iin II. 
Uiirton. David F. 
Busc, William. 
Bush. N. J. 

Cailaghan. \). }. 
Callaghan. J.ihn C. 
Campell. Ch.irles H. 
Campliell. W. T. 
Carey. William A. 
Ca rot hers. C. A. 
Carroll. Peter. 
Caswell. 1). O. 
Cavanaugh. James E. 
(.'hadwick. John P. 
Chard. William P. 
Chuhh. W. H. 
Chute, Rohert J. 
Closs. John J. 
Coan, Fred. M. 
Cohleigh. X. S. 
Cockett, James S. 
Cody, F. B. 
Coftee, W. H. 
Cohen. Marcus. 
Colin, Dan. 
Cohn. lulward. 
Cohn, G. D. 
Coleman, Frank H. 
Collier. Will A. 
Collins. Perry C. 
Conley, Tom H. 
Cooke, Frank W. 
Costello. B. W. 
Craig. Frank .X. 
Crocker. Lincoln. 
Croke, Thomas E. 
Crone, Charles E. 
^.'Crotly, M. M. 
Cummer, .\. E. 
Cummer, W. M. 

Dallet. Joseph. 
Damcl, W. W. 
Davidson. J. .M. 
Davin. John. 
Davis. Hvman D. 
Davis. Mark H. 
Day. Frank F. 
Deericks. Bernard G. 
Deericks, Frank J. 
Dc Graw. Samnel. 
Dclehanty. J. C. 
Desenhcrg, l.ouis. 
Devor. Frank P. 

Dihble, U . E. 
Dietiich, John E. 
Dielz, F. W . 
Ditlrick. A. A. 
Dodd, R. C. 
Donahue, J. R. 
Dorer, Charles II. 
Drew, Frank M. 
Drew, Will. X. 
Durbin, J. T. 

Earl, J. C. 
Eckerman, W. .X. 
Eckert. Curtis. 
Eddy, Walter E. 
Einstein, Henry F. 
Einstein, J. 1,. 
Eirick. W. F. 
Elliott. John H. 
Ellsasser, George W. 
Ellsworth, W. W. 
Ennes. C. M. 
Erhardt. Charles. 
Erion. John. 
Erret, Joseph. 
Estep. Louis H. 
Ewing. H. W. 
E.Kcell, ^L B. 

Farasey, W. J. 
Farley, J. W . 
Fath, Charles. 
Feigenbaum. Samuel. 
Fetterman. R. 11. 
Fellers, l-'d, A. 
Fick, Edward B. 
Finley, R. G. 
Finucan. Frank M. 
Fischer, Robert. 
Fischer. William C. 
Fischground. Max. 
Fish, George H. 
Fisliel, Tlieo. 
Fishel, Victor. 
Fisher. Louis A. 
Fitzpatrick, J. C. 
Flicker. Perry W. 
i^Foran, Martin .\. 
Forsytlic. Peter T. 
Foster. Rodger N. 
Fox. Leon. 
Frank, Joseph. 
Franks, C. I.. 
Fraser, Duncan H. 
French. Henrv T. 
Fuller. ClilTord W. 

Gallagher. Joseph F. 
Gall.agher, M. J. 
Gardiner. W. S. 
Gardner. George W^ 
(Gardner, Samuel S. 


Cleveland No. i8. 

Garret, George H. 
Gartland, J. L. 
Gartland, P. V. 
irGay, Fred. A. 
Gehring, John A. 
George, J. T. 
Gctz, William K. 
Gibb, F. J. 
Gibson, J. L. 
Gilbert, Arthur E. 
Gilchrist, J. A. 
Giles, Sidney W. 
Gleichman, Phil. 
Glekler, M. M. 
Goble, George. 
Goldenbogen, John F. 
Goldman, Charles. 
Graham, John. 
Green, Fred W. 
Green, H. J. 
Greeves, Joseph J. 
Gregory, A. J. 
Greif, Louis M. 
Gross, Joe. 
Gross, Samuel M. 
Guggenheim, Julius. 
Guldemeister, Otto W. 
Gund, George F. 
Gynn, George. 

Haas, J. L. 
Halle, Carl. 
Halloran, William E. 
Harley, A. T. 
Harmon, Fred M. 
Harry S. James. 
Hart, W. J. 
^Hartman, Louis. 
Hartz, A. F. 
Harvel, Charles W. 
ii-Hatch, H. F. 
Haughawout, C. E. 
Hausher, George W. 
Haycox, T. B. 
Hayes, E. D. 
Hayes, Joseph F. 
Hayes, William E. 
Hegener, Frank C. 
Heilbron, H. S. 
Hellwig, Edward F. 
Hemann, Henry C. 
Henderson, Edward. 
Henderson, William H 
Hendrickson, S. A. 
Henley, W. J. 
Henry William C. 
Herbert, Eugene. 
Herbert, M. J. 
Herman, J. H. 
Herrit, J. Dean. 
Hersey. William H. 
Hester, Lee. 

iVHickj, John H. 
Hildcbrand, C. K. 
Hill, J. E. 
Hills, P. G. 
Hird, Urbane W. 
Hoeler, A. H. 
Hoffman, Benjamin. 
Holmes, John H. 
Hoppensack, Wm. F. 
Horn, Edward W. 
Howe, Fred F. 
Hoyncs, Jolin H. 
Huburly, William. 
Hulse, J. W. 
Huniiston, James A. 
Hunt, Harry 11. 
Hurtcbise. A A. 

Iddings, G. S. 
Irr, Joseph. 

Jaeecr, Godfrey Jr. 
Jedlicka, George W. 
Jennings, William. 
Johnson, Eugene L. 
Joseph, E. J. 
Jungman, J. W. 

Kaestler, Samuel E. 
Kahn, Charles. 
Kean, Joseph R. 
Keeler, George J. 
Keeley, John J. 
Keerl, George S. 
Kehres, William F. 
Kelley, T. B. 
Kelso, Charles H. 
Kendrick, Joseph. 
Kenega, VVilliam G. 
Kennedy, John V. 
Kennedy. Tom M. 
Kiefer, George. 
Kieper, John J. 
Kilgore, H. D. 
King, Fred J. 
King, i\L A. 
Kinkelaar, B. H. 
i^Kinner, John M. 
Kirk, F. .\L 
Kirkpatrick. N. W. 
Klein, David B. 
Klein, Joseph J. 
Klein, Louis. 
Klein, Sam S. 
Knight, W. B. 
Koch, George R. 
Koeblcr, William. 
Koestle, Jule J. 
Kohl, Alfred S. 
Kohl, F. W. 
Kohl, John. 
Kohl. John, Jr. 

Kolin, Uave. 
Kollic, L. C. 
Kortz, J. C. 
Kraus, F. R. 
Krause, Frank S. 
Kretchner, George. 
Kridler, George M. 
Kurz, Cliarles F. 
Kurz, Sol. 
Kuzel, Frank. 

La March, Charles L. 
Lance, George .\. 
^Lang, John B. 
Laubie, R. W. 
Laniidon, E. T. 
Leideinhal, S. 
Leisy, Otto I. 
Leopold, B. S. 
Lezgus, A. \\ . 
Licdenthal, S. 
Logan, James A. 
Logan, Robert. 
Lone. H. C. 
i^Lower, J. C. 
Luck, H. C. 
Lynch, Oscar, Jr. 

McCart, Edward. 
McConnell, George T. 
McConnell, Theo. F. 
McDonnell, James T. 
McGarry, A. S. 
McGee, S. B. 
McGinnis, F. J. 
McGorray, James W. 
i^McCjOrray, Joseph V. 
McGorray, Mark T. 
McGuire, John P. 
McKee, Thomas. 
McKenna, J. F. 
McKcnna, M. H. 
McKinnie, G. A. 
McKisson, Harry. 
McKisson, Robert E. 
McNary, H. J. 
McPherson, H. H. 
McTighe, W. D. 
McWatters, J. C. 

Mackenzie, R. B. 
Madigan, J. P. 
Maher, William K. 
Malone, H. S. 
Malone, Thomas I. 
Maloney. D. H. 
Manak. Frank C. 
Manning. Thomas. 
Many. John J. 
Marks. Thomas M. 
Marley. George M. 
Maschke, Maurice. 


Ci.ivVELANn No. i8. 

Man, Frank. 
Mavcll, Harrv C. 
Meals, Walter D. 
Mcars, Frank I. 
Meloy, J. E. 
iMeng, George E. 
Merki, Albert J. 
Merrifield, Ed. S. 
Meyers, Jolm C. 
Miller. A. B. 
Miller, Charles H. 
Miller, Frank C. 
Milhvard. Albert I. 
Mittelberger, 1. J. 
Mog, Gus F. 
Moon, Charles \V. 
Mooncy, John B. 
Moran, P. J. 
Morrison, .-Vugiisius. 
Morrison, Henry M. 
Morrison, ^^. H. 
Morrison, R. V. 
Mueller, Peter. 
Muernian, E. A. 
Murphy, \Vm. G. 
Murray, John L. 
Myers, Daniel VV. 

^Needs, Sattiuel H. 
Needs, Walter G. 
Neidhart, Charles A. 
Nelson, John L. 
Nesper, A. E. 
Noack, A. G. 
N curse, Harvey R. 
Nungesser, J. J. 
Nussdorfer, \V. H. 

O'Brien, P. C. 
O'Malley, Charles H. 
Oittrick, O. O. 
Orth, William F. 
Ostendorf, H. J. 

Paige, Tom. 
Palmer, D. T. 
Palmer, R. L. 
Papworth, George S. 
Parks, Sterling. 
Patterson, R. S. 
Patterson, T. J. 
Pattison. Wallace M. 
Pellett, W. W. 
Penning, Theo. P. 
Pcnnrich. William F. 
Perew, .Mbert M. 
Peters, H. 

Pfeflerkorn. Charles. 
Phelps, James J. 
Pierce, John B. 
Pinkett. George M. 
Pipes, John R. 

Platten, M. P. 
Plunkett, I'hil J. 
Pope, F. A. 
Poplowsky, Charles. 
Poplowsky, Louis. 
Poplowsky, Theodore. 
Prosser, K. T. 
Puley, George U. 

Randerson, Geo., Jr. 
Rasher. Jacob. 
Rcgar, Joseph. 
Rcgar, Xalu. 
Rchbcrg. Fred. 
Reiber, J. C. 
Rcilly, Jolm L. 
Reynolds. M. P. 
Reynolds, R. J. 
Ribkt, C. F. 
Rice, B. 1,. 
Robechek, Lcpuis. 
Roberts, Frederick. 
Rogers, Herbert B. 
Rosenfeld, Ralph. 
Rosenthal, Samuel S. 
Roue, J. J. 
Rowe, John F. 
Ruttle, Robert. 
Ryan, William R. 

Saal, Fred. 
Sachs, Joseph H. 
Salberg, Emil. 
Salberg, Oscar F. 
Sarber, Charles .A. 
Sawyer, W. J. 
Sayle, Fred. M. 
Scanlon, T. J. 
Schendel, Louis C. 
Scheucr, Albert. 
Schindler, George. 
Schmidt, Julius H. 
Schmitt, Carl. 
Schmitt, C. P. 
Schorndorfer, H. L. 
Scrambling, George B. 
Schumann, Edward. 
Schuster, E. N. 
Schwarz, Samuel E. 
Schwarz, Sol. A. 
Schweitzer, F. J. 
Schwentner, Frank W. 
■iiScorer. John G. 
Scott, Harrv NL 
Scully, A. P. 
Sebastian, Jacob. 
■^Secklcr. Emil G. 
Seelbach. Louis. 
Sclzer, Eugene R. 
Semlow, VV. E. 
Sey, J. J. 
Shea, John H. 

-Sliepard, J. J. 
Shcrrer, Phil. 
Shields, J. B. 
Sickman, W. F. 
Siglcr, Carl C. 
Silver, Carl. 
Singleton, H. -\. 
Sipher, J. N. 
Skinner, E. C. 
Slavin, James. 
Smith, A. W. 
Smith, F. B. 
Smith, Gale V. 
Smith, H. R. 
Smith, John P. 
Smith, L. P. 
Smith, Sylvester. 
Smith, T. J. 
Sneyd, Z. T. 
Snow, George W. 
Solomon, Charles H. 
Sommer, George J. 
Sonimer, J. .\. 
Southern, E. L. 
Sprague, B. S. 
Sprague, O. M. 
Spreng, George. 
^Squire, Charles B. 
Standborg, Will P. 
Stanley, \\\ K. 
Stealey, Howard. 
Stein, Carl A. 
Stein, Jud. 
Steiner. Joe. 
Stevens, A. J. 
Stevens, Horace E. 
Stevens, Kara L. 
Stevens, Milo B. 
Stewart, Jay \'. 
Stewart, J. H. 
Stillman, G. B. 
Stovering, F. .\. 
Stowe, H. M. 
Strass, E. H. 
Strebel, B. F. 
Striebinger, George k. 
Sugrue, P. H. 
Sutton, William. 
Swain, M. J. 
Sylla, Paul. 
Symes, George .-\. 

Tebeau, Oliver. 
Terrett, D. T. 
Thoma, C. G. 
Thomas, John E. 
Thomas, W. E. 
Thompson, .\. E. 
Thompson, John. 
Tiedemann, A. I. 
Tilton, Fred A.' 
Tilton, George .'\. 


Ci.i:\i;i.A.\i) Xo. 1 3. 

Til>liiig. (iccjiKf 1 1- 
Tozicr, Cluiilcs I!. 
wTiinkiK-r, H. J. 
Trosilcr. M. !•. 
Tiihiiiaii. T. II. 

\'aii Pell. C. M. 
\'()lll«ipf, C. F. 

Wacldo. Chas. !•:. 
Wageiiian. V\'iii. [. 
Wagner, C. J. 
WaRiicr. C. M. 
W'agiKT. p. A. 
Wakcinaii. Frank S. 
Waldeck. T. H. 
Walker. J. S. 
Wall. Wni. R. 
Walsh. .X. .\l. 
Wal.Ii. v.. J. 

Walsh, .Michael J. 
Walsh, Thos. F. '' 
Waller, H. 11. 
Walton. Fclnunul, Jr. 
Warner, Chas. H. 
VVaruick. X. E. 
Weiler. J<>seph J. 
VVeilz. llenrv J. 
Welt. Henry'. 
Wcnhani. Fred 1.. 
Work. Fred C. 
Wenheini. I. I'. 
Wheal, C. F. 
Wheeler, C. K. 
Whiiaker. C. F. 
White. Chas. C. 
White. II. C. Jr. 
Whitney. Wilbnr R. 
Wilhnr, Luther. 
Wilhelm. John. 

\\ illi.iins, Ceil. C. 
Williams. Jas. F. 
Wilsiin, George 1 1. 
WiNon. I.onis P. 
Wilson. W. C. 
Winch. I.oiiis. 
Wise. Sam 1). 
Woodis. Frank. 
Woodworth. C. M. 
Woodworth, F. F. 
WiKiduorth. W. .S. 

Wooley. I-:. I-:. 

W'oolf, C.corgc R. 
Wright. Frank II. 
Wysoon. Jiilm H. 

Yost. William B. 

Zettlenieyer. Charles. 
Zizelman. Frank. 
Zizelnian. George .\. 

Our Absent Brothers, 

Catoir, Daniel. Oct. i, 18S7. 
'Hidden. Harrv. Dec. 10. i8.>7. 
Wade. E. H.,'.\lay 22. \Si<u. 
Xichols. Henry, Jnnc 17. i8.Sy. 
Way, \V. E.. February i, 1890. 
.Stoppel, A. A.. July 24, 1890. 
Dieholt. Fred, Sept. S, 1890. 
O'Comior. Charles D., Sept. 14, 1891. 
Harlinan. George, February 7, 1892. 
Fish, F. T., Jnnc 10, 1892. 
lialtnorth. Charles R„ May 9, 1892. 
Schualie. Edward, August 18. 1892. 
Hunt, Oscar. December 5. 1892. 
Schimian. N. A., June 10. 189,1 
FoUctt, W. J.. January 1,1. 1894. 
Common. George W., June 8, 181)4. 
Frost, Harry E.. August 29, 1894. 
Pallister. John. December 22, 1894. 
Bowell. Jesse. October 13. 1S95. 
Crotty, Thomas P., December 11. 1805. 
Xash, John A.. Deceml)er 29. 1895. 
Mason. G. W.. March 15. 1896. 
Fonts, .M. I.., March 9. i89fi. 
Grcif. Charles O.. April 26. 189'). 
Hanunon. F. M.. July 18, 1896. 
.Striebinger, John J., Sept. 15, 1896. 
Jidien, G. C, December 2, 1896. 
Warner. George. February 6, 1897. 
Strong. P. E.. March 12. 1897. 
OBrien. J. T.. July 22. 1897. 
l.ockwood. Milo H., October 9. 1S97. 

Harrier, W.. January 2,1, 1898. 
Love, Malcolm. Sept. [7. 1898. 
Carney, Chas. E., January 2, 1899. 
Quinn, John R., March 27, 1899. 
Thompson, S. H., May i, 1899. 
Ptlug. George. July 5, 1899. 
Miller, Henry. July 21, 1899. 
Frawley, John, October 11, 1899. 
Wallace. Wm. NL. Xovember 6. 1899. 
Fahey, Louis H., January 31, 1900. 
Mayo, Edwin F.. February 19. 1900. 
-Mien, George H.. .May 11, 1900. 
Morgenthaler, Chris. Sept. i. 1900. 
Hughes. George E.. October 30. 1900. 
Casey, Michael S.. December 4, 1900. 
Chamberlain. J. L.. December 10. 1900. 
McKenney. Patrick J.. March 7. 1901. 
Stover, J. H., .April 30. igoi. 
Johnson, .-\lbcrt L., July 2. 1901. 
Mason. Harry C. .August i, 1901. 
Reillcy. Thomas. .August 24. 1901. 
ILandrick. F. A. September 20. 1901. 
Glidden, George W.. November 20. 1901. 
Taft, K. B.. January 19. 1902. 
Bailey. ^^ AL, January 19. 19C2. 
Currier, E. N., June 20, 1902. 
Scheidler, John G., Jmie 2 >. 1902. 
Livingston. G. H.. July 8. 1902. 
Schrader. Charles E.. Sept. 2.'i, 1902. 
Dieholt. Ferd. 1... January 26, 1903. 

Ci.i:vi;i.ANi) Xo. i8. 

Frank J. DeerickSj 


Soliciting Agent Cleveland Press. 

Frank W. Schwentner, 

Exalted Ruler, 1903-04. 

Law Stenographer. 

James E. Cavanaugh, 
I'.steonCil I.ovnl Knight. 

George R. W'ooli", 


Henry M. Stou'e. 

General Insurance. 

Ci.Kvi'i.ANn No. i!^ 

C.KOKCK \V. SxoW. 

Advertising Agent. 

EUCKNU Heubekt, 


The Huron Rubber Co. 

J. W. Jlnom.\n. 



Cn.\Mi'ioN 1. Fi;.\SkS, 

C'i.i;\i:i.AN(i K<i. i<S. 

.1(111 N I,. MLIil(A\'. 

IClcciric Supply Works. 

i-' A. I'ii:tzi.i".i;. 

W ;iin-iT iV liL-i;'K-f. 

Cliii-:.'4n, UK 

Samlki. H. Nkkhs, 

Grand Treasurer. 

Sec. \ Tn-;!-. (). X- I'. (-'.Kil Co. 

JliM.Ml (.'. l.nUICU. 

Kcal lislalc. 

Fkkiiina.m) I.. l)n;iinLi. 
Dii'il Jaiuiarv 20, ivo,?. 

fl.lA i:i. \\|i Xn. iS 

'-\Mi:s \\\ .Mc('.(ii<i(A\ 

.Mc(".nn;iy lir(>lhcr>. 
Fiiiu'ial I )iri-cliirs. 

M \i;k T. McC.dKKAs 

C.i I c. 
\\ iiU'- .•mil l,i(|iiiii -. 


S.ik'S M.iiKincr 
lie C'Icvflaiul l!iiri:il Ca>c C' 


W n I I \ \i Kmiii ri; 
J \ W. K.a'liUr. 
Imiiui.iI hiiA'Clnr-, 

c'i.i;\ i;i. AMP Nil. iS 

TiiirMA? Ki:ii.i.i;v. 
I lied \n';ii'.l J4. ii)OI. 

\\ ll.l.IAM J. HaKT. 

Il.iri 6t Canficld. 


\\ . W . l\l.l.>\\nl;rM . 

.1. Ci.iNT Kkiki.k, 

Cr,i:\'i:r.AN'[) N'o. i8. 

J. A. Bkidlkk. 

Coal Operator. 

M. C. JOtli Oliio Disuicl. 

Robert F. liuANnr. 
Provision Ocalcr. 

j'lllX K. I'.UI.HEXBUGKX. 

Kc|iiiliiicaii ICxeciitivc Coiuiiiitlce. 

W'ir.LIAM C. lii.CK, 

Asst. Cliief Clerk 
County Andiior's Ol'licc. 

Ci.i:vi:i.ANi) .\'(i. iS. 

I)u. Ronr.KT r'lsciiKK, 



|)n. Hkxrv Chaki.ks Luck, 

Hi;. T. Hi;ni;\ Tiiiman, 

Dk. John I.. G.Mcn.Axi 

(.'i.iA i;i..\Mi X'd. iS, 

1 1 i;ki:i:i;T 1!. Kih.kks. 
Travcliii.i; l"rti!;lu \j;i.iii 
SaiUi' Fc K:iilu:i\. 

I >l<. Ari.l SilS MrKUISnX. 

i'.i;n;;(,i A Lanci:. 

I'uilihi Claim Am III 

I ). iV (.'. XaMyaliiiii l.'ii 

I. .\i;l >i II Ml IT, 
I 'liarmacisi. 

I ii;, t iiMKi.i 1;. SlTI I.M AN. 

I 'rnpriiii.r 
I iciTlK-KI Miiural WaiLT. 

c'i.i;\ i:i,AMi \ii. iS. 

\\ (.'. A MI'.I.KK. 

'I'lu' (.'ill ;i- Aiulik-r l^;c.•lllv ('■•, 

\l |P\/|I Jllll N SUN ('■Kl.l.llltV. 

Pri'^. .•111(1 Manajucr 
C' X- SouilnTii l.nmlior Co. 

r.\i;\\i;|p ."^i-i.xciiu r..\UM:i;. 

A^\'< 'iiiilaii: 

l''.iii.' Kaili.i.ul l''riiglu l)i.|)'i. 


I ', ;i;n I I, Ml, r.i:M.: 

I'.cius \ Co.. 
.McrcliaiU Tailoi.>. 

KUANK SlIXI.I. Kk.mjsk. 

General Agciil 
Wu- York Life liis. Co 

Fkkipkrick E. Bkuce, 

Manager Xorlhcni Ohio 

I'rovidenl Savings Life of N". \' 

Pr.uKv W. Fi-icm:k. 

{vans, Treiiiailie & Co.. 

General Insurance. 

\\ iri.iAM !■'. rniiM.\>. 

l'"ire. Life .iriil AeeliKiiI 


Cl.lAI'I.A Ml \'o. iS. 

M. II. McKknna,. 

M. H. McKoiiiia & Co.. 

C'i>ntr;iclors' Slriiclural Iron W'urk 

juiiN !•'.. l-in.iuicii. 



Calliiiaii Cuiiblriicliuii Co. 

Ci,i:\i;i.ANii \"i). 18. 

Jni; Kl.MJUlCK, 
\'K-e' I'rc^ .111(1 Secretary 
'I'lir Aii>lin I'luvdcv Co. 

Lafayette E. Bc.nxk. 

Traveling Salesman 

The Wcidenian Company. 

I'.iiu .\i;ii .\iciicii..\s Sen I SITU 

Traveliiii; Sale-man 

The Cleveland Faneel Cn 

Ci.nui.i; Ji:i-Tii.\ Ki;i;li:i; 

Tra\ elins Salesmaii 

The Risliop & HabcncU C 


Lincoln Ckockkh 
H. R. \\ onhingion. I'lunp'i; .\l.ieh>. 

ri.i'A'i'i.AMi \'(i. is 

h'ui iii.KUk l..\kri. W'kmiam. 

A. J. Wfiih.MM'^ Siiii~. 

W li..K-,:ilc CicciTv 

K. 11. riCTJKKMAN. 
Hi-alcr ill 
•ilK^ Mini Slln 

1''i;anis L'iiaui.ks Mii.i.iu. 

'I'i:u tlinj; SaK>iii.ui 
The .\K-C:iii-Cnsiv Co. 

I i\v III [•' ItruioN. 

Bun. 'II \- .Sii.inR. 

SingiLMl lii-iniiiiciil J. .XpiilLuices 

Auiiii'K I;i:i;ni:/j:i; GlLiii:i;r, 


'I'll. I l.iiiKJcr .si.ivc Ov Ml".^. Co. 

I 'l.lA 11 A Ml X'll. iS. 

A. M. Walsh 


Euclid Club. 

K S. r.\TTi;iiSON. 


r.llihniii-Pinkcll Cr>. 

I'll \l;l I s |j;il \l;l.r, 

William llr-i:. 

I'll, K.illi-k.llii 


I.. W I'.ri I.I Ml I- 

I'Ik I'liL'ii Cliili. 

i 'i lA II \ \h \i I, iS 

\i m i;i .1. \li Nki 

I'l .l\ I hill.: S.llr-lll.ill 

S.iin r>inL:!i.iii) S<iii^ 

I 1 \ \ 1 : K 1 1 1 1 \ . 

Tr.i\rln;i;- S:ilr-.iii,iii 

■^* !ii 'I ikI' '1 III v\ l-'Jinli.!! ' 

Ci.i;\':;i.A.\i) Xd. iS 

'I'lMlMAS F. W.M.Sll. 

■|'. F WaMi S: Co.. 
Crcaiiii.ry. ll.iiiv I'lddiicts. 

William A. Ecm:u.\i.\.\ 

W. A. Eckcriiiaii 

Hardware Co. 

I .sriji.M,, 

■-IMrnv; Tiiliiriiig Co.. 

.Mirch.Mil T.iilors. 

nl;i.i: BurNii K'ncn. 

K.K-h & llc-iikL. 

Ci.i;\i::..\M) .Vn. iSi. 

A SciiKiKi;. 

Sclinu'i '- Milliiirry 

MlllllKT\ < 11 mils. 

Isaac Ei'MC.mj \\'i.utiii:i.\i. 

.\l;:x C. Wonhcni & Co.. 

'r;iilcir>' 'I'riiiiminc-. 

I.ciuis Di:si;.\i;i:kc,. 


.\l..,uc iS: Beers. Wlml. t'lothins 

Samukl M. Gross. 

licn'l Siipi. 
The May Company. 

I'jiU AUli J. JoM. Ill . 

The Ciolilsiiiilli, Joseph. Keiss Co. 

ri.i:\i:i.,\ Ml N'm, i.S. 

Maiimi.w l''ui;iu.i;u;k IIkami.i;'. , 
The ClLXrhllHl ■I'liiiiil.Hl \'.\\'ii C 

Ji'ii \ Kiiw Akii Tnii.\]_\>, 



\\ ILI.IAM II. lU KN; 

\1. !•'. I'.r.iinky \ i '.i 

i:i..i\i L .|,.ii\-..N. 
I >.iii \ lit. til 


( 'ilillRi.i; OVNN. 

BricU Maiuil'acuiici 

t 'i r\ II \ Ml .\'( 1. iS 

I"ui:m C, 

I'.Iinl ncil l-JILillH-lTIl)'^ 

(.'iiiiir.u I iii'4. 

.1 ii: N \'. Kin ni;:i\ , 
|i'i- i'"nri-^i C'liy llr.-i" Wnrl 
I'r.-. Thr Kriiii. civ f, . 

•A \ 1 'tuh ! \r\\ Ul,' I II . 

r.iir~(.ii \ r.i|n\ ..iiii 

I 'liiinliiiii;. r..i- \ SicMiii iMiiiiii; 

W'li I lA \i II III M'l i;>oN 

I 'liiiiihiMi;. 
('.;i> .iiiil Sle.iin ImUimk 

Ci.i:\'i:i.AMi N". if> IS Sn.i.i; \( II , 

l\i]iri~i 111 illy 

'I'lir 1.1 i~v r.iiu iiii; Ci 

Tlir Ni.u- l.ii^y r.r(\i :;i'4 ( 

iiiiN \miui:\\ Siimmik, 
Tlic 'I'ivoli. 

( ,i:iii;i.i; J. >iim mi k. 
■|1k- (■olirliis lircwiiiL; C 


(,'i.i:\'i:i..\.\ii Nil. i,s. 

TihiM AS McKij., 
Miicliaiu Tailor. 

JaMI.S l!ni>K SlIlKl.llS, 

SliicUls i^v: Werllicini, 

Makers of lli"li Gradi.' CiVars. 

\\ iLi.iA \i Ji:nni.\os 

\\ ino^ ami Liquors 


S.\MLi;i. Dia'iUAw. 

The Paljst Calc. 

t I.IA I.I. AMI .\( I. iS. 

lUi. Sen IM.W.N. 
C.-l l\ . 
\\ iiK -> ,iiul l.iduiir.-. 

l"l;.\NK I >> II W I.I 1/1 l; 
■^.iK -III.IM 

I III' I.. Sihl.ulici llrruiiii; Ci 

\i I i-'i I' .^iiriii v K.iiii , 

I'l.n 1 liii^ ■ 

\ .\ \\..|l \ (•,.. |'|||.|„,,t;l, 

I. 1.1 \ i:i \ 

\ii Nil. iS. 

Cii.\Ki.i:s lll.^■n^ Kii.sii. 

C'liicl' IKicciuc 

Clcvolancl I'.lcctric K> . C 

JmiN Ci.AKKNCi: l''.\ui.. 

Supi. I'riiuiiii; l)ii>i- 

The Shcruiii-Williains Co. 

U.,ii..iK N. I'M-nu. 
I. r.. |-..Mn X I.'.'. 
\\li,>- I.Hin..,,. 

PlIM.. J. ri.lNKI-.TT, 


I'MiMini;-; ;uk1 IVcoraluiu 

(.'ll \ I I. A \|i .\'(i. I S. 

CiiNUAii Fui:iii;uicK V'^i.i.Kun , 

C. F. VollUopf & Co.. 


Ij;oN A. Laxigan, 

Resident Manager 

Standard Manufaetnring Cu. 




JoH.v Graham, 

Wine Steward 

The HoIIenden Holel. 

History of Marion Lodge No. 32. 

i I ARK 'X l,( )1 )("il'". Nil. 3^>, wliicli is located in niu' nl tiic prctticsi and fore- 
\ / 1 most cities of ( )i!io. is proud of her record of acliicvc.iicnts, wliicii few 
' ^ * equal and none excel. I ier nKinbership is comjiosed of the representative 
UKU uf the city and tlie character of all her dealings is equal to the hit^h standard 
which is required and maintained h\ all lodjjes of the Order. 

The first meeting lookino in tjic foumling of the Lodge was held in the old 
Music Hall on a Sunday afternoon in the Spring of 1S84. and there were present 
at that meeting tiic following leading husiness men of the city: Jl. Ackerman, 
William Uland. .\. W. r.riani, Samuel I'.ontz. J. 1^. Crow, W. II, Chapman, J. K. 
I'rame, George Key, S. ('.. Kleinmaier, Ciiarles I.ederman, W. (■. Lucas, C, C. 
I'ettit, .M. IC. Sweene\, j. II. \aughn, h'.dward Weher. 11. h'. Waples and PjOSton 
Ci. ^"oimg. ( )f this meeting C'liaiies I.ederman was chosen chaiiinan and J. IC. 
Crow, secretary. .\ resuhuKm that a petition for a charter he sent to the (<raiul 
l<0(lge at New \'(jrk Cit\ w.i> adopted and the i)etition was drawn, signed b_\- all 
of the memhi-rs present and forwarded to .\lliert Tliayer, then District l.^eputy 
(irand Exalted Ruler ni ( )hio. ( )wing to delav s of different kinds, the Lodge 
was not instituted until the evening (if .March :;. iS'85, wlan .\ll)eri ThaNer and 
a nmiiher of the memliers of Cincinnati Lodge assembled in the newly furnished 
Itall in Masonic lUock and conferred the degrees ui)on the following thirtv- 
tliree charter members; Clias. Lederman, C. C. I'ettit, L li- Crow, J. II. V'aughan. 
P.. F. Waples. 1 larry True, ]. S. Reed, W. G. Lucas, 1'.. G. Young, .VL ]-". Sweeney. 
J. R. Frame. S. G. Kleinmaier. L. F. Weber, .\. 1. .\ndersou, W. C. Dennian. 
J. F. Bryan, G. W. Ken.lrick. W. Chapman. Marry C. Lee, L. W. Clelland, T. H. 
IL Beale, J. S. I'.eale. Geo. Key, j. Iv Rayl, Wm. I'.land, .\. W I'.ryant, P. F. 
IJombaugh. 1 lenr\ .\ckerman. II. \\ . Culbertson, Sanniel liontz, Samuel I'ell, 
C. F. Ilaberman, 11. L. < )lliver. 

The charter officers w ere : Fxalted Ruler, Chas. Lederman ; Fsteemed Lead- 
ing Knight, C. C. I'ettit; F.steemed Loyal Kniglit. J. F. Crow; Fsteemed Lectur- 
ing Kniglit, J. 11. Vaughan ; Secretary, P. F. Waples; Treasurer. LL True; Tiler, 
.M. 1'". Sweeney; l\squire, \\ . C. Denman; limer (."lUard, John il. Rayl; Chaplain, 
J. S. Kced ; Trustees. L R- I'rame, W. G. Lucas. Wm. liland. 

During her history Marion Lodge .\'o. 32 has had the honor and ])leasurc 
of instituting .and assisting in installing a mmiber of other lodges in the state 
which are honors to their home cities, and of which their mother is justly proud. 
( 'n Se])tember 18. 18.S5. slie instituted Cohmibus Lodge No. 37; on Ma\- 30. 1886. 
reinstiluted Clewl.uid Lodge .\'o. 18; on .Xcjvember 22. l88('). .Mansfield L' 
.\o. 36, and since that linie has assisted in instituting Delaware Lodge No. 76. 
I'pper Sandusky Lodge Xo. 83. P.ucyrus Lodge Xo. 156, and Kenton Lodge 
No. 157. 


Maiuon No. 32. 

Tlie Lo(lt;c' lias ijivlti niaiiy hcnefits (if a hi.q'li order wliicli have in all in- 
stances proven snccesses both from a social and hiiancial point of view. She 
IkjUIs the (listinclion of beintv ''"-' "' 'rijjinal Circus l,odi;e,"' and in her halls to<la\' 
may he seen a lari^e banner bearing the above inscription. The first circus tu be 
,i,Mveii by any l^odge <if lilks was held in Marion. .May 24. iX(;4. 

Dnriiig" the nineteen years of her existence, the only thint;- which has cast 
a gloom over tlie Lodge and its members, has been the visits of the "(<ri:ii Reaper," 
who has given the raps of admission at eleven different times and, although the 
members were loth to permit his entering, they have bowed to the will of the 
drand IC.xalted Killer of the L'niverse aiul tinconi|)Iaiiiingly, iboiigh sorrowfiilK . 
have said farewell to their dearly k)ved brothers — 

Our Absent Brothers, 

Doiuliaugh. lidgar .V. 
Reed. James S. 
Perry. Rolla C. 
Key. (icorge. 

.\Iillisor. Harvey. 
\i{:^(\. James H. 
Ikale. T. H. B. 
.M'KcIvoy, Will. T. 

UlioacK. Jnlui F.. 
lU-crl)i)uer. S. T. 
.Mc.Murray. ticorfic W. 

Tlie Lodge is at present in a very flourishing condition, and the promise for 
the future of Elkdom in Marion was never brighter than at the present time. 

The Lodge meets every Thursday evening at eight o'clock. Visiting brothers 
are alwavs welcomed. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

I.cdcriiiaii. Charles ISS.')— ISSd 

Boalc, Thomas 11. B |,si,«;(i_iK,><7 

Doiiibaiigh, IU\. A 18X7_l,s,s;!t 

Rcvd. James S |XS!I— ISflil 

Bcalc. J.Oiii S l,viiii_i,^!(l 

.'^cliaffner. Win. II IXiH — IS!).' 

IVichcr. C.enrnc .\1 |,x!i-_'_|,-<|i:! 

Keerli..wL-r. SaiiuKl T i.v!|i!_imi| 

Crow, Joseph F. 1.-<!M — LSII-j 

Haherman,- C. Fred ISH-')— If't)"') 

I.efHcr, C. W ISIIO— 1897 

r'adRctl. George 1 18!I7— 18<IS 

Rhii, A 1898—1899 

Hiirk-e, M. J i,v:<)<i_i;)(hi 

Kkiiimaier. S. (". 190(1— HHll 

Jess<i|i. W. I! l!):il — 19li-.i 

W.irk, Jaim-s liiii-J- 1911;; 

Grand Lodge Members. 

I.cdcnii.iii. Clias. 
Bealc. Joliii .S. 
SclialtiR-r. Will. II. 
Beichcr, .\l. 
Kleimiiaier, 1!. F. 

Crow. Joseph IC. 
I l.iliemi.iii. C. F. 
I.elHer. Cha^. W. 
Rim. Dr. .\. 

r.iirke. .\lariln _.. 
Kk-iiimaier, S. G. 
JesM.p. W. B. 
\\ .irk. laiiR's. 

Mauion No. 32. 
Officers, 1903-04. 

h^alu-d A ,,/,-. A. C. Holland 

h,-l; Kmghl G. E. Moiiser 

hsi. Ucturmi; Kmght R A. Stengel 

^.'■'"'■'■'"O' J. M. Brige! 

.^.'7-^"'''''' Harry True 

y'": F. L. Barringer 

^■"?""''- B. E. Kleinmaier 

Jinicr Guard r c V^i-i )a 

«;-^--' Frank' ^RenzenbeS 

C. \V. I.effler 


\p- Kleinmaier, E. E. Busli, 

Thomas J. Ryan. W. H. Schaffner, 
\y. B. Jessop. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Ackerniaii, Henry 
Allen. H. G. 
Allen, Tracy R. 
Amniann, H. 
Aiilt, Edward S. 

Barringer, Frank L. 

Bartram, R. R 

Bcale. E. M. 

i^Beale, John S. 

Becker, Robert. 

Bentham, John H. 

Berry, Arthur. 

Bingham, W. R 

Blaich, A. O 

Blaich, H. S. 

Blnm, Carl W. 

Bondley, Christ. 

Breen. Maurice. 
Brigcl. John M. 
Bryan, J. E. 
Bryant, A. W. 
Burgess, J. 
Burke, E. M. 
*Burke, Martin J 
Bush, E. E. 
Bvrue. Charles T. 

Cheney, Robert J. 
Childs. Maxwell. 
Christian, George B 
Clark. Ed. K. ■ 

Cnchorel, Mark. 
Court, Samuel M. 
Crane, A. M. 
Crissingor, D. R. 
Crisswcll, J. H. 
Croft, Sanmcl. 
i^^Crow, Joseph E. 
Cuuniughani, T. M. 
Cu-io. Thomas J. 

I).iini..i!\. Jiihn [. 
Davcnpori, I-:duiii R 
niegle. n. R. 

t)iegle. R. J. 
Dombaugh, P. E. 
Dreschcr, Edward C 
Durfee, E. B. 

Edmoudson, A C 
Elliott, J. L. 
Evans, W. J. 

Firstenberger, Elias 
Flocken, L. H. 
Foreman, G. H 
Foster. G. H 
Foyc, W. B. 
Frame, J. R. 
Frank. George. 

Gambcrson, John 1 
Geer, F. Rav. 
Gompf, Charles E. 
Gruber, Sidney. 

"■Habcrman. C. F. 
Hammond, V. H 
Hane, H. B. 
Harding, \V. G. 
Harlan, George W 
Headley, J. W 
Hill, H. J. 

Hinamon, David M. 
Hipsher, L. M. 
Hofstetter. Charles. 
Hogan, John. 
Holland. A. C. 
Horn, Richard. 
Hoyles, T. J. 
Huggins. Edward. 

Her. F. M. 
Her. George E. 

Jacobs, L. 

i^Jessop. William B. 

Johnston, Gordon, D. 
Johnston, \V. F. 

Kerslelter, M. M. 
Key, John A. 
^Kleinmaier, B. E. 
■^Kleinmaier. S G 
Kling, C. B. 

*Lederman, Charles 
*Leffler, Charles W. 
Leffler. J. F. 
Levy. Frank, 
l.inscott, A. F. 
Lippincott, George G. 
Long, Herbert S. 
Longshore, Miles. 

McDonald, ]i:dward 
McMahon, O. E. 
McMnrray, J. A 
Macken. J. W. 
-Manderback, George. 
Martin. Robert. 
Mar.K. J. I. 
Miller, J. B. 
Mouser, G. E. 
Murphy. Daniel \V. 

Newkirk. James A 
Norris. C. H. 

Parr. O. H. 
Peadon, Charles G. 
Peadon, George C 
Perry, C. E. 
Peters, Fred. 
Pettit, C. C. 
Phil brick. C. C. 
Prcndcrgast. J. F. 

Quigley. Harry N. 

■ In.I^ Cran.l I.odce Atcmlicr. 


A1ai;i()i\ Xij. 32. 

Rank, Earl. ■ sj,„ ,\|| j; 

.>Rh.fDti s'SS.^v'i Vo.d,Ha„,M. 

Kose, Charles E. Slii"^or I-\l (" 

Rvan. T. J. S nrk rnl, ■ r ^\'^''"' Claude C. 

'-^t^rk, John Li. w i., ^, , ,, 

Q ^ „•■„■ SioU. John H. Ualthcr Clande U. 

i>anders. U ilham W. Sloltz C C "'' • J^"'*^*- 

Sauyer, C. E. Stose ' C ' \v' Wark, \V. J. 

*Schaffor Wniinn, H. Strcli't.. Henrv. ,\X''f"- ^eorge A. 

Schuhz. VV. S. ■ W alk-nweber, O. 

Scofield \V. E. Tavlor. George. 

Sco.". J- W. Taylor. Joel B "^ okem, W. A. 

bcribner, Harrv. Tcrpany F I Voung. B. G. 

Sechrist, C. C. Tohin. Vvilliani 1 Voting. Ollie. 

Shaw, Joseph T. True. Henrv. 

Sherrer. Arnold W. Turner. George. 

S'fi-itt. J. W. Uncapher. Luther V 



Makkin" Xo. 32. 

W. B. Jkssoi', 


Marion Klec. 1,1. & Pr. Co. 

G. E. MousER. 
Attorney at Law 

C. \\ . l.Kiri.i:!). 

J. H. \ALr.H.\\, 

iniik .Tnd Irili Primer. 


-•^••^ -*- ^- 



Columbus Building and Rooms. 

100— 10-1 

History of Columbus Lodge No. 37. 

Nlv\kL\' ciylilCL-ii jL-aib agu, Scplcmbcr 18, 1885, Columbus Lodge No. 37 
I'.cncvolcni I 'roluclivc Uider of Iilks was instituted under dispensation 
granted September 7, same year, by tjrand Hxaited Ruler Henry S. Sand- 
er>on upon application of Uros. Harry La Rose, of Hartford Lodge No. 19; 
II. C. Lrancisco, of Washington No. 15; W . 11. Streakle, of Indianapolis No. 13; 
Dr. J. J. McClellan, of Chicago Ncj. 4 and I'eter Cale, of Cincinnati No. 5. The 
institution which took place in Odd Lellow's Tem])le High street, was conducted by 
.Marion Lodge No. 32, Grand Lxalted Ruler Sanderson officiating, assisted by 
many of the most notable members of the order from Cincinnati, I'ittsburg, Chi- 
cago, Newark and i\e\v York Lodges, among those of the last named lodge 
besides the officiating Grand Jixalter Ruler, being the world wide famous min- 
strel, Tony i'astor. Dr. J. J. .McClellan of Chicago No. 4, one of the sponsors of 
the new lodge was present at its birth and soon after became by demit — and has 
continued since to be — one of its most active, enthusiastic and representative mem- 
bers. In )ears of membership Dr. McClellan is tiie oldest Llk in Columbus Lodge. 

The following were charier members; Chas. A. .Miller, James G. Miller, 
Ur. W. VV. Freeman, Wm. 11. MclJermith, J. S. Layer, C. C. Harrison, VV. L. 
Reppert, W. D. Turner, |. 11. Nagle, T. VV. Ukey, .Martin O'Donnell, R C. 
Hull, Jno. R. Malloy, S. N. Cook, VV. C. Wikoff, C. 1). Hinman, S. J. Flick- 
inger, VVm. Hunter, Daniel .McCauley, C. L. Schneider, Thos. R. Marshall, C. .V. 
I'inney, J. Nagle, Dr. Heustis, 11. Whiting, L. .V. Comstock, Herbert Cawthorne 
and H. Lippert. Of these charter members Jas. G. .Miller, .Martin (J'Donnell, 
R. C. Hull, Gen. McCauley, 11. Lippert and F. A. Comstock haxe passed 
into the great beyontl. 

The charter officers were: Charles .\. .Miller, l-'xalted Ruler; T. VV. Okey, 
Esteemed Leading Knight; Dr. \V. VV^ Freeman, Esteemed Lo^al Knight; R. E. 
Hull, Esteemed Lecturing Knight; \\ . C. \\ ikoft, Secretary; James G, Miller, 
Treasurer; G. VV. Jackson, Tiler, and C. D. Hinman, C. C. Harrison and VV. D. 
Turner, Trustees. 

The history and fortunes of Columbus Lodge have not been different from 
other lodges in newly organized fraternal societies. For three years the lodge 
enjoyed an era of prosperity and quiet bonhomie, when discordant elements entered 
to ruftle the peaceful progress it had enjoyed, checking its happy continuance and 
almost disrupting and terminating its existence. Those were anxious days of trial 
for the loyal few who battled for the life of No. 37, but with undaunted courage 
they faced and conquered the warring elements and enjoyed the proud satis- 
faction of seeing their lodge emerge from the struggle stronger and better than 
before. During the rejunevation there were meeting nights when a quorum was 
only obtained by going out and running in enough members to organize the lodge, 
and when the tide seemed at its lowest ebb there were some who even urged tiie 
surrender the charter. 

Tiien it was that the devotion of the fathers of the l(~idge, joined to the zeal 
and self-sacrificing efforts of those who had later become associatctl with them. 


C<)i.( .\ii;rs Xo. 7,^. 

came to the rescue, and Ijv ])crs( appeals in ami oui o\ ilic nlec^ing^ ol llie lodge, 
created an entlnisiasm and spirit that (|uickened the llayging interest, buried for- 
ever llie ihuuglit of disrujjtion and started the era of •;■( « kT frllowshii) and pros- 
perity which has continued to increase, until toda)- it is one of the most representa- 
tive lodges of the Order, both as to numbers and the per>onnel of it^ membership, 
it is not our i)urpose in this brief sketch of Cnlumbus Lodge to weave into 
garlands the good deeds performed by individual members or enlarge on the work 
resultant therefrom, both of which are written in golden letters on the remi- 
niscent pages of memory. To all tliose members, wIkj at this troublous time were 
faithful in the performance of their iluties and obligations to the lodge, the fullest 
mead of praise belongs. Three there were, however. Col. W. li. RepiJcrt, \V. II. .Mc- 
Dermith and Col. S. X. Cook, whose work though not more valiant or earnest tiian 
that of many others, was because of their intkience, more effective for which gener- 
ally acknowledged fact we deem them deserving of special mention. The progress 
of the lodge was gradual after the events above stated. Interest flagged at inter- 
vals afterwards, yet at no time was there any approach to disruption save the one 
time mentioned, in fact the membership of Columbus Lodge were never unfaithful. 
Much important work that has reilounded to the good of the order at large has 
been performed by members of Columbus Lodge. 'i'he second revision of the 
ritual was made by a member of Columlius Lodge ami to it belongs the credit 
for having originated the idea and for taking the initial steps in the winter of 1886 
for an annual gathering of Hlks, by the appointment of a committee to corre- 
spond with Cincinnati Lodge for that purpose — Cincinnati, .Marion and Colum- 
bus at the time being the only lodges in the state. Cincinnati Lodge acted promptly 
on the suggestion and a joint committee was appointed, under the direction of 
which the first annual reunion was held in Cincinnati. .May 22, 1886. .Members 
from the three Ohio lodges, Louisville, Ky. and Indianapolis. Ind. attended in large 
numbers and joined in a parade which favorably impressed the people and elicited 
l^raise from the press of the Oueen City. 

The ne.xt reunion, which was held in Detroit, Michigan, June 24-25, 1887, 
was arranged for by a joint committee of Ohio and Michigan lodges at a meeting 
held in Columbus, April 17, 1887. 

For a number of years the lodge rooms were in the Commercial Block 
on the forth floor. The steep stairs were a weary climb, yet those days are 
accounted happy ones by those who jiassed tlirough all their vicissitudes. 

Some five years were spent in the rooms in what was then known as the 
Stag Hotel, between liroad and State streets, opposite the capitol. 

It was not imtil 1898 the realization of hopes indulged in for _\ears seemed 
near, namely, suitable quarters t'or a lodge room. While the lodge had attained 
prominence nationally, it had not the standing locally outside of its immediate 
membership, its prominence and usefulness ilcserved. I'ossibly no lodge that stood 
so high in the order was so badly in need of a lodge room as Columbus Lodge was 
through all the years from its installation to the time of the building of the pres- 
ent home. 

In the year above named various schemes were put forth for procuring funds 
to secure a home for the lodge. l"inall\- the committee appointed to devise ways 
and means rccommendetl that the lodge give a street fair and carnival, week of 
July 4th, 1S99. The carnival was given. It attracterl the attention of persons 
in and out of the order all over the I'nited States, li was the second of the big 
street fairs given in this country and its immensity and attractiveness has never 
been equalled. People from all over the comitry x-isited Columbus during the week 
of this carnival anil fair. 1 'resident McKinley was to have visited the fair, but im- 
portant business of State detained him in Wasliington. William Jennings Bryan, 

C' Xo. 37. 

;i caiulidatc lor llu' presidency attended as the pucst of tlie Iml^'e. The lodge cleared 
more than twenty thousand ddUars. tne thousand nf wliicii was ^iveii to that ex- 
cellent cliaritw the Children's l]os])ital. and mil of the balance jinrchased the Klx'rly 
mansion, which was reiiKjdelcd into the ju'esent niayiiiticent home. The new edifice 
is one of the notalile Elk temples in the coiintr\. It is complete and convenient 
and a source of i)ridc to the entire membership. 

'J"o liro. Al. ('.. r-'icld, the niovinc: spirit in tliis Ljreat enterprise, the inception 
of which was made dnrini;- his ailniinistration as Mxalted Ruler, the members of 
■^"- ,v .generally, give unstinted i)raise and credit. 

The Lodge was incorporated February 14. 1900. the incorporators being: 
Chester Stands, Ralph I'.ulkley. Martin E. ^[urphy, Edward H. Jacobs and Wil- 
liam \[. Crawford. 

In 1901 the lodge decided ti> give an annual benefit the latter jiart of De- 
cember in eacli year. As the attraction for the first atniual lienefit, "I,o\-er's Lane," 
was produced the week of December 2nd. The committee, wlio bad charge of 
the event, were Tod H. Calloway, chairman : .\ E. Shannon. (".. P>. Stearns, deo. ]. 
Karb. L. Ewing Jones. I"., M. .^choenborn. Clias. C. Janes. John P. Field. Wm. 
I-'risbie. Ralph I.azarus. ]-",d. II. Iacnb>. lohn I'ft'ifer. John C. L. Pugh and O. AL 

'"J'he Chaperons" w;is the attraction for the second annual benefit, held dur- 
ing the week of Deceml)er 15. n/nj. in charge of the following committee: Ed. H. 
Jacobs, chairiuen ; O. M. 1 leiVmr. I.ouis P. Itoster. ( >. M. I'.vans. Ceo. P>. Haught. 
C. Chris. I'.orn, Jolm W. Ranney. Chas. C. Janes. W.ilter J. Deardorff. Frank Pi. 
Is'ocli. Ed. A. C.ockeid)acli and .Malcolm .\. Karshner. Part of the proceeds of 
this benefit was devoted toward a luammotb Christmas tree for the poor children 
of the city, this feature being handled by the ladies of The Diet Kitchen. The 
success of these benefits was so j)ronounced as to attract attention nationally and 
the lodge is now being Hooded with oli'ers froni theatrical managers for the 1903 

The roster of Columbus Lodge is honored bx' the names of luen famous 
in all walks of life: among those attaining high distinction in the theatrical pro- 
fession being ,\1. C. Field. Charlev I'igelow, H. S. Cawthorn and the successful 
playwright. Charles Tl. ILnt. now dead. It stands as high in the councils of the 
( )rder as any lodge in the Order. Its ]irogress is assured. 

It has done more charitable work than any other fraternal society in the city 
of Columbus. Owing to the fact that the names of the wortbv. who receive 
aid from this order are kept secret, the outside world knows nothing of the 
great work the lodge has done. 

ICach year the Grand Lodge recognizes the worth and standing of Columbus 
Lodge b\- appointing some one of its members to a position of importance. 

Those who iiax'e been honored b\ the Cirand Lodge by election and appoint- 
ment at different times have been W. II. McDermith. Grand Esteemed Lecturing 
Knight: .M. C>. Field. Grand Ivsteemed Leading Knight and District Deputy, and 
the present chairman of Committee on Work and Ritual and Hon. Emniett Tomp- 
kins who was selected to defend the Grand Lodge in the suit of .Mien O. Myers 
against it. Pro. ]•'.. II. .\rcher was the |)resident of the Ohio Reunion .\ssociation 
which met at Columbus. May 13, \()Ot,. 

Columbus Loflge meets e\er\- Wednesda\- evening at its home. No. 60 East 
Main street, and lakes no summer xacations. The lodge and club rooms are 
cool ,uul plea^;uu in summer and the members finrl the home a cheerful place 
to spend an evening. I'.lks from lister lodge; are ever made welcome in Co- 


C"< Xi 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Miller. Clmrlcs A 18S5— iS&'i 

McDcriiiiih, W. II iSS'>— 1887 

Mvci-. Allen O i.SS;— 188S 

M.illov. Inhii R 18S8— 1S89 

WikoiT, \V. C 1S89— 1890 

Rcppcrt. W. I'' i8go — 1891' 

Cook, S. N 1891 — 1892 

Stiiitli. (U'orsc K tSo2— 1893 

Clark, B. M 189.1— 1894 

no,Tiic, John M 1894—1895 

kilter. Kr.iiik II 1S95— 1.896 

Tompkins, Ivnimcll t8<)() — 1897 

Ivv.ins. O. M 1897— 1S98 

I'iold, Al. r, 1898—1890 

Cr.Twford, W. M 1899— r90(i 

Brown. Ch.irlcs H 1900 — 1901 

R.Tnncy. John W 1901 — 1902 

.Mien. J.inics .\ 1902 — 1903 

Grand Lodge Members. 

iMillcr. Clmrlcs A. 
McDcrniiUi, W. H 
Freeman, W. W. 
Malloy, John R. 
Reppert, Wni. E, 

Cook, S. N. 
Clark. B. M. 
Tompkins, Emmctt. 
Evans. O. M. 
Field. Al. G. 

Crawford. \\"m. M. 
Brown. Charles H. 
Rannoy. John W. 
Allen. Jas. A. 
Crecclius. 1 1. !•". 

Officers, 1903-04. 

E.yallcd Ruler A. Lee Thnrman 

list. Lciuliiig Kiiii^lit.. 
ISst. Loyal Knighl . . . . 
list. Lccluriiig Kiiit;!!! 




. A. Heckler, M.D. 
. . . .A. B. Dawson 
Franklin Rnbrecht 
.A. P. DcVennish 
W. H. McDcrnmh 
. . . W. C. Twinnm 

Esquire W. F. Shannon 

Inner Guard Win. Gnmble 

Organist Fred Wiegand 


O. M. Evans, Val Loewer. 

E. I. McNamara. Malcolm McDonald, 

H. P. Jnnk. 

Roster, 1903. 

.'Xckerman. Edwin N. 
fAckerman, J. Nick. 
Alder, James VV. 
Allaman, H. G. 
Allen. Charles .\. 
*.'\llen, James A. 
-Mlmaier, M. Jr. 
Amlin Zeloria E. 
.\ndrews. William H. 
.'Vrcher, Edward H. 
Atcherson Fred. W. 
.Atkinson, G. H. 
Atkinson, J. Guy. 
Anid. James A. 
.'Vnstin, Thomas E. 

Badger, DeWitt C. 
Bailey, Fred. W. C. 
Baker, Dnane H. 
Baker, William V. 
Bancroft. Charles 11 
Barber. James S. 
Barber, Joseph W. 
Barfrar, Gilbert H. 

Barnes. Dr. J. W. 
Barr, John T. 
Barry. Michael J. 
Bassell, John V. 
Bassell, Dr. W. B 
Bayer, John S. 
Beardsley. Cbarles 
Beebe, \Valter B. 
Beiiner, C. C. 
Bennett, Smith W. 
Berpfin, Matthew J. 
Billow, N. Knrtz. 
Binns, O. H. 
Black, Samuel [.. 
Blackburn. Joseph E 
Blankner, Frederick. 
BlomberR. W. T. 
Blumenthal. Sanmcl. 
Bobb. George W. 
Boda. Lee M. 
Boehm. Geortjc I.. 
Bocshans. William. 
Bope. George W. 
Borger. Charles S. 

Borger, Samuel. 
Born. C. Christian. 
Born, C. Edward. 
Bowlby. Cbarles M. 
Bovlan, Charles. 
D. Br.adlcy, Herbert E. 

Brady, James. 
Brickell, W illiam D. 
Bridge, Henry .\. 
Brilles, Henry M. 
Brown, C. B.' 
T^Brown. Charles H. 
Brown, Joseph E. 
Brown, Samuel K. 
Briider, Gustave. 
Brundige. Cicorge E. 
Brvce, Thomas J. 
Bulklcy, Ralph. 
Biugunder, Simon D. 
Burke. Thomas. 
I'.urr, Raymond. 
Busbnell. Burrus E. 
Butler. Frederick VV. 

'.^Indicates C.r.Tiid Lodge Mrmhi 
t I.ifc Member. 


f"'iI.rMlll S ,\n. y. 

liilllcT. .l.lllKs M. 
HlllliTlirl.l. W. S. 

C'.-ildurll. Il.irucll. 
(.'.■iinphcll, S.-iiiiiicI B. 
(.'areii. Jolni ,\l. 
Carlilc. Charles I.. 
I'ailislc. W. S. 
<.'ar()tiii(.-r. Willis 1{. 
(,'ariiill. JaiiK'S W. 
Carroll. Thnnias B. 
Cartzdafiu-r. J. W. 
Case, Charles. 
Cawlhorn. H. S. 
Chandler. William H. 
Cheiiiiell, Cieorge L. 
Clicnowcth. Rohert F. 
Chester. Jnhn J. 
■''Clark, BcnjamiTi M. 
Clciiieiis, Allen B. 
Cloud. Charles S. 
Cliire. Dr. Thomas R. 
Cockell, Harvev. 
Cohen. Abram B. 
Coit, .-Monzo B. 
Cole. Dr. William U. 
Coleman. John E. 
Collier, R. G. 
Collins. Alonzo G. 
Coiiard. Edward 
Condon. Daniel L. 
Connell. John J. 
Connor, William S. 
Conroy, Thomas J. 
■^Cook, Samuel N. 
Corrodi, Albert V. 
Corrodi, Edward. 
Cott. Lawrence H. 
Court. Nicholas A. 
Craney, Richard E. 
^Crawford. William U. 
Crecelins. Henry F 
Creed, W. P. ' 
Crissinger. I.orcn. 
Ciissins. William C. 
Custer. Rrice W. 
Culler, Burt M. 

Davis, Charles Q, 
Hawson. Albert B. 
Dawson. Stanley F. 
Deardorff. Walter J 
HcHass. Edward. 
r>emm(T. Edwin G. 
Deuschlc. Dr. William D 
DeVennish. .Arthur P. 
l~)ieler. Frank. 
Donnelly. Tommy. 
Donnelly. Willi.nm ^T. 
Doiijrl.-iss, Samuel [.. 
Drake. Edward (). 
Dun. ("icor.cre W, 
riiuidon. lames .\. 
Dundon. Thomas f. 
Duuffan. J. \l. 
nuranl. .'\lil,oii F. 

Farnharl. ^fo^es R. 

Ebersi. Willi.iui II. 

Ivckeri, Willi.nn h". 

IJhring. (). F. 

l'"iclienhorn, H. ]■'„ 

Ehi\. John \'. 

I'^lliolt, Solomon .\1. 

Ellis, Frederick .\l 

l':irick. John R. 

Ernst. F.dward 11. 

ICsswein. Samuel .\. 
Evans, Bert 11. 
Evans, Marry 1,. 
Evans, Marciis (',, 
*Evans, Oliver .M. 
Evans. Robert .S. 
Ewers. Euclid T. 

Fahrion. C.uslave W. 
F.imillon. P. C. 
F.aust, ICuKcne. 
Faust, 'i'ed. 
Felher. Frank J. 
Fersuson. Frederick 1 
*tField. Al. G 
Field. John P. 
Filler, Henrv ]. 
Fink, John. " 
Fink. Lewis. 
Fischer, John. 
Fisher. Grant S 
Fisher, J. G. 
Fisher, Kirt B. 
Fisher. Willl.Tni If 
Fitzpatrick. Pelcr \ 
Fix. Charles W. 
Flynn, Willi.Tm J. 
Folev. Gilbert M 
Fornoff, Earl W. 
Frambcs. G. Stark 
Frame, Dr. John A. 
■'"fFreemau. W. W. 
tFrisbie, William M 
Frilsche. W. E. A. 
Frifsche. Willi.nm 
Fuller. Edward C. 

Cale. Frank H . 

Galloway. Tod B. 

C.erlach, Edward B 

Oerman. William F. 

C.ilimrtin. I.. 

Cdass, Adam. 

C.ockenhach. E. .V. 

'^ P. H. 

C.oodall. James G. 

Goodman. Edward I, 

Cioodman. George. 

Cioodman. Toseph C 

Correll. A.'H. 

Grauev. fohn C. 
Crant. Glen 1\T 
Griflui. Dr. Albert F 
Crnhb. Charles I.. 
Cruet. .Mhcrl F. 
Gruet. John. 
Gundile. Valhan. 
Gnmblc. Willi.nm. 


1 l.vas. l.ouis J. 

Il.iijer. \o.ih C. 

ll.iL'erly. l.orenzo D 

Hall. G. E. 

Hall. Herman H. 

Il.dlwood. Henrv S 

llaimn. S. Ed. 

Ilarley. Willi.T,,, S. 

Harmon. Beniamin H. 

H.irnelly. Robert E. 

H.iruelty. T. D. 

Harper. Ch.arles W. 

1 larrison. Warner. 

1 l.irvev, Frank 

Hatcher. Dr. E. B. 

I lanjrht, George B. 

Hawk. Albert W. 

iTayes. Morton H. 

Heckler. Dr. Frank \ 

HelTiier. Oral M. 
Henlinc. X'orman 
Henry. Willi.Tm T. 
' ferpicb. Jno. I.. 
Herrman. Jonas S. 
Ifersbcy. Harrv H.' 
Hey wood. Ferd. H 
Hinkle. Tack C. 
H inkle, John \. 
Hinman. Charles D. 
Hippard. George R. 
Hirsch. Gustav. 
Hirsch. Leonard. Edward. 
Hoffman. Willi.nm F 
Holton. Edward E. 
Ho|z,Tpfcl. Louis 
Hosier. Carl L 
Hosier, Louis" P. 
Howlaud. John W. 
Hugentugler. r.iuher S 
Huston. Ch,",rlcs C. 
rrulchison. Frank A. 
I lynson. Percy R. 

'ii.i?ram. H. S. 
Insley, Dr. Walter J. 

fackson. Samuel S 
Jacobs, Charles D 
Jacobs, Ed. H. 
Jannson, W. L. 
.Fanes. Cbas. C. 
Jaynes, R. .A. 
Jeanes. Arthur 
Jeffrey. Robert H. 
.Fohuson. A. W. 
Johnson. Charles E. 
Johnson. Edward Ir, 
Jones. Horace G. 
Jones. L. Ewin,£r. 
Jones. Richard I-". 
.Jordan. Alan y. 
Joseph. Wildeu E. 
Jovce. Albert G 
Joyce. W. U. 
Junk. H.irry P. 

K.ihu. Dr. Louis 

Cor.TMi'.rs \n. 37. 

K.ilK-r, J. N. 
K;m>', .1. M. J. 
K;irl). ricorsc J. 
K.irsliiicr. Ocorsu W 
Krirslmcr. O. M.^iliiicr. M. A. 
KaiifTniaii. Linns B. 
Kclley. C. Hcrlicrl. 
Kelly. Dennis. 
Keyes. S. Tnrney. 
Keys. Tlinnias C. 
Kicfcr, \'.Tlcnlinc- 
Kiesewctlcr. Hniil. 
Killionrnc. J.Tnics. 
Kins. Cli.nrlcs A. 
King, Ilnprn IT. S.Tinnel A. 
Kirsch. Fred J. 
Knch. Frank B. 
Kncrncr. J. Nichnlns. 
Kolil. n.iviH. 
Knlil. Tnsenh. 
Knnns. W'illi.Tni 1.- 
Krnpp. Willi.Tni 
Krnnse. P. C. 
Krnnim. F. C. 
Krnnini. H W. 

L.Tmpni.Tn. T,. D. 
r.annni. Harry S. 
I.antherbacli. Fr.ank F.. 
I.azarns. Fred, 
r.a^arns. Ralpli. 
r.cacli. Dr. Sherman. 
I.eachmnn. ^[ R. W. 
r.entz. John J. 
I.cyv. i.onis L. 
r.icd Fred. 
T.ind. Taenh P. 
T.indenbcra:. Cliarles II, 
r.indsav. Dr. P.ndd F. W 
Lindsay. Dr. Oliver \Y. 
Linflnvaile. Herlicrt A. 
Livincfslnn. \V. 
r.oeb. Adnlpl, \V. 
Lncclilcr. T.nnis K. 
fl.newer. Valentine. 
Li^ree. William C. 
Lnvine:. Dr. .Slarlinjj 
Lnpfer. Oenrpre B. 
Liitz. L. Fred. 

•McAlpinc. Adam LL 
McP.rido. Patrick. 
ArcCaffcrtv. Tnhn W. 
AfcCarfer. Fdward B. 
McClellan. Dr. Tames T. 
ATcrolm. R. W." 
McColm. >rnIrolm H. 
McConnoll. Clarence L. 
ATcCormick. Thomas B 
McCormick. W'm. M. 
-^NTcDermith. W. H. 
McDonald. L. A. 
>rcDonald. Malcolm. 
ATcOrath. Daniel \V. 

McKim. C.eorgc A. 
■McNamar.i. Ivlward J. 
Macklin. Frank .1. 
Macklin. r.cnrsje I. 
Macv. Orla A. 
<rMallov. Inlm R. 
Malott.'P. J. 
Mannintrliin. IFow.ird D. 
Martin. 11 IL 
ATnson. Henry A. 
Matlack. IlcnVy P. 
Afaxwell. Harlan ?. 
ATaycrs. Horace C. 
Means. Dr. Charles .S. 
INTeekcr. Clande. 
Meeker. Carry W. 
Mendel. Joseph. 
ATcrcer. John F. 
Midpflev. Thomas. 
ATiles. William .\. 
i-^Miller. Charles A, 
ATiller. Fd. J. 
ATillcr. Lonis J. 
Miller. Orlando A. 
Mitchell. IT. S. 
Mizer. Dr. Ira J. 
Moon. Halhcri H. 
Moon. Dr. Lark. 
Moore. lohn W. 
Moore. Warren F. 
Monrehonse. Max. 
Morgan. lohn ^^". 
Morgan. Dr. ^^■iI]iam X. 
Morris. Tohn T. 
Mosicr. Fngcnc O. 
Mowerv. A. L. 
Mnlford. John M. 
Mimshower. Nathan J. 
Miirdock. B. F. 
Mnrphy. John F. 
Murphy. Martin F. 
Mnrphy. Peter J. 

N'aglc. Fdward. 
Naglc. John I-I. 
Nash. Ciov. Cicorcrc K 
NefF. Frederick C 
Newark. Cny F. 
Newman. Jacob. 
Niederlander. F. F. 
Nnsbanm. Frank O. 
Nnsbaimi. Otin. 

Ocle. H. S. 
O'llarra. Tnscph P>. 
Okey. Perrv. 
Olnisfcad, Harrv B. 
O'Neil. Patrick 'I. 
O'Neil. Thoma- F. 
Oner. Dclbert B. 
Orf. Robert P 
("t^boin. SamncI C. 
O'Shan.ghne^sv. Jeremiah 
Osterman. Mich. N. 
Ostcrman. William N. 

Page. Waller B. I Gordon. 

Park. I|..vv.ird C, 
l'.u-kin-.,n. Ch.irk-, Iv 
P.iiisch. Hcnrv. 
Pcarce. Cliark> A. 
Pedlnvv. F. B. 
Pcil. John. 

Pembroke. .Andrew J. 
Pendleton. .Alfred J. 
Pfeilcr. John. 
Pfeifcr. Jolm A. 
Pirnmg. Henry C. 
Pletsch. Henry. 
Plelsch. Tonas P. 
Porter, \\'. D. 
Potts. Benjamin D. 
Powell. Hairy T. 
Pratt, Harrv F. 
Pratt. W. R. 
Prav, Alvah J. 
Price. Frank H. 
Prior, Fdward. 
Piigh, John C. L. 

Qnigley, Dne. 

R.ider, W J. 
Ramsay. \ ern II. 
.'Ranncy, Jolm W. 
Ranney, Sylvester F. 
Rarcv, Dr. Frank .S. 
Rarig. A. K. 
Rarig. Waller A. 
Ranschkolb, Dr. Ch.irle- F. 
Regan. William II. 
Reilly. Charles F. 
ifReppert. William E. 
Revicrc. Dr. F. V. 
tRhoads. J. A. 
Rhoads, R. S. 
Richter. Charles R. 
Richlcr, Frederick C. 
Riddell. Theodore. 
Rieder. Joseph R. 
Rigby, .Arthnr. 
Rine. Frank M. 
Rittenhou,se. H. F. 
Robbins, C. H. D. 
Rogers. Fd. J. 
Rosenthal, Eli. 
Ross. James. 
Ross. Thomas. 
Rowlce, F. C. 
Rnbiecht. Franklin. 
Rncgg. Henry C. 
Rvan, Daniel J. 
Ryan. J. F. 
Ryder. Charles .\. 

Sallin. Charles C. 
Sagcr, Harry L. 
.Saul. Nathan. 
Savicrs. Colnmbns D. 
Schanweckcr. Otto G. 
Schille. Frank H. 
Schloitman. Fred L. 
Sehmelz. G. H. 
.Schmitt. Joseph .'\. 
Schneider. Charles L. 


CuLi .\m;us Nu. 

Scliiicll, A. V.^ 
Scli'ii-diiii^ci*. F. ( t- 
St'ii'K-tlini^fr. (icoij^c J. 
ScIm'imImiiii. I''.(l\v.iril M. 
Si'lnv.'inz, l''r;iiik K. 
Si-lnv:iri/, J. II. 
Siliuciilccr, Cli.irlcs Jr. 
S,mIkI<I. I.nvc-l 'I". 
Si-i;.ilc. Cli.irk-s J. 
.Scili.icli. Al. K. 
Sdlars, Coirsio W. Jr. 
.Sliafcr, C. S. 
.Sli.[fl"cr, l''.. P. 
.Slirillci-, J. W. 
.Sli.iiiiiDii. Artliiir E. 
.Sli.iiiiion. .Albert F. 
Sli:ir|), .Amor W. 

.SiKlip. I'.lllKT D. 

.Sli.di). K. 11. 
.SlKiw.ikcr. William F. 
.SliniRr. 1 )r. PincUncv D. 
.Sk-I.cii. (.' M. Jr.' 
.'^imomnii. William H. 
.Sims. Michael H. 
Sim>, .W'lsLiii A. 
.Slalcr. Mark. 
.Sliianc. L'lric. 
.Siiiiili. F.ldiin F. 
.Sinilli. Gcorsc W. 
Smuli, Perry \V. 
Snider, William A. 
Stafford. Harry E. 
Stands. Chester. 
Stearns. Gardner B. 
Si cere. Iv P.. 

Sleinhauier, Cliarle.^. 
Stephens, Luther P. 
Steiibc, Henry. 
Stone, B. F. 
.Stonenian, William ('■. 
Stouffer, Charles C. 
Stouffer, H. G. 
Stiiher, Ciiarlcs W. 
Swartz, Samuel J. 

Tanian, Edward L. 
Taiiian, Joseph J. 
Taylor, Edward L. Jr. 
Thomas, Edward B. 
Thoiiipsoii, Robert. 
Thompson, William M. 
Thurman, Albert Lee. 
Tinimes, James U. 
i^Tompkiiis, Emniett. 
Trowbridge, Jay K. 
Tniesdell. Carl E. 
Tiillcr, Cli.irles E. 
Turner, Dr. Charles E. 
Turner. Claicnce E. 
Turner, Edward C. 
Turner, Robert C. 
Tussing. \\ ilHam .S. 
Twinum, \\ illiam C. 
Tyler, M. 
Tyler, L. Cleland. 

Ulrey, Demas B. 

Undcrhill, Eii.t;ene 1'.. 
Urlin, George C. 

\ an Sickle, Fred J. 
Vugel, Pliilip ,A, 
Voorhces, Campbell .\1. 

Walcuil, C. Harry. 
Wallace, C. W . 
Walton, R. W. 
Webber, Karl T. 
Weil, Joseph W. 
Weisz, I'Jorenz B. 
Wells, William T. 
WeUh, Jolin A. 
West, Eli M. 
W hayman, Horace W. 
Whitakcr, L)r. Hervey W . 
Whitney, George. 
Whittaker, R. H. 
Wickham, Joseph W . 
Wiegand, F'red. 
W ikoff, J. E. 
Wilderimith, Ruy L. 
W ilkins. Charles L. 
Will, Jacob L. 
Williams, Cunis C. 

Williams, William 
Wilner, Warren S. 
W iiiders, Wilbur. 
W interriiiger, Cliar 
Wolf, Frank X. 
Wolfe, Charles B. 
Wolfe. Harrv P. 
Wolfe, Robert F. 
Wolllev, George W 
Wvlie.'ll.irrv C. 




Our Absent Broibers 

O'DoiiiKll, Martin. 

Liphart, Henry. 

Uent, Robert. 

Wliite, C. C. 

While, Albeit S. 

Audress, Frank. 

Hull, Robert C. 

McBriar, Lee. 

Schwartz, Joseph A. 

Donelon, James F. 

McCoy, Chas. H. 

Fulerer, Edward A. 
Sullivan, Patrick J. 
Calleridar, John. 
Rowles, William T. 
Gutheil, F. G. 
Valentine, L. E. 
Pentland, Samuel. 
Miller, James G. 
Ballard, Joseph. 
Bufter, Thos. J. 
Wheeler, Edwin R. 

kiciiler. Moiit/ C. 
.Mien. C'uUdn H. 
Murdock, W. S. 
Hoyl. Chas. 11. 
Jones, Frank H. 
Ucnniead, Edward. 
Conroy, Charles F. 
Walsh, John R. 
Williams, Neville. 
U'DonncIl, Manns. 
Sells, Arcliie J. 
Crosbie, John J. 
Beers, John Francis 
Moore, George A. 
Cassidy, Patrick J. 
Neil, John U. 
Hawk, Curtis E. 
Beall, George S. 
Tyler, \V. P. 
Drury, W. Herbert. 
Bloom, Willis P. 


(.111.1 N! lU S Xn. ^~. 

III.-. 1-' \ Ih.CM lU. 
1 'lu^ 

\Mi;> .\, .\i.i.i;n. 
I.xalli-d Ulili-r. HKi-'-<>,!. 

I''i; \\ ki.i N l\ri:Ki.i.M I . 

\ui II I :; I ' I ii \ I \ \ i~i 
.■>.■. ' . mw I . |.)ii;. 
I.- > I.' >■< II X Ir. .i 

II. f 

l-.h. II. .l.\OM-.S. 
Si\i I'liiiy. iSc)i)-iiKi,; 
.\(l\ .\l,i;r !■■ ,V U, l..i/:nn- X l ' 

C'lll.l M 111 S Xll. ^J. 

C'li \ui.i:s C". Jam.s, 

I iiisUw nioj-n?. 

A.h-. MjiT, I,. I I., -1,1 lir.u. (,'.., 

1-'.IH\ \\l!< I. \U X \M m; A. 
7 r„.v7,-,- 
I 'i :- l''isi iirr~ .Mill I 'liiiiilpin 

Ai I'.ruT I". SiiANXiiN. 


TuM^. I'lic SliaiiiMii I'm nil Ml c (,'. 


\\ II M \ M (' '\\\ I S IM 


(.'K I k S; i:c ('kiiiii I K-jiI 

(.'iil.l MI'.IS Xc 

Wiir.Lwi C C'lssiNS. 
t'lly Tnasiircr. 

I AMES -M. Butler. 

Cily Solicitor. 

Kiii:i;h;T II. Ji:i I Ki.'v . 
.M:iyiir (if Colnniliu-. 
.\-M. ('.. M. Tlu- jL'lTrcy .Mt.y. C 

I )r|iilly 
i II > I 1 c.i->iirci'. 

Mall'iii..\i .\. Kausiim;i 

Sccrciury In 

Mayor JtiTicy. 

ClllJ M HIS \'<^ ,^7. 

I X \1 I - \\ . \l Ml K. 

I )i|inn SlicrllT 
I'laiilsliii L""iiiily 

Ml,- I'l \ k \i N I I Siii^i NIK', 
i'ln -;. -.111 
,.f, |',v- l.'..llll':liM- I'.iir.l llr.lllh. 

JiiHN R. .Maiiuv. 
Sl.ilc Oil lii'^in.'Oliir. 

Sm 1 1 II W I'KN m:ti'. 

S|u'>I.ll l.'"llll^fl 
-^i.ilr A'li'i in\ I'.c-iirral. 


1''i;i:im,i;k u I'.i \n km:u. 
A^sl. Scisc:iiii-.i:-Aiin^ iS3i>-loo,'i 

1 llii.- I I. Ill-,' ..]■ Krpir-. lllMlivO.-.. 

Geo. K. Nash, 

Governor of Ohio. 

t'lii.i M \'(i. ^7. 

|-"llU.\l<|i LlVlNCSTdN TavHIR, Jl). 

Proseculiiii; Atlnnu-y 
Fr:itikliii Cniiniv. 

Tiili 11. ( I Al.l.i;\\ \v. 
Prnli.iU' C'lillW. 

M.Uil' ~ ('.. I-'.\A\>. 

riiiiii 111 (.'inniiMii ric:i 

('ii.m;ij;s A. I'kaki:! . 

l-"i;inklni I'miiilw 



Ml \ \\ . Mi'I'ai II Kl'\'. 

CI, !k ..f C.Mir;, 
l''r.iiikiiii l^'iiumv. 

CciMMHus Nil. 37. 

I., l-'.uiM. Ji'Ni;s. 

I'r.tnklni (."*innl\. 

Hknry a. Mason, 

Fratikliti Coiiiitv. 

II I 1 \ ■ I > t M.-i i-i r. 

I'. ■lllIIP---i' HUT 

I'r.inkliii I'nunlv. 

i>i:rii \\ Wukii.vM. 


l''r.inklin ('cpunlv. 



Zl I nl;l,\ I'.. \ Mil \ . 

{ ". 'llinii^^l' MUT 

FlMllMill I'lilllllV. 

t'llllMlil S Nil. ;j 

II m;u\ II. Ill K-Hl.N. 
.\it"nu\ -:u-l.;nv. 

1)1 w i. II. l!.\kKU. 

ll.iU.T An c"..illorv. 


C'nl.lMr.lS \'ii. T,} 

Kn\ I,, \\'ill.|ii:i<M L I 11. 

T'llicc Jiulgc. 
I'.iilyiT \- rircy. AUiinicys. 

Dkmas I). L'l.KKV, 
liadgcr 61: Ulrcy. 

I'll; IIS (.' W II I I WIS. 
M.nuU \ W illi.nii.. 

All'Ullrv ^ .11 I..1U . 


\'.\'\\ \l;ii I! \l; MIS TlloM \> 
'I'lluM \s \ I I \s s 
\l I. mu \ - .11 l..u\ . 

\HiiriH-\ ;il I..1U'. 


Llkic .Sloam:. 

Sl'r.-iiu. niack & ir.nrison. 


I In. W r, i; \-m;i 1 . 


C'lil.i M i;i s Xii. ^7. 


I Ik. Jamks .1. McCi.i i.i.AX. 

I >i; I li i\ i;i; W . I.I \iisA\ . 
\"i\\ -iii.m. 

Km. AMI A. .l.\\Ni:s. 

I'.i II \i I li i\ 1 : MiiMi.K. 
l.ilV ln-.iir.iiico. 


JaMI'.S KlI.UIll'KNi:, 

l^ri--.. and (".cnl. Miigr. 
flu- KilliKiiriU' iK: [acnli-, Mfg. Ci 

A. K. U.\Ki(.. 
'I'lu' Ix.irit; l".iit,'iiU'i.Tini; Ci 

'rnnM.\s Miiii.ij;\-. 


Tln' Miclcky Manly Co. 


()ui..\.\iHi A. Mii-iii;. 

I'rcv. and Tica-. 

'I'lic t'ciiiral < 'Inn TaiKi (.'. 

(.'ii Md.Ks I h:.\Ki IIkciu'iV, 


(.\ IJldi;,. ^: S.iviiiqs Cn 

S. 'l"ri<Ni:v Kkvks. 
Ktvis &■ Thomas, 
Ki'.il l■'.^l,•|lc ;mi(I Loans 

IvnllKRT TllOMrSON, 

Tlionipson & Coles, 
Real Estate. 

1 Inl; \i I \\ . \\ II. w M \\, 

KimI J',-t;ite. 

I l.\ia i;\ LoCKi.ix, ICstatc. 


CllI.I'M IMS X'll. },"/. 

l.'i..\riii: .\1i:i:ki:u, 
liivcstiiK'iii IS.iiikfr .111(1 Brnkor. 

I'j.MCii I). SiiAur. 
Rriikir — ("ii'iKTiil. 

Jami:s S. r. \i;i-.i:k. 
Real l'>l.iip. 

(lAkKN W. Mkkkkk. 
Iii\ r-lnuni 1'.;iiiI<<.t .iiul P.roker. 


Josi I'll W. i; Ai;i-.i:i<, 

v\iiii..i I Hii^' I'.Mk ^: i.".iii c 

(.'ill. I M lU S \ll. '!,'. 

('•i:ni<(,i: K. 1 1 iiTAKh 

\\ n.r.L\ M I ). liKK'kri.i., 


(,'ciliniilinv I )i-.|i.ilih. 

Willi \ \i r.iii.sii.\\>. 
Siipl 111 (.'irciiliiiLin 
Olii.i Sl.iir |Miiin;il 


S. l-'.hW \l;li I I \N N \, 
Ci •iiinu roKil Ti :i\ i K.' 
'I'la- C. ('. \K-i ;':i|Kr (• 

Cdl.rMi'.iS X<i. .^7. 

Jack I' lliNkiK. 

N'iClliil.AS A. CiPlKT. 

Manager CliittciuIiMi Houl. 
Propr. llic Xormandic. 

I'.|l» AKIl CciUKCini. 

ll..ul Our. .,11. 

Insicil \. Sl'IIMITT. 


I'.lr.ll SMIllllrlll llolrl. 

1 -J'.t 

\ \ll^ ( ',. CiKili AM.. 
I '1 . ipiKh II 
All. MH I1..K-1. 

Ciii.iMiirs Xo. ,^7. 

Al. G. Field. 


Col.iM i;is \'(). Tf~. 


liruT M. Cun.KK, 
G. I'iold's Greater Minstrels, 


Edward Conard, 

Secretary and Treasurer, 

Al. G. Field's Greater Minstrels. 

G. Field's Greater Minstrels. 

Al. G. 1 

I )nL' OLICl.liN. 

leld's ('ii'ealer .Mni.streN 


Al. G 

1 1 MfUN C Sll 1 N N. 

l^'ulds (".leaui- .\lin-trels 

Cdl.lMIUS \(1. 37. 

AkTIUR 1\I(.i;s. 


Ai.. K. Si:li!,\cii 

Base Ball Player. 

Ckouci: 1,. Cnr;xNKi.L. 
t'oluMiliiis Bill Posiing C< 

Oral M. Hkfixkr. 

Creat Scniilierii Tluaire. 



High Wire Anist. 

Clll.l M IMS X(l. Tf~. 

John W. Vogel, 

"The Minstrel King." 


('<ll.l .M III s \'( I, ^-. 

'.'. : "vui; -?: 

S.\mii:l N. Cckjk 

\\ 11 II wi M. Ckau I iiiiii. 


I.I I II IK I'. S ri:riii:.\s. 

I' M.iM.'igcr 

(.'■■1- X \ \ |..linsi.)«ii 'I'l.ic. C 

('iii.iMiiis \'f). _^7. 

■ARKXC]; ]i. TlRNKK. 

Kvnii'; it 'riiriicr. 
\\ liiili.-;ilr I'rnil^ &■ Ci Mimiis^inii 

Hkkt H. Evans, 

I'.xans & Turner, 

Wliolcsnlc Fruil> & Cnmiiiission. 

( )i.iv];i( M. li\ A\s, 

l-"v.nns & Turner, 

Wholesale Fruits & Coiumission 

IIaUI;\ I.. l-AAXS. 

Z. nil -villi-. 


Riii;i;ki C Tlk.\i;u. 
Milk auil Meat luspeon 
lioanl ..I ileahli. 

W'li-i-iwi Kkium'. 

TIk- C. & I'.. Sllnc (.'..milMlly. 

Cii.M<i.i:s 1). W'di.ri:. 


Tin- C. &■ h'.. Shoo C'cimpany. 

'I'l .ivilini,' Sali-^inaii 
Til. C. \ 1-: SI1..0 (■..;r.i,,iiiy. 

1 :'.(•, 

IvICHAUli 1'.- C'i;,\ \ l.'i'. 

'I" ravel in;; Sale -man 

■| Ik- C. X I-.. Slinc (.■..mpany. 

(.'i ii.i M r.i s \i 

Henry Plktsch, 


Crown Slioc Mfg. 

JuN-AS P. Pi-r.Tsci;. 
Fresli and Salt Meats. 

1''ka\k 11. Km II 
11.11- ;nii f;i|i- 


I'l III; J. \l \;.ni 1. 
I' .1. .\laloM X- (.'.... 
I I. II .Maniif.icliirei--. 

(."l II. I'M in "S Nil. ^7. 

Joll N J. CiiNNELL. 

Mcrcliant Tailor. 

William II. Rkgan. 
.\tcrcliaTit Tailor. 

Tho.mas B. McCokmick, 
(If Riifiis Watcrhonse Co., N. ^'. * 

.\Iaiifrs Men's Fine Cravats. ■^^. 

I'kkukkick C. RicnTi:i;, 

The Xasrin-Riclilcr Co.. 

'r.'|ii. Ci'luiiiliiis Tailoring Co. 


joij.N- W. .\looKi;, 

1 1, M. Moore & Son. 

.Mcrfhaiil Tailors. 

("(ii.rMiirs Xc). 37. 

C.KiiKc.i; S. Beai.l. 

Dry Goods. 

iJiid J:iini;n> 17. IQO.V 

Max MdKKiiousK. 

\'icc Prcsidciii 

llou l.MTul. Morolioiisc &■ MarU'ii'. 


.|(j}i.\ M C'akic.v, 

Ji iliii M. Carcn & Co.. 

I)rv dnods. 

.\l.i UKI) J. PEXnmiON, 

1 :f'.i 

IsAlI'll I.A/.MiUS. 

I'. \ K. Lazarus iS: Coin|)aiiy, 

C'ni.rMiirs No. T^j. 

Carl j. Hostkr. 

\ ux- I're- and I'.ciil. Mnt;!. 
■pi,,. I., ll,,,n-r r.num- C'.Mii|Mn> 



C'lll.lM IM'S Xu. TiJ. 

(.11 \l;l I ^ t'. J am:s. 

\<U irn-iiit; M.iii.mor. 

I 111- I. Il.i,i,r llrcvviiiy (.'■Piii|i.iii\ 

S.\Mri:i. I'll MKNTHAL. 

'I'r;i\ (.■iiiiii S;il(.->niaii 
I'lu- I,. Md^ui" I'lTw inii I'mnpan 

1,(11 IS I'll II. II' 1 lllSIKK, 

(iciK'nil Siipoiinlciulc'iil 
The 1.. Iloslor Mrt-wiiiK C'Dinpany. 

]-'.\'\\ AKIP I'uiiii;. 
lIlKl I'lilk 1.. Ilo-u-i linu. L'o. 
SiH-'I'iiM- r.iii^i'li- I'liiii- Wa^f. C"o. 


<■. I. Ill IS Hiii;iiM. 

Trawliiij;' SaU-Miian 

Tlic 1., Il^-u-r r.iuw iiig' C'inipaiiy. 

C'lii.r.M I'.is No. 37. 

Conrad Born, 

Horn Sc Company, I'ruprictors Capital IVt-wcry. 


C'lll.l .Mill S .\(J. PiJ. 

XaTII.W J. MrNSllnW i:i<. 
Tr.ivcling Ascnt 
Uiini &■ Company. 

( ) T in .\'i. >r..\r \i , 
Travcliiicr .\gcni 
Horn & Company. 

C. CiiRisri.x.v lioux. 

Born & Company, 

Proprietors Capital Brcurry. 

C. l{|iW.\Rll BoKN', 

Born & Company, 
l'rllpriolnr^ Capital Brewery. 


I"ki;ii W ii;g.\.\ii, 


Born & Company. 

C'ol.lMI'.l S Xo. .^7. 

Willi \M II. Si miintiin. 
Tin- l^'li-clrif Su]iiily \- (.'mi^li-. C' 

I'KKIi I.ii:i>. 
Trav tliiia; Ki'prcsciiuilivi' 
W'cl^lincli Sircii l.iiililins; C"i 

liiIlN \\ K.\\.\K\. 
I)i>lrici MaiKiKLT 
l-'.nnk.i I'irc I |.i-r (.'.' . I'.ii>.|c. 

\i.\ All .1. I'u.w . 

'l'r.iV(.'liii,!; S.iK-iii;iii 

Wi-^iiii.ulioii-c MeliT C"in|i.iiiy. 


J. X. I\.\ii.i;i;, 
l r;i\ rltiiL; S.iU'-^iii.iii. 
j'ihii I liivi - \ (^'iiin|i.iii> 

Cfii.rMi'.rs Mo. ,^7. 

Sami 1:1. I.. IJl.ACK. 

I'lnli.-uc Coiirl. 

C'.iXiKr.i; J. K Aui;. 
I'rcsidciU ,111(1 .M:magii" 
CciUral Ohio Oil C", l-'<talc. 

I '.IN II. ilAKMnX. 

(■ Sniiilicrn llnlel. 



I'KANk X. \\..l . , 

Travelini; Sa\-niaii 
The C. &•. C. Shoe C":ii|iaii> . 

C'cll.lM IMS No. _^7. 

(■'.IIUAKll I.. TaMAN. 

Tani.Mi HioiIkts 
W'liolL'salc (irocirs. 

J \\ . Caktzhainkk, 

llrncor, l,()iul<iii. Ohi'i. 

\', r. Ci>Is. S. R. Slmllor Cn. 

.InSKiMl J. TANfAN:. 

Taniati iJrollicrs. 

W liolcsalo Gniccrs. 

llAKin I.. S.\r,i;i;, 

Colcniaii X Gi. 

Ci ackii s ami l''a)K'v lllsciul. 


JiUl.N !{. (.'nl.i:.\l A\, 

Colouian & Co., 
Crackers aiul Faiicv BUciiii. 

Coi.rMiirs No. 37. 

jiill N (.". ('.K.\Ni;\ , 


illN K l-J.KICU 

t'. I Ii:i(ni;RT Kr:i.LKY, 


I'.vaii^ it Tinner. 

\\ III I A \i A S.N ii'i:i 
I'rnl ll>.iUr. 


I IclK.XCi: Ci. .InNi:S, 

Cirocerics and Cnal. 
Londiin, Oliiii. 

(.'iil.l .\li;i:s i\(). -^j. 

('■Kcpui.i; W. 1.1 iTiK. 

St.'crt'l:ti> and Tri'a>. 

Til. Piillciu -l.ii|iUi t'nin|i;niy 

X. Ki:ki/ IJii.i.uu. 

Pros, aiul \\ii<-. 

'I'lu- liilliuvs \' laipl'ir Ciuiipaiiy. 

C. IIakhv W'ai.ultt, 
Stone Quarries. 


Mattiikw J. Beucin, 

M. J. Bltsjiii Lumber Ctiini)aii,v 

Lumber, I.ath. .Shingles. 

t'lil.l M lUS Nil. 7,J. 

MiiKliiN l[. II.WKS. 

C'.ini.ijii.- Maiuif.icl incr. 

AucusT \ . -SCUM.M.. 

Foreinaii Boiler Maker. 

Tlie Rarig Engineering Co. 

John Pi: II., 
I'drci'l.nn l''.n:niKli.r. 

I'll II. II' ('i(ii;iii<i.\i.. 

W .„.,!»,., ker. 

t 'tiliiinlm- llMiiii_\ I'lmipanx. 


('■KdKCi: W'HIT.SKV. 

Pan Handle Shops. 

('•ii.iM I'.rs No. 

^^t■^. 'l"lu- I). Kllly Cnlll|l.[lly 

\iiil I'r.v C^ipilal (.'uy l);iiry O 


(loncrnl Maiirigor 
'I'lic Capilal City Dairy Co. 


TravcliiiK l\c|irc-.ciilali\c 

Till- Capiial Cil\' |),iiry C" 


\\i 1.1.1. \M Li:.\cii.\iA.\, 

'1' raveling Rcpic>ciUaltve 

Thr t'apilal (")\y Dairy Cn 

(.'iM.I .Mi:i s Xd. ;5j. 

.'"II \ J. Ciii:sti;k. 

Ili:\i<\ l'.Msi-| 

\ ■ I". Thr K'niiirinni-l.aiiiiiKT O 
\\liiili.--;ilc l)rM.v,'.i;]\|s 

SaMLKI. J. Sw.MiTz, 



1 1 \i;i/i:li. Camum:,.,. 
I'l-I'iily Alarslial 
SniMxiik- t'..iiri ,,r ()|, 

r<ii,iMi'.rs \'ii, ;,7, 

\\ II I lAM ]•'.. A. l-'m 1st H I . 

.M:iii.ii;iT t'lilliiis & C'> , 

Fki:i' .1. K1K--C11. 
Killi:ir(l :in.l l'^"'! Romu- 

l-jiuAUii DkIIass, 

Sniiiplc Roniii, 



('.i:ni;i.i: J. .Mack I. IN. 

II Old, 


i.'ii.\Ki,i;s W . l''i.\ , 


I'm l-'iix- lli-p.-nliiKiil. 

I r.:i 

I. l-'u-i I. 1. 11/. 
I 'rn|irKicir 
lh:iklr ll.u.l Mi 

(."nil MI'.rs .\'(i \-. 

\\. \. Ham:u', 
Thr PiTiiiia DniK C 

I"ll\ I.. Hl-Kl'ICll 


I''i; \\ K II. Sc-ifii IK. 

M.iii.mrr l'c;,r Sclullr 

."^'■■1.1 .111,1 .\ WaUT- 


.1 \, "I: .\"l w \l \ N. 
.~^l.'.iiii-lii|. Ayoiu. 

(.'ill. I .\i r.i s .\'i 1. ,^7. 

I'i:ri:i< C. Kkchsi:. 

r. C. Kroiivc X Co.. 

Irwrlir^ iiiiil ()|^ 

\-K \N I, \\ , Sam I 
Icuiln , 

5Ai5';.'?«5?.%". ..,>■-. 

lli:Mn J, C'ui.CKi-irs. 
Mannlailiii iiii; Jc-u tier. 

IjlU .\KII J. Mll.l.KK, 

I'. C Krniisc & Co.. 
jrutU'is and Opticians 

Jami.s .\. -\ri.ii. 
M.inut.u'l ni uil; Ii'v\ iKi . 


C'or.i MKis No. 37. 

'I'llllMAS J. (.'iiNKoS , 


l.dLis J. Haas 

knr.KKi I I. Si, Aiii'. 
\'lir I'lr-icK-ni 

Tile K. I, Sll.ll|. SlnlK- C' 

( iiAKi.i;s S. Ci.(n;ip, 
.\UmI Markcl. 

j i«i.\ I'". Smith, 
C'.ililc lii.T.lcr. 


t'ni.l MI'.IS Xii. ^7 


R. !'VA\i,i:v RiiiiMi^. 
^'■|^n■; I; ■;'i:iliin; \iiik C'o. 

lll.MiV S. Halluhiiu 

H. S. H:i1Iu...k1 X- C.I. 

W'llllANt M. FuiSIilK. 

t'l 'Iniiilni~ Moini \ chicle Co. 

l-'n AN k J. l'"i:i.|-.i;ii. 
l'ic<. .Tiid M;ni;i'.;cr 

Tllr I' I'.K.IIll Cn 

CllAKI.CS I.. W'll.MN 
M^UIllf.KlIU IT, 

C'di.r.M Ills N'o. .^7. 

Ai.HKur I'nukiiiii, l''>l:ilu :m(l lii^ur:nicc. 

C'll.NKI.IS ('. S I'lPlllKU. 

liiioii 'I'lMii^t'i'i :uul Sliuage Co. 

Samiki. a. Kinnkak. 
ki-al I-^talL- and I.ivi-rv. 

I-'U \N Is .1. M ACM. IN. 

1 11-nraiuH'. 


lli;.\i;s ('.. .St(ili i-KK, 

.•^i i-iilar> .niil TrcasiirLT 

liiMii Tiaii-lVr and Sloragc Co. 

Coi.i- Mill's Nn. 37. 

IV A. \'<i(.i:i„ Opt-ralur. 

\-'.u\\ m;i. jciii XSciN , Ik.. 
,\\-\\ I'll i-^liui R C'ciiil Ciiiii|i.uiy. 

I I.MikV 'I'.Millll-l. I'oU 1:1.1.. 

.MaiiriKi'r C'iiy l)i']ii. 
CK. & llocMii',' 0>:il .-mcl Iron C. 

ri:i<n\ ()Kl:^. 

l-'.k'L'lncal I'ji.yiiK'cr. 

1'. .1 CAS-iin. 
I ikil liiK jS. ou. 


('l II. 1 M 111 ^ \'ii. .^7. 

(_'ii:oi«.i: W. ."iMiTii, 

Siiiuirs Acaclnnii'v nl Danciii;-;. 

I'll M.I I s I.. S( II \i;iiii;u. 
Mii-iiiil I iircclor. 

.InllN S H.\vi:u, 
'I'l'.iclur lit Millie. 

W II I 1 \ \i .1. K.\iii;k. 


l>!.i(Ii 1 - NcaiKinu - nl I )aiKin;-; 


\\ I 1 1 i;i;..i; I I lui u\ . 

'I'l . ,1 - (.1 ami ( )iii 1 a I liiii^v. 

I )i. .1 Jaiiy. J-f. I'll'.! 

Cor.uMiius No. 37. 

II. (). I'dnii, 
Mcmlur Bnard uf Public Seivitc. 

E. W. SuiSllKR. 


Iiifli.iiiiihi IKaliim: S: Liglitins; Co. 




Cii.MJi.Ks M. >ii:i:i;iiT, .In,, 

|)i-.irict .M:.iui.!,'i.T. 
CciUral .Vccidciu Ins. Cc 

Cm.uMiuiS N(i. T,j. 

Thomas I". M. Kocii, 


Gents' Furnisher. 

1 1--^P 

EuuAuii I.. Koch. 

M. I. ()'l',Ki.iNt:. 

C. .v. KiNC 


Cnr.UMnus No. 37. 

H. C. Mavkrs. 

TrMvc-Iiiig Salesman, 

C \- E. Shoe Co. 

J. P. Kixn. 
Traveling Salesjnan, 
C. & E. Shoe Co. 

C.ARD.VEK B. StE.\R.\S. 


EuuAKu n. Eh.nbi', 


Coliniibns Transfer Co. 

Ted Faust, 

Proprietor Ted E. Faust's Superb Minstrels. 


Ci)i.i; Minis Xi). ."?; 

JoSKl'H Dalden, 

W . J. Im.inn, 
Scale l''.\|ioit. 

G. E. Hawkins, 


Postal Tel. Cable Co. 


EucE.NE Faust, 

With Ted E. Faust's 

Superb Minstrels. 

Coi.rMnus No. 37. 

E. F. SuAri-icit, 


Sliaffir l<ci. ,fing Cnmp:i|iy. 

A. II. McAliixj:. 

Resilient Agent 

I ler-e.\ .Meter CcmiDaiiv. 

Sa.mlkl .\. EsswHi.v, 



Fitzpatrick & Hoepfner, 


History of Springfield Lodge No. 51 

0\ Atij^usi ^,1. iNSd, iuciu\ -i'i,!^lu citizens <>i S|n-iii|^licl(l \\ci\ iiiitiatcil in 
llu- ni\sKrK> nf I he ( )nkT ])\ tlu' tiicn Districi l)c|nit\ of ( )ni,.. A. |. ( ".illi- 
.U^i"- "I C'lncnnuui l.dil^c .\<j. 3. assisted 1,\ niLnihcrs ni iii> Ikihu.- I.ddiji'. 
That the wnvl ua- well (l<iiu- is (.■vi.lciKTd hy the nianiKT in wliich the charter iiuni- 
Ikts iiavc slawd h\ tlic I.(h1i;c thnm^h tliick and thin, makin.i;- it what it is todav. 
The charter hst \\a>a.> lullcnvs: Cliaries e'ntistamiiie. I. I'. Coodwiii. R. M. Seed's, 
j.ihn McCniii-le. C". R. Richter. I,. .M. Harris. II. C." .Velsoii, Tiieo. Troupe. M. 
\. Ila.wvard. I). T. West. R. T. .Velsmi, T. |. Kirkpatrick. R. L. ( )iieis.ser. C. K. 
.M.iuer. J. .\i. Dnniielk W .S. IJnltinan, |. \'. Ilishoi). A. H.C.rilfitii. C. ]. 1 lollowax . 
T. I'. .McCrew Jr., J. .S. .\n,n, I). C. Dnlxm. II. II. Tvner. E. 1',. I'dltz. H. I,. 
Rdcklield. .\. I., (.'larke. Fuller Trump. Samuel Waldmau. 1". II. Clarke. 

The first ii(ticer> elected under di>])ensati(iii were; W. S. Ilufl'man. l{.\alte<l 
Ruler; 1. \ . l',i>li.ip, l-'.st. l.eadin- Kiii-hl ; A. II. CritVilh. l-'.st. Ldval l\uij;!it : C. |. 
lloll(iwa\. i-".st. Lecturing; l\ni,L;hl;j. S. Arou. Secrelarv ; T. I''. .\lc(".rew. jr.. 
Trea>urer ; .\. I,. Dolsnn. Tiler ; I I." 1 I. T\iier. l'".sc|uire. Trustees- H I, R(,"ck- 
tield. A. L. Clarke. II. II. Tvner. 

I he l,(id.t;e has pursued the e\en leimr nl' its wa\ exper^enciiiL; its ui)s and 
ilowns as is the case with aliuost every ciri^aiiization ; Jiiit it has heen a must .sat- 
isfactory and substantial fact that in e\eiy instance when in:e;-esi has be.uuii to 
wave, the old wheel horses, came to the rescue with wa\s and means to reawaken 
interest and jnit new vim and blood into the Lodq^e. until now the indications are 
that perpetual motion as rc.t^ards tlie proL,'ress of the I.odsre js assured. 

The herd is cotufortably domiciled at number forty. South I'oumain .\vcnue 
and its jjlcns. its brooks and its salt Icks are Itappily shared with all Elks tliat mav 
bo astra\- from their home herd. The l.odLl^e meets ever\- W'ednesdax' evening at 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

lliilTin;m. W . .S iSS'i— 188; Kni.srhl. (".. H 180^ — 1894 

C.nnfhviii. J. I' 1887— 188S Hnu-e. Dr. k. R [894—1805 

West. 1 ). T . . .^ 1H88— iSSg I l;irrix I.. M [895—1890 

.MeC.rcw. T I'., [r 1889— i8<jo ^■nllnR. S. M 1900— 1901 

.Mmvcr. C K 1890 — iSiji Old.";. H. \V 1901 — 1902 

<JiHis~cr. K. 1 1891 — 189J Miimicli. Or. Cr.TiU 1902 — 190.? 

li.uuT.ifi. K. C i8q2 — i8o3 

Grand Lodge Members. 

H.11U1..11. Rnlion C. ()1(1^, E. W. Rishnp. J. \'. 

Il.irri~. I.. M. .\linnicli. (".rani. .\nin. Iithu- .">. 

Officers 190.3-04. 

lixiill,;! Khin Dr. <".. 11. ririnkniaii Lsquitr I-'.. I\. .Mclnlvic 

l:sl /.i-.ii/iiii; Kiiiiilil T. \ Riuki /inirr iiimnl \\', A l-^lcpliOM^i)!! 

/;.>•/, I.,<x„l Kiiujil -I'. II. Kiuhl .,. , 

/:.-■/. /..rhirin-^ Km'^lil II. K. llm.nKin ;'».w,..>, 

.V,-,-/v/,;/v I.. .\l. I-Iarn^ W. 1 1. \ ..ii T.i-cll. l\ K Pin-ell 

Tiriisiir.r C. A. \\'in<;liin I'. .M. (.'.iriiiull. II. N'.pst-. 

Tyirr M .\1. F.i\ C F. .Mi r,ilvr:i> . 


Sn;i .N(.i'ii;i.ii Xii. ; i . 

AbU.t, Iv D. 
Alliii), G.ibe. 
■ i'Aroii, Julius S. 

Baliiii, J. F. 
Baird, H. M. 
B:iir<l, M. G. 
Bakhaiis, C. V. 
Bakhaus, II. J. Jr. 
Ball, F. H. 
■SrBancroft, Roljcn C. 
Bauer, J. N. 
BiRlcr, C. H. 
Billow. C. M. 
"Bishop, John V. 
Black, R. S. 
I'.olaii. J. A. 
Bowhis, C. J. 
Boyd. R. A. 
Brandon, R. F. 
Brinkman, Dr. G. D. 
Brooks, H. M. 
Burke, John \V. 
Burke, T. A. 
Burnett, W. R. 

Carney, J. C. 
Carter, D. \V. 
Carter, G. R. 
Cartmell, P. M. 
Clayton, J. V. 
Cody, \V. F. 
Conard, Enos. 
Conklin, O. F. 
Coover, J. T. 
Craig, O. 

Dalie, James H. 
Davis. M. B. 
Day. C. T. 
Dennis G. ]'.. 
Dcsorninux, R. 11. 
Drake. C. II. 

Flliott, J. S. 

Falieiu. H. J. 
Fields. Gcnrg-.e 
FLiimery, J. 1.. 
Foltz, H. B. 
Foster. F. L. M. M. 
Fry. A. G. 
Fryliurfjer. J. 11. 
Fiindcrburs. S. C. 

Gciger, F. W. 
Goldstein. Julius. 

Roster 1903. 

C.uud, John .M. 
CrtJtwald, Dr. D. K. 
Golwald, R. C. 
Gross, A. T. 
Gross, Frank. 

Hagernian, I,. B. 
•^Harris, L. M. 
Hatfield, F. I.. 
Haucke, George. 
Hayward, R. F. 
Hcarn, J. F. 
Herman. H. L. 
Hinkle, J. A. 
Hofman, Cliase P. 
Holt, A. T. 
Houck, H. S. 
Honnker, Philip. 
Howell. F. !•:. 
Hupman, H. R. 
Hutches. F. F. 

Jackson. \V. \V. 
Jaeger, H. A. 
Jeffries, C. S. 
Jennings, \V. B. 
Johnston, C. E. 
Johnston, J. B. 
Judy, B. I. 

Keller, J. C. 
Kelly, James R. 
Kelly, John R. 
tKelly, O. S. 
Kcpple, E. F. 
Kight, T. H. 
Kinnanc, James. 
Kinnane, John J. Sr. 
Kiiuiane, John J. Jr. 
Kleeiuan. Jacoli. 
Kleeman. Oscar. 
Knnth. W. !.. 
K(X)ntz, \\ . F. 

I.anip. Henry. 
I.avton, O. A. 
I.effel. Col. Josepli. 
l.euis, R. B. 
l.inilxjcker, H. S. 
Livingston. Mark, 
l.ondenhach. C. D. 
I.ushliaugh. J. C. 

McCarlv. P. 1- 
McDonald. H. W . 
McGilvray. C. F. 
Mclntire, E. K. 
McKelvey. C. D. 

.McLaughlin, James. 
.McLeod. C. K. 
.McMillan. S. M. 
.Marvin. William B. 
Miller, John 11. 
Mills, F. H. 
Minnick, Dr. Grant. 
Morrow, John. 
Myers, W. D. 

Nelson, R. J. 
Nelson, S. L. 
Xiles, Dr. L. E. _ 
NiufTer, Cjccjrgc F. 
Norniaiid, J. M. 

O'Brien, R. E. 
vrOlds, E. W. 
Ormsbee, W. .M. 

Patton, H. M. 
Potter, Dr. A. M. 
Potts. A. O. 
Powell, P. A. 
PurscU, C. R. 

Reid, J. A. 
Rice, H. E. 
Ridgley, C. T. 
Rober. H. J. 
Rockficld. H. I.. 
Rodgers, W. B. 
Rolfes. J. F. 
Root, Dr. G. S. 
Rowthan, J. J. 
Rubsani, \V. A. 
Rmiyan, Frank E. 
Rimyan, H. C. 
Russell. Dr. C. W. 
Russell. M. C. 

.SchaclTer, C. E. 
Schaeffer, E. A. 
Schaus, W. H. 
.Schelling, H. F. 
Schwarz, \',. O. 
Sheets. J. M. 
Sheel.s. J. O. 
Shyrigh. \V. C._ 
Smith. Roger V. 
Smith. V. Y. 
Snyder, C. A. 
Snyder, D. F. 
Snyder, Fred. 
.Sparks. A. F. 
Steele, G. M. 
Stclzer, .August. 
.Stephenson. W. A. 

■;!r Indicitcs t'.r.ind I.ndgr Mciiiln-T. 
t Life Member. 


Si'K-i \i.i-ii:i,ii Xd. :, I 

I 1a|<K\ U. I ll l-MAN, 

lisliriiuui /.I'll nil lit; k'nii;lil 
Willi I). S. & I" Traclinii C. 

T. II. Kii.iiT. 

I:sl.,iii,(/ /.'■yiil Kiir^lil 

KlMJ l-'.-i.iiu 

Stamj:v M. VdLXC. 
\-i. Siii>i 1'. r .M:l^t & Co. 

.\1. M. Fn.\. 


L. M. Harris, 



Si'U'i NCi-MU.n N'o. 5 1. 


C. !•". Mc("iii.vKA\'. 


V. P. & Sinn. Rohliiiis-Mycrs Co. 

I )A\ III 1". S.N \ III.H. 

W. ir. Van- Tasski.l, 


I1i:i;man \'i«'.i;s, Sr., 


MiiKr. S|n in.nrulil Cn;il & Ice Co. 


Kr.MKR D. .AniioiT, 

Asst. S II peri III CI idem. 

The Sririii.T:ficld Gas Co. 

Sm;i\(,i.|i;i.|, X,, -| 

C. I£. SciiAKi.i:k. 

Police Clerk- 

Cily of SpriTiifficIfl. 

W. k. lk:K.\i:iT. 
.MciiiIkt Bd.-inl I'lililic Aflf.i 

RiCHAKi. E. O'Brien, 

Chief of Police 
Cily of Springfield. 

1- I.. 

Arcade IIolcl. 


W. n. Jk.vxinxs, 
Willi lilt; Four Kailruad. 

Sl' Xii. ^1. 

JiiiLN 1.,;i<\. 
'"laiiory's Big Piano llou 

.1 111 IN KlNNANK, 

Pr^v -TrtM^ Kiniiaiic Bros. Co. 
I )r\ ("...,,(!< and Carpct5. 

P. 1.. .McC.ARTV. 
\\'liolo-.alc l.irnilicr 



BcokU-y & Mycr, 
Coal and Ice. 


Si'KiNr,i'ii:i.ii No. si 

A. F. Sl'AKKS, 

<",i.'iK-i";il MaiKiRcr 
'I'hc .l.iiius l.cH\l & C". 

C. T RincELEV. 

Sccrclary & Treasurer 

'I'Ik' lvi(lr;clov Decorative Ci 


Frank P. Tormnce, 

Cigar Broker. i-— i 

SruiNcriKMi No. c i. 

B. I. Juuv, 

1-. H. W'assekman, 


C. E. Haynor Dist. Co. 


J. H. Daue, 
Carpenter & Builder. 

History of Chillicothe Lodge No. 52. 

CIIII.I.IC()THE LODE Xo. 52 U. V. U. U. was ori,-anizcil uiukr special dis- 
pensation S<.'])teniber 16, 188'), and in the bej^iiniins^ there were scarcely 
enouj^^h nienibers to secure a charter, hut the jjrincijiles of the order appealed^ly to the better citizens of the town that it rapidly grew in membership. 

I he charter members were: Fleetwood Ward, G. W. Washburn. Jno. A. 
SomerN C. W. Robinson, C. M. Roberts, II. W. ( )rr, R. J. Loel, G. S. Lindley. 
j. .M. Leslie. C. !■:. Killets. Harry Hardy, F. Harper, H. C. Freese, Ed. C. Frey, St. 
Clair Cooke. T. S. Jjarnes. G. W. Ilulger, .\, W. lluckmaster, H. S. .\dams, George 
J. Snyder, ( ). H. Lemon. Charles I'into, W. S. I'.aldwin, E. B. Clifford, George 
I'.unnell. .\I. (".. i-'.vans. W. .\1. Koblenz, IC. R. .McKec, John Kirchenschlager, 
W. .\. Lewis, J. G. Hathaway, Ed. Kauffman, N. L. Gartner. Frank Henn. C. '/.. 
ICrdmaim, .\. S. Ewing, J. C. Douglass, W. Scott Clark and Gustav ISrickhammer, 
Frank Harper was the first l^xaltcd Ruler and Jno. .\. Somers the first Secretary. 

The watchword of the Lodge lias at all times been quality and not quantity 
and as a result, today numbers 200 of Chillicothe's most inlluential and representa- 
tive business and ])rofessional men. The Lodge was originally organized in small 
(|uarters in the Kaiser I'.lock, but ten years ago it moved to the commodious rooms 
in the I lousen and Carlisle lllocks and at present occupies the entire third floor, 
for l(j(lge and club room puri)oses. The furnishings in these rooms are among 
the handsomest in Ohio, and are tlie envy of many visiting I'^lks for whom the latch 
string is out at all times. 

Despite the handsome (juarters tiie lodge members are becoming restless and 
are clamoring for a home of their own, and the trustees of tlie fraternity are now 
securing options for that purpose and when that has been done the handsome 
nest egg which has been laid away year l)y \ear by various entertainments, all of 
which were always successful, will be brought into use and but little more will 
be needed. While the Lodge has been frugal it has also at all times contributed 
its n)ite to charily and many are the worthy deeds that have been accomplished. Of 
one iiarticular feature Xo. 52 is especially proud and that is during an initiation 
a ritual is never in evidence. Strangers who visit Xo. 52 on these nights are always 
impre^se(l with the beauty of the work. The lodge meets every Monday evening. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

I (.irper. Frank- l88r)-l887 Tnllcvs. \V. L 1895— 1&)6 

I )ollKla^. I. C i.S,87— i8,S8 W.iddle. C. C 1896—1897 

Ad.uns. I'l. .S 18,88—1889 C'liapinaii, H. \V 1897—1898 

llaihawav. J C. i8.S<j— i8<jo Tcniilinsdii. R. G 1898— 1899 

C<iokc. Paul i8<)o— 1891 Woodrow. H. \V 1899— 1900 

CiMiiiiiiK. M 1891 — 1892 .-Vndcrson. J. C 1900— 1901 

PaKi'N. (".ecu lie II i8i)2— 189-! Wolfe. .\. R 1901 — 1902 

VnK^]-. (".corffu II i,S93-i8r)4 Rnclie. D. H i<X>2— 1903 

Paxils. Ccurgi.' 11 1,894—1895 


Ciiii.MCdTin-: \'i 

Gaitiicr, Nolan 1.. 
licnii, Frank. 
Douglas. J. C. 
llatliaway, Jolin C 
(.■nniiing, M. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Wailillc, C. C. 
Chapman. II. W . 
Tonilinson. K. *">. 
Woodrow, II. W. 

AiuUiMin, J. C 
Wolfe. A. K. 
Koclic. 1) II. 
'r.HnliM--iiii, (.'liarlc- 

Officers, 1903-0/.. 

Exalted Ruler Chailcs J. Tunilinson 

Hit. Lcadiii'^ Khii^lit . . . A'.ciirgc V. l.osnian 

list. Loyal Kiiii^lU Fred B. Kramer 

List. Lecturing Knight Quinby Climer 

Sccrctiir\ William A. Greenbauni 

Trciisur'er E. R. McKee 

Tyler H. O. Cook 

lisijuirc Clias A. Davenport 

Inner CuorJ M. C. Kirscli 

Cliat'lam H. C. Clay pool 

Organist Jay l{. Thruckmorton 


II. W. Wuodrovv, H. W. Chapman, William 

F. Siilzbachcr. M. C.mming. 

Robert G. Tonilinson. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

.Aaroiis. Benjamin. 
\li.\aniler Robert D. 
w.*\nderson, J. C. 
Anderson. John \V. 
.\rbenz. Fred J., Jr. 
Atlev. A. C. 
AUv'ell, W. I. 

Beidenian, Elmer. 
Beideman, Walter. 
Beidenian, William. 
Bell, Bertrand. 
Bergman, A. 
Bergman, E. L. 
Black, John O. 
llrandlc, George W. 
Brandle, John. 
Brewer, Pinkney. 
Briggs, Harry \\'. 
Briggs, M. L. 
15ri,ggs. Martin V. 
Brnckmeyer. V.dentiiie. 
Brnndage, Jesse. 
Bnchhammer, Aug. 
Biicy, William H. 
I'.iirklev .St.ini^l.uis. Jr. 
Bntler,' Walter. 

tCarrigan, Michael J. 
Carson, Ward. 
irChapman, H. W. 
Clark. Beniamni M. 
Clark. W. Scott. 
Ckaypool, H. C. 
Crmer. Qninby. 
Clongh, Edwin C. 
Collett, D. H. 
Cook, H. O. 

Cook, Julm I'. 
Crotliers, Jame- H. 
Cryder, Harry .-\. 
Cryder, Senet. 
Cutter, G. W. 
Cutter, Wallace R. 

Davenport, Charles A. 
Dawley, E. M. 
Descl'.ler. Aiignsi. 
Devine, James A. 
DeWeese, F. Earl. 
Dillon. Homer D. 
Doty, Ernest A. 
Douglas, Albert. 
'^Douglas, J. C. 
Duncan, Charles D. 
Dunlap, C. M. 
Dnnlap. W. C. 
Dunn, F. H. 

Ebenliack, Andrew. 
Ebenhack, Charles. 
F.dinger, Tobias. 
Eichcnlanb, George. 
Ellsas, J. Louis. 
Enderlin. Richard. 
F.ntrekin, J. C. Sr. 
Entrekin, J. C. Jr. 
I'"rdni.inii. Cli:nles Z. 
F.rdmann. Frark. 
Esker, Thomas. 

h'erneau. F. J 
I'^rnean, Frank M. 
Ferneau. M. W. 
Foster. George C. 
Franklin. Charles. 

F'rost, Je-'sc C. 
Fuchs, F'red I'. 
F'uchs, Louis B. 
Fuchs, Oscar. 

Gartner, J. P. 
^^Gartner, Nolan 1.. 
Gearnart, Charles B. 
Gettle, Harry L. 
Greenbauni; \\ 
Gregg, C. 
Gilniore, Tiflin. 
Cimniin;.;, .M icli;i'.-l. 

Hanimerlc, William H. 
Hanley, J. .M. 
Harne>^, J. \ .lu-e. 
'ii'Halhawav, lohn G. 
Haynes. C. .\1 
Haynes, Iv J. 
• HeMn. I'raiik. 
Herman, .A. P. 
I Iernr:nn. Harry T. 
Herring, Clarence II. 
Hcrrnstein, lUnry 
Herrnstein. \\ H. 
Hcrlen-itein. Chauncey .\. 
Herzog. E. .\. 
Hornev. E. L. 
Howard. H. G. 

HOWSOM. .'\. B. Walter H, 
Hunter, George F. 
Hunter, William II. 
Ilnr-t. W. 
Hurst. I. B. 

Inimell. Alfred I)., jr. 
Iniiiiell. <'ieoree G. 

ir Indicates Grand Lodge Member, 
t Life Member. 


Cim.i.KdTH i; Xii. 

liLl.nid, A. C. 

llL-kuKi, WalUT II. 

Jannsuii. James Roy. 
joiy>, Cliiirlcs U. 
Jordan, 1. M. 

KaiifTiiiaii, Eduarci. 
Kcllhok-r, E U. 
Ki-llhofcr, llarrv J. 
Kelllioler, \V. J. 
Kern, Kduard. 
Kirscli, M. G. 
Kirsclier.sclila.cer, Joliii J. 
Kiicclu, John. 
Kniiiicr, Fred B. 
Kiamtr, Micliael. 

Larrabee, John H. 
l.clinian, (.k-orge T. 
Lewis, VV. A. 
Liglule. Charles N. 
l.ilter. (ieorge. 
Long, John E. 
I.Dwrey. William K. 
Liilirsen, George. 
Lunbeck, J. M. 

McConnell. Mace. 
McGinniss, Cash. 
McKee. E. R. 
McKell, William. 
McKclIar. James. 
McNeills, W. A. 
Machir, Charles G. 
Martin, Lee Des. 
Massie, D. M. 
Merkle, Dr. Frank L. 
Meyers, Joseph P. 
Mick, John E. 
Micssc, Charles. 
Miller, Abe. 
Miller, C. O. 
Miller, W. L. 
Mills, C. W. 
Mooniy, Dr. Charles. 
Moore, George B. 
Morrison. Jesse M. 
Miirphy. Thomas L 

.Xichc.Koii, Ch.iiles W . 

Uborer, I''. A. 
Uflult, Newlon. 
Utl, John W. 

Perry, G. W. C. 
Platter, PeUr. 
Polilnian, Ed. 
I'lirdnni, James. 
I'ntnaiii, Kufiis. 

Ramage. D. J. 
Redd, H. M. 
Reed, Edward. 
Reid, Leroy. 
Rcnick, Ale.xander .Mi 
Rcnick, George \\ . 
Rentinger, Charles. 
Ricliardsiiii, RolKjri. 
Ringuald. William 11. 
Rilter, J. D. 
Robbins, G. E. 
Robinson, .Andrew P. 
Roche, D. H. 
Rodes, William A. 

Samnels. Dr. 11. R 
Schachnc. Jiilins R. 
Schaffer, J. Charles. 
Schildtr, Albert. 
Schilder, Ed. 
Schilder, William H. 
Schlegcl, .Albert. 
.Schlegel. Charles G 
Schlegel, Fred C. 
Schnmacbcr, Jaci>li. 
Schwar/el. Fred M 
Scott, Walter. 
Scnlly, T. J. 
Sears, C. LL 
Sears, L. A. 
Sears, W. J. 
Seney, W. J. 
Scnff. Monroe. 
Sewcll, 'I'lionias 1 1. 
Shafer, Floyd .\1, 
Shook, James. 
Sibrell, S. R. 

Smart, W. G. 
Small, .Ad.ini. 
Smith, C. F. 
Smith, E. P. 
Smith, George H. 
Sosman, George V. 
Soiitlnvorlli, Vallandighaiii. 
S|)etii.iige'i, Edward L. 
Stone, B. F. 
Story, Otis J. 
Strickler, W. ]. 
Sulzbacher, William F. 

Tatman, Dr. O. P. 
Thompson. J. M. 
Throckmorton, Jay E. 
riimer. 'I'Jmlinsoii. Charles J. 
""Tomlinson, Robert G. 
Trilscheller. Otto. 

Upton, R. R. 

X'allery. Cl.ireiice .X. 
Vaiisc. J. I. 
Vanse, J. M. 
\'eail, .Samuel .\l. 

wWaddle, C. C. 
Wallace. W. A. 
Ware, C. J. 
Warner, .\bner. 
Warner, George B. 
Warner, LL W. 
Warner, J. M. 
Welch, G. H. 
Weller, H. C. 
Wenis, E. S. 
Wiggins, W. H. 
Wisslcr, Otto. 
Wissler. Reinhard. 
i? Wolfe. A. R. 
Wood. Joseph D. 
"Woodrow, PL W. 
Woodrow, W. M. 
Woltz, J. M. 
Wriglit, Thoinas. 

Vaple, Wallace D. 

Zimmerman. Charles. 


(.'llll.l.UdTlli: Xd. ;;. 

Wai.i.ack I). Y.M'i.i:, 

M.-iynr ,,f fhillu-olhr. 

1). II. KociiK, 

Kx.illiil UuliT Kjoj-o.i. 

<'..ii. S.iK'^ Aki. Miliim Coal Co. 

.\. R. Woi.ri:, 
I'.N.ilifd Ruler 1901-02. 


<-. W. C. Pkrrv, 


Scioto Gazette. 

History of Toledo Lodge No. :)3. 


IIH Ijcttor the day the better tlie deed" min;'lu aptly be apphed to tlic 
ort;aiiizatioii, installation and dedication of Tolctlo Lodge Xo. 5.^, Be- 
ncNoknt and Protective Order of Elks. 

( )n Sunday afternoon, October 24, 1886, a beautiful day in Indian 
Suninier, a select coterie of Toledoans s^^athered in a small room in Toletlo and 
under the tijuidini;- hand of (jrand Exaltetl Ruler Daniel Kelley the Toledo 
of JUks was ushered into existence. 

Those of the charter mcmlx'rs who remember the day declare it was one 
of the most beautiful of the year and from the inspiration of Nature the ortjan- 
izers of Toledo Lodge caught the sjiirit of the movement. 

The Lodge was instituted in what was then known as Grand Arni\' I hill, 
'".rand F.xalted Ruler Daniel .\. Kellv iiad charge of the ceremonies and was 


assisted by District Deputy .Andrew Gilligan and Brothers Harry E. PdocK an 
R. Strauss, of Cincinnati Lodge No. 5; Charles .\. Chase, of Detroit Lodge 
Randolph Landman, of Saginaw. Mich.. Lodge; E. .-\irglim, 1'. F. Plummer. .M 
M. Mclvirland. M. Knapp. and E. S. Ik-acb, of .Adrian. Mich., Lodge. 

Tin- following were the charter members of the lodge: 11 
I'., lierbert Cole. I'rank" 1".. Wright. Frank Lanikin, Louis C.. Richardson. 
I\. Cole. 1 Iavr\ S, Dowling, David TL Commager. Charles .\. (".arw(iod 
I"arc|uharson, Cb.uie-' .\. Chase. F". S. Iveeves, P. P. .Murray 
ccK.-k-. loliu P. I'.ionson. I'^ed ). P.lakely. .Andrew Clay]50ol. 

( )f the >e\inlien charter members the following arc now members of iIk 
Lodge: C. 11. Coir. F. 1".. Wright. F. C. Ilitchox-k. Frank Lanikin, and !.. C, 



enrv J. Richmond. 


:irw(ioil. Anilrew 

Frederick C. Hitch- 

T()i,i;ij(i No, 53. 

The miiuites of tlic iiieetiiit,' at uliicli the Lodge was installed say: 
"After Lodge had been duly iiistalletl it organized by electing the following 
ofilicers: Exalted Ruler, James M. Hueston ; listeenicd Leading Knight. Frank- 
Iv. Wright; Esteemed Loyal Knight, C. II. Carwood ; Esteemed Lecturing Knight. 
J. K. Ohl; Secretary, G. Herbert Cole; 'l"reasiu-er. .Xndrew Clavpnol: Tiler, Louis 
G. Richardson; Trustees, LL A. Chase, Frank Lamkin. and 1^. S. Reeves. 

"OfiRcers elected were then duly installed and E.xaltcd Ruler Mucston madj 
the following ap[)ointmcnts : Esquire, Harry S. Dowling; Cliaplain, .\ndrcw 
Farquharson ; Inner Guard, W'. J. Ellis; Organist. Frederick C. Hitchci>ck. 

"A Committee on Constitution was appointed consisting of lirothers Frank 
E. Cole, Andrew Claypool and V.. S. Reeves. The Trustees were ordered to 
select a meeting place and a night for meeting, and the Lodge closed in proper 

Although it is not recorded in the minutes of that or any subsequent meet- 
ing, still it is remembered that an impromptu social session was held after the 
Lodge had closed and tlie first social session of Toledo Lodge is said to have 
been the real thing. 

The second meeting of the Lodge was a special meeting held on October 
29 for the purpose of adopting the constitution and by-laws of Cleveland Lodge, 
pending the report of the Committee on Constitution. The regular communica- 
tion of the Lodge was held on the following evening. Saturday having been se- 
lected as tlie meeting night for the time being. The Trustees reported that 
Grand Army Hall had been secured for Lodge meetings and Saturday night 
selected for the meeting night. .\t this meeting it was decided to apply to the 
Grand Lodge for a charter, 



Tdu:!)!! No. 53. 

The in'M rt'^iilar mci'litiL; was liclil (in llic idUi i\\ in^;- Salurdav, XdVL-nilicr (1, 
anil liy nnaninmu^ cniscnt a rccos v\as taken nntil the lollowinf;- day — Smulav. 

The Cdninniiec mi Constitiiliun made its re|)ori at this iiicctiiijj and the 
report was adopted. I'nder tlic constitution tlie date of t'he election of officers 
was fi.xcd and nnder a sus|iension of tlie rules the followiiiir officers were elected 
lor the year: l''..\altcd Ruler. David II. Coinniai^cr ; Esteemed I.cadinp^ Kniq'ht, 
I'rank 1\. Wright: F.steeiued I. oval Knight. C. II. C.arwood : Hsteenied Lecturing; 
Knight. ("1. !l. Cole: Secretary. .Andrew Farqiiharson ; Treasurer, John ]'. Uron- 
son : Tiler. .\. l'>. r.rownlee; Trnstei's. IT. .\. Chase. Frank l.amkin. and 1'",. S. 

;\l the following- meeting-. Xovemher 1 ^ these officers were Installed and 
the I".xalted Ruler announced the following appointments: Fsqiiire. Ilarrv S. 
Howling: Inner Guard. \\\ J. (■.ilis; C'liaplain. I.ouis C.. Richardson: Organist. 
I'redcrick C. TTitclicock-. 

With the-e officers Toledo l.inlge >I;ivled 1 in ils tirsl \ear. which w-as to ho 
mixed with success and adversilw It is related li\- the older members of the 
T.odge that those were the days of anxietv for the i-iien-ihers. The state of the 
treasury was oftimcs one of dec]> concern with ilie memhership. but withal there 
was a spirit of fellow-ship and fralei-nal love tluil is fnund onh- in a Lodge slrug-- 
gling- for existence and everv meiniicr willing to make any sacrifice that the Lodge 
might live. Membership grew slowly at first luii soon after the members beg-an 
to take an interest in the increasing- membership, harder work was exerted and 
the I.odg-e began to expand and at the san-ie time maintairiiiig; a rcmarkablv high 

.-\fter the selection of the officers of the first \-ear the meeting night w-as 
definitely fixed as Sunday. 

W'ith the rapidly growing menibershi|) the T.odg-e decided to move to better 
rpiarters before it had finished its first vear anrl the Trustees were again directed 
to secure a location. Tn 1SS7 quarters were secured on Superior street, over wdiat 
was known as the Natmal Oas Office. These were furnished and the Lodg'c 
was soon etisconced in its new- home. This proved to be a good move on the 
part of the Trustees and the men-ibership soon was gi\-en an intpetus — not In 
natural ga.s — but in interest and numbers. 

The last meeting held on Sunda\- was on Decciuber 26. \RRG. at wdiich meet- 
insT the bv-laws were arnendcd (o make the meeting night Thursday, and such 
if has reniained ever since. 

On Thursda\-. Decemlicr 2(). 18S7. the nucleus of I'indlay Lodge w-as formed 
b\- the admission to metiibershin in Toledo Lodge of ten citizens of Findlay. 
Thev were active later in forming Findlav T.odgc. Toledo is therefore consid- 
ered as the .\lnia Mater of that Lodj^'c. if the tern-i can be so used here. On 
fanuarv 12. 188S, these members were initiated under a special dispensation 
granted for thai iiurpose. On March 1:;. 188S. the Findlay Lodge w-as insti- 
tuted b\- Toledo T,odgc. Tn Xovemher of the sai-ne xear the Lodge received its 
first visitation of the grand officers C.rand F.xalted Ruler Leach having made 
it a point In be iiresent at the niectiup-. TTe \\as received in nroncr forni and 
was eritertained li\ a gi-anil social session after the closing of Lodge. 

neath .-u this time entered the T od-e and laid its hand on Past Kxalte.l 
Ruler Tan;es M. TTueslon, the first h'xalteil Ruliv mi the Lodge and the firsr 
1(1 be called to the C.rand Lodge above. 

With v^irvine fortunes Toledo Lodge pursueil its wav, passing through all 
ilu' vicissitudes of F.lkdom. slrugg-ling for existence and withal steadily growing. 
When trouble threatened the grand organization and ilark clouds appeared on 
the horizon Toledo Lodge remained loyallv bv tie faction of the C.rand Lodge 



Capt. W. H. Cook, 

3„d Captain oi .he Famous Cherry Pickers. 


Tom;uo .\o. 53. 

ihat was evciiuiall)' declared lu be the Grand Lodye do I'acto. After the Detroit 
reunion and Grand Lodge meeting, ^\•hen troublous times appeared for lilkdom, 
Toledo Lodge was loyal and refused to be drawn into the contention in any way, 
recognizing the grand officers that were elected in the regular manner and re- 
fusing to attend the peace conference called for Buffalo. The representative 
to the Grand Lodge that year attended the meeting called at Atlantic City and 
witnessed the surrender ot the recalcitrants. 

About this time the building fever struck the Lodge and a Building Com- 
mittee was appointed with instructions to prepare plans for a building and inci- 
dentally suggest a plan for financing it. This committee was composed of' 
Brothers C. l'. -Wall, J. J. Stone, Charles Stager, L. G. Richardson and V. J. 
Lmmick. The committee was discharged after its first report and the idea of 
securing new quarters taken up, with the result that a floor in the new Gates 
building was secured and fitted up for lodge rooms. This was retained until 
the Lodge moved to its present quarters in the Valentine Building. 

When the session of the Grand Lodge was held at Cincinnati in 1896, some 
of the members of the Lodge advocated the idea of competing for the street 
parade prize. A squad was hastily thrown together and with cheap uniforms 
they went into the parade and carried off the prize. This was the birth of the 
famous Cherry Pickers, the drill squad which afterwards became known from 
ocean to ocean, a picture of which is elsewhere shown. 

The Cherry Pickers were so dubbed by a local newspaper man on account 
of the color of their uniforms. A peculiar shade of red was used and this was 
identically the color of the uniforms worn by the First Regiment of Lancers 
British Army, which is known as the Cherry Pickers. 

The Cherry Pickers, in their new uniforms, made their first appearance at 
Minneapolis, where, after an exciting contest, they won the first prize, a hand- 
some silk banner. Louisville Lodge was the only competitor of the Toledo 
squad at this time. The ne.xt battle was fought at St. Louis, where the Cherry 
Pickers and the Louisville squad met for blood. Both drill squads were trained 
to the minute and had been trained as athletes. Captain William H. Cook was 
in command of the Toledo company, with J- Harvey Wylie as First Lieutenant 
and William H. .Atwill as Second Lieutenant. The Louisville squad was under 
the command of Major Leathers, one of the finest drillmastcrs the South ever 
produced. He announced before the contest that in the event of his defeat it 
would lie his last appearance on the drill ground. The teams drilled in the 
Coliseum on a tanbark floor, and in a stifling dust, and the Cherry Pickers won 
a most exciting contest by two points. On the return of the Cherry Pickers 
a reception was given to them and the streets were densely packed with humanity. 
.\t Milwaukee tiie Cherry Pickers were defeated by Chicago by a margin of 
seven-eighths of one point. The Chicago squad was known as the Purple Guard, 
but was in reality the crack drill team of the Knights Templar which had been 
initiated in a bodv two weeks prior to the Grand Lodge meeting. Toledo took 
second in street parade and second in drill at Milwaukee, took first in drill and 
second in street parade at St. Louis, first in drill at Minneapolis and first in street 
parade at Cincinnati. .Ml the money won in these contests was turned into the 
treasury of the Lodge and was the foundation of the building fund of the Lodge. 

To this money was added some $14,000 derived from two carnivals and the 
building committee purchased a piece of property facing McKinley Square for 
$1^,000. on wliicli will be erected a handsome home. Plans for this Iniilding 
have Iwen drawn and arc in the hands of the building committee. 

Toledo Lodge has a membership of fioo and is. financially and numerically, 
in the best of condition. 


Toledo No. 53. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

HiiesloM, James M 1S86 — 

Commager. D. H 1886— 1887 

Hucston. James M 1887—1888 

Wade, B. F 1888— 188.J 

Kichardson, L. G 1889 — 1890 

Soutliard, James H 1890—1891 

Cole, G. H 1891— 1892 

Mc.Maken, \V. V 1892— 189J 

l.oimsbury, J. B 1893— 1894 

Ritcliie, Byron I" 1894 — 1895 

Stager, Charles [895 — 1896 

Daly, Martin B 1896— 1897 

Fogarty, Michael C 1897 — 1898 

Greene, Vincent I) 1898 — 1899 

HaskcU, William H 1899 — 1900 

Cook, William H 1900 — 1901 

Cochran, Ncgley D 1901 — 1902 

Xolan, Cornelius J 1902 — 1903 

Wright, Frank E. 
Richardson, Louis G. 
.Southard, James H. 
Cole, George H. 
.McMaken, William V. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Ritchie, Byron F. 
Stager, Charles. 
Daly, Martin B. 
Fogarty, Michael C. 
Greene, Vincent D. 

Haskell, William H. 
Cook, William H. 
Cochran. Negley D. 
Nolan, Cornelius J. 

Officers 1903-04. 

Hxalted Ruler William Bartley 

Est. Leading /f nig /i/. .William M. Bellman 

Est. Loyal Knight William J. Albrecht 

Est. Lecturing Knight. .William H. Schurtz 

Secretary Frank M. Heller 

Treasurer John M. Kelsey 

Tyler C. W. Seymour 

Esquire Fred H. Searles 

Inner Guard John J. Stone 

Chaplain Byron W. Dawley 

Organist P. T. Germane 


William Kelly, J. Harvey Wylie, 

W. M. Godfrey, James H. Pheatt, 

P. A. Garrigan. 

Abele, Herman J. 
Albanus, C. L. 
Albrecht, Fred C. 
Albright, O. A. 
Albrecht, William J. 
Allen, Robert. 
.-Mter, Albert N. 
Alter, George B. 
Alter, John P. 
Andrews, B. F. 
Ardner, John J. 
Armstrong, Ed. 
Arnsman, Edward E. 
Arnold, Alexander. 
Arnold, Garrett L. 
.\twill, W. H. 
Auer, George S. 
Ayling, Fred W. 

Baertschi, John. 
Bainbridge, F. W. 
Baker, Cassius F. 
Baker. R. .M. 
Baker, S. P. 
Baldwin. Charles A. 
Baldwin, R. U. 
Balsmeyer, John R. 

■ti Indicates Craiuj I.OfjRC Member. 
I Life Member. 

Roster, 1903. 

Barber, Jason A. 
Barry, Michael H. 
Barsch, A. J. 
Bartlett, Matthew. 
Bartley, William. 
Bay, Henry C. 
Beach, O. E. 
Beard, Charles A. 
Beard, Roland A. 
Beardsley, Ed. 
Beatty, William. 
Beck, J. W. 
Becker, Bernhard. 
Becker, Charles B. 
Beilstein, L. E. 
Bellman, William M. 
Benedict, Harry A. 
Bentley, Thomas. 
Bergin, William H. 
Binder, Adolf. 
Bingham, Nye S. 
Bissell, W. S. 
Black, Arthur. 
Blackman, Joseph .X 
Blair, Albert G. Jr. 
Blair, J. C. 
Blanchard. Dewey. 


Blanton, George W. 
Blum, Harry. 
Boice, Fred. 
Boldry. Ulysses T. 
Bollin, Oscar J. 
Bollmeyer, Fred J. 
Boone, George B. 
Bork, William H. 
Boyer, Oscar M. 
Brainard, E. J. 
Bramham, W. C. 
Brand, Adolph. 
Brand, C. Rudolph. 
Brand, Walter W. 
Bresnahan. Roger P. 
Breyman, Arthur E. 
Broer, Bernard F. 
Broer, Fred H. 
Broer, Wm. E. 
Bronson, J. P. 
Brown, C. S. 
Brown, Harry E. 
Brown, Stephen S. 
Brown, Willis F. 
Bryan, E. H. 
Buchanan, George B. 
Buckman, A. L. 


BuUd, William E. 
Biinert, Herman G. 
Biirdick, l.candcr F. 
Burg, Louis T. 
Burkley, Samuel C. 
Byers, C. A. 
Byrnes, J. H. 

Camp, D. W. Jr. 
Camp, Edwin L. 
Campbell, L. W. 
Campbell. W. W. 
Carew, John VV. 
Carew, William F. 
Carland, H. L. 
Cariand, John C. 
Carney, Si. J. 
Carrier, J. E. Adelbert. 
Carter, C. C. 
Cass, W. E. 
Cavanaugh, John. 
Chapman, Jay. 
Cheney, Herve M. 
Christian, H. VV. 
Clark, Addison J. 
Clark, Harry E. 
^Cochran, N. D. 
^Cole, George H. 
Conrad, Henry. 
Cole, Leander C. 
Conley, E. W. 
Conlisk, Clarence L. 
Cook, Dr. J. F. 
Cook, T. R. 
<rCook, William H. 
Cooney, James J. 
Cooper, Gabriel F. 
Copelin, I. W. 
Corbin, George C. 
Cotter, Dan. 
Couldwell, William. 
Covert, George F. 
Covert, William H. 
Cramer, Frank M. 
Crook, A. D. 
Cross, Ezra E. 
Crowe, John. 

Daeschner, Louis. 
Daiber, Henry F. 
Daiber, John Jr. 
Daley, James P. 
<rDaly, Martin B. 
Davis, William R. 
Dawley, Byron W. 
Dederich, Charles M. 
Degnan, Joseph P. 
Degnan, P. H. 
Demuth, A. M. 
Dence, C. S. G. 
De Vaux, Charles. 
De Wolfe, William T. 
Diethelm, ^lartin. 
Dischinger, Fred A. 
Doherty, T. D. 
Dohm, William R. 
Donovan, Dan C. 

Donovan, William F. 
Doren, lienry E. 
Douglas, J. A. 
Duwiing, P. H. 
Downing, Yuba E. 
Drake, Frank. 
• Drake, Rutherford C. 
Draper, Herbert D. 
Draper, John R. 
Drouillard, Curtis I. 
Duck, Jolin J. 
Dudley, G. C. 
Dunham, George C. 
Dunn, Bert A. 

Eckert, Edgar H. 
Edwards, L. F. 
El'tler, Jacob. 
Ellis, Henry C. 
Emmick, V. J. 
Enteniann, Charles E. 
Entemann, E. 
Eppstein, Albert. 
Eppstein, I. J. 
Eversman, E. A. 

Faller, Alfred A. 
Felker, H. R. 
Fichtenkam, G. W. 
Fike. J. B. 
Finlay, William J. 
Fisher,^ William H. 
Fisk, Sebring C. 
Planner, D. D. 
fFlory, Louis E. 
Fluhart, Harry. 
"Fogartv, Michael C. 
Fowler, 'H. R. 
Frame, Jacob. 
Franc, Harry L. 
Freeman, Fred. 
Frise, Garry C. 
Fuller, Rathbon. 

Gage, Eugene W. 
Gallagher, .Andrew. 
Galloway, Joseph P. 
Gamble, Burton O. 
Garand, F. N. 
Garrigan, Philip A. 
Gashe, William A. 
Gaughan, Charles S. 
Gaughan, Samuel. 
Gaughan, W. E. 
Gaynor, T. D. 
Geleerd, Myer. 
Geleerd, William. 
Gendron, Adolph J. 
Germane. P. T. 
Geroc, W. B. 
Gcrtz. Ernest T. 
Gettuni. Paul. 
Geyser. William. 
Gifks, R. J. 
Gilsford, George J. 
Gilsdorf, Matt J. 
Givens, Charles H. 

Glazier, Harry. 
Gluck, Arthur V.'. 
Godfrey, William M. 
Goodall, Peter H. 
Gouldcu, George M. 
Gouldcn, Thos. J. 
Goulct, Ed. J. 
Grady, Michael E. 
Graham, Jesse. 
Graham, Micliael. 
Graniling, Ferd L. 
Grasser, Ed. J. 
Graves, C. L. 
Greene, J. T. 
*fGreenc, Vincent D. 
Greincr, S. S. 
Groenewold, B. 
Grosswillcr, Joseph F. 
Gruber, Fred. 

Haack, Henry. 
Hall, Charles H. 
Hall, Charles M. 
tHammond, H. G. 
Hanks, J. G. 
Hanner, David. 
Hanner, Louis. 
Harlan, Harold E. 
Harley Edward M. 
Harriman, Jolui C. 
Hasenaucr, J. H. 
iSHaskell, William H. 
Hayes, John M. 
Heesen, Alfred J. 
Heller, Frank M. 
Helm, Henry. 
Henahan, Patrick. 
Henzler, C. J. 
Herrman, John G. 
Heyn, Edwin W. 
Hill, William W. 
Hills, Elden W. 
Hipp, Charles A. 
Hirssig, C. C. 
Hiscy, Walter H. 
Hitchcock, F. G. 
Hodge, William R. 
Hoehler, F. C. 
Hoffer. H. E. 
Hoffman, Chris A. 
Hoffman, G. W. 
Hofman, Albert L. 
Hofman, Joseph. 
Hone, Parks. 
Hopkins, G. R. 
Horan, Cliarlcs W. 
Horan, James H. 
Hnbbell, William S. 
Huber. Joseph C. 
Hudson, A. E. 
Huebner, H. E. 
Huff, John L. 
Huffman, James V. 
Hunker, Andrew A. 

Ingalls. Fred F. 
Irvine, Arthur W. S. 


ToLKno No. 53. 

Jackman, John. 
Jackson, George A. 
Jacobs, Leo. 
Jacoby, Peter M. 
Jones, Jolni C. 
Jones, William. 
Just, Charles E. 

Kaufmann, Nathan. 
Keller, August F. 
Keller, Julius G. 
Kelly, W. A. 
tKclsey, Jolin M. 
Kerlin, R. G. 
Ketchani, George H. 
Kelcham, V. H. 
Kettenring, C. H. 
Ketfenring, Ransom. 
Kettenring. William A. 
Kiger, W. H. 
Kind, Richard. 
Kinkade, R. R. 
Kiiuicy, Guy W. 
Kirchmaicr. G. A. 
Kirkbride, Thomas E. 
Kirkliy, James E. 
Klauser, A. E. 
Klauscr. Herman R. 
Klives. Otto F. 
Klotz. Peter. 
Knierim. Justus V. 
Koehler, Gustav. 
Kohlcr, W. P. 
KcHitz, W. Marry. 
Kraus, L. J. 
Kraus, Wm. I,. 
Kulilmann. A. R. 
Kunz, J. P. 

Laden. I.ouis H. 
Lamkin, Frank. 
Ivandman, C. P. 
Landman, Ralph B. 
I^andman, W. W. 
Laney. James S. 
F.aug. Fred. 
Langan. James. 
Lannen, Edmund J. 
Lavin, Sylvester M. 
Law. O. B. 
Lawrence. Fred A. 
Lease, M. A. 
Lehncrtz. Jacob A. 
Lehnertz. Jac T. 
I.cibius. Herman W. 
Lcmieux. Louis. 
Lempcrt. Morris H. 
Lcpplcman. I. C. A. 
Lewis. D. J.' 
l.ichtie. Louis. 
Lock. E. n. 
Loesser. Paul A. 
Longfellow. R. C. 
Longnccker. J. M. 
l.oomis. William S. 
I.orenz, George E. 
Lorenz, Henry L. 

Losce, Frank B. 
Love, Lawrence. 
Lynn, Roy S. 
Lyon, F. A. 

McBain. W. E. 
McCahan, Clyde G. 
McCauley, Chas. G. 
McComb. H. G. 
McDonald. A. K. 
McFarland, W. H. 
McGettigan. John. 
McGlone, T. W. 
McGrath, John R. 
McHcnry, Charles S. 
McKenzie, J. W. 
McKinney, C. W. 
McKiniiey. J. T. 
McLaughlin, J. A. 
Ml;^L^han, .-\ngus. 
McALihoM, T. j. 
Mc^Laho^, H. L. 
McMahon, James W. 
6.McMakcn. Wm. V. 
McManus, James F. 
McNerncy, P. T. 

ALacBroom, J. C. 
Machen, Aug. W. 
Maher, Corn. H. 
Malone, Joseph A. 
Malone, Michael J. 
Manns. Jolm. 
Mason. L W. 
Afason, Iza Z. 
Mayhcw. John V. 
Mayo. William. 
Mcnsing, Her. R. 
Merrill, H. A. 
Messinger, R. E. 
Mettler, Peter J. - 
Micheltree, Joseph. 
Millard. Irwin I. 
Miller, Charles F. 
Miller, George F.. Jr. 
Miller, Joseph A. 
Miller, William. 
Mills, C. H. 
Mills, W. A. 
Miniger, Clem O. 
Mitchell. Rowland J. 
Mohr, Frank A. 
Mock, J. H. 
Mooney. Jos. J. 
Moore. George E. 
Morrow. I. M. 
Mulholland. F. L. 
Mulholland. John. 
Murphy, P. jos. 
Murphy, Thomas H. 
Myers, Chas. H. 
Myers, John W. 

Nathan, Nathan. 
Newton, J. C. 
Newton. John V. 
Nilcs, Frank B. 


Nordlingcr, W. S. 
Nohl, John A. 
Nolan, Corn. J. 
Nolan, William J. 
Nolen, John D. 
Norton, L. C. 
Norton, M. M. 
Nuhfer, William S. 
Niissbaum, Ben. 

O'Brien, Thomas V. 
O'Donohue, P. J. 
O'Dwyer, Edward. 
O'Dwyer, John A. 
O'Dwyer, Kevin. 
Osgood, Fred S. 

Patterson, H. J. 
Patterson, Wm. E. 
Pearlstein. Joseph. 
Persons, Fred R. 
Pheatt. James H. 
Phelan, Pierce J. 
Pliilipps, Paul A. 
Pickett. Stephen J. 
Pilliod, James E. 
Pixlev, C. H. 
Phmkett, Edward H. 
Popp. Joseph. 
Poulin. John B. 
Prescott. Albert H. 
Prue. Charles A. 
Purccll, W. E. 

Raljbitt, James E. 
Rabbitt, Michael M. 
Rabbitt. P. H. 
Raitz, Robert. 
Rapparlie. Jacob. 
Rassell, E. C. 
Rassell. N. W. 
Ravmer. John D. 
Reed. Oliver C. 
Rees, Owen C. 
Rcillv, A. A. 
Reilly. Hugh. 
Remele, Joseph. 
Rensch. Anton. 
Richards, Her. B. 
i^Richardson, Louis G. 
Rieg. Philip S. 
Riley. Thomas E. 
■tfRitchie, Byron F. 
Roberts. .Mfred H. 
Roberts, Walter H. 
Robertson. W. A. 
Rodgers, John A. 
Roemer. Charles W. 
Roemer, Samuel R. 
Rooney, James Jr. 
Rooney. William E. 
Rothenburger, C. E. 
Ruhl, George W. 
Rumsey. J. D. 
Russell. John F. 
Ryan. George E. 
Simon, Edward P. 

Toi.Kix) No. 53. 

St. John, Nelson B. 
St. John, Rollo. 
Salsbury. M. Elwood. 
Salter, R. H. 
Saltonstall, William II. 
Sanger, Sigmund. 
Savage, William E. 
Sawkins, Charles A. 
Sawkins. Edward A. 
Schaal, Fred C. 
SchacfFhold, Xavier. 
Schillingcr. Frederick. 
Schmidt, Philip. 
Schmitt. Theodore. 
Schragenheim. S. 
Schurtz. William H. 
Scott, Edwin W. 
Searle, F. H. 
tScymonr, Charles W. 
Shea, Michael. 
Sheehey. Joseph P... 
Slieppey. Marshall. 
Shifley, I. J. 
Shirley, Oliver H. 
Shugar, John G. 
Shuncjc. Hugh F. 
Simmons, George H. 
Sinclair. George G. 
Slack. T. .Arnold. 
Smith, James. 
Solon, John T. 
Southard. Burton. 
^Southard. James H. 
Spear, William J. 
Stager, Albert W. 
t^Stager. Charles. 
.Stalker. John D. 
Starr. Samuel E. 
Steenberg. J. M. 
Stevens. Charles F. 
Stewart, R. W. 
Stollberg, Charles. 

Stollberg, Fred J. 
Stone, John J. 
Strausz. .Mcx Jr. 
Streicher. Henry P. 
Strobel, Charles J. 
Stuart, Jolui B. 
Sulliran. M. C. 
Sumner, Charles E. 
tSutton, William W. 
Swindcman, George 1.. 

Taylor, Josiah W. 
Tennev. William A. 
Thacher. Add Q. 
Thompson, H. B. ^ 
Thomson. Frank G. 
Ticrnan. J. J. 
Tillotson. H. C. 
Tonson, George W. 
Toomey, John E. 
Torgler, Ernest R. 
Trabbic, F. H. 
Traufler. H. A. 
Trier. Frank E. 
Troop, William A. 

Uhl. Joseph F. L. 

Van Driescn, A. C. 
Van Noorden, L. 
Van Vleck. L. C. 
Volk. Louis. 
Vollmayer. T. J. 
Vortriede. H. C. 

Waite. Perry W. 
Wall. Christ F. 
W.illick. London T. 
Warren. H. J. 
Watkins. Geoic(e W. 
Watkins. W. H. 
Weaver. Chas. L. 
Webster. Holland C. 

Weier, Jacob M. 
Weigclc, Jay F. 
fWcirman, William C. 
Welbon, William G. 
Welkcr, L. G. 
Wellman, E. J. 
Wendt. August F. 
Werner, George J. 
Wernert, Joseph A. 
West, Robert J. 
Whalen, J. R. 
Whelan, James J. 
Whelan, M. 
Whipple, F. C. 
White, John S. 
Widell, W. F. 
Wilkins, Arch M. 
Wilkins, George B. 
Wilkins, John A. 
Wilkinson, C. G. 
WiUard. C. H. 
Williams, Jesse J. 
Williston. John C. 
Wilson, H. H. 
Witker. Edward H. 
Wittman, John H. 
Witzlcr, A. J. 
Wolfman, Frederick H. 
Wood, Fred A. 
Woods, J. T. 
Worts, Chivington. 
Wortsmith. Frank. 
•frWright. Frank E. 
Wyatt, Charles. 
Wylie, James H. 

Yost. Charles A. 
Yost, John H. 
Yost, Joseph L. 
Young, George R. 

Zeigler, Joseph. 
Zipfel. Edward C. 

Our BbstM Brothers. 

Hueston. James M. 
Dougherty, G. Frank. 
Norton, Henry G. 
Chase, Charles A. 
Billingslea, .'Viva M. F. 
Wade, Kingslev B. 
Reals, Frank W. 
Block, Edward J. 
Monroe. Harry I. 
Young. Louis A. 
Friedrich. Julius. 
Schmidt, John N. 
Morganthaler, John G. 
Walters. Thomas T. 

Flanagan. Howard. 
Gerkins. Edward E. 
Wallace. Robert J. 
Stager. Frank J. 
Whitaker. Charles J. 
Nolan. William B. 
Farqubar^on. .'Xudrcw. 
Baumlnch. Herman. 
Todd. Frederick A. 
Tones. Charles H. 
Grischott. Sininn. 
Miller. John R. 
Koch. Josenh. 
Gleason. .Alfred W. 
Hnppe. Henry. 


Hanner, Charles. 
McLean. Thos. H. 
Carew, William M. 
Kountz, Frederick J. 
Faller, Edward M. 
Gilsdorf, Michael J. 
Wright, John B. 
Slrasbcrger, Lewis. 
Raitz. Bcniamin. 
Dowling. Harrv S. 
Griffin, Cbas. P. 
Richmond. Henry J. 
Potter, Joel. 
Ravelle. James T. 

\\ II I I \ \i M. r.i;i.iM A.\. 
U.i..kk-.ip<i Sh.iu Krii.lall (.■ 

\\ II I I \ M 1'. \l; II I \ . 

Ii.\allr,l Kuhi. 

Clerk Si. I. vV W. r,, l--. Ol'lKT 

Will l,\.\l J, Al-KKIX'UT. 

I\.<l,-i-iiu-il l.oyal Kiii:^lil. 
I'Miiirai-liiit; I'aiiiUT- 


Esteemed l.eelKiiiii; Kin_^l:l. 
Meat and Milk liispccior. 


l-"k\.\k M. 1Ii:li.i:u. 

^I't )V((I/-_V. 

Legal Xeus Printing Otfice. 

'I'm, I'm I Xn. 3^. 

iMii.ii 11. Si;.\i;i i:. 


Sniil M..n,irili M I'k. Cn 

John M. Kelsky. 
Bookkeeper Ohio S. B. & T. C 

JuMN .1 SuiNi:. 
Illlirr {'iUilrd. 


1 )U. r.M<(l\ W |),\VMi;\. 

Phvsiciaii and Surgeon. 

W II. Sai.kinstai.i,. 
Killy \- Sallniist.ill, 
I Ir.ul l'rii|irifiiir,s. 

i\ III I \\i A. Kii I \ . 


Ki-lly &■ S.ilbiiiM.ill. IImu-1 l'n.|if 

Phil. A. 

Garrigaii Bnis., Cmitractors. 

I... I IS i;. 

U, lllhri / 1/1,;;;, ,■ ( "III mi/ hW 
I., v.. I'U'iy & C . I)c|il. Store. 


T AuNni.n Si .\CN 


'r.ivcrn ilolcl. 

l-i; \\ K j- S lAl.lK. 

111., I I'Mi^ Ji. iSiiS. 

I.iu IS 1 1 \ \ \i;u. 

Tlir I'.iiiu" Tlii'Mlrc .nnl C:ilo. 


Til m;i,i.> I Ia \ Ml;. 
|)m-.1 Sipl J'l. i'ii"i 

Miiriihy X- I'lul.cM. 

\lln|-|U\ ■.-.11- l.;m 

Ik VN I^ I.. Al I l.llulJ A.M., 



■|'r.i\ ilin.L; S;il(;^iii,iii, 

S. I-:, Sjauu. I). I), s., 

W Ai iiu II llisi:v. I). D. S.. 

SiMck Hi-Mkii-. 
M.iiKi.yri' l-,m|iirf Tlu'.'ilrr 

Jiisi;i'i[ ri;.\i(i.sii;i.N. 

Stage Manager 

\'alcmiiic Theatre. 

Jamks li. Kiuisi:\ . 
'I'lieatrical Agent. 


Tii;.i:iiii \'(i 

I r, \. I,i I I'M \l \N. 

Sri'U'I:ii\ ;inil 'rrr;i>tiri-r 
Tin- T'lii-f iliil;nril I 'nni|i ( '■ 

l\. St. Jiifix. 

W licik-iilc aiul RcKiil 

r.jal :iml C'l.Uc. 

hill-. I 

\l i; 1 »' 
1 Ilral.T 

I-:. II I'm NkKi 1\ 

Ciii'c :iiul S^miplc RoMiu. 

Blis=fu-I(l. MicIk 

I..II n. 11. I..m.i;n. 


Ci\ \i;i I > I I. I'lM I N . .Ii-- 
The l'i\Ii> S.iU- aihl l.->U (, 

S. .1. l'iL'ki:iT, 


Till. I I'll Xii. T_;. 

W'li.iiAM (i. \\ i:i.i»i.\. 
Tr.ivcliiiff Aiiflil'ir 
The Fiiilay Brcvviiit; (.' 

\\'ll.l.l-\,\l .1, I'lM.AV. 

riiL I'liil.iv lin.'\\in,L; L'l 

I.IIUIS \'llLK. 

The [•'inlav Brcuinjr Ci 

1 1 i:m;\ I Iaack. 
'I'hi.- Kiiilav BiiAviiij; Ci 

Cl\ \i;] i;s A. I I IIT. 

'I'rav rliiii: Salr-inau 

The l-'iiila> lireuiiij; Ci 

Toi,i:iMi \ii. :; ^. 

\|...l , f I I'lU \MI. 

Til,- I .r.i--.i-r \ lliancl I'.ku iiii,' C'^ 

I li..\ us I'.. I I ri:i:M.i;, 
I luclmur I'.rcu iiii: Co. 

W 1 1 \!I|;\ l\n\ I/. 


l'.;uk>Ar l'...illnii; W nrk 

John I \i;i.\iK. 
I 'n-lilrlll 


\|:nl I III MilU, 

Slip: ;m(l I \\\ w iii:i>ut 

Tin I'llll.lV I '.1 r\\ lllv; I 't 

"iii.iliK I Xii. r : 

CiKIIHCi; I,. Su INIil'.M AX. 

TiMvcliiis SalcsiiKiii 
TliL Union Supply Cunip;in> 

.|csi:i',l U. Ill i:: 

IImIkv ^; :v:n. 

.Mc-:clin. Tiil .; 

\\ II I 1 \ \l S III l;l:l.l I.. 
Si-.!.';,i) \ .11:. I Tria-iiuT 
']], I ir.' Ill Snppl\ l.'"iiip:iny. 

I'.MI. (JICTTl .\1, 
McrchaiU Tailor. 

.loM I'll /li;i.l.l,K'. 

Mi-i rli.iii; Tailor. 


riii.i;n(i Xn. 5_v 

Rill \Mi \i; 1 II I i; 111 .Mill. 

I I S. W.ill.nclKc X- t'.i, 

( "aiu 1 ;i! liiviiraiU'L'. 

j \\ii;s li. 1 Ian ks 


The TnU-ilci liK-.uiili-i-i'iu l.iiilii d 

t'n.\ki.i> Hi:ai;ii. 
TiMviliiii; Sali'siii;in. 

JijiiN D. Ravmkk, 


Tile Raymer Dairy Co. 


\\ ii.iiAM !•'. SwAia;. 

\icc I'll.- and Mngr. 

The Iiiiperial I'.raiii & Milling Co. 

<•■< !■■ Mil I i;,;, .li; 


l-.K-nih- \liy^ C. 

\\ II I I \ M .M ;i ; ' u 

1III.M X... 3;,. 

.\'\i: S. r>i.\(.iiA\i. 
K' .iiiil Is:n Mm, 
t'.uint ilni.di t'liv 111 T'ili-cli 

(.'. II, \\ ii,i..\i<:i, 

I 'iMllMi 1. 

t,". 'iMi«-ilii:;iii t'iiv "1 T-'ii'i!' 

jiiH S II \\ I I I MAN. 

inn Tiu ii.iMiii I'. ;; r. !.'■ 

I'm II l.,\M. 

( ill uiK-w nil! 1,^: I ..iiig. 


I'll i;\ \KI) Gum .■^1 VMM |i. 

I ,1 iirll(A\ iilil X I. .111'^. l'llMllli(.-l 

(. '■ iiiiifiliiiiiii .11 l.aiiif 

iii.iax,' No. 5_^. 

D. W. Camt. .Ik, 

Scci'Cl.iiy anil Trc.i.^urcr 

Tlic Tnli-do I'.r.nii & Millins C'. 

(.'iiuNLi.irs II. M.\iii:k, 

i'nlcili' 1 lilMK' Tl.k-|)Ili>HC C'l 

l'.ii\\ i.\ I,. lA \i r, 
Tlu T-l.-.l.. Crair. \ Millin- C. 

A. I.. Bilk. MAN. 
I-"I<.'C. l-'.iiRi. & Supl. Eqni|>iiieiit 
'I'nlctlo lluiuc Telephone Cu. 


O .1. llnl.l.l.N. 

The TMleij.. CiMiii & Milling Co. 

tii.i:i)i I 

J. A. McI.ALGin.iN. 

Capl. Police 

1 'en 11 sylvan 11 Cunipanv . 

I .cil l> I 1 Mseii M n. 

K.iilr..,Ml Cl.Tk 

I'l :;;i-\ l\ ::iiia C'iiii|Miiy. 

IV T. .\k-.\'i:KM:\. 

'I'oK.l.i Si. no X Ollk-C ImMUIC I'll. 


.l.i.-i:i'ii !•;. Siii:i;iii;v. 
A"i Ca-hi.T 
(' II X |) Uailuav r 

Tii; i:iiii \'ii. 


Died A\igust iS. 1902. 

R(igi:r p. Bresnahan. 
1,'alclicr Xnlinnal League. 
Xeu \\«-k Bn^c Ball Chili. 

KiiiiKKT Kait/. 
nil Rail/ &■ C'ninii.iny. 

\k\is W. Caki.w . 
Citv Dcleciivc 
Cilv of Tolcilo. 


\\ II.LlAM 1". CaUKW. 

l."are\v Delective .Akcir-.v. 

Ill I. II l\i::i-i ^ 

i.',ipi. Imic I )c|iarliiKiii 

Ciiv of T.lloil.i. 

William Ma\ci. 

Chief I'irc ncpanmcnl 

Cilv ..f T.ilcdo. 

j T-iLLK Giii.r.xi;. 
Cii> l-!Kclnci;ni 
Cnv ni ■|',,1,-(|.,. 

AL.,L^^ !•'. Ki:lli;k, 

.Mciiil)ci Fire Departniciil. 

City of Toledo. 


I-: I). i.MCK. 

Chief luiKinceL 
Tole.!.. W.iUL WoLk.. 

I'r.u cliiii; SiiU-^ 

Iv \\ IIai .Mii;iiii.i:, 

Diali-r in 

Slci'i Fiiniilu) u. 

Tiii.iaKj X'l 

\\ N I.IAM )•;. I'.IIM 

I )il ( )|JL-nil..r 

JACiii; I'j I i.KK, 
.Mi'lolKT- & I'lrtKr. 
U'linlo'ialf l.i(|ii(ir>. 

I'i;i !■ l-'i;i i:.\i AN, 
ri.iM-liiiy S.ik-in.iii, 


l'.nM:sr l-'.\Ti M \\ . 

\\'liiiU--.ilr .mil Rci.mI 

\alivc W'nu^. 

A. Douglas 


Akiiilk W. Gllck, 

Tnn-eliiig Srilt>man 

Pcrlcctioii Slirist Waist Co. 

ii.i:i»' \'i 

MiiiiAi:! I ("(II ^iiMiui , 

I lud Sr|iUinln 1 J4. |i)<ll 

l'"i;i:ii C Ai.iiKixiiT, 

Mathias J. r.ii.siHiki'. 

Clonk Buyer. 
Xculiausci Brothers. 

I .i:iiii(.i; .1. I .ii.snoKi', 


l-'lil,.\U J. \\i:i.l.M.\N 

Bi.lly & Wcllinau. 

I'liiriiii \n. ,^, 

kiMiKUT J. \\'i;sT, 

See. l.fuiRT. \\\-si &■ Terry Co.. 

W hnk-ali- .111,1 RiM.iil Cci.-il. 

I-'ki;ii \ I )iSLin.\i.Ki;. 

I l.n il\ & I )i-cliiii,i;ci'. 

Mill Siipiilic-. 

.MiCH.M'L II, B.\i<in . 
Slew .'trd 

I'Kink. .Sen II I.I .M.Ki;. 
. riu- .S.-hilliiiyvr I'.n.v. 
1 'a\ in.Li C"">iii I ;k1i>i>. 

I '.I mKi.I. C. C'ipHKI.V. 


I'm I. A. I,iii:ssi:n. 

Mol ',r:iili i*i l.cK'<>cr. 



li:i<M.\N j. A 111:1,1:. 

Huston & Co. 

' \ 1 Ml k II K M'.r.i I I . 
The \l X- S.uiv C 

MiciiAKi. M Kai;i:iit. 
TIk- M. kabhiti ,;;■ Snii^ C. 

J.\.\ii;s I'".. K M:i;ri r, 


The M. K.ililiin \ Si.n, f. 

Ill Mil I ^ li. I!i:cm:u. 
Mil ihaiil. 


H l". liKui:u, 
Ca oilier 
imnonil Coiniiany. 

jiiHN Manns, 
Tho T..U-,l,i Slar Bniiling Wmk 

I'll nil' SciiMiiiT. 
rr..|ir. (.'ily Uniilini; Work 
Mineral W.iliT Manir-. 

l-'.ii\\ Aicn M. !•" \i i.i;u. 

All A. I" M.i.i;i;. 
Reslam Mill. 


Tiii.i:i)(i Xii. -^ 

l''i<i:iii:uK-K S ( )s( 


<'.. Sihiillcr. C..:il .iiul Uc. C. FiSK. 

Depmy Treasurer 

1.110,1 ~ Cnuiuv. 

Ji'iiN \ .\i;uTu.\. \'. S.. 
ShcrilT .,1" l.iicis e'MUiiiv. 

I \ \KR\ R, I'rm 1 ru 
I' I'.iigineer 

W IM.I.VM ] 1. I'.uUK. 

A-^i^l.iiii \iulii<ir. 
Cilv .if Tdetln. 

I HIIH I \'l 1. T ^, 

I I-.. AiPi;i-i'.i:i;T C.\i<i<ii:i. 

'I'llv M. I. W'llcnx Co. 

Ill.Kl A 1)1 NX. 

Tr.n c!!!)!; S.'ili'-iii.Tii 

I'hr .\l. I Wllcn.N C.i 

l"i;i:ii K. 1ni..\i.i.s. 
The M. I. Wllcn.v C.v 


l .\ssn s P. B.vNKu. 
'rr.ivolinj; S.ilc> 
Tlic .\l I W llou.N Cn 

T'HiiMi Ni 

Ai I ui h J I li i>i;n. 

JmM I'll r I". M-IOW.W. 

Mr-. 1".. S;h1.t. 

.1 \MI.S J. W nil AS. 


l'.in|iii"i' I.1IH-, 

jniiN M. II\m:s. 

Pro^iilciU mill'r 

ll:iycs MiiMC Cn_ 

\i I Ki 1. M. I iiMirn. 

W li..K-.ilc I'rini. 

(.■..iiiiiil--i"n MiTch.iiu \ rroilncc. 

il.l'hii \i 

I I \\ ll.l.l \ \is. 
II. .Ill l'i-..]iriiiiir. 

\\ ii.i.i.wi !■'. \\ nil I I.. 

['■;., l<v. TIk' W hUII 1I..U' 

'I'uiki-ii I'.iilli-. 

lUM W \i - I.KMlll. S. 
;. K li.iKii X- Cii. 

I U\ C..I II K, 

\l-c.. 11111:1111. 

1 '.r> I \\ l\iii:iii IK, 
Mil-:.- 'I\ T. 


J.;i; J. M.i.xrv, 

A-si. Si:i;i.' .M:in:igcr 

■.cl i;,';i Mm: ;:'.l l.ik- In-. (' 

NiMUsiiN (J. 'I'll \eiii i;, 
1 liver ;muI C"nir.-ictiir. 

\. (.' \' AN I )kii:si:n. 
Kvm! I'.-i.iii .Mill lii-in.-iiui.-. 


TdI.i'.ik) No. :;^. 

Pktkr ^t. jAConv. 
l)op:nliiH'iU SiiMe, 

r.i.iikc.i:. i\. lloi'KiNS. 
Ilii|,kiii,' Cixdil l)c|)'l llniise 

r.idkc.r: S. Ai r.K. 

rix^iiK III 

'I'ht Aucr Rtgi.ilLT Comiiiiiiy. 

t'rui IS I. I )i;iprii.i..,i;i 
lulUT.ll Slnif. 

Ij ic Micliigan. 

l{n\\.M;ii l". AuNSMA>r, 

Cilv S:ilcsin;iii. 

lailioiir X Smu, l.uinlioi. 

W'lLiiAM S. Xuuri;i(. 

TIk' Soluink-M:iH|ii.w"(lt Co., 


1 1. J. I\mti;i;,siin. 
II. DLiuciltr. l'',;l:ilc. 

1 1 \i;\ i:\ A. Tkai.'i'i.kk. 

Oil W oi-kci-. 

C'lMii; Oil Coini).ciiy. 

i'lll.l{ll( I .\'( 

I'lli'M.SS J. Cnri.hliX. 

Im-Ii. Oystii^ ,111(1 Game. 

jiMiN D. St.alki:h, 

IV'Icdii Ucliing Co. 

W -M.Ti.n I-.. ('..\i i,n.\.^ 

i'.i:"m..i; M. ('.ori.m;.\, 
l'"i-h. ( )y^tcr-i .iiul (".aiiic. 

J. W. .MlKi.wii:. 
M.iiiiil'.iclnicr I.L'.illici- Ucltuis; 


T'lLlilK! No. 5_^. 

l-.iiwAnii A. Sawkins. 
I\:iihv:iv Postal Clerk. 

\\\ KINCI C' XllKTiiN, 

C i;\ Salt-man. 
Tlir r.l--rll ('..llip. 

lll.KlaaiT II. \\ II.SCIN. 

W lUmi \' I'lacM.'. 
FiiMcral Diicclors. 


r.KiiKi.i; I£. Rnan. 

Peerless l.aiiiulrv. 

I'.l ^ 1'. W'KM.r. 

W . Mill Cv: Raiiscli l.'c>. 


IiHI.N \'. M.WIIKW. 


J.\Mi;s Smii u. 

.\k-niliei ['"ire l\|i;n Iniciil 

Ciiv nf 'I'oK.lo. 

(1, II SlIIUI.KV. 
Ilivcr .111(1 Ciiiilrnctor. 


Caul I,. Ai.iia.vus, 


Xalional Cash Register Co. 

k M i; \Kii.-. 

\\"ll..l, C..:il^ 


M. C Si 1,1 IVAN. 

Su|iiriiiii niliiil 
IruiivilU- D.nk &■ I' (.'|..iii> 

iii,i:iii 1 Ad. 

'I'llllMAS I). I'lAVNdK, 

("i.'iynor Rroiliors. 
l.'i;j::ir Ojalcrs. 

I , 

Dun-,-. .nil. X C 

I lui; X I-. I'.r \t II . 

Tr.l\"cl:M'^ S.lli -III.MI 




~ W . I|..i;as, 

\" r.iiii|i.iin . 

'I'iii.i:n(i \'ci 

.InSKfii M. MciKKiiu, 


riio [•"arm. 

Josni'fi Poi'i', 

PrcsidciU and Manager, 

Till- Topp I, ivory S: Coach Co. 

Jiisri'PI I Inl MAN, 
Cull l'".n,!;:iuiT. 

II.AHUV !■■.. Cl.Mils. 

I' Cl.iwii 
'(hR-cr CNmn .\'i 'vch ic- 


Tdi i:ii(i .\'<i. 3^. 

j 'I'. K.w i.i-i.i;. 
Diut) .Viiiiiist iS, 1903. 

Ill Ku'll MdMI. 

Difti J;imiar\' 14. 1903. 

History of Voungslown Lodge No. 55. 

A.\I().\C. tile- pidniiiiciu li><li;cs cif the iHUcvdlcnt and I'mtictivc ( )r(lcr of 
l''.lks in ( )liic> none occupies a iiiurc exalted piisiiion than \'imn!^sl(j\vn 
l.iiiliL^e Xi). 35. Tlie liidgc was instituted October 23, ibl.Si). by Craiul 
lixalled Ruler Daniel E. Kelly of Baltimore Lodge Xu. 7 with a ciuirter list of 
(m, rei)resenting prominent professional and business men of the city, among 
whom were. Clatc A. Smith, Charles J.iel)man. C. J. Smith, Harry Hewett, James 
r. Wilson, C. M. Shart'er, Eugene Rook, J. J. llamman. [. Hd Leslie, I-'rank Mc- 
C"ay, W. J I. Adams, J. C. I'.rennan, D. (j. Evans, H. l! Preston, I). JrL Arnold 
and others whose names cannot now be recalled. The ceremonies were con- 
cludetl at midnight by the installation of the following charter officers: 

]ixalted Kuler, Clate A. Smith; Esteemed Leading Knight, A. J. Woolf; 
Esteemed Loyal Knight, Eugene Rook; Esteemed Lecturuig Knight, J. P. 
Wilson ; Secretary, Charles J. Smith ; Treasurer. Samuel Connell ; Tyler, D. H. 
.Arnold. The last named having continued tniinterruptedly in office during the 
.-seventeen years the lodge has existed. .Modest quarters were secured and fur- 
nished and for the first five years tlie lodge iiad a checkered existence, the sur- 
render of its charter for a time being feared by reason of a lack of finances to 
pi-operly sui)])ort and keep up the organization. I'ortunateh the executive 
staff was com])osed of men who had never scored a failure and u ith the few mem- 
bers they went down into tiicir pockets and placed the lodge on a sul)stantial 
financial basis and it may be said to their credit that it has never retrograded. 
While some other lodges of the Order have been compelled to surrender their 
charters and afterwards reorganize, Yoimgstown has ever been i)rogressivc and 
active. Much of this success is due to the fact that it has been fortunate in hav- 
ing Executive officers, who liave at all times worked for the success of the 
organization, and in building up the membershi]) the object aimed at has been 
(|uality and not quantity. 

While the lodge had for several years as tine (piarters as any secret society 
in the city, the rapidly increasing membership demanded larger and more suit- 
able quarters for their greater comfort, convenience and entertainment, and so 
about tw'O years ago it was decided unanimously by the members that the lodge 
should have a home of its own that should be a credit to it and to the great 
world of Elkdom. The Elks Building Company was organized in Xovembcr iqoo. 
with a capital of $30,000 and it is worthy of note that every dollar of the 
stock was taken bv the members shortly after the books were opened for sub- 
scriptions. In addition to this the lodge had accumulated fimds from benefits atid 
entertainments given at various times and from other sources, amounting to 
$10,000. A lot was purchased commanding a magnificent view of the city for 
$11,500 and i)Ians promptly prepared and contract awarded for the erection 6f 
one of the finest Elk Club buildings in the Ignited States. Excellent progress was 
made on the building during its construction and when dedicated. October 23, 
1902. the sixteenth anniversary of the Lodge, it rejiresented an investment of 
fully $90,000 all contributed by the members of Xo. 35. The following arc the 
officers of the Elk Building Company, incorporated Xov. loth. irpo: 

President. John P. Hazlett : Vice President. Edmond fl. Moore; Secretary. 
1'. A. Simpkins": Treasurer. Clark H. Kennedv : Dircctnrs. Rand;dl Alontgomery. 
I'.il. I-".. Miller. Chas. T. Little. Cms A. Docright. Thomas 1*.. Cmnell. Clatc A. 

In addition |o the fact that the Building Comjiany is composed altogether of 
members of the Lodge, the architects and contractors for the construction of the 
various parts of the building are also its members, and the superior excellence of 


\'(>r.\(',ST((\\ N Xii. 35. 

tlic work done by ihcm attests not only tlic intcrcsicdnoss fell by ihcni ;is lilks, but 
justifies the raiikinj,^ positions licld by them in tlieir various lines of business. The 
architects were ( )\vsley i^t I'.oucherle; the general contractor, Arthur G. Youni;; 
contractor for brick and stone work, Thomas Lightbody and for tlie plumbing, 
C. T- I-ittlc, all of \'oinigstown. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Smitli. Cl.itc A iSSr)— 1SS7 

Woolf, A. J 18S-— 1S88 

Leslie, J. Hdd (6 moiuhs ) 1 S.'W— i .S.'^j 

Hippard. H. (6 months) iSSS— 1889 

hippard, H 1S89 — i8go 

Montgonicr}-. Raiukill [S90 — 1891 

Wilson, J. P 1891 — 1892 

Brown, Ensign 1892 — iS<J3 

McCay, Frank 1893—1894 

Cainpl.cll. 1!. M 1S94— 1895 

McXab, C. W 1895— 1S96 

C.nllinian, Maurice 189') — 1897 

Cniinell. Tlininas E |?V)7— 1898 

1 Icllawcll. C.eorRc A 1898— 1899 

Snodgrass, Charle- H 1899— 1900 

Moore, ]•;. II 1900 — 1901 

Miller, Ed. I{ 1901 — 1902 

.McXaU. Ceorj;;' I 1902— 1903 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Smith. Clate .A. 
Woolf, A. J. 
Rook, Eugene. 
Wilson. J. P. 
Hippard, E. 

Monlgiimcrv. Randall. 
Campliell. Bales .M. 
McNali, Charles \V. 
Ciiilhman. Maurice. 
Connell. Tliomas E. 

Officers 1903-04. 

Snodgrass. C'h.nies 1 1. 
Moore, K. II. 
Miller. l".d. I-:. 
.McXal), C.enrge I'.. 

Exallcd Ruler Ciiarles Jeckell 

Est. Leading Kuigltl H. L. McElroy 

Est. Loyal Kniglil W. Xohle Anderson 

Est. Leeliiying Kniglit S. S. Conroy 

Secretary B. E. Walcott 

Treasurer Gns .\. Docright 

Tyler D. H. Arnold 

Esquire 1 1. J. Dinglcdy 

Inner Guard Harry Rose 

Chaplain S. D. Currier 


Clate -A. Smith. I". .\. .Simpkins, 

George E. .McXah. W. B. Hall. 

J. P. Ha/kil. 

Adams, A. E. 
Adamson, J. B. 
Ainge, F. \V. 
Anderson. A. .\. 
Anderson. Randall H. 
.Anderson, W. S. 
Anderson, W. Noble. 
Arnold. D. H. 
Arrel, David Tod. 
Ashbaugh. W. N. 
.Ashworth. Geo. S. 
.Andrews, Upson .\. 

Baalen. I. Van. 
Baker. Geo. A. 
Bakody. Theophihis W. 
Baldwin. Frank L. 
Barger, I,. F. 
Barrett. James M. 
Bates. A. H. 
Battle. I,. S. 
Beard, W. R. 
Beecher. \V. .A. 
Beegle, H. Y. 

Roster, 1903. 

Bell. R. J. 
Benson, T. E. 
Bertch, C. J. 
Black. L. H. 
Blackburn. J. W. 
Blaine. W'm. M. 
Blott, H. E. 
Booth, Carlos C. 
Botsford. J. L. Jr. 
Bott, J. L. 
Boncberle. Louis. 
Brenner. C. F. 
Brenner. Frank S. 
Broughlon. John. 
Brown, Frank L. 
Brown. H. J. 
Bulmer, Harrv. 
Bye. H G. 

Calvert. T.. A. 
Calvin. A. B. 
Camp, Cameron. 
^VCamplicll. Bales M. 
Campliell. Brncc R. 

Carson. F. P. 
Cartwright, J. H. 
Cartwright. Webster R. 
Cassailav. O. U. 
Clark. A. M. 
Clark. Charles E. 
Clark. C. R. 
Clark. S. r.. 
Clark, W. C. 
Clark, W. T. 
Cochran, C. A. 
Cochran. I,. E. 
'iConnell. T. E. 
Connell, W. B. 
Conroy. S. S. 
Cook. P. G. 
Cooney, I.. H. 
Corbctt. H. M. 
Corll. H. C. 
Cornelius. R. E. 
Coscl. William. 
Cravcr. .A. W. 
Crook. C. M. 
Crooks. J. H. 

-Cl Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 


■ 11 i\\ N .\l 

(•|■n^s. C. E. 
I'lnUC. Jullll T. 

C'lnTK r. S. 1 1. 

|).iIIk->. k a 
I Jaugliii l\ . lUil ('.. 
Davis. I-'.' I! 
Davi-. Ilan\ f. 
llaMs, I..I111 l< Ir. 
I lav. <,v. I-;. 
Dvckvr. I'liaiK--. 
Dvililv. C'liaiK- 
DvviiuK. I. W . 
IKililv. C. S. 
Dvililv. C W. 
DviMv. I-. I, 
|)kUv>. I1..V1.I .\l 
l)liii;lv(K. Iliiir\ 1. 
I i.n-rii^lii. I'.. A. 
1 liH-Mii.i.;. II. F. 

I'.lRrhari, \'. 1'.. 

I'alcly. 1;. (). 

l-j\\\ ;ircl-. (''. 
IvJuanl-. I. I|nu;,l,l. 

i'".iii..ii. r.vni.ini r 

I'.llis. U- ■!'. 
l'.iiKr\. 1-.- I.. 
I'jiM.Uii. r. A. 
lunvvr. W . 1). 
I'Aaiis. I Uiny. Dr. 
I'Aaiis. Mason. 
I'.vviii.i;. .1. Calvin. 

I''.iiniian. W . S. 
I'"arrar, 1 1. K. 
I'auocU. I. W. 
I'\'llicr. .1. C. 
I'V-II. .Xiircliiis I.. 
I'"illiiur. 'I'liomas. 
I'ltch. lohn H. 
Fitch. Paul P. 
Fursvlh. Nalc H. 
F.nvk-r. C. C. 
F...S. W. F. 
iM-anklo. A. M. 
I'"i ankle. Moso. 

(■.allauliLr, P. J. 
(".cuss. I.. H. 
CilKdii. Dr. K. D, 
(".iliM.n. W". T, 
("■illcn. .\. P. 
(".illvn. luliii, 
Cilkn. \\"ni. \V. 
(iijinipn.-. I'^.-inU K 
(■.lah.iin. W. K. 
Cr.iiu. Ilii.i.;h W 
Craw-, c ). C. 
C.rvcii. I.. I'. 
Criliiiii. 1). I-". 

I'.nirnii, I' i-:, 

Cn.ysriiluiiii. M. C. 
(".nlliiiiaii. I.L-ii. 
■■Ciiillinian. Maiiru c 
Cullriilsv. I.iiiu- lark.nn D. 

ii.iii. w , 1;. 

I laiinlloii. I larrv. 
I lamilliin, J. J. 
I lainnian. J. .1. 
I l.iinniciiiil, .\. .1. 
llano, .1. C,, 
I larriii.uiiiii. I T. 
I l.n isliirrii. k. P. 
I l.a~vhnK'. I'.ilu.ii il. 
Ila-vl;iiu. W . I.' 
I l;iii-ir. C. I I. 
II. I H 11. l-'i.iiik S. 
Il.n.kii. W. II. 
Ila/kii. .1. P. 
IUl-iK. Ilviii\ W . 
lU.iU. ll..i.u-> P 
llvlKi. \. II 
Iklr.L;!.. T. I 
IkncKi-.n. .1 \ 
I Iniiu . ji iliii. 
I I ili-liiii.iM. r.i in.iiiiin 

iiiiu. II, r. 

I I inr\ . I.linr- 
..llipiur.l. I-.. 
IhuluMrk. W . I 
l|..t;;il|. 11. II, 

llnlli.u-r. I-:. 1-. 
Iliiud. I'raiik P. 
Honker. Kiilil. 
I loir^leaii. I. II 
IhiKlK-. .\ll.n. 
Hull. I W 
Hull. \\ . II. 
Ilinu. C. W . 


K. r. 

Jackson. .S. I). I.. 
Jacobs. Fdwaril C, 
Jacobs. C.uv. 
Jacobs, Oscar I,. 
Jacobs. Robert II. 
[cckcll. (.■Ii.iik-s. 
jcckcll. W III. 
Johnson. 1!. \'. 
Johnson, Fllis C. 
Johnston, I. K. 
Jones. A. \V. 
Jones, Crant S. 
Jordan. Ceinge. 
Joyce, James, 
lovce, P.itrick C. 


Fred .\ 
1 ienr\ 

II y\. 



Paul C 

Kane. 1 1 11 

K.isier. \ 

lames . 
. I, 
. \\allei 


l\enni.-d> . 

C. 11. 

Keiinedv . 


Ki-ller. r I'. 
Kllliyell-lllllll. \\ 

Kiio.x. C. C. 


Kramer. C. II. 
Krieliliaiim. ('.eoiye P. 

l.,iiit;lilni, II, K. 
l.aiiKldin. P. P. 
I.eedy. W. bak'ar. 
I.eniniii, .\. J. 
I.emom. W. il. 
Leonard. John !•", 
Leonard, W. K. 
Lett, W. .\. 
Lewis, J. K 
l.iddle. .\l. IL 
l.iebm.'Mi, Ch,irles, 
l.i.tilitbodv, 'riiomas. 
Liilie. F." .\l. 
Little. V. J. 
I.. 1 11 lis. P. I. 
Poller. W . II. 
1.0:1-. I. k. 
I,..'i.y. J. W . 
I, oner. (.'. II. 
I, von. .\. .\1. 
I.Noiis, I' I''. 

.\lc.\kel. I K. 
.McClm-L;. I. S. 
.McDon.ild, J. .\. 
.McDonabI, W. II. 
.McDonoimh. J. I, 
.McDowell. W. \\. 
.\lcl-:iroy. II I.. 
.McFwen. I'.dwin. 
.Mcl'adden. I I'. 
.McCowan. j. F. Dr. W . IL 
.McKelvev. L: I .. 
McKelvei. C. ,\l. 
.McKelvev. W. W. 
..-.Me-Xab. C.eorye I'. 
.Mc.Vak .\1. C. Ch.irle- W. 
.MeXallv. J. J. 
.Me.Xaii.nlii' HI. hi. ink,, I. Iv 
.\lc\ ev. C. \'. 
.\laa-. Will. h'. 
.Maekev. L'raiik II. 
.Mayill, 1. P. 
M.iner, C. I-.. 
.Medbmy. I'". P.. 
.Meeh.iii. I'aliiek. 
^k■inkill. II. J 
.Mever. I I l.irrv. 
Middlelon. II. 1. 
.Middleton. 1. II 
-.■.Miller. K F. 
.Miller, b'.. C,. 
.Miller, 1:. I. 
.Miller, loliii 
Miller, i. W . 
MiUikeii. T. 1:. 
■if.Moim;dmer\ . ko'dill. 
Momii.murv. Dr k II 
Moore, l-.duard 
.Aloore. Iv II. 
.Mo,. re, ('.eoi-.'c W. 


\ lILXi.SrciU N .\( 

Moure, \V. 11. 
.Minirc. Will. 
.Muiyan, John K. 
-Munis, J. 11. 
Munis. .\larU k. 
Munisun. Dr. K. M. 
Mover, CcorKc U. 
Murray, I). T. 
.\liirrav, K. B. 
.Myers. Jne M. 

.\aiisuii. I). M. 
Xavlcir. Gcurge F. 
.\nrn>. M. A. 
Sun. .\llierl J. 

Ojikley. J. 11, 
O'Coiiiinr. J. J. 
Oiii.iiis. I. II. 
Oir. Fred .M . 
Ousley. C, II. 

Parker. T I.. 
I'arU., diaries !•". 
Perkins, .Viiilirose. 
Perkins, ("■enri^e \\. 
PeltyRreu. F. P. 
Pliillips, .^rlluir. 
I'liillips, Cieu. C. 
I'llillips. Ouen .\1. 
Phillips. Tlinmas M. 
Powers, Paul. 
Price, James S. 
Pn.hsl, John S. 

katlicaii, Thnmas J. 
Ramsay. J. M. 
kebmaii. F. B. 
keel. Fred B. 
kedly. Edgar J. 
keiiner. George J. Jr. 
kiley. Charles T. 
Ritchie, Edward \\ . 
RiUcr, J. F. William. 
Rogers, J. \V. 
■■Rook, E. S. 
Rook, T. T. 
Rose. George IC. 
Rose, Harrv H. 
Rose, R. R.' 
Rowe. Henrv E. 
Riidgc, W. H. 
Riidolpli. Karl, 
kiihlmaii. J. H. 

Bower-.. Fred. 
Bowers. J. Morii^. 
BraiiMon. la~. \\ . 
Gall.ihan. C. F. 
Gih-oii, k. .\. 
Haines. .S W". 
llellawell. .Mian. 
Mellawell. Georc;.- A, 
llalli.ey. J. G. 
Kin.ii. I. on is W. 

kiniser. F. 1). 

.Sehalc)-, G. W .'er, lleiii\ G. 
.Scliiller, Dr. II. II, 
.Selnller, Dr. .Sihiv 
.Selnnidi. h'. II. 
.Seinnnl/. C'h:iiK~- 
Selinman. I.lii\d l\. 
Schnman. (Jiio. 
Scmi, G. C. 
,Shaler, J. 11. 
.SlialVer, Chark- .M. 
.Sh.ilfer. (I. P. 
.Shank. Fred. .\. 
.Sharman. k. K 'I'linnia' \-.. 
Silihelt. .Sinnli P. 
Silver. I". ('.. 
.Sniipkins. I''. A 
Sl.i.M.n. Dr. G II. 
Siniili. .\. Pin\er>. 

Snnih. Ll.iir A. 
Snnth, 1 Kiir> \\ 
Sniilli. J. Gv,i;l;. 
Snnili. "Wahn G. 

Snudiira--. I'. II. 
.Spr;i;4ne. W , I'. 
Siinire. J. \\ 
Slamliangli, II, II. 
Sleese. k. G. 
Sueeler, J, 11. 
Snnnuers. B, .\I. 
.Snnnners. G. J. 
Sinnnier>. P. -\. 
.Swain. J. G. 

Tayler, Wick. 
Thomas, .\. D. 
Thomas. Ben R. 
Thomas, B. Frank. 
Thomas, C. S. 
Thomas. John. 
Thomas. J. .M. 
Till >m|i-i 111, G I". 
Tlioin|i^on. P. j. 
Thornton. Garnill. 
Timiev. Gillien M. 
Tnd. D.ivid. 
Tcid. Gcor.sje. 
Tod. Henrv. 
Tod. William. 
Turner. I", ]'. 

Our Absent Brcibcrs. 

.Millir. l-.d, 
.Miller. G I. 
\l..rn.. Th.iiiK.- II. 
Miirphi, lolni I- 
,\K-G,iu. i-r.uik 
\lc\\:ili. I>.:nu-|. 
XeUon. J G 
l',i\\rl-, I'llm. 
I '.Ilk. D, I.. 
Sniilli. I', 


Gii.!eru..nd. G, .\'. 

Geiler. < '.i n, J. 

Wale. in. l;, \-:. 
Walker. Gliarle- F. 
Wahoii. I-:. S. 
Ward. J Miu- D 
W .0(1. .Saiiuul, 
Ward. S, i:. 
Warren. I h .\. E. 
Weaver. II k'.. 
Weil. I. S. 
Welker. J, I.. 
W e-lerman. .Marcus. 
We>ltake. Gllarle~. 
Wliiu. Il.irrv, 
Wlrte. I \ 
Willi. -idr. I G. 
WlllUMd.. I' II 
Wk-k. G.lleli. 
W lek, Gh.nlr, I 
W ilkel-oii. 1-. D. 
W, W ;lli.iMi, 
Willi, ,111-. \liu.l M 
William-. D i:, 
Willi, nil-. I hii r\ . 
William-. 1 IF 
WillMiii-. i, 1, Ir, 
William-. W. 1, 
William-.. n, W. P Tli..iiia- .\l 
Wil-.ii. I.iines W, 

Wil-.n. 1 P, 
Win-wi.nli. W. II. 
Win. B. F. 
W..lfT. Orriii G, 
Wolfram. The... F. 
Wood. F. Thaver. 
W.-.o.lford. 11, T. 
.:Wo..lf. .\. I. 
Woolf. W". 11". 
Wriijhi. I-:, F, 
Wriglii. S. I.. 

N ager. Fn-igii. 
^■.nlllg. .\nluir I'.. 
N'.inn.g. I_)ill k. 
\'.nin,g. Fleet G. 
^'lnlng. 1.. li. 

/.inniiernian. W , W . 
Ziiy. kav. 

Smith. J. liii I! 
Stoddard. II. my 
Sleele. Saniii.l \ Gh.iil.- II 
Sclimeiler. k.,liiii G 
IMer. I..I111 1. 
T..d. lleiuA. Ir 
Wil-Mii. D il. 

^ I II Nc.SI'iiW \ Xd. :^-. 

Ih,.ii I.. Mcljuov. 

r..\l,-,-ni,i/ /.r,ii//i(£,' Kiiii;lil 

l'l.~. Til,' II. 1.. Mil'lrnv Cn. 

Ji'.'ix II. .\liiiiii.i:i(iN. 

Cii.\ui.i:s JrcKi;i i.. 

/■iviill,;! KiiU-r. 
.lo..-kdl HruilK-i-. 

• '■IS. .\. I )iii:i;li.ilT. TIk- l-'.iknii llnm/c Co. 


P.. E. Wai.cuti'. 

.S',-|-/,7.j; V I'lii.v 
Fiiinncinl Siv-iti.iia' l".lk Cliili. 

II .1. DlNC.LI.IlV, 

I'.kkpr. I',. II. ICslalc. 


S. I). (.'ri;i;ii:i;. 

Clinf^ldii}. I",I..1„ llcpl 5;orc 

^^ H M.STi iw \ Xd. ::,T. 

I'.. lIirPAUii. 

(•,l,Mi--.i \. Ill 

ti.valt,;! KuL-i 
HuM .\|)ril 

\i|i.i iirv -al-l..nv. 

UaNIIALI. MllN K.ciM KKV. M.I nailer 
\'cinii,L;>l(i\Mi (.'nil, I". &- v.. C 

I \\v I I I . 
iSijS i,ci. 


'i'liiiMAS I'. C.'Nm;i I . 

KcniK'cly X C'iniK'll. 

AitiiriHA -a!-!. aw. 

^ III xr.STdW N .\'( I. c;:^. 


Tlic Fiilcnn Broii/.e Co. 

Fkku a. Shank, 
Merchandise Broker. 


^'(1^.^•(•.s'|■()\\'N No. SS- 

W. \\\ McDiiuia.L, 

C'lli<f Ml' VnWcC. 

W. T. Gibson, 

Maviir of Yoiingstowii. 


W. II. l.oj.i.KK, 
('liicf File- nuparlDiciit. 

I'lKiiRi.i: Movii;. 
Cilv nolfclivt:. 


.\mi;ui>si; 1'i;un].\>. 
I'iiy l{loclriciaii. 

\l II NC.S Tl l\\ .\ Nl I. ^S- 

Coiiiuv Coniniis^ioiHT. 

.i. l'.\1.\ IN l-'.U INC.. 

iiil'jr i'n>Ii:ilL' C'liiin. 

W. \< l.i:iiN.\uii, 

i"uiin!\ Aiidil'H. 

K. (). I'.i :iv, 
^'iniri .suiiii!;i".i|ilKT. 


""' 'I'l-.i-hht 
1 lir \o:u,i:<t.n^u Mr.i;i„„ ( 


''■^' ' <■'■ K.\r:i;cn,:R. 
W i^i 'i'onM.e:,.;,,u„ 

ecu 10 Co. 

N'(U'.\i.>l(i\\ x .\'(i. ;;. 

Iamks S. Prici;, 

Imjaxk L. Bruwn. 

C. I*. i'.ui;.s-.\'i;u. 

IvnUKUT CiiNRAD Sciir(pi:iii-;r. 
Died Sept. 20. 1002. 


jniix McDijMiiic.n, 
0|Krnlni- Police Headquarter 

Ync N<',s'l'ii\\ N \'c?, :;:^. 

i.'iii;ini,,i-im:i; W. Dinii;] 
Miicli.nii 'r.iilcir. 

iiu ARD J. Di:ibi:l. 
C. noilid & Snn. 
\.u<)iu Xiu- \'(irk Life Ills. Ci 

C'liRisi S. I )i;iiii:i . 

I'otor 1)ci1k!- Snn<. 

liulcliors. Fi^li. I'rovisions. 


Chaki.ks Dkiiii;!.. 

lector Dcibcl's Sons. 

liiiichcrs. Fisli. Provisions. 

^'"r \r.sT(i\\ X \'(i. ,;. 

1 Ii;m;\ C. Sen ai i;ii. 

TIk' Jii!i!i II. ■•"iich C'i)iii|i;my. 

W hnlc^alL- ("■niccrs. 

PAn, I'. FiiCH. 

Vice President 

Tlu' Jiiliii H. Fitcli Cnni|iMny. 

Til \i;i IS W . Soil M i;u, 


'I'll,- r Hill I I ImuIi I 'oiiiiLiiiy . 

I.. A C MAKur, 

t'ii\ S.ilismaii 

The joh.i II. Filch Company. 


Jiiii N I''.. I.i;ci.\.m;ii, 

TiMvc-Iiiiy .S:ilL--in.;ii 

The h'hii li. l'"iich l'<iiii|).iiiy. 


N oi-\c,sT. i\\ N N'd. ;:;, 

JOHN J. O'CnwoR. 


'I'lie Voiins^tdu n N'iiulic.iini- 

lliiuACi: 1'. lli;i:iiv. 


jnll N 11, KlIII.M \.\. 

Sccrcl.irv .-mil 'rriM^urcr 

\ nuilgslnu II \- Snlllllilll Rv. Co. 

TlKiMAS M. \\ IU.[SIIN. 

M.iMaRir Swifl i*v Co., 


J. I'. Ckoui;, 

.\l:iii:i.!;cr XcN'Mi Morn- S: Co.. 


\'(ii .\('.s'rnw.\' No. 55. IS W. .MlU.iCU. 

roUT M ilk-r & Son. 
('■i-iioinl liisiir.uice .\gcm 

Joll.V RlJliri.llTn.N. 

■Mi'iriipiilii.Tn r.ifc Ins. Co. 


.\.\iiiji:u \. Bk.m.. 

-\^^l. .^iiiuTintondcnt Life Ins. Co. 

Dr. H. I-:. Bi.oTT, 
Coroner City of Vonng^lown, 

I >i;. U \l I'll \. I iM.r.KN , 
I'lu -u'l.iii .mil .Siiri;riiii. 

1. I 

I. i'.i..\cK. D. n. s., 



I'"iji;ii. R. Ri:n.\i.\.\', 

l'"yc Siieci.ilist. 


^^ IC NT.S'I'DWN \'(l. 


KuANk F. I.V<jNS. 

I.>''>n^ X- [..'icri. 

I )rn'T<>is( < 


Pli.irmacisl aiul Postma* 


CiiAKi.i.s 'I". Rii.i;v, 

CiiAki.i;.-. A. Fnsion', 


^'(l|■.\l■.s'^ll\\ x \(i. 35. 


Xate KuKsvni. 

Fiirsytli PatlLTii \\'orl<<;. 

Pallcrns aiiil Mmli-Is. 

Patrick Joseph Gall.nciikk, 


The McConnell & (iallaglior C. 

W . il. Ivri«.i;. 

|'',.i-\ili I'm Urn Wcirk' 

I'.nUTM- and Mndok. 

Jasi'EU W.'.. 

l,cing Brothers & Co.. 

Ixeal !{state and Insurance. 

jdNAll R. I.clNC. 

l.iing Brotlicrs & Co., 
Real IJslate and fnsiirance. 

YouNCSTowx N(i. t5. 

I lin ]| C. (".N.wi.s. 
Miij;r. .\U'ii'< 1 )i|i.'nliiK'm'i. 
Tlu- I',. .\[. .\K-KcIvi-v & Co, 

WlirjAM IlciUAHll Wl.VSWdRIII, 

("■(-■iicnil Maiiao'cr 
Uiiiiiii Ice C(mii>aMy. 

J'Hi N- H. ( ).\M i;v, 
Wall Paper and Paint. 


Jdsri'll IIaukis 

Payiiia.Ur li. B. Works. 

kepiiMic Iron and Steel Co. 

Charles I.ikhmax, 

Musical Dircclor 

0|icra House, lilnr.i I'ark 

M:n'iiiui i-liiu- 

.1(111. \ II. SruKKTKR. 
Willi \'.ilinii;il Sti-ol Co. 

\\ ii.l.. -S. [•■.\1I<.\1.\.\. 
'I"i'a\ i-liim .'^.ilc-iii.n:. 


Uiuaiur 1 1. J.\cuBS. 

i".uiipln.ll &• Jacobs 

KimI Kslalc. 

Thomas i.rcnTnouv. 

Akiiku ('.. ^■cn \i-,. 
("iciicial CnriD.iclor. 

I.F.wis E. Green, 

Train Dispatcher 

Eric Railroad. 

(".i;oK.:i; S. Asiiwukth, 


I'liilerprise Boiler Company. 

I. W. Fawcett, 

iDivision I''.nsiiiccr 

Eric Railroad. 


.\. A .Vndersox. 
('.ciil. M ii<;r. -Treasurer 
ilioniiig Valley Si. Ry. Co. 


Park and Falls St. Ry. Co. 

LilAkl.KS E. ClARK. 

Traveling Salesman. 

F. Thayer \Vc 



William Jeckell. 
Jeckcll Brothers, 
Mercliaiit Tailors. 

(.'. .\l. Sii ai"i'i;k, 

Willi The H. I.. .VIcKlroy Co. 

iMiniittirc. Carpel'^. Fiinii^liini;-; 

John K. .NiORCan. 

Vrkiiis & Woodford, 
Men's Furnishings. 


(iicoRr.i; R. Pi-RKiNs. 

Perkins & Woodford, 

Men's Furnishings. 

I'atkick Mkkiian, 
MvcIkiii lioiliT & Construction Co, 



Cement Tester 
Brier Hill Iron &• Coal Co. 

Oamii M. Dickey. 

Eii\vAr<i) !•". Emerv, 
With ^'oiinfrstown Laundry. 


\\ 11 I i.\M Wii.Koi-r. 

W ilk.. IT I'.roilicr-. 

Scrap and Sicc! 


.l.\Mi:s j. i Iamm.w. 

ri..|ii', Ilaiiimaii Hoiisc. 

Hiibliar-d. O. 


W . H. McDoxAi.1), 


Till.' Slrmlicrs Furnace Co 

John H. Shaff.k 


Stnitliers, O. 

Chauj.ks S. Thomas, 

Manaser Stnitliers Wks. 

Aineric.'.n Sheet Steel Co. 

Jami:s Dun-can \\ aud. 

CllAl(l.i:s J. f r.MMKKS. 


History of Mansfield Lodge No. 56. 

MAXSFIELD Lodge, \o. 56, uliicli was instilutod .\o\cniber 22. 1886, at 
that time held the (hstinctioii of havint::- t''e largest charter membership 
of any lodge that had been instituted, the mnnber of charter memlxjrs 
initiated being seventy. 

The institution was conducted by brothers from Cincinnati. Columbus and 
Marion, the work Ijcing performed during the da\- and the festivities being 
closed with the most elaborate banquet ever spread in the city, the degree work 
and banquet taking place in the Castle Mall of the Knights of I'ytbias. For a 
time the lodge held its sessions in the Knights of Honor and the G. A. R. halls, 
but interest began to wane and it became evident that the lodge must have its 
own home if it was to thrive. Accordingly means and ways were devised and 
through the active efforts of the niembers. through a minstrel benefit ])erforni- 
ance for a nucleus fund and later by cash subscriptions from members aggre- 
gating over $1,000 the lodge felt justified in leasing f|uai"ters in a block then 
Iniilding, which, by arrangements with the builders, themselves \-.\k>. were fasli- 
ioned to suit tiie needs of the F.Iks ami these (piarters, handsomely furnished, 
and added to from time to time have remained tlie home of the local Flks ever 
since their first occupation, which was on .April 12. 1S8S. The ((uarters include 
a handsomely furnished lodge r(K>m, witli all the necessary reception rooms, 
a smoking room, banquet hall, billiard and card rooms, a coni])letely furnished 
kitchen, with china, linen, silverware and all tilings necessary to serve a banquet 
to several hundred people. 

The Lodge early instituted the social features which have made it. ]iar ex- 
cellence, the leading social organization of the city and membersliip is eagerly 
sought, although quantity rather than quality has invariably been the rule of 
the lodge in the election of its members and as a consc<|uence the Lodge ]>cr- 
sonnel includes the leading business, professional and society men of tlie city. 
Stag socials arc frequently held, with open house on Thanksgiving Day and 
New Years, with numerous exclusively male assemblages at various times dur- 
ing the vear. an initiation invariably being the occasion for an informal luncheon, 
but it is the ladies' social sessions, which are held about every two weeks during 
the 'fall and' winter, that has given the order a standing that makes it the popular 
one among the women of the city and they are anxious to liavc their husbands, 
sons, brothers or gentlemen friends members of the ( )r(ler. 

Not alone in social features does the local lodge excel, but whatever it under- 
takes in the line of entertainments is a gnarantee for something good. The 
lodge has given numerous minstrel shows, comic operas and other entertain- 
ments, in part, or wholly bv its own membership, and all liave been successes 
of most pronounced type. When the street fair was in its infancy the local 
Elks conducted one. with Afidwav and German village feature^, which even un- 
reasonable opponents before the hecinning of the same were objirred to confess 
was almost unobjectionable before the close. Whatever the local F.Iks undertake 
is well (lone and tliev have the unlimited confidence and respect i>f the public. 

WHiile Flks do not boast of their charitable deeds it is well known in Mans- 
field that the Flks are ever ready and willing to do their full share in any 
cliaritable or public work and all this serves to furtlicr popularize the Order. 

The present lodge membershiii is about 275. Of the seventy original cbar- 


AlANSl'lia.U .\'(l. 56. 

iLT iiK'Hihcrs, dill) iwcnty remain. ( )l" the ele\en •^naml lodye nieinhcrs the 
kulge lias chnseii at \arious limes, to represent them at i^raiul lodge sessions. 
Ilrother^ Cieorge A. Clngston, l\. S. lliestancl, T. R. liarnes, W. S. Caiipeller 
E. G. Robinson aiul D. C. Casselnian, tiic first named brother, wiio was the first ex- 
alted ruler of the lodge, having served with distinction in many grand lodge ses- 
sions, at most of which he has been honored with positions on grand lodge commit- 
tees. 1 le also served as district deputy for Ohio and during his term instituted sev- 
enteen hulges. his work iieing of the nature that gave the order high stan'd- 
ing in the state and led up to the ])roud distinction the state has since main- 
tained of having more high grade lodges than any other state in the I'nion. 
in recognition of his services to his own lotlge and to the order at large honor- 
arv life membership was conferred upon Brother Clugston by Mansfield Lodge 
September 2. i>j02, at the first session of the lodge held after the return of 
r.rother Clugston from Salt Lake City wliere he served as the representative 
of Xo. 56 at the grand lodge session of 1902. Hon. Manuel .May, former judge 
of common jileas court, the oldest member of the lodge, unable to attend its ses- 
sions longer, on account of the infirmities of age was also honored by a life mem- 
bership in the lodge. Judge May tlied June 22. 1903. 

The following is the charter roll of members: T. R. I'.arnes, d. H. Blecker, 
I. ('.. I'.onar, VV. S. Cappeller, Carpenter Reid, G. A. Clugston, J. H. Craig, A. B. 
Dittenhoefer, \V. A. Harbeson, A. J. lleineman. E. Stokes lleistand, H. A. Leech, 
W. L. Leonard, fames McCov, F. S. Ozier, Lerov Larsons. Charles Ritter, Jesse 
A. St. John. C. \V. Upson, J. E. Upson, W. T. Wi'lHs. 

The Charter Officers who were installed on the night of the institution were: 
George A. Clugston, Exalted Ruler; A. ]'>. Dittenhoefer, Esteemed Leading 
Knight; John C. Burns, Esteemed Loyal Knight; IC. S. Iliestand, Esteemed 
Lecturing Knight; F. A. Johnston, Secretary; J. H. Rice, Treasurer; E. A. Bleck- 
er, Tyler; J. A. Hawkins, Esquire; S. C. Clark, Inner Guard; Rev. .\. J. Dunlap, 
Chaplain; Wm. Ackcrman, .\. J. Mack, John Krause, 'J'rustees. 

The years 1902-03 and 1903-04 were red letter jieriods in the history of 
Mansfield Lodge. Following the installation of 1). C. Casselman as Exalted 
Ruler, his fine ability as an executive and his masterly skill in the ritualistic 
work, aided by a splendid corps of officers, was funlier supplemented by the 
active work of A. L. Cameron in securing new members, his individual work in 
that line resulting during the last two years in the reception into the locltje o' 
over one hundred new members recrnted from the very cream of the business, 
professional and six'ial life of the city, the present meml>ership siiowing the 
highest personnel grade of any order in the city. 

So high was the appreciation of the work done by lirotber Cameron that 
without opposition and unanimously he was elected Exalted Ruler in 1903 and 
the lodge year was marked by the greatest activity the Lodge has ever known, 
the utmost harmony prevailing and the lodge attendance the greatest it has ever 

I".arly during his administration the long contemplated ])urpose of securing 
a lodge home took definite form and the purchase was consummated of the fine 
residence propert\' of r.rother .\. J. Heincman at the corner of Third an<l Mul- 
berry, two blocks from the principal business thoroughfare and one block from 
tlie finest residence street in the citv. The Lodge bought the pr(>])erty. which has 
90 feet frciiit on Third and iSo feet on Mulberry and contains a large two- 
story and atlic brick resick'iice admirabh adapted for club and social rooms, for 
$12,500. tile purchase |)rice of which was rai^ed within a few months. .-\ 
committee is now at work, in conjunction with the trustees and an architect, ar- 
ranging for a sliglit remodeling of the residence and the erection of an ad- 
dition thereto, the latter building to contain lodge rooms, reception and cloak 


Mans I'll'. 1. 1 1 Xn. 56. 

vcKinis, a l)aiu)iR'liiiL; liall and a ball room, ihc laUer to liaw an area ol uvcr 
-(IRK) S(|narc I'oct and to lif the lar.L; in the cit_\ and with hut lew e.Kceptiuns the 
lar^'est in the state. The plan.s call for lod<;-e room, club, l)an(|nel hall, billiard 
and [Hjol rcioms, ladies' parlors, etc., entirely distinct and sei)arale Irom the i^eii- 
eral IkiU, banqnet, reception and cloak rooms, the idea being to have an home 
to be used exclusively by the lilUs and their ladies, and at the same time to have 
the most eleyaait social (|iiarters in the city, which will be used b\ the hlks in 
addition to the club parlors and all accessories upon the occasion ol their extra 
large social functions, but the social iiuartcrs alone to be leased to private parties 
aiul regularly organized societies which may desire In-tter and liner accomma- 
datiuus than can now be secured in the city. It is expected that ilii'- wurk will 
be [lushed rapidly during the year 1904 and that before Jannary 1. i')i>3, the 
l'"lks will be in their new home. 

The members of Xo. 5(1 are eutlnisiasiic and zealous worker>. 'I'hey have 
iiover made a failure of anything they have undertaken. \\'liil\ man\ new mem- 
bers have been received, quality rather than fiuantity has been con>idei'ed. J he 
standing of the Lodge is of the highest and its [irospecis for coulinned |iro-.- 
perity arc of the best. I'.. S. Ilii:>i \Mi. Sec'y. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Clugsloii, George A t886— 1888 Cook. Frank iS./>— 1897 

Jarnian, James H 1888— 1889 Lowrey, George II 18117— iSgS 

Dittenhoefer, A. B 'ftl'T Kern, R.if.,. A ,,S,„S-,8.;y 

Hiestand, E. S 1890 — 1891 ,. ,„ , ^ 

Barrow, Thomas H 1891-1892 knotflock, George 1,^)9-1900 

Richardson, J. R 1892— 1893 Robinson. E. G K^X)— 1901 

Honiherger. Ed iSof— [8<M Coss, Jolm H 1901 — lv02 

Barnes. T. R 1894—1895 Casselman, D. Clilf.ird 1902—190.? 

Cappeller. \V. S 1895— 1896 Cameron. A. I HHM I'KM 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Clugston, George A. Cappeller. W. S. Kern. Riifus A. Coss, Julin II. 

Dittenlioefer. A. B. Cook, Frank. Knofflock. George. Casselman. D. Clilford. 

Hiestand. E. S. Lowrey, George H. Robinson, E. G. Camemn. .\. I.. 
Barnes. T. R. 

Officers 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler A. E. Cameron Esquire Knl'ns A. Kern 

Est. Lcadiif^ Kiiii;lil George E. Strock Inner Cuant W . H. W ise 

Est. Lc'\al kiiii;ht Wni. F. Vogele, Jr. Chaplain John M. Burns 

Est. Leeltirinn Knii^lit. .George H. Lowrey Organist John Knnz 

Seeretarv E. S. Hiestand V //(.v/.v.v. 

Treasurer G. W. Herring George H. Bleckcr, I K. Barnes, 

Tyler James McCoy Charles Ruler. 

Our Absent Hrofhers. 

Rice. James II Lun. 7. 1892 Homberger. Ed \iig. 24. 190' 

"•^- '^'— '" '< -';">• -'• '^'^ ^:;::^^E,Eha A- ■.;■.;•.:■.. •■..v,'';;^.^. \'^[ 

.Mack. .\. John Jan. 14. i.S9.^ Brown. George I June ('1. TOO.', 

Bird. .Sharple^s I". M.-ircli 27 i8o7 May. .Maunel June 22. 190,? 

Harris. George S Iiiue 1,1, 181)7 Heinenian. .^br,•lm J Oel. 10. HXi;, 

Ford. Jolm K Aug. 1,1. 1900 Skile~. \V. Wondlmrn J.iu. 9. 1904 


iMansI'IKi.i) No. 56. 

Aslilirook. Cliarlci S. 

liaillcM. livroii .1. 
lian-. l'"ranU A, 
■^^Bariics. Tlinina^ K. 
licck. David. 
Heck. II. KcKc> 
llockcr. Chri^l'iplHT |-.. 
Hcclinaii. Cliarlcs C. 
itijl. lliiliorl E. 
Bell. W. Sherman. 
Honeilicl. Charles \\. 
Ilencdict. I.cRoy C. 
Hciinctt, Slokcs A. 
liern.i. William, 
lievcrslock. A. B. 
Ikvcrstock. Frank. 
Bird. Charles C. 
r,i--nian. Benianiin F. 
Black, William G. 
Bland. Morion \V. 
Blocker, George H. 
BliMim, Sanuicl R. 
Bonar, James G. 
Rowers, Harry L. 
Bowers, William H. 
Bradford. Rol>ert L. 
Branyan, William W. 
Brcidenstein, George. 
Bricker. Samncl S. 
Brizzolari, William M. 
I'.rohst. Fred B. 
Brown. George L. 
Brown Hnnlinclon. 
Browning. Charles H. 
Brnckcr, Lewis. 
Burn'-. B'unnlins. 
liurns. Hugh G. 
Burns. Jolm M. 
Bn^hncll. Fred. M. 

C.iuicron, .Augustus L. 
Canpellcr. Edward B 
''rCappclIer, William S. 
Carpenter, Reid. 
Carlcr, .-\. Rea. 
Carter. William W. 
Casselman. D. Clifford. 
Chase. Richard C. 
Chcslcy, Charles R. 
■'■■tCliiffston. George A. 
Clucsion. (. Burt. 
Cocklev. Rollin H. 
Colwcll, .Samuel J. 
'■Cook. Frank. 
Coss. James C. 
■^Coss. Jonu II. 
Colter. "W. 
Craig. J. ITnrvey. 
Cramer. Williiim T. 
Crou'^e. I'.du'.ird W. 
("rouse. Oliver P. 

Roster, 1903. 

Crule. George E. 
Ciumingham, George D. 

Day, Ralph B. 
Daylon. Peter .\'. 
Dice, William. 
i^Dittenhoefcr, Adolph B. 
Diltenhocfer, Mortimer .X. 
Donovan, James. 
Dow, Ralph. 
Dow, William. 

F^istniau. Xeuion U 
Eggert, Ray C. 

Farber. Olin X. 
Faust, Peter W. Jr 
Fecker Frank. 
Fetlierling, Henry G. 
Fisli. John C. 
Fisher. William F. 
Ford. Hoyt. 
Ford, Edwin D. 
Foster, Thomas J. 
Eraser, .Mexander. 
Frazier, M, D. 
Fritziufcr. Charles E. 
Freundlich, I.otiis. 

Gilisou, Robert S. 
Criovcr, Ch.-'rles J. 
Goldsmith, Lee. 
Goodman, Guy T, 
Green, Thomas J. 
Gross, William. 

Hahn. William M 
I"Iamillon, Walter A, 
Hancock. Robert G. 
Hancock. Robert J 
HarlKSon. Willis .A. 
Harman, Monroe 
Harper, Lucius D. 
Harrison, Charles .S 
Hartman, Ernesi R 
Hartman, Rudolph W. 
Hastings, R. U. 
Hautzenroeder, .Mbcrt. 
Hautzenroeder, Charles. 
Hautzenroeder Herman. 
Hedges. Carl. 
Heer. Henry, Jr. 
Hcmingwav. George R. 
Hcmlick, .Arthur J. 
Herring. Dinion. 
Herring, George W 
*Hiestand. E. Smke-. 
Hoffmnn. F. II 
Holm. Gcor.ce A 
Horn bcrger. Herni.iu ]■.. 
Flomcrick. George F. 
I rolTni.ann. Irving S 

H.ibler. C. I.. W 
Hosier, C. 
Hostctter, Veniah S. 
Howard, Bart. 
Huber, George J. 
i lughes. Charles II. 
1 1 nniphryes. Fred J- 
Hunter, Henrv G. 
Hunter, Will T. 
Huston, Charles H. 
Hutchinson, R. E. 

Iruin. George .\. 

Janics, Claude R. 
[essup. Ford R. 
Johns. H..yi J. 

Kealing. Charles II. 
Keiser. Emanuel IL 
Kensiin. George W. 
*Kcrn, Rufus .-\. 
Kerr. Wintield S. 
Kern. William F. 
Kile. W. L. 
King. Rufus H. 
Knight. William. 
Knitlle. Joel G. 
Knoftlock. .Archer D. 
" "Knolllock, George. 
Kron<piesI. \\ . C. 
Kueber. Louis S. 
Kunz. I lou.iril T. 
Kunz. John. 

La Dow, Jesse E. 
Lamperl, Joe F. 
L.unz, A. C. 
I.aslcy, Mont L. 
Lawrence. Wilb.iui 
Lemon. William W. 
Leonard, Wellington T. 
Leonard, L. 
Lindscy, zXrthur X. 
Lisle. Charles IL 
Loiscllc, L. N. 
■ifLowrey. George H. 
I.owrey. Harrison D . 
Lucas. George S. 
Lucas. ]Larv<?y O. 

McBride. Curtis E. 
McCormick. Wallace A. 
McCov. Lames. 
McFarland. AI. H. 
McFarland. D. O 
^^^llfrcd. Cliarles X. 
-Magbiu. John. 
Mtuisliebl. Ed"ii' 
Nrarsball. Edgar C. 
M.iriiiii-. I'^red .S. 
^^axwell. Robert B . Ii 
Ma.vwell. R. Russell. 

T^ Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 
''>' Life Member. 


Ma.\si"ii:i,I) i\'o. 56. 

Mcoklciii. Willi.-un S. 
Mcirioii. J.uiK^ \'. 
MerH-iii, Bcnj:iiiiiii E. 
Micklcy, lichvard. 
Micklcv. Clarence M. 
Millcr/C. E. 

Neff, Frank M. 
Ncwlon, Jesse W. 

Obcrliii, Arlluir F. 
Ott, Louis A. 
Ozicr, Cliarles !•". 
Ozier, Fred S. 

Parsons, LeRoy. 
Pnyne, James E. 
Plielps. Harvey H. 
Phelps. William H. 
Piatt, F. \V. 
Poc. William I,. 
Poole, Charles W. 
Porch, I), l.ce. 
Potter. Ezra J. 
Priest. Harrv R. 
Proctor, Efflo B. 

Raber. William F._ 
Reddinir. Henry N. Lester. 
Reddins W-rnon. 
Reynolds, A. Tullv. 
Rice. Chcl I,. 
Riddle, Orwell C. 
Risfhv T. .'\rthiir. 

RItter, Charles. 
Vi' Robinson. Iv Gilbert. 
Roclofs, H. H. 
Roiuzahn, Carl F. 
Routzahn, Roy (".. 
Roiuzahn, Yeniali C. 
Runyan, William B. 

St. J<ihn, Jesse A. 
Salter. Herman A. 
Schad, Anton. 
Schroer, Charles, Jr. 
Scott, Charles B. 
Scott, Charles E. 
Seltzer, Howard D. 
Sewcll, Homer P. 
Seymour, Edward F. 
Sharick. Orrin L. 
Shauck. luistace -M. 
Shellev E. M. 
Shonfield, Israel. 
Short, Paul C. 
Shimk, ,\]bcri. 
Skiles, Georpc M. 
Slimp, O. F. 
Smith. James E. 
Snap|). Joseph P. 
Stark. Wallo W. 
Starrctt, Jesse A. 
Stevens, Clarence D. 
Stevens. John L. 
Stevetison, Barton. 
Strock. George E. 
Stiirgcs. Hale. 
Sturges, Roscoe W. 

SunmierviUe, .■\n<lrew J. 

Taylor, Frank A. 
Torrcnce, Bartley M. 

Lipson, Charles W. 
Lipson, J. Edward. 
Upson. Wilbur S. 

Van Allen, William S. 
Van Horn, James G. 
\'lnson, S. Glen. 
\'oegcle. Charles H. 
Vocgelc, Frank A. 
X'.x-gele. W. F., Jr. 

W.iite, Frc<l P. 
Walker. John R. 
Walters, Harland P. 
Ward. .\l. Dale. 
Ward, Marion D. 
Ward. Stevenson E. 
White, I.azelle I,. 
Wilkinson, .\nhiir 1.. 
Wilkinson, .M.iriin. 
Willetl. 1'.. Wlieeler, 
Willis. William T. 
Wirlh. .M. 
Wise. Charles E. 
Wise. Flovd E. 
Wise. Wiil>crt H. 
Wcilfe. Fred W. 

VonnR. I [hrIi. 
Voung, .Ma.xwell. 
^'lumg, Robert l>. 


]•'.. S, Ilii;sr.\Nii. 


iMlilur Man^bild n.iily Xew- 


\\ .S C-\rri:i.i.i.i;. 


.Maii-lKld |)adv .\'eu ■ 

^^A^■SI•■M■:I.l) Nil. s''>- 

I 1i:kM AN I IdMllKUCKK. 

FUANK (.' X. 

< )l;ii) IV'nitcmi:irv. 

(';i.i: !■. SiKiiCK, 
l'.slr,-nu,l /.cdiliiiii KiiiLihl. 

\\ )tll llu' l'..lNll.'l- SlclVC Ci). 

Miixr I,. l.A>i.i:v, 
Xaliunal C' Roiji-tor. 


History of Dayton Lodge No. 58. 

D.W'TOX Lodo;c Xu. 5S 1;. ]'. ( ). ]-:ik> was instilutL-d l)cccml)cr Jiul, lS86, 
1)\- l")istricl Dcputx \. J. C.illi^an of rinciiniali;'*--. with tlic following 
charter iiiciiihcrs : C. 1). Icklings, A. I'.. Ividgcway, I.. 11. Rcist, C. D. 
-Mead, 1!. C. .Morcy, W . A. King, Oriun Dudds. R. 1.. Worrell. C. L. C. Breene, 
F. J. Ach, .M. J. Schual), W. C. Cuiiniiigham. W. 1\. Callahan. Chas. II. Ktniieir, 
R. M. Xevin, John 1.. l'.arli>\v. .M. A. Xipgen, .\. .\. ( )hiuer. W. F. Stark. G. 1'. 
Whitehill, Frank .M. Fo.x, A. W. Kuniler, 11. U. I'rnden, 1!. 1-". Reist. Ceo. L. 
Grimes, VV. 11. Whiitlcsc)-, Harry Snytler, F. T. Grosvenor, j. .M. Shriver, Chat.. 
S. Bigelow, J. W. Weidner, F. j. ilolilen, Geo. 1". Wilson, J. I), llixon. Wood 
I'atton, S. W. lleinenian, Tom C. Cottnian, .M. J. AlcW'hinne) — ihiny-eight. 

The charter officers were: C. 1). Iddings, i{xa!ted Knler; A. 1'.. Kidgeway. 
Esteemed Leading Knight; I, . 11. Reist, Fstecmed Loyal Kniglii : C. 1 ). .Mead. 
Esteemed Lecturing Knight; 1!. C. Morey, Secretars ; W . King. Tieasurer; W . 
K. Callahan, Tyler; W. K. Callahan, Inner Guard; C. L. I'.reene. R. Worrell, 
Mose J. Schwab, Trustees. 

The Lodge's growth was very slow, only loo new nu-mhers being atlded 
to September, 1893. In the years 1892 and '93 the interest had declinetl to such 
an extent that the giving up of the charter was serionsl\- considered, as not 
enough members were paying dues to sustain the lodge, and it \\a> due to the 
efforts of Harry J. .Myers that interest was revived and new life infuse<l. I'roni 
this time a steady growth was maintained. Under the administration oi jlro, G. 
E. Decker, who was Exalted Ruler for two years ending .April isi. i8(/j. the 
permanent prosperity of No. 58 was fully assured many new members bcin.g 
added. To Bro. Barry S. Murphy, who was Exalted i\viler for year ending 
April 1st, 1900, ably assisted by Bro. Maurice D. Lakin, the Secretary for 
the same term, the credit for our largest increase is due, as on .X'ovember 30th, 
1899 ( Day), a class of 107 was initiated. Since liien the growth 
has been slow and conservative. With a membership now of 350. l)a\ton Lodge 
Xo. 58 feels that it should have more commodious quarters than tlie\ are occu- 
pying at present and a building committee is now looking I'or suital)le quarters 
which we hope to find soon. 

The meets every Thursday night at 127 South Main St.. Lowe Build- 
ing. Club rooms open e\ery da\ to all members of the Order. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Iddings, C. D 188(1—1887 Reeves, A. C 1894— 1895 

Mead C. D 1887— 1888 Patlerson.^ J C 1895— 1896 

,, , , r- r, ,(iaa ,Q«r, Kiinilcr, L. H i8g;) — 1897 

'^■"'l' C- n 1888-1889 p^^;.^,^ c,. E 1897-1898 

Weidner, J. W 1889— 1S90 Decker. C. E 1898— 1899 

Peters. Luther 1890 — 1891 Mnrphy. Harry .S i8gq — 1900 

Whittlesey, W. H iJVji — 1892 Tucker, T. E 1900 — 1901 

Allen, R. M 1892 — 1893 Breene, Frank .S rgoi — 1902 

Allen. R. M 1893— 1894 Nolan. Marry F 1902— 1903 

I ).\^ TiiN \'ii. 38. 

AloacJ, ^.■|Knk•^ 1). 

FallLTS')!!, I. C. 

IJccker. G. IC. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

.Murphy, Uariy S. 
Tucker, T. 1£. 

Officers 1903-04. 

Brccnc, l>"rank S. 
Nolan, Harry F. 

Exalted Uiilcr W. ]I. lloskot 

List. LciiJiiiii Kiii.^lil \V. G. Powell 

ISsl. J.oynl kiii};lil \V. Karl Riisi 

Usi. J.i-c. Kiii^/hl Clias. B. Ncviii 

Si-cit-laiY E. B. Miinima 

Treasurer A. F. Diers 

Vv/.T T. A. Ford 

Listiuuc kobl. C. Faltcrson 

Inner Guard Louis L. Wclincr 

Chaplain John R.Flotron 

Organist E. C. Merkle 

Trustees : 
W. F. Miller, G. E. Decker, T. E. Tucker. 

Ach, Isaac. 
Alday, H. F. 
.\Illierr, Frank. 
Althoff, Charles P. 
t.'Vniau, Andrew. 
Armour, William R. 
Arnold, DeWitt C. 
Ash, Harry C. 
.\shton, \\ illiani H. 
Anil, John VV. 

Bachmann, Perry. 
Backus. T. J. 
Baggott. Jolm C. 
Baker, A. VV. 
Barlow, Theodore A. 
Baumheckel, Cliarles E. 
Baumlieckel. Frank, Jr. 
Becker. Henry C. 
Bergen, Charles S. 
Bieser, Cliarles \V. 
lilack. Walter A 
Blackhall, J. R. 
Bochner, John. 
Bowers, J. \V. 
Bowers, W. C. 
Breen, M. J. 
ISrcene, C. L. G. 
■'"Breene, Frank S. 
Hreidcnhach. William F, 
Hrelsford, J. E. 
Broadbent, E. E. 
Brown, B. E. 
liuchcr. C. A 
liucker. F. J. 
Bundenihal. V.. I. 
Burke. M. ]<Am. 
Burkhardt. R. \\ 
P.urkhardt. William M. 
I'mlci. Jas. J 

Callahan. W illiani K 
Campbell. W . II. 
Cappcl. G. F. 

Roster 1903. 

Cellarius, Fred. J. 
Chalmers, Charles C. 
Charlerb, \\ . F. 
Clark, L. M. 
Clark, Paul U. 
Clemens, F'rank C. 
Clemems, Frank G. 
Collier, Alfred. 
Congdon, Geo. E. 
Conkle, Andrew J. 
Connelly, R. J. 
Costello, Maurice. 
Co.x, Charles H. 
Cox, James M. 
Crane, Joseph H. 
Cullen, E. S. 
Custer, Ur. L. E. 

Daugherty, V. W . 
T^Decker, G. E. 
Dennedy, M. 
Dcwald, E. G. 
Diefenbach, J. C. 
Diers, A. F. 
Dill, A. W. 
Donovan, C. C. 
Dorfer, VV. H. 
Drake, \V. A. 
Durst, Charles S. 
Dwyer, A. J. 

Eckley, Sidney. 
Edwards, E. L. 
Egan, John. 
tEichelberger, John VV. 
Elliff, Charles VV. 
Euchenhofer. .A.le.x. 
E\-ans, T. P. 

Farber, Dr. J. H. 
tFeicht, Harry E. 
Feight, A. G. 
Pcrneding, A. H. 
Ferneding. Jos. 

Finke, Ellis J. 
Finke, G. Edward. 
Finke, John H. 
Fitzpatrick, Kerein. 
Fix, Edward E. 
F'lotron, John R. 
F'ocke, Henry. 
Foersle, John. 
Ford, Thomas .-V. 
F'ortney, J. R. 
Frese, Frank C. 
F'reudenberger, Al. 
Froendhoff, Dr. J. E. 
Frost, C. M. 

Garrett, Frank C. 
Gerlaugh, Jolm VV. 
Gillen, John. 
Gimperling, J. E.. Jr. 
Glaser, Mathias. 
Gondert. R. F. 
Good, J. C. 
Gore, John P. 
Gorman, VV. A. 
Gougeon, N. VV. 
Graham, W. J. 
Greer, C. N. 
Griffin, Edw. C. 

Haas, John A. 
,Haberer, H. A. 
Haeseler, A. E. 
Hall, E. T. 
Hall, Frank J. 
Hall, John J. 
Hall, V. E. 
Haning, Dr. H. C. 
Hasenstab, F. VV. 
Hatcher, Dr. H. H. 
Heck, C. P. 
Heikes, Rolla O. 
Heiner, H. S. 
Heiss. J. B. 
Heitman, Louis. 

1^ liiilic:cti-s I.oiIkc .Ml 
* l.ifc .MtinlHT. 



Davton No. 58. 

Hclldocrfcr, Cliarlcs J. 
Ucllcr, Charles H. 
Holler, Fred. W. 
Hcviiiaiin, A. F. 
H>\h, K. C. 
Hodapp. Gii.slavc. 
Hogaii, H. L. 
Hoovcii. Claude C. 
Hord. L!raiHts. 
Horn, Bernard. 
Hoskot, C. T. 
Hoskol. William II. 
Hiiniiie, John II. 
Hunter, S. T. 

Jenkins, E. L. 
Justice, Horace. 

Kaiser, H. \V. 
Kelley, J. H. 
Kclley, Oscar M. 
Kenney, John R. 
Keogh. John P. 
Kernan. W illiain J. 
Kershner, Win. C. 
Kette, William C. 
Kettc. William E. 
Kiefahcr, William, Jr. 
Kimmell, C. L. 
Kinkier. Fred. 
Kirby, George VV. 
Kirk. James A. 
Kiser, Earl H. 
Kiser, E. M. 
Kiser, Ray C. 
Klee, Oscar P. 
Kloeb, A. R. 
Knab, John G. 
Knapp, Fred. A. 
Koch. Charles A. 
Kreidler, William A. 
Kressler, Oscar. 
Krug. George A. 
Krug. George F. 
Kruse, E. L. 
Kuhlman, William H. 
Kmider, .\. W. 
Kumler, Daniel E. 
Kuntz, William. 

Lambing. John D. 
Larkin. Daniel C. 
Larkin, Joseph E. 
Larkin, .Maurice D. 
Larkin, Thomas F. 
Lause. Nicholas T. 
Laurence, J. W. 
Lccliner. Wiiliani J. 
Leeds, William T. 
Lentz. Joseph E. 
Lewis. J. B. 
Lewis Wilmer D. 
Little. J. J. 
Long. Charles W. 
Loos. Cliarles L., Jr. 
I.X3tz. Fred W. 
Lowes. Dr. J. E. 

Lukaswit/, William J. 
Lutzenbcrgcr, 1^. P. 

.McBride, Frank. 

McCaslin, F. M. 

-McDonald, W. S. 

Mel lose, George I.. 

.Maklcy, Albert -M. 

-Maklev, Louis C. 

iMakley, William IL 

Markcy, Lee. 

.\Larlin, F. P. 

Martin, U. S. 

Mathews, .M. H. 
(Mayl, Jos. A. 

■'.Mead, Charles D. 

Mead, Harry E. 
.Mendenhall, E. M. 

Merkle, Edward C. 

Meyenherg. Ben. 

Meyer, Frank G. 

Meyer, Henry G. 

.Miller, Dr. G. W. 

Miller, John L., Jr. 

Miller. William A. 

Miller, William F. 

Moorman, Joseph H. 

Moore, Arthur E. 

Morris, Charles D. 

Mosauer, Edward. 

Mullen, R. E. 

Mumma, E. B. 

Mumma, L. G. 

Mundhenk, W. S. 

■i^Murphy, Barry S. 

Murphy, R. E. 

Myers, H. E. 

Nauerili. Charles V. 
Nevin, Charles B. 
Nevin, Robert. M. 
Nevin, Robert R. 
Nevin, W. B. 
Nixon, A. A. 
Ni.xon, A. C. 
iVNolan. Harry F. 

Obenauer, V. J. A. 
Ohmer, A. A. 
Oneil, Harry S. 
Ozias, George W. 

Palmer, Frank A. 
Pardonncr, J. H. 
Patterson, Harry S. 
"Patterson, J. C. 
Patterson, Robert C. 
Pauley, Louis A. 
Pereles, Morris. 
Pflum, Louis V. 
Pfoutz, Daniel H. 
Porter, Fred E. 
Powell. William G. 

Ralston, B. F. 
Raniby. Frank B. 
Rauh. luhvard. 


Rauh, Harry. 
Ravlwuld. D. J. 
Rees, A. W. 
Reilxild, Louis S. 
Reicherl. I'juil. 
Rheiner. Julius E. 
Riegur, .Artlun- L. 
Roelnn, John. 
Rose. J. T. 
KiiseuhlooEn, Charles. 
tRoitermann, P. J. 
Russ, W. I'iarl. 
Ryan, Richard A. 

Schaefer, Josenh J. 
Scliaeler, M. J. 
Schaelfer, W. B. 
Scli.aiUz. .\d,am. 
Scliellman. Cliarles. 
Scheiik, Josepli L. 
Schneider, Jacob I'". 
Schudcr, I-:. 11. 
Schwab, Joseph. 
Schwab, Mose J. 
Schwable, J. H. 
Schwarz, Josepn. 
Selz. 1 A. 
Shank, L. O. 
Shank, U. S. 
Sherman, B. H. 
Simonton, IL E. 
Slaglit, George A. 
Smith, Charles W. 
Smitli, Claude. 
Smith. Harry .\1. 
Snyder, Cliarles A. 
Snyder, ILariy. 
Snyder, Joliii S. 
Spickler, William R- 
Stacy, W. H. 
Steinfcis, L. 
Steinle, John. 
Slern, H. J. 
Stokes, \V. W. 
Stover, A. W. 
Strauss, Myron. 
Sullivan. William R. 
Sunderland. W. P. 

Teach. Julin W. 
Teigler, Herman. 
Thieman, J. B. 
Thomas, Allen E. 
Thomas, John H. 
Tomlinson, W. H. 
■iiTucker, T. E. 

Urban. J. T. 
L'schold. .Michael. 
Utzinger. Charles O. 

Van .5kaik, ICduard. 

\\MlIasi,,ii. H. II. 
Wallaston. W. R. 
Ward. John M. 
Ward, William M. 

I)a\T().v Xi). i8. 

Ware. Charlc; 
Warren. J. E. 


sciiich. Charles, 
atsnn. F. O. 
avmirc. E. R. 
cliner. Joscpli. 
cliiicr. Louis 1,. 

Weitraiul. Louis. 



. Henry C. 


cs';.-il()sky, J. A. 



<, Bemanim 


csloii. . 

•:. B. 





hi to. R 




FJnicr H. 


ilckc. O. C. F. 

Williams. Mcnry <le\'. 
Williamson, !L F. 
Winters, Henry. 
Wittmann, r^awrcnce. 
Wollenhaupt, Auk- J. 
Wollenhaiipt, Herman. 
Woodruff. Frank E. 

Our J^bscnt Brothers. 

Conklin. Dr. C. IL. June 2.S. iS88. 
Morev. Bert C. Jannarv 21. 1.SS9. 
Ross.' William P., May,' 18S9. 
Thomas, Dr. Frank W'., Sept. 15, 1S90. 
Fairchild, Adam. August 14. i8o<. 
Heineman. S. W.. Scplcmlier 10, 1895. 
Stackhouse, Urhine. September. i8o''i. 
Wollaston. J. A.. May 17. iSqS. 

.Mien. Robert M.. September 25, 1899. 
Makley, Andrew V.. Xovcmber 6. 1900 
Klopfer, Albert. February 7, 1901. 
Davidson, O. E.. January 24. 1901. 
Klee. John Jr., November 19. 1901. 
.Maklev. C.eorRe D.. Ociober 2i, 1903. 
WeHTenbach. Will 11 . April (i. 1903. 
Cooper. \\. F.. February 9. 1903. 


l-jiMiNii I'. Mi:uM.i;, 


l.i.n^ I.. \\'i:ii M K. 

Inili-r Liiiaiil. 

.MaiKimr \\\liiKT Itnuiiig Co. 

Oas'i'iis N'o. S''^- 


J- L'. I'.MI KUSiiN. 
iilUTMin ^'t I'ailci-..)!! 
.\ltnnK'y>-:il-l.:iu . 

Kni:i:u] C. I'atti;k-<ii\, 
I'.iiitT^on X' 

r. \i;k\ S. MruniN, 
Muri.hy X: l-".llilt. 
Alt' iriiL'\>-at-l,.i\\'. 

FuAXK S. Rkkkni;, 

AtliH . 


)ast()n No. 58. 

C W . l-j.i.ii I . 
Murphy S: l-lllilT 

I I.Miin F. Ndi.AN. 

I . S. M \i;Ti\, 
l*ri latent 111!^ \lli II nc\ . 
.\l(iiili;c.iiii.rv I'cpiiiily. 

Dax H. ProUTS. 


Hi; I I.\i;uv H. I lAiciii:ii. 

n.\NTii\ \'(i. tS!. 


Wiii-iwi M. I'll i;k II AKhi . 
TiiM- 'I'lio Slnmii^-l'.nrkli.inll C' 
t'lniir M.iniitarl nrcfs. 

l-'.n. .Mus.\i;i:u. 

A. J. CoNKLK. 

Conklc C'ln.ik House. 

K. \'. liLUKHAKIlT, 

'I'he I'.m klianll Fiiriiilnre Co. 


Jiiii.v Fni:Ksii:, 

Tile I leaver Snjp Co. 

Davton N'o. 58. 

l'"l;ANk J. I I ALL. 

John F. Mall C.jal C 

W A. DuAkL. 
\\ hdK'^alc l.tiMiher. 

Ii ii\ W (".i:i;l \ri.n 

I'",. I . \\\ i^i;.\t;i. i .1:1; 

l)i;ini.aic Aiilhcir 

;iiul Siaui- I )l|■^■(.■lo^ 

lll.\l;^ I'. Mi;ni:i;. 

El). Caiti:!.. 

I '.i;(iK(.i: A. 


l.ncrv Sliilili-^. 


josii'ii I''.. I.rx/, 

I .("lies iV I, on/. 

WlMltsaK' Xiiiinii, 

William F, Brkiukniiach, 


The X. Thomas Breuiiig Co. 


John H. Thomas, 


The X. Thoma, Brcuing Co. 

I )as Ti i\ \( I. :,S 

jix.N L'. r.\-.r.iiir. 

(■.(.111 V.'ll\,;UH-.. t'l 

' ,111 •" 

W II I 1-'.. KiriTi . 
I'm- The l-'rc.l Kiilr X S.m- L'. 

\\'Iii'Ic-;iIl- I.ic|ii.irs. 

\i IN AMiiu l-'.i\ iii;.\i:ni-i:n, 
\ III- I'ri-^. .niil .\l:in;i,ncr 
Aiiiii.- Sii'ii I'riniin;,' C'l. 

\\ . K. Wai I Asrn\. 

\\;illaslnn &■ Hainniiniil 

C'isjar M.iniif.icturcrs. 


J.illV II. iMNki:. 

i;..,,|.k,r|Kr M. A. Xip,i;cn O 

WIl.iK ■^.lK■|llnl>. 


I ).\N TiiN .\(i. ^tS. 




Al.. 11. Fl-UNKllINO, 

Tr.ivi;liiis; Salesman 

W-iiia SImc Mant'tr. Co 

J(isi;rii Fi^KNKiJixG. 
Slini- Smrc Priiprictiir. 

JOSEPH \\'i;, 
CiMiiraL't'ir and Uiiililur. 

W. A. l!l.ACK, 



History of Canton Lodge No. 68. 

CA.\T( ).\ Lo(li;;c was insliluli'd July 15. iSScj, uitli twc'iity ni the city's rcp- 
rot'iHatiw im-n in lnl^incss and suciai liistiiiLnioii. To ilrdtlRT W. I'. 
V'ogcs, who was at tlic lime a memlici" of ^'ouiii^.stown Lodge, is (hie the 
credit for the ory;anizatioii of Canton and its instittitioii was con<Uicted by 
^'olIn,!;stown I.odu'e. 'I'he menihers were enlhnsiastie in llie heginnintj, but in- 
terest soon waned and the lod^e ahnost (hed "adxirnin."' 'i'he decHnc of tlie 
lodt^e continued for two years lint in l8ijl llie almost extinct s|)ari< was fanned 
into a tlame of vig^onms hfe wliich iujniled a renewed interest in the meml)ers of 
tile order that extended itself to the \'ery best of C"ant<in's citizenship, until 
toda\ it is one of the most representative lodges in the Slate both in numbers 
an<l the personnel of its membership. 

We lia\e been miable to ,<,ret the Charter Members and ( ijlicers because of 
the loss or destruction of the records of that time, but we |)resent >iicli informa- 
tion as we have, as a nucleus ii])on which future histories may be written. 

Our Jlbsent members. 

Hoffman, Geo. R.nff. Hdward S. Cavii.ili. H. .\. 

Field. P:uil. Gicssen. Otto. Gasklll. F. \V 

Midav. Louis J. McGowan. John. l.nuKliIin. W. II. 

r)c\'i'lle. I.. R. Melbourne. John S. Cli.iilc- G 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

V'ogc.i. W. F Julv 1^. iSSij — iSqo French. H. .\ iS<)f) — iHqy 

!&>)— iSgi Daiiner. J. M i,S<j-— [898 

i8gi — iSy:; .'^axinn. W. G. |8<)S — iSijo 

18(32 — 18(^,1 .Mitilull. II. I'. iS<)()— rrjoo 

Turner. Tlins. F 189,^—181)4 llnw. G. I." kkx) — kjoi 

Kline. S. M 1S94 — 1S15 P.nuerrm-. \llee kah — uj02 

Rl.mchard. I.. O iSo.S— i8c)'i ( ■.i^ 'I'honi.K W., |()02 — I(j03 

Grand Lodge Members. 

V'oRes. U'ni. F. D.mner. J. .\1 I'onierene, .Atle.-. 

Hnlijer. .Mareiis I. .SaNlmi. W. G,. (.'.is^chn.iM. 'I'hiiin.-.s W 

•rm-ner. 'riinnias'F. .\liuliell. II. P.. Olierlv. G. L. 
Blanchard. L. I). I'.nu . G. C. 

Officers 1903-04. 

I:xall,;l Riiirr G. I. Oherlv /nun Cmtt,! F. S. Shinip /.rdilnii: Kiiii;lil . K. '> .Shii.i;i I lidf'liiiii W. C. Saxlon 

list. I.,:y,il KiinJil W'ni. J. Lester (h;^,:,iisl \), G. Free 

/;.(/. I.rclniiiiii /\'i;/.i,'/ir . . .Or\ ille T, Wiuer 

.SV(T,'/(icv Fd. (■. Rolli 'I'iKsli-i-.s : 

Tiniiiiirr J. L Piper \. II St..l/enhaoli. Gen. ,\. William.-;, W. 

7v/.-r L L. Smith II. Gawiah. W. V. CartuTight, 

/;•;,■,;»/,-,■ H C. Knohlocli G. C, Row. 

Canton Nu. 68. 

Roster, 19C3-04. 

Alexander, W. I.. 
Ainliler, Ralph S. 
TAriiold, J. L. 
tAiiiigst, M. H. 

Baechel. H. E., M. C. 
t Bender, Ed. E. 
Benskiii, Fred G. 
Bessire. J. A. 
Biechelc, E. A. 
Biechelc, Jos. V. 
i>Blaiicliard. L. D. 
Boekiiis, E. G. 
Bockiiis, Fred G. 
Boerner, Aug. 
-JfBolger, .M. J. 
tBoiir. Ray J. 
■"Bow, Charles C. 
Bowman, A. T. 
Bowman, E. A. 
Brant, E. D. 
Bnrgencr, William H. 
Biirgert, Sanuiel. 
Bnll. George W. 
Biilley, R. H. 

Carnahan, John E. 
Carnes. Junius B. 
Cartwright W. Y. 
'S'Casselman. Thomas W. 
Cavnali. William H. 
Chandler. M. B. 
Cliapin, L. E. 
Charters. George A. 
Cliarters. 'ohn F. 
Chase. Russell G. 
Clark, A. B. 
Clark, George H. 
I. lark. James F. 
Clark. William H. 
Clark. W. W., Ir. 
Cloud. A. W. 
Cole, Frank L. 
Colopy, W. J. 
Conrad, Fred G. 
Copthornc. W. H. 
Courtney, S. V. 
Coxen. O. M. 

Dahinden. Frank, 
nannemiller. .^ug. 
Danncmillcr. Ferd. 
+-&Danncr. J. M. 
nav. William L. 
llePulron. E. C. 
neuhlc. W. H. 
OeWcssc, Harry E. 
ncwcssc. Lester. 
Dewesse. Rnlph R. 
Disler. E. M. 

tr Indicates Gr.nnd Lodge Member 
t Life Memlx^r. 

fDougherty, Charles A. 
Uougherly, J. F. 
Draime, C. S. 

El>erly. A. G.^ 
Emerson, W. F. 

Fawcetl, J. P. 
Fife, F. R. 
Fisher, M. A. 
Fosnought. John. 
Foulks, W. S. 
Frank, J. D. 
Frease, George B. 
Free, D. G. 
French, J. D. 

Gcisler, I,. J. 
Gibh, Rohh. C. 
Gicsscn, Otto. 
Goodman. Herman. 
Grant, J. J. 
Green, Walter. 
Gschwend, Lawrence. 
Gschwend, Paul. 
Gschwend, William I?. 
Gunn, Spencer C. 

Hadlcy, John. 
Hadlcy, William. 
Hall. W. P. 
Hamaker, Louis C. 
Hanmiond, David. 
Hammond, George L 
Hardwick. F. M. 
Harter, Henry W. 
Hartzell, Josiah. 
Haymaker, Harry. 
Hcffelman. E. J. 
Hershcy, J. G, 
tHieronimus. A. F. 
Holl. John H. 
Homer, W. E. 
Hoover, William H. 
Horton, C. C. 
Hummel, H. H. 

Irwin, Charles W. 
Irwin, W. W. 

Tanson, E. L. 
Jay. F. W. 
lenkins. A. G. 
Johnson. M V. H. 
Johnston. L'. S. 

Kenlineer, C. W. 
Keith, n. R. 
Inline, Charles B. 
Kenny, J. H. 
+Kcnny. R. B. 
Knohlock. H. C. 


Kianier, J. G. 
Ivrug. \V. G. 
Kintz, S. S. 

Laiblin, Garheld G. 
TUaihlin, William C. 
Landor, E. J. 
Langcnhach. Al. 
tLangenhach. Ed. 
Leitner, Henry. 
Urch, 1). \V. 
Lester, William J. 
Lewis, E. W. 
Liggett. S. M. 
Loichot, L. .'\. 
Lt)thamer. Edward • ). 
Lynch. William .A. 

McCartv. A. D. 
McCartv, A. .\1. 
McCrea, II. D. 
McOowell. C. S. 
.\lcKee, S. .\I. 
Mcl.;un. John E. 
.Mcl.ain. 1". L. 
.Mcl^iughlin. Roherl I I 
McMurrav. (■eorge !■. 
McQnern.' J. X. 
Mahaffev. I. A. 
.Marchand. L F. 
-Nfcilhor. Gordon .\I. 
.\Liudrii. J. J. 
Mclhourne. F. J. 
Merlcv. Jolni. 
.Mcver, ImI J. 
•Miller, Burt A. 
Miller. Charles W. 
Miller. H. H. 
Miller. Peter. 
^Mitchell. 11. B. 
tMorton. .'\. J. 

■ii-Oherlv. Charles L. 
Oherly.' William C. 
Oherinier, John G. 
Oby. W. J. 
Odhcrt. J. H. 

Piper. Jacob I. 
'iJ'Pomcrene. .Atlce. 
Portman, E. O. 

Rayncr. George R. 
Reed. Howard R. 
Reed. W. ^L 
Renkert. H. .S. 
Rice. James .'\. 
Rider. Paul D. 
Robertson. James H. 
Roliinsnn. James H. 
■'■Rnmmell, lolin. 
Roth. Ed G'. 

Canton Nu. 68. 

t-'iSaxtoii, \V. G. 
Schaeffcr, H. T. 
Sclilaubacli, E. J. 
Schoner, George F. 
Sliiiii]). F. S. 
Sliinip. Joliii P. 
Slioop. James W. 
Shoop. R. O. 
Simonds, J. A. 
Smith, David B. 
Smith, J. L. 
Smith. \V. H. 
Snyder, J. R. 
Snyder. T. C. 
Stewart. H. B. 
Stolzcnhach. Al. H. 
Stnlzenliacli. \V. I,. 
Smart. William. 

Taylor. I. H. 
'Pinipken. H. H. 
•I'inipkcn. VV. R. 
Tinkler. Charles E. 
Tilsworth. .'\. D. 
tTriimp. H. A. 
^Turner. Tlionias F. 

Underliill, J. W. 
UplKiiii. Charles C. 

fVoges, T. B. C. 
-Voges, \V. F. 

tWalkcr, James F. 
Wallers. W. 11. 
Ueher. Phil. H. 
Webber, II. B. 
Wcidman, J. H. 
Wentz. Vic VV. 
Werner, John II. 
Wernet, L. J. 
Whike. George H. 
Whipple. A. M. 
Whilacre. J. J. 
Whiting. J. W., Jr. 
Wiblc. J. H. 
Williams, George .A 
Willis. Charles H. 
Winkelpleck. O. W. 
V\'interh:ilter. I,co. 
Wise. H. A. 
Wilier, Orvillc T. 
W'orstcll. H. E. 
Woods. A. S. 



Atlee PomERENE, 
Exalted Ruler 1901-02. 


W. F. Voces, 


Canton Saw Company. 



nAii&LAy LQDQE Alj9 7A 

^^'^^'^ -^op, 

i... _-= ^__- 

History of Findlay Lodge No. 75. 

THE institution of Findlay Lodge on Tlnirsday, March 15, 1888. was one of 
the most successful secret order events that ever took place in iMiidlay. 
or indeed in that part of the state. Hon. George .X. Clugston. of Mans- 
field Lodge No. 56, Dist. Dcp. G. E. R., officiated, assisted hy prominent Elks 
from Toledo, Lima and Mansfield, Ohio; Detroit, Mich., and San Francisco, Cal. 

The following brothers, some of whom had become members of Toledo and 
others of Lima Lodge, were the petitioners for the dispensation to organize a 
lodge at Findlay. They were: J. C. Tritch, W. C. Neihling, Ed. M. Campfield, 
George L. Cusac, S. B. Lippman, A. C. Heck, A. H. Crozier. V. H. Coons. George 
Brake, J. H. Boger, E. B. Davis, David Hosier, E. E. Mallettc, H. \'. Davis, R. 
B. Motherwell and J. Rosenthall, and from them were selected the charter officers. 

The charter mem'bers of the Lodge were: W. R. McKce, ]. R. Kagy, V.. T. 
Dunn, P. E. Hay, W. T. Piatt, H. P. Grouse, Wm. H. Saltz. J. H. Smith. A. Joy. 
D. Joy, Ben Haines, J. A. Kimmell, F. W. Firmin, C. D. Hayward, C. E. Swartz- 
haugh. H. E. Hickox, L. E. Huston, D. A. Walker, John A. Scott, Daniel Stoug!:, 
Chas. Gassman, Theo. Totten, P. C. Tritch, L. W. Eofif, Geo. Nemeyer, M. Xe- 
ineyer, A. Zugschwert, E. C. McElhaney, F. H. Glessner, Geo. R. Thompscjn. 
H. F. Burket, U. K. Stringfellow, John M. Loomis, John IVL Barr, J. W. Carner, 
Henry C. Smith, Wm. F. Hosier, E. E. Siddall, J. N. Doty, E. D. Higgs. Clinton 
Black, J. H. Camp, C. C. Chace, Fred P. Whiteley, O. A. Ballard, J. C. Bushon, 
Ezra Kendall. 

The charter officers who were installed on the night of the institution of the 
lodge were: J. C. Tritch, E.xalted Ruler; W. C. Keibling, Esteemed Leading 
Knight ; Ed. M. Campfield. Esteemed Loyal Knight ; CKJorge L. Cusac, Esteemed 
Lecturing Knight; S. B. Lippman, Secretary; A. C. Heck, Treasurer; .A. B. Croz- 
ier, Tyler; C. C. Chace, Esquire; L. W. Eofif, Inner Guard; H. E. Hicko.x, Chap- 
lain ; V. H. Coons, Geo. Brake, J. H. Boger, Trustees. 

A short time after the election of Dr. J. C. Tritch as Exalted Ruler he re- 
signed his position, owing to the fact that his professional duties prevented his 
attending the meetings of the lodge regularly. H. E. Hickox was elected to fill 
out the unexpired term. 

At the very next meeting of the lodge held after his election as Secretary, 
S. B. Lippman resigned and J. C. Bushon was elected in his stead. 

The lodge was instituted at the G. .-\. R. Hall, in the third story of the Pat- 
terson Block, situated at tiie northwest corner of South .Main and West Sandusky 
streets, at which place it continued to meet until about Xovemlx?r I, 1 888, when 
it took possession of the Frey Hall, at the northeast corner of South Main and 
East Sandusky streets. 


FlMII.AV l\'(). 75. 

Tlic banquet tliat l\illci\\i.'cl the iustittitioii of tlic lodge and installation of 
ofiFicers was one of the l)est ever given in the city. 

The new rtxjnis in the Frey i'linrk were destroyed l>y fire Xovember 24, 1888. 
The lodge had iicld but tiiree meetings in these rooms; the furnishing of the lodge 
rcwm, bane|uet hall and rece])tion room had just been completed at a cost of $2,000; 
only a few chairs were saved out of all the l>eautiful furniture. The loss included 
a valued painting given the lodge i>y J. W. Carner, the comedian, and other re- 
membrances that had been given by friends of the order. Fortunately there 
was insurance on the furniture to the amount of $1,300. 

In February, 1889, the lodge was enabled to resume its sessions in the Frey 
Block. This continued to be the meeting place of the lodge until the summer of 
1895, when it took a five-year lease of the fourth floor of the Karst Block, situate 
at the northwest corner of South Main and West Main Cross streets. 

In 1899 the lodge had a [ihenominal growth, the increase in membership be- 
ing one hundred and fifteen. 

June 12-17, '899, the lodge gave a Street Fair and Carnival. East Main 
Cross street was used for the fair and the Turley lot for the show part. This 
was a great event, not only for the Elk Lodge, but for the city of Findlay as well ; 
everbody was anxious to make a success of the affair. 

In the summer of 1900 the lodge removed to its present location, the Jones 
Block, situate at the southwest corner of South Main and West Crawford streets. 
Here the lodge has fitted up elegant and commodious lodge and club rooms, at 
an expense of about $9,000, views of which are shown in full page preceding 
this history of the lodge. There is a ladies' parlor and reading room ; a gentle- 
man's reading room; a billiard and pool room; a card room; a Turkish room; 
toilet rooms and lodge room. These quarters are surpassed by few if any lodge 
in the state. In April, 1902, the rooms were damaged by fire, but there was 
ample insurance to cover the loss. 

Two of the members of this lodge, Brothers W. C. Neibling and E. M. 
Campfield have been honored by being appointed District Deputy Grand Ex- 
alted Ruler. 

Its memljers include some of the leading business and professional men of 
the city and surrounding villages. 

Findlay is one of the large and substantial lodges of the state, having a mem- 
bership of about 350, which is rapidly increasing in numbers and influence. Its 
meetings are held on Thursday evenings, to which all visiting brothers are cor- 
diallv invited. 




Past Exalted Rulers. 

Fritcli, J. C i88S— 

Flick-ox, H. E 1888— 1S89 

Neibling. VV. C 1889—189.^ 

Black, W. R 1895-1896 

Motherwell. R. B 1896—1897 

Smitli, Charles F 1897—1898 

Kelly, T. C 1898— 1S99 

Banker, G. G 1899 — 1900 

Dwiggiiis, C. B 1900 — 1901 

Crohen, W. T 1901 — 1902 

Basch. Joel 1902 — 1903 

Nebling, W. C. 
Campfield, E. M. 
EoflF. L. \V. 
Black, W. R. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Whiteley, F. P. 
Brown, A. W. 
Smith, Chas. F. 
Kelly, T. C. 

Officers 1903-04. 

Banker, G. G. 
Dwiggins, C. B. 
Crohen, W. T. 
Basch, Joel. 

Exalted Ruler S. V. Alspach 

list. Leading Knight M. C. Shafer 

Est. Loyal Knight Reginald Burkel 

Est. Lecturing Knight. .. .P. A. Hitchcock 

Secretary W. T. Piatt 

Treasurer VV. F. Hosier 

Tvler P. C. Tritch 

Esquire Charles E. Steen 

/nner Guard Harry J. Hanff 

Chaplain J. D. Altenburg 

Organist J. C. Porch 


I. H. Shatz, Geo. P. Jones, 1. H. Treece. 

Adams, Frank J. 
Adams, J. T., Jr. 
Aljlf, Geo. E. 
Allen, Fred D. 
Alspach, S. V. 
Altenburg, J. D. 
Altschul, B. F. 
Andrews, F, S. 
.Archer, F. C. 
Arnold, John H. 

Baker, John. 
Baker, J. P. 
Baker, Sanniel S. 
Balsley, R. I. 
Balsley, R. M. 
^Banker, G. G. 
Barnhart. F. M. 
Bartch, C. P. 
Barton, Albert. 
Bartoon. Joseph 1 . 
Bartz, John J. 
*Basch. Joel. 
Bates. C. H. 
Beardsley, C. O. 
Bellford. Milo W. 
Benson. O. D. 
Berry, O. C. 
BIcknell. J. E. 
Billeter. J. I.. 
Black. John F. 
•frBlack, W. R. 
Blooniingdale. .\. 
Blooniingdale. S. M. 
Boger, Jacob H. 

■^ Indicates Grand Lodge Member, 
t Life Member. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Bohrer, Henry. 
Bolton, Elmer C. 
Bond, Sherman. 
Bope, Ed. V. 
Bower, H. G. 
Bowlby, N. H. 
Boyle, Ed. M. 
Brake, Ralph E. 
Brand, F. E. 
Brickman, W. F. 
Broadwater, L. H. 
Brokaw, E. B. 
<rBrown, A. \V. 
Brown, H. \V. 
Brown, W. B. 
Burket, C. O. 
Burket, H. F. 
Burket, Jacob F. 
Burket, John F. 
Burket, Reginald 
Burlingame, H. G. 
Byrnes, H. E. 

■ii-CampficId. E. M. 
Carlin. P. G. 
Carner, J. \V. 
Carpenter. C. A. 
Carpenter, C. G. 
Casterlinc. C. I,. 
Gathers. P. B. 
Chanel. George .^. 
Clark. W. S. 
Coates. E. H. 
Cochran, \V. E. 


Cohen, Carl. 
Cole, Ralph D. 
Collins, Otto. 
Compton, O. \V. 
Conliss, E. B. 
Coons, V. H. 
Coons, W. V. 
Crai,g, Frank. 
Crew, Lewis H. 
Crites, George C. 
^Crohen, \V. T. 
Crouch, Geo. F. 
Crozier, A. B. 
Crozier, M. G. 

Dana. George. 
Daughcrty, C. T. 
David. W, I... Jr. 
Davis, E. B. 
Demland, W. A. 
Deniond, P. .\. 
DeWolf. S. P. 
Di.xon. H. O. 
Donnell, J. C. 
Doolev, W. J. 
Drake. W. H. 
Drake. \V. W. 
Drury. F. A. 
Duflf. J. B. 
Dtmcan. W. F. 
Dunn. E, T. 
Dunn. H H. 
Duval. A. I. 
^Dwiggins. C. B. 
Dwiggins. Verne. 

l'*l^.'UI.A^■ i\'<- 


l£:irliarl, George O. 
lidw.irds, Fred. 
Hduards, Merl. 
Edwards, '1'. J. 
El sea, George E. 
Elsea, James M. 
Eiurikin, E. L. 
Entrikin, F. 13. 
Eiiz. diaries F. 
Eoff, A. E. 
■i^EofT, L. W. 
Ewing, E. E. 
Ewiiig, P. W. 

Feiiton. Cliarles O. 
Fenstemaclicr, F. 
Fiegel, M. 
Fitzgerald, M. 
Fitzgerald, R. H. 
Flalicrty, J. F. 
Ford, J. M. 
Fowler, Geo. E. 
Frcy, Wm. J. 

Gainer, C. 
Cfallaghcr, J. .A., 
(jassinan, Chas. 
Gassinaii, J. \V. 
Gates, Arthur O. 
Gehrctt. W. S. 
Gepfert, Daniel. 
Goodlove. James F. 
Gorman, Joe. 
Grandi, Robert 
Grosfield. T. B. 
Grove, KI. S. 

Halm, E. R. 
Hamill, A. P. 
Hanflf, Harrv J. 
Happcr, C. H. 
Harrington. L. E. 
Harris, B. L. 
Hart, Joseph. 
Hay, Charles. 
Havward, C. D. 
Hazlett, A. J. 
Heck, A. C. 
Heinihofer, J B. 
Hcnige, P. E. 
Heniiessv, Richard. 
Hersh, E. G. 
Hetrick, E. M. 
Hciisiicr, W. G. 
Hitchcock. F. A. 
Hoagland, W. H. 
Holsingcr, F. B. 
Horn. George J. 
Hosier. David. 
Hosier. D. M. 
Hosier. Morri.:. 
Hosier. Peter, Jr. 
Hosier. William F. 
Hoiick, \V. E. 
Ruber, C. F 

Hull. H. B. 
Hurd, Frank S. 
lluttinger, C. 1,. 
Hntion, Ross h. 

Jacobs, R. E. 
Jones, George P. 
Jordan, Chas. E. 
Joy, David. 
Joy, Frank K. 
Julien, Carl F. 
Justice, C. M. 

Kagy, J. R. 
Kagy, T. J. 
Keenan, George J. 
Kelly, N. T. 
^Kelly, Thomas C. 
Kendall, Ezra. 
Kerns, A. E. 
Kiefer, W. I. 
Kimmell, J. G. 
Kinder, VV. H. 
King, A. F. 
Kirsten, Oscar. 
Kisselle. C. C. 
Kittle, Samuel I.. 
Kobus, M. 
Kohlcpp, F. W. 
Krantz; J. J. 
Krause, William. 

Lang, O. M. 
Law, C. E. 
Law, O. G. 
Leon, J. 
Light foot, D. F. 
Long, James. 
Lx)ng, L. E. 
Lottes, C. A. 
Lucas, H. H. 
Lutz, C. E. 

Mc.\rthur, .■\le.\. 
McArthur, George. 
McClure, H. L. 
McConica, T. H. 
McCrory, S. L. 
McGuire, W. T. 
McKav. H. O. 
McKav. P. R. 
McKnight. W. C. 
McLure. W. L. 
McMichacl. R. D, 
Magnee, Julc. 
Martin, John C. 
Marvin. C. W. 
Marvin. Otto B. 
Matthews. C. B. 
May. Fratik A. 
Mayljicr, Rolierl. 
Messinger, E. I.. 
Mcssin.ger, E. 
Metzler, J. T.. 
Miller, C. B. 

Miller, Don. C. 
.Miller, E. H. 
Mihcniiergcr, H. 
Mitchell, Parlee. 
Mitchell, T. M. 
Monhcinier, L. M. 
Monheimer, M. H. 
MtMjre, Gilson. 
Moore, H. W. 
Morgan, H. F. 
Morse, A. C. 
Myers, Clark. 

Neff, M. D. 
^Neibling, W. C. 
Nemeyer, George. 
Nemcver, Matt. 
Newton, W. B. 
Niece, S. E. 
Niles, C. E. 
Northcott, P. W. 
Nyhan, D. J. 

Odenbaugh, J. 
Oehlschlagcr, J. 
Oliver, P. B. 
O'Neil. W. R. 
Oswald, David. 
Oswald, Fred. 
Oswald, Sanuiel. 

Piatt, Wm. T. 
Po- Merle N. 
Pogue, Tolin F. 
Porch. J. C. 
Powell, E. O. 
Priddy, Edgar. 

Rader, L. E. 
Ramsey, H. L. 
Ray, Frank C. 
Renninger, W. W. 
Revle, George. 
Reynolds. R. F. 
Richcreck. M. C. 
Richter. E. J. B. 
Rieck, C. 
Riegel. F. M.. Jr. 
Rightcr, J. W. 
Risser, A. F. 
Risser, G. W. 
Roach, Daniel. 
Rogers, Samuel. 
Ross, G. W. 
Roulo, J. W. 
Ruhl. C. A. 
Riminiell. W. R. 

Saunders, Charles. 
Scliacfer, J. \. 
Schafcr. John. 
Scott. Howard I. 
Scott. H, Waller. 
Scott. John .v. 
Scott. Lester .X. 
Scott, O. M. 


FiNi)i..w No 

M. C. Shater. 

lislrcincd Leading Kniglit. 

• V- " ''*» - 

Frank A. Hitchcock, 
listccined Lecturing Kniglit. 
Miigr. Oil Well Supply Co. 

S. V. Alspach, 

Exalted Ruler. 

Ewiiig & Alspach. Furniture. 

William T. Plait, 


I,ifc and .\ccident Ins. Agent. 


Charles E. Steen, 


Steen Bros. Hardware. 

FiN'llI.AV No 


Harrv J. Hanfi', 

Inner Guard. 


J. C. Porch, 



W. T. Crohen, 

Member Finance Committee. 

Agent Crystal Rock. 

J. N. Scil.^Kl-KK, 

Member House Committee. 
Oil Producer. 


Harrv B. Hull, 

Member House Committee 


FlXDI.AN' Xo. 

Elmer C. Bolton, 
County Surveyor. 

JoiCL Basch, 
I taller. Tailor, Furnisher. 

Charles F. Smith, 

General Manager 

T. B. G. & S. Traction Co. 

Walter S. Clark, 


\V. P. WiSELEV, 

President & Manager 
Tlie Peoples Ice and Coal Co. 

Fl.N'IH.AV Xo. 75. 

Albert B. Crozif.r. 

George McArthur, 
Boiler Manufacturer. 

Charles C. Kisselle, 

Kisscile Bros.. Photographers 

Carpenter & Kisselle, Hotel. 

Cl.\ui) Gilford Cari'Entkr, 
Tcleplione Electrician. 


Cap. a. Cari'e.n'ter, 

FiNDI.AY No. 75. 

Oliver Morton Scott, 

Travelins; Auditor 

C. H. & D. Ry., Cincinnnli. 

Harvey H. Lucas, 
Shoe Merchant. 

Frank Sparks, 

Oil Operator and Producer. 


Sherman Bo.vd, 

Hotel Proprietor. 

Toledo, Ohio. 


Willie E. Houck, 

Manager Findlay Brand. 

The Boss Manfg. Co. 


Acr.L'STus M. Smith. 
Marble and Granite Dealer 

John A. Scott, 

John A. Scott & Co.. 

Wliolesale Liquor Merchants. 

Don C. (Dusty) Miller, 


Jolin A. Scott & Co. 

D. J. Nyhan, 
Tea and China Merchant. 


William George Heusner, 


Wholesale and Retail. 

Charles W. Marvin, 

IraNK J. AllAMS. 

Frank J. Adams '^|■all■^fcl l.iiic I'v 
Storage C".. U. S. Mail Conlrs. 


Ed. ^[. Boyle, 


J. N. Schacfcr, Oil Producer. 

Im.ndi.av No. 75. 


Manager Circulating Dept. 
Toledo Newspaper Co. 

CiiAiii.Ks F, E.Nz, 

.■\nd Pool Rooms. 

J. J. Krantz, 
Brewery Manager. 


Parlee Mitchell, 
Oil Producer. 

PiNni.AV No. 75. Gassman, 

Gassnnn Brothers, 



Theo. B. Grosfield. 

George Curtis Crites, 
Contracting Plasterer. 





FiNDT.AY No. 75. 

T. H. B. Van Keurkn, 


Soiilli Bend, Ind. 

Wade Van Keuren, 
Auditor's. Office. 




L. E. Rader, 

Phoenix Inn. 

C. U. Standurrouch, 


Bee Restaurant. 


JULE Macnf.e, 


Magnee's Restaurant. 

History of Delaware Lodge No. 76. 

DELAWARE Lodge No. 76, B. P. O. Elks, first saw the liglit of day on the 
22d day of February (WashiiisTton's birthday), 1888, with a charter mem- 
bership of thirty-six live Bucks, under tiic following disi^cnsation granted 
by Exalted Ruler Hamilton E. Leach : 

To Whom it May Concern : 

Know Ye, that L Hamilton E. Leach, Exalted Grand Ruler of the Grand 
Lodge of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, by virtue of the power 
conferred upon me by the Constitution and General Laws of the Order, and 
upon application of Brothers Jno. C. Burns, E. S. Hiestand and S. J. Twitchell, 
of Lodge No. 56, have upon this, the 9th day of February, granted a Dispensa- 
tion for a Lodge, to be known as Delaware Lodge No. 76, under Dispensation, 
and to hold its communications in the city of Delaware, Ohio. 

Attest: Hamilton E. Lkach, 

Exalted Grand Ruler. 

A. C. MoRELAND, Geo. A. Clugston, 

Grand Secretary. D. D. E. G. R. for Ohio. 

Delaware Lodge is known as "Washington's Birthday Lodge," being the only 
one that was ever instituted on that memorable day. 

The institution of the Lodge and installation of the officers was conducted 
by George A. Clugston, D. D. E. G. R. of Mansfield Lodge, assisted by members 
from Mansfield, Columbus, Marion and other Lodges, and took place in the 
lodge rooms of the Knights of Pythias Hall, located in the Williams Block. 

The charter officers were: Frank M. Marriott, Exalted Ruler; Robert G. 
Lybrand. Esteemed Leading Knight: W. C. Taynes, Esteemed Loyal Knight: 
L. L Mitchell. Esteemed Lecturing Knisrht: Geo. B. Donavin, Secretary: Ed. 
T. Butler, Treasurer; J. W. Donavin, Chaplain; T- H. Smith, Esquire; R. C. 
Wintermute, Inner Guard ; V. D. Stayman, H. J. McCullough and H. L. Baker, 

The charter members of the Lodge were: L. K. Donavin, Charles F. 
Gruner. W. Berne Jones, E. P. Sampsell, H. L. Hyatt, S. K. Donavin, T. C. 
Tones Jr.. R. C. Thomson. W. L. Bennington, R. A. Tavnes. Ed. C. Adair, Chas. 
E. Dole. W. E. O'Kane, L R. Elston, H. N. P. Dole, J. P. Thompson, M. P. 
Hunt, H. D. Myers, R. E. Johnson. Wm. M. Heseltine, L. L. Welch, R. S. 
Evans, E. G. Lybrand, H. E. Buck, F. M. Marriott, R. G. Lvbrand, W. C. 
Tavnes, L. T. Mitchell, Geo. B. Donavin, Ed. T. Butler, J. W. Donavin, J. H. 
Smith, R. C. Wintermute, V. D. Stayman, H. J. McCullough. H. L. Baker. 

Delaware Lodge for a few years prospered and was the most prominent 
fraternal order in the city, the numerous banquets, picnics, narties. socials, etc., 
being still remembered b'v the older members with much pleasure. On Febru- 
arv 22, 1889, one year after its institution, Delaware I^odge celebrated its first 
anniversary with a banquet and promenade at the Hotel Donavin. That the affair 
was the grandest social event that ever occurred in Delaware the following copied 
from the Dclazvarc Herald. February 22. 1889. will testify: 

"We have from time to time been called upon to make mention of banquets 
■given in our citv. several of which heretofore have been given bv the Delaware 
Lodge of Elks, but we believe that the one given by this lodge Friday evening in 
commemoration of the first anniversary of the lodge surpassed any former effort. 


Di:i.A\\AKi; Nu. 76. 

Tlie spread was elegant. Two tables were arranged tlie full length of the dining 
room of the Hotel Donavin, on which were spread in a delightful and tempting 
manner viands that would please the most fastidious epicurean. The ]>romenade 
and reception were held in the hotel parlors from 8:30 until 10 o'clock, and the 
occasion was made a memorable one by a most pleasant surprise given the mem- 
bers by their lady friends. The ladies — composed of the wives and fair maidens 
of the members — had, with surprising secretiveness, purchased a handsome 
Turkish divan and two elegant pictures, one representing the elk at bay, with a 
hound at his side, entitled "At Ray," and the other showing an elk prostrate, while 
over him stands the "Conqueror of the Glen," both being hadsomely mounted in 
chestnut frames, with cards attached bearing the inscription : 

" Compliments of the lady friends of Delaware Lodge, No. 76, B. P. O. E., 
first anniversary, February 22, 1889. " 

"The presentation address from the ladies was an excellent production from 
the pen of Mrs. Frank Campbell, and was read by District Deputy George A. 
Clugston. It spoke feelingly of the good will that the ladies entertained for the 
Order, breathing forth beautiful and eloquent sentiments, and expressed 
the hope that the ties of friendship would be lasting and forever binding. Too 
much praise cannot be bestowed on Mrs. Campbell and her lady associates for 
the untiring energy and unselfish devotion displayed for the occasion. To Mrs. 
H. H. P. Dole and Mrs. G. B. Donavin is due the credit for being the instigators 
in the movement to make these presents. 

"Hon. F. M. Marriott, the Exalted Ruler of the Lodge, made an appropriate 
reply, thanking the ladies for their kind remembrance of the Order, and the 
interest displayed by them in the lodge. The evening was passed in social enjoy- 
ment, and with the handsome costumes worn made a social event that will long be 
remembered by those who were present. 

"At 10 o'clock the march was made to the banquet table, where Low's orches- 
tra furnished the music during the evening. 

"Elx-Mayor H. L. Baker was programed as Master of Ceremonies, but owing 
to his absence the office fell to Mr. G. B. Donavin, who ably fulfilled the duties of 
the occasion. 

"Mr. J. W. Donavin on entering the hall, as Chaplain, pronounced the invoca- 
tion. The toast, 'Our First Anniversary,' was given to Hon. F. M. Marriott, 
Exalted Ruler, who happily responded to the subject matter. 

"Dr. S. D. Miranda, of Columbus, was given the subject, 'Infants.' He 
had a good store of knowledge for the text, and kept his audience in good humor. 

"The Elk Octette, consisting of Messrs. Frank Campbell, L. K. Donavin, 
W. Wohlater, G. H. Carter, Robert Evans and Dick Sampsell, delighted the 
assemblage with vocal selections. This was followed by that popular, gifted 
speaker, R. L. McCabe, who dealt with the subject, 'Our Guests,' which was 
an eulogy on the ladies, and was happily received by those jiresent. 

■"Professor F. L. Rawson then followed with a beautiful cornet solo, which 
elicited applause. 

"Among those present was that prince of good fellows. Hon. G. A. Clugston, 
D. D. E. G. R., of Mansfield, and to him was delegated the task of responding 
to the toast, 'The Faults of Our Brothers We Write Upon the Sands.' Those 
who know the gentleman need no commendation of the liappy manner in which 
he responded to the toast, which was well received by his auditors. 

"Dr. M. P. Hunt had been assigned the duty of responding to 'The Ladies,' 
but being absent Dr. Wintermute was called upon to respond, and he did so in 
a very happy manner. 


Delaware No. 76. 

"All present then formed a circle and sang 'Auld Lang Syne,' thus closing 
the first anniversary banquet. 


"An elegant herd of Elks. 

"Seventy-si.x is a healthy child, just one year old. 

"Who says the ladies of 76 can't keep a secret? 

"The grandest social event ever occurring in Delaware. 

"The presentation of the fine steel engravings and Turkish divan to tlit 
Lodge by the ladies of Delaware was the event of the evening." 

On the Wednesday following the first anniversary, many of the members 
of Delaware Lodge assisted in the institution of Zanesville Lodge, February 27, 

Delaware Lodge prospered for a period of a few years, as the above indi- 
cates, and then, like many of her sister lodges, dissention arose amongst the 
members which all but closed the career of one of the most prominent lodges 
of the city. 

From a membership of seventy-five it drifted backwards until its secretary 
could only muster seventeen names on its rolls. While the charter was never 
given up, it was at times only held by a mere thread, which threatened to break at 
any moment ; but the faithful handful of members left still lingered with the 
hope of seeing daylight shine once more out of the depths of darkness that so 
long menaced No. 76. Their ambition was realized when in the year 1898 Dela- 
ware Lodge took on a new lease of life and aroused from the lethargy that had 
held her so long. 

Beginning with the year 1898, the membership increased (with the untiring 
work of the officers and the few members left), slowly but surely, until the fall 
of 1902, when the lodge undertook and successfully carried through an Elk's 
Circus and Congress of Novelties, and to it Delaware Lodge attributes the infus- 
ion of new life and vigor into the members, each one now trying to outdo the 
other in securing new members. 

From a membership of seventeen of a few years back, Delaware Lodge now 
has a membership of one hundred and seventy-five true blue Elks, and some of 
the most influential citizens and officials of Delaware are on its rolls. 

Delaware Lodge, although one of the oldest Lodges in the State, has never 
been honored by the Grand Lodge by any of its appointments or by election. 
Whether this has been the fault of the Grand Lodge or the lack of interest dis- 
played by the members we cannot say, but in the near future Delaware will send 
a delegate who will be expected to comer the convention, and will advise the 
Grand Lodge that Delaware (the birthplace of ex-President R. B. Hayes), is 
still on the map, and should have recognition. 

The Lodge last year leased the upper floors of the Lamb Block, corner of 
Winter and Sandusky streets, and from the cramped condition of the old quar- 
ters we have now, after an expenditure of nearly two thousand dollars in remod- 
eling, commodious and very pleasant lodge rooms. 

The Lodge meets every Wednesday evening at 7 130 p. ni.. and cordially 
invites all visiting brothers who are fortunate enough to be in our city on a 
Wednesday evening to meet with her, and under her fraternal care she will try to 
make you remember Delaware Lodge, No. 76, B. P. O. E. 


DiiLAw AUK No. 76. 

Marriott, F. M . . . . 
Donavin, L. K. . . . 
Welch, Louis L... 

McCabe, R. L 

Mendenhall, E. S. 
Wintermute, R. C. 
Stayman, V. D. .. . 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

.1888—1889 Myers, H. D 1895— 1896 

.1889—1890 Lewis, L. P 1896— 1897 

.1890—1891 Evans, F. T 1897— 1899 

. 1891— 1892 Frank, B. F 1899— 1900 

.1892—1893 Bodurtha, W. H 1900— 1901 

.1893—1894 Naylor, E. E 1901— 1902 

.1894—1805 Blair, S. S 1902— 1903 

Marriott, F. M. 
Donavin, Geo. B. 
Lybrand, R. G. 
Butler. E. T. 
Jaynes, W. C. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Donavin, L. K. 
Welch, Louis. 
Stayman, V. D. 
Levi-is, L. P. 
Evans, F. T. 

Officers 1903-04. 

Frank. B. F. 
Bodurtha. W. H. 
Naylor, EL E. 
Blair, S. S. 

Exalted Ruler. 

Est. Leading Knight... 

Est. Loyal Knight 

Est. Lci turing Knight. 




, B. P. Benton 

B. V. Leas 

E. Lee Porterfield 
....Roy R. Riddle 

F. D. King 

. . . Geo. S. Cryder 
T. E. Dankel 

Esquire Chas. W. Riddle 

Inner Guard Fred M. Armstrong 

Chaplain Louis L. Welch 

Organist E. R. Hippie 

Trustees : 
E. M. Wickham. W. C. Denison, W. H. 


Adams, F. R. 
Anderson, R. P. 
Andrews, Joseph H. 
Andrus, D. E. 
Applegate, Harry. 
Armstrong, B. D. 
Armstrong, C. O. 
Armstrong, F. M. 
Arthur, E. N. 
Aye. E. J.- 
Barnes, H. R. 
Battenfield, M. W. 
Bell, Ed. 
Benton. B. P. 
Blair. Frank. 
<rBlair, S. S. 
■^Bodurtha. W. H. 
Bonner, O. W. 
Buck. H. E. 
Byers, G. Park. 
Byers, J. T. 
Byers, W. W. 

CIpjrk. Fred S. 
Clinnineer. H. C. 
Pockrell. James. 
Cone, Winsor. 
Core. Howard C. 
Coyner. A. B. 
Chandler. E. V/. 
Crane, Guy S. 
Cryder, George S. 

Roster 1903. 

Cunningham, H. J. 

Dankel, T. E. 
Denison, W. C. 
Dennis, Guy M. 
Dole, Charles E. 
T^Donavin, L. K. 
Dugan. James. 
Dusenberry, Frank. 

Eliot, Herbert. 
Edwards, O. F. 
Edwards, W. E. 
<rEvans. F. T. 
Evans, Karl Q. 

Fetguson, James. 
Fouts, John C. 
Frank, Adolph. 
Prank, E. E. 
Frank, Harry C. 
Freshwater, B. F. 

Gill, E. L. 
Graff, W. H. 
Griffin. Thomas. 
Grove, Tom. S. 

Hall. W. A. 
Hanly, M. J. 
Harmount. A. K. 
Harmount. W. H. 
Harrison. S. T. 
Healey, E. F. 

Hempstead, W. E. 
Hessnauer, Frank. 
Hessnauer, Jacob. 
Hippie, E. R. 
Hopkins, H. C. 
Horn, Ira A. 
Horn, J. F. 
Hough, B. W. 
Humes, E. T. 

James, J. K. 
Jamison, H. J. 
Jaynes, E. L. 
Jones, Arch. F. 
Jones, Arthur H. 
Jones, T. C, Jr. 
Jones, W. Guy. 
Jones, W. B. 

King, Frank D. 
Kistler, H. B. 
Knowles, J. D. 

Leas. Bert V. 
Lemley, S. T. 
Lenhart, O. J. 
^Lewis, L. P. 
Lugenbell, J. S. 
Lybrand, R. G. 

McCloud. W. B. 
McDonald, James. 
McKenzie, Frank. 

<^ Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 


Delaware No. 76. 

^Marriott, F. M. 
Matthews, W. B. 
Miller, N. M. 
Miner, F. .a. 

<rNaylor, E. E. 
Newmann, Frank. 
Norton, J. L. 

O'Neill, J. VV. 

Paine, E. C. 
Pollock, W. S. 
Poopleton, E. S. 
Poppleton, Williatn. 
Porterfield, E. Lee. 
Potter, Ed. 
Powers, H. W. 
Purkey, George. 
Pyle, Ira D. 

Ramsey, N. 
Reed, C. A. 
Richter, Fred. 
Riddle, Charles W. 
Riddle, Lester. 

Riddle, R. R. 
Robinson, W. P. 
Ross, Carl. 
Rowland, G. A. 
Russell, M. C. 

See, F. G. 
Seigfried, A. J. 
Sell, Orrie P. 
Sharp, H. E. 
Sharp, J. E. 
Sherman, W. S. 
Shoemaker, C. L. 
Shultz, W. E. 
Simpson, H. W. 
Smith, W. R. 
Smythe, Claude. 
Spaulding, Walter J. 
Stayman, Guy. 
T^Stayman, V. D. 
Stedman. Charles vJ. 
Stone, H. VV. 
Sullivan, J. E. 
Sutton, W. W. 
Sycks, Dana. 

Talley, C. F. 
Tarbill, J. VV. 
Tracy, G. VV. 
Tunnell, J. fi.. Jr. 

Ulrey, C. M. 

Van Houten, C. D. 

VVahlater, W. K. 
Warren. Frank. 
Watts, F. E. 
Welch, C. S. 
<rWelch, Louis L. 
Wentz, W. P. 
VVickha)n. E. M. 
Willey, A. J. 
Williamson, A. C. 
Willis. R. K. 
Wilson, E. O. 
Winters, R. R. 
Winters, Z. G. 
Wolff. M. L. 
Wolfley. J. L. 
Wood, J. C. 
Worline, Winfield. 

Our JIbsent BrotDers. 

White, Horace N., Dec. 24, 1888. 
Thompson. John P., Oct. 15, 1892. 
Donavin, John P., June 28, 1893. 
Sampsell, E. P.. Oct. 3. iSgS- 

Lytle, J. W., Oct. 31. 1S98. 
Rogers. J. E., March 17, 1899. 
Butler, Edward T., June 22, 1901. 
Diggins, P. E.. Oct. 23, 1902. 



E. Lee Porterfield, 

Est. Loyal Knight, 1903-04. 

Probate Judge, Delaware Co. 

B. V. Leas, 

Est. Leading Knight, 1903-0.1. 

Leas Hardware C-\ 

B. P. Benton. 

Exalted Ruler, 1903-04, 

Clerk of Courts, Delaware Co. 

Rov R. Riddle, 

Est. Lecturing Knight, 1903-04, 

Salesman B. VV. Brown & Co. 


F. D. King, 

Secretary. 1900-01 1903-04, 

Citv .Auditor. 

Dklawauiv No. yC^. 

Charles W. Riddle, 

Esquire, 1903-04, 

Packer for Riddle, CraflF & Co. 

T. E. Dankel, 

Tyler, 1903-04, 

Salesman Frank Bros. 

George S. Crydkr, 

Treasurer, 1903-04, 

Asst. Cash. Del. County Bank. 

Louis L. Welch, 

Exalted Ruler, 1890-91. 

Cliaplai)!, 1903-04, 

Wclcli Furniture Co. 


Fred M Armstrong, 

Inner Guard, 1903-04, 

City Ed. Delaware Gazette. 

Dei.awarr No. ^(y. 

Hon. E. M. Wickham, 

Trustee, 1903-04, 

Marriott, Freshwater & Wickham, 


Hon. F. M. Markiott, 

First Exalted Ruler, 1888-89, 

Marriott, Freshwater & Wickham, 


W. C. Denison, 

Trustee, 1903-04, 

Denison Tile Works. 


Exalted Ruler, 1900-01, 

Trustee, 1903-04, 

Asst. Cashier Del. Sav. Bank. 


E. R. Hiii'Li;, 
Organist, 1903-01, 
Musical Director. 

DKi.AWAur, No. 76. 

S. S. Blair, 

Exalted Ruler, 1902-03, 

People's Store. 

F. T. Evans, 
Exalted Ruler, 1897-99, 
Evans Printing House. 

E. E. Naylor, 

E.xalted Ruler, 1901-02, 

Pres. Crystal Ice & Storage Co. 

H. W. SiMI'SOH. 

Deputy Auditor 
Delaware County. 

A. C. Williamson, 
Sheriff of Delaware County. 


Delaware No. 76, 


Prop'r Hotel Donavin, 
Saniteau Baths. 

Thomas S. Grove, 
Shoe SalesP'an. 

J. D. Knowles, 

Editor and Manager 

Journal-Herald. Delaware, O. 

Samuel J. Harrison, 

Traveling Salesman. 

Berdan & Co., Toledo. 


Ira D. Pyle, 


Western Union Tel. Co. 

Delawark No. 76. 

J. L. Norton, 

Shipper and Dealer in 

Live Stock. 

B. W. Hough. 
City Solicitor. 

Charles M. Ulrey, 
Cigar Box Manufacturer, 


Wilbur E. Shlltz, 
Merchant Tailor. 

Delawauu No. 76. 

A. F. Jones, 
Clerk W. F. Dodge, Grocery. 

E. L. Bell, 
Leas Hardware Co. 


Frank Newmax, 
Hotel Donavin. 

History of Circleville Lodge No. 77. 

CIRCLEVILLE Lodge was instituted February i6, 1888. District Deputy 
George A. Clugston, of Mansfield, Lodge, officiating. The following 
charter members of the Lodge contain some of the most prominent 
and best esteemed citizens of Circleville. They were Charles H. Kellstadt, 
M. A. Lanum, Charles Dresbach, A. C. LeBaron, Dr. T. B. Wright, C. P. 
Rowe, J. G. Wilder, H. S. Lewis, Alfred Dre^ach, G. A. Schleyer, C. E. 
.Moeller, Thomas Walke, W. H. Albaugh, W. G. Jacobs, J. C. Haswell, G. 
H. Pontius, J. M. Hitt, Harry M. Weldon, Lawrence Weldon, R. C. Weldon, 
W. B. Drum, J. W. Harsha, F. L. Fickardt, S. Turney Ruggles, Edward 
VVittich, Harry Montelius. The charter officers were: Lawrence Weldon, Ex- 
alted Ruler ; M. A. Lanum, Esteemed Leading Knight ; G. A. Schleyer, Esteemed 
Loyal Knight ; Charles Dresbach, Esteemed Lecturing Knight ; Alf C. LeBaran, 
Secretary; S. Turney Ruggles, Treasurer; W. H. Albaugh, Jr., Tyler; Fred L. 
Fickardt, Esquire; R. C. Weldon, Inner Guard; George H. Pontius, Chaplain; 
Edward Wittich, Organist 

The lodge for several years after its organization had no home of its own, 
but with years came new members and the lodge secured a suite of rooms in the 
City building. Two of the large rooms in the suite were set apart for club 
rooms and by untiring and persevering efforts of the supporters of this feature th^ 
club rooms were suitably furnished. 

The establishing of lodge rooms with club rooms annexed marked an epoch 
in fraternal circles in this city, as No. yy was the pioneer in tliis field. Interest 
in the lodge and its work was revived and applications for membership were re- 
ceived. Those who were attracted solely by the pleasure to be obtained by the club 
rooms are now the enthusiastic champions of the lodge and its work. 

The club rooms at once passed from the experimental stage to the realm of 
permanency. Every night a goodly number of the members congregate at the 
rooms, thus promoting one of the cardinal principles of the order, brotherly love. 

While the lodge has looked to the enjoyment and sociability among its mem- 
bers, it has not been unmindful of the broad principles upon which tlie order was 
founded, but without ostentation has performed many charitable deeds and en- 
deared itself in the hearts of the people. 

On the roll of today are to be found the names of the leading business and 
professional men of this city. 

The lodge now occupies the wiiole of the second floor of the First National 
Bank building at the intersection of Court and Main streets, the principal corner 
in the city. The club rooms are open every night and visiting brothers are al- 
ways welcome. 



Past Exalted Rulers. 

Weldon, Ijwrence 1888— 1^2? 

Lanum, M. A 1880 — iSoo 

Wilder, J. C 1890—1891 

Mbntelius. H. (". iSq:— 1892 

Harsha, J \V 1892— 1803 

Fickardt, 1". L & 1' A. Walling. .1893— 1894 

Walling, P. A 1894— 1895 

McCrea, N. T 1895—1896 

Folsom, H. P 1896— 1897 

Rowe. Geo. T 1897— 1898 

Moeller, C. E 1898— 1890 

Millspaugh, Frank 1899 — 1900 

Wright, Dr. T. B 1900— 1901 

Courtright, Dr. D. V 1901 — 1902 

Curl, Geo. R 1902 — 1903 

Groce, Charles E 1903— 1904 

George R. Curl, 

Exalted Ruler 1902-03. 

Export Grain. 

Weldon, Lawrence. 
Wilder, J. G. 
Moeller, C. E. 
Walling, P. A. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Folsem, H. P. 
Rowe, Geo. T. 
Millspaugh, Frank. 
Wright, T. B. 

Officers 1903-4. 

Courtright, D. V. 
Curl, George R. 
Groce, Charles E. 
McCrea, N. T. 

Exalted Ruler Charles E. Groce 

Esteemed Leading Knight. . Malt. C. Smith 

Esteemed Loyal Knight H. S. Grant 

Esteemed Lecturing Knight .Dr. R. F. Lilley 

Secretary Chris. A. Weldon 

Treasurer R. C. Weldon 

Tyler W. H. Wentworth 

Esquire Dr. T. B. Wright 

Inner Guard Charles G. Shulze 

Chaplain C. Edmund Moeller 

Organist Ed. Wittich 


Fred L. Fickardt, P. A. Walling. 

Dr. Dudley V. Courtright. 

Atjernathy, C. N. 
Abernathy, H. R. 
Albaugh, W. H. 
Anderson, E. F. 

Bander, George W. 
Bennett. George. 
Bcnford. B. F. 
Bolin, A. R. 
Brown, Carv. 
Brown. T. VV. 
Brunncr. C. D. 
Brunner. F. B. 
Bush. W. D. 

Roster, 1903. 

Clarke. F. C. 
Clay, C. M. 
■iiCourtright. Dr. D. V. 
Courtright, S. W. 
<rCurl, George R. 

Darst, W. C. 
Delaplane C. J. 
Doan, A. W. 
Dresbach, Charles. 

Evans, Samuel. 
Fickardt, F. L. 

Finkle, I. W. 
^Folsom, H. P. 

Gessley. Rudolph. 
Given, J. P. 
Grant, H. S. 
tfGroce, Charles E. 
Groom. George G. 

Haswell, George R. 
Haswell. J. C. 
Holman. A. W. 
Heiskell. W. P. 
Henderson, John H. 

a Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 



Jackson, H. D. 
Jones, Dr. How.iird. 

Kirkendall, T. J. 
Krimmell, J. L. 

Lehman, C. F. 
Leist, E. J. 
Lilly, Dr. E.J. 
Lilly, Dr. R. F. 
Lynch, F. X. 

May. C. H. 
■s^Millspaivgh, Frank. 
Moeller, .C. Edmund. 
viMoeller, C. L. 

Price, C. P. 

Renick, H. C. 
Rindafoos, Samuel. 
Rindsfoos, William J. 
Roadifer, W. A. 
Rodgers, T. A. 
■i^Rowe, Dr. George T. 

Schleyer, G. A. 
Shulze, C. G. 
Shulze, F. M. 
Siesel, C. S. 
Smith, Matt C. 
Snyder, L F. 

Terwilligcr, Meeker. 

irWalling, P. A. 
Weaver, C. F. 
Weldon, Chris A. 
i^Weldon. Lawrence. 
Weldon, R. C. 
Wentwortli. W. H. 
T^Wilder, J. G. 
Wilder, W. B. 
Wilkes, A. C. 
Wilson, C. R. 
Winter, J. F. 
Wittich. Edward. 
•irWright, Dr. T. B. 

Our Hbscnt Brothers. 

Rodgers. W. H., 1893 
Taplin, J. L.. 1894. 
Beecher, Baldwin, 1896 
Courtright, A. P., 1897 

Boggs, Lemuel. i8g8 
Foresnian, A. W., 1898 
Montelius, Harry. 1899 
Try, Douglas, 1900. 

Weldon. H. M., 1902 
Shulze. E. E.. 1902 
Lanuni. M. A.. 1902 
Smith, F. C, 1903. 


History of Upper Sandusky Lodge No. 83. 

BP. O. E. Lodge, No. 83, was organized in this city, at the K. of P. 
Hall, in the Billhardt block, on Wednesday afternoon and evening, 
• March 21, 1888, by District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler Hon. 
George A. Clugston, of Mansfield, Ohio, assisted by members of the Delaware. 
Columbus, Marion and Mansfield lodges, and after the organization, a grand 
banquet was served in the evening, at the Pierson House. 

The Lodge held their first meeting in the K. of P. Hall in the Billhardt 
block, then next moved to the McConnell block, and the first of January, 1902. 
moved to the Benjamin F. Mock hall — the old opera house block — remaining 
there until May 17, 1903, and then returned to their old quarters in the McCon- 
nell block, where they are now located. 

The following thirty-nine were charter members of the Lodge : L. B. 
Harris, Judge Allen Smalley, Hon. D. D. Hare. Joel W. Gibson, S. L. Walter, Sr.. 
D. O. Young, H. R. Henderson, A. K. Smalley, Charles A. Wormley, Edward 
T. Tschanen, W. G. Dumm, Jno. W. Henderson, John W. Lime, C. D. Hare, D. D. 
Clayton, S. J. Wirick, Dr. R." N. McConnell. M. H. Brinkerhoff, W. C. Gear. E. D. 
Bare, Dr. C. S. Mathews, F. T. Tripp, Harry Straw, E. A. Henderson. W. T. Mc- 
Donald, George W. Beery, Jr., Robert McUhenny, Louis Liebenthal, W. T. 
Tschanen, James T. Close. James D. League, Charles Plumb. M. D. Kilmer, Foster 
Beery, F. A. Beery, John D. Morris, B. R. Young, C. L. Sherwood, F. K. Beery. 

The following were the charter officers : L. B. Harris Exalted Ruler ; S. L. 
Walter, Sr., Esteemed Leading Knight: Hon. W. C. Gear. Esteemed Loyal 
Knight; M. H. Brinkerhofif, Esteemed Lecturing Knight; W. G. Dumm, Sec- 
retary; Avery Henderson. Tyler; Dr. C. S. Mathews, Esquire; Frank A. Beery. 
Inner Guard ; W. T. McDonald, Ciiaplain ; Harry Henderson, Foster Beery, L. 
B. Harris, Trustees. 

Past Exalted Rulers 

Harris L B 18S8— 18&5 Close, Hon. James T 1897—1898 

Hare Hon D D 1889—1891 McKelly, Thomas C 1898— 1899 

Walter, S. L., Sr 1891— 1892 Mangus, \V. H 1899— 1900 

Morris, John D 1892-1893 Halbedel. E. N 1900—1901 

Gordon, E'. A 1893—189,1 Sylvan. Hon. T. P 1901— 1902 

Smalley. Judge Allen 189.S— 1896 Pontius. Ira R 1002—1903 

Hare, C. D 1896— 1897 Hare. W. C 1903— 1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Morris, John D. Close, James T. Sylvan, T. P. 

Tschanen. Ed. T McKellv. T. M. Pontius, Ira R. 

Smalley. Allen. Halbedel. E. N. Hare. W. C. 
Hare, C. D. 


Upper Sandusky No. 83. 

E. N. Halbeuel, 
County Auditor. 

Chakles F. Bowers, 
Railway Mail Service. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler \^- S.' S'^'i'' 

Esteemed Leading Kinglit. . ... .H. U. Hale 

Est. Loyal Knight.... }no. F. Scheidegger 

Est. Lee. A'nig/it.... Samuel L Walter, Jr. 

Secretary ■ • • E. N. Cuneo 

Treasurer Charles E. Frederick 

■fyler M- E. Walton 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Esquire Wm. B. Hitchcock, Jr. 

Inner Guard James ONeil 

Chaplain •• Alt GregK 

Organist H. E. btutz 


C. D. Hare, H. H. Newell, 

M. H. BriiikerhofT. 

Beery, George W.. Jr. 
Blosser, H. T. 
Booth, Byron L. 
Bowers, Charles. 
Bowman, Charles L. 
Bowmfain, Frank R. 
Braun, J. V. 
Brinkerhoff, M. H. 

Carey, James O. 
Clemens. .\. C. 
■irClose. James T. 

Cole, T. n. 

Comer, O. P.. Jr. 
Cuneo, E. N. 
Cuneo, S. A. 

Daniels. Henry. 
Dav. Harrv. 
nohertv. E. W. 
Dow. W. S. 

Ellis, Orrin B. 
Ellsworth, Ray C. 
Enz, Rudolnh M. 

Fetter, Andy R. 
Fetter, E. J. 
Fetter, Harry P. 
Frederick, Charles E. 

Gear, F. L. 
Gloeser, Joseph. 
Croodman, H. A. 
Goodrich. George. 
Gottfried. A. F. 
Greek. Charles A. 
(.rege. Alt. 
Gregg. Claude. 
Grubb. Luther .\ 
Guyton, W. B. 

Hackeirhcrger. E. E. 
^Halbedcl. E. N. 
Hale. H., D. 

Hale, Percy L. 
*Hare, C. D. 
Hare. L. B. 
Hare, R. M. 
Hnre, William C. 
Harman, N. L. 
Harman. Virgil I.. 
Hawk, Samuel S 
Hitchcock. Wm. B.. Jr. 
Hutter, Joe. 

Kenan, E. T. 
Kinsev. M. I.. 
Knowles. F. 
Kramer, G. F. 

I^iwrence. G. K. 
Lewis, O. L. 

McClain. Charle.; M. 
^rcDonald. W. T. 
T^McKellv. Thomas M. 
>LixweIl. J. E. 

tS- Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 


Upper Sandusky No. 83. 

Martin. James. 
■"^Morris, John D. 
Myers, Fred. 
Myers, George. 

Newell, H. H. 

O'Donnell, Tom. 
Okk. J. M. 
O'Neil, James. 

Paulin. J. N. 
Petty, Ward. 
Pool, G. W. 
"Pontius, Ira R. 

Pool, P. J. 

Reubcndalle, R. W. 
Roiipp, Carl. 

Saltsman, George. 
Scheidegger, John T. 
i^Smalley, Judge Allen. 
Smith, A. M. 
Smith, Leslie C. 
Smith, O. L. 
Stalter. Hiram F. 
Sting, George W. 
Stoneburner, M. M. 
Stutz, H. E. 

ifSylvan, T. P. 
Tschanen, Eklward T. 
Van Buren, C. J. 

Walter, Charles. P. 
Walter, Samuel L., Jr 
Walton, M. E. 
Widman, Jay A. 
Willard, Charles X. 
Willis, Karl. 
Wormley, Chairles A. 

Zander, Fred W. 

Our Jfbsent Brothers. 

Harris, L. B., November 18, i88g. 
Dumm, W. G., March 3, 1891. 
Kilmer, M. D., Novertiber 12, 1894. 
Hare, Hon. D. D., February 10, 1897. 

Walter, S. L., Sr., July 26, 1899. 
Liebenthal, Louis, January 16, 1902. 
McDonald, W. T., April n, 1903. 
"^ Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 


History of Hamilton Lodge No. 93. 

HAMILTON LODGE No. 93, Benevolent, Protective Order of Elks, was 
instituted June 5, 1,SS8, in Odd l-'ellows Hall, corner Second and 
Court streets, in this city by District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler Geo. 
G. Clugston, of Mansfield, Ohio, assisted by Cincinnati Lodg^e No. 5. P. G. 
Berry, Chas. Howald, F. J. Hilker, E. E. Hull, John L. Gottschalk, F. C. Mayer 
and C. V. Alberts were the incorporators. 

The charter members were as follows : George H. Phillips, E. E. Hull, 
J. L Maas, P. B. Walker, J. L. Gottschalk, J. N. Maas, F. J. Hilker, George H. 
Helvey, J. J. McMaken, Gus Stcflfee, P. G. Berry, Charles Howald, G. A. Miller, 

F. C. Mayer, Gabe H. Mayer, Jacob Pabst, Jr., George T. Reiss, Harry Stead, J. K. 
Aydelotte, L. M. Larsh, E. G. Rathbone, H. E. Twitchell, C. V. Alberts, Joseph 
S. Fell, J. Tyler Ryan, R. B. Millikin, J. B. Watkins, A. J. Welliver, Wm. Ritchie. 

To meet the demand the lodge came into existence, and was founded upon 
a rock, as is evidenced by its matchless charter list. Its growth has been steady 
and uninterrupted and its power quadrupled, and, without ostentation, many 
times have poverty, grief and suffering been replaced by plenty, cheerful- 
ness and ease in the dark home of the widow and orphan, where death had re- 
cently paid his dread but inevitable visit. 

At the time of institution, officers were elected as follows: Exalted Ruler, 
George H. Phillips; Esteemed Leading Knight, I. I. Maas; Esteemed Loyal 
Knight, E. E. Hull; Esteemed Lecturing Knight, P. B. Walker; Esquire, P. 

G. Berry; Secretary, Fred J. Hilker; Treasurer, Jos. N. Maas; Tyler, Jacob 
Pabst, Jr.; Inner Guard, J. B. Watkins; Organist, John Gottschalk; Trustees, 
G€0. T. Reiss, L. M. Larsh, J. Tyler Ryan. 

The first quarters occupied by this lodge were on the third floor of the old 
Hamilton House Building, which was specially prepared for it and was con- 
sidered not only ample but quite elegant for the time. This occupancy con- 
tinued until January, 1895, when increased membership made a more commo- 
dious home necessary, and one was fitted up by Brother Charles Howald on the 
third floor of his fine new hotel building on High street between Front and 
Second streets, where the lodge still holds forth ; but the march of progress has 
taken deep hold on this progressive lodge and an Elk's Temple is spoken of as 
a monument to the zeal, energy and success of the people, for whom it is said 
"Tlie best is none too good." 

The lodge is composed of men of all callings, business and professions. It 
is made up of the active, energetic and ambitious citizens of Hamilton. The mem- 
bers are devoted to the brotherhood of Elks. The brothers reflect in their lives the 
grand principles of the order, as taught in the ritual. They dispense charity pro- 
fusely, without ostentation, show or parade. They are just in their dealings with 


Hamilton No. 93. 

each otlier and with all maiikiiul. They possess brotherly love, as constant as that 
of Damon and Pythias, and last but not least, their fidelity is unceasing. 

April, 1899, No. 93 gave a minstrel show that was voted an un(iualified suc- 
cess, was liberally patronized, and will be long remembered with pleasure. In 
January, 1898, a class of forty-five members joined its ranks, and in May, 1899, an- 
other class of forty swelled its roster. 

Three hundred and seventy- lour members have been taken in during its ex- 
istence. Two hundred and fifty-two of these are still members; one hiindred and 
three have either been suspended, joined other lodges by cards, or taken time dimits. 
Nineteen have trod the shores of eternity. Of the latter, we have not words fitly 
to speak. They were just, they were noble. Tears gather when to the roll call 
there is no answer. They answer not, but peace is theirs. They have solved 
the problem of the future, and we who remain, are rivited to the conviction that 
the God of Gods recognizes and rewards the unselfish generosity and unbounded 
kindness of heart that were constantly exemplified in their daily walks of Hfe. 
The Elk's Eternal Pasture is their home, and the good fight is won. They have 
passed to rest. 

The Carnival and Exposition, held in 1900, transcended in magnitude and 
importance anything previously undertaken by this lodge and proved a great 
success. By the degree of success attained, the public was able to measure the 
fitness, capability, and merits of the local organization. Those who came among 
us for' the first time (with us there are no strangers) were welcomed by a mul- 
titude of hearts, that beat in unison of good will, not alone, because this lodge 
was their hostess, but a.lso because the city of Hamihon bade them a thousand 
times welcome, and opened her portals to our brothers, our friends, our neigh- 
bors, and all others who came as our guests to visit our city and participate in our 
reunion and festivities. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Phillips, George H 1888 Winkler W;^lliam H 1896 

i/r I . .^v, \\r 188q Bosch, C. S 1897 

Maas, Joseph W 1889 g^j^^ ^^^^^^^ ^ ,898 

Larsh, L. M i»90 Shepherd, W. C 1899 

Reiss, George T '891 Diefenbach, VVilliain (died in office).. 1900 

Boyd, Thomas M '892 Bramlage. George C 1900 

Howald. Charles 1893 Hemp. Calvm E 1901 

Campbell W. 1894 Woodruff, Robert S 1902 

Whitaker, F. W 1895 Warndorf, A. J 1903 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Phillips. George H. Howald, Charles. Smith. Thomas A. 

Maas Joseph N. Campbell, W. O. Shepherd. W. C. 

Larsh L. M. Whitaker, F. W. Bramlage. George C. 

Reiss George S. Winkler, William H. Hemp, Calvin E. 

Boyd-' Thomas M. Bosch. C. S. Woodruff. Roljert S. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Bralled Kuler A. |. Warndorf Inner Guard James E. Morgan 

Est Leading Knight John F. Heath Chaplain J. Fred Bender 

Est. Lo\al Knight George J. Winkler Organist F. C. Mayer 

Est. Lc'clurinK A'»i.i,'/i/ William F.Thomas Trur/^^r- 

^rrrelarv ' L. M. Larsh I rusiees . 

7Vra/:'rV V.-.V. ::■.:::.... Rol,e,t A Hurm Charles H.nvald. W. C. Shepherd. 

J. . George H. Phillips C. S. Bosch. Wiili-.m Schuler, 

Esqnire ".'■'■''■'■'■'■'■'■'■■■■■■■]■ Henry Wel.h '"■"— " " 


William II. Hurm. 

Hamilton No. 93. 

Adams, E. D. 
Adams, John P. 
Alberts, C. V. 
Alkire, F. H. 
Andrews, Allen. 
"Andrews, W. N. 
Augesperger, Herman. 
Ayers, George. 

Bake, O. M. 
Barker, C. E. 
Barrett, M. J. 
Bartell. Carl. 
Beck, J. D. 
Beiser, Louis. 
Bell, David. 
Bender, J. Fred. 
Bcntel, Fred C. 
Bentel, R. S. 
Berkowitz. A. 
Betz, Frederick M. 
Bicklev, U. F. 
Bickmore. C. W. 
Bisdorf, Peter. 
Black, George. 
Blair, Charles A. 
Bleven?, J. A. 
Bock, Theodore. 
Boli, E. O. 
Ti-Bosch, C. S. 
Bosch, Fred. 
Bosch, Gus. 
Bosch. Jacob. 
Bov, Frank J. 
*Boyd, Thomas M. 
Brannen, P. P. 
iSBramlage. George C. 
Bratz, C. H. 
Braun, J. C. 
Bristley, F. D. 
Brokamp. Joseph H. 
Brown, R. B. 
Brown, Wilmer S. 
Bruck, William J. 
Brunner, S. F. 
Buecker, L. M. 
Burns, M. O. 

Campbell. James E. 
•frCampbell. W. O. 
Canaan, VV. H. 
Carson. Tames B. 
Cass, Harry G. 
Clair. John. 
Clair. Jofenh. 
Clark. J. M. 
Clarke. J. E. 
Coakley, J. A. 
Collins. W. O. 
Connor. Thomas. 
Cormack. George. 
Cornier, H. D. 
Craven, Frank T. 
Creiphtcn, E. E. 

ir Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Crooks, D. S. 
Curley, Thomas L. 

Dattillo, Casimir. 
Daugherty, James. 
De Armond, D. H. 
Dillon, L. A. 
Dingfcldcr. William M. 
Duemer, Charles. 
Dwire, James E. 

Eberling, C. L. 
Eberling, Carl \V. 
Ebling, William. 
Egry, A. E. 
Ehrhardt, H. J. 
Ehrhardt, W. 
Eiser, Jacob. 
EHis, Alston. 
Elser, VV. 
Enderes, C. S. 

Fanceit. J. W. 
Foley, M. E. 
Fortune, Neil. 
Frechtling. E. H. 
Frechtling, H. P. 

Gorden, Alexander. 
Graeser, Charles J. 
Gracser. l-rcd J. 
Grafft, John A. 
Griesmer, C. E. 
Gross, W. L. 
Grotendick. J. F. 

Haberbo'ch, J. A. 
Hancock. J. E. 
Hartkoff, C. R. 
Heath, John F. 
Helvey. John. 
Heman, Ed. 
Heman. Max. 
Hemler, L. \V. 
<rHemp. Calvin E. 
Henes. L. J. 
Henniiig. Max. 
Hermann, H. E. 
Hoffman, John L., Jr. 
Hoi brock, E. F. 
Holbrook, George H. 
Holbrock, Tnseph L. 
Hossfeld. Albert. 
Hooven. G. E. 
■&Howald, Charles. 
Huffman. I. E. 
Hughes. James B. 
Hurm. Robert A. 
Hurm, W. H. 
Hnmn>cll, Cliarles. 

Jacobs. M. M. 
Tanzcn. Franz. 
Johnson. Val. 


Jones, F. V. 
Jones, J. A. 

Kahn, Lazard. 
Kehm, Henry. 
Kelley, J. A. 
Kern, George. 
Kincli, Frank. 
Kirchner, A. 
Krebs, E. F. 
Krone, Charles. 
Kuhn. M. J. 
Kunz, E. A. 

ifUrsh, L. M. 
Lawson, D. 
Leiler, C. A. 
Lindley, M. D. 
I.ingler. George. 
I.ingler, David. 
Long, Harry J. 
Long, J. M. W. 

McCarthy, Thomas F. 
-McGrath, James P. 
McGreevy, Thomas. 
McNeeley, Joseph S. 
Mallon, Howard T. 
■ii'Maas, Joseph M. 
Marcus, S. V. 
Matlier, John C. 
Mayer. F. C. 
Mee, James L 
.Meibers, J. \V. 
Meirsch, A. E. 
Meyer. VV. B. 
Mick, Benjamin. 
Mild, William. 
Morey, G. C. 
Morgan, James E. 
Moore. F. M. 
Mueller. Eugene. 
Mueller. Frederick. G. 
Muth, Louis. 

Neal James E. 
Noonan, Frederick. 

Oeh, George. 
Ohmcr. W. J. 
Oliger, Theodore. 

Pabst. Chris. 
Parker, H. L. 
Peterman. C. H. 
Peterson, J. C. 
Pfenning, P. 
t'&Phillips. George H. 
Pulliam. John. 

R.aab. W. T. 
Radcliffe. R. S. 
Radcliffc, W. J. 
Rehfuss, G. W. 

Hamilton No. 93. 

"Reiss, George T. 
Reutschlcr, H. A. 
Rciitti. Chris. 
Richter, F. P. 
Ruff, George. 

Saile, F. W. 
Santani, VV. H. 
Schell, C. H. 
Schell, Edward L. 
Schell, Lee G. 
Schuler, William. 
Schudtz, J. J. 
Schiiri'acher, A. 
Schwab, Lx)iiis. 
Schwab, P. E. 
Schwab, Peter. 
^Schwab, William B. 
Schweinfest. Charles. 
Schwenn, Chris. 
Scidcnsticker, A. W. 
Semler, Harry L. 
Shaffer, C. A. 
Shaffer. Stanley. 
Sharkey, M. J. 
Shearer, Fred. 
^Shepherd, W. C. 

Shiiler, W. B. 
Sipp, Jacob. 
Slade, J. A. 
Smith, E. A. 
Smith, Edward. 
Sinyers, James P. 
Sniyers, Willard. 
■*Smith, Thomas A. 
Sohngen, R. T. 
Sohngen, E. C. 
Sohngen, George P. 
Sohngren, Paul L. 
Sixiercl, John S. 
Stabler, H. A. 
Stead, Sidney. 
Stillwaugh, Albert. 
Straub, F. J. 
Strauss, Benjamin. 
Stroble, C. A. 
Stroh, George. 

Theim, Rudolph. 
Thomas, William F. 
Thompson, H. J. 
Tobey, W. L. 
Todd, Percy C. 
Tubbs, Charles P. 

Tully, James I. 

Wagner, A. P. 
Wagn°r, John A. 
MVarndorf, A. J. 
Warwick. W. S. 
V/eaver, E. B. 
Weigel, J. A. 
Weinman, F. J. 
Weirsch, A. E. 
Welsh, J. Henry. 
Welsh, P. E. 
■frWhitaker, F. W. 
Williams, John W. 
Winkler, G. J. 
^Winkler, William H. 
^Woodruff, Robert S. 
Wortendyke. George. 
Wright, J. E. 
Wulftange, Joseoh W. 

Yeakle, W. G. 

Zecker, Louis. 
Zoeller, Charles. 
Zoller, Otto. 
Zoller, Michael. 

Our JJbscfif iBrotb«r$. 

Aydelotte, John K., January 22, 1891. 
Hull, Edward E., July 11, 1894. 
Berry, Philio G., April 28, 1896. 
Reutti, Max, November 18, 1896. 
Black, Frank X., July 20, 1898. 
Smith, Charles K., May 26, 1899. 
Clair, Peter A., June 6, 1899. 
Morey, William C, November 30, 1899. 
Diefenbach, William, February g, 1901. 
Pabst, Jacob, April 26, 1901. 

Bruck, William, April 15, igor. 
Clingenspeel, James W., Nov. 4, 1901. 
Stabler, Joshua M., Dec. 4, 1901. 
Mitzler, Peter, February 9, 1902. 
Heckerman, Edward H., September 9, 
Enderes, William J., March 7, 1903. 
Rose, Samuel Lee, March 31, 1903. 
James, Clement V., May 22, 1903. 
Hull, Samuel V., September 13, 1903. 
Kraft, Franz, March 4, 1904. 



Hamilton No. 93. 

George C. Bramlace, 


The Fred J. Meyer Mfg. Co 

A, J, Warndore, 
Exalted Ruler 1903-4- 
Propr. Palace Cafe. 

Charles Howald, 


Propr. Hotel Howald. 

William Diefenbach, 
Exalted Ruler 1900-01. 
Died February 9, 1901. 


William Mild. 


Standard Ice Machine Co. 

Hamilton No. 93. 

Fred Shearer, 


Fourth Ward School. 

Miles D. Lindlev, 

Real Estate. 

Prest. Board of Education. 

O. M. Bake, 

Vice President 

The Miami Valley Nat'l Bank. 

Thomas L. Curley, 


Columbia Carriage Co. 


J. Edward Wright, 

Vice Pres. and Manager. 

Columbia Carriage Co. 

Hamilton No. 93. 

With Semler Co. 

Karl Constantine Markt. 

Charles S. Enderes, 


Thomas F. McCarthy, 


Empire Stock Co., Toledo. 

Hamilton No. 93. 

Peter Edward Schwab, 


Cincinnati Brewery. 

P. E. Welch, 

Chief Fire Dept., 

Proprietor "The Mecca.' 

Albert Stillwauch, 

Tinsmith Contractor. 


Wholesale Liquors. 


History of Tiffin Lodge No. 94. 

To Brother F. P. Cooper, the energetic and ever genial Traveling Passenger 
Agent of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, is due the credit or honor for 
the organization of Tiffin Lodge, No. 94, whicii was instituted July 12, 1888, 
by D. D. G. E. R. Geo. A. Clugston, of Mansfield Lodge, No. 56, assisted by 
Brothers of the same Lodge and of Findlay Lodge, No. 75, Delaware Lodge, 
No. 76, and Upper Sandusky Lodge, No. 83. About eighty members of the 
Order were present for the occasion, and the delegations from Findlay and 
Uf>per Sandusky Lodges were accompanied by bands of music, which very much 
enlivened the occasion. 

The charter mentbers, of which there were twenty, consisted of the follow- 
ing: F. P. Cooper, H. L. Pittinger, Jas. A. Norton, ^L M. Brooks, John B. 
Runyan, B. F. Kaup, E. L- Zimmerman, Geo. A. Corthell, F. L. Emich, Geo. W. 
Fiege, Frank Bloom, Perry M. Adams, J. F. E. Fanning, L J. C. Shoemaker, 
Jos. P. Myers, J. F. Wagner, Calvin E. Pratt, C. Hatcher, E. B. Hubbard and 
H. B. Gibbon. Of these seven are still members of the Lodge, three have departed 
to the Grand Lodge above, and of the balance, some were demitted, and the mem- 
bership of others in some manner was severed. 

After the signers of the charter had been duly initiated, the election of 
officers was proceeded with, and resulted in the following beiiig chosen : L J. C. 
Shoemaker, Exalted Ruler; C. Hatcher, Esteemed Leading Knight; Jolin B. 
Runyan, Esteemed Loyal Knight ; James A. Norton, Esteemed Lecturing Knight ; 
F. L. Emich, Secretary ; Jos. P. Myers, Treasurer ; J. F. Wagner, Tyler ; H. B. 
Gibbon, Esquire; George W. Fiege, Inner Guard; R. E. Dowie, Chaplain; Jos. 
P. Myers, Organist ; E. B. Hubbard, B. F. Kaup and Perry M. Adams, Trustees. 

The officers were then installed in their respective stations, after which all 
adjourned to the Shavvan House, at that time und'er the proprietorship of our 
departed Brother Calvin E. Pratt, where the ceremonies were ended in a social 
session, banquet and general good time. 

From a membership of twenty, the Lodge has grown numerically until at the 
present time the roster contains one hundred and thirty-eight names, among 
which are included many of the most prominent business and professional men 
of the city. The Lodge is in a very prosperous condition, new members being 
constantly enrolled, though quality, rather than numljers, is at all times the 
predominating consideration. 

Following the action of the most progressive lodges of the Order, a club 
room was opened several years since and furnished and equipped in a manner 
to afford the utmost possible comfort and pleasure to the members of the Lodge 
and of the Order in general partaking of its privileges. In 1898, the Lodge 
moved into the commodious quarters it now occupies, having, in addition to its 


Tiffin No. 94. 

lodge and club rooms, a banquet and dance hall, and social sessions, both stag 
and for the ladies, are held at frequent intervaJs. Brothers of other Lodges visit- 
ing the city will always find the latch string hanging out and will be made wel- 
come to the Club Room and to the meetings and Social Sessions. 

The lodge was honored by the Grand Lodge in 1894 by the appointment of 
Brother John W. Leahy as District Deputy G. E. R. for the district of Northern 
Ohio and as member of the Committee on Work and Ritual. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Shoemaker, I. J. C July 12, 188&— 1889 

Norton, Jas. A 1889 — 1890 

Gibbon H. B 1889— 1890 

Copper, F. P 1890— 1891 

Dore, W. H 1891— 1892 

Royer, J. C " 1892— 1893 

Leahy, John W 1893—1894 

Wagner, Louis 1894 — 1895 

Coonrod, S. A 1895 — 1896 

Snyder, O. P 1896—1897 

Rohn, John K 1897— 1898 

Baron, A. L 1898 — 1899 

Ullrich, Lewis 1899 — 1900 

Brewer, E. A 1900 — 1901 

Arnold, Jos. C 1901 — 1902 

Bacon, Willis 1902 — 1903 

Van Nuys, Dr. F. B....' 1903 — 1904 

Copper, F. P. 
Pittinger, H. L. 
Gibbon, H. B. 
Doree. W. H. 
l/cahy, John W. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Wagner, Louis. 
Coonrad, S. A. 
Snyder, O. P. 
MacAroy, H. W. 
Norton, James A. 

Ullrich, Lewis. 
Arnold, J. C. 
Bacon, Willis. 
Van Nuys. Dr. F. B. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler Dr. F. B. Van Nuys 

Est. Leading Knight Carl P. Weidling 

Est. Loyal Knight. .. .P. M. Sneckenberger 

Est. Lecturing Knight David Gottlieb 

Secretary H. W. MacAroy 

Treasurer T. J. Kintz 

Tyler S. A. Coonrod 

Esquire Chas. L Burtner 

Inner Guard Willis Bacon 

Chaplain Louis Wagner 

Organist George Dougherty 


Charles Hubach, J. W. Sptaggins, 

Louis Wagner, F. E. McLaughlin, 

George W. Smith. 

.Abbott, Rush. 
Allen, Ralph E. 
Altenbaugh, C. D. 
Altenbaugh, W. F. 
^Arnold, J. C. 
Arnold, Lafe. 

^Bacon, Willis. 
Balbian. Henry, 
Balch. E. F. 
Baron, C. S. 
Ba.xter, John G. 
Beatty, R. J. 
Bertschey, M. J. 
Betts, A. 
Black, H. P. 
Bloom, Edgar J. 

i! Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Bloom, Frank. 
Bowe, Warren E. 
Brick, Henry A. 
Buehler. Geo. 
Burtner, Chas. L 
Burton, G. H. 

Campbell, A. M. 
Connor, John. 
Conradt, F. W. 
wCoonrod. S. .\. 
<fCooper. F. P. 
Coxon, J. F. 
Cupp, Samuel E. 

Dahm, C. F, 
Dahm, Samuel. 


Diemer. John E. 
Dole, Fred A. 
Uolph, Geo. O. 
Dooley, James J. 
Dore, Chas. G. 
Dore, Frank T. 
Dore, R. L. 
*Dore, Wm. H. 
Dougherty, Geo. 

Eisenhard, M. A. 
Emerine. Oscar. 
Ernest, Geo. E. 
Espy, Bert B. 

Feldstein, Morris. 
Fiege, Geo. W. 

Tu"i-iN No. 


Fiege, Jolui L. 
Fiegclist, Joliii 0. 
Klack, A. L. 
Flack, lidgar B. 
Flack, Ralph K. 

irGibbon. H. R. 
Gilnian, P. C. 
Gottlieb, Daivid. 
Grcincr, J. .\l. 
Griffith, A. H. 
Grill, F. W. 
Griiiiim(.l, Otto. 

Haggcrty, Jack. 
Hatcher, E. L. 
Hay ford. C. B. 
Hcinzelman, Geo. 
Henzy, .\, J. 
Hernnanii. Chas., 
Histc, Chas. G. 
Hoke. J. C. 
Hiil)ach. Chas. 
Hiibach. Henrv. 
Hubach. \Vm. G. 

Jump. Jaiiief S. 

Karshner, J. P. 
Kiessling. Julius. 
Kildow. \V. H. 
Kintz, T. J. 
Kiskadden. .^lex. 

l.anza, Jesse J. 


"Leahy, John W . 
Lemcr, .A. 1). 
Ley, trauk i,. 
Liuibaugh, M. J. 
Looniis, John C. 
Loudcnslager, Jos., 

■&M.acAroy, Jl. W . 
McCartliy, IJ. 1-. 
McCoiikey. hdgar. 
McUeriuott, J. A. 
McLaughlin, F. E. 
Maiberger, Clias. 
Maiberger, Fred VV. 
Maibergcr, M. F. 
Mansfield, Henry. 
Mayers, H. J. 
Mcrkelbach. Clias. 
Miller, Wni. D. 
Moore. C. S. 
Morchcr, P. L. 
Midheran. Tim. 
Myers. Claude E. 
Myers, Oswald J. 

Nicolai. Howard V. 
Noble. \V. F. 
■wNorton. Jas. A. 

Oiipcnhcimcr. M. 

Peter. J. F. 
Peter, Philip. 
Philes. E. L. 
Pittinger, H. L. 


Kc.\, Irvjn i\. 
Kinglc, Fred G. 

Schlagel, J. H. 
Schuciinian, Geo. 
Shnmacher, Coonrod. 
Sexton, Hiurry. 
Smith, Geo. \V. 
Sneckenbergcr, P. .M. 
■Snyder Otto P. 
Spraggins. J. VV. 
Stewart. Geo. 
Sling, E. H. 
Stinger, K. B. 
Stone. Geo. B. 
Stoner, H. C. 
Strieker. Leon E. 
Swigart, Robf. E. 

Trilby. J.'icob. 

Uhle. \VilI F. 
^?Ullrich. Lewis. 
ti-Van Nuys. F. B. 
Wagner. Emil J. 
■^-'Wagner. Louis. 
Wagner, Oilo .\. 
Wagner. Robt. .\L 
Wagner. W. S. 
Waller Lvnian P. 
Wiedling.' C. P. 
Willctt. John B. 
Zinuiicrman. E. L. 
Zinuncrman. Guv .\. 

Pratt. Calvin E. 
.Adams. Perry M. 
Cover, Ollie. 
Fanning. Dr. J. F. E. 
Morris, Fred P. 

Our Absent Brothers. 

Grununel. Phillin. Jr. 
Williams. Dr. L. G. 
Rohn, Judge J. K. 
Brewer. Edward A. 

Coxon. Tlicodorc H. 
Baird, Joseph C. 
Brewer. .Mbcrt. 
Distlchorst. August L. 


Tiffin No. 94. 

H. W. McAroy, 

Carl P. Weidling, 

Esteemed Leading Knight, 


George Dougherty, 


With U. S. Glass Co. 


J. A. Norton, 
Baltimore & Ohio R. 


Tiffin No. 94. 

John G. Baxter, 


The Great Western Pottery Co. 

J. Frederick Coxon, 


The Great Western Pottery Co. 


With U. S. Glass Co. 


Charles D. .-\LTENr.Auc.H, 


Tlie Great Western Pottery Co. 

Til- 1- IN No. 94- 

O. J. MvKiis. 
Chief Clerk and Casliier 
C. C. & St. L. Freiglii Offic 

J. M. CiRniNrit. 

Ji:ssi: J. l.A.\/.\. 

John G. Fii-xi; 
Saloon and Reitaiuaiil. 


Tiffin No. 94. 

William G. Hubach. 
Hiibacli's Brewery. 

Utio a. Grum.mEL, 
The Tiffin Brewing Co. 

.M. F. Maibkkckk. 

Dc.nler in 

Ciears and Tobacco. 


M. .\. ElSKMIAKIl, 

Tin- Keystone I.icinor Siore, 
Fostoria. Ohio. 

History of Gallipolis Lodge No. 107. 

ON December 5tli, 1888. Ilainilton E. Leach, ilieii (".rand Exalted Ruler, 
issued a disjiensation to A. S. White, Cliarles H. Sanders, William II. 
AIcDermith, John K. Malioy, Wiieeier C. Wickoff and H. J. Falkenbach, 
all of Columbus Lods^^e, No. T,y, I'.. 1'. O. Elks, to institute a Lodge at Gallipolis, 
Ohio, to be known as Gallipolis Ivodpe, No. 107, 1>. 1*. O. Elks. 

On December 27th of the same year, George A. Clugston, of Mansfield, Ohio, 
District Deputy for Ohio, with a large number of the lirethren from Columbus 
and Cincinnati, initiated a class of twenty-eight, and Gallipolis Lodge was a 

Simon Quinlin, Grand Exalted Ruler, approved the work of District Deputy 
Clugston and his efficient hel])ers, and on January i6th, 1889, issued a Charter 
to tiie Lodge, naming the following Brethren as Charter Members: Samuel A. 
Dunbar, Edward W. Nash, J. S. Hlackaller, Horace Reed Bradbury, B. Frank 
Barlow, Charles W. Henking. George D. Mclntyre, George House, Edward W. 
X'anden. Frederick M. Bovie. Sanuiel AL Cherrington, Gustav A. Roedell, HoUis 
C. Johnston, William .A. I'.cckler, Oscar M. Henking, Arthur P.. Dunlap. John L. 
\'ance, Sr., William Kling, James M. Kerr. Charles. T. Dages, James L. Tanner, 
Colonel E. Rudesill, Charfes F. Pitrat, William P.. Shober, William Neal Hayward, 
Sherman H. Eagle, James Johnston and James A. Lupton. 

The Charter Officers were: S. A. Dunbar, Exalted Ruler; E. W. Nash, Es- 
teemed Leading Knight; J. S. Blackaller, Esteemed Loyal Knight; H. R. Brad- 
bury, Esteemed Lecturing Knight; J. A. Lupton, Secretary; C. \V. Henking, 
Treasurer; Sherman H. Eagle, Tyler; H. C. Johnston, Esquire; W. A. Beckler, 
Inner Guard; A. B. Dunlap, Chaplain; G. .A. Roedell, Organist; Geo. House, 
F. M. Bovie, E. W. Vanden, Trustees. 

Captain Samuel A. Dunbar, the Lodge's first Exalted Ruler, was assisted 
by able sulKirdinate oflficers. and the Lodge was started on a career that has been 
unprecedently successful and harmonious, numbering in its membership, at all 
times, the very best material of the little French city. Membership in Gallipolis 
Lodge has always been a certificate of highest social standing and honorable 
business methods, and this i)eerless position is still maintained. 

The Lodge meets in regular session every Monday evening at 7 o'clock. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Dunbar. S. A Dec. 27, 1888—1889 Eagle. S. H iSg^— 1897 

Blackaller, J. S i88g— i8(X) Bradbury, T. E 1897— 1898 

Bradbury, N. R 1890—1801 Jeffries, W. H 1898 

Henking. C. W 1891— 1892 Sutherland. .Alexander T 1898—1899 

Lupton. J. A 1892—189,1 Bovie. George F 1899—1900 

McCormick. J. R 1893—1894 Alcorn. John B 1900—1901 

Havward. \V N 1894—1891 Aleshire. R. P 1901 — 1903 

Kci-r, Fred H 1895-1896 Xeedhani. C. W. H 190.1—1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Dunbar. S. .X. Hayward. W. X. Bovie, Geo. F. 

Henking C. W. ' Kerr, Fred II. .■\lcorn. John B. 

I.upton, J. A. Eagle. S. H. Aleshire. R. P. 

Gentry C V. Bradbury. T. E. Needhani. C. W. H. 

McCormick. J. R. Jeffries, \V. H. 


C.AM.ii' No. 107. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler.. C. W. II. Necdhani 

Est. Leading; Kiiii;lil John C. Biitz 

Est. Loyal Kiiii;lil T. Way McCormick 

Est. Lecturiii); Kiiiglit John Priestley 

Secretary George F. Bovic 

Treasurer C. L. Steenbcrgreii 

Tyler Joseph B. Johnston 

Esquire H. L. Cadot 

Inner (/iiii/i/ George E. Bush 

Chaplain T. £. Bradbury 

OrgMiisI C. H. Booton 


J. E. Haliidav, Charles R. Comer, 

H. H. Hcnking. 

ROSTER 1903—04 
.'\dams, C. M. 
Alcorn, A. D. 
ii^Alcorn, John B. 
^Aleshire, R. P. 
.Ashworth, Perry J. 

Barlow, B. F. 
Beall, VV. Pres. 
Bean, L. C. 
Booton, C. H. 
Bougher, Fred R. 
Bovie, Fred M. 
■i^Bovie, George F. 
Bovie, J. H. C. 
<rBradbury. T. E. 
Brown, H. C. 
Brown, Major C. 
Bryan. D. F. 
Bush. George E. 
Butz. John C. 

Cadot. Harry I.. 
Cherringfton, S. M. 
Ciener, Joseph. 
Clendenin. J. W. 
Cole, M. G. 
Comer, Charles R. 
Cornett, Gardner. 
Cushmann. \V. H. 

■s^Dunbar. Samuel A. 

^Eagle, Sherman H. 

Fee. J. D. 
Foster. Fred. 
Frank. J. H. 
Frank. Samuel H. 
Franz, John H. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

.Frazier, J. C. 
Fuller, W. Burt. 

Gardner, C. J. 
■^Gentry, Charles V. 
Gribble, L. G. 

Haliidav. J. E. 
AHayward. Will N. 
li-Henking. C. W. 
Henking, H. H. 
House, George. 
Hulbcrt, Ed. 

^Jeffries, W. H. 
Johnston, Hollis. 
Johnston. J. B. 
Johnston. W. R. 

Kerr, Charles D. 
Kiger, O. L. 
KIin«r. William. 

■i^Lupton, James A. 

*MfcCormick. John R. 
McCormick, T. W. 

Mack. Charles, Jr. 
Maddv. Harrv. 
Mauck, E. W. 
Mauck, Roscoe J. 
Merriman. A. K. 
Merriman, M. F. 
Miles. Charles O. 
Mil.slagel. F. M. 
Moch. Charlej .^. 
Moore. Sherwood. 

Ncedham. C. VV. H. 
Norton. .\. L. 

Norton, C. Jos. 

Priestley, John M. 

Radford, Fred. 

Schaefer, H. Earl. 
Sclby, R. H. 
Scebohm, W. H. 
Shober, Ernest. 
Shober, Max. 
Shober, William B. 
Sibley, W. G. 
Silverman, Leon. 
Silverman. Simon. 
Slavmaker, W. H. 
Smith, O. O. 
Steenbergen. C. L. 
Stockhofif. H. E. 
Sullivan, F. M. 
Switzer. Charles H. 

Thomnfe, Edward E. 
Thompson, R. P. 
Uhrig. A. Herman. 

Ulsamer, Fritz M. 

Vanden. E. W. 
Vanden. George W. 

Welch. C. 
Wessenberg. Fred. 
Wessner, Bert. 
Williams. J. H. 
Wilson. L. D. 
Wolfsheimer. M. 

Yost. D. Ed. 

Our Absent Brotbcrs. 

Nash. E. W. 
Bradbury. H. k. 
Tanner, Jas. L. 
Johnston, Jas. 
Pit rat, C. F. 

■s> Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 

Mclntyrc. Geo. D. 
Newsome. J. E. 
Hanson. C. B. 
Kerr, J. M. 


Newman. Thos. W. 
Johnson. Jas. T. 
Taylor. W. B. 
Kerr, F. H. No. 107. 

A. Herman Uhric 
Esteemed I.oyal Knight 


k. P. Al.KSHIKK, 

Exallcii Ruler. iqoi-o,v 

With The Ohio Vallov BanU Cm 


Mayor cif Gnllipnlis. 
Attorncv-at- Law. 

H. I.. C.MIUT 


C. P. & T. A. Hocking Vallcv Ry 


History of Zanesville Lodge No. 114. 

AI'.< )L"r llic moiitli of Dcccnil)cr, iS88, a iiunihcr uf i^^i'iuk-nKMi, among 
ulidin were Uscar C.^'is, F. A. Durban. Julius Frank, Moses Frank, 
William Horn. Lcnpokl Dryfus, William S. lioll, J<jlin Morrow. C. C. Har- 
risiin. a member of Cokmibus Lodtjc No. 37. and John C. Sulli\'an, met in the house 
lurnishintj store of the last named <;;entleman to consider the advisibilily of or- 
ganizinjj; a lodge of Elks in Zanesville. .After discussing the matter tlioroughly 
it was decided to take the necessary ste|)s to secure a charter list. On January 
-22. i88<j. a meeting was lield in the law office of Train & Durban, at which there 
were forty-seven gentlemen present who thought well of the proposition and who 
signed a ])etition, asking for a charter. .\ tem])orary organization was effected at 
this meeting with Frank .\. Dnrlian. chairman iW'illiani S. Mell. secretary and C. D. 
Wedge, treasurer. Meetings wer',> afterwards held at the Hoard of Trade rooms on 
January 30th and February 8th and 25th, 1889, at which communications were 
read from District Deputy (icorge A, Clugston of Mansfield. ( )liio, in regar<l to 
the institution of a lodge in Zanesville, and at the meeting of F'ebruary 8th the 
officers of the projxised lodge were elected and committees were api)ointed to make 
all necessary arrangements for the institution. 

On the 27th of February, i88g. Zanesville Lodge No. 114 was instituted 
m Odd Fellows hall, ^fain street, by District Deputy Cieorge A. Clugston, assist- 
ed by members of Mansfield, O.. lodge, .\t one o'clock in the afternoon the 
cliarter members elect marched in a body to the hall where the degrees were con- 
ferred. The following forty-three constitute the charter list : William Horn, 
I. E. Starr, Moses Frank, Julius Frank, Frank .\. Din-ban, Thomas Scott, Frank 
T. Geis. Charles Gcis. William S. Ikll, John J. Thomas, Sr., Edward P. Waters, 
James H. Lee, James Cain, John Richardson, Charles .\. Dlake, Charles Rrendel, 
Sr., John Fitzpatrick, Frank Watson, William Swart, James L. liolden. Charles 
D. Wedge. A. E. Starr, Frank LLnas, .Alfred H. Reich;" I L H. Sturtevant. W. H. 
-McCabe. J. Drucker, Herman Mueller, Edward W. Reich, Frank M. Ford, Will- 
iam H. Johnson. \V. C. Conrade. John .-\. Morrow. Oscar C.eis, L. D. .\bell, 
Hazlett Convers, Charles V. Shryock. l-'uUcr V:\u N'oorhis, James McMahon, 
S. .\. Raldwin. Leopold Dryfus. L. IL P.relsford, Simeon 'SI. Winn, Isaac Drucker, 
Walter Powron. 

The charter officers installed at the time were : William S. Bell, Exalted 
Ruler: John .\. Morrow. Esteemed Leading Knight: I'rank .A. Durban, F.stee;ned 
Loval Knight : James IL Lee. Esteemed Lecturing Knight : Edward W. Reich. 
Secretary: Charles D. Wedge. Treasurer: .Alfred \V. Reich, Tyler: Thomas Scott, 
Esquire: Frank M. Haas, Inner Ciuard : Charles l'. Shryock. Chajjlain : John 
Fitzpatrick. Leopold Dryfus. W. Cliff Conrade. Trustees. 

.After the ceremonies incident to the institution the inenibers and visitin.g 
I'.rothers rejiaired to the Kirk House where a delightful l)anc|uel was served. 
I'.rother William S. Hell made the address of welcome, whicli was responded to 
bv District Dc])nt\ Clu.gston. 'Hie lodge continued its nteetings in Odd Fellows 
hall for about three vears. when they moved to their present (|iiarters in P.lack's 
theatre, at the time the niost prominent in the cit\ In ii);)3 a new lease was made 
for a term of ten vears and the rooms remodeled :iiid furnished :it an ex])ense of 
$2.500 — a large part of which was liorne b\ the 1o(Il;o in cimsiiU'ralion of the long 


ZA.\i;s\ii.i.r: Xn. 1 14. 

cxtctxicil term ul lease. Tliis money was raised In voluiuaiy sub>cii|)liiMi from 
tlic members. Tlie lodge has two lloors, tiic second ami third of the building. 
S[)lcndidl\ arranged for lodge and club |nn-poses. (,)n the lirst Ihxir. library, par- 
lors, ladies reception room and billiard and card rooms, and on tlie second iloor, 
lodge room and banquet hall, the latter being also tlie ball room. 

Zanesville's first outing was in attendance, in a bod\. at the Grand Lodge 
session at Cleveland in 1890. A special train with llrother l^dmund Pedler at tiie 
throttle carried the members on this never-to-!>e-forgotten run. ( )n \\'ednesda\-, 
Se[>tember 7, 1892, the lodge gave a barbacue on the farm of P>rother William H. 
IJolin. near the city, at which a large mmiber of visiting ]\\]<s. and invited guests, 
including Al. G. Fields' Minstrel troup. were present. 

Another event worthy of record was the street fair held during the week of 
June 14. 1898. it being one of the first held in this part of the country. Excur- 
sions were run from the surrounding cities and towns and hundreds of Mlks 
from the neighboring lodges attended the fair and heljied to make it a great suc- 
cess. In the appointment of District Deputies this lodge has been signally hon- 
ored, three of its most distinguished members — Frank M. Ford. Frank A. Dur- 
ban and Robert L. Queisser — having performed the duties of that responsible 
office with credit to the order and themselves. The officers and members of 
Zancsville instituted the lodges of Newark, Cambridge, Coshocton, Marietta, Xew 
Lexington and Logan, Ohio. 

Zancsville has had several hnndred members, many of whom reside in [places 
where she instituted lodges, who, after their institution, transferred tlieir mem- 
bership to their home lodges. One of the most pleasant featm-es in connection 
with the lodge is ladies' day, on wjiich occasion the wives, sisters and daughters 
of the members have their social .gatherings and enjoyments. The lodge meets in 
regular session every Wednesday evening, to which all visiting brothers are cor- 
diall}' invited. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Bell. William S 1889— 1S90 Fnrd. Frank M 1807— 1898 

John.^nn. William H 1890-1891 ?'/■'!;"",■ X'"^'"'" ^ 189S-1899 

,, r 1 \ tQ^t ,^-, Hollaiul. R. L 1891) — 1900 

Morrow. John .\ 1891-1892 Emhrcy. Joseph T 19^^190, 

Dnrhan. I'rank .V 1892— 1895 I.amiman. J. R 1901— 1902 

Winn. S. M 1895—1896 Mercer. H. E 1902—190,^ 

McDermoit. T. J l8g6 — 1897 O'Xcal. Eugene F 190,^ — 1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Morrow, John A. Winn, S. M. Lamiman. J. R. 

Durban. Frank A. McDemiott. T. J. Mercer, H. E. 

Wedge. Charle.<; D. Trainer. Thomas S. Queisser. RoImjii L. 

Johnson. W. H. Enibrey, Joscpli T. O'Xcal. E. F. 
Ford. Frank M. 

Officers 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler Eugene F. O'Xeal Esqiiirr \lliert C. Rus^i 

Est. Lcadiiiii Kiiliilit. . A. Clyde Reasoner Itincr (.iiioni If. W. Snoois 

E.St. I.oyol Kiiitihl Wilhiir C. IIank< Cliu/'liiiii T. S. Trainer 

Est. f. , -ftiiriii^ Kiil.iilil. .Wartx-n W. M.ulier (h\i:niiist Joseph T. Nagle 

Sci'irtiiiy I'jlgar E. Bagley 'I'rnstrrs : 

Trras}iii-r II. .■\. Sharpc O. \. 'Pownseiid. I". .\1. Wilkinson. 

Tylrr W. C. Conradc .S. .\. Wellcr. 


ZANi:s\'ii,r,ic No. 1 14. 
Roster 1903-04. 

Adams, W. II. 
.•\insuorlli, John 11. 
.\p|)lcgatc, U. C. 
Ayies, !•:. M. 

liaglcy, E. E. 
Bagley, J. T. 
liaglcy, Noah E. ■ 
Bagley, William. 
Baird, Chester A. 
Barker, A. B., Jr. 
Barnctt, C. O. 
Bassett, John, Jr. 
Bauer, O. A. 
Bishop, James. 
Boleii, John C, Jr. 
Brelsford, I.. E. 
Brown, D. S. 
Bruld, Arlluir. 
Buerhans. li. -V. 
Burton, R. C. 
Byrne, John. 

Card, H. S. 
Carroll, S. H. 
Carter, George R. 
Chappelcar, Charle.s. 
Conrade, VV. C. 
Converse, R. H. 
Coyle, D. R. 
Crooks, John H. 
Curtis, James A. 
Cnsac, M. A. 

Deal, John. 
Dennis, Harrv. 
Devore, C. H. 
Devorc, E. O. 
Dryfus, L. 
■^Durban, F. A. 

Edniislon, J. D. 
■rt'Embrey. Josenh T. 
England. James G. 
England. Joseph. 
Evans, J. M. 

Fell, Frank B. 
Ferguson. R. A. 
Fix, Louis C. 
Flcmine, Finlev. 
t-i^Ford. Frank M. 

Gano, J. K. 
Garrett, John W. 
Geddes. J. K. 
Geis, Albert. 
Gerwick. J. C. 
Gibb=, W. A. 
Gibson, Charles W. 
Gibson. L. H. 

Gobel, r. K. 
GoUIstcin, .\aron. 
Gnodlive, William II. 
Gorrell, A. II. _ 
Graham, John T. 
Gray, Mcldrum. 
Gremer, 11. I,. 

Ilackathorn, Frank, 
llahn. D. H. 
Hannlton, G. W. 
Hammond Edward. 
Hanks, W\ C. 
Hardesty, William H. 
Hearons, J. T. 
Heckman, C. J. 
Helzel. Robert. 
Hine, R. K. 
Hoetfler. I. Y. 
Holdcn, James I.. 
Hornung, John. 
Hughes, William C. 
Hyser, A. S. 

Imlay, Jolin D. 

Jennings, George G. 
Jolmson, A. H. 
Johnson, Elmer 
'•-'Johnson, William M. 
Jones, E. R. 
Joslin, C. W. 

Kappes, K.irl. 
Kearns, C. E. 
Keller, Jolm W. 
Kernan, AI. A. 
Kimble, .Andrew. 
Kimble, Frank A. 
Kimble, Fred. C. 
Kirk, Robert. 
Kropp, John W. 
Kunkle, D. B. 

"frLamiman. J. R. 
Lehman. H. E. 
Leslie, Harry S. 
Lind. Samuel E. 
Linser, Simon, Jr. 

McCuIlough. Arthur. 
McCiiHongh, George. 
McCidlough, Josei)h. 
*McDermott. T. J. 
IMcGlasban. John W, 
McIIwce. George. 
McMahon. M. C. 
McNernev. P. A 
Madcr. F. F. _ 
Mabonev. T. S. 
M.mgobl. Jolm. 

Marshall, C. T. 
Mason, William J. 
Mather, Warren W. 
Matz, L. E. 
Melonc, James A. 
ti'Mercer, H. E. 
Meyer, Harry C. 
Moore, 1.. A. 
Morchead, Thomas. 
■wMorrow, John .\. 
Mull, Edward. 

Nagle, Joseph A. 
Nielson, Christian. 
Norris, J. W. 
Norris, M. L. 
Nutter, Alonzo. 
Nye, Harry L. 

Olifenbacher, W. L. 
Ogle, Harry. 
Okev E. F. 
O'Neal, Eugene F. 
Oslx>rne. Harrv E. 
Osier, A. B. 

Palmer, Eli A. 
Parry, J. R. 
Pedler, Edmund. 
Peterson, J. G. 
Fletcher, S. T. 
Porter, O. V. 
Price, A. J. 
Printz, Charles H. 
Pugh, Harry C. 
'VQueisser, Robert L. 
Quick, R. S. 

Rambo, C. M. 
Rathbnn, Ed., Jr. 
Reasoner, Clvde. 
Reed. Frank M. 
Rhodes, J. B. 
Rider, Frank. 
Ritzert, F. J. 
Ritzert. George. 
Roberts, E. C. 
Rogge, A. P. 
Rosa, C. A. 
Ross, Harry W. 
Rusk, J. W. 
RuEsi, Albert C. 

Sawyers. William M. 
Schneider. Ernest. 
Scbubach. H. M. 
Schultz. William D. 
Scott. C. W. 
Senhauscr. .\. J. 
Scott. Thos. 
Sharer. R. W. 

■fr Inrlicatcs r.ran.l I.oilgc .MlmiiIilt. 
t I.ifc Mcnilier. 


Zanksvii.lic No. i 14. 

Sharer. William P. 
Sharpc. H. A. 
Sliepparcl, A. J. 
Sliryock, Charles U. 
Singleton, O. R. 
Smith. Perry. 
Smith. Rodney G. 
Smiltle. Ed. 
Snedekcr, R. B. 
Snoots, H. \V. 
Starkev. James L. 
Starr. A. E. 
Starring, A. A. 
Stephens, C. S. 
Stewart, C. O. 
Stewart, Edward. 
Stone. Irvin G. 
Stnrtcvant. H. H. 
tSiillivan, Tohn C. 
Snltun. n.'T. 

.Suail. James H. 
Swart, \Villiam C. 

Tarrier, Randolph. 
Thompson, Barney. 
Tliomnson, E. D. 
Tounscnd, O. N. 
■i^Traincr, Thomas ! 
Troutmaii, H. B. 
Tnbangh. A. J. 
Turner, George B. 

Ungcmach. Albert. 

VandenKirk, David. 
Vinscl, A. A. 
Vinsel. C. O. 

Wasser'trom. H. I. 
Watson, C. M. 

Watson, D. O. 
Waters, Edward P. 
Weber, Samnel R. 
■■TWedgc. Charles 1). 
Wcller. Harry. 
VVclIer, S. A. 
Weller, William H. 
Wells. James A. 
Wells. Samnel. R, 
Wells, William. 
White. Al. C. 
Wilkinson. F. M. 
Wilson. P. I.. 
Wink:lman. Charles. 
I'^'Winn, Simeon M. 
Wood .vorth. George. 
Worstall, A. B. 

Zimmer. E. 
Zinsmeislcr. Edward I. 

Our Absent Brothers. 

Gcis, Frank T. 
Carr. James N. 
Brvanr. James P. 
Blake. Charles A. 
Geis. Oscar G. 

Cain. James. 
Halm. William. 
Scluiltz. Robert D. 
Templeton, Benjamin F. 

Starr. Isaac E. 
Chandler. Norwood S. 
McCroady. Harley. 
Monypenny. George B. 

J. R. 
E.\alied Ruler 1901-02. 

J. B. Rhodes 

Secretary-Gen'l. Mngr. 

The Z.inesville Tel. & Tel. Co. 


History of Washington C. H. Lodge No. 129. 

WASHINGTON C. H. Lodge Xo. i2y, B. 1'. O. K. was organized No- 
vember 15, 1889, with the following charter niemL>ers : J. C. Anderson, 
J. N. Boyer, F. G. Can)enter, Ji. F. Davis, H. i\I. Daugherty, M. S. 
Daugherty, C. A. F'oster, D. 11. Hare, Joseph Hidy, Cal. Holmes, E. J. Light, 
John P. Maynard, Thomas D. McElwain, H. D. I'ursell, Charles Pursell, J. H. 
Robinson, VV. F. W'illette. 

The names of Charter Ofificers were: VV. F. Willett, Exalted Ruler; T. D. 
.McElwain, Esteemed Leading Knight; E. J. Light, Esteemed Loyal Knight; D. 
H. Hare, Esteemed Lecturing Knight; Calvin Holmes, Secretary; M. S. Daugh- 
erty, Treasurer; J. H. Robinson, Tyler; B. F\ Davis, Esquire; J. P. Maynard, 
Inner Guard; C. A. Foster, Chaplain; F. G. Carpenter, H. D. Pursell, H. AI. 
Daugherty, Trustees. 

The early years of its existence were tilled with efforts for existence rather 
than expansion, but with a heroism seldom seen and rarely surpassed, the charter 
members struggled against odds until they see the results of the efforts today. 
The standard required for admission has always been a high one and the years 
have not tended to lower it. 

The Lodge has e.xperienced the usual financial troubles, lack of quarters, 
disapproval of community and similar obstacles, but has conquered them all. 

Today in pleasant — almost luxurious — quarters, with a well stocked treas- 
ur)' and with the respect and confidence of the entire community the Lodge 
looks forward to a promising future. 

The standard of excellence shown in its charter members has been retained 
and even increased until now it numbers among its members all the prominent 
business men of our city. Bankers, attorneys, druggists, jewelers, are its most 
valued members, while every worker merits the "grand old name of gentleman." 

With the social element stimulated by our Exalted Ruler and the finances 
carefully guarded by our Secretary and Treasurer, tlie prospects for the Lodge 
are bright and its position for the future assured. 

The Lodge meets the first and third Friday nights of eacli month. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Willotte, \V. F 1889— 1S90 Dahl, v. J 1897—1899 

McElwain, T. D 1890—1891 Pursell, H. D 1899— 1901 

Light, E. J 1S91— 1892 Hidy. Joseph 1901— 1902 

Hare, D. H 1892— 1893 Harlow, Chas. D 1902— 1903 

Davis. Ben F 1893— 1894 Parker, Charles F 1903— 1904 

Pursell, C. \V 1894— 1897 


Wasiiint.ton C. H. No. 120. 

Joseph A. Harlor. 

Charles D. Harlow 



Willette, W. F. 
Ll-ht, E. J. 
Davis, Ben. F. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Pursell, C. \V. 
Dahl, V. J. 
Hidy, Joseph. 

Harlow, Chas. D. 
Parker, Charles F. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

llxaltcd Ruler Charles F. Parker 

Est. Leading Knight Jos. H. Harper 

Est. Loyal Knight F. M. Rothrock 

Est. Lecturing Knight L. P. Howell 

Secretary Rell G. Allen 

Treasurer V. J. Dahl 

T\ler Chas. D. Harlow 

Esquire H. C. Anthoni 

Inner Guard Cliff Reed 

Chaplain Geo. H. Hitchcock 

Organist Howard C. Allen 


B. H. Millikan, H. D. Pnrsell, 

Humphrey Jones. 

.■\danis, Geo. W. 
Allen. Howard C. 
Allen, Rell G. 
Anthoni, H. C. 

Baer, Carl. 
Baker, Harry T. 
Baker, J. M. 
Brown Harrison. 

Carpenter. F. G. 
Chaffin. F. A. 

i^X Indicates Grand I.odge Member. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

•6-Dahl, V. I. 
Dakin. Will. 
Danghcrty. H. M. 
Daugliertv, M. S. 
•i^Davis. Ben. F. 

Estep, C. S. 
Fitzgerald. Harrv. 
Ford. W. S. 

Gossard. C. A. 
Gray, Will S. 


Green, Lou A. 
Griffis. Howard l". 
Griffith, P. M. 

Hagerty, M. J. 
Harlor. J. A. 
i^Harlow. Charles 
Harper, Joseph H. 
Havnes. George C. 
Hershey. \V. B. 
Hess. Fuller. 

WaSIIINC'I'iiX (.". 11. .\'(l. \2lJ. 

■'•'THidy, Joseph. 
Ililclicock, (iCoiKc 
lln-vell. I., r. 
HurIiov. J. W. 
IIiiRhcy. R. M. 

Jmics. IhiMiplircy. 

Kerr, John D. 
Kirsliiicr, Waller. 
KniRht, n. V. 
Knight, James 

l.antnii, C. \. 
■•W.iRht, E. J. 
IjRhtncr, Frank. 

McLean, D. T. 
Millikan. B. H. 
Millikan, \V. \V. 
Moorman, Harry I, 
Morey Jolin. 


Mrrav. (. 


I'aRc, 0. 
I'almcr, Rohl. 1!, 
Parker, Ch.nlcs 
Pavcy, Harry T 
Penn, Jerome. 
PcrsinRcr, Jessec. 

Sargent, (."harlcs. 
Smith, Jess W. 
Smith, I'r.Mik. 
Sparks, Henry. 
Spyhy, Thomas. 
Stover, ^r. H. 
Stulson, Norton. 

I'ottcr, Davidson. 

Troop, B. J. 

Pratt, 0. H. 

Tysor, W. .\. 

'iPtirscII. Ch.irles W. 

■:>Pnr.sclI. H. D. 

Watt. G. E. 

Wcndle, Add. 

Reed. CHlTord. 

West, E. J. 

Richards, K. K. 

White, Roval I-". 

Roliinson. (".corge .V. 

^i-Willettc. W. F. 

Roliinson. Ceorge F. 

Wilson, C. O. 

Rol>inson. Waher. 

Wolford. P. E. 

Rothrock. F. .M. 

Worlcy. J. L. 

Wortmngton, Will 

Sanderson, Roliert. 

Slioop, Wert, 

Zimmerman. J. I,. 

Our Jlbscnt Brothers. 

D. H. Hare. 
H. M. Blessing. 

W. C. MofiriTian. 
O. D. Smith. Jr. 


History of Bellefontaine Lodge No. 132. 

TIIH history of Bellefontaine Lo(lp;e, Xo. 132, lias I)een nneventful. Since 
its institution, Sci)tenibcr 24, i88<j. it has occupied modest (juarters in 
half a dozen rented rooms on the second lloor of the Opera Block, which 
have been the scene of many of the most pleasant social wants of the citv. The 
Loilti^e has ,c;rcatly increased its membership durinj::^ the ])ast three vears. and 
is in a particularly healthy and active condition at present. I'.ut two members 
liave been taken from its numbers by tleath. Brothers Frank D. Kennedv and 
Lowell 1!. Haines, and this, with a total roster of about 60 names, is a remarkable 
mortalit}' record for 14 years. 

The Charter Members were as follows: F. R. Griffin. "SI. Dickinson, M. 
Stamats, W. C. Zearing, H. L. Clark, L. E. Pcttit, W. M. Stamats, F. Ken- 
nedy, E. C. Conman, W. R. Lane. 

Names of Charter Officers : W'm. T. Haviland, Exalted Ruler ; F. R. Griffin, 
Esteemed Leading Kni<jht ; L. E. Pettit, Esteemed Loyal Knig-ht : Geo. H. Allen, 
Esteemed Lecturing Knight ; A. L. Clark Secretary, .\. I,. Clark, Treasurer ; 
R. E. Cole. Tyler; W. R. Chichester. Esquire; W. Z. Zearing, Liner Guard; G. 
D. Davis, Chaplain; Mac. Stamats, Organist; L. E. Pettit, Wm. T. Haviland 
and W'm. Stamats, Trustees. 

The Lodge meets the first and third Wednesday nights of each montli. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Ha\nil,uid. Win. T 1889— 1800 Kerr, Harry S 1896—1898 

Griffin. F. R 1890— iSgr Miller, A. jay 1898— 1900 

Dickinson. Mack 1891 — 1892 Foster, A. J. R 1900 — igor 

Stnnials, Mac 1892 — 189,^ Nichol:;, M, J 1901 — 1902 

Zcarinsf. \Y. C 1893 — 1894 West. Sannicl H 1902 — 1903 

Kerr. Harry S — 1894 — 189.S McCrackcn. Frank G 1903 — 1904 

Stainats. Wm 1895 — 1895 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Wm. T. H:iviland. F. R. Griffin. M. J. .\ichols. 

H. S. Kerr. .Me.x J. R. Foster. Samuel H. West. 

A. Jay Miller. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

lixiiUi-d Hnlcr Frank ('.. MoCracken !i..i;iiii.- J. R. Casey 

Est. Lcatliiiii Kiiiiihl Fied C. Spittle liiiu-i 1,'iiaiil H. [. Bartliolome\v 

l-st. Luyal Kiiii^hi F. P. Williams Clmf'hihi Jolin K. .Miller 

Est. Lci-lKiiir.; Kiiiiilil A. R. RiRRS Orfianisl Dr. S. Morgenrotli 

Sccii-tary Don. B. Su'islier Tnislccw 

Trcas'iiicr Don. B. Swislier II M. Ainial. H. I. Bartholomew 

Tyler H. I. Bartholomew W. W. Riihllo. 


r>i:i.i.i',i'u.\ lAi M-; Xu. 13^. 

Allen, C. S. 
Allen, George H. 
Arniat, H. i\I. 
Askren, D. W. 

Ballinger, V. W. 
Bartholomew, H. J. 
Bassett. T. W. 
Bryant, E. J. 

Carr, George A. 
Casey. J. R. 
Cory, P. E. 

Dceniv. J. S. 
Dnn, -McEldin. 

EMott, A. \V. 

-.^Foster. A. J. R. 

Graham. Fred. 
■iS-Griffin. F. R. 
Hamer. \V. W. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

'^'Haviland. \V. T. 

Herskovits. Herman. 
Huhbard. E. O. 

Kennedy. II. X. 
Kennedy. John T. 
Kerr, A. R. 
*Kerr. H. S. 
Eentz, Ch.irles H. 

.McClnre. Frank \V. ^ 
McCracken. Frank G. 
.McCracken. James W. 
.McCnnc. C. J. 
.Marvel. Edgar L. 
Miles, C. N. 
*Miller. A. Jay. 
Miller. John E. 
Milrov. D. E. 
Milrn'v. J. F. 
Mitchell. Frank S. 
Morgan, Will G. 
Morgenroth, Dr. S. 

wNichols. M. J. 

O'Donnell, C. F. 

PPifcr, C. D. 

Riddle, W. W. 
Riggs, A. R. 
Roehnck, I,ce J. 
Ross. \V. \V. 

Shea. T. M. 
ShnfUetown. F. .V. 
Spittle. Fred C. 
Strayer. D. E. 
Swisher. Don B. 

Thatcher. Samuel H. 
Thompson. Rev. J. \V. 

irVVest, Samuel H. 
Williams. E. P. 
Wilson, Emory J. 
Wissler, W. G. 

•ij Indicates Grand Lodge .Member. 


Hi:i.i.i:i'(intaim; Xo. i_^2. 

Harry S. Kerr, 


Commercial and Savings Bank 

Samuel H. West. 


Dun B. Swisher, 


Deputy Coinity Recorder. 

History of Mt. Vernon Lodge No. 140. 

THE institution of Mt. Vernon Lodge, No. 140, B. P. O. Elks, marks an 
epoch in the history of the city of Mt. Vernon. Like most towns, prior 
to this event, social and even fraternal associations were divided by cer- 
tain social, political or religious prejudices. 

So pronounced was this tentlency that within a long period previous to 
the institution of Mt. Vernon Lodge, it was frequently referred to by citizens as 
a source of regret that some social organization, or fraternal organization, that 
woukl remove all prejudices and enable our people to meet together upon social 
grounds, had never been organized. A number of ideas were suggested, but 
were always met with the objection that they would interfere with some other 
organization and not accomplish the desired result. 

Mt. Vernon Lodge, No. 140, B. P. O. Elks, was organized and instituted 
November 14, 1889. The following were the charter members: L. G. Hunt, 
J. D. Smoots, W. E. Ten Broeck, W. T. Critchfield, George B. Bum, John E. 
Russell, W. B. Mathers, P. D. Worley, C. H. Grant, P. G. Joyce, H. W. Errett, 
T. E. Tangher, Ed. Boynton, R. M. Torrey, W. D. Bell, Will Bechtol, Frank 
Parrott, T. F. Hayes and Joseph Durringer. 

The Charter Officers were: L. G. Hunt, Exalter Ruler; J. D. Smoots, 
Esteemed Leading Knight ; P. D. Worley, Esteemed Loyal Knight ; W. B. 
Mathers, Esteemed Lecturing Knight ; C. H. Grant, Secretary ; T. F. Hayes. 
Treasurer; W. D. Bell, Tyler; W. T. Critchfield, Esquire; Ed. Boynton, In- 
ner Guard ; Joseph Durringer, Ciiaplain ; T. E. Tangher, R. M. Torrey, W. H. 
Errett, Trustees. 

Since its institution the Lodge has prospered and grown until today it has 
140 members on its roll in good standing. The Lodge is in a thoroughly good 
financial condition, is out of debt, and has a considerable sunx of money laid 
aside for a new Lodge building. Already a committee to secure a site for a 
Lodge temple has been appointed and it will not be many years before the Lodge 
will be in a home of its own. 

Mt. Vernon Lodge meets the first and third Tuesdav of each month. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Hum, L. C.Nov. I-), 1S89 — May 27, 1890 Kooiis, W. Mi 1897 — 1898 

('.rant, C. H 1S90 — 1891 Harper, Frank 1898 — 1899 

Smoots, J. D 1891 — 1892 Ensmingcr, Ed 1899 — 1900 

Devin, H. C 1892— 1893 Forhinjr. I. H.. ..\iiR. 15. 1899— .April t. 1900 

Errett, H. W 1S93— 1894 Fink, Allen igoo— 1901 

Stevens. C. I, 1S94 — 189.1 Boprardns, E 1901 — 1902 

Greer, R. M 1895 — i8f/i Snow. C. ('. 1902 — 1903 

Forbinf?. G, J 1896 — iS<j7 f.oc, M. T 1903 — kjoI) 


Mt. Vi-.UKON X'o. 140. 

Hunt, I.. ('.. 
Smools. J. D. 
C.rccr. R. M. 
Uogardiis. E. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Snow, C. (i. 
Ixc, M. T. 
Forbiiig, Guy J. 
Kooiis, \Vni. .\[. 

Fink, Allc-n. _ 
Ensniiiiger, l'!d. 
Forbinig, Irviii 1 

Officers, 1903-04. 

ExciltcJ Ruler. M. T. Lee 

Hst. Lcinliiig Kiiii;lil R. B. Armstrong 

list. Loyal Knight Carl Brent 

list. Lcctiiiiiig Knight D. E. Salisbury 

Sccrcliiiy S. J. Dorgaii 

Treasurer L. F. West 

Tyler James Reynolds 

lisiiiiire Lowell M. Haner 

Inner (,'nartl Geo. R. Spearman 

Chaphiin W'm. A. Ackermaii 

Organist H. E. Sanderson 


Evert Bogardns, T. E. Tanglier. 

C. G. Snow. 

Ackernian, William A. 
Ahern, J, W. 
Allen, N. W. 
Armentrout, L. V. 
-Armstrong, R. B. 
Arnold, VV. E. 
.■\yers, C. L. 

Back, Charles. 
Baker, W. H. 
Bak^s, Bndd. 
Barker, H. K. 
Bell, Hugh C. 
Bennett, J. L. 
Bird, D. K. 
■i^Bogard'US. Evert. 
Boyle, J. E. 
Brent, Carl. 
Brining. J. L. 
Brown, Thomas. 
Bunn, Edward J. 
Buxton. W. T. 

Canning, George. 
Cassell, E. E. 
Challingsworth, H. 
Challingsworth, W. 
Church. W. A. 
Clarke, William H. 
Clements, R. S. 
Clough. F. A. 
Coup, C. S. 
Coup, John M. 
Coutts. F. F. 
Cover. N. C. 
Crcedon, W. P. 
Critchfield. W. T. 
Crumley, A. W. 
Culbertson. H. 
Curetnn. William. 

Dennis, Wm. J. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Dermody, C. A. 
Dorgan, J. W. 
Dorgan, S. J. 
Dowling, J. C. 
Drake, L. W. 
Dunnick, Edward. 

Eastman. N. R. 
Eckert, T. J. 
^Ensminger, Ed C. 

Fehrenbach, H. G. 
*Fink, Allen. 
■s^Forbing, Guy J. 
■iS'Forbing, Irvin H. 
Fultz, J.' J. 
Garljer. J. M. 
•i^Greer, R. M. 
Grewe, H. F. 
Griffith, H. S. . 

Hall, H. B. 
Hall, R. P. 
Harter, Lowell M. 
Hartman, D. G. 
Henegan, M. B. 
Henry, John J. 
Hersh, S. J. 
Hewitt, G. S. 
Hosack, F. F. 
Hughes. C. C. 
*Hunt, L. G. 

Israel, George. 
Jackson. C. C. 
Jennings, H. W. 
Johnson, C. E. 
lolinson. W. D. 
Jones. G. A.. Jr. 
Jordan. C. S. 

Kelly. J. A. 

Krebs, Oscar. 
Kribbs, E. E. 

Lawman, Gay. 
Leach, A. M. 
Lee, James F. 
Lee, -M. T. 
Lewis, George D. 
Lippitt, Turner. 
Lynde, I. C. 

McCann, J. H. 
McCullongh, C. D. 
McFadden, H. 
McKinley. W. H. 
McNeal, C. D. 
Mahaffey, H. L. 
Meyers, Joseph. 
Miller, W. W. 
Miser. George B. 
Monahan, J. S. 
Moore, Harvey. 

Osborne, Fred. 

Pettit, L. E. 

Ransom, Rollin. 
Ronsower, C. T. 
Reynolds, James. 
Rosenthal. L 
Russell, John E. 

Salisbury. D. E. 
Salmon, R. T. 
Sanderson. H. E. 
Sann. J. W. 
Sarber. B. A. 
Scott. E. J. 
-Severne. F. 0. 
Kline. J. M. 
■ft'Koons, William M. 

■^ Indicates Crancl Lodge Memlier. 


Mt. \'i:kn-on No. 140. 

Sherwood, S. H. 
Singcry, F. L. 
'ij'Snioots, J. D. 
li-Snow, C. G. 
Spearman, George R. 
Sperry, J. A. 
Stadler, A. M. 
Stevenson, C. J. 
Stitzel, Charles. 

Stoylc, J. A. 
Sullivan, M,. S. 

TanRlicr. T. E. 
Tighe. Janic;. 

WaiRlu, J. B. 
Walters, H. A. 

Welsh, Wni. J. 

West. 1.. r. 

Wieland. G. F. 
Willemiii, J. V. 
Wing. H. H. 
Wolf, J. J. 

Zeisloft. James. 

Our JIbscnt Brothers. 

Culberson, W. C. 
Grant, Charles H. 
Clark. Thaddens E. 

McElroy, William L. 
.Aikenhead, Rolx;rt S. 

Brent, Paul Julius. 
/\nkeiiy. J. Douglas. 


AFt. \''i".KNn\ Nn. 140. 

J. E. BovLE, 


Wcslcrn Union Tel. Co. 

Robert j\l. Grei-h, 


Civil Engineer, 
Mt. Vernon Bridge Works. 

Thomas Brown, 


loiler Brewing Company. 


Mt. Vkknon No. 140. 


Advg. Solr. Republican-News. 

R. B. Armstrong, 
Esteemed Leading Kniglit. 
With Mt. Vernon Banner. 

Evert Bocardus, 



C. G. Snow, 




History of Defiance Lodge No. 147. 

DEFIAX'CE Lodge, Xo. 147, was first organized December 12, 1889, with 
twenty-two charter nienibers and located on the second tloor of a business 
building, named after the order, Elk Bltx-k, by the owner and builder. 
The rooms were designed for lodge purposes, and handsomely furnished, and 
would do credit to a much larger chy than Defiance. The Lodge grew in mem- 
bership to 165, composed of some of tlie best citizens in Defiance and towns in 
its jurisdiction. 

In fanuarv. uj02. the Lodge lost its charter, caused by some irregularities, 
which the members feel were of the mind and not the heart. 

The Charter .Members of the original Lodge were: F. J. Shead, M. S. 
Halston, Frank Ferguson, T. C. Yingiing, S. ^1. Stevens. C. E. Sutton, J. A. 
Backus, Wni. E. Carter, .\. Rurgland, T. R. Carroll, G. W. Deatrick, Wm. 
Kirtlev, Jr., C. P. Harlev, R. T. Kcttenring, \V. F. Dolke, H. G. Baker, C. S. 
Wellman. A. \'iers. George W. Bcchel, A. T. Green, R. R. Rogers, A. F. 
Schrack, R. T. Dobson, W. V,. Dobson. 

On Dcx-ember 8, 1902, the Lodge was reorganized and the following broth- 
ers installed as its first officers: \V. L Bohannon, E.xalted Ruler: Charles Beh- 
ringer. Esteemed Leading Knight: H. H. MuUencup, Esteemed Loyal Knight: 
F. A. Schlosser, Esteemed I^'cturing Knight: Peter F. Seibel, Secretary: H. 
T. Jennings, Treasurer: Edward Hentz. Tvler . J. B. Tennyson, Esquire; John 
C. Diehl.' Inner Guard: Peter Weigerding. Chaplain ; J. A. Evans. Organist: 
A. C. Smith. W. C. Burke. X. T. Cunningham. Trustees. 

The newly organized Lodp-c is occupying the rooms formerly held by the 
old lodee: lias more than doubled its membership since its reorganization and 
the outlook for its successful and ranid building up is most encouraging. 

The Lodge meets every Thursday evening. 

Past Exalted Rulers 

Dobson. Wm. B Dec. 12. 1889—1890 Teniiysoii. James B 1897— 1898 

Carter Win F 18.90—1891 Orosellc. Frank X 1898— 1899 

Shead' F T 1S91 — 1892 Harris. Clias. D 1899— 1900 

Hill W T 1892-1893 Farrcll. Ceo. T 1900— 1901 

Dolke. Wm. P 1893— 1894 Boliamion. W. J 1901— 190.3 

Enos. B. F 1S94— 1895 Bchringer. Charles 1903—1904 

Harris. Chas. D 1895— 1897 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Tennyson, J. B. Bohannon. W. J. Behringcr, Charles. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Riih-r Charles Bchrintjer Esiiuirc Charles F. Dittmer 

Est. Lcadiiw Kiiii;ln Tolcr Woiecrdinpc Inner Guard Charles E. Smith 

Est. Loyal Kniulil H. H. Mnllcncnn Cliaflaiii John F. Deatrick 

Est. Lc'ctiirinz Kui'^lit Tnlm C. Diehl Organist Frank B. Diehl 

Secrctarv Peter F. Seibel Trustees. 

Treasurer Hcnrv J. Jenninps N. J. CnnninRliam. Wm. C. Burke, 

Tyler Edward Hentz .\. C. Smith. 


I)i;i"iANcii No. 147. 

Aiigusleiii, C. F. 

Baktr, H. G. 
Baltes, Louis. 
Barton, James. 
■^Beliriiiger, Charles. 
Bellfy, Joseph. 
Bergen, James A. 
^Bohaniion, W. J. 
Brown, R. 
Burke, William C. 

Chapman, Dr. E. E. K. 
Conrad, J. G. 
Copenhaver, H. L. 
Cunningham, N. J. 

Dahony, Thomas. 
Deatrick, John F. 
Decker, E. E. 
Diehl, A. F. 
Dichl, Christ, Jr. 
niehl. Frank B. 
nichl. John C. 
Dittmer, Charles F. 
Downctid, C. E. 

Evans, J. A. 

Freeze, J. M. 

Gottwald, .August. 

Harlev, C. P. 
Heller. W. E. 
Henning, George F. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Hentz, Edward. 
UolTman, E. \V. 
Hobzer, A. C. 
Hulbert, \V. N. 

Jackman, A. M. 
Jennings, Henry J. 

King, William. 
Kirbley, William, Jr. 
Kittncr, M. 
Kowzen, L. L. 
Krotz, Alva. 
Kruse, A. T. 

Licbenthal, Daniel. 
Lewis, E. B. 
Lindhorst, Herman. 

McCarly, John. 
Mains, Frank J. 
Matthews, G. H. 
Maxwell. J. H. 
Miller, C. F. 
Miller, J. T. 
Miller, J. W. 
Miller, Z. H. 
Mullencup, H. H. 
Myers, H. E. 

Pi so, Edward. 
Preisendorfer. Adam. 
Pricscndorfcr. A. R. 
Preisendorfer, F. 
Priesendorfer, Tony. 

Ouinlan. Edward. 

Ragan, J. P. 
Randal, Thomas. 
Ritz, A. U. 
Roark, Harley S. 

Sass, H. C. 
Schlosser, Fred A. 
Schneider, John W. 
Schultz, E. A. 
Seals, Georgie H. 
Seibel, Peter F. 
Shea, Daniel. 
Shilling, C. B. 
Smith, A. C. 
Smith, Charles E. 
Sommer, Frank. 
Spencer, George B. 
Squiers, Andrew. 

■"Tennyson, J. B. 
Tobien, H. F. 

Vandcnbrock, A. A. 

Wagner, W. C. 
Weigerding. Peter. 
Weisbecker, George. 
Welton. Harrv. 
Whitaker, R. T. 
Widener, A. C. 

Zeller. C. W. 
Zierolf, John. 

Our JIbsent Brothers. 

Woods, James B. 
Lewis, Martin. 
Holston, M. S. 

Gessncr, Charles. 
Wilson, Irwin. 

Daonst. George. 
Kitchell. James. 

Indicates Graiul Lodge Member. 


History of Portsmouth Lodge No. 154. 

THE formation of an Elk Lodge in rortsaioutii was conceived by a nuniber 
of professional and representative business men of the city, and as a result 
a Lodge was instituted here January 21, i8yo, with twenty-four charter 
members, District Deputy G. E. R., L. M. lladdun, officiating, assisted by Chilli- 
cothe Lodge members acting as Grand Officers. 

The Charter Members were: C. L Barker, J. J. Urushart, I'hilo S. Clark, J. 
AL Dawson, John G. Dillon, C. C. Eulton, G. e! Gibbs, II. S. Grimes, H. F. 
Harwood, W. A. Hutchins, Jr., James A. Hager, R. W. Lodwick, Frank Legler, 
lohn AL Lewis, VV. A. AIcFarlin, George AL Osborn, A. L. Sanford, Floyd L. 
Smith, Adam Seel, J. O. Stanton, L. C. Turley, T. A. Taylor, L. W. Terry, J. 
J 1. Variier. 

The Charter Officers, who served from January to Alay, iSyo. were: C. L 
Larker, Exalted Ruler; W. A. AIcFarlin, Esteemed Leading Knight; W. A. 
Hutchins, Jr., Esteemed Lojal Knight; A. L. Sanford, Esteemed Lecturing 
Knight; George AL Osborn, Secretary; L. W. Terry, Treasurer; J. O. Stanton, 
Esquire; Philo S. Clark, Chaplain; G. E. Gibbs, Inner Guard; R. W. Lodwick, 
Tyler; Floyd L. Smith, H. S. Grimes, J. AL Dawson, Trustees. 

Unlike many other Lodges, which were organized during this period of the life 
of the Order, Portsmouth has enjoyed from the beginning a condition of prosperity 
and good fellowship which has never been interrupted during the fourteen years of 
its existence. It was one of the first Lodges in the State to appreciate the value 
and importance of having a home of its own, and before the Lodge was two years 
old a stock company was formed for the purchase of a lot and the erection of a 
building suitable for the purpose of the Lodge. The corner stone was laid in 
September, 1901, and the dedication took place December 15, 1902. The build- 
ing — a view of which is herewith shown — is four stories high, of brick with stone 
trimmings, is steam heated, has elevator and every other modern convenience, mak- 
ing it one of the best office buildings in the city. The first floor is used for busi- 
ness purposes ; the second and third for offices and the fourth is the home of the 
Lodge. These quarters were elaborately furnished at an expense of several 
thousand dollars, and added to the cost of the building, represents an outlav of 
nearly $40,000. Social sessions are held weekly during the fall and winter, 
and are the society events of the city. The membership of over one hundred is 
largely drawn from the most representative and distinguished class of the citizens 
of Portsmouth. Portsmouth has been honored but once by Grand Lodge appoint- 
ment. Hon. James W. Newman, one of its best beloved members, now deceased. 
serving as District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler for Southern Ohio. 

The Lodge has but one life member. Col. Floyd L. Smith, the present Exalted 
Ruler, who was imanimously elected an honorary life member while the efficient 
Secretary of the Lodge, for faithful and signal services rendered bv him. 

The Lodge meets the second and fourth Wednesday evenings of each month. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Rarkcr. C. I Jan. to May. iS-jo Hccr. Chris iSq,*;— rSoi) 

Dawson. J. ^f iSgo — 1801 Dotv. Theodore i.Sqo — IQOO 

NrcFarliii. W. H iSoi— iSg.i Miller. Harry W 1000— tooi 

N'euiiian. James \V i.Sq.i— 1805 Altsmaii. W. B iqoi — 1Q02 

Funk. Tlicodore K iSOi — iSo^i Grimes. Harrv S 1002—1901 

Todd, \V. S 1806—1,^07 Smitli. FIovd'T KKi^— 1004 

Tremper. W. D 1S07— iSf)'^ 


Ihilcliiiis, Wells A. 
Sail ford, Angus L. 
Osboiii. George M. 
Funk, Theodore K. 


Grand Lodge Members. 

Todd, W . Scult. 
Treiii[)cr, W. I). 
Hcrr, Chris. 
Doty, Tlico. 

.MilliT. ll,iir\ W. 
Altsniaii, W. ii. 
Grimes, ll.-iny S. 
Sniiih. Floyd I.. 

Officers, 1903 04. 

lixoltcd Ruler Floyd L. Siiiilh 

list. Ldng. Kitiglil . A). Howard Williamson 

list. Loyal Kiiii^lit Ed. G. Millar 

list. Lccliiiiiii; Knight. .Frank W. Moukon 

Sccictary Harry E. Taylor 

'I'rcasxtrcr George E. Kricker 

Tyler Thos. B. Nichols 

Esquire Paul Esselborii 

tuner CuiirJ •Samuel E. Rice 

Clia[<laiii John Jones 

Tnislces : 

W. D. Treniper, Harry S. Grimes, John 

Heer, Geo. M. Oshorii. 

Adams, Sam. P. 
^Altsman, Will B. 
Anderson, Chas. N. 
Anderson, Cliff. B. 
Anderson, Eugene G. 
Armstrong. J. F. 

Bannon, Arthur H. 
Bannon, Jas. W., Jr. 
Barbee, C. H. 
Brent, William. 
Burt, Will H. 

Cadot, C. S. 
Calvert, R. E. 
Carson, Chas. W. 
Clark. Philo S. 
Colling's, Hon. Henry. 
Corson, Edw. J. 
Corson, F. B. M. 
Corson, Louis D. 
Corson, Weston, J. 

Daehler, Edw. J. 
Dever, Hon. Noah J. 
Dickens, Geo. A. 
Dickey, F. H. 
Dillon, John G. 
Dotv. Lucien M. 
^Doty, Theo. 
Drew, Roy I. 

Edwards, Dr. F. M. 
Edwards. Dr. James F. 
Esselborn, Paul. 

Finney. Frank B. 
Frederick. C. L. 
•i^Funk. Theodore K. 

Gates, E. L. 
Gault, Dr. W. E. 
Gilbert. Robert E. 
Glidden. Charles C. 

■jV InHicatcs Gr-Tiid I.odRc Member. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Gray Eugene F. 
Grimes, Harry S. 

Hager, James A. 
Haldeman, L. P. 
Hall, Charles S. 
Hard, Hon. Charles E. 
Harold, Vallce. 
Harsha, P. H. 
Hatton, H. T. 
Haymaii. Hon. R. H. 
■frHeer, Chris. 
Heer, F. Charles. 
Heer, John. 
Hibbs, Harry D. 
Holcomb. Hon. ,\. T. 
Howe, Harry S. 
Hutchins. Dudlev B. 
*Hutchins, Wells A. 

Johnson, Geo. P. 
Johnson. Saniiie! M. 
Johnson. Tracy B. 
Jones, John EL 
Jones, Ralph W. 
Jordon, Alan M. 

Kclioe. Ernest B. 
Kinnev. Chfif. M. 
Kline. Dr. Flint. 
Knorr. Oscar. 
Kricker. George E. 
Kyle. R. S. 

Labold, Simon. 
I-aumaii. G. Frank. 
Lawson. Thoni.ns B. 
Eeet. Phelps C. 

McGcc. T. M.. Jr. 
Millar. Ed. G. 
*Miller. Harry W. 
Milner. Hon. John C. 
Moulton. Frank W. 


Nichols. Thomas B. 
Nye, Win S. 

■s^Osborn, Hon. George M. 

Patterson, James. 
Patterson, Walter K. 
Piirsdl, Earl T. 
Purscll, Will M. 

Quill.n, Frank U. 

Rcilly. Jolin G. 
Rice. Samuel L. 
Roberts, Geo. P. 
Rugglcs, Dr. S. D. 

;Sanford, A. L. 
San ford. Clay V. 
Sanford, Lou A. 
Schwartz, Will H. 
Scarl. Clinton M. 
Scllards, Will. S. . 
Sccl, Adam. 
Sclby, Mark W. 
Shaw. Salem P. 
t'^Smith. Flovd L. 
Smith. LIovd'E. 
Smith. John S. 
Sprague. W. R. 
Stabler, David. 

Taylor, Rev. A. R. 
Taylor. George M. 
Taylor. Harry E. 
Tcachnor, Dr. Wells. 
Thompson. Hon. A. C. 
*Todd, W. Scott. 
^Tremper. Dr. W. D. 
Tucker. Rev. Dallas. 
Turley. I^slie C. 
Tvncs, Fred N. 
Tviics. Rob. B. 

I'dirrsMouTii No. 154. 

Vanicr. J. H. 

Walters. Frank M. 
Ware. Harrv 1.. 
Watkiiis. Dr. Frank I. 

Watkins, J. LciRli. 
Williclm, John F. 
Willianis. D. C. 
Williams. Guy V. 
Williams. Dr. Frank H. 

WillianisoM. Dr. 0. Howard. 

York, Levi D. 
York, Raymond D. 

Our Absent Brothers. 

Anderson, George B. 
Biisli, Jesse L. 
Dawson, James M. 
E^selborn, Julius. 
Johnson, AUiert T. 

Jones, John E. 
Kearns, Watkins. 
Lorey, Phil. G. 
McFarlin, W. A. 
Newman, James W. 

Stanton, J. Oscar. 
Storck, Will. 
Terrv, Louis W. 
Varner, Will E. 

Col. Floyd L. Smith, 

Exalted Ruler 1903-04. 


Theodore K. Funk, 

E.xalted Ruler 1895-96. 



PoRTSMOL'Tll No. 154. 

Dk. F. M. Euwakds. 

Pliysici.'m-Siirgcoii C. & U. R. K 

County Coroner. 

H. S. Grimes, 

Wholesale Grain, 

Prcst. Bd. Trade & Com. Club. 

Geogre M. Osuokm, 


Yalle Harold, 


Portsmouth Times. 

History of Bucyrus Lodge No. 156. 

THERE liavc been two organizations of this name and number. The first 
was instituted February 19, 1890, the moving sjjirits in its organization 
being J. VV. Cristee, C. A. Linn and A. II. Gardner, liucyrus was at that 
time in the throes of the "Ccrneau war" and many of its charter Hst were promi- 
nent Masons who felt "A plague on both your houses" and hoped to find in a new 
order the fraternity which at that time was denied tiiem in the Masonic. The 
work of institution was performed by D. D. G. E. R., Geo. A. Clugston, of Mans- 
field, assisted by Brothers from Mansfield and Upper Sandusky, the degrees 
being conferred on a class of thirty-one, as follows: 

J. VV. Cristee, C. A. Linn, A. H. Gardner, S. R. Harris, E. B. Finlev. A. T- 
Richards, Rev. G. M. Grau, VV. H. Miller, Jacob Babst, H. M. Deal, H. '[. Dea'l, 
T. H. Robinson, VV. A. Blicke, J. C. F. Hull," J. A. Stable, A. T. High, C. F. High, 
I. Bland, T. A. Chesnev, C. Feiring, E. R. Birk, F. B. Kehrer.^C. J. Scroggs, 
S. W. Bennett, Ed. C. Roehr, C. F. Birk. P. P. Speasmaker. Affiliated, J. C. To- 
bias, F. M. Kerr, Frank Holbrook, VV^. H. Crim, S. D. Johnson. H. B. Flaharty 
was the only member ever initiated in the old Lodge. 

The following officers were installed : S. R. Harris, Exalted Ruler ; ]. W. 
Cristee. Esteemed Leading Knight; A. J- High, Esteemed Loyal Knight; C. J. 
Scroggs, Esteemed Lecturing Knight ; ]. A. Stable, Secretary ; J. C. F. Hull, 
Treasurer; E. R. Birk, Tyler; A. H. Gardner, Esquire; V\^. H. Miller, Inner 
Guard, and Rev. G. M. Grau. Chaplain. According to the Grand Lodge consti- 
tution then in force, the first six officers received the honorarv degree of Past 
Exalted Ruler. But few of its members had the least knowledge of the objects 
or aims of the order of Elks and the wide difference between it and Freemasonrv 
prevented their ever taking the quick, vital interest in it necessary to make any 
Lodge a success. S. R. Harris was succeeded as Exalted Ruler by J- VV^. Cristee 
and he by A. H. Gardner, but little interest was taken and finally regular meetings 
were abandoned. 

In the winter of 1893-4, C. F. High and C. J. Scroggs, two members of the 
old Lodge, together with J. E. Hopley and C. F. Roehr, undertook the reorganiza- 
tion of the Lodge under more liberal lines. After a large amount of prel'minary 
caucusing, application was made for a restoration of the charter, and on February 
15, 1894, D. D. G. E. R., C. B. Squire, of Cleveland, assisted by G. Sec'y Allen 
O. Myers, of Cincinnati, and Brothers from Cleveland, Mansfield, L^jiper San- 
'liisky^ and Chicago, reinstituted the Lodge. Twenty-eight members of the old 
Lodge, who had expressed a desire to continue in the order, were recognized 
as constituting a legal Lodge of Elks, and received, and by dispensation, im- 
mediately acted ui>on twenty-three |)ctitions. and elected and installed the fol- 
lowing officers : j. E. Hopley, Exalted Ruler, P. J. Carroll. Esteemed Leading 
Knight. John Blyth. Esteemed Loyal Knight; R. G. Hunt, Esteemed Lecturing 
Knight; C. F. Roehr. Secretary; J. B. Gormly. Jr., Treasurer; C. P. Bryant. 
Tyler: G. A. Linscr. Esquire; D. VV^ Locke. Chaplain and R. V. Kerr, Inner 

Since then the Lodge has enjoyed uninterrupted prosperity. Seven years 
ago, thcv moved to their present beautiful quarters in the Ouinby Block and 
these are now too small for their large and increasing membership. They have 
been served efficientlv bv J. E. IIoplcv. P. T- Carroll, G, A. AfcN^itt. T. A, Francv. 
VV. C. Franz. J. C' Gormly. VV. H.' Kepner. C. F. Schabcr. VV. B. Forrest as 


I'.icvKt^s Nu. 156. 

Exalted Rulers, and VV. H. Miller, present incunvbent of the chair. 'l"o no other 
one, probably, is its jjresent prosperous condition so nuich due as to C. F. Koelir, 
who for six years was a model secretary. 

The Lodge meets every Thursday evening in Hlk Hall, Ilauslaib lilocU, north 
side public square. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Harris, S. R — 1890 

Christee, J. VV 1890—1891 

Gardner, A. H 1891 — 1892 

Lodge Suspended 181J2— 1893 

Hopley, J. E 1894— 1895 

Carroll. l\ J 1895—1806 

A[cNutt, C. A 1896— 1897 

Franev, J. A 1897— 1898 

Franz, \V. C 1898— 1899 

(risrnily, J. C 1899— 1900 

Kcpncr, W. H 1900 — 1901 

Scliabcr, C. F 1901— 1902 

Forrest. W. B 1902 — 1903 

Miller. W. H 1903— 1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Harris, S. R. 
High, A. J. 
Scroggs. C. J. 
Hull, J. C. F. 
Hopley. J. E. 

Carroll. P. J. 
McNutt, G. A. 
Roehr, C. F. 
Franey, J. -A. 
Franz. W. C. 

Kepner, W. H. 
Schaber, C. F. 
Forrest, VV. B. 
Miller, \V. H. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler \V. H. Miller 

Est. Lending Knight. .. .George C. Gormley 

Est. Loyal Knight H. E. Valentine 

Est. Leetuiing Knight E. J. Snnger 

Secretary C. Fred Volllner 

Treasurer J. B. Gornilv. Jr. 

Tyler J. J. McBride 

Esquire James H. Aylward 

Inner Guard C. P. Bryant 

Chaplain A. M. Ensniinger 


W. H. Kcpnei. Frank P. Kaler, 

J. K. Myers. 

H. F. Miller, J. F. Mader, 

Alexander, W. L. 
Altaffer, G. F. 
Assenheimer, J. L. 
Aylward, James H. 

Babst, Carl U. 
Babst, Jacob. 
Bach, Jacob. 
Baer, Edsfar G. 
Barth. F. J. 
BaUefeld. L. H. 
Bauer, C. h. 
Baumoel. Henry. 
Baunioel. M. 
Beal. A. J. 
Beck. Philip. 
Beelnian. H. T. 
Beehnan. L. S. 
Birk. C. F. 
Birk. E. R. 
Birk. Geo. M. 
Birk. Dr. Jno. \V. 
Bittncr. Jno. J. 
Bitzer, Jno. 
Blair. H. S. 

■ Indicates Or.iiul I.a.Iijc Mcinht-r. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Bland, Dr. J. 
Bland, \V. F. 
Blicke. \V. A. 
Borniulh. H. E. 
Bradley, Owen L. 
Brandt', O. W. 
Briggs, C. H. 
Bryant, C. P. 
Bushncll, VV. K. 

Callahan, J. J. 
Carr, H. M. 
^Carroll, P. J. 
Carroll, M. E. 
Chesney, Dr. J. A. 
Chesnev. V. R. 
Collins! VV. E. 
Crcrchcr. O. F. 
Crini. C. S.. Jr. 
Crooks. VV, VV. 
Cnnninghani. VV. R. 
Crunili, VV. Burt. 

Dailv. G, A. 

D.iUon. ^r. E'. 


Dalton, VV. J. 
Davis, L. R. 
Delanev, James D. 
DeMill'er, VVm. 
Dick, Frank. 
Donnenwirth, F. P. 
Donnenwirtli. Geo. 
Dostal, Geo. .'V. 
Dostal, Jno. M. 

Edelstein, A. 
Elder, Jno. M. 
Engelhart, Moses. 
Engclhart. Myer. 
Ensniinger. A. M. 
Ernst, George .V. 

Faber, A. VV. 
Faber. J. A. 
Faulkner. Geo. VV". 
Fciring. Chas. 
Finlcv' Gen. E. B. 
Flaharlv. F. C. 
Flabart'v. H. B. 
Fleming. H. VV. 

BucvKus No. 156. 

Flickinger, H. V. 
Foreman, C. W. 
Foreman, Geo. W. 
Foreman, H. A. 
"Forrest, W. B. 
^Franey, J. A. 
^Franz, VV. C. 
Fry, C. H. 

Gaa, Christ. P. 
Gallinger, Chas. 
Gearhardt, Lewis. 
Geer, \V. J. 
Gettman, C. S. 
Gilbert, E. B. 
Gornily. George C. 
Gormly. J. B., Jr. 
Graetz, Paul H. 
Grimes, T. J. 
Grimes, VV. A. 
(juckert, E. N. 

Hall, J. E. 
Hammond, M. Leroy. 
Harbaugh, W. B. 
Harris, Gavin H. 
irHarris, S. R. 
Harrop, J. E. 
Hauslaib, John. 
Hayes, F. P. 
Hazlett, A. J. 
Hedrick, C. W. 
Heinlen, C. F. 
Helmuth, W. H. 
^High, A. J. 
Hight, W. S. 
Hoi brook, Frank. 
■irHopley, J. E. 
Houston, F. M. 
Houston. W. W. 
ftHuII. J. C. F. 
Hurley, Dennis VV. 

Jones. A. M. 
Jones, Harry R. 
Jones, John. 

Kaler, H. D. 
Kehrer. F. B. 
Kendall, James P. 
*Kepner, Dr. W. H. 

Kerr, F. M. 
Kiger, W. K. 
Kinney, James. 
Kinmnger, Chas. 
Koppe, W. A. 

Lauck, C. G. 
Lauck, F. B. 
Lewis, Ur. J. B. 
Linser, G. A. 
Lobenthal, L. 
Lucas, Gemnii. 
Lundy, S. E. 
Lynch, David M. 
Lyon, A. H. 

McBride, J. J. 
McCarthy, Thos. E. 
McCarthy, VV. F. 
McClellan, J. M. 
McNeil, VV. S. 
wMcNutt, G. A. 
Mader, F. VV. 
Mader, J. F. 
Mader, J. G., Jr. 
Mantel, Nathan. 
Mengel Dr. Geo. H. 
Metzger, Peter, Jr. 
Meyer, J. C. 
Miller, George L 
Miller, H. F. 
iSMiller, W. H. 
Miller, William E. 
Monnette, C. A. 
Moore, VV. D. 
Morgan, Dr. C. D. 
Morgan, J. B. 
Morrison, O. H. 
Mount, Mert. H. 
Myers, C. H. 
Myers, J. K. 

Needles, David. 
Newman, H. A. 
Nichols, E. S. 
Nungesser, S. VV. 

Ott, VV. M. 

Patton, VV. H. 
Perrott, J. C. 
Peterson, Chas. 

Poole. P. VV. 

Reber, Jos. J. 
Reehl, \V. VV. 
Reid, Ed. G. 
Richards, A. J. 
Robinson, J. H. 
v^Roehr, C. F. 
Rumer, A. M. 

Salzer, A. J. 
ijayre, R. G. 
Schaaf, VV. D. 
wSchaber C. F. 
Schmuck, Joseph C. 
Scott, A. J. 
■i^Scroggs, C. J. 
Seib, Abe. 
Sheckler, J. D. 
Shonert. T. C. 
Smith. L. M. 
Smith, O. L 
Smith. Truman D. 
Snyder, Chas. E. 
Songer, Ed. J. 
Sosenheimer, H. 1.. 
Spade. Dan. E. 
Stough. C. A. 
Straugh, A. 

Tallx>tt, E. T. 
Tobias, J. C. 
Trounstine. C. E. 
Tucker, Charles S. 

Uebelhoer. Fred. 

Valentine. H. E. 
Vollmer, Chas. 
Vollmer. C. Fred. 
Volz. Henrv. 
Vurpillat, Dr. William P. 

VValther, F. A. 
Weber. C. 
Weller, Z. T. 
Wells. Geo, L. 
Welhvood. J. J. 
White. Leo. 
Wise. F. A. 
Wise. VV. R. 

Zeller. Herman A. 

Our I Absent Brothers. 

Sawdey, B. W. 
Sfutz, Frank A. 
Keil, J. C. 
Roehr, VV. H. 
Donnenwirth, Charles. 

Nee, VV. J. 
Snyder, E. Myron. 
Morehead. Howard. 
Schaber, John A. 


Herr, Harry L. 
Kaler, Frank P. 
Thompson. VV. H. 
Roehr. Ed. C. 

RucvRus N'o. 156. 

\V. H. Kkpnkr, 

Exallcd Ruler 1900-01, 


James A. Fkaney, 

Exalted Ruler 1897-98, 

Chief Dispatcher T. & O. C. Ry. F. Schauer, 

Hxalied Ruler i9t.-02. 

VY. H. Miller. 

Exalted Ruler, 1903-04. 

Conductor T. & O. C. Ry. 


Geokce C. Gokmley. 
Exalted Ruler i904-'o5. 
Banker and Insurance. 

^L■c^■u^ s N'o. 156. 

Illl. J. SoNCER, 
list. I.oyal Kiiiglu 1904-05. 

C. Fred Vollmur, 

Secretary 1003-04. 

Secretary C. F. & M Works. 

Owen L. Br.\di.ey, 


Carroll F. & M. Works 

Fred J. Barth, 

Yard Master. 

T. & O. C. Railway Co. 


Frank M. Holston. 

Train Dispatcher, 
T. & O. C. Railuav Co. 

nrcvufS No. I ^(') 

L.eltcr Carrier. 

I.. M. S.Mrni, 


Tlic Dailv Foruiii. 

Freu .^. WiSK. 
Furniture Dealer. 

Fiii.u L'i:i;i;i.ihii;k, 

(.'ll KISTIA.V I. (. \A. 




W F., 

f'.-ilion, Ohio. 


Dostal Brotliers, 

Daniel E. Shade, 


W. Blkt Crumu, 
■M' The O. C. Trac. 
<^;ili"ii, Ohio. 


BucYRUs No. 156. 

J. M. McClellan, 
Hotel and Cafe, 
Crestline, Ohio. 

George A. Dostal, 

Dostal Brothers, 


G. F. Altafker, 

Crestline, Oliio. 


C. E. Snviikk, 

Crestline, Ohio. 

I'.rcYurs, \'(). 1 5C'i. 

Al.r.KKT W. l^'AnKK. 

C'.alioii. i)Uu>. 

Jim: a, 1*".\i;i;u. 

C'.'iniasc Triiiimcr. 

("lalimi. Oliici. 

(,"■. W. Fallkm:!;, 

Cii:iiKGi: I. Mii.i.iiK, 

Baker ,iiul CMiifcctioiKT, 

Crc'siline, Ohio 

History of Kenton Lodge No. 157. 

KENTON Lodge No. 137 was instituted February 27, i8yo with tlic fol- 
Iowin,c: charter nieiiihers : Klhs L. Millar, J. Iv I'lctcher, ('.. II. I'alnicr. 
C. F. Southard, William Weudt, F. D. I5aiii", C. W. Rutledgo, 11. E. Hall. 
T. C. Howe, D. M. Gasje, E. P. Dean, C. W. P.ridenbach, D. W. Sullivan, T- 
L. Cross, W. r. Henderson, C. B. Fink, V. A. Campbell, B. Garret.son, j. 
Tininions, H. L. Runkle. 

The charter officers were: Joseph Timmons, Exalted Ruler; II. L. Rimklc, 
ICstecmed Leadinjj Kni.2;ht : J. B. Fletcher, l-^steemed Loyal Kniy^ht ; G. H. 
Palmer, Esteemed Lecturintr Knight; \V. P. Henderson, Secretary; P. .\. Camp- 
bell, Treasurer; C. F. Southard. Tyler; E. L. Millar. F'squire; \\"illiam Wenclt. 
Inner Gitard ; E. P. Dean, Chaplain; F. D. Bain, G. W. Rutledge, ]. C. Howe. 

The time of meeting is Monday of eacli week. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Tiiniiiniis, [dscpli 1890 — 1891 

C.-imphcll, P. .\ i8gi— 1&J2 

Dean, E. P 1892—1803 

B.iin, Dr. F. U 1893— 1894 

McIIinni, C. M 1894—189^ 

Bincklcv, O. S 1891—1896 

Siillings, I.' R i89r>-i89; 

.Mien. J. H 1897— 1S98 

Robinson, P. C 1898 — 1899 

.Andrew.";, J. F 1899 — 1900 

Bast.Tlilc. James 1900 — 1901 

Dongflicrty. F. C 1901 — 1902 

Jolinsoii. B. 1^ 1902 — 1903 

Soutliarfl. C. F 1Q03 — 1904 

Rnnklc. 11. I.. 
Flelclier. J. B. 
Henderson. W. P. 
Palmer. C. H. 

Exalted Ruh-r... 

Est. Leading Ktiii^ltt... 
Est. Loyal Kiiislilit. . . . 
Est. Leclui'iii^ Kiiii;lit. 




Grand Lodge Members. 

Stillings, J. R.^ 
Robinson, P. C. 
Bastablc. James. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Doufrlicrly. F. C. 
Johnson. B. I,. 
Southard, C. F. 

. C. F. Southard 
....P. M. Crow 
...CM. Roser 
. . . . D. M. Gage 
. .0. H. Palmer 
. .H. L. Runkle 
..H. E. Pcarce 

Esquire C. B. Fink 

Inner GuarJ P. C. Robinson 

Chaplain J. .\. Baird 

Organist W. P. Henderson 

Trustees : 
W. Wcndt. K. P. Johnson. H. E. Hoge. 

Ahlefeld. A. G. 
Baird, J. A. 
■iS'Bastable. James. 
Bridcnbacb, C. 
Charles, O. E. 
Collier. .Xdolpli. 
Crow, J. 
Crow, P. M. 
^Dougherty. F. C. 
Dnrljin. \V. \V. 
Fink. C. B. 
Finlev. \V. r.. 
Flannagan, C. !•" 
"Fletcher, J. B. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Foster, W. 
Gage. D. M. 
Gains. W. 
Gross, John. 
Harris. Claud. 
Hemeter, John. 
*Hendcrson, \V. P. 
Hoee, H. E. 
Jenkins, E. 
'■'Jolinson. B. I.. 
Johnson. K. P. 
'Mahon, T. C. 
■^Palmer. G. H. 
Pearce. H. E. 

Phillips, D. P. 
^Robinson, P. C. 
Robinson, W. S. 
Roser, C. M. 
•ftRunklc, H. L. 
Sanndcrson. W. F. 
Schick, M. 
Shingle. H. M. 
*Southard, C. F. 
^Stillings. J. R. 
Wcndt, Georgu. 
Wendt, William. 
Wcstcrtleld. R. 
Wright. F. IP 

Howe. J. C. 

Our Jlbsent Brothers. 

Dean. Guv. 

^ Indicates r.rand Lodge Member. 

.Sliindawolf. John. 


Mclhorn. C. M. 

History ot Lima Lodge No. 162. 

THE history of tlic Lima Elks is divided into epochs: "The Rise," "The 
Eall" and "The Rise." 

On October 25, 1886, District Deputy A. J. Giihgan, of Cincin- 
nati, assisted by other brotliers of No. 5, installed Lima Lodjje No. 54 with a 
list of 26 charter members. Within a short period these members became rather 
careless and in their efforts to secure new menrljers looked not u\Km the fitness 
of the candidate, an<l as is usual, a very undesirable meml)crship was the result. 
On OctoixT II, i88<>. the lodpe voluntarily surrendered its charter to Dr. 
Simon Quinlan, of Chicago Lodf^e, who came to Lima and tcxik possession of 
all the lodge property and the charter, which was placed in the custody of a com- 
mittee of the better element of the lodge who at once began active preparation 
for the organization of a new lodge, and in a very short while a large number of 
tiic very best business and professional men of the city were enrolled. 

On March 19, 1890, L. M. Hadden, of Cincinnati lodge, organized 
Lima Lodge No. 162 with the following charter members : .\mos Rrown, 
W. H. \Voolery, John Kinney. Wm. McComb, Jr.. A. ^L Franklc, 
Gustave Frankle, R. L. Bates. 'C. D. Crites. Walter R. Richie. Theodore 
D. Robb, Robert Pearl, James B. Lamison. Jason G. Lami.son, Lawrence O'Neil, B. 
S. Porter, William Melville, E. E. Linn, William Cunningham, George Monroe. 
George Buchannan, S. S. Herman, J. B. Townscnd. Charles Pangle, John F. Lam- 
berton. William R. MehafTy. Ed;ward Horn. Conrad P.itzer. L. j". Stucber. T. 
M. Paul. Joiin M. Boose, Fred DeGrief, John Miller. Charles Pangle, A. K. 
McDonald," E. W. Hines, Charles A. Schmidt, Otto Ostcndorf. Melville D. Shaw, 
J. Kniin, Frank Roth. 

Brother Walter B. Richie was chosen as the first E.xalted Ruler and Brother 
T. .'V. Robinson as Secretary. With men of such sterling quality our ship start- 
ed on iier long voyage. 

The charter officers were : W. B. Richie, Exalted Ruler : John F. Lam- 
bcrton. Esteemed Leading Knight; W. R. Mchaffy, Esteeemcd Loval Knight; 
L. J. Stucber. Esteemed Lecturing Knight; T. A. Robinson. Secretarv : George 
Monroe, Treasurer; Amos Brown, Tyler; A. AL Franklc, Esquire, Jason G. 
Lamison, Chaplain; W. H. Woolery, Inner Guard; Charles Pangle. Organist; 
J. R. Townscnd, Creorge Buchanan. Ed. Horn. Trustees. 

Since tiiat date Lima lodge has grown despite the fact of our raising the 
price of admission from twenty to thirty dollars, until it now has a member- 
ship of over four lumdred. which includes besides residents of our own citv the 
best class of citizens of Wapakoneta. St. Marys, Celina. \'an Wert. Delphos. 
New Bremen and LTniopolis. From a small lodge room with a single ante room 
it has spread until it now occupies the whole of the third floor of the Hohl 
block on Soutii Main street, divided into a large and handsomclv furnished com- 
munication room, a beautiful reading room. library, billiard and card rooms. 
b,inf|uct hall and dancing floor, besides dressing rooms, kitchen, closets, etc. .At 
the present time alterations arc being made to make it even more pleasant. 

^^'c arc also adding some few club features which we think will be verv 
popular with the brothers. While all this has been done at a verv considerable 
cost there \ct remains a handsome surplus in our treasury. 

The ln<lge gives an annual minstrel show, the character of which has led 
some of our professional brothers to imitate, antl which is lookctl forward to, 


Lima Xh. i^j. 

will) cuiisi(l(jral.)lc eagerness Ijy our citizens as an event not to l)e missed. Onr 
last show, given on the 22nd of I'ehruarv, i<>'.^ to crowded iionses at hoth mat- 
inee and evening' performances, nettctl us a tritle over one thousanil dollars. 

Our able entertainers are taken entirely from our memhersiiip and none 
liave ever as yet failed to receive abundant encores. In fact, in all things we feel 
that Lima Lodge No. 1O2 L'.. P. O. E. has just cause to be proud. We have nev- 
er asked for any recognition from the Grand Lodge farther than a fraternal feel- 
ing, but have had the honor of having a District Deputy — Brother J. W. Mow- 
en — selected from our midst, and that he performed his work well his record 
will show. 

Like a great many of our sister lodges we have bought the gold brick, an 
Elk's Carnival, in which we worked hard and faithfully only to see the Carnival 
Company fold its tents and steal away with the lion's share of the proceeds, 
uhile the only satisfaction we had was a few paltry dollars and the thought — 
there were others. 

In our list of members we point with pride to a numlx;r of names of national 
[jrominence, among wdiom are U. S. Senator Calvin S. Brice, deceased : the 
Honorable W. B. Richie; James B. Townsend ; Melville D. Shaw; J. W. Luty, 
L'. S. Council at Chili, and others. 

In closing it would hardly be fair not to mention the names of the brothers 
wlio earnestly worked and assumed all responsibility in surrendering the charter 
of No. 54 and organizing No. 162. They were John Kinney, A. M. Frankle, 
Gus Frankle, William AlcComb, Jr., William R. MehafFy. James B. Lamison, 
E. E. Linn, W. H. Woolery, Theodore D. Robb, R. L. Bates, Amos Brown, 
Charles Prangle, five of whom were charter members of old 54 and some of 
whom have passed to the great unknown world beyond to give the grand hailing 
sign to the Grand Exalted Ruler of All. Peace be with them. 


W. H. Woolery, P. E. R. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Richie. W. B 1890— i8gr Campbell, H. D 1898— 1899 

I^imison. Jason G 1891 — 1892 Sullivan. D. H 1899 — 1900 

Mehoffv. William R 1892— 1894 Louy, J. H 1900— 1901 

I, inn. E. R 1894— 1895 Hume, L. H 1901 — 1902 

Baxter. R F. 1895— 1896 Woolery. W. H 1902 — 1903 

Hooker. D. 1896 — 1897 Ridenour, C. J 1903— 1Q04 

Moweu. J. W 1897— 1898 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Richie. W. B. Mowen, J. W. Ridenour. C. J. 

I^mison. J. C. Campbell, H. D. Steuber, L. J. 

MehafFv. William R. Sullivan. D. H. Monroe, George W. 

Baxter,' F. E. Louv, J. H. Robinson, T. A. 

Hooker, D. O. Woolery, W. H. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

E.vallnl Rtitcv J. C Ridenour Esijiiire C. A. Phillips 

list, /.ova! Kiii:^lit H. C. McCune hitter Gucird Jacob Kissell 

Est. l.cctiiriiif; ' Kiiii;lit B. F. Welly Chaflaiii Peter Mell 

Est. I.cadinii Knight C. W. Dawson Organist Clint Richmond 

.Secretary H. N. Laml)erton Tnistces: 

Treasurer Amos Young Cha^It,^ Schultheis. Fred Herald, 

Tyler H. W. Johnston William Hoover. 


l.l.MA N'l. 1'')^ 

Adgate, C. B. 
Adkins, C. H. 
Allen, O. \V. 
Allen, Perry VV. 
Alniy, George F. 
Anderson, D. M. 
Anderson, John A. 
Anderson, R. B. 
Armstrong, J. D. 
Armstrong. S. A. 
Arndt, J. M. 
Attleberger, J. \V. 

Baldwin. Walter S. 
Banks, Samuel. 
Banta, F. J. 
Barr, E. J. 
Bates, R. L. 
Bauchcns. F. A. 
Baxter, D. E., Jr. 
Baxter. Don A. 
^Baxter. F. E. 
Baxter. S. A. 
Beall, J. W. 
Becknian, H. W. 
Becclier, S. R. 
Bendizen, George. 
Bcntley, S. G. 
Bice. Andrew VV. 
Blackie. .Alexander R. 
Blair. \V. F. 

Blattenburg. J. H. 

Boehmcr. C. H. 

Bogart. E. A. 

Boose. J. M. 

Booth. \V. J. 

Bruin. Patrick, 

Bnckliouse. George F. 

Bnrlport, John. 

Burns. W. C. 

Bush. .\mos L. 

Cahill. Daniel. 
C.nlletnn. Robert. 
<7Campbell. H. D. 
rbanpcll. C. H.. Jr. 
Christen. E. 
Clark. D. A. 
Clifford, J. 
Coleman. F. C. 
Collier. C. C. 
Conn. H. L. 
Connanghton. J. J. 
Connell, C. J. 
Connollv. M. H. 
Coonev. \V. M. 
Costcllo. William. 
Coulter. J. W. 
Crites. C. D. 
Crocket. C. H. 
Cronley. J. C. 
Cunningham. L. H. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Cunningliam, T. J. 
Cm-.ningham, W. H. 
Curten, E. R. 
Curtin, James A. 

Daily, W. H. 
Davis, T. E. 
Dawson, C. W. 
DeGrief, V. A. 
Deisel, Henry. 
Doan, C. S. 
Doan, S. F. 
Donaldson, Isaac. 
Downing, F. H. 
Du Grav, E. J. 
Du Gray, W. A. 
Durnbaugh, Ralph. 

Eakin, F. M. 
Eckart. Herman. 
Edmonds, E. B. 
Edmonds, R. E. 
Edwards, D. E. 
Edwards, Thomas J. 
Effinger, Louis. 
English Miller. 
Ewing, Robert. 

Feist, Theodore. 
Fergus, C. S. 
Fetter. G. R. 
Finley. E. C. 
Fisher. Aaron. 
Fisher, C. A. 
Fisher, Charles E. 
Fleming. A. 
Fleming. R. C. 
Folsom. C. H. 
Frankel. .Mexander. 
Frankel. A. M. 
Fredericks. H. K. 
Freeman, J. F. 
Freit. A. L. 
Frith. Charles B. 

Gleason. Walter. 
Goeke. J. H. 
Goeke. John M. 
Goette. Herman. 
CK)ctz. J. L. 
CKjldstein. Jacob. 
Cioodinf. E. M. 
Gordon. R. B. 
Gorman. E'. F. 
Graham. C. A. 
Grothaus. J. H. 
Guinan. F. T. 
Gunther. C. W. 
Gunther. John E. 
Guv. E. A. 

■& Indicates Grand I.odsc Mcmlier. 

Hackodorn. H, B. 


llalflull. J. W. 
Hall. Herbert. 
Haller. Frank M. 
Hamilton, H. C. 
Hanlev, I.. J. 
Harper, W. H.. Jr. 
Hartsing, .S. H. 
Hathaway, E. B. 
Hauss. Jacob 
Haverbeck, J. B. 
Heinrich, W. C. 
Heisler. Allxrt C. 
Heisler, Samuel J.. 

Henderson, D. C. 

Herbst, Charles F. 

Herold. Fred E. 

Heywood. H. J. 

Hixson. M. -M. 

Hauiley, Jolin S, 

Hoegner. J. G. 

Hofeller, Maurice. 

■^Hooker. D. O. 

Hoover. W. E. 

Hoskins. S. A. 

Hosier, Earl G. 

Hosier. M. J. 

Hubbard. C. H. 

Huber. Jesse. 

Huested. F. A. 

Hughes. R. .\I. 

Hume. F. .A. 

Hunter. F. C. 

Hupburn. F.arl G. 
Hurlhurt. J. W. 

lack. W. B. 
John R. B 
Johnson. H. W. 
Jolinson. Jame^ D. 
Johnson. J. N. 
Tones. Alincr G. 
Jones. J. C. 
Jones. J. F. 

■Kanawl, Georgs D. 
Kane. O. A. _ 
Kemper, Louis P. 
Kenpler. Louis. 
Kimncl. Karl 
King. A. B. 
King. F.d. 
King. F. H. 
Kissell. Jacob. 
Kitzenbargcr. Tohii. 
Kni"ht. W. P. 
Kocli, .Albert. 
Koltcr. C. T. 
Koon. Emil. 
Kreitzcr. F.d. 

I.amiicrtnn. H N. 
■>l.3mison. Ja*on '". 

Lima Xd. ifu. 

I.:illiam. T. M. 
LiuKhliii. Pclcr. 
I^Twson, Joseph C. 
I^iyton, B. W. 
l^yton. C. A. 
I.avton. Rav E. 
l.cielitoii, \V. \V. 
I.ciiich. H. L. 
Lewis, Frnnk W. 
I.indcrmaiui, Alexander, 
l.isk, D. J. 
Livermorc, \V. A. 
I.omison. J. B. 
Longwell, Frank E. 
r.ongwell. J. W. 
.>Lony. J. H. 
I.owrv, J. E. 
I.utz,' A. G. 
I.utz. J. \V. 
Lynch. ^L H. 

McCray, Patrick. 
McCime. H. C. 
McGavern. Dr. G. \V. 
McGnire. Scott B. 
Mackenzie. \V. L. 
Maiscn. F. J. 
Maithcrs. Judge IL T. 
Mcclv. C. \V. 
irMehafTcy. \V. R. 
Mclcliing. VV. L. 
Mell. P. T. 
MichacL Theodore. 
Miller, A. D. 
Mitchell. E. B. 
^Mon-oe. G. W. 
>[ooney. D. F. 
Mooiiey. J. J. 
Xfooncy, M. J., Jr. 
Moonev. W. T. 
Moore.' H. M. 
Morris, D. W. 
>rorrison, Thomas. 
■:'?Mowen. T. \V. 
Mnrph- F. A. 
Myers. W. H. 

Nemnan. A. D. 
Newman. E. J. 

O'Harrow. Charles. 
Olson. F. O. 
Orphal. F,dward. 
Orphal. G. A. 

Pangle. C. \V. 
Pan!;lc, L N. 

Parinentcr, W. I.. 
Pence, J. C. 
Phillips, C. A. 
Piel, H. E. 
Pongc, Eu. 
Porter, B. S. 
Porter, J. E. 
Price, C. F. 

Qiiinn, J. 

Ream, James L 
Reed, J. 

Reichelderfer, A. C. 
Reid, C. B. 
Reilly, W. ]•: 
Reinhardt, Jacoli. 
Rcnch. Edward. 
Renl. \V. W. 
Rhodv. William. 
Rich. F. J. 
■i^Richie. W. B. 
Richmond, C. A. 
Richmond. D. C. Jr. 
■irRidenonr. J. C. 
Rilcv. J. C. 
Rile'v. T. C. 
Ristey, C. VV. 
Ritter. George S. 

Robi). T. n. 

Robinson. F. C. 
Robinson. T. A. 
Rosenheim. M. 
Ross. Chancy R. 
Roth. Frank, 
Rowc. J. H. 
Rowlands. C. H. 
Rowlands. J. W. 
Rndv, W. E. 
Rns^ell. W. L. 

Saltzgaber, G. M. 
Sannis. A. L.. Jr. 
Schaffer, A. E. 
■Schiede. C. W. 
.Schmidt. H. J. 
Schulthcis. Charles. 
.Schwartz. J. C. 
Scott, W. M. 
.Sciher. Frank. 
.Selfridgo. O. B. 
Semple, \V. C. 
Settlage. H. C. 
Shaw. M. D. 
Shcnk. A. H. 
Shenk. Frank L. 
Shook. Nelson. 
Sil.ert. S. H. 

Smith. A. M. 
Smith, James B. 
Smith, J. S. 
Smith, J. S. 
Smith, VV. O. 
Spellacv. T. 
Steinle.' VV. F. 
'^fStcuber, L. J. 
Stone, C. VV. 
Strayer, VV. VV. 
Stueve, C. A. 
T=rSnIlivan, Dr. D. K. 
Sullivan, James E. 
Sullivan. M. J. 
Summers. J. E. 
Summers. M., Jr. 

Taubkin, F. J. 
Taylor. E. J. 
Tignor, Samuel. 
Townsend. J. B. 
Tucker, Chester. 
Tuttle, S. S. 

Van Dyke, J. VV. 
Veil, Joseph VV. 

Walter, Joseph J. 
VValther, Leonard. 
Walt her, P. 
VVeadock, James J. 
VV'ebster. John M. 
VV^ebster, Robert. 
Weger, George S. 
Weiler, E. J. 
Wciler, Henry. 
VVeimert. Frank. 
Welsh, Harry E. 
VVelty. B. F. 
Wemmer, H. G. 
VVemnicr. William J. 
VV'crner. Shernisn. 
VV'ertz, Louis. 
White. T. A. 
Whitman. J. W. 
Williamson. H. P. 
Wilson. J.. Jr. 
Wolf. C. C. 
Wolf. C. W. 
Woods. R. O. 
T^Woolerv. W. H. 
Wright. W. C. 

^'oung. Amos. 

Zartman. S. B. 
Zetleitz. E. N. 

Schmidt. Charles. 
Horn. E. D. 
Ifughes. C. M. 
Frankle. Gtis. 
O'Ncil, Lawrence. 
Jolinson, C. M. 

Our Absent Brothers. 

ThoMuison. VV. H. 
.\gerter. F. B. 
Lawlor. H. J. 
Lamberton. John. 
Brice, Calvin S. 


Simmcrmachcr. W. 


Brice. H. i.. 

Williamson. G. H. 

Linn. E. E. 

Brown. .\mos. 

Hume. L. H. 

Hvde. 11. G. 

San ford. S. H, 

Cahil. Thomas. 

McCall. E. E. 

Lima No. 162. 



C. CHArrr.i.i,, Jr., 
Esteemed Loyal Knight 
City Transfer Co. 

\V. F. Hoover, 




\V. H. RiJDV. 


John C. Schwaktz, 
Meat Market. 

I'llliOlinUi; MlCIIAlX, 

CInihiiig and Sli'jcs. 


F. O. Olson, 

Vice Pros, ami Gen'l Manager 

Saiuhisky Southwestern. 

Lima No. \Cy2. 


Till' l)ri<cl-\\'cmiiicr C 
Cigar .Mamifacliircrs. 

Wiij.iAM J. \\i;mmi:k. 

The Duiscl-Weiimier Co., 

Cigar Maimfacturers. 

J. D. .•\k.M STRONG, 




Lima Nd. iC)2. 

.Mr:r).\ Siii:xK. 

Dcliihns. Oliio. 

Fkaxk L. Shknk, 


Dolplios. Ohio. 

W. J. Stki.nli;, 

Citneral Manaiger. 

Felix Sieinle Brewing Ci 

Dclplios. Ohio. 

J. Uk.v.i. 1 I.\vi;i(i:ic;v. 

Jeuclcr ;.nd Oplici.ii., 

St. Marys. Ohio. 


II. I". r]i:i. 


\\ iiliakonet.i. I )liio. 

LnfA No. 162. 

Dr. R. C. Flemming, 


Van Wert, Ohio. 


Letter Carrier, 
Van Wert, Ohio. 

Dr. Charles B. Reid 

Physician and Surijeoi 

Van Wert, Ohio. 


Dk. G. W. McGavren, 


Van Wert, Ohio. 


JoSEMl W., 


Van Wen, Ohio. 

1,1 MA Xo. 162. 

W. J. SicMi'i.i;. 

Van Wert. Oliio. 

Edward Ori'hai., 

St. Marys. Oliio. 


I", j. Maiskn. 

Siipt iif Cnnslnictiiiii 

llnuK- l.ish' -'"'il Pnc\ Co., 

\V:iiiaknnola. Ohio. 

JoKN S. HoAlil.KV. 
Civil Itiiyincer. 
Van Wort. Oliio. 

1. 1 MA .\(l. iC). 

John H. Goeke, 


Wapakoneta. Ohio. 

W. II. Mkvkr, 

Aiigl.ii/c Ciiiinly Aiidilm-. 

Wapakoneta, Ohio. 

H. \V. Johnson, 

Tyler 1903-04. 

Proprietor Johnson's Swim 

McCtilloiig-hs Lake. 

John M. Goeke, 

Acting Manager 

The Acetylene Gen. & Mfg. Co., 

Wapakoneta, Ohio. 


1)U. J. I.OIllS Gdl-TZ. 

Wapakoneta, Ohio. 

Lima No. 162. 

William Rhody, 

Traveling Salesman, 

Tile Acetylene Ccn. & Mfg. Co., 

Wapakoncta, Ohio. 

EccERT N. Zetlitz, 

John G. Hoecner, 

Wapakoneta, Ohio. 

CiiAKLKs !•". Fisiii;k, 

Insurance anil Real Estalf. 

Wapakoneta. Ohio. 


JiiSKni \\". \"i:iT, 


Hay .Stale Whip (.'mnpany. 

Wapakoneta. Ohio. 

1,1 MA No. i6: 

Henry Weiler, 
VVapakoneta, Ohio. 

JA^tEs B. Smith, 

Van Wert, Ohio. 

Wll.l.lAM T. MoilNKV, 

Jniljic t'ircnil t'nnrt. 
St. Mm\s. Ohi.i. 


History of Fremont Lodge No. 169. 

THE Fremont Lodge of Elks was first talked of in the month of April, 1890. 
Its founders were I. M. Dryfoos and E. H. Russell, two of Fremont's 
hustling young business men who, having heard a great deal about the 
F.Iks from various sources, decided they would interest enough of their associates 
and form a lodge in Fremont. In this they were successful as excellent ma- 
terial was not lacking, and it took but a short time to secure a sufficient num- 
ber of good, reliable names to the charter list to procure the necessary charter. 

On the r)th day of June. 1890, the Lodge was duly organized, the work 
being exemplified in K. of 1'. hall. 

Tile Charter members were: li. II. Russell, I. M. Dryfoos, L. II. Thraves. 
P.. S. Garver, A. E. Blenner, 15. Josei)h, Frank Schmidt, S. L Ryan, F. Raymond. 
C. H. Grett, T- W. Wilson, W. P. Haynes, Geo. Kinney, E." R. Tvler, A. j. Beal, 
Frank Heim. J. T. Petty, W. F. Reed, G. M. Tyler, J. \Y. Moore, Fred Thomp- 
son, J. Youngman, F. M. Tunnington, W. H. Mylander, L H. Buchanon, George 
Donc\son, PI. S. Putman. C. Stausmeyxr, J. J- -Anderson, P. M. Cunningham, 
Jos. Zimmerman, E. S. McCune. 

The first ofificers were: George Kinney, Exalted Ruler; E. H. Russell, 
Esteemed Leading Knight; B. S. Garver, Esteemed Loyal Knight; I. M. Dr)'- 
foos, Esteemed Lecturing Knight ; E. S. McCuen. Secretary ; Wm. P. Haynes, 
Treasurer: S. J. Rj-an. Tyler; Frank Heim, H. S. Putman, C. H. Grett, Trustees. 

The work of initiation was done by brothers from Toledo, Tifiin and Cin- 
cinnati, following which the newly elected ofificers were installed and a grand 
banquet participated in. .At the next regular meeting F. J. Schmidt was ap- 
pointed Esquire and George Doncyson, Inner Guard. 

During its early life the Lodge met on Friday nights in Druids Hall. This 
meeting place \\as continued until the following April when the new opera 
house building l>eing completed the Lodge secured the entire third floor of 
the block for its permanent quarters. The rooms consist of anterooin, recep- 
tion and lodge rooms, room for paraphernalia and toilet rooms. In putting the 
rooms in the splendid condition they are now in, the lodge went to a great ex- 
pense and heavily in debt — all of which has since been wiped out. The walls 
and ceiling are richly and handsomely decorated and floors nicely carpeted. 

The honor has been twice conferred on Fremont Lodge and that in consecu- 
tive terms, by the appointment in the years 1902 and 1903 of its members. Broth- 
ers J. Bell Smith and John B. Stahl,' as District Deputy Grand Exalted Rulers 
for the Northwestern District of Ohio. 

.\fter locating in their new quarters the time of meeting was changed to 
Tuesday and the lodge now meets every Tuesday night, except in summer, 
when they meet first and third Tuesdays. There are 248 members and it is 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Kinnev, George 1890—1891 Hidber, R. F 1897— iS<jS 

Russcil, E. H 1-891—1892 Gottron, P. J 1898— 1899 

Drvfoos. I. M 1892— 1893 Werner. George J 1899— 1900 

Tvicr. E. R 1893—1894 Ryan. S. J...- 1900— 1901 

Vniingman. J 1894—189:; Myers. F. B 1901— 19OJ 

Sclnvartz, Edw.ird 1895— 1896 Stahl. Tolin B 1902—1903 

Smitli. J. Rell 1896—1897 Hirt, E. U 1903—1904 


Fui;M()N'r X<i. ir'x;. 

Kiiincv, George. 
Russell, E. H. 
Carver, B. S. 
Dryfoos, I. M. 
Haynes, Willinm P. 
Tyler, Ed. R. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

VoimKiiiaii. Jacob. 
Schwartz, Eduartl. 
Smith, J. Bell. 
Miller, I. T. 
Hidlx-r, R. P. 
Cottroii, P. J. 

Werner. George J. 
Ryan, S. J. 
Mvers, F. B. 
Stahl, John B. 
Hirt, E. U. 

Officers, 1903-0/+. 

Exalted Ruhr. .. E. U. Hirt 

list. Lcadiiti; A'»ig/i/. .Harmon Wcnsinger 

Est. Loyal Kinglil Thos. P. McGahan 

Est. Lecturing Kuinlit B. B. Smith 

Seeretar\ I. T. Millar 

Treasurer \V. A. Gabcl 

Tyler Fcrd Mcssinger 

Esquire Myron C. Co.x 

Inner Guard George H. Grob 

Chaplain Charles W. Hermon 


.K. W. Ochs, John B. Coonrod, 

Jacob Yonngman. 

Allen, E. E. 
Anderson, Carl C. 
Anderson, Frank H. 
Andrews, Frank. 

Bair, W. S. 
Baker, H. M. 
Bauman, C. H. 
Baur, Julius. 
Betts, Frank D. 
Bihl, J. H. 
Billmyer, H. F. 
Birkmier, H. W. 
Blenner, A. E. 
Bolinger. VV. D. 
Bowlus, C. C. 
Bowlus, E. E. 
Bowlus. S. O. 
Boyd, W. A. 
Brown, C. Willian-,. 
Burns, Jerry. 
Btitman, V. D. 

Callaghan, M. J. 
Cheveront, J. E. 
Clauss, Henry. 
Comstock. W. A. 
Conner. Thomas. 
Cook. H. M. 
Cook, J. D. 
Coonrod. John B. 
Cox. Mvron C. 
CURP. J. W. 
Cupp. Otis. 

Dach. I. M. 
Davis. Or. F. Elbert. 
Dean. L. W. 
Dennis. George E. 
De Pevster. F. C. 
DeRan. H. C. 
Dillev, Dr. S. S. 

•it Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Donahue. Thomas. 
Doncyson, George E. 
Dosch. Fred. 
^^Drvfoos. I. M. 
Dutcher, C. W. 

Eberhardt, John E. 
Eisenhour. \V. H. 
Erdrick, VV. H. 
Esch, Will. 

Fangboner, I. T. 
Fangboner, J. R. 
Fay, E. J. 
Finch, J. D. 
Flaherty, M. S. 
Forsythe. Robert. 
Foster, Charles. 
Fouke. L. E. 
Frazier, Harry. 
Fronizer, S. M. 

Gabel. William A. 
*Garver, B. S. 
Gtssner, G. A. 
Gilinore, Bert. 
Gordon, Charles. 
CrOttron, Adam. 
Gottron, John F. 
*Gottron. P. J. 
Greene. H. M. 
Grett, C. H. 
Grob. George H. 
Giisdorf. Tke. 
Gusdorf, Moses. 

Haas. C. M. 
Hnsselhach. P. J. 
Havnes. Gcorec W. 
*Ff.nvnes. ^Villiani P. 
Heal. A. D. 
Hcim. Charles. 


Heini, Frank. 
Heim, Henry. 
Henricks, George. 
Herman, F. A. 
Hermon. Charles W. 
Hess, George. 
■irHidber, R. F. 
Hidber, R. T. 
Hilbish. E. B. 
Hirt, E. U. 
Hirt. Samuel J. 
Hochenedel. C. A. 
Hochenedel. J. H. 
Hodes, A. K. 
Hoot, George A. 
Horn, I. L. 
Horniing. F. C. 
Hornung. George W. 
Huff, C. E. 
Huffman, M. J. 
Hughes. Henry. 
Hughes. W. E. 
Hunt. James. 
Huyck, Dr. E. B. 

lams, Russol. 
Inman, B. M. 

Jandorf, Ekl. 
jandorf, Leon R. 
Johnson, A. P. 
Tohnson. E. I.. 
Johnson. Russell V. 
Tones. O. E. 
Tosenh. B. 
Jungk, Theodore H. 

Keller. Adnm. 
Keller. J. J. 
*Kinnev. George. 
Krebs. G. D. 

Jlbseitt Brothers 

Franklin Harrison 

N. E. Dennis 

J. H. Buchanan 

William A. Fishkk 

JosKi'H Zimmerman 



A MI'.RlISi: J. I'.LIIM 

Fremont No. 169. 

Lee, John \V. 
Levy, Albert A. 
Lewis, VV. S. 
Love, D. B. 
Lustig:, Maurice. 

McCormick, J. VV. 
McGahan,, James P. 
McGahan, Thomas P. 
McGormley. L. S. 
McMahon, James C. 
McMahon, 1 im J. 
McSheehy, Thomas. 
Matz, Fred J. 
Mazey, J. C. 
Meek, Dr. R. B. 
Merriam, F. \V. 
Messinger, Ferd. 
Miller, Frank. 
liMiller, L T. 
Miller, J. \V. 
Miller, W. F. 
Mitchell, Roland S. 
Moore, J. VV. 
Mullen, G. A. 
Munson, L. L. 
Murphy, James. 
Myers, C. R. 
■i^Myers, F. B. 
Mylander, H. C. 
Mylander, W. H. 

Ochs, A. S. 
Ochs, A. W. 
Ochs. C. E. 
Ochs, H. G. 
O'Donnell. Michael. 
Oehm, Henry C. 

Oppenheimer, Louis. 

Petrie, B. F. 
Phillips, Dr. M. U. 
Pierstorf, C. F. 
Powers, George F. 
Powers, J. E. 

Quinn, Louis. 

Reffelt, VV. C. 
Rees, Thomas D. 
Reininger, Will. 
Reynald, R. D. 
Rock, P. J. 
Rodgers, VV. VV. 
irRussell, E. H. 
Ruriey, B. L. 
^Ryan, S. J. 
Ryan, W. J. 

Sandwisch, Fred. 
Sandwisch, M. J. 
Sayles, Emmitt C. 
Schachtele, George H. 
Schindler, Ed. 
Schmidt, F. C. 
Schmidt, F. J. 
t!rSchwartz, Ed. 
Schwartz. Will H. 
Seager, F. E. 
Seward, Charles. 
Shadel, G. F. 
Skilley, J. E. 
Slessman, A. E. 
Smith, B. B. 
Smith, Claude A. 
Smith. Ed. L. 

<?Smitli, J. Bell. 
Spaulding, D. J. 
Stahl, Frank. 
•(^Stahl, J. B. 
Steirwalt, VV. J. 
Stout, F. J. 
Strehlau, R. R. 
Swint, F. J. 

Thraves, M. G. 
Tindall, James L. 
Tobias, Vernon F. 
Tschumy, Ed. 
Tunningiton. Fred M. 
i^Tyler, E. R. 
Tyler, H. E. 

Waggoner, Charles E. 
Walde, Joseph A. 
Wallick, VV. A. 
Walsh, Dan. C. 
Walsh, Smith. 
Ward, E. B. 
Webster, A. C. 
Webster, P. L. 
Welker. Frank L. 
Wensinger, Harmon. 
Werner, John. 
Whaley, J. D. 
Whittaker. E. J. 
Wickland, Charles F. 
Wills, George, Jr. 
Winters, Ed. F. 
Woland, W. A. 
Wolf. Joseph. 
Wolf. Sol. M. 
Womersley, Wilson. 

■i^Youngman, Jacob. 


Fkicmont No. 169. 

Harmon Wensincf.r, 

Esteemed Leading, Knight 190.V4 

Deputy County Surveyor. 

B. B. Smith, 

Esteemed Lecturing Knight 1903-4 


E. U. HiRT. 
Exalted Ruler 1903-04. 
Deputy County .\uditor. 

I. T. Mir.LER, 




William A. Gabel, 


Asst. Cashier First Nat'l Bank. 

I'lnCMONT No. 169. 

Frank B., 

Exalted Ruler 1901-02 


Fkrd MEssi.vcr.R, 

George H. Grob, 

Inner Guard 1903-04, 



Charles W. Hermon, 

Chaplain 1903-04. 


Kui'.MdNT No. 169. 

A. W . OcHS. 

Tnislcc 190.V04. 

Proprietor City Cafe. 


V -'. 




'V'- ■■■• ■ 

Eu. R. Tylek, 

Exalted Ruler 1893-94. 

Jeweler's .-Vuctioneer. Powers 

Bldg., Chicago. 

John B. Coonrod, 

Trustee 1903-04, 

Probate Judge Sandusky County 


Traveling Salesman. 


I. M. Drvi'oos, 

Exalted Ruler 1891-92, 

Salesman Dryfoos & Bach. 

Fi(i:moxt N(i. 169. 

Georc.i- Kinnicv, 
Exalted Ruler 1S90-91. 

J. Bi:i-L Smith. 

Exalted Ruler 1895-96. 


S. J. RVAN, 

Exalted Ruler 1900-01. 

Mcrcliaiit Tailor. 

Edward Schwartz, 

Exalted Ruler 1894-95. 

Funeral Director and Hack Service 

Robert F. Hi deer. 


pKltMONT No. 169. 

Frank H. Anderson, 

General Manager, 

A. H. Jackson Und'w'r Mfg. Co. 

Thomas Donahue, 

Traveling Salesman 

A. H. Jackson Knife & Shear Co. 

C. R. MvERS, 

Pres The Myers Manfg. Co., 

Mnfrs Druggists' Riililier Sundries 

Carl L. Anuerson, 

General Representative 

A. H. Jackson Und'w'r Mfg. Co. 


I. M. Dacu, 

Assistant Manager 

A. H. Jackson Mfg. Co. 

FkivMont No. iTx). 

1'.. M. Inman. 
Clerk lit Courts 
Siniliwkv C'liiiiUv. 

Samuel J. IIirt. 
Ex-County Auditor 


County Surveyor 
Sanduslvv County. 

W. S. Baik, 

County Commissioner 

Sanduslsy County. 


S. M. Fhonjzeu, 

County Auditor. 


Fki:m()NT No. 169. 

Adam Gottron, 

Gottron Brothers, 

Grain, Coal, Builders' Supplies 

K. K. BowLUS, 

Ice Dealer. 

Montgomery County. 

J.\Mi;s W. McCou.MicK, 

.\iiiiiscnicMt Manager, 

Toledo, Ohio. 


L. W. Dean, 


Deputy County .•\uditor. 

FuiCMOXT Xn. i(V). 


R. R. Strehlau, 


Lake Shore Electric Railway Co. 


Di;. K. H. .Mi;i;k. 


Lake Shore Electric Rv. Co. 

Henry Hughes, 
Oil Producer and General Con- 

W. S. Lewis, 


The TroMinicr Company. 


H. .M. Cook. 
Propr. Star Elevator. 
Grain. Coal. Builders' Supplic 

I^NKiMONT No. iTxj 

A. S. OcHS, 


The Club Cafe. 


H. G. OcHS, 


Fremont House BufTct. 

FkiCmont No. Kk). 

\'i:ifNiiN F. TuciAS. 

Tobias & Tiiiiiiingtoii. 

Lauiidrvnian and Manufacturer. 

Tiii:o. H. JuNCK, 

J. W. Pero & Co.. 


[■'i;i:u W. Tln.m.notox. 

Tiihias S: Tinnnn<;liiii. 


H. C. DkKa.v, 



Traveling Salesman. 
Berdan & Co., Toledo, Ohio. 

""kiimont \'ii. ICk). 


1'"HA.\K -MiLLKli, 

Miller Brothers. 
I'lodiice Dealers. 

G. .v. Gessnkr, 

.\L).\.\t Ki:i.i.i:i;. 
.Mercliaiit T;iilor. 

K.iiluav Tosial C'lerk 

JciHN \Vi;rni:k. 



J. R. Fangbonkk, 


I. L. Horn, 


Colonial BiilTet. 

'i<i;m()X'i' No. \Ci<). 


Fremont Brewing Co 


CiiAKi.i;s F.. WAr.r.oM'.K, 


TIic Fremont I.miiher Co. 

James L. Tindai.i.. 

A. C. W'ebsteu. 
Hunt & Webster. 
Slice Merchants. 


James Murimiy, 


Perrv, N. Y. 

I'"i;i;m(i.\T Nn. 169. 

P. J. IvUCK, 

Traveling Salesman, 
Dunscomb & Co., Toledo, O. 

F. W. Merriam, 

Julius Baur, 

Bellevue, Ohio. 


W. II. Schwartz, 

Funeral Director, 


Fkkmont No. 169. 

Hl-NRV C. Oehm, 
Slioe Merchant, 
Belleviie. Ohio. 



E. B. War[>. 


Bellevuc. Oliio. 

E. E. Ai-i-r.N, 

Traveling Salesman, 

Indianapolis, Ind. 


G. .-X. Ml-llicn, 
Locomotive Engineer, 
Bellevuc, Ohio. 

FkivMOKt No. 169. 

Russici.i. V. Johnson, 

Proprietor "Oak Ridge" 

Green Spring. Oliio. 

A. E., 

Mining Operator, Bisbie, Arizona. 

Clyde, Ohio. 

A. D. Heal, 
Bellevue, Ohio. 

Thomas D. Rees, 


Bellevue, Ohio. 


George H. Schachtele, 


Bellevue, Ohio. 

iMvllMdNT No. 169. 

L. E. FouKE, 


Clyde. Ohio. 

Joseph A. Walde, 

Sec. Clyde Cooperage Co., 

Clyde, Ohio. 

E. J. Whittaker, 

Proprietor Nichols House. 

Clyde, Ohio. 

George E. Dennis, 

Proprietor Oak Cafe, 

Clyde, Ohio. 


J. D. Whaley, 

Proprietor Whaley's Exchange, 

Clyde, Ohio. 

FkliMONT No. 169. 

Dk. S. S. DiLLliY, 

Peniberville, Ohio, 

Georgi; Hkxricks, 

Painter and Paperhanger, 

Woodville, Ohio. 

Russi-L Iams, 

Percheron and Coach Stallions, 

Gibsonburg, Oliio. 


Jerry Burns. 

Construction Foreman. 

B. P. L. Co., Woodville, Ohio. 

Fu K.MONT No. 169. 

James C. McM.mion, 

Engineer .ind Telegraph Opr. 

Helena, Ohio. 


Mayor of Bellevue. 

George W. Hornunc, 

The Zorn Hornung Co., 

Gibsonburg, Ohio. 

J. C. Mazev, 


Gibsonburg. Ohio. 

A. P. Johnson, 
Gibsonburg, Ohio. 


C. H. Baumann, 
Clerk Board of Public Service. 


Traveling Salesman. 


History o\ Ironton Lodge No. 177. 

I RONTON, OHIO, LODGE, No. 177, B. 1'. O. ELKS, was organized on 
October 8, 1890, by D. P. Wood, District Deputy, and Allen O. jMyers, 
assisted by Gallipolis Lodge, No. 107, Wasbington C. H. Lodge, No. 129, 
Cliillicotlie Lodge, No. 54, and Portsmoutii Lodge, No. 154. 

Tbe following were cbarter members : B. F. EUsberry, T. G. Brown, McCabe 
Austin, C. F. Dean, D. T. Busb, N. K. Moxley, Jr., T. L. CoUett, John Wecousky, 
J. A. Turley, W. C. Miller, John H. Lucas, W. S. Whitman, R. L. Gray, J. E. 
Whitman, H. E. Norton, L. Despard, E. W. Vviat and E. B. Cronacher. 

Tile following were initiated into the order by the officers of the Grand Lodge : 
J. F. Austin, J. G. Debang, J. M. McCoy and C. M. Humes, after which the fol- 
lowing were elected for their several offices : li. F. EUsberry, Exalted Ruler ; 
H. E. Norton, Esteemed Leading Knight; McCabe Austin, Esteemed Loyal 
Knight; E. W. Oviat, Esteemed Lecturing Knight; T. G. Brown, Secretary; 
J. A. Turley, Treasurer; E. B. Cronacher, Tyler; D. T. Bush, Inner Guard; 
J. G. Debang, J. F. Austin, C. F. Dean, Trustees. 

The lodge was started under favorable auspices and has continued active 
since, and now has a membership of 162. 

The meeting nights are the first and third Mondays in each calendar month. 
Their lodge room is situated in the Syndicate Block, on the corner of- Third and 
Park avenues. The lodge rooms occupy the whole of the third floor of this block. 
They have as nice quarters as most any lodge in the state, and their meeting 
room, which is also fitted up for dancing, is large and handsome. They have a 
ladies' parlor, a reading room, billiard and pool table room and card room, which 
are open all the time. 

This lodge is governed by a committee of house rules, which are strictly 
enforced, permitting no gambling, nor improper talk, and no kind of spirituous 
liquor is permitted withm their hall. 

They have a social session every Thursday, to which the members and their 
ladies are admitted. They have also a ladies' day, which is on Friday of every 
week, although the ladies are permitted at any time during the week, except when 
the lodge is in session. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

EUsberry. B. F 1890— iSgr Moxley, N. K 1897— 1898 

Norton. H. E 1891 — 1892 Gorman, James 1 1898 — 1899 

Foster. J. D 1892 — 1893 Collett, Albert M 1899 — 1900 

Witman. W. S 1893 — 1894 Brown, H. R 1900 — 1901 

Newman, Val 1S94 — 1895 Phillips, E. L 1901 — 1902 

Tnrley, J. A 1895 — 1896 Mountain, H. W 1902 — 1903 

CoIIet't, Thomas L 1896— 1897 Belcher, E. T 1903—1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Hilsljcrry. B. F, Moxley. N. K. Brown, H, R. 

Norton, H. E. Corman, James I, Phillips. E. L. 

Newman, Val. Collett, .Mbert M. Atountain, H. W. 

Collett. Thomas L. 


I HON TON Nil. 177. 

Exalted Ruler E. T. Belcher 

list, l.eailnifi Kiiij^lil t). (".. Suicy 

ISsl. I.oy"! Kiiij^ht K. W. Pritcliard 

List. Lccluring Kniglit IJ. H. Clark 

Secretary A. M. Collou 

I'reasurer C. B. Egcrtoii 

Tyler Uavid Morgan 

Esquire E. , li. Corn 

Inner Guard I), i. . Ricliards 

Chaplain \V. H. Hampton 

H. R. Brown. E. \V. Bixby. 

Charles Lintuer. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

.Anderson, Lewis II. 
Andrews, L. K. 
Armstrong, 1. W. 
Arnold, Eniil. 
.-\ustin, J. F. 
.'\ustin, Lindsey. 
■W-Belcher, Ed. T. 

Berg, George J. 
Bergman, C. A. 
Bird, E. J., Jr. 
Bi.\by, E. \V. 
Bi.xby, F. A. 
Bra miner, F. W. 
Brammer, VV. E. 
iiBrown, H. R. 
Bruml^rg, Aaron B. 
Brnmberg, A. J. 
Bnffiington, R. L. 
Bush, D. T. 
Bntcher, Ed. 
Byers, W. T. 

Campbell, Lawrence B. 
Canterberry, Jolin P. 
Chestnut, P. S. 
Clark, C. B. 
Clark. D. H. 
^Collett, Albert M. 
*Collett, hTomas L. 
Corn, E. E. 
Corns. John B. 
Corns. Waller B. 
Crawford. W. A. 
Cnlbertson. Edmund S. 

Davidson. W. H. 
Davies. D. C. 
Davis. Benjamin L. 
Davis. Georsfe H. 
Delancy. John D. 
Dettmar. Hcnrv J.. Jr. 
Dolan. J. A. ■ 
Doval. I. R. 

Ebert. I eo. 
Ebcrtfi Olio N. 
Keerlon. C. B.. Jr. 
Ecerton. James T. 
-^Kllsberry. B. F. 
Kllsberrv. Frank. 
Elmer. Roval. 

Fcaron, M. G. 
Fleming, A. N. 
■"Foster, J. D. 
Fowler, C. B. 

Gilfillan. S. G. 
Ginn. F. J. 
(■i^Gorman, James L 
(jray, George H. 
Gray, R. L. 

Hampton, \V, H. 
Hickman. William. 
Hock, William J. 
Hoerner, .'\ngust. 
Hoffman, Leonard J. 
Hopkins. Harry W. 
Horschel. E. F. 
Horschcl, Fredrick J. 

Irish, Arthur. 
Isaacson, Leon. 

Jenkins. F. W. 
Jenkins. H. E. 
Jenkins. W. D. 
Johnson. A. R. 
Johnson. Samuel K. 
Jones, T. H. B. 
Justice, H. B. 

Kelley, E. D. 
Kelley. 1. ."Xnstin. 
Kcnnedv. E. A. 
Kerr. Howard C. 
Ketter. Earl W. 
Kevc. George W. 
Kirker. W. S. 

Lackey. W. D. 
Lee. Irwin N. 
I.intner. Charles. 
Lintner. Otto W. 
Lodcr. H. J. 
Lowe. John E. 
Lowry. .'\. Clark. 
Lowry. losenh W. 
Lucas. Jolin W. 

McCaulcv. F. L. 
McDnno"iTh. T. P. 
McDowell. John A. 

.McKnight. R. _D. 
McNary, E. Erwin. 
McPhei-son, Fredrick W. 
Martin, .T N. 
Mearan, Isaac. 
Merchant, William M. 
Miller, C. B. 
Miller, W. C. 
Millies, H. J. 
Mock, Charles J. 
Moore, E. F. 
Morgan, David. 
Moul, Daniel, 
Moulton, J. H. 
Moulton, J. Harry. 
^Mountain. H. W. 
Mountain, Ralph. 
6Mo.xley, N. K. 

!*Newman. Val. 
Nigh. William H. 
^Norton. H. E. 
Norton, John M. 

Ogg. D. L. 

Paul. Harry M. 
Paul, Tames R. 
^Phillips. E. L. 
Phillips. Frank F. 
Potts, N. N. 
Prichard, R. W. 

Richards. Dan T. 
Richards. William. 
Ringo. Cresap M. 
Roetting. George. 
Roetting. Ixmis. 
Robinson. Alfred V. 
Rogers. J. A. 
Ross, T, N. 
Russell, Hugh. 
Russell. James C. 

Schachleifer. John. 
Sheridan. Simon J. 
.Sheridan. William A. 
Shiras. D. R. 
Slater. T. W. 
Stacv. Oscar G. 
Stcinlvickcr, Cnrl. 
Slepbcns. A. C. 

•C; Indicates ftrand Lodge Member. 




Stephens, Hugh J. 
Stroble, John B. 
Stroiip, R. E. 

Taylor, Ward. 
Thomas, Charles J. 
Thomas, George F. 
Thomas, Richard E. 

Thompson, Carnii A. 
Tipton, Morris. 
Todd, I. P. 
*Tiirlev, J. A. 
Tyler, John N. 

Weiler, William. 
White, W. P. 

Wilenian, Fredrick W. 
Williams, Charles E. 
Williams. E. F. 
Willis, Pearl. 
Winters, A. G. 
Winters, T. Howard. 
Witnian, A. C. 
Wittenberg, A. R. 

Our Absent Brothers. 

Norton, F. D. 
Peters, J. H. 
Enochs, W. H. 
Neucomb, H. D, 
Sloane, E'. C. 

Debane. J. G. 
Fisher, Joseph. 
Wecovski. John. 
McCoy, J. W. 
Markward, Joseph P. 

Johnson, Frank. 
Clarke, Ralston. 
Hart, Joseph. 
Mulvey, William J. 


Ikonto.v N(i. 17 


E. T. BKi.cHiik, 

lixallcd Ruler 1903-04. 

Cli-rk of Courts, Snyder & Belcher 

E. L. Phii.liis, 

Exalted Ruler iQOi-02. 



Exalted Ruler 1902-03. 
Mayor of Iroiitoii. 

.Al.HKRT M. Coi.LlCTT, 

Scci\-tary. E.x. Ruler 1899-1900. 

lusuraiicc and E.x-Mayor 

E. J. Bird, Jk. 
Iron Mauufacturer. 


Ironton \'(). 177. 

Ok. Joskph W. I.oukv, 

La Forest R. Andrews, 

Dr. a. Clark I.oukv, 

Valentine Xewman, 

Leo Ebert, 


History of Ashtabula Lodge No. 208. 

ASHTABULA LODGE, No. 208. was instituted June 11, i<>3i, with the 
following charter members: George Hall. C. H. Barrett, C. E. Richard- 
son, A. b. Amsden, A. B. Phillips. T. C. Strong, J- ^L Wilcox, L. K. 
Amsden, M. Pcccord, K. W. Simons, J- L. Smith, John Applcbee. John Andrews, 
M. B. Young. Peter Allen. William Waldeck. A. A. Ue, J. B. Abrams, David 
Locb, C. J. McNut, S. R. Newberry. 

The following were the charter officers of the lodge : George Hall, Exalted 
Ruler; C. H. Barrett. l\steenied Leading Knight; C. E. Richardson. Esteemed 
Lo3'al Knight; .\. O. .\msden. Esteemed Lecturing Knight; A. B. Phillips. Secre- 
tary; T. C. Strong. Treasurer; S. F. Burnett, Tyler; David Loeb, Esquire; John 
Applebee, Inner Guard; N. W. Simons, Chaplain. 

The lodge was without home of its own until March, 1895, when they 
acquired the third story of the Haskell Block, corner Main and Spring streets, 
which tiiey fitted up handsomely for lodge and club purposes. A heavy debt 
was incurred to do this, but the lodge has now a property valuation of over $5,000, 
all paid for. The lodge meets every Thursday evening, and visiting brothers 
are always given the ".glad hand" of welcome. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

H.ill, George i8gi — 1892 Zcile, Henry 1898—1899 

Richardson, C. E 1892— i8g.l Butz, W. F 1899— 1900 

Barrett, C. H 1893— 1894 Fassett, P. H 1900 — 1901 

Amsden. A. O 1894— 1895 Bieder, A. J 1901 — 1902 

Burnett. S. F 1895— 1896 Brccn. James E 1902— 1903 

Moore, F. C 1896-^1897 McClure. J. M 1903 — 1904 

Smith, C. 1897— 1898 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Hall. George. .Moore. F. C. Fassclt. P. H. 

Richardson, C. E. Smith. C. O. Beider. A. J. 

Barrett. C. H. Zcilc. Henrv. Breen. James E. 

Amsden. A. O. Bntz, W. F. McClure. J. M. 
Burnelt. S. F. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler J. M. McClure Tyler ._ C. A. Seaman 

Est. Lcaditig Kiiii^ht C. E. Stanhope Chal>ta!ii E. R. Pierce 

Est. Loyal Kiiii^lil C. B. Gillis Itiner Guard Peter Allen 

Est. Lc'eturiiig Knight D. V. Parker Organtst George H. Fassetl 

Secretary F. C. Moore Trustees. 

Treasurer A. O. Amsden C. M. Cros1)y. P. Cahill. 

Esquire C. D. Coup G. E. Ducro. 


AsilTAUL'LA No. 208. 

Roster 1903-04. 

Abranis, J B. 
Allen, Peter. 
Allen, Ward H. 
.^msden, A. D. 
i^Amsden, A. O. 
Amsden, J. M. 

irBarrett, Charles H. 
Bartholomew, Frank M. 
Belding, B. L. 
Berris, Joseph. 
t^Bieder, A. J. 
Bieder, Herman. 
Biggar, F. McK. 
Bjerstedt, Edward. 
Blair, F. J. 
Bottorf, R. B. 
Boone, W. B. 
Brainard, H. K. 
T^Breen, James E. 
Brotherton, C. F. 
Budlong, R. L. 
Burkhart, C. E. 
Burnett, Frederick H. 
•ii-Biirnett. S. F. 
Burton. J. H. 
Bush. Charles A. 
Butler, F. C. 
^Butz, \V. F. 

Cahill, P. 
Callan. J. D. 
Canfield, C. R. 
Gartner. John. 
Case, C. E. 
Classen, Hugo. 
Conrad. Richard. 
Cook, H. D. 
Cook. S. F. 
Cook, W. H. 
Coup, C. D. 
Crosby. C. M. 
Cross. George. 
Crittenden. Bert W. 

Dagenbach. Max. 
Davis. Budd F. 
Davis. Will L. 
Dp.vis, A. D. 
Dibble. William E. 
Doran. J. F. 
Duncan. George W. 
Dunn. W. H. 
Dowd. Owen W. 
Ducro, G. E. 

Edscll. Edsnr C. 
Elliott. William J. 
Espv. R. F. 

•j^ Indicates Grand Lodge ATcmhcr 
t Life Member. 

Faerber, F. W. 
Fassett, G. H. 
Fassett, J. G. 
^Fassett, P. H. 
Faulkner, A. T. 
Fisher, F. W. 
Fisk, E. A. 
Fitzgeralds, J. D. 
Fitzgeralds, J. P. 
Ford, George H. 
tFord, T. J. 
Foulds, S. W. 
tFreary, C. E. 
Fredericks. Charles B. 
French, G. C. 

G.irdner, Earl. 
Gatchcll, Worth T. 
Gibbs, K. E. 
Gillis, C. B. 
Goggin. John. 
Good, C. H. 
Cioodwin, J. P. 
Grant, John. 
Green, J. H. 
Green, W. J. 

Haley, E. C. 
*HM. George. 
Hall, William. 
Harrell. Samuel. 
Harner. R. E. 
Harmon, C. E. 
Hawes, C. E. 
Hawn. Cyrus. 
Henry. Ed S. 
Hodge. Harry. 
Hoffner, Frank. 
Hogan. James I. 
Hulett, H. C. 
Hunt. W. H. 
Hutchisson. J. D. 
Hutchinson, I. F. 

Jackson. W. S. 
Tcffers. Victor. 
Jerome, S. A. 
Johnson, E. W. 
Johnson. I.. R. 
Tones. John P. 
lordan. Tames. 
Joy. B. S. 

Kahnc. .Mfred. 
Kain. C. L. 
Kane. A. J. 
Kccflin, J. C. 
Kcenan. John J. 
Kcllcv. J. C. 
Knoll. A. H. 


Koppcs, C. K. 
Kornfeld, Joseph. 
Korb, H. F. 
Kriz, J. V. 
Kriz, L. F. 
Kunz, A. E. 

Laskey, J. W. 
Lawyer, Charles. 
Lea, A. H. 
Lewis, Z. F. 
Linne, O. J. 
Loeb, David. 
Luce, Frank G. 
Loeb, Daniel. 

McBride, Creorge. 
McCarthy. J. P. 
i>McChire. J. M. 
.McDowell, E. R. 
McGiffert. James H. 
McKinnon. W. S. 
McLaughlin, John. 
McMillan, John T. 
McNamara, J. C. 
McNutt, C. J. 
McQuistoii. E. L. 
Mahan, Ray K. 
Mahoncy, John. 
Mahonev. John P. 
Malone.'C. E. 
Malone. Richard. 
Manchester. H. E. 
Mann. H. E. 
Manning. Frank. 
Manning, J. P., Jr. 
Masino, John. 
Meckes. Paul F. 
Morcland. A. D. 
Millikcn. William. 
Mills, c. yi. 
■*Moore. F. C. 
Morris. Charles A. 
Morrison, F. R. 
Morton, F. E. 

Napolitani. Joseph. 
Niles. G. W. 
Nordyke. L. E. 

O'Brien. I. C. 
O^Brien. P. H. 
O'Connor. D. E. 
O'Leary. P. F. 
Owen. George. 

Pancosl. G. ,\'. 
Parker. D. \'. 
Patterson. T. D. 
Pca'ic. P. N. 

AsilTAlil'I.A .\'(l. _'()iS. 

Roster 1903-04. 

Alir.iins, J li. 
Allen, Peter, 
Allen, \V;iiil 11, 
Anisdeii, A. D. 
iiAnisden, A, O. 
Amsdcn, J. M. 

•i^Barrett, Cliarles 11. 
Bartholomew, Frank M. 
Belding, B. L. 
Berris, Joseph. 
ti^Bieder, A. J. 
Bicdcr, Herman. 
Biggar, F. McK. 
Bjer.stedt. Edward. 
Blair. F. J. 
Bottorf, R. B. 
Boone, W. B. 
Brainard. H. K. 
T^Breen, James E. 
Brotlicrton. C. F. 
Bndlong, R. L. 
Burkhart, C. E. 
Burnett. Frederick H. 
^Burnett. S. F. 
Burton, J. H. 
Bnsli, Charles A. 
Butler, F. C. 
*Butz, VV. F. 

Cahill, P. 
Callan. J. D, 
Canfield, C. R. 
Gartner, Tnhn. 
Case, C. E. 
Classen, Hugo. 
Conrad. Richard. 
Cook, H. D. 
took, S. F. 
Cook, W. H. 
Coup, C. D. 
Crosby, C. M. 
Cross, George. 
Crittenden. Bert W. 

nagcnhach. Max. 
Davis. Budd F. 
Davis. Will I,. 
Davis, A. D. 
DibWe. William E. 
Dnran. J. F. 
Duncan. George W. 
Dunn. W. H. 
Dowd. Owen W. 
Ducrn. G. E. 

Edscll. ]-.<\s:\r C. 
Ellinii. William F. 
Espy. R. F, 

Faerber, F. W. 
Fassetl, G, H. 
Fassett, J. G. 
"Fassctt, P. H. 
Faulkner, A. T. 
Fisher, F. VV. 
Fisk, E. A. 
Fitzgeralds, J. D. 
Fitzgeralds, J. P. 
Ford, George H. 
tFord, T, J. 
Foulds, S. W. 
tFreary, C. E. 
Fredericks. Charles B. 
French, G. C. 

Gardner, Earl. 
Gatchcll. Worth T. 
Gibbs, K. E. 
GiHis. C. B. 
C.oggin, John. 
Good. C. H. 
Goodwin. J. P. 
Grant, John. 
Green, J. H. 
Green, W. J. 

Haley, E. C. 
•*HalI, G^-orge. 
Hall, William. 
Harrell, Samuel. 
Harner. R. E. 
Harmon, C. E. 
Hawes, C. E. 
Hawn, Cvrus. 
Henry, Ed S. 
Hodge, Harry, 
Hofifner, Frank. 
Hogan, James I. 
Hulett. H. C. 
Hunt. W. H. 
Hutchisson, J. D. 
Hutchinson, I. F. 

Jackson, W. S. 
Teffers. Victor. 
Jerome, S. A. 
Johnson, E. W. 
.Johnson. I,. R. 
Tones. John P. 
Tordan. Tames. 
Joy. B. S. 

K.ihiie. .Mfred. 
Kain. C. 1.. 
Kane. A. J. 
K'ceflin. J.' C. 
Kccnan. John I. 
Kcllov. T" C. 
Knoll. .V H. 

Kojiiies, C. K. 
Kornfeld, jubcph 
K'Tb, H. F. 
Knz, J. V. 
Kriz. 1,. F. 
Kimz, A. E. 

Laskey, J. VV. 
I^iwyer, Charles. 
Lea, A. H. 
Lewis, Z. F. 
Linne, O. J. 
Loci), David. 
Luce, Frank G. 
l.oel), Daniel. 

McBride, George. 

McCarthy, J. P. 

w.McClure, J. M. 

McDowell, E. R. 

McGiffert, James H. 

McKinnon, W. S. 

McLaughlin, John. 

McMillan, John T. 

McNaniara J. C 

McNutt, C. J. 

McQuiston, E. L. 

Mahan, Ray N. 

Mahoncy, John. 

Mahoney. John P. 

Mai one. C. E. 

Malonc. Richard. 

Manchester, H. E. 
Mann. H. E. 
Manning. Frank. 
Manning. J. P., Jr. 
Masino, John. 
Mcckes, Paul F. 
.Moreland. A. D 
Millikcn. William. 
Mills, C. \l 
-Moore, F. C. 
.Morris. Charles A. 
Morrison. F. R. 
.Morton, F. E. 

Na|)olitani, Joseph. 
N'iles. G. W. 
.Vordyke, L. E. 

O'Brien. I. C. 
O'Brien. P. H. 
O'Connor. D. E. 
O'Leary. P. F. 
Ouen. George. 

I'anoxl. G. X 
Parker. D. \'. 
Patterson. T. D. 
Pease, P. N. 

■i^ Indicates Crand Lodge .Member. 
' T.ifc Member. 


ASHTAI;! I,.\ Xl 


Pccoird. Morris. 
Peebles. .\. C. 
Pierce. H. R. 
Powell, I,. M. 
Power. \V. W. 
Prentice. KrcdricU. 

Rankin. E. I. 
Reed, Fr.Tnce. 
Reid. E. V. 
Remick. P. C. 
Rennick, TIiomi.ts I 
Rcnnick, W. J. 
Rolwrts. J. A. 
Roval. Rliod.i. 
Rogers. D. M. 
^Rich.Trdson. C. E. 
Ryluiider. C. M. 

Sanborn. G. W. 
Schrieber. J. W. 
Scoville, M. C. 
Seaman. Cbarlcs A. 
Sbcldon, C. S. 
.Sheldon. N. E. 
.Sbeldon. I.eroy. 
Sherman. I. I.. 

Slicrwin. .Austin. 
Shriick. .Mbert. 
Shrock. Homer. 
Sidlcy, Harry. 
.Simons, N. \V. 
Sikcs, A. F. 
*Smith, C. O. 
Smith, J.^ L. 
.S(|tiircs. Theodore 
.Stanliope, C. K. 
.Stanhope, J. R. 
Stapleton. T. M. 
St,arkey, C. J. 
Stevens. E. C. 
Stoll. P.. F. 
Stoiighton, F. E. 
Stranss. .Mliert. 
Strnbbe. William 
Sweet, Arch. 
Sweet. D. M. 

Tavlor. Clvde I,. 
Todd. M. R. 
Toihoroh, \V. W. 
Tnmkcv. A. J. 
Tiilian. (;. D. 



Ufford, I.ymaii. 
Uline, Charles II. 

Van .Mien, l.ipnie J. 

WaRiier. F. \V. 
Watrous. I. Winthrop, 
Way. F. B. 
Weaver. John. 
Wet more, F. ('■. 
Wet more. H. S. 
Wet more. Thomas E. 
Wilco.N. I. eon A. 
Williams. C. A. 
Williamson. R. S. 
Wilford. E. A. 
Willett. William. 
Williams, S. E. 
Willford. .Arthur. 
WoodrnfT. E. A. 

Yoiinsf, Tav. 
YonnpT. J. 'p. 



Our Absent Brothers. 

Waldeck. William. Xovember 14, 1894. 
Jones, James R.. July 17, 1896. 
Aymar. W. Fred. December 22. 1897. A. A.. Jidy 21. i8gg. 
Battels. William P.. Fcbniary rj. toot. 
Clover. William. Xnvemlier 21. iix>l. 

Bennett, Benjamin, October 31, 1901. 
Buell. Harry. .Angust ir, 1902. 
Hamill. .Ale.xander, August 17, 1902 
Schacffcr. J. A.. .April .^o, 190J. 
.Albrecht. Charles. .August 25, 190,^ 
Fisher. Walter. September 19. 190,^ 
Strong. T. C. May 2. 1904. 


History of Steubenville Lodge No. 231 

STia'l!l-:XVII.T,l-; I.ODC.I':, Xo. 23t, was inslitmcd April 7, i8(jj, hy Allen 
( ). Myers, Graiul Secretary, and I.. M. Ilailden, District DciJiily, assisted 
by members of Wheeling- Lodge, Xo. 2S. The lodge starto'd with forty-six 
charter members, and the Grand Secretary stated after the ceremonies that he 
had never instituted an HIU lotige whose charter membership contained so many 
l)rominent business and professional men of a commimity. Ever since its organi- 
zation the lodge has maintained its high standard of niembersLip, and as a result 
the roll of said lodge now is truly a representaton of Steubenville's best citizen- 
ship. The charter members were: W. R. P.urgoyne, A. C. Blackbrrn. J. \V. 
Cookson, H. S. Coble, C. W. Crumley, G. M. Crawford, .\rt Doughertv. J. W. 
Evans. W. VV. Griffith, J. 1'.. Griffith, G. iX. Henry, H. I!. Helms. A. C. Lewis. 
J. P. Means, G. A. Maxwell, R. J. Morrison, J. 1..' Means, L. S. Maxwell, G. 1'. 
Miller, W. S. McCauslen. A. \V. McDonald, John McKee, J. M. Reynolds, J. T. 
Sarratt, C. H. Steele, G. E. Sharpe, \V. M. Trainer, J. W. Warner, E. S. Warner. 
W. R. Johnson, H. C. Sherrard. 

The following is its original list of officers : W. S. McCauslen, Exalted 
Ruler; T. J\L Barclay, Esteemed Leading Knight; Frank Spearman, Esteemed 
Loyal Knight ; A. C. Lewis, Esteemed Lecturing Knight ; William AL Trainer, 
Secretary ; John W. Cookson, Treasurer ; Spence Wallace, Esquire ; James T. 
Sarratt, Tyler ; D. W. Beall, Inner Guard ; S. N. McClinton, Chaplain ; Charles H. 
Steele, John P. Means, W. R. Burgoyne, Trustees. 

The present membership numbers 201, and the lodge is steadily growing. 
The year ending March, 1901, showed its greatest gain, in which time it initiated 
eighty members. 

The lodge believes that the "Ladies' Social" is one of the best features for 
the good of the order, and throughout each winter season its elegantly appointed 
rooms are thrown open to the brothers and their lady friends for dancing anfl 
card parties. 

In February. 1901, it took up its abiding place at Nos. 105-107 South Fourth, 
the second floor being used exclusively for social pur[)oses, and the third floor 
devoted to lodge i)urposes, where all visiting brothers receive a cordial welcome. 

One of the unique features of its lodge rooms is a collection of Elk badges, 
tastefully arranged in frames, over 1,000 in number, which were collected and 
donated to the lodge by Brother George N. Henry. This collection is considered 
the finest in the country. 

The lodge meets every Monday evening. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

McCauslen, \Y. S ^pril 7. iS<)2— i*).^ SHceney. J. R 1898—1899 

Lewis, A. C 189,^—1894 Beall. D. W 1899— T900 

Means, John P 1894—1895 Tlinmpson, T. A. L igoo— 1901 

Hcnrv, George N 1895 — 1896 Ziniinernian, \x>u W 1901 — 1902 

Blfffjer, J. C 189^1—1897 NfiMiker, L. L 1902—1903 

McCIave, John 1897— 1898 MacCIave, Roy 1903— 1904 


Sti-:i:iii:.wii,i.i-: Nn. 2,^1. 

McC.Tiislcii, William S. 
Lewis, A. C. 
Means, J. P. 
Tr.niner, William M. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Henry, Cicurge N. 
Bigger, J. C. 
i^McClavc, John. 
Sweeney, J. K. 

'l"lioni|)>,(.in, 'f. A. I,. 
Zimniernianri. l.nii W. 
iVhinker, !.. 1.. 

Officers 1903-04. 

hxaltcd Ruler Roy MacClave 

Est. Leading Knight H. H. Erskine 

Lst. Loyal Knight H. A. Zink 

list. Lecturing Knight VV. C. Taylor 

Secretary William M. Trainer 

'treasurer Joseph Beatty 

'y'^'r T. At. Lonp 

l-si/iiire Win. McManiman 

inner Guard J. B. Kincaid 

<- /'"/'/<"" Rev. G. W. Hinkle 

Organist A. S. Dean 


J. .M. Powers, _^ Thomas Johnson, 

T. .A. [^. Thompson. 

Adams, E. S. 
Aikins, Ed. 
Alban, VV. R. 
Ale.xander, W. H. 
.■\rkley, William. 
Ault, J. C. 

Beaty, Joseph. 
Becker, Henry. 
Bentz, W. K. 
Bernert, J. J. 
Bicker, J. P. 
<^Bigger, J. C. 
Blackburn, A. C. 
Brettell, James. 
Bristor, H. S. 
Brown, D. L. 
Brown, H. H. 
Buckingham, A. S. 
Burger, C. O. 
Butler, W. F. 
Burgoyne, W. R. 

Campbell, W. R. 
Carnahan. Joseph. 
Carson, T. F. 
Cartwriglu, C. E. 
Casey. J. S. 
Chambers, F. C. 
Clark, E. C. 
Clark, H. T. 
Coates, G. D. 
Coble, H. S. 
Comly, J. W. 
Connor, J. D. 
Connor. Oliver. 
Cook, H. C. 
Cook, J. M. 
Cookson. J. W. 
Covev, A. F. 
Crawford, G. M. 
Crumley. C. W. 
Cummins. J. E. 
Curfman, S. B. 

•Cx Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Davidson, H. C. 
Davis, C. J. 
Dean, A. S. 
Dean, George. 
Dickson, J. W. 
Dobbins, Charles. 
Dohrman, H. G. 
Dorrance, H. J. 
Dougherty, Art. 
Dougherty, Charles. 
Doyle. Dan. 
Dunlap, W. B. 

Edgar, J. P. 

Edwards. M. T. 
Elliott, R. L. 
Erskine, E. D. 
Erskine. H. H. 
Erwin, E. McD. 
Espenshade. E. E. 
Evans. J. W. 

Ferry, W. H. 
Fisher, G. P. 
Fitzsimmnns. J. B. 
Floto. F. W. 
Foreman, C. L. 
Foster, D. L. 

Garden, D. A. 
Gaston, D. S. 
Gaston. G. G. 
Gelb, Max. 
Gill, J. W. 
Gill, S. C. 
Gladfelter. F. A. 
Gracey. G. R. 
Gregg. Henrv. 
Grier. H. B.' 
Griffilli. T. B. 
Griffith. W. W. 
Hagy. y. L. 
Hamilton. W. .\ 
Hammond. E. I,. 


Hannan, George W. 
Harden, G, P. 
Helms, H. B. 
■""Henry, George N. 
Hill, VV. J. 
Hinkle, Rev. G. W. 
Hoag, John. 
Howells, T. J. 
Hughes, F. F. 
Huscroft, George S 
Huscroft, J. C. 
Hull, F. R. 

Irwin. J. D. 

Joluison, A. D. 
Johnson, D. B. 
Johnson, J. M. 
Johnson, Thomas. 
Johnson, W. O. 
Johnson, W. R. 
Jones, Edwin. 

Kellv, H. M. 
Kerr, J. B. 
Kinney. J. H. 
Kincaid, J. B. 

Laughlin, C. 
Laughlin, Ferd. 
Leopold, L. M. 
Lcwengood, A. 
Ti-Lewis. A. C. 
Lewis, P. P. 
Lipnhardt. L. 
Lockver. George. Jr. 
Loup'. T. M. 
Low. F. E 
Low, H. M. 
I<owe. Fred. 
Lnntz. H. B. 

McCauslen. G. W. 
t^McCanslen. W. S. 

STi;ri;i:N\'ii.l.i'. .\'(i. _'_^i . 

■i^McClavc, Joliii. 
■"MacClavc. Rov. 
McCIinton. \V. H. 
McComb, S. G. 
McConiiell, S. A. 
McCracken, G. P. 
.VfcCiil lough, J. A., J. V. 
McDonald, A. W. 
McFadden, C. P. 
McGowan. J. E. 
McKee, John. 
McKinney, Charles. 
NfcManiman, William. 
Mahon, E. T. 
Mahon. R. M. 
Mansfield. J. A. 
Maxwell, R S. 
Maxwell, 0. A. 
May, L. W. 
Means. J. L. 
■^Means. John P. 
Miller. G. P. 
Morrison, R. J. 
Mover, J. F. 
•^Mnnklcr. I.. L. 
Murphy. B. F. 
Mvers. Charles. 
Myers, G. M. 
Myers, L. L. 

Nicliolson. Ed. 
Nicholson, J. E. 

O'Neal, Frank. 

Owcsncv, F. W. 
Parkhili. W. J. 
Patterson, H. VV. 
Patterson, O. G. 
Patterson, R. J. 
Peterson, I,. B. 
Peterson. R. J. 
Porter, T. \V. 
Powers. J. M. 
Price, Thomas. 
Priest, H. E. L. 
Pritchard, W. R. 

Quinn, H. L. 

Ranber, J. C. 
Reynolds, J. M. 
Richards, R. G. 
Robinson, G. W. 
Roper, G. A. 
Roth, C. J. 

Scott. W. R. 
Schaefcr. William. 
Selali. Joseph. 
Shane, J. A. 
Sharp, B. ].. 
Sharpe, G. E. 
Sherrard, H. C. 
Sherrard. T. J. 
Sinclair, D. J. 
Smiirthwaitc. W. A. 
Steele, C. H. 
Stephens. E. M. 
Stewart. F. W. 

Stokes. Frank. 
Stringer. T. J. 
i^Sweency. J. R. 

Taylor, C. J. 
T.iylor, J. E. 
Taylor. W. E. 
Thompson, R. H. 
■^Thompson, T. A. I,. 
Tonner. H. W. 
Tonner. W. E. 
i^Trainer, W. M. 

Urauhart. P. J. 

Vaill. C. A. 
Walker. J. A. 
Walker. W. F. 
Wallace. S. K. 
Walmcr. G. B. 
Warner. E. S. 
Warner. J. W. 
Webster. J. McA. 
White. Tames. 
White. K. A. 
Williams, H. K. 
Williams. I. C. 
Winters. G. B. 
Woodworth. H. 
Work. F. M. 
Workman. F. E. 

^Zimmerman. L. W. 
Zink. Harrv A. 

Our Absent Brothers. 

Sherrard. Robert. Jr. 
Barclay. J. M. 
Spearman. Fraiik. 
I'llliott. Charles M. 
Tappan. Cliarles A. 
Scott. William M. 

McKec. Wilson. 
Borcn. G. B. 
Gncsinger. J. C. Jr. 
Smith. Cliarles E. 
Simnson. David. 

-Mban. Geora;c W. 
Elliott. Dr. A. A. 
Dnnlap. W. B. 
Fisher. George P. 
Ridgeley. J. B. 


Sti'i r.i:N\ii.i.r: Xn. 231. 

\V. S. McCalsi.k.v. 

Exalted Ritlcr, 1802-93. 


Ckorck N. Hk.nkv. 

Iv\altc(l Ruler 1895-96. 

.Maxwell & Henry, Who. Produce. 

Lou W. Zi>imi:k.\i.\n.\. 
Exalted Killer, 1901-02. 

T. A. I.. Tiiii,\ii'si).\, 

E.xalted Ruler 1900-01. 



STi".ri'.i;.wii.i.i-: K'd. 231. 

W'altkk C. Tavuir. 
list. J.ciliiriitg Knight 1903-04 

\V. R. Al-UAN. 

Jamks C. Bicckk. 
Attiinu'\ -ai- 


History of Conneaut Lodge No. 256. 

FROM an cnrollmciit of twenty members to a roster of one luinclred and ninety- 
fcnir in four years is tlie history of Conneaut I.odn-e, !'«. !'• O. Elks, No. 256 
and it is a record that the Conneaut lodge can well feel proud of, for on its 
roster is found only the representative men of Conneaut. The lodge was organ- 
ized eleven years ago, March 15, 1893, and while during its years of uifancy 
many obstacles were encountered, it only made those members who were true 
to the faith the more enthusiastic, since the lodge has enjoyed an enviable posUion 
among the fraternal societies of the city. Dr. W. A. Ward, deceased, was the 
first Exalted Ruler, and to his memory the first memorial service was held Decem- 
ber 2, 190 1. EoUowincr his service as Exalted Ruler came Dr. F. G. kelley, 
S. R.Findlay, D. A. Baker, A. S. Hand and C. W. Smith. 

The charter members were : Dr. W. A. Ward, A. H. Klumph, H. D. Putney, 
E T Dormaii S. R. Finlay, T- A. Caldwell, M. J. Hall, Neil Fortune, A. A. 
Atwater, T. W. Blanton, F. G. Kellev, G. H. Cleveland, John Quum. D. A. Baker, 
C J Blavton, E. Day, Thomas Fitzpatrick, George B. Ford, W. H. Hurlburt, 
David Lee. George Minty, M. Nolan, W. C. Oaks, F. Quinn, H. Omnn, B. 1-. 

Stines. . ,^ i-. ^xr n 

The following charter officers were installed by District Deputy Dr. VV L. 
Neibling of Findlav Lodge, assisted bv members of Findlay and Ashtabula. 
Ohio, and Erie, Pa.,' Lodges: Dr. W. A. Ward, Exalted Ruler; .\. H. Klumpf, 
Esteemed Leading Knight; H. D. Putnev, Esteemed Loyal Knight; E. T. Dorman, 
Esteemed Lecturing Knight; S. R. Finfay, Secretary; J. A. Caldwell, treasurer; 
M ] Hall Tvler;'Neil Fortune, Esquire; A. A. .Ktwater, Inner Guard; i. W. 
Blanton, Chaplain ; F. G. Kelley, G. H. Cleveland, John Quinn, Trustees 

Interest in the Order has recently been revived and the membership 
larc-civ increased. The lodge has just moved into its new and fine quarters 
in die Brown Block. Main street, and the members can justly feel proud of their 
new rooms as thev are without a doubt the finest of any city in the state of a 
comparative size. The lodge and cluli rooms are located on the same floor and 
are both furnished with new and costly furniture. A courteous steward is always 
in attendance, and visiting brothers are always welcome. The lodge meets every 
Frifliv even 111*^ 

For the first eight rears the lodge lost no member by death. Since that time, 
however, the Grim Reaper has made three visits and taken from our midst three 
of our best beloved, whom we mourn as: 

Our Jlbscnt Brothers. 

GeoroT B. Watson. Christian P,eckman. Wadsworth A. Ward. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

VV,.rcl, Dr. W.ulsuor.h .A ., , f'"'^l'>-'J-.^ ll^Cll^o 

April. 189-I Ward. W. A i»)S — io99 

M.ircli 15. iSiM 1 

Fnullov, .S.'r " . .: -^4-895 Hand. AS .8093.903 

Qninn: John ,895-i8q(. Baker. D. A \^^X\ 

Kcllcv. br P. C. 1896—1897 Smith, C. W .901 .903 


C"(iN m:ai"i' \'(i. 25(1. 
Grand Lodge Members. 


.s. \i 
P. G. 

Hand. A. S. 
Sniilli, C. W. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

L-nillcl Ruler 11. H. Kurt/ 

list. J.cddiii^^ A'/Hi'.'i/ Dr. B. C. Eades 

ISst. Loyal Kiiijilii Cb:nlcs Marcy 

list. LcLttiiin:^ KiHiihl J. T. Briiikoy 

Sccrcliiry \. D. Jamt^ 

Treasuicr Cn'crgc \. JricU.soii 

Tyler J. C. Cherry 


Inner (J nurd. 
Clu>l>Uiin . . . 

.J. K. 

C 11. .Siinoiuls 

). E. Kerr 


H. I.. Co.v 

T. Jones 

Trnsli-rs : 
C)sc:.r \Vo\k. 

C. \V. Curry. 

Roster. 1903-04. 

Aluard, F. J. 
.A.nderson, li. C). 
Andrews, K. U. 
Appleby, C. W. 
.\tuood, U. E. 
Atwood, L. C. 

Bacon, A. L. 
Baldwin, E. F. 
Baxter. Dr. R. J. 
Bell, Dr. G. F. 
Benuis, M. Jay. 
Bennett, M. 
Betsch, B. J.^ 
Bi.xler, Ira E. 
Blood, C. S. 
Blood, F. B. 
Blood, O. K. 
Blood, R. A. 
Boggs, C. C. 
Boyink, John. 
Brown, G. M. 
Brown, J. A. 
Brown, J. J. 
Brown, J. S. 
Bniskey, J. T. 
Buss, S. B. 

Cain. \V. H. 
Calph, P. J. 
Cantlin. P. J. 
Chadman, W. C. 
Chapman. George I. 
Cherry, J. C. ' 
Cherry. T. R. 
Clark, F. G. 
Clark. J. A. 
Clavton. C. J. 
Cleveland. M. C. 
Cole. Dr. G. II. 
Colson. 1,. C 
Cniikey, J. .\. 
Cooper. S. L. 
Coughlin, F. T. 

15* Indicates Cr-iiul Lodge Member. 

Cronan, C. J. 
Ciilhane, J. F. 
Culp, H. T. 
Culver, C. B. 
Curry, C. W. 
Cox, H. L. 

Day, C. D. 
Day, Capt. E. 
Dean, C. L. 
Dean, .M. G. 
Deck, John. 
Dewey, C. W . 
Donaldson, Cap't R. J. 
Dooley, J. J. 

liades. Dr. B. C. 
Ely, B. C. 
Ely, W. F. 
Essick, H. \V. 

Fickinger. P. J. 
Fifield. Frank J. 
^Findley. S. R. 
Fortune, William. 
Fownes. \V. E. 
Eraser. \V. R. 
Friend, F. G. 

Gaffney, J. P. 
Germond. (). W. A. E. 
Gordon. F. E. 
Graves, Charles. 
Green, C. M. 
Gross, E. C. 
Gross, Williiini M. 

Halm. .Sia. 1. F 
Hand. Capt. A. .'^- 
Hawkins, Lewis, 
Havward. E. Z. 
Hecker. T. E. 
Helmer. 'l. I 


Henderson, J. K. 
Hoffman, F. .S. 
Humble, Cap't. R. F. 
Hurlburt, \V. 11. 

Ilger, I. F. 

Jackson, George A. 
Jacobs, E. D 
James, A. D. 
Johns, Capt. J. F. 
Jones, A. T. 
Joslin, A. F. 

Kelley, Dr. F. G. 
iKenmii, Charles. 
Kerr, Dr. D. E. 
Knee, C. M. 
Koski, J. J. 
Koontz, H. C. 
Kreitz, Paul. 
•Kurtz, H. B. 

I.aubacli. Benjamin. 
Laughlin, O. J., Jr. 
Lee. David. 
Lees, Edwin H. 
Leet. Dr. W. H. 
-Lcibel, John G. 
Lillie, Will H. 
I.inder, .'\. J. 
Linow, \V. C. 

McBride, D. W. 
McGuire. R. P. 
McQuillcn. P. V. 
Magill. C. J. 
Mahanex'. T. F. 
Malonc.' F. E. 
Nfarcv. Charles. 
Masters. W. E. 
Milks. C. .S. 
Miller. I. H. 
Miller. R, W. 

C()N.\i:AI'I' .\(I. j~,(> 

Mucholl. Jolm T^ 
Miirtun. Joseph I,. 

Nacf. O. W. 
N'euiner, Heiirv. 
N'olan, M. J. 
Xortlioup. Prof. C. 'i'. 

O'Doniiell. William. 
Ogle, Lewis. 
Owens. J. J. 

Pnrrisli, E. J. 
Phillips, Capt. George I. 
Pike, George B. 
Pitcher. A. B. 
Pitlis, \V. A. 
Pitts, FrcdcrifU 
Poole, Charles \V. 
Piigh. H. R. 
Putney, H. 1). 
Pntnam, C. S 

Qninn. Hcnrv. 
Qiiinn. T. A. 

Range. L. 

Raynor, W. I. 
Reed, Robert" C. 
Rice, P. A. 
Rieg. F. F. 
Roderick. \V. P. 
Rodgcrs, Dr. C. F. 

Sawtelle. I,. D. 
Siinonds, C. H. 
Smith. Fred F. 
■'>Smith. C. \V. 
Smith, M. R. 
Snyder, C. J. 
Spaulding. M. G. 
Spencer. Frank. 
Stanley, C. T. 
Stanley. VV. F. 
Stines, B. F. 
Stoeher. F. C. 
Sullivan. William 
Sweet, E. 

Tait. Ferdinand. 
Taylor, H. J. 
Thayer. B. F. 
iThompson. J. H. 
Thornton. G. H. 

Tinker, A. C. 
Tinney. E. .-X. 
Trimble, S. I.. 
Tyrell. C. .M. 

Walder, L. 
Walrath, H. Jav. 
Watt, R. W. 
Walsh. J. H. 
Weisen. .\ndrew. 
Welch, F. J. 
Westcott. C. F. 
Wilcox, J. H. 
Williams, H. H. 
Wilson, Dr. Herold. 
Wiltse. H. M. 
Wingate F. I.. 
Wolf. Morris. 
Wolk. Oscar. 
Wolk. Sol. 
Woodard. C 


John I.. 
R. G. 

Zeigler. L. 


(.'( i.\ \ i;,\i T Nil. j^d 

C.M'T. A. S. Hand, 

ixalicd Ruler 1899- kjoo 

Tug Mauagcr. 

C T. St.\ni.i:v. 


Sec. Trcas. Coiiucaul Bkg. & 

Sav. CVpiiipany. 

Du. C. F. Bell. 

Dr. D. E. Ki;rr, 


Cli.N M'AIT \ll. J^Ct. 

Ill M.N l)i;ck, 

Clg.'ir Mainilacliircr. 

J(fli)icr .nul \\'l^llk■^.•lk■ HcaliT. 

]|N J. ()\\i:.\s. 
K.iiluav Cciiidiiclor. 

John J. Dcjollv. 


Xickel Plate Railroad. 


11 J. T.wuiu. 


Xickel Plate Railroad. 

i,'i)N.\i;.\i r .\'( 

Oscar Wolk, 


R. G. Yeacick. 
Dry Goods Merchant. 

H. W. EssiCK, 
Erie Brewing .-Xgency. 

T. .^. Qui.N.v, 


Erie Brewing Company. 


History of Middletown Lodge No. 257. 

ninni.I-'.TOWX l.( »I)GK, No. 257. was instituted March 22, 1893. by Dis- 
trict Deputy ]'. C.. ]3erry, of Hamilton Lodge, assisted by members 
of Cincinnati and Hamilton Lodges. The charter members were: John 
Auer, Dr. D. B. Bundy, F. H. Barnetl, J. V. Bonnell, Charles E. Barnett, John Q. 
Baker, James C. Brereton. John W. I'.oyd, W. H. Bcvinger, J. D. Cooper, Charles 

E. Greathousc, Jolin F. Litzi, T. A. Jones, J. D. McCurry, D. E. Newman, Charles 
B. Niederlander, B. J. Nicderlander, W. J. Xiederlander, J. H. Oglesby, C. A. 
I'ardonner, George T. Schraffenberger. George IL Sebald. Dr. John T. Sutphen, 

F. P. Sutphen, T. C. Simpson, D. H. Van Sickle, Harry Walburg, Peter Weber, 
George H. \Vilson, 

The following charter ofticers were installed : John T. Sutphen, Exalted 
Ruler: James C. P.reretnn. Esteemed Leading Knight; George H. Sebald, Es- 
teemed Loyal Knight: Ed. Thompson, Esteemed Lecturing Knight: Harry Wal- 
burg, Secretary: Cluirles E. Barnett, Treasurer; John D. Murray. Tyler; F. H. 
I'.arnett, Esquire: John Auer, Inner Guard; C. B. Niederlander. Chaplain; J. D. 
McCurry, Organist : Paul J. Sorg. Peter Weber. J. D. Cooper. J. H. Oglesby. C. A. 
Pardonner, Trustees. 

After the installation a magnificent banquet was spread at the United States 
Hotel, which surpassed anything of the kind ever seen in Middletown. The lodge 
has splendid quarters, beautifully furnished, and is recognized as the lodge I'ar 
excellence of the city. Its meeting nights are Thursdays, and visiting members 
of the antlcred herd are always given a hearty welcome and entertainment. 

This lodge has established a new record in fraternal orders in the election and 
initiation of five members of the same family all at the same time — brothers be- 
fore by consanguineous ties — brothers now by self assumed obligations in the 
l)rotherhood of man. banded together for the practice of true benevolence and 
charity towards all mankind. Incidents are not rare where three of a kind are 
held by other lodges in the Elks and other orders, but this is the first time, of 
which we have any record, of a full hand— all Sniders. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Sutphen, Dr. John T 1893-1894 l^'fl'^yx ^^P 'f ^ 

n ' . ^ .On, ,Oo- Sebald, C. Ed 1899—1900 

Brereton. James C '^^T' Pardonner, C. A 1900-1901 

Sebald, George H 1S95— lOOo Renick, M. \V 1901 — 1902 

Barnett, Frank H 1S96— 1897 irarwitz. Benjamin 1902—190,-^ 

Martin, l.illicin 1897—1898 ScIirafTenbcrser. Ceorpre 1903— 1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Sutphen, Dr. lolin T. Martin. I.ilbern. ^.VW"^' ^^^ ^'^'■ 

Brereton. J. C'. McCuny. J. D. \\ albur.i;, Harry. 

Sebald. Georse H. Sebald. C. Ed. Haru-itz, Ben. 

Barnett, Frank H. Tardonner. C. \. 

Miniir.i'.'i'oWiN' N(i. 257. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler ....(lourgc ScliralTcnbcrger 

list. Lcadiuji Kiiifiht Season P. Blair 

list. Loyal Kni^lit (leorge R. Edsoii 

list. Lccturiiiji Kiiialit. . . .F. G. VVittinger 

Secretary Giis A. Sebald 

Treasurer Charles E. Greathouse 

Tyler Philip A. Griibb 

Esnnire George Slrodtbeck 

Inner Guard Niitc Shields 

Chaplain J. D. McCurry 

Organist Dr. William A. Lucas 

Trustees : 

T. C. Simpson, J. D, McCiiny. 

Dr. T. A. Dickey. C. Ed. Sebald. 

George H. Sebald. 


E-xaltcd Ruler 189J-94. 


Auer, John. 
Axman, A. E. 

Baker, John Q. 
•A-Barnttt, F. H. 
Beardsley, W. H. 
Becker, F. W. 
Bevinger, W. H. 
Blair. Beason P. 
Bonnell, J. V. 
Boyd. John VV. 
"Brcreton, James C. 
Bonnell, J. V. 
Bridge, Matthew. 
Bundy, Dr. D. B. 

Calvert, T. C. 
Carroll. T. F. 
Clark, Hiram. 
Conover, H. S. 
Cooch. A. E. 
Cooch. \V. H. 
Cooper. J. D. 
Cunninghaiu, \V. H. 

Dochant. Everett. 
Dechnnt. W. I.. 
Dell. F. C. 
Dickey. Dr. T. A. 
Dimniack. Ernest. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Dowling, R. C. 
Drayer, W. H. 

Eagen, Thomas S. 
Edson. George R. 
Elwood, Harry H. 
Emmitt, James. 
Erb, Henry. 
Evans, Dr. F. R. 

Fetzer, William. 
Fisher. J. W. 
Foale, J. W. 
Fornshell, M. E. 
Frisch, E. L. 

Gallagher, J. F. 
Governey, James C. 

Haas, L. J. 
Habig. Henry. 
Hannegan. Thomas J. 
Harding. Clarence H. 
Harding. J. E. 
Harkrader. Glen W. 
Harlan. E. I. 
Harban. W. S. 
Harris. S. E. 
■^Haruit/-. Ben. 
Hicks. Tom V. 

Hooper, W. G. 
Hopkins, F. W. 
Huglies. Ed. 
Hyams, H. D. 

lutzi, John F. 

Jacoby, David A. 
Jones. James A. 
Jones, T. A. 

Kemp. C. E. 
Kemp. F. M. 
Kemp. Garfield. 
Kemp, S. L. 
Kerr. W. S. 
Kirk. W. H. 
Krobitzsch. Otto. 
Krobitzsch. R. W. 

Lamb. Charles. 
Latterner. Ix>uis. 
Law. William. 
T^ing. Harry. 
I.inzic. Pierce. 
Long. yi. A. 
Lucas. William .\. 

McCahc. H. J. 
McCarter. T. E. 

■r!j- Indicates r.r.Tnd I.od^e Member. 


Miuuui;to\vn No. 257. 

McCoy, Robert L. 
■AMcCiiny. J. U, 
McKnighi, E. H. 
^Martin. I.illjcrn. 
Mavcr, Gabe II. 
Miiuon, W. H. 
MontKOmcry, J. W. 
Mullen, Jolin S. 
Murray, Dr. J. E. 

Newman, D. E. 
Niederlandcr, B. J. 
Niederlander, Cliarles B. 
Niederlandcr, \V. J. 
Niblock, James. 

Ogelsby, J. H. 

"■iPardonner, C. A. 
Price. William R. 
Pylc. Geor,s:e H. 

Rambn. W. E. 
Rathman. Emil. 
Reed. Josepb D. 
Reed, To^cpli D.. Jr. 

-.'-•Rcnick, M. \V. 
Ritler. Joscpli E. 
Rogers, T. H. 
Roncy, James L. 

Saul, Dr. M. C. 
Scbafer. George E. 
■i^SchrafTenbergcr, Gcorg 
Scott, H. B. 
^Sebald, C. Ed. 
Sebald, Cbarles A. 
Sebald, Fred. 
■s^Sebald. George H. 
Sebald, Gus A. 
Sebald, John C. 
Shaffer, Jesse J. 
Shields, Niite. 
Shrieves, Dr. E. E. 
Simpson. T. C. 
Snider, D. E. 













Sorg. F 

'. Arthur 

Stanage. Smith W. 

Siiugham. William. 
Strudtlicck, George. 
Stumpl. Joseph. 
Sutphen, F. P. 
''^Sutphen, Dr. John T. 
Swan, Nelson R. 

Thomas, W. Kent. 
Thompson, Charles W. 
Thompson, Ed. 
Tibbals, Seymour S. 
Tytus, John B. 

Van Derveer, R. C. 
Van Sickle, D. H. 

Walburg. A. H. 
■irWalburg. Harrv. 
Ward. C. B. 
Weber, Peter. 
White, E. Kirk. 
Wilson. George H. 
Wittlinger. F. G. 

Zecher. R. C. 

Our Absent Brotbm. 

Stahl, Carey. 
Tytus. John B. 
Auer. .'\nthony. 
Lattener. Gnstave. 

Brophy, John. 
McLane. William J. 
Smith. John C. 
Scoville, Charles B. 

Sorg. Paul J. 
Sorg, P. A. 
Coles, Charles. 
Bonnell, D. V. 


History of East Liverpool Lodge No. 258. 

THIS Lodge was instiUited iMaich i6, 1893, by District Deputy G. 1{. R. Dr. 
\V. C. Neibiing, of Fiiullay, Ohio, Lodge, No. 75, assisted Ijy visiting 
ineiiibers from Yoiingstown, Ohio, and Pittsburg, I'a., Lodges. The 
Lodge began its existence in Red Men's Hall, West Market street, with tliirty 
ciiarter members, many of them prominent citizens from every walk of life. 

The first officers of the Lodge were: T. C. Forster, Exolted Ruler; George 
Buxton, Esteemed Leading Knight; V\^ V. Blake, Esteemed Loyal Knight; 
J. A. McFarland, whose unexpired term was filled out by Aaron R. Guthrie, 
Esteemed Lecturing Knight; J. W. Hohmann, Secretary; T. A. Corcoran, Treas- 
urer; \V. C. Stewart, Esquire; G. F. Bryant, Tyler; J. S. Hilbert, Inner Guard; 

C. F. Surles, Organist; W. E. Macrum, Chaplain; G. Y. Travis, W. Smith 
Fowler, VV. S. Brunt, Trustees. 

The charter members were: Smith Fowler, \V. S. Brunt, T. C. Forster, 
T. C. Corcoran, J. S. Hilbert, G. Bendheim, i'ercy Frost, George F. Brunt, J. W. 
Hohmann, G. VV. Meredith, J. VV. Geon, VV. C. Stewart, George Peach, George 
Y. Travis, H. S. Rinehart, R. VV. Patterson, William Erlanger, Jr., W. V. Blake, 

D. Stanford, S. M. Laughlin, Aaron Guthrie, George Buxton, Joseph Turnbull, 
Ralph Scraggs, J. A. McFarland, William Cassidy, Charles Berg, VV. E. Macrum, 
Willis Cunning, James Farley, C. F. Zurles. 

The visiting members who assisted in the institution of the Lodge and who 
were present from Youngstown, O., No. 55, were: N. Y. Beegle Nick Taylor, 
S. E. Ward, F. McLacy, S. E. Rook, L. Ashbaugh, Charles Snodgrass, B. M. 
Campbell, C. A. Smith, F. B. Finan, E. H. Moore, Charles McNab, F. M. Naugh- 
ton, D. T. Reynolds, C. J. Little, G. A. Hellawell, S. Ward. B. C. Wolcott, D. H. 
Arnold, Dr. Buckner, A. J. Woolf, E. N. Brown, W. B. Connor^ VV. H. Moore, 
C. Neeson, E. Hippard, A. M. Crowell, B. H. Moore. 

From Pittsburg, Pa., No. 11, there were: F. H. Tristram, F. E. Randall, 
George J. Schmitt, C. R. O'Brien, Thomas Donahue, J. A. Stewart, A. Glasser. 
George Moshey, VVilliam G. Lee and W. W. Gallery. From New Castle, Pa., 
C. B. Fisher. 

The banquet was held at Hotel Grand, E. N. Brown, of Youngstown Lodge, 
chairman. The address of welcome was delivered by VV. V. Blake, Esteemed 
Loyal Knight of this new lodge, \V. G. Lee. of Pittsburg, responding. The 
lodge began its career under most auspicious circumstances and continued to 
increase in membership and importance until 1897, when it outgrew its limited 
quarters and moved into its present magnificent home. The dedication of their 
Home in the Knowls Block took place December 9, 1897, District Deputy G. E. 
R. Geo. Buxton, Sr., officiating, assisted by many other prominent members of 
the order and visiting brothers from Youngstown. .Akron, Canton, Salem, Pitts- 
burg. .Alliance, Rochester and Lisbon to the number of 200 were present. 

The lodge and club quarters are among the handsomest in this section of 
the state. They occupy the entire third floor and consist of parlor, lodge and 
ball room, arranged that they may on occasion be thrown into one large room. 
There are besides card, billiard and ante-rooms, all fitted up in the most beauti- 
ful manner, the furniture, tapestries and interior decorations being of the richest 


l'".Asr l.i\ i:i;i'<ii II, XH. -'58. 

and iiiosl olal)oralc dcsii^iis. (Jii [\w (iccasiun ul tlic dedication the ronnis were 
.<;ail\- decorated and in tlie txeninj; a t;;-an(l reception was lield and l)an(|iiet <^iven 
t'oi' nienihers and their laiiies, many onl of town i'",lks atteiidinsj;. 

luist Liveri)uoi l,odi;e was honored in iSi/) hy tlie apiJointnient of one of 
its prominent and most entluisiastic memlx'rs, (ieorsje Ciixton. Sr., as District 
Deputy of tiic Northeastern District of the state. Durinp his incumbency of 
tlte office the F.odsfes of Xilcs, Akron, CoshfKton, Ulirichsvilie, i'leUaire and Mas- 
siiion were instituted by Iiim. The ])ersonnel of the menibcrshi|) of these lodges 
IS of tlie iiighcst and all of them Hast Liverpool is glad in afTectionate esteem to 
claim and hold as its god-children. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Forster, T. C, Mcli. i(), iS<M to April, 1891 

Buxton, Ceoro-e, i>r 1894—1895 

Wells, W. E 1895— 1896 

iioliinanii. J. \V 1S96 — 1897 

Joscpli, Henry 1897— 1898 

Phillips. GeorKe J 1898— 1899 

Brock, George 1.. .S 1899—1900 

Gilbert, A. V 1900— 1901 

Carson. Ed. L 1901— 1902 

Gould, Edwin B 1902-1903 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Buxton, George, Sr. 
Wells, \V. E. 
Holiniann. J. W. 

Joseph, Henry. 
Phillips, George J. 
Brock, George L. S. 

Gilbert, A. V. 
Carson, Ed. L. 
Gould, Edwin B. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Kitlcr H. Frank McNutt 

Est. Leading Kiiif;lit W. L. Silcott 

Est. J.oyal Kiiii^hi T. E. Lewis 

Est. Lectiirinu. A.';/i>/i/. .William D Wade 

Secretary A. E. Bowdler 

Treasurer G. Bendheini 

Tyler J. V. Earlcy 

Esquire W. E. Rex 

Inner Guard Will H. McKinney 

Chaplain W. B. Griffis 

Organist Louis Steinfeld 

Trustees : 

Henry Joseph, A. V. Gilbert. E. G. Dean, 

E. B. Gould, G. Y. Travis. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Adams, J. F. 
Anderson. C. J. 
.Anderson, James E. 
.Xndrews, Oran P. 

Barlow, James. 
Baxter. A. Percy. 
Bean, Howard H. 
"Bondheim. Gusiav. 
Berg, Charles. 
Black, D. C. 
Blackburn, T. D. 
Blake, W. V. 
Bough. C. A. 
Bright. HerlKrt. 
■••Brock. G. L. S. 
Brown, R. ^r. 
Brunt. G. F. 
Brusli, Louis H. 
^Buxton. Geiirge. Sr. 
Buxlon. W. R 

Cameron, W. R. 
Canne, L B. 
Canne, Jolm. 
Canne, Stax. 
Canne, Peter. 
■i^Carson, Ed. L. 
Carson, Sterling D. 
Cook. Edward. 
Cooper, W. E. 
Corns, A. W. 
Costello, James. 
Co.x, George S. 
Crawford, Frank M. 
Cunning, Willis. 

Dean, E. G. 
nuffv. Pat. 
Outton. W. R. 

Erlanger. William. Jr. 
Earley. J. \'. 

Farr, Lewis T. 
Fell, Charles E. 
Ferrall, Frank. 
Ferrall, John E. 
Fowler, W. Smith. 

Gardner, John A. 
Gass, W. H. 
Geon, Edmund A. 
Geon, J. W. 
George, J. B. 
Gearard. Joseph. 
•^Gilbert, A. V. 
Goodwin. John S. 
Criitham, Thomas B. 
Gould. A. C. 
Gotdd. E. B. 
Griffis, W. B. 
r.rim. n. A. 
Guthrie. Aamn R. 

^r Indicates r.rainl I.iidRe Meniht-r 


I'.ASI' 1,I\1:KL'(I(II. Xci 


Haiilcy, James N. 
Harrington, Joseph. 
Harrison, Charles J. 
Haiist, Fred H. 
Hcddlesioii. R. C. 
Herbert. S. T. 
Hilbert, James S. 
HiU, E. \V. 
Hill, Walter B. 
Hill, William M. 
Hiiidle, Arthur E. 
*Hohmann, W. B. 
Hull, Reuben M. 

Johnson, A. J. 
Jones, Harry E. 
Joseph, Adolph. 
■i^Joseph, Henry. 
Kernot. H. A. 
Knowlcs. Frank. 
Koch, Frederick A. 
Lewis, T. E. 

McCarron. H. P. 
McCurdy. Frank W. 
McGarrv, M. T. 
McGraw. William M. 
McKinney, Will H. 
McMasters. Harry J, 
McNicol, T. A. 
McNutt, H. F. 

Madden. Dan J. 
Maher, John F. 
Martin, J. A. 
Maxu-cll, J. H. 
Meredith, George \V. 
.Menssig. C. Nick. 
.Miller, Kol)ert. ^ 
Moore, C. 

Norris, C. F. 

Ogden. C. B. 
Oppelt, Edwin. 
Orr, David M. 
Oschniann. Fcrd. 

Paterson, R. W, 
Peach, George. 
Perry, Howard S. 
Peterson, dial. 
•ftPhillips. George J. 
Polk, William. 
Pollock, John. 
Powell, John. 

Rex, W. E. 
Rigby, George E. 
Rineliart, H. S. 
Risinger, H. W. 
Roe, A. C. 
Roe, Thomas. 
Rose, John J. 

Scraggs, Ralph. 
Shcnkel, Jacol). 
Shinglcr, M. R. 
Silcott. W. L. 
Solomon, Abe. 
Stein, Jacob. 
Steinfeld, Louis. 
Stevenson, Charles E. 
Stewart, James H. 
Stewart, Walter F. 
Stewart, W. Charles. 
Stnbbs, William M. 

Taylor, R. W. 
Thompson, E. W. 
Thompson, Thomas V. 
Travis, G. Y. 
Trump, F. L. 
Turnbull, Joseph. 

Viney, George. 

Wade, William D. 
Wagner, Frank L. 
Walters. Robert. 
Webber, ,^mbrose E. 
Webber. Robert A. 
*We!ls, W. E. 
Whit. Sol. 
Williams. E. W. 
Wylie. Harry R. 

Our Absent Brothers. 

Laughlin, S. M. 
Stewart. W. E. 
Fuller, J. J. 

Dix, C. M. 
Mountford. John. 
Eardley, George. 

Moore, James. 
Stewart, R. F, 
Nixon, Henry. 


East I.i\'i:Ki'0(ti, N'u. 258. 

luiwix B. C.uL].i>, 

li.viilti.-d Ruler 1902-0.3. 


Ell. I.. C-\us(i.N, 

Decorating Manager. 

Homer Loiigiilin China Co. 

I B. Cameron. 

1"..K-Slalc Treasurer. 

Lisbon, Ohio. 


Cafe and Saloon. 


(■KoliC.K 1-'.. l\H.i:v, 

JoSKl'll W. Gi:uN, 
Cafe and Saloon. 


!'".ASr 1 .U'i:i;i'n(il. No. 2^8, 

JlllIN P, I'ui.l.DCK. 

William Fnll.ick & Son, 

Harrison S. RrxKnART. 

I.ivery and 

General Cimtracliiig. 

RrssKi.i. C. Mi;[)ni.i:sTo.\. 
I[ecl(llesl(jn HnillKT-^. 

John Canm;, 


Ambrose E. Wkuber. 

VVhnlc^alc Bocr A.ijcnt. 

Hosier, Cokinibiis; .Sililillar. 


I'".AST I,u'i:i<i'(i(>i, Xo. 258. 

J. A. Martin, 

Judge Probate Court, 

Cohimbiana County. 

Dr. J. B. GEORcr, 


History of Sandusky Lodge No. 285. 

SANDUSKY LODGE, No. 285, was instituted June 13, 1894, under dispen- 
sation granted by the then Grand Exalted Ruler, Edwin B, Hay, of Wash- 
ington, D. C, Lodge, No. 15. The work of initiation of members, insti- 
tution and installation of officers was conducted by District Deputy B. S. Garver, 
of Freemont Lodge, No. 169, and took place in Knights of Pythias Mall. Man) 
members of Fremont, No. 169, and Tiffin, No. 94, Lodges were present and 
assisted in the organization. 

The charter members were: S. A. Court, h". L. Fclch, W". 11. Watts. J. C. 
Parsons, F. F. Lehman, C. L. DeWitt, }. E. Scbuck, F. J. Seitz, Henry Sohoepfle, 
E. F. Eldridgo. W. H. Gilcher, ]•'.. H. Zurhorst, George C. I'.eis, C. H. Zimmer- 
man, William Dehnel, W. I. Jackson, W. II. Herbert, James I''lynn, .A. C. Ler- 
mann, G. M. Zimmerman, II. I'". Williamson, W. L. .Mlendorf, P. G. Walker, 
J. P. Stein, L. M. Lea, J. J. Moltcr, !•:. J. Shives, F. II. Schnaitter, C. L. Wagner, 
B. R. Hubbard, C. G. Nielson, F. J. IVlz, C. Gernhardt, A. A. Smith, W. W. 
Bowen, H. A. Cliandler, H. F. h'.ngels, C. J. Krupp, R. E. Schuck, W. F. Seitz, 
Ph. Buerkle, J. A. Feick, Charles Traub, James Doran. 

The charter officers were: S. A. Court, E.xalted Ruler; George C. Beis, Es- 
teemed Leading Knight: John P. Stem, Esteemed L<j\al Knight: W. W. Bowen, 
Esteemed Lecturing Knight: F. L. Fclch, Secretary: C. H. Zimmerman, Treas- 
urer: William Dehnel, Tyler: Lewis M. Lea, Estpiire: \V. H. Watts, Inner Guard; 
H. A. Chandler, Chaplain: W. I. Jackson, Organist: J. J. Molter, J. C. Parsons, 
Hugo F. Engels, Trustees. 

Beginning in 1894 with a charter membership of but forty-four, Sandusky 
Lodge has steadily advance<l in interest and importance, and increased to a mem- 
bership at this time of two hundred antl four, among them being many of the 
most representative business and professional men of the city, as well as dis- 
tinguished citizens. In 1899 the Grand Lodge complimented Sandusky Lodge 
by the appointment of one of its honored members. Brother S. .A. Court, as Chair- 
man of tiie Committee for Codifying Grand Lodge Laws. 

The meetings of the lodge are held on the first and third Tuesday evenings, 
to which all Elks are cordially invited and heartily welcomed. 

Past Exalted Rulers 

Court. S. .\ Jan. 1.5. iSo-t to April, i8q5 Fclcli. F. I. 1S90— 1900 

Beis George C i8g5 — 1896 Lehman. F. F looo — looi 

Schnaitter. Frank H 1896—1897 Wrierht. C. T 1901— 1002 

Krnpn Chailes J 1897—1898 Schoenfle. H. C ii;o2— 1903 

Mollcr. Tohn f iSoS— 1899 Blatz. Cliarles L 1903—1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Court S. A. Krupp. Charles J. Lehman. F. F. 

Beis. George C. Molter. John J. Wright. C. T. 

Schnaitter, Frank H. Felch, F. L. Schoepfle. H. C. 


Samh sk\' Xii. jSt. 

li.valtcd Ruler 

list, /.etuliiii; Kiiii;lil.. 
list. J.oyal Kiiiiilil. . . . 
list, l.rtliiiiiii; Kiii.!j,lil. 




Officers, 1903-04. 

.t'liarlcs I.. Bkil.'. lisiiiiiic \. !•'. BiciiiiUcr 

J. II. Siiiglcr Inner (iimril |. IC. llernuui 

Pli. BiicrUlc Cliaf<hiin \V. II. Herbert 

I''.]'. Hill/ Orf^aiiisl Alhcn 11. Rittcr 

J. C. Haiiscr 'I'rKstei-s: 

.\V. I,. Allciidovl H. 'I'. ('...,1k1, C. J. Knipp 

.JdIiii Mcnrniiott C, C, Warren. 

.\Icolt. O. S. 
.'Mleiidorf. W. 1,. 
Alvord, P. E. _ 
.AiKlcrsoii, U. G. 
.Atwatcr, A. L. 

Each, AllKMt. 
Bales, Joseph. 
Bauman. P'red. 
Beatty, G. L. 
•i'Beis, George C. 
Biehl, C. C. 
Biehl, F, J., Jr. 
Biehl, L. A. 
Biemiller, A. F. 
Blackford. G. A. 
*Blatz, Charles I.. 
Blatz, E. M. 
Blinn, A. C. 
Boecklins;. G. A. 
Breiinaii. D. J. 
Biierkle, Philip. 

Cook. A. F. 
Cooke. H. Dell. 
Cooke, T. Pitt. 
Court. A. B. 
*Coiirt, S. A. 

Dane, Harry. 
Dehncl. William. 
DcWitt. W. C. 
Dick, C. Emricli. 
Diet?-, Jacoh. 
Dildine. Charles. 
Dimon, J. B. 
Doane. A. E. 
Docrzhach. Geor.ce J. 
Docrzhach. G. M. 
Donahne. C. Faher. 
Dnnaluie. J. Frank. 
Doran. James. 
Douglas. J. K. 
Dnennisch. l.nnis. 

Fl.rn. C \ 
Fckler. A. r. 
Fndlo. M'N. 
tEnsrels. C. I.. 
Fngcls. Hugo F. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

I'Jigels, Otto. 

Farrell, J. J. 
Feick, Lonis .\. 
Fiesingcr. W. I.. 
*Felch, F. L. 
Fekon, \V. F. 
Flynn, James. 
Foster, H. A. 

Garling. Harry E. 
Gerhard, J. F. 
Gilcher, W. A. 
tGilcher, W. H. 
Gillard, D. 
Gillard, E. E. 
Gilmore, H. Ij. 
Ging, J. F. 
Goebel, H. T. 
Graves, \V. C. 
Giierin, W. E.. Jr. 

Haas, Frank. 
Hagel, Richard. 
Hanson, \V. H. 
Hauser, J. C. 
Havelick, S. C. 
Heineman, H. 
Herl>ert, \V. H. 
Herman. J. E. 
Hillelsen, F. S. 
Hiltz, F. P. 
riimmclein, J. H. 
Hoke. C. C. 
Hollingshcad. George. 
Homegardner, George. 
Homegnrdner, J.. Jr. 
Howard. W. \\'. 
Hull, I.inn \V. 

Isaacs, Harry. 

Jones, E. I.. 

Kaplan, S.nni'c]. 
Kaiizler. Tav F. 
King, R. K 
Klein. R. G. 
Knnnf. E. G. 
Koch. E. E. 

Kriidwig, .\. C. 
• I'Krupp. diaries J. 
Krnpp, ha J. 
Kucbeler, .\.. }v. 
Kunz, R. 1). 

I.ane, .\. VV. 
i^'Leliman, F. F. 
Lehrer, C. .\. 
Lehrer, G. T. 
Hermann, A. C. 
Leser, J. F. 
Link, M. .M. 

McDermott. John. 
Mackey, D. J. 
Magill, A. A. 
Magill. VV. F. 
Marble. O. \V. 
Marshall. F. K. 
Martin, J. Bndd. 
Meickle, I. F. 
Mellcn. A. J. 
Michel. .'Xiignst. 
Miller. A. F. 
Miller. C. F. 
Miller. Fred. 
Miller, J. M. 
Miller. J. W. 
Mischler, Daniel. 
Mitchell, F. J. 
*MoIter. John J. 
Afoore. C. W. 
Moos. E. R. 
Mnir. I. A. 
^flIrschcI. William, 
dryers, G. F. 

tXiclscn. C. A. 

Odonhaiisrh, E. N. 
O'Donnell. A. G. 
Ohloniachor. F \V. 
Osbcrg. C. I.. 

P.ilmcr. B n. 
Parsons. J t" 
Pari ridge J.inus. 
Panlscp. F. E. 
Pelz, F. W. 

■^f Indicates GranH I.oHrc Mcinbcr. 
t Life Mcinltcr. 


History of Sandusky Lodge No. 285. 

SANDUSKY LODGE, No. 285, was iiistimtcd June 13. 1S94, under dispen- 
sation g^rantcd by tlie then Grand I^'xaited Ruler, Edwin B. Hay, of W asli- 
ington, 1). C, Lodge, No. 15. Tlic work of initiation of members, insti- 
tution and installation of ofificers was conducted by District Deputy P>. S. Carver, 
of Ereeniont Lodge, No. 169, and took place in Knights of Pythias Hall. Many 
members of Eremont, No. 169, and Tiffin, Xo. 94, Lodges were present and 
assisted in the organization. 

The charter nienilnrs were: S. A. Court, E. L. Eelch, W. II. Watts, J. C. 
Parsons. E. 1'. Lelnnan, C. L. DeWitt, J. Iv Scluick, E. J. Seitz, Henry Schoepfle, 
E. E. Eldridge, W. II. Gilcher, E. II. Zurhorst, George C. Bcis, C. H. Zimmer- 
man. William Dehnel. W. I. Jackson, W. H. Herbert, James Elynn, .\. C. Ler- 
mann. G. .M. Zimmerman, 11. E. Williamson, W. L. .Mlendorf, P. G. W.alker, 
J. P. Stein, L. .M. Lea, J. J. Molter, E. J. Shives, E. H. Schnaitter. C. L. Wagner, 
B. R. Hubbard. C. G.Nielson, F. J. I'elz, C. Gernhardt, .\. .V. Smith, W. W. 
Bowen, H. A. Chandler, H. E. Engels, C. J. Krupp, R. E. Schuck, W. E. Seitz, 
Ph. Bucrkle, J. .\. Eeick, Charles Traub, James Duran. 

The charter officers were: S. A. Court, Exalted Ruler; George C. Beis, Es- 
teemed Leading Knight ; John 1'. Stein, Esteemed Loyal Knight ; W. W. Bowen, 
Esteemed Lecturing Knight; F. L. Eelch, Secretary: C. H. Zimmerman, Treas- 
urer: William Dehnel, Tyler; Lewis M. Lea. Esquire; W. H. Watts, Inner Guard; 
H. A. Chandler, Chaplain: W. 1. Jackson, Organist: J. J. .Molter, J. C. Parsons, 
Hugo E. Engels, Trustees. 

Beginning in 1894 with a charter membership of but forty-four, Sandusky 
Lodge has steadily advanced in interest and importance, and increased to a mem- 
bership at this time of two hundred and four, among them being many of the 
most representative business and professional men of the city, as well as dis- 
tinguished citizens. In 1899 the Grand Lodge complimented Sandusky Lodge 
by the appointment of one of its honored iriembers. Brother S. A. Court, as Chair- 
man of the Committee for Codifying Grand Lodge Laws. 

The meetings of the lodge are held on the first and third Tuesday evenings, 
to which all Elks are cordially invited and heartily welcomed. 

Past Exalted Rulers^ 

Court S. .-\ n. 1S04 to April, l8qs Fclch, F. I... iSgo-iQoo 

Beis Georee C 1895— 1896 Lehman, F.F 1000— looi 

Schn-iittcr. ■ Frank II i8(/>-i8q7 Wrieht C. T "5°'-'°°; 

Krnpn Charlos 1 1807-189S SchoenHe. H. C 1902-190.? 

Moller. Tohn I.' iSqS— i8q9 Blatz. Charles 1 1903-1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Court. S. A. Knipp. Ch.arles J. ■•';''.'"••'"• ^- ^ 

Beis, Ce.M-ge C. Molter. John J. ^^ l'^\ "^b ^ 

Schnaitter, Frank II. Felch, F. L. Schoepfle. H. C. 


S.\^■|l^sl^^ Xo. jS^. 

Officers, 1903-0/,. 

I:.vallc.l knin ... Clurlcsl Ulalx lis.i„nc \. F. Biemillcr 

'■■/'■ J-i-"<liii.i: I'^iii.kIiI J. II. .Suiglcr liiiu-i CiHinl | l." licrmui 

l:st. I.iiyal kiii!ilil Ph. B„crl<lo L/iaphiin \\ u Horhcr' J.rrliinii:.; knifilil I'". I'. Hill/ Oixmnsl AllRttil Riitcr 

.Wcrctary J. C. 1 laiiscr 7V/,.v/,v.v : 

f'';"-"'""''' )^'- '- Alkndorl II. T (;,,cl,d, T J. Kiit|.|. 

'■>■''''■ Jolin McDirmotl C. C Warnii 

Roster, 1903-04. 

•Moott, O. S. 
.'MIciKlorf, W. L. 
Alvortl, F. E. 
."XiKltrson, U. G. 
.■\t\vater, A. L. 

Bacli, .'\Il>ert. 
Bales. JoSL-pli. 
Baunian. F'rc-d. 
Bcatty, G. L. 
•iBeis, George C. 
Biehl, C, C. 
Bielil, F. I . Ir. 
Biehl, L. A. 
Biemillcr, A. F. 
Blackford. G. A. 
^Blatz, Charles L. 
Blatz, E. M. 
Blinn, A. C. 
Boeckliiig, G. A. 
Breniiaii. D. J. 
Buerkle, Philip. 

Cook, A. P. 
Cooke, H. Dell. 
Cooke, T. Pitt. 
Court, A. B. 
*Court, S. A. 

Dane, Harry. 
Dehncl. William. 
DcWitl. \V. C. 
Dick, C. Emrich. 
Dietz, Jacol). 
Dildinc, Charles. 
Dimon, J. B. 
Doane. A. E. 
Doerzbach. J. 
Doerzhach. G. M. 
nnnaliiie. C. F.ahcr. 
Donahue. J. Frank. 
Doraii, James. 
Doiislas. J. K. 
Diieiinisch. Louis. 

Kherl, C. X 
Fcklor. A. T. 
Fndle. M-x". 
tl-.n.scls, C. 1.. 
I'ligols. Hugo F. 

Engels, Utlo. 

Parrel I ^ j. j 
Fcick, i.oui^ A. 
Fiesingcr, W. I.. 
-iPelch, P. L. 
Fclton, \V. F. 
Flynn, James. 
Poster, H. A. 

Garling, Harry \\ 
Gerhard, J. F. 
Gilcher, W. A 
tGilcher, \V. II. 
Gillard, D. 
Gillard, E. E. 
Gilmorc. H. D. 
Ging. J. p. 
Goebel, H. T. 
Graves, W. C. 
Guerin, \V. E.. Jr. 

Haas. Frank. 
Hagel, Richard. 
Hanson, \V. H. 
Hauser, J. C. 
Havel ick, S. C. 
Heineman, H. 
Herbert, W. H. 
Herman, J. E. 
Hillelsen. P. S. 
Hiltz. F. P. 
riimmelein, J. H. 
Hoke. C. C. 
HoIIingslicad, George. 
Homcgardner. George. 
Homegardner, J.. Jr. 
Howard. \V. W. 
Hull. I.inn W. 

Isaacs. Harry. 

Jones. E. I,. 

Kaplan, ."^amm-l. 
Kan/lor. Ia\ F. 
King. F. P.' 
Klein, R. G. 
Knonf. E. G. 
Knch, E. E. 

Krudwig, .\. C. 
ifKrupp, Charles J 
Krupp. Ira J. 
Kuebeler, .A., [r. 
Kunz, R. 1). 

Lane, A. W . 
"Lehman, F. F. 
Lehrcr, C. .A. 
Lehrer, G. T. 
Lermann, A. C. 
Leser, J. P. 
Link, M. M. 

.McDermott. lohn 
.Vlackcv. D. I." 
Magill, A, .A. 
.Magill, W. P. 
.Marble, O. \V. 
.Marshall. F. K, 
Martin, J. Budd. 
Meickle, J. p. 
Mellen, A. J. 
Michel, August. 
Miller. A. F. 
Miller, C, P. 
Miller, Fred. 
Miller, J. M. 
Miller, J. \V. 
Mischler. Daniel. 
Mitchell, P. I. 
*Molter, John J 
Moore. C. W. 
Moo.s, E R 
MuJr, I. A. 
Murschcl. William. 
M.vcrs, G. F. 

t.Vielsen, C. .A. 

Odcnbautrb, E. \ 
O'Donnell, A. G. 
Dhlemacher. F W 
Osberg, C. L. 

Palmer. B. P.. 
Parsons, J. C. 
P.irtridge. J.Tmes. 
Paulsen. F. E. 
Pelz, P. W. 

^' Indic.itcs Grail"! F.odgc Mcinhcr, 
t Life Minilier. 


Sandi SKV No. J85. 

Perrv, I. J. 
Pfcif, H. H. 
Pfeil, C. G. 
Pollack, SaiiuK'l. 
Potter, Allen 11. 

PlLScIl, Elllil. 

Qiiinn, C. D. 
Qiiinn, John. 

Rakestraw, Frank. 
Ray, John. 
Rcinhart. \V. H. 
Renner, [. F. 
Rentier, H. C. 
Rittcr, A. H. 
Rittcr, Edwin 1. 
Ritter, \V. H. 
Rosers, H. S. 
Rosino, J. F. 
Rover. .Xnalnle. 
Ryan, J. A. 

Sampson. A. N. 
Satterficld. Lawrence. 
Sa Van. Charles. 
.Sawyer, J. A. 
Scliafcr. George. 

Schanh. \V. C. 
Schcnflcr, J. (". 
Scliippcl. C. G. 
ASchnaitler, Frank II. 
T^Schoepfle, H. C. 
Schwolir, (iCorRc .'\. 
Schwcssinffer, V.. C. 
Seitz, F. J. 
Seitz, VV. F., Jr. 
Shives, F. J. 
SinRlcr, J. F. 
Smith, A. A. 
Smith, Bert D. 
Smith, Edward -A. 
Smith. G. G. 
Smith, John H. 
Sowders. William. 
tStanR. John F,. 
Stein, J. P. 
Strobel, C. J. 
Strenbe. C. H. 
Strnhel, R. M. 

Tadsen, P. K. 
Tranb, Charles. 

Uthe, C. A. 

Wagnor, A. M. 
VVaRner. Jo.^cph I'" 
Wagner, Reed K. 
Warren, C. C. 
Warren, Frank. 
Watts, W. H, 
Wclirlc. W. E. 
West, George C. 
Whitney, A. G. 
Warren, C. C. 
Warren, Frank. 
Watts, W. H. 
Wehrlc. W. E. 
West, George C. 
Whitney, .V G. 
Wie.gel,' I. R. 
Wicgel, 1.. S. 
Winters, C. C. 
*\Vri!rht, C. T. 
Williams, A. O. 
Williams, J. F. 
Williamson. C. T. 

Yingling. J. S. 
Yochem, C. A. 

Zimmerman, C. H. 
Zimmerman, George M. 

Our Absent Brothers. 

Bowen, Walter W., Feb. 5, 1895. 
Stevens, Walter J., April if, 189S. 
Marsh, Mitchell L., Sept. 24, 1899. 
Curtis, Howard J., Nov. 18, igoo, 
Herman, Clande T., Nov. 21, 1900. 

Kieffer, F. DeWald, .■\ug. .-^o, 1901. 
Pelz, Frank J.. Jan. 17, 1902. 
Niclson, Carl G„ May 10, 1902. 
DeWitt. Chester L., July 12, 1902. 
-\rend, August H., .'\ug. i, igo.-i. 
Sinnerson, John, Jr.. Nov. 27, 1903. 


Samm sl^^ Nil. -''^T. 

DH. J. E. Hi-.UMAN. 

Inner Guard 1903-04. 

c'.i:()Uc.i: I- 1 )iii.u/r.Ai'ii. 

Sec. Hoard 0/ Lmvcrnoys jiJO.VtM. 

KcniuT X: 1 Jncr/lincli. I'iaiin-.. 

CiiAKi.i;;^ 1- lilAI/. 

E.viilU-d Knii-r n/),vtM. 

MiiSi-.,- Scc.-Tjxsi,-. 'I'lic r.. I'. 

Scxlon Co.. Iiii|>"ii<-'i " ■i"'l \^> li"li' 

sale- I.itniiir-. 

John V. Cinx. 


.Max I'Inih.i;, 

Agi. (.'k-vclaiul. Sandusky I'.rcw. 


Ccllcvuc, Ohio. 

William Homer Reinhart, 

President and Manager Sweet Valley Wine Co. Producers "Royal Elk" Brand of Wine. 


Samhsks .\'( 


Tilt Eiigtls & Krudwig Wine Co. 

Aldkht C. Kkldwig, 


Tile Eiigeli & Kriidwig Wine Co. 

Ilic.ii !•'. M.\i.i;i.s. 

SccrcCiry ami Treasurer. 

The lingels & Knitlwig Wine Co. 



l'"l<.\NU M.\.\s. 

Dealer iii 
, l.i(|iiors ami Cigar.s. 

History of Warren Lodge No. 295. 

THE institution of tilts lodge took place duriiif:; the afternoon and night cf 
Fehriiar\' i, 11895, in Odd Fellows hall, the ceremonies heing in charge of 
Cleveland Ix)dge, Brotlier George R. VVoolf, District Deputy, officiating, 
\'oiingsto\vn Lodge assisting. 

The following, all representative citizens of Warren, were its charter members : 
E. R. McCnim, George Predmore, C. M. Wilkins, J. L. Hliiott, F. M. Ritezel, 
J. J. Sullivan, F. C. McConnell. E. P. McConkle," E. A. I'.iery, E. A. Voit. 
j. N. Thompson. J. H. Ray, R. VV. Paden, M. B. Tayler, J, L. Sniitli, Richard 
Sibson, S. Stemberger, R. W. Elliott, D. A. Geiger, J. E. Pickering, VV. S. 
Voit, F. A. Wolf, C. B. Selby, Warren Packard. 

The charter officers installed on night of institution were: J. J. Sullivan, 
Exalted Ruler, C. M. Wilkins, Esteemed Leading Knight; C. B. Selby, Esteemed 
Loyal Knight ; J. E. Pickering, Esteemed Lecturing I'Cnight ; R. W. Paden Sec- 
retary ; J. N. Thompson, Treasurer; F. A. Wolf, Tyler; Richard Sibson, Esquire; 
E. A. Voit, Inner Guard. 

The banquet and social session, which followed the installation of officers, 
was one of the most delightful affairs of the kind ever given in Warren. For 
several weeks after its organization the lodge held its meetings in the Knights 
of Pvthias' hall, after which time they moved into quarters prepared for them in 
N^autrot block, where they have continued ever since. In 1900 the lodge spent 
$5,000 in fitting up and furnishing their cozy quarters and they now have beau- 
tifully arranged and furnished parlor, library, card, grill and lodge rooms, 
views of which, photographed by Bro. Will S. \'oit, have been reproduced and 
will be found printed in this work. 

Past Exalted Rulers., J. J 1895— 1896 Voit, W. S 1899—1900 

WilK-ins, Charles M .89<^i897 Gorton, R. E. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ■9a>-;90. 

Pickering, J. E 1897— 1»9« Ritezel. F. M 1902—1903 

Ward. W. C 189S— 1890 Cole. A. S 1903— 1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Sullivan. J. J. Ward, W. C. Ramev. H. B. 

Wilkins. Charles M. Voit, W. S. Ritezel. F. M. 

PickorinR. J. E. CK.rton. R. E. Cole. .\. S. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler .A. S. Cole Tyler C. E. Kinneman 

Est. Leading Kiiit;lit J. R. Davis Esquire F. H Waldeck 

Est. Eoynt Kiiii-lit B. C. Smith /)i)ier Guard H. C. Dean 

Est. l.eeturiug. Kni'ht . . .W . W. Dnnnavant Trustees. 

Seerclary T. J. Lamb O. R Orinmusy. J. O. Leslie, 

Treasurer 7.. F. Cravcr C. H. Masters. 


W'aukKn No. 295. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

.■\lford, H. J. 
Allen, W. F. 
Anffstadt, O. \V. 
.■\iighcnbaiigh, George. 

Banner, Robert J. 
Baldwin, C. R. 
Barnes, J. H. 
Beard, A. G. 
Beard. George W. 
Becktey, VV. J. 
Bennington, J. M. 
Biery, Edward A. 
Bishop, Daniel F. 
Bracken, B. B. 
Braden, G. C. 
Bradv, J. I.. 
Bradford. C. P. 
Bratton, T. M. 
Brierly. F. M. 
Britton, Nelson. 
Burrows. Joseph. 
Byard, P. L. 

Canfield. George W. 
Carey, C. E. 
Carpenter, E. A. 
Chadwick. L. 
Chryst. C. C. 
Cho'st. F. S. 
Clapp, F. M. 
Clanson, W. H. 
Clement. George. 
Coalc. William. 
Cobb. Rollin A, 
Codville. W. J. 
Cohen, I. C. 
T^rColc. A. S. 
Craver, Zene F. 

Davis, Joseph R. 
Dean. H. G. 
Dennis. George. 
DeVoc. George B. 
nict^. C. H. 
Douthitt, G. F. 
Dotithitt. T. D. 
Diinnavant. W. W. 

Edwards. Beninniin W: 
Edwards. W. F. 
Elliott. T. I.. 
Elliott. R. W. 
Evans. Riclmrd. 
Ewalt. Gcnrcc. 
Ewalt. R. \V. 

Fisher. D. S. 
Fitzpatrick. J. 
Fuller. John A. 

Gasseli, G. 1.. 
Gciger, Daniel .\. 
Gilbert. H. R. 
Gillnier, Elmer \\ . 
Gillmer, K. 1. 
Gorton. George. 
"Gorton. R. F. 
Green, E. C. 
(jriftin, William. 
Cirininiesv, O. R. 
Guliek, E. J. 

IJahnc. J. Charles. 
Hall. Gilbert B. 
Hansclman. D. F. 
Hawkins, H. 1.. 

Henderson. William M. 
Hewitt. R. B. 
Hughes, Alfred R. 
Hurlburt, W. J. 

Jamison. Groves C. 
Jones. .'\. F. 
Jones, George H. 

Kane, P. J. 
Kclley. M. J. 
KeT\nedy. M. B. 
Kiglitlingcr. Frank B. 
Kin" Ernest L. 
Kiiuieman. Clyde F. Charles P. 
Koonce. H. Harley. 
Kuntz. C. S. 

lyanib. T. T. 
Leslie. J. O. 

McClean. J. J. 
McClurc. Joseph E. 
McConnell. Frank C. 
McKee. S. H. 
McMnnus. J. C. 
Macklin. S. E. 
Madolc. B. M. 
Mannix, A. B. 
Marvin. T. H. 
Masten. F. H. 
Masters. Charles JJ. 
Maynard. F. E. 
Messenger. E. E. 
Milner. H. I,. 
Milrics. H. I . 
Mishlcr. R. T. 
Mnscr. C. W. 
Moscr. D. K. 
Mnrrav. M. E 

Xasbcr. Matthew. 

Xewton, C. B. 
Oakley, W. B. 
Ohl, Alva M. 

Paden, R. W. 
Padgett, Marius M. 
Parker, M. S. 
Peebles, W. F. 
ttPickering. J. E. 
Pitkin. J. L. 
Post, S. J. 
Poulston, A. E. 
Price. John T. 
Pudrith, C. I.. 

'"■Ramey, H. B. 
Ray. J. H. 
Richardson, J. C. 
Ritchie, William J. 
Rigg, C. B. 
tVRitezel. F. M. 
Roberts, E. E. 
Roof, C. R. 
Rose, F. E. 
Russell, Ward. 

tSanford. L. W. 
Sawyer. B. J. 
Schoonover, C. L. 
tSchweitzer, Louis. 
Scovilic, James ^L 
Searigl.t. J. C. 
Selby. C. B. 
Siegfried, C. R. 
Simpson. D. G. 
Slaughter. S. E. 
Smith. AlBert C. 
Smith, Henry W. 
Smith. J. M. 
Smith, S. S. 
Spcrra, O. P. 
Spill, William .\. 
Slockcr. A. W. 
Stone. W. B. 
.St rock. Byron. 
Strong. C. A. 
tStruble, C. H. 
'rSiillivan. J. J. 
Swayer. W. B. 

Tavler. Matthew B. 
Tavlnr. George H. 
Taylor. W. N. 
Templeton. F. D. 
Thomas. E. J. 
Thomas. Walter. 
Thompson. James X. 
Tickner. D. S. 

\^nn Gorder. F. S. 

^ Indicates r.r.Tiid I.oilpc Mcnihcr. 
Life Member. 


Wakkkn No. 20^. 

Vniilrot. Fiilcs, 
Voit, F. A. 
viVoil, \V. S. 


Waller. H. J. 
^-W'ard, \V. C. 
Warren, Henrv O. 
Waldcck, F. H. 

Walilock. J. F. 
WcUli. II. I.. 
Weir, H. H. 
WcslKii.ird, .\. L. 
Wcstlakc, William A. 
wWilkins. Charles M. 
Williams. M. .S. 
WilliaiiLs. J. \V. 

Williams, Thomas. 
Williams, W. A. 
Wilson. Ed. J. 
Wolf, F. Albert. 
Wolf, William C. 
Wiiert^^cr, F. W., J. C. 

Our Jlbseni Brothers. 

Packard. Warren. 
Welsh, S. E. 
Harmon. J. D. 
Smith, John L. 
Holcomb, H. D. 

Sternberger. S. S. 
Perkins, H. B.. Jr. 
Little, F. F. 
McCullongh. J. P. 

Sidells. C. E. 
Perkins. Jacob. 
Babbitt, K .\. 
Sterritt, W. B. 


WaKNI-.X \'(I. 3 


R. VV. Paden, 

Traveling Salesman. 

F. M. RlTEZKI,. 
Exalted Rnler 1902-oj. 
William Ritezel & Co. 


H. A. Baiuutt, 
Died March 8, VMS. 

History of Salem Lodge No. 305. 

Till'", instiuilion of this lodge took place June 14, 1895, with thirty-seven 
charter iiiciiibers. the Yoiiiigstowii team coiuliicting the ceremonies. IMie 
visiting l-"lks participating in the installation and present on the occasion 
were C. W. McXah, fames Kennedv, Kd. H. Moore, Randall Montgomery, J. D. 
Maag, William Connell, John H. Kuhlmnn, W. I'.. Hall, D. H. Arnold. H. W. 

Davis, C. F. Brenner, 
Chester Little, -Max 
Ciiiegenheim, C. D. 
FeH, W. N. Moore, 
Eugene Rook, T. T. 
Rook, Dan McVane, 
Samuel Connell, Joe 
McFoos and Harry 
Ueegle, of Youngs- 
town ; Messrs. Rutter. 
T u r n e y , R o w e , 
Thompson, Albertson, 
Engle, Geo. R. VVoolf 
and J. A. Sommers, 
of Cleveland ; Robert 
Cochran, of Pitts- 
burg; T. F. VVasser, 
of Akron ; James H. 
App, of New York ; 
\\ill C. Morrow, of 
Lisbon, and F. W. Gaskill, of Alliance. The banquet was held in Cook Block, 
and plates were laid for 175. of whom many were guests. George R. Woolf, of 
Cleveland, was toast- _ 

master, and speeches 
were made by Frank 
Mercer, Mayor of the 
city. A. W. Tavlor. 
D.' D. Kirbv, ]. S. 
Goldy. William Dut- 
ton, James Robbins. 
S. \V. Ramsev and 
Hon. W. C. Hutchin- 
son, of Salem ; Tohn 
H. Ruhlman. " Ed. 
Moore, Randall 
Montgomery antl Ja.^. 
Kennedy, oi Yoimgs- 
town ; Robert Coch- 
ran, of Pittsburg, and 
T. F. Wasser. of Ak- 
ron. The speeches 
were rich witli bril- 
liant bits of wit and humor and filled with enthusiasm, that of Hon. VV. C. 


Salicm No. 305. 

lliitcliinson, in counselling and congratulating- the new members being par- 
ticularly felicitous and timely. 

The following officers were installed by District Deputy George R. Woolf, 
of Cleveland Lodge, in the rooms of the Knights of Pythias, Anderson Block, 
West Main street : William Dutton, Exalted Ruler ; John H. Hall, Esteemed 
Leading Knight ; Richard Cole, Esteemed Loyal Knight ; James Robbms, Es- 
teemed Lecturing Kniglit; Frank Y. Allen, Secretary; Charles M. Wilson, Treas- 
urer; H. A. Burke, Tyler; John W. Trotter, John H. Dougher, Peter Benekos, 
Frank P. Dunlap, John E. Murray, Trustees. 

The charter members were : William Dutton, John H. Hall, H. A. Burke, 
John H. Dougher, W. H. Harman, S. R. Koenreich, Frank A. Meyer, Frank Y. 
.Allen. John W. Trotter, Charles M. Wilson, George A. Shope, Richard Cole, 
F. P. Dunlap, Mont G. Cook, H. A. Lawrence, A. J. Henry, E. L. Gilson, John 
E. Murray. H. W. Smith, Josh Leaf, Daniel Murphy, A. W. Schiller, Orie A. 
Rutter, Ernest Riser, Peter Benekos, E. R. Meese, fames Robbins, Lee Green- 
away, Louis H. Brush, D. D. Kirby, F. B. Knowles, H. W. Kesselmire, O. K. 
Taylor, Jr., F. G. Bartholomew, W. E. Linn, William H. Kelly, Allen T. Thomas. 

The new hall and rooms of the Lodge, among the handsomest in the State, 
in Elks Building, McKinley avenue, were dedicated May 3, 1900. Past Exalted 
Ruler, Charles A. Betzler, of Cleveland, officiated as Deputy Grand Exalted 

The Lodge occupies the entire second and third floors, the parlors, billiard 
and reading rooms being on the second floor, and the lodge and waiting rooms 
on the third. The engravings give some idea of the elegance and beauty of the 
furnishings. This Lodge enjoys the distinction of having the largest member- 
ship in proportion to the population of the city of any Lodge in the State. 

Salem Lodge was honored in 1902 by the appointment of one of its most- 
highly esteemed and enthusiastic members, Louis Metzger, as District Deputy 
of Northeastern Ohio. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Dutton, William 1895—180') Kirby, D. D 1900— 1901 

Allen. Prank Y 1896— 1898 Davis, D. W 1901— 1902 

Brush, Louis H 189&— 1899 Miles, Dr. Frank T 1902— 1903 

Metzger, L. P 1899—1900 Smith, C. F 1903-1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Dutton, William. Metzger, L. P. Miles, Dr. Frank T. 

Allen, Frank Y. Kirby, D. D. Smith, C. F. 

Brush. Louis H. Davis, D. W. 

Officers. 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler C. F. Smith Esquire N. L. Reicli 

Est. Leading Knight. . . .Dr. A. W. Schiller Inner Cmnd John Jolinson 

Est Loyal Knight W. E. Lambert Chaplain J. A. Mounts 

Est. Lecturing Knight - F H Miller Trustees : 

Secretary J. Frank Kerr 

treasurer ii. A. Greiner W. S. .'\lchisou, W. G. Faucctt, 

Tyler James Sheen F. J. Eckstein. 


Salem No. 305. 

Adams, Arthur. 
.Adams, William. 
Alaback, Howard E. 
i^Allen, Frank Y. 
Armstrong, Herman C. 
iAnnstrong, Walter L. 
Astry, Oliver J. 
Atchison, Robert M. 
Atchijon, W. S. 

Baker, James Burt. 
Bare, Homer S. 
Barnes, Walter J. 
Barr, William H. 
Bartholomew, F. G. 
Bell, H. W. 
Berg, Conrad. 
Bick, Chris A. 
Blackwell. Harry H. 
Bonsall, Herbert T. 
Bosten, Harley. 
Bower, H. E. 
Bowman, M. E. 
Bradbury, William. 
Bradley, James \V. 
Britton, L. H. 
Brown, Clement V. 
Brown, DeWitt. 
Bryson, Lawrence. 
Buell, Samuel. 
Bullard. R. E. 

Calladine. Abram. 
Campbell. Charles C. 
Carnes, M. P. 
Carpenter, W. P. 
Carr, Charles S. 
Cobourn, K. L. 
Cole, John R. Dr. 
Cole, Richard. 
Conser, Georsfe VV. 
Connors. Beniamin F. 
Cook, Mont G. 
Crossley, W. F. 
Crumrine. W. M. 

Davis. Delamore L. 
■i^Davis, Demarest W. 
Deminpr. Frank B. 
Donaldson. Howard F. 
Dougher, E. M. 
Dougher. John H. 
Dow, Allan R. 
Dunn. Homer. 
Dunn, William. 
<fDutton, W^illiam. 

Earley. Charles S. 
Earley. William T. 
Eckstein, Frank J. 
Eells. Bert B. 
Elder. T. Frank. 
Elliott. John M. 
Evans. Eugene. 

•Cr Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Evans, William. 

Falkenberg, Frank S. 
Falkenberg, Jay t. 
Farrell, George T. 
Farrell, James. 
Fawcett, Willis G. 
Fetzer, James J. 
Finley, Emmet. 
Firestone, Ed. 
Fisher, James D. 
Forney, C. M. 
Fox, Harvey A. 
Fronk, J. Frank. 
Fuhrman, N. M. 
Fulmer, Charles VV. 

Gailey, M. L. 
Garside, J. S. 
Garwood, John. 
George, H. V. 
Getz, Alfred. 
Getz, Henry. 
Gilson, Edward L. 
Glass, A. W. 
Goldy, Jesse P. 
Green, Charles C. 
Green, Hiram K. 
Gregoris, George. 
Greiner. H. A. 
Grisez, Louis J. 
Grove, E. N. 
Grove, George W. 
Gunder, William H. 

Hall. John H. 
Hamilton, Charles E. 
Hare, William C. 
Harman, William H. 
Harris, C. D. 
Harris, L. B. 
Harris. Walter. 
Harroff, F. C. 
Harsh. Oscar T. 
Harwood, Walter. 
Hasbrouck, Claud C. 
Heaton, Rollin B. 
Hennessy, James T. 
Henry, Andrew Jackson. 
Hepburn, W. H. 
Herbert, J. L. 
Herold. Frank. 
Hole. W. W. 
Hoopes, J. C. 
Hurford, George L. 
Huxley, John. 
Huxley. J. Paul. 

Irwin, James VV. 

Jackson, D. H. 
Jamison. J. L. 
Jamison, William H. 


Jenkins, Harry. 
Jessup, Stephen C. 
Johnson, John. 
J ores. Dr. D. J. 
Juergens, Otto C. 

Kelley, Earl M. 
Kelley, Thomas O. 
Kelley, William H. 
Kelley, William J. 
Kendig, C. R. 
Kennedy, A. H. 
Kernohan, J. J. 
Kerr, J. Frank. 
Kesselmire, Harry W. 
^Kirby, D. D. 
Knowles. Frank B. 
Kotnreich, Samuel R. 

Lambert, William E. 
Lease, John W. 
Lee, John. 
Leonard, Charles P. 
Lewis, L. S. 
Linn, William E. 
Lowry, Paul. 
Lutes, Harry W. 
Lyon, Everett L. 
Lyon, H. O. 

McCarty, William F. 
McCurdy, S. S. 
McDonald. William M. 
McKeefrey, N. J. 
McKinney, Mike. 
McMackin. Charles. 
Maguire. Edwin J. 
Mather, Daniel E. 
Melbourne, A. E. 
Mercer, Frank. 
Mercer, William H. 
^Metzger. Lewis P. 
Meyer, F. A. 
Mickley. Samuel J. 
Miles, Di. Frank T. 
Miller, John H. 
Miller. L. H. 
Mitchell, John R. 
Montgomery. Ralph A. 
Moore, Charles B. 
Morgan, Ed. C. 
Morgan, John B. 
Morron, Will C. 
Mounts, John A. 
Mulford, William W. 
Murphy, Daniel H. 
Murray, John E. 

Nellie, Fred. 
Nelson. Henry C. 

O'Brien. George H. 
O'Connor, John. 

Salem No. 305. 

Oldham, Will H. 
Ossman, Conrad. 

Palmes, Orville D. 
Parfitt, A. 
Patterson, J. Park. 
Phillips, Curtis E. 
Pidgeon, W. H. 
Post, William. 
Pow, John, Jr. 
Pritchard, Ed. W. 

Quinn, George H. 

Rutter, Orie A. 
Schiller, Dr. .\ndrew 
Shafer, Harry L. 
Sharp, Granville V. 
Shawke, C. W. 
Sheiry, Frank P. 
Sheen, James. 
Sheehan, Warren H. 
Sheets, George. 
Shriver, John. 
Shriver, Joseph. 
Sigler, VVilliam D. 
Silver, A. Otis. 
Silver, Homer M. 

Stitt, James K. 
VV. Stricklin, S. E. 

Stratton, Lewis. 
Strohaker, John G. 
Swearingen, A. E. 

Tavlor, D. Arthur. 
Test, John R. 
Thomas, Allen T. 
Thomis, Charles F. 
Thompson, Homer VV. 
Thomson, Robert J. 
Triem, Dennis F. 
Turner, William D. 

Ramsey, Seward W. 

Smiley, Herman M. 

Redinger, Charles. 

Smith, C. E. 

Vohwinkel. Henry. 

Redinger. Fred. 

Smith, C. F. 

Votaw, E. G. 

Reeder, Eden. 

Smith. Christopher M. 

Reich, N. L. 

Smith, E. K. 

Walton, Thomas J., Jr. 

Reeves, Fred R. 

Smith. H. W. 

Webster. Karl L. 

Riddle, E. R. 

Smith, J. A. 

Weigel, Daniel. 

Riddle, Lodge. 

Snyder, Charles C. 

Welch, E. M. 

Robbins. James. 

Snyder. Ed. L 

Whitacre. Edward 

Roller. Charles. 

Sorg, Jacob G. 

Wirsching, Philipp. 

Rossiter. Tom. 

Springer, Charles E. 

Woolf, George F. 

Ruggy. Rex W. 

Stanley. Abram. 

Wright, T. E. 

Russi, John A. 

Steele, William G. 

Ruhl. Winfred S. 

Stewart, S. S. 

Yengling. Dr. Arthur C. 

Ruth, D. T. 

Stiffler, Harvey E. 

Yost. Dr. Edwin C. 

Our Absent Brothers. 

Campbell, Lloyd. 
Benekos, Peter. 
Allison, F. W. 
Young, P. C. 

Deemer, J. F. 
Brooks, J. T. 
Koll, Joseph. 

McKee, William S. 

Kennerdell, C. B. 

De Rhodes, William H. 


Sat, MM No. 305, 


Exalted Ruler 1904-05, 

Dr. Frank Thomas Miles, 

Exalted Ruler 1902-03. 


James Burt Baker, 
Taylor & Raker, 

James Ror.ntr.'s. 
Est. Lecturing Knight 1902-0,?. 
Mngr. Buckeye Engine Company 


William Dutton, 
Exalted Ruler 1895-96. No. 305. 


Esquire 1902- 1903. 
W'itli Buckeye Engine Company 

James Sheen, 

Tyler 1895-1904. 

Coal Dealer. 

Hiram A. Greiner, 



P^arvev Stiitler, 

Inner Guard 1902-03. 



Jacob G. Sorg. 

Chaplain 1902-03. 

Cigar Manufacturer. N( 


Lewis P. Metzger, 

Exalted Ruler 1899- igoo. 


Louis H. Brush, 

Gen. Mngr. Salem News, 

Treas.-Mngr. E. Liverpool Pub. 


Frank Y. .Allen, 

E-\ahed Ruler 1895-98. 


n. D. KiKuv, 

E.xalled Ruler 1900-01. 

Mngr. Salem Daily Herald. 


r)i:.\i-\kKST n.wis, 

E.\alted Ruler 1901-02. 

Vice Pies. Buckeye Engine Co. 

Allan R. Dow. 


Salem Water Works. 

Will II, Dlhiiam, 
lilcclrical Ivigiiieer. 


Sai.i;.\i i\(). 305. 


Builder of 
Church Organs. 

Fred Nellie, 
Marble and Granite 
Monumental Works. 

JusEi'ii Shuivek. 
Coal Dealer and Operator 


MuNT. C. Cook. 

Hotel and 
Billiard Parlors. No. -i,n~f. 

Everett L. Lyon, 


East Palestine, Ohio. 

T. Frank Elder, 


East Palestine, Ohio. 


Right of Way Agent, 
Central District & Ptg. Tel. Co. 

CoNR.\n Bi;kc, 

Pretzel Maiuifacturcr, 

l.eetonia, Ohio. 


N. J. McKEErKEv, 


Leetonia. Ohio. 

S.M.IIM Xo. ^03. 

John H. Dougher. 


W. H. Mullins Cornice Works 

William F. Crossley, 

General Manager 

Columbiana Coimty Tel. Co. 

William Dunn, 

Snpt. The Salem Co., 

Miners and Shippers of Coal. 

1). II. J.VCKSO.V, 

Mail Rome Agent. 


CrKiis I".. Phii.i.ii'S. 
Railway Postal Clerk. 

Sai.i;m No. 305. 

Will C. Morron, 


Lisbon, Ohio. 

Walter L. Ar.m strong. 

Assistant Cashier, 

Lisbon Banking Company. 

F.. R. Rrnm.r., 

Sii|)'l of Infinnary, 

Lisbon, Ohio. 


L. H. Britton, 
Lisbon, Ohio. No. 305. 

Charles E. Si-rinckr, 

Clerk Commercial Hotel. 

Lisbon, Ohio. 

Claud C. Hasurouck, 

Propr. Hasbrouck House, 

Lisbon, Ohio. 

James Albert Smith, 


Lisbon, Ohio. 

.1(111 N R. Mirciii;i.i.. 
Lisbon, Ohio. 

460 No. 305. 

Ci.KMENT V. Brown, 

Telegraph Ooerator, 

Beloit, Ohio. 

William E. Lambekt, 

John H. Hall, 


Deniing Pump Works. 

Paul Raymo.nd Lowkv, 
Buckeye Engine Company. 

Okie .-K. Rutteh, 
With Grciner-Brainard Hotel. 


Sai.i:m No -^05. 

Daniel Wkickl, 


American Steel and Wire Co. 

Edward L. Gilson, 

Iron Moulder. 

Deniing Pnnip Works. 

Henry Vohwinkel. 

Traveling Salesman, 

Pittsburg, Pa. 


Wai.tkr Harris, 
Cornice Maker, 
H. Mullins Cornice Works. 


C1.0YD D. Harris, 

Cornice M:iker, 

W. H. Mullins Cornice Works. 

S.\i.i:m Xo. ^o^. 

William T. Earley, 

Foreman Machinist, 

American Steel & Wire Company. 

Charles S. Earley, 


Buckeye Engine Company. 

Willia.m .-Xdams, 

.\ssi.^tant Foreman. 

Donora. Pa. 


Tom RnssiiKR. 

Tool Maker. 

Aw. .Steel & Wire 

John .-K. Russi, 
Railway Postal Clerk. 



Salkm N(i. 305. 


Triem & Murphy. 

William J. Kellev, 

Pattern Maker, 
Steiibcnville, Ohio. 

J. Park Patterson, 
Shoe Salesmar.. 


Bakery and Confectioner. 


Will H. DeRiiohes. 
Died October 22, 1903. 

Sai.i'm \'(i. 305. 

John J. Gahwooo, 


Buckeye liugiiic Cniiipaiiy. 

Ri:.\ W. Rrr.GV. 


Buckeye Engine Company. 

Charles B. Moore. 

Tool Maker, 

American Steel & Wire Co. 

IllU.Mdl !•". Al.AliACK. 

Kiln Hand. 


Harlkv Bostkn. 

Cornice Maker. 

W. II. Mnllins Cornice Works. 

\\'.\Ulii:N H. SllKKHAX. 


J. C. Soig. 

Walter J, Bar.nks, 

Livery and 

Boarding Stable. 

1 li-;ur.i;uT T. Hhnsm.i.. 


J.ukiyi' Mimlnc ('o;M|Kiny. 

Otto C. Ji'kkokns. 
Cigar Alaniifaclurer. 


History ol Niles Lodge No. 352. 

NlLliS I.ODCK, No. 352, was instituted July jtli. 1897, bv District Deputy 
(''■corq;c I'.uxton, Sr., of IvTst Liverpool Lodge, Xo. 258, under dispensation 
granted by Cirand l''xalted Kidcr Meade D. Dctweiler, of Harrisburg, Pa., 
l^odge, Xo. 241. To tin first Kxaited Ruler, VV. Aubray Thomas, who bad been 
up to tbc time of the institution of this lodge a member of Youngstown, is due 
tbe credit for working up the interest which resulted in the cstabHshmcnt of a 
Lodge of Elks in Xiles. the l)irth])Iace of the lamented President of the United 
States, William McKinley. 

licginning with a membership of but thirty- two, it has healthily and steadily 
grown until it now nmnbers one biuulred and twenty of tlie most prominent and 
substantial business and ])rofessional men of the city, as well as representative 
and honored citizens of the various walks and avocations of life. The larg.; 
proportion of tlie mcmliers whose excellent likenesses are presented in these pages 
attest the wboleiiearted interestedness felt 1)\- this family of Elks, where the 
noi)le principles of the ( )rder are exmplified to their fullest extent. In their 
delightfid home, views of which are herein given, they arc pleased at all times 
to receive and entertain visiting brothers. Their meetiiigs arc held on Tuesday 
nights, and all visiting brothers arc heartily welcomed. 

The following is a list of the charter members: W. .\ubrcy Thomas, Robert 
Weiss. Paul H. Hubbard, J. F. Morris. R. H. Ingraham, R. G. Sykes, L. W. 
Sanford. D. J. Finney. J. 1'.. Pearce, lul. Wagstaff, Jr., J. S. Caldwell. 

The charter officers were : W. Aubrey Thomas, Exalte<l Ruler : R. H. Ingra- 
ham, Esteemed Leading Knight; Roliert Weiss, Esteemed Loyal Knight; Paul 
H. Hubbard, Esteemed Lecturing Knight; John L. McDermott, Secretary; J. F. 
Morris, Treasurer: S. P. McDermott, Tyler: J. S. Caldwell, Esquire; R. Reece 
Williams, Inner Guard ; 1'. F. Duncan, Chaplain ; W. Samuel Evans, Organist ; 
R. G. Sykes, D. J. Finney, J. P.. Pearce, L. W. Sanford, Edward Wagstafif, Jr., 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Tlioiiias. W. .-\iil)ray iSij"— i8<_)S Williams, R. Reese 1901 — 1902 

Iiigraliam. R. H 181)8—1899 Weiss. Robert 1902— 1903 

Hiihhard. Paul i8<)9— ipoo Pritcliard. W. H 1003—1904 

Cakhvell. J. S 1000—1901 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Tlioiua=. W. Aiihray. C'.iMuilI. J. .S. Wels-. R.iliert. 

lugraliaiii. R. II. Williaius, R. Rjcsc. Priicliard. W. H. 

Hubliard, Paul. 


Nii.ics No. 352. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exallcil Ruler 

i^st. LcaJins: Kiiigltl. . 

Est. Loyal Kiiij^ht Lciluiiiifi Knijiht. 





.W. H. Pritcliard 
...H. V. Ormcrod 
. . Liitlier E. Lewis 

. . . .P. J. Slieeliaii 

G. R. Miller 

.F. W. Stilhvagoii 
...J. S. Caldwell 
M. D. Cascv 

Inner Guard Charles W. Matthews 

Chaplain Charles J. Tipper 

(JrganisI David J. Thomas 

'Trustees : 

J. \V. Tipper, W. AiiNrey . .lomas 

Rohcrt Weiss, John II. Rogers. 
D. J. Finncv. 

Allison, VVilliain C. 

Beck, Joseph J. 
Bentley, F. F. 
Biedenharn, Henry. 
Bland, Joseph. 
Bocan, John L. 
Bray, Alfred. 
Brown, Dr. H. S. 
Bryan, Frank E. 

<rCaIdwell, J. S. 
Callinan. Matt. 
Campbell. George C. 
Campl>ell George E. 
Campbell, George L. 
Campbell, James B. 
Casev, M. D. 
Clingan, Dr. T. O. 
Conley. Joseph. 
Crow, Charles. 
Crowe. Michael J. 
Crtimbey. William. 

Davis, Ivor J. 
DeGarmo, D. S. 
Dixon, W. H. 
Drabers, William H. 
Duncan. B. F. 
Dunn, William C. 

Evans, W. Samuel. 

Finney, D. J. 
Flaherty, John. 
Flaherty, Michael J. 
Flaherty, William E. 

Garrison. C. F. 
Gilbert. E. A. 
Green. D. H. 

Hall. E. H. 
Hamilton, D. C. 
Hanrahan. John. 
Harris, A. W. 
Harris. Charles G. 
Harris. D-l^■id. 
Harris. William E. 

Beach. Dr. A. M. 
Mason, H. H. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Herbert. Fred. 
Herbert, W. N. 
Hogan, Jolin P. 
hogan, Thomas G. 
Hogan, T. J. 
Holloway, Bert. 
Hobzbach, Joseph H. 
Ho^vells, George W. 
■i^Hubbard, Paul H. 

*Ingraham, R. H. 

Job, E. J. 
Job. L. S. 

Kaye. Richard. 
Kaye, William, 
Kerr, James M. 
Kirk. R. Carey. 
Kohlmorgan, John. 

Leavitt, John. 
Lewis, Luther E. 
Lonney. E. T. 
Lotze, Ed. H. 

McCartv. O. L. 
McCorkle. R. L. 
McCullom. Eugene. 
McDermott, Tohn L. 
McDermott, S. P. 
McFadden, Thomas. 
McGowan, Matt. 
McKenna, W. S. 
Matthews. Charles W. 
Mellinger. J. W. 
Miller. Grant R. 
Miller. Howard W. 
Moynahan. Daniel. 

Navlor, Will. Jr. 
No'well. C. S. 

O'Conncll. Tnuies ^f. 
n-Conucll. P. B. 
n'Den. J. F. 
Ohl Howard C. 
O'Xeil. Tohn. 
Ormcrod. Dr. Henry \'. 

■ir Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 

Our JIbsent Brothers. 

Tinpcr. John. 
.Schrocdcr, .Mcxandcr. 


Orwig, J. Harrison. 
Pearce, J. B. 
Pew, B. Frank. 
Pew. Charles S. 
Price. Job C. 
Pritchard, W. H. 
Redding, John J. 
Rogers, John H. 
Rose, Joel J. 

Scouller, C. R. 
iSheehan. P. J. 
Sigler, Dr. S. C. 
Smiley, W. H. 
Stevens. Frank M. 
Stevens. Harold A. 
Stille, H. M. 
Stillwagon, F. W. 
Sykes, R. G. 

Taylor, Wade A. 
Thomas, David J. 
Thomas. J. Edwin. 
Thomas, T. E. 
'1 nomas, W. A. 
■^Thomas, W. Aubrey. 
Thomas, William F. 
Thomas. W. R. 
Thompson. W. H. 
Tihbetts. Jaines T. 
Tipper. Charles J. 
Tipper. J. W. 

Vail, William. Jr. 

Wagstaff. Edward A. 
Wagstafif. Frank C. 
Waters. John E. 
Webb. Charles. 
Webb. Herbert. 
■*Weisf. Robert. 
Wilkes. William J. 
i^Williams. Richard Reese. 
Williams, Theo. 
Williams. Thomas .\. 
Wilson. William. 
Wood. Robert R. 
Wood. Thomas. 

Yeagley. James. 

Bvrnc. William P. 
Cole, I.eander S. 

.\'ii.i;s No. 

Luther E. Lewis. 
Loyal Knight 1903-04 

Dr. Hi:nrv V. OuMERou. 

Ust. Li-adiiii; Knight 1903-04, 


P. J. SuEICllAN, 
Eit. Lecturing Knight 1903-04, 

Grant K, Mii.i.i'u, 
Secretary 1903-04. 


\'ii.i:s \i 

J. Hakkisux Okwio, 
Est. Lecturing Kiiiglu 1901-02. 

J S. C.M.iiu i:i.L. 
Tyler i(jo.v04. 
Coal Dealer. 

F. W. Stilluaco.v, 

Treasurer 1903-04. 


Cilv Xatioiial BaTik. 

David J. Thomas. 

Orf^anist 1903-04, 

Sheet Roller. 



L/iaf'laiii 1903-04. 

Sheet Roller. 

RoiuiuT Wi.iss. 
Tiuslcc ii;o,i-o4 

W. AiT.KKv Thomas. 
Tntslcc iyo3-04. 
Iron MiiniifucUircr. 

JdiiN 11. R()C,i;i(S. 

Trnslcc IQO.VO4, 

.SiipcriiUciuleiU Tin Mil 

.K W . Til vvM. 

'rnisli\- \i)i\\-iK\. 

SW■^■\ Roller. 


JllIlN Fl.AMKKiS. 

l-'^liTiiuil l.nyal Knight igoi-02 
A^sl. Siipt. Tin Mill. 

\'ii.i;s i\'<i. ,^52. 

PAn. II. IlUllP.AKl 

Exalted Ruler i8()<;-r90O. 
Office Miisr. Am. Sheet. Steel Cn 

R. H. l.\-l.K.\IiA.\I, 

Exnltecl Ruler 1S98-Q9. 
Tr.ivelin,:; S.ilesinan. 

R. Rkicsk Williams. 

■ ■'x.Tlled Ruler 1001-02 

Slieet Riiller. 

Ill N 1".IA\ I \ I'jIIIM AS 

'I'vUr ii»O[-02. 
Sheet Roller. 

jusKisi .1. Ihx:;. 


Aiiui icMii .Slici'i .Sieil Cii. 

\Mr,i:s No. 332. 

\V. R. Thomas. 
Niles Lumber Company. 

VV. C. Allison, 

General Manager 

Nilcs Car & Mnfg. Co. 

T. E. Thomas, 
Brick Manufacturer, 

R. G. Sykes, 


E. A Gilbert, 

Engineer and Treasurer 

The Niles Boiler Co. 

X'lI.KS .\(1. ■!t2. 

HiiwARD C. Ohl, 

Bert Hollowav, 
Mechanical Engineer, 
The Nilcs Boiler Co. 

T. J. HoCA.N. 

T. G. Hoc AN 


W. H. Okabers. 
Itiiiit (aiard 1901-02 
Cigar Maiuifactiiior. 

F. Iv Bkvax, 
Flour. Fcoii ami Coal 

W. i\. Fr.AiiKK'n', 

I'"\lia Agfiu. 

Pill 11 sylvan ia Company. 

n. S. Di:i".ARMo, 
Drv On „lv 

p.. F. Picw, 


I".|]U Au;i A. \\'.\(.siAi I . 

Fijanm; C. Vi' I'. 
WagstalT Bros., 
Brick Contractors. 

Euu'Akii Hknkv Lutzi:, 

E. H. l.Dlze & .-o.. 
Druggisis aiul Jewelers. 

RoRKKY l.i;iTCll McCoRKLU, 

B'lokkeejier City National Bank. 


Jiiii.N' 0'.\'i:ii.. 

Vard Masier, 

PeiiitsyK'aiii:! Ciiiii|).iiiy. 

W. C. Dunn, 

Locomotive Engineer, 

Erie Railroad. 

William E. Harris, 

Late Manager 

Tin Plate Works. 

W. S. McKenna, 
Furnace Builder and Contractor. 

Jamks ^^ o'Co.N'.vRLL, 


John C. Hanrahan, 
Train Dispatcher. 

MiciiAix J. Ckou 1., 
Liquor Dealer. 

William Vail, 
Sheet Roller. 


Nii.Ks No. 35i 

JosEi'H Bland. 
With Falcon Company. 

John E. Waters, 

Gkorce Howells, 
Sheet Roller. 


Ja.mes Veaclev. 
\\ ith Niles Lumber Co. 

Nii.Ks No. 35^ 

Thumas a. W'ir.i.iAM j 
Sheet Roller. 

William Brangha.m, 

Till House Superintendent, 

Tin Mill. 

Will, .\^^^l.ol;. Ju 
Slu-el R..llcr. 

William Wilkes, 
Sheet Roller. 


Nii.Ks No. 352. 

William Kavi 
Sheet Roller. 

Richard Kaye, 
Sheet Roller. 

Charles Webb, 
Sheet Roller. 

HEHiiKliT W iir.l 
Shod Roller. 


%^. ^ 

NiMCS Nl). ,1,-,2. 

Our m$tn\ Brotbcrj. 


V, V. 

II. H. Mason. 

John Tii'i'Kn. 

Ok. .v. M. P.i:.\cn. 

Leander S. Cui.i;. 


History of Hillsboro Lodge No. 361 


ILLSIiORO Lodge \o. ^Ul W. V. ( ). 1*.. was insliliitcd Marcli inlli, 
1897, by Cincinnati Lodge No. 5, tlic work l)t.'ing in cliargc ol 1'. ("•. 
H. R. Meade Detwiler. The ciiarter list consisted of tliirly-nine mem- 
bers, as follows : 

Peter Adams, Frank Ayres, L. B. Boyd, C. E. Bell, C.alch Brown, E. E. 
Crossland, Frank Collins, M. R. Cravens, J. M. CotYey, W. H. Cusliman, H. D. 
Davis, R. M. Uitty, D. D. Downing, Frank Emmerling, S. K. Free, Tim Foley, 
J. H. Feibel, C. E. Graham, T. 11. Holmes, A. E. Hough, W. .\. llarman, Isaac 
Kaufmann, J. C. Larkin, Charles Lyle, D. Q. Morrow, U. C. Morrow, VVm. 
Matthews, Cyrus Newby, H. A. Pavey, J. C. Richards, Dick Rockhold, L E. 
Sands, W. G. Smith, J. C. Spargur, L McD. Smith. J. M. Scarborough, H. D. 
W'addell, Jos. Winegardner, McKnight Walker. 

The Charter officers were : A. E. Hough, E-\alted Ruler ; Cyrus Newby, 
Esteemed Leading Knight; R. M. Ditty, Esteemed Loyal Knight; John C. Lar- 
kin, Esteemed Lecturing Knight ; Gatch Brown, Secretary ; Dick Rockhold, 
Treasurer; Joseph Winegardner, Tyler; William Matthews, Esquire: T. H. 
Holmes, Inner Guard ; O.C. Morrow', Chaplain ; Sam R. Free, L. B. Boyd, Mc- 
Knight Walker, Trustees. 

While the growth of the lodge has not been rapid, it has been steady and 
substantial, until, at present, it has a membership of one hundred and twenty- 
five, consisting of many of the best business and professional men within its jur- 
isdiction, and it is today one of the strongest fraternal organizations in Hillsboro. 

Considering the comparatively short time since its institution the increase in 
membership has been satisfactory not only as to numbers, but as to the represen- 
tative character of its roster. The lodge is in good shape financially, has pleas- 
ant social quarters, holds open sessions occasionally, and an anniversary cele- 
bration each year on March loth. 

It has been peculiarly exempt from sickness, but has sufTered the loss of 
four members by death, the first one being one of the most honored in our num- 
]>er, Bro. W. A. Harman, who at the time of his death, was Exalted Ruler. He 
was followed by another of our Exalted Rulers, Bro. O. C. Morrow and he by 
Bros. Samuel I'vnonenberger and C. E. Graham, all of whom were held in high es- 
teem and affection by the members. The first two were charter members of the 
lodge and among the most zealous and enthusiastic workers, and died lamented 
by all who knew them. 

Grand Exalted Ruler Jerome B. Fisher honored Hillsboro Lodge by the 
appointment of Hon. Irvin McD. Smith as District Deputy G. E. R. for the South- 
western district of Ohio for the year 1900-1901. 

The lodge meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Hougli. A. E Miirch 10 to April. 1897 Hannaii, William .X IQ01-1902 

Ne\vl)y. Cvni? l807 — 189S r^irkin. Jnliii C Jan. 5 lo .Xpril *igo2 

Morrow. 6. C iSgS— iSgo Crossland. EH 1902—190,! 

Smith. Irvin Men iS^lZ Morrow. L. Q .90.^-1904 

Free. Samuel R 190° — 1901 


I I II.I.SIKlKd .\'(l. \(l\ . 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Iloiigli. A. !•:. 

Ncwby, Cyrus. 

Siiiiili, liMii .\KI). 
Krtc, S:iimicl l\ 

Larliiii, Juliii C. 
Crosslaiul, I'.. Iv 

Officers 1903-04. 

Il.xallcJ Ruler. 1 ). y. Morrow 

Est. Leading Kiiii^lil M. K. Cravens 

list. Loyal Knight luhvard Foley 

Ust. Lccluriiig Kniglit Kraiik J. Kcllcy 

Secretary Charles .McCoiiiiaugliey 

Treasurer DicU RocklioUI 

Tyler Granville Barrere 

Esquire Will Clianey 

Inner (.iuard J.ionli Sclierrieble 

Chal^lnm Ceorge I.. Garrcll 

Organist Philip C. Berg 


II. J. SchueiM>lierj.;er. I year. 
C'harles Lylc. j years. 
H. C. Slraiiii .? ye.irs. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

.'\danis. James. 
Adaiiis. Peter. 
Allison, F. O. 
.Amen. S. I). 
Ayres, Frank. 

Baldwin, J. E. 
Barrere. Granville. 
Bell, C. E. 
Bell, J. G. 
Beeson, H. A. 
Bcecher, Lyman. 
Bernard. B, F. 
Bowers. D. E. 
Boyd, L. B. 
Bindlev. E. H. 
Berg, 'Phil. C. 
Brewer, H. M. 
Brown. Gatch. 
Bntler, J. J. 

Carroll, Bert. 
Carroll. J. E. 
Gary, I. \V. 
Clianey. Fred. 
Chanev. Will. 
Coffey, J. M. 
Colin. Isaac. 
Colin, William. 
Coler, L. A. 
Collins, Frank. 
Collins George. 
Cooper. George. 
Cravens. M. R. 
'JCrossland. E. E. 
Cnslmian. W. H. 

Dittv. R. M. 
Doggett. OIpli. 
Downing, D. P. 
Dnnlan. Henry. 

Elton. J. P. 
Enimerli'ig. Frank. 
Eynon, E. E. 

■Cx Indicates Grand T.odge Memlicr 

Feibel. I. C. 
Feilx-1. I. II. 
Feibel, .Midi. 
Foley, lulward 
Foley. James. 
I'oley, Tim. 
'''■Free, Samuel R. 

Garrell. C.eorge 1,. 
("rorman, H. -M. 
Graham, Bailey, 
(jreathoiise, John. 

Harris, W. B. 
Haynes, F. I,. 
Hiestand. J. Will. 
Hiestand. S. W. 
Hill, William. 
Ili.xsoii, Charles E. 
Hire, John T. 
1 lolmcs, Fav G. 
Holmes, T. H. 
Holmes, W. A. 
Hoskin,=. Waller. 
'Hongli, A. F.. 
Ilongli. R. T. 
Hugiies, O. H. 

Tngerbrand. George. 

J.ickson, J. A. 
Jiulkins, E. S. 

Kanlniann, Ben. I. 
Kaiifnianii. Kaac. 
Kellv, A. K. 
Kelly. Frank J. 
Kirk. George W. 
Kramer, Mat. 
Kriise. I'"(l. J. 

•I.arkm. Jclir. C. 
l.eaverlon. R. T. 
l.einoii. C, M. 
l.vie, Charles. 


Matthews, W illiani. 
Miller, John E. 
Moore, Clarence J. 
Morrow, 1). Q. 
Murdock, Fred. 
Alurph-- Harry. 
McVdams, I.. G. 
McComianghey, Charle 

■iVNewby. Cyrns. 

Patton, Stanley. 
Pavcy. H. A. 
Pouscli, Lewis. 

Rockhold. Dick. 
Rousli. Charles .A. 
Rice. Moses. 
Richards. H. H. 
Richards, I. C. 

Sands, J. E. 
S;mderson, E. T. 
Satterfield. 1). L. 
Scarborongli, J, M. 
.Schwcinsherger. H. J. 
Scherrieble, Jacob. 
Schrier, John P. 
Scott, J. W. 
Smith. Charles B. 
I'fSniilh, Irvin McD. 
Smith, W. E. 
Smith. W. G. 
.Spargnr, J. C. 
Stabler, J. E. 
Stacv, E. W. 
Strain. Ben. C. 

Trimble. R. T, 
Tyson, Jobn. 

Underwood, .\rtluir. 
\'a\ighn, James W. 

I 1 M.I.SKlllill .\'(1. _^fll . 

Wnikkll. II. I). \\\'-t. Jaiiu^ K. Uilli.ims. L.tiR-. 

W.ilkcr. McKiiiKlit, Whillacro. I'. I!. \\;<liU'r. Joscpli. 

Wnrtl. A. I-. WiRfjii'S II- I- \\<m"1, C. !■.. 

W.ltkins, II. K. Wilson. II. ,\ \.uk. Jojin B. 

Our HHm Brothers. 

Harman, \V. A. KroiicuI>crgLr, Samuel. Morrow, O. C. 


I II.I.SIKiKd Xn. _yil . 

Ea E. Ckossi.anu, 

Exalted Ruler i<j02-'o3 

Wholesale Grocer. 

George A. Collins, 

Esteemed Leading Knight i902-'o3 

Agent Norfolk &. Western Ry. 

Eu. J. Kruse, 

Tyler, i902-'03. 

Manager C. U. Tel Co. 



Esquire, l902-'03. 

I-'ro|)r. Elk Tonsorial Parlors. 

I I ll.l.SI'.nUd \'ii. ^rii . 

PniLU" C. Br.RC. 
Deputy County Treasurer. 

Fkani; Cdi.i.iNS, 
Collins & Collins. 

MatihKw Kkamkh, 


lliilcl Kr:iMicr. 


History of Akron Lodge No. 363. 

A1\I\()X Lodge was institiitcil Ffhniaiy .'5, 1S97, 1)> C"U\i'lancl Lodge 
members, in Sclnimaclier liall where it coiuiiiucd lo liold its meetings 
for about two years, wiieii its in'esenl deligiittul lodge and club rooms 
v^ere fitted up at an expense of ^17,000. Their quarters consist of lodge room, 
parlors, reading room, billiard and card rooms, buffet, cafe, kitchen, etc., wtih all 
accessories. Akron lodge claims a personnel as high as any other secret organ- 
ization in the L'niteil States, its members comprising bankers, judges, manufac- 
turers and business and professional people of the highest standing in the city. 
1 'resilient Roosevelt, Senator Hanna, Senator Dick who is a member of the lodge, 
and many political and dramatic celebrities have been entertained by Akron 
lodge at different times. 

The charter members were: William B. Ijaldwin, Charles C. llenner, Jacob 
I. Brenizer, Frank B. Carr, Christian M. Christenson, George L. Curtice, Wil- 
mer Dunbar, W. Clarence Findlay, John Grether, William C. Hall, Oliver S. 
Hart, George L. Harter, Tohn Lamparter, Charles E. McMillen, F'rank H. Motz, 
William H.' Alotz, W. E. 'Pardee, E. S. Pardee. Lionel S. Pardee. Jacob Pfeiffer, 
William F. Pfeiff'er, Wilson G. Robinson, Edwin C. Shaw, Louis E. Sisler, Louis 
K. Stone, E. L. Toy, Edwin F. Voris and G. Edward Wagoner. 

The charter officers were : L. S. Pardee, Exalted Ruler ; Osborn Esgate, 
Esteemed Leading Knight ; William G. Good. Esteemed Loyal Knight ; E. S. 
Lhiderwood. Esteemed Lecturing Knight; Jacob Pfeiff'er, Secretary: G. E. Wag- 
oner, Treasurer: F. H. Motz, tvler; L. K. Stone. Esquire; C. M. Christenson, 
Inner Guard: W. C. Hall Chaplain: Frank Carr, E. C. Shaw, John Grather, E. 
F. Voris, L. E. Sisler, Trustees. 

The lodge has had carnivals but was successful in the first one only, cnit of 
which it made $5,200. 

The lodge meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Pardee, Lionel S 1897— 1898 Hiiiisicker, K. \V lyor— njoj 

Sisler, Louis E 189S— 1899 Rowlev, A. J 1902— 1903 

Shaw. Edwin C. 1899— igoo Armstront; A. T 1903— 1904 

Hiltabidle. \V. M 1900— 1901 .Arnisiruni,, yj y"4 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Pardee, Lionel S. Ertncli, H. A. Hdtnl^dle, W. M. 

Sisler, Louis E. Shaw, Edwin C. 

Officers, 1903 04. 

ExallcJ Ruler A. T. Arm>trong l^s./uirc. . . . U. B. McNeil 

Est. Leading Kui^ht C. C. Benncr Inm;- Gm;n/ .Ou.t. \ eck 

Est. Loyal km^ht N. O. Chat>h;n Iv .\ . W anamake, 

Est. Lechmm KniM-.W. V. McXamaia Orgamsl ... 1. W . Wakeman 

^'''2: TT;i;, K Sn h C. B. Reid Jacob Pfeiffer 

Est LeclimHi'KmM..n. V. McXamaia Orgamsl ._. 1. W . Wakeman 

Sccrctarv ; • J- A. .\rtlcy 

Trcasur'cr FredE. Snnth C. B. Re,d 

■1-^,1^,. L. K. St. me J. S. Dnickemdler. 


.\ki;ii.\ N(i. .V'.V 

Akcis, Alfred. 
Akcrs, Cllal■lc^ H. 
Akcrs, W. T. 
Alhaugli. T. K. 
Aldcn, Isaac C. 
Alderfcr, Hlmcr J. 
Allen, (icoriio ("■. 
Allfii, S. K. 
Allen. \V. G. 
Ainincnnan. Cliarltw. 
Anderson, ("lemgc M. 
Anderson. Millard F. 
.•\iulrcss, Harry E. 
Andrew. Rohcrt I,. 
.\ndreu— . ]•.. I'". 
,\mlreus. .1. II. 
.\ndre\vs. W . 1>. 
.Xrhogasl, J. A. 
.•\ri,£;lii. John. 
Armstrong. .Allen T. 
.•\rtlcy, John A. 

Bacliniann. Charles A. 
Baird, Charles. 
Baird, Charles C. 
Baird. William. 
Baker, John \V. 
Baker. T. O. 
Baldwin. Williani B. 
Barhcr. .Xrthnr M. 
Barber. O. C. 
Barker, Jared. 
Barnctt, E. R. 
Barron. Williani .\. 
Barry. Timothy E. 
Barth. Erwin. 
Bartshc. W. A. 
Bates. Georsje D. 
Bnnghman. C. A. 
Banni. O, W. 
Beck. Edward M. 
Beck, J. Martin. 
Beery, C. F. 
Benner, Charles C. 
Bcttcs. Manrice. 
Bicn, A. J. 
Bicn. Charles ..\. 
BiRRS. L. E. 
Blessman, .AnRiist. 
Bliss, Albert N. 
Bliss, Grant. 
Bond, P. F. 
Bonstcdt. Frank. 
Bonstedt, Ilcrm.'in. 
Bowm.ui. 11. .S. 
Braddock. William J. 
Bradlev Tohn A. 
Breckenridse. Dallas V 
Brcni/'er. J.icnb 1. 
I'.rillain, T. A. 
Brodhead. F. R. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

liroh, J'ph. 
Brown. Claude. 
Brown. James. 
Brownell. O. G. 
Brinier, Clarence I. 
Biichtel, William. 
Bnnnell, E. S. 
Burkliardt, Gns. F. 
Bnrkhardt, W. I.. 
Bnrnott, R. P. 
Bnshong, William. 
Butler, Fred W. 

Cahill. Harrv P. 
Campbell. J. Ben. 
Campbell, J. R. 
Carmichael. George W. 
Carpenter. N. H. 
Carr, Frank B. 
Chandler, Benjamin C. 
Chapman. Willis D. 
Chase. Charles H. 
Christcnson. Christian M. 
Christy, Will. 
Clapper, A. W. 
Clapsadal. J. I. 
Commins. A. H. 
Conmiins. Aiigustns J. 
Connor. J. II. 
Cook. Joseph. 
Cornin?. Clarence J. 
Crane, L. S. 
Crawford. N. L. 
Cronse. George W. 
CimninRham. Robert. 
Cnrrie, Charles. 
Curtice, George I.. 

Denaple, Charles B. 
nick. Charles, 
nittrick. A. H. 
Doan, George N. 
Doran, John M. 
Douglass, 11. E. 
novle. Davton A. 
Doyle. W.' B. 
Draime. W. F. 
Drake. F;. A. 
Druckcmiller. I. F. 
Duffy. John F. 
Dunbar. Wilmer. 
Dmm. J. W. 
Durkin. lohn. 
Dussell. F. E. 
Dykes. Herliert. 

Ebright, I,. S. 
lu-kerman. Willi.ini \'.. 
Eichenlaidi. W. R. 
ICu.glehart. J. G. 
Enierntau, II. J. 

Evans, John l\. 

Faiiver, Willi.ini .\. 
Fedderson, Kmio. 
Feederlc, H. (). 
Fiebcger, Frank. 
Findley, W. ClarcJUC. 
Firestone, M. S. 
I'jlcli, E. H. 
Fleisher, Joseph S. 
Ford Hugh. 
Fonclic, Ira. 
Freer, H. M. 
Fritz, H. A. 
Fuchs, F. William. 

Ganyard. Ellis M. 
Gatli. .Adam J. 
Gay. Nelson M. 
Gayer, Fred W. 
Geiires, J. A. 
Gintz, B. V. 
Glazier, J. P. 
Goddard, C. A. 
Good, George P. 
Good. J. Ed. 
Goodhue. Nathaniel P. 
Goodrich. Charles C. 
Goodwin. Don A. 
Graham. William M. 
Grant. Charles T. 
Green, Henry. 
Grether, John. 

Haldcrman, J. F. 
Hall. William C. 
Haller, J. H. 
Hallinan, M. J. 
Hamlin. H. A. 
Hamlin. Percv S. 
Hamlin. R. L. 
Hand. W. S. 
Hardy. O. B. 
Harned. A. W. 
Harpham, Daniel C. 
Harrington. W. W. 
Hart, Oliver S. 
Harter, George E. 
Harvey. Richard P. 
Hassenfluc, I. W. 
Hatch. Charles. 
Hawkins. E. 
Hawn. Harry A, 
Havden. George. 
Hays. W. Scoit. 
Heffernan. Thomas. 
Heifer. W. A. 
Hemingway. G. E. 
Henry. Albert R. 
Henrv. William. 
Herr, S. A. 

tV Indicate*! r.raiul T.ndRc Mcml>cr, 
^ T.ife Member. 


Akron No. 363. 

Hcrslicv. Hduard A. 
llcrslicy. J. C. 
Hifigs. Saimicl. 
Hill. C. T. 
"Ililtabidlc. W. M. 
I line, P. V. 
HolTiiiaii. C. W. 
Hoffman. P. M. 
Hoffman. Samuel. 
Hnhon. Francis H. 
Hook. Joliii. 
Hoover. Charles. 
Hongliton. Harry B. 
Hower. M. Otis. 
Hove. Michael W. 
Hove. William J. 
Humnhrcys. Harry M. 
Hnnsicker, Frank \V. 

Ingalls, Jolm G. 

Ishell, Charles H. 
Jackson, Homer. 
Jackson. J. H. 
Johnston, Robert. L. 
Johnston, W. A. 
Johnston, Wasliingtoc G. 
Jones, James M. 

Kasch, F. C. 
Kelso. T.eRoy P. 
Kcmpcl, Charles W. 
Kenipel. George A. 
Kilshcimer. Maurice. 
King. H. C. 
Kinzel, A. 
Kirk. Frank. 
Kirkpatrick. T. J. 
Kirn, Oscar C. 
Kirn. Walter F. 
Kittrell. R. W. 
Kline, Clint W. 
Kline, L. A. 
Kline. Oliver J. 
Klink. George. 
Knight. O. F. 
Koch. Jacob. 
Koerncr. R. W. 
Kohler. Albert A. 
Kohler. Jacob A. 
Kraus, John V. 
Kroflfke. Julius. 

Labbe, Frank. 
r.acv, H. T. 
Lahr. Charles H. 
r.ambrigln. J. I^. 
Lampartcr. John. 
T,ang. Charles J. 
f^ee. George W. 
Lee. J. L. 
Ixvinson. William. 
I.oeh. T/inis. 
r^ongenb.Tugh. .-\. S. 
f.ooniis. F. F. 
Loom is, H. E. 

I.oomis. H. W. 
l.yder, Fred H. 
Lyman, W. E. 
Lvman. William G. 
Lynch, E. J. 
I^ynn, John .A. 
Lyon, Orrin A. 

McCourt, P. T. 
McCreadv. C. P. 
McCuc, Thomas W. 
MeCune, Harry. 
McFarland, John. 
McFarlane, T. P. 
McGowan, James J. 
McTiUosh, W. W. 
McMillen. Charles E. 
McNamara. H. V. 
McNeil, Ray B. 
McRoberts, W. T. 
Maranvillc. H. F . 
Marsh, G. C. 
Marvin, F. R. 
Mather, N. O. 
MaylKirn, Ward C. 
Means, Walter K. 
Meloy, W. H. 
Merkcr, H. C. 
Merriman. Jesse B. 
Mertz. John T. 
Miles. Lucius C. 
Miller. Charles J. 
Miller, K. B. 
Miller, F. J. 
Miller. H. H. 
Miller, Ira M. 
Miller, Lewis A. 
Miller. Thomas W. 
Miller, William B. 
Millhoff. Frank C. 
Mitchell. W. H. 
Moore, C. F. 
Morcy, Sid. 
Moss, Gus. C. 
Motz, Frank H. 
Motz, John. Jr. 
Motz. William H. 
Mulcahy. C. 
Myers, Edwin. 
Mvers. Lsaac S. 
M'yers, J. A. H. 
Myers, j. W. 

Naher, Jacob. 
Neal, Williani W. 
Neubaucr. William F. 
Newcomb. George -A. 
Niglunan. L. B. 
Noah, Andrew H. 
Noble. W. A. 
Nutt. Tosenh R. 
Nye. W. Frank. 

O'Brien. H. J. 
Omblcr. John. 
Osterstock, C. E. 

Oviatt, E. A. 
Oviatt, 1. II. 

Paige, .Mbcrt T. 
Paige, n. K. 
Palmer, F. J . 
Palmer, William A. 
Palmer, W. R. 
Pardee. E. S. 
■frfPardee, Lionel S. 
Pardee, W. E. 
Parker. Thomas W., Jr. 
Parshall, S. W. 
Parsons. H. C. 
Peck. H. A. 
Pell. Harry S. 
Perkins. Charles E. 
Peter. John. 
Peterson. J. E. 
PfeifTcr, lacob. 
Pfeiffcr. William F. 
Pillmore, R. M. 
Pinto, I. E., B. A. 
Polsky, Harry. 
Porter, N. Harvey. 
Pnsey. Charles A. 
Putt, Wilson A. 

Rabc. James W. John G. 
Rankin, George T.. Jr. 
Rankin, Irving C. 
Reed, William W. 
Rcgenstcin. M. H. 
Reid. Charles B. 
Reifsnider. Frank. 
Rcnkert. O. W. 
Rigdon. S. G. 
Robinson. J. K., Jr. 
Robinson. Wilson G. 
Rockwell, n. L.. Jr. 
Rockwell. F. J. 
Rocthig, W. W. 
Rocers. S. G. 
Roth. W. p. 
Rowc. Darius. 
Rowe. George S. 
Rowley, Arthur J. 
Russell, .\nson H. 
Rutherford. William. 

Snalfield. A. J. 
tSadler, O. L. 
Salmon H. H. 
Sanford. Henry C. 
.Saunders. H. J. 
.Saimders, W. P. 
Sawver, William T. 
Schcll. Charles A. 
.Schneider. P. H. 
.Schumnchcr. Frederick W. 
.Scott, Frank., Charles W. 
Sciberlinc. Francis. 
Seyliold, Louis 


Akkon Xo. 3G3. 

Shafftr, JoImi. 
^j'fSliaw, lidwiii C. 
Sheldon, Charles E. 
Siclicniiaii. Alcxaiiilcr. 
Sieber, Georpe W. 
Sislcr. Everett B. 
i^oislcr, l.oiiis E. 
Sizer, George C. 
Sloat, Frank J. J. 
Smith, Charles A. 
Smith, Fred E. 
Smith, M. W. 
Smith. Thomas F. 
Stambaiigh, H. J. 
Startzman, C. F. 
Stevenson. Mark D. 
Stewart, George L. 
Stickle. W. S.^ 
Stone. Louis K. 
Stone. N. C. 
Strobel, V. J. 
Sturgeon, Samuel H. 
Sumner, Carl. 

Taggart. E. F. 
Tavlor, Charles H. 
Terry, L. B. 
Theobald. E. T. 
Thomas. C. E. 
Thomas. D. VV. 
Tilton, William A. 
Tobin. William T. 
Todd, Creorge M . 
Todd. Harry D. 

Toy. E. L. 
Tracv. Jav W. 
Tragler. E. B. 
Trorv. A. J. 
Tweedy. O. S. 

Underwood, Edw.ird .S. 

Vail, S. S. 
Viall, W. M. 
Vininp Jared A. 
Voris, Edwin F. 

Wadsworth, George H. 
Wagoner, Aaron. 
Wagoner. G. Edward. 
Wagner, Edwin. 
Wakcnian. Theodore W. 
Wallace. Eugene. 
Walters. R. R. 
Wananiakcr, Reuben M. 
Washer. Charles W. 
Washer. John E. 
Waslitr. Rolicrt. 
Washer. William. 
Waters. F. H. 
Weary. Frank O. 
Weeks. Fred H. 
Weigele. Theodore. 
Welch. Harry A. 
Welsh. James V. 
Werntz. ^Tcad. 
Wettach. F. J. 
Wheeler, C. H. 

Wheeler, George S. 
Wliilelicad, George. 
Wickwire. E. F. 
Wightman. C. A. 
Wilcox, Frank A. 
Wilcox, Orlando. 
Wildes, William J. 
Wilhelm, A. J. 
Williams, C. A. 
Williams, Milo S. 
Williams. William. 
Wills. Bert T. 
Wills. H. E. 
Wilson. Bruce. 
Wilson, Frank C. 
Wilson. J. A. 
Wilson, R. M. 
Wingcrtcr. Joseph. 
Wise, \V. Olive. 
Witmer. E. G. 
Wolf. Charles R. 
Worthen, Charles E. 

Yeck. Gus. 
Young, .Alfred E. 
Young. J. E. 
Young, William E. 

Zellcrs, W. M. 
Zenglcr. William A. 
Ziliox, Samuel F. 
Zimmerly, Herman. 
Zimmcrly, Gottlieb. 

Our Absent Brothers. 

Allen, William C. 
Klages, Henry. 
Frese, Fred G. 
McKisson. George W. 
Schumacher, Hugo. 
Croft, J. D. 

Homan. L. Harley. 
Mustill, Cloyd W. 
Griffin. Horace G. 
Henegan. Thomas J. 
Kellev. Frank G. 
Steincr, .Noah R. 

Stone. Simon M. 
Toole, Thomas. 
Hamlin, R. H. 
Wilson. John W. George .'\. 
Hcneberger. George. 


Akron Nh. ,^63. 

Nathanif.i, Pkrkins GooniiuE, 

Tlic Bruner, Goodhue & Cooke Co. 

Real Estate and Insurance. 


State Public Works. 

Georgic \V. Crousi: 


Gkorgic C. Berry, 

Supreme Secretary, 

Tlie rallifinder. 

history of Coshocton Lodge No. 376. 

COSIlUCTOX Lodge was iiisiitiUcd Jam; 15, 1897, In District Deputy 
George Buxton, assisted by Zanesville Lodge No. 114. There were 
thirty-eight charter members as follows: 

r. C. I'omerene, P. P. DeHart, H. D. JJcach, C. P. Gosser, Robert Boyd, C. 
1). Brooke, W. R. Pomereiie, VV. P. Darling, J. W. Cassingham, C. E. Spangler, 
Seth M. Snyder, G. W. Cassingham, J. B. Callahan, R. M. Voorhees, B. W. Rick- 
etts, J. L. Rue, Bert B. Knode, O. VV. AIcMannis, R. P. Timmons, John H. 
Ricketts, C. M. Hay, p. M. Mortley, P. A. G. Lawrence, R. P. Hershey, P. L. 
VVernette, C. E. Ransom, William B. tlay, William Burns, C. B. McCoy, S. H. 
Nicholas, C.^ L. Walker, p. E. McManus, T. IL Wheeler, P. H. Wilson. P. P. 
I'omerene, C. S. Raymer, R. i\L Voorhees, C. P. McMannis. 

The charter officers were: C. L. Cassingham, Exalted Ruler; W. H. Mc- 
Cabe, Esteemed Leading Kniglit ; B. W. Ricketts, Esteemed Loyal Ivnight; C. S. 
Raymer, Esteemed Lecturing Isjiight ; B. P. Voorhees, Secretary ; William Burns, 
Treasurer; O. W. McMannis, Tyler; S. H. Nichols, Esquire; S. M. Snyder, In- 
ner Guard; Robert Boyd, Chaplain; C. B. McCog, J. W. Cassingham, P. E. 
Pomerene, Trustees. 

The club rooms are located on the corner of Sixth and Main streets, oc- 
cupying the entire second floor of the Rogers building and are the finest in tow-n, 
furnished in modern up-to-date fashion, including some very fine pictures paint- 
ed by our home artists, all of whom are members of the lodge. There is well 
lighted billiard and pool room, and a room devoted to cards and games for amuse- 
ment only, also gymnasium with a complete outfit. The assembly hall is nicely 
furnished and large enough for all ordinary purposes. This is also used for 
dancing. The lodge is negotiating for the addition of another story to the build- 
ing, which they will use for lodge purposes exclusively and when completed they 
hope to have the handsomest lodge room in th state. The cafe is well managed 
and refrigerator always filled with eatables necessary to make life comfortable. 
There is one reading room well furnished and supplied with nearly all the maga- 
zines and papers of interest for the benefit of those who wish to read. The com- 
bining of these different entertainments add largely to the value of the organiza- 
tion and gives each member a form of amusement suitable to his individual taste. 
The management constantly aims to add to the assortment of amusements which 
interests the members, and enables them to appreciate the fact that they are 
members of the lodge. The social sessions and stag socials are always enjoyable 
and successful. There is an aimual reception given the public on New Years day. 
Lodge attendance usually good. Rooms well patronized. Visiting brothers al- 
ways welcome. Be sure and ask some brother member to show you the fine 
flag won by Coshocton at the State Convention held in Newark, September 14, 
ii«2. for the large attendance and fine appearance of the lodge. 

The lodge meets first and tiiird Tuesday each month. 

Past Exalted Rulers 

Ca^Mngli.1111. C. I, 1897— iSq8 PoMK-rcnc. W. R [901—1902 

McCabc. W. H 1898—1899 Hanlev. T. J 1902— 1903 

^;:e;.c:L;;;::;::;::;:;:::::lSr;^ Ransc. c. k ,903-904 


C'lisiim'i'oN N'o. },jC\. 

Ca>siiigliam. C. L. 
McCoy, C. B. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Walker, (.-. I.. 
Poiiicrciie, \V. R. 

Uaiilcy, T. J. 

llxatlcd Ruler 

list. I.eiidiitii Kiii^ltt. . 

list. Loyal Kiii,i;lil 

list. LcclKiiiii' Knit^lil. 




Officers, 1903-04. 

C. E. Random 

. . . .('icdrsrc A. Hay 
. . . .F. S. Townsciul 

C. E. Riuiicr 

. Howard Robinson 
.T. L. Montgomery 
J. F. Lighten 

lisquirc P. P. DcHart 

liiucr Guard Charles Heinian 

Clial^laiii William 13nrns 

Orgaiiisl B. B. Slrope 


F. E. Poiiicrcne. C. D. Brooke, 

W. H. Bachert. 

Adams, J. C. 
Adams, J. (J. 

Bachert, VV. H, 
Ball, C. W. 
Beach, H. D. 
Beach, H. L. 
Beach, I,. K. 
Beers, VV. D. 
Bcrrian, J. VV. 
Bostwick, P. B. 
Bostwick, H. H. 
Bowen, C. J. 
Boyd, Robert. 
Breiulel, Louis. 
Brooke, C. D. 
Briick, Robert. 
Bryant, VV. C. 
Burns, William. 
Bnrt, C. C. 

Callahan, J. B. 
Callahan, J. P. 
Campbell, B. F. 
Carroll, C. F. 
'ii'Carsingliam, C. L 
Compton, .\. N, 
Compton, C. B. 
Compton. E. C. 
Cooper, deorf'e VV. 
Corraz, Frank. 
Crowcll, William S. 
Ciilbcrtson, Harry. 

Darling. W. F. 
Davis, J. B. 
Dawson, E. .V. 
Dawson .S. B. 
DeHart, P. P. 
Dnnlap, B. J. 

Ebcl. F. J. 
Edgar. Ocnrcc B. 
Edwards. R. C. 

Fnhr. F. I.. 

<r Indicates Grand Lodge Member 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Gosser, C. F. 
Glass, J. E. 

Hack, E. P. 
Hack, T. B. 
Hahn, H. E. 
Hamilton, Gail S. 
•ftHanley, T. J. 
Hanlon, E. M. 
Hartman, Henry. 
Haverbeck, Oscar. 
Hay, C. ^L 
Hay, G. A. 
Hay, Warner. 
Hay, W. G. 
Heiman, Charles. 
Himebaiigh. W. .-V. 
Hinig, K. A. 
Hitchcock, J. S. 
Hunt. H. B. 
Hunt, R. T. 
Hunter, S. M. 
Hutton, Dr. J. C. F. 

Jones, Joseph L. 

Kcnncdv. R. S. 
Kerlin. H. B. 
Kirk. R. N. 
Knode, B. B. 

Uipp, F. W. 
Lawrence, F. A. G. 
Lawrence. G. S. 
Lamberson, C. A. 
Levens. F. N. 
Lighten. J. F. 
Love, C. D. 
Love. R. M. 
Leonard. L. W. 
l.ybarger. E. T.. 

^•rMcCov. C. B. 
McCnrdy. Dr. H. R. 
McClnin. Louis. 
McDonald, E. S. 


-McManus, E. E. 
Manner, W. H. 
Marshall, Dr. F. M. 
Martter, J. F. 
Ma.\on, J. H. 
Mizer, F. V. 
Mizer, B. V. 
Montgomery, T. L. 
Meek, G. S. 
Meek, S. S. 

Nicholas, S. H. 

Pharion, G. C. 
Pomerenc, F. E. 
■i^Pomerene. W. R. 
Powelson, R. A. 
Pritchard. VV. H. 

Raiff, D. A. 
Ransom, C. E. 
Raymer, C. S. 
Ricketts. B. VV. 
Rickctts, E. T. 
Ricketts, F. H. 
Ricketts, J. H. 
Rinner, E. C. 
Robinson, Howard. 
Rite, Joseph L. 

Standen, E. E. 
Stanley, Dean. 
Sevcrns. J. D. 
.Shaw, B. L. 
Speck. C. R. 
Schlah, William. 
Smith, C. A. 
Smith, C. G. 
Smith. J. M. 
Schneider. Max. 
Snvder. H. ^r, 
Snyder. S. M. 
Strope. B B. 

Thomson. J. W. 
Timms. E. S. 

Coshocton No. 376. 

Tovvnscnd. F. S. 
Turner, F. W. 
Tyler, L. E. 

Vaupcl, A. F. 
Voorhces, R. M. 
Voorhees, B. F. 
Vogenitz, L. V. 

■ftWalkcr, C. L. 
Werncttc, F. A. 
Wernettc, F, I,. 
Wertz. E. E. 
Wliccler, T. H. 
Westerlind, A. 
Wilson, E. H. 
Wicken, C. O. 

Williams, W. H. 
Wicsenbcrg, H. A. 
Wolfe, H. A. 
Wood, C. S. 
Wood, J. J. 

Zinkon, George. 

Our Jibscnt Brothers. 

Pomereiie. J. C, Dec. 23, 1807. 
McCabe, W. H., Aug. i.i. 1901. 
Hay, F. C, Nov. 3, 1901. 

Spangler, C. E., Nov. 10, 1903. 
iuortley, E. M., March 2, 1904. 


C'dSiKH ION Nil. 37(.). 



T. J. Hanley, 

Exalted Ruler 1902-03. 

Flour Manufacturer. 

C. E. Ransom, 
Dry Goods Merchant. 


Charles S. Raymer 

Mngr Bowie & Co., Druggists, 

Bridgeport, Ohio. 

History of Newark Lodge No. 391 

Nr.W'ARK IJ )DOK No. 391 was instituted on the 22d day of JMarcli, A. 1). 
i8<>S, by Deputy C.rand Exalted Ruler Charles Carey VVaddell. of Cliilli- 
cothe. who was assisted in the work by the Zanesvillc Lodge of Elks. 
Tile work of institution was jjerfornied in the lodge rooms of Newark Lodge 
No. 13, Knight.s of I'ythias, which continued to be the home of the new lodge 
for about two years, when they removed to their new and elegant quarters which 
occupy two lloors of the Oriel block, over the city iX)Stofifice, and which were 
especially prepared for them. 

Their quarters comprise the lodge room proper, with various ante-rooms, 
a large ban<|ueting hall and kitchen, a fine amusement hall for billiards, etc., 
a commodious recei)tion room and a beautiful parlor. These rooms are all 
a[>propriatel_\' and even luxuriously furnished, and are said by travelled I'.lks 
to be among the most commodious and handsome in the State, and represent an 
investment of several thousand dollars. 

The lodge was organized with a membership of over forty, composed of 
representatives of the leading business and professional men of the city, as the 
following list indicates: Frank Owens, G. VV. Scott, Dr. VV. C. Rank, J- H. 
Newton." \\\ G. Taafcl, [. D. J?ader, J. B. Gough, J. ^L Farmer, VV. H. Smith, 
J. C. P.owman, E. O. MUler, A. R. Pitser, D. A. Allen, F. M. Schimpf, VV. E. 
Finck. Jr., I. H. Swisher, VV''. E. Fulton, John Tucker, John David Jones, H. S. 
Heiner. G. I!. Sprague, VV. D. Fulton, F. E. Gorby, Ed. Doe, F. C. Bartholomew, 
Dr. C. H. Stimson, J. J. D. .McNamar, G. S. Treadway, A. R. Lindorf, William 
Bell, Jr., T. C. Hughes, Charles VV. Green, H. R. Scheidler, Dr. D. M. Smith, 
F. S. "Wilson, Dr. VV. H. Knauss. 

The following members of Zanesville Lodge, No. 114, were admitted to 
membership March 22, 1898, on dimit : C. H. Morath, E. J. Koos, E. S. 
Hand, Charles Cooperider, Daniel Altshool, Frank J. Bader, Frank G. VV^arden, 
Joseph R. Fitzgibbon, C. E. Courtier, John Schlegel, G. L. Warner. VV. C. 
Collins and VV. T. Tracy. 

Following is a list of the first officers of the new lodge elected and installed at 
its institution" on the 22d of March, 1898: Frank G. Warden. Exalted Ruler; 
Charles H. Morath, Esteemed Leading Knight; D. A. Allen, Esteemed Loyal 
Knight ; John David Jones, Esteemed Lecturing Knight ; E. J. Koos, Secretary : 
C. E. Courtier. Treasurer; VV. E. Fulton, Tyler; Joseph R. Fitzgibbon, Esquire; 
Charles Cooperider. Inner Guard ; J. H. Newton, Chaplain ; John Schlegel, Daniel 
Altshool, VV^ G. Taafel, Trustees. 

Newark Lodge, with more than one hundred and fifty members, is now one 
of the most prominent and thriving secret organizations in this city. It stands 
for Americanism and humanity, for brotherhood and progress. Its history is 
honorable, its future is glorious. The lodge meets the first and third Tuesday of 
each month. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Warden FraiiU C. iSgS— iS<W Fulton. W. D looi— 1902 

Brisler E M P 1.S99— 1900 Woods. George H 1902— 190.^ 

Koos, E. ] 1900— 1901 Smythc, Phil B 1903— 190^ 


.\' i:\VAUK No. ^()I. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Warden, Frank G. 
Brister, E. M. P. 

Koos, E. J. 
Fulton, \V. D. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler Phil B. Smythe 

Est. Leading Knight F. A. Bolton 

Est. Loyal Knight H. Rossel 

Est. Lecturing Knight Fred Gleichauf 

Secretary Charles C. McGruder 

Treasurer E. M. Baugher 

Tyler John W. Allen 

Esquire S. R. Miller 

Inner Guard J. R. Garrison 

Chaplain Charles Hempsted 


John C. Brennan, Ernest T. Johnson, 

Daniel Altshool. 

Woods, George II. 
Xcwliani. J()se|>li 1). 

Abbott, E. T. 
Allen, John W. 
Altshool, Daniel. 
Anderson, W. H., Jr. 

Bader, Frank J. 
Bader, Joseph D. 
Baird, John. 
Bartholomew, Frank ' 
Baugher, Emmet M. 
Bliss, Charles M. 
Bolton, Frank A, 
Bolton, Lewis J. 
Bower, Joseph G. 
Bowers, George F. 
Brennan, John C. 
Brister, E. M. P. 
Broome, George E. 
Brown, Warren M, 
Browne, Sam P. 
Buxton, Norman G. 

Chambers. Boston. 
Chilcote. John A. 
Collins, Wales C. 
Courtier, Charles E. 

•iz Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 

Roster. 1903-04. 

Crawford, George C. 
Crayton, Edward W. 

Daniels, J. T. 
Davis, A. C. 
Davis, L. C. 
Dean, C. F. 
Donovan, T. O. 
Dudley, L. H. 

Emerson, Roe. 
Erner, Jasper. 

Farmer, Jacob M. 
Finck, William E., Jr. 
Fitzgibbon, James R. 
Fitzgibbon. William J. 
Flanagan, Martin J. 
Foley, William E. 
Foster, C. A. 
Fulton, William D. 
Fulton, William E. 

Gallagher, Samuel. 
Garrison, J. R. 
Gillett, M. M. 


William E. Miller, 

Gleichauf, Fred. 
Gorby, Frank E. 
Gough, John B. 
Graeser, George E. 

Hall, Clarence. 
Hand, Edwin S. 
Harrigan, J. R. 
Hayes, Dennis A. 
Hempsted, Charles. 
Henderson, Walter F. 
Herman, George. 
Hirschberg, Sol. 
Hornby, John W. 
Horton, George W. 

Johnson, Ernest T. 
Jones, John David. 

Kean, Thomas S. 
Keech. James E. 
Kemp. Harold S. 
Kimball. George R. 
Knau5s, William H. 
Koos. Euccne J. 
Kremer. Julius .\. 

Ni;wai;k No. 

39 1- 

Kii.ssmaul, W'illi^im II. 

l-aiiK, J, R. ^ 
LcllRTMUin. Frank 1', 
Liiidorf. Alviii K. 
I.iiiii, Clarence H. 

McCarthy. John H. 
McC.onagle. James A. 
McGruder. Cliarlcs C. 
McNaniar, Julius J. D. 
Maholni, William \V. 
Maiirath, E. J. 
Mauralh, Frank T. 
Mavlone. Paul C. 
Miller, Charles \V. 
Miller, George I,. 
Miller. Stanley R. 
Miller. William E. 
Mohlenpah. John. 
Morath. Charles H. 

Newham. Joscpli D. 
Newton, Joseph H. 

( >wons. I'rauk. 

I'ilser. .\nthony K. 

Rank, Willard C. 
Rankin, Charles C. 
Rosscl. Harry. 
RmleiLge, Janios W. 

Sargeiit, W. B. 
Schcidler, Henry R. 
Schimniell. F'red. 
Schimpf, Frank M. 
Scott, G. Walter. 
Scott. Fred H. 
Shields, William J., Jr. 
Smalhvood, Joseph F. 
Smith, Charles A. 
Smith, D. M. 
Smith, Robert W. 
Smith, William H. 
Smythc, Philip B. 
Spragne, Frank J. 
Spragne. George B. 
Stasel, Albert A. 

Stimsiin, Cliailes II. 
.Swisher, John 1 1. 
.Symons, Frank Iv 

Taafel, William G. 
Thomas, A. I,. 
Tracy, William T. 
Tiittlc, E. F. 

UlTncr, George. 

Veitch, Albert O. 
Vogelmcier, Fred. 
Vogclmeier, O. A. 

Warden, Frank G. 
Warner, George L. 
Watkins, Dr. C. D. 
Weiant, Warren S. 
Weisgerbcr, E. L. 
Wells, Charles H. 
Wells, William C. 
White. John C. 
Wilcox. Alva W. 
Wilson, Fred S. 
Woods, George H. 

Our MitM Brothers. 

Allen, D. A., August lo, 1S98. 
Schlegel. John, August 12, 1898. 
Green, Charles W., October 9, igor. 

Bell, William, Jr., July i(5, 1902. 
Engwerson, O. J. L., Septemher, 1903. 
Miller, Ed. O., January 6, 1904. 


History of Bellaire Lodge No. 419. 

U.VDICR disi)cnsatioii tenanted I'Vhruary _>(>, i8<jX, l)y Craiul I'.xaltcd Kuk-r 
-Meade D. Detwiler, un application of W. 1). Wliite, William Ceorge and 
luiiil Schmidt of Wheeling;, W. \'a.. and District Deputy (n'orge Buxion, 
of Hast Liverpool Lodye, Uellaire Lodye Xo. 419 was instituted March y, i^jX. 
The charter was granted by C.rand Exalted Ruler John Calvin, May 12. 
i8y8. to the followinij charter members: diaries W. I'.ippus, E. J. Stcger, G. K. 
btrobel, J. S. Johnston, W, V. Kirkpatrick. [. I',. Watt, Albert Luchs, H. D. 
Mclvce, J. N. Schindewolfe, H. W. Hahara. [esse Uippus, W. I. Campbell, S. C. 
Crow, ]vmil Elikan. Mose Elikan. L. E. Emerson, Henrv Grella" A. Herzberg, Jr., 
Harry Herzberg, J. C. Landkrohn, J. L. Minesinger, Edward L. Moore, A. L. 
McEarland. James A. McCraw. Samuel McDonald, A. Ogle, C. W. Staab, Benjamin 
Stahl, I. Sonneborn. Claude Woods, ( ). P. Mason, A. S'tahl, James C. Tailman. C. 
Rumbach, George Turnbull, Joseph Kellv. 

llie charter officers were: Charles W. Ijippus, Exalted Ruler; I".. }. Stcger, 
Esteemed Leading Knight; G. E. Strobel, Esteemed Loyal Knight ; "fames S. 
Johnston, Esteemed Lecturing Knight; W. P. Kirkpatrick, Secretary; L'B. Watt, 
Treasurer; Albert Luchs. Esquire; H. D. McKee, Tyler; josei)h Kelly". Chaplain: 
J. N. Schindewolf, Inner Guard; George Turnbull, Organist; Abe Stahl, Conrad 
Rumbach and James C. Tailman, Trustees. 

At a regular meeting of 
the lodge held February 20, 

1901, a committee was ap- 
pointed to engage new quar- 
ters of its own, it hav- 
ing rented from others since 
its institution. This commit- 
tee consisted of W. P. Kirk- 
patrick. S. G. Crow, L Sonne- 
born, F. Hartwig and ^L G. 
Lynsky. A^fter consider- 
ing various propositions the 
lodge contracted to have 
a third story erected on 
the Carroll block for an 
Elks hall, taking a lease on 
the building for five years with 
the privilege of five more. 
This additional story was add- 
ed to the building under the 
supervision of the building 
committee, and on Januarv 2<). 

1902, was dedicated ;vs the 
Elks Hall. Brother S. H. 
Xeeds. D. D., of Cleveland. 
( ).. assisting in the ceremonies. 

The lodge spent over 
$4500 in furnishings, making 
it at that time the finest furn- 
ished lodge room in tlie Ohio 





l*>i:i.i.Aiui; N(i. 419. 

\'allcy. Alter occupyiiit; the alxive nieiitidued romiis for ahniit three 
years tlic steadily increasing; nienihersliip compelled them to seeU larger 
quarters and at the ret^ular meetiiip; held Tiisday evening, January 26, 11^03. inuler 
resolutions presented by Past ICxalted Ruler, S. Ci. Crow, which were unanimously 
adopted, the lodge determined to build a home of its own through the sale to its 
members of five himdred shares of non-transferable stock at $30 per share, each 
member being allowed to take as many shares as he might desire, ])ayahle in ten 
percent instalments through three years beginning January I, 1904, The first pa_v- 
meiit becoming due after the stock should all be sold and notice of 30 days given. 
A large majority of this stock was quickly subscribed for. Nearly every member 
who was able taking from two to ten siiares each. The building, when completed, 
will be one of the finest Elks homes in the state. We present herewith a view of 
the building taken from the architects drawing. The following constitutes 
the building committee of the lodge: S. C. Crow, president; lunil Schmidt, treas- 
urer; T. [. Rosser, secretary, and Conrad Rumbach, (k'orge Mvers. R. \V. .\rcher, 
D. W. lioonc, E. S. Spear and Pearl W. Pickett. 

One of the features of Bellaire lodge is their annual trip to the Grand Lodge 
Reunions accompanied by their superb band of 25 pieces; every member of the 
band being a member of 419. This uniformed club being a permanent institu- 
tion have adopted a handsome uniform of cream colored flannel with their cap 
lettered in pur[)le. The club and band received honorable mention in Milwaukee 
in 1901. The band won a $50 ])rize in lialtimore in 1903 and the cliil) received 
first honoral)le mention from the judges. The lodge meets every Tuesday even- 
ing and visiting brothers are heartily welcomed. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Bippus. C. W 1898—1899 Crow. S. G 1901— 1902 

Strobei. George E 1809 — 1900 Sonnc1)orn. Isador 1902— 1903 

Kirkpatrick, \V. J 1900— 1901 Slicrn,', Joliii F 1903— 1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Bippus, C. W. Knkpalrick. \V. J. S,iinicl)oiii, Isiclor. 

Stroblc, George. Crow. S. G. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

E.vallcd Ruler John F. Slierry Esquire R. W. Archer 

Esteemed I.eadius:, Kuinlit. . . .E. S. Spear Inner Guard Emi! Ehkan 

£?/. Loxal Kni.iiJit William H. ScliarfT Chaflain B. W. Hoijkins 

Est. Le'eturmg, ' Knight. . . .Joseph S. Crow Orgnnist Samuel Stilwell 

Secretary T. J. Rosser Trustees : 

Treasurer T. N. Schindcwolf Conrad Rumbach. S. G. Crow. 

Tyler William Campbell George S. Myers. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

-\bel R M .Nrcher, T. .\. Bell. H.irry C. 

Allum. .\lbert. Bciufiebl. Frank. 

Ambler. John. Bag,c:.>. Robert J. Berry. W I. 

.\mrine. F. S. B.->.ily. R. A. v.Bippus. (. . W . 

■\jHlcrsoti. G W. Bainbriilge. .rn;cnli. Bippn-. 11. .V. 

.\plin. .\lbert. BainbridRe. W. T. Bippn-. II. T. 

•\rcher. R. W. Barker. W. E. Bippns. Jesse T. 

T> Indicates Grand I.odpe Member. 


Bia.i.AiKK No. 419. 

Boncysleele, Jacob, 
lioonc, D. \V. 
Bowen. [•"red T. 
liowic, A. T. 
Boyde, C. C. 
Boyle, Robert. 
Brcsock, G. H. 
Biichsc, L. VV. 
Biirkclt. H. L. 
Biisli, H. C. 

Callahan. John. 
Campbell, William. 
Campbell, W. j. 
Cimpbcll. VV. V. 
Carey, \V. M. 
Carroll, T. W. 
Cauley, William. 
Church, William. 
Cockroft, F. H. 
Cole, C. C. 
Conboy. James. 
Cook, Thomas J. 
Cox, Charles A. 
Crogan, Joseph. 
Crow, Joseph S. 
Crow, R. E. 
■^Crow, S. G. 
Cuoppe, George. 

Darby, William. 
Davis, John. 
Dean, Scott. 
Dennick, August P. 
Devorc, Lorenzo Dow. 
Donlev, Joseph W. 
D-oreri Carl. 
Dorer. William. 
DuBois, J. M. 
Duga, August. 
Duga, Frank S. 

Hlikan, Hmil 
Elikan, Mose. 
Elliott, W. N. 
Emerson. L. E. 
Ernst, William. 

Fennell. Thomas. 
Fish, J. W. 
Fisher. David. 
Fleming, James. 

Gallahcr. A. H. 
Garrison. Claud. 
Gavin. William E. 
Glasow. Olln. 
Crf>w, J. R. 
Grafton. Fduard H. 
Grav. M. U. 
Gravbin. T. W 
Grella. William 

Hannon. J. C. 
Hart. John. 
Hartwig. Florcnz. 
Hathaway. Frank C. 

Ileaiheringion, A. S. 
Hcaiherington, Howard. 
Healherington, \V. S., Jr. 
lleil, William. 
Herzberg, Abe, Jr. 
Herzberg. Harry. 
Hill. Thomas. 
Hilton, James. 
Hiicrnia.i, Walker. 
Holt, Thomas M. 
Hopkins, B. W. 
Hornick, F. C. 
Hudson, Charles. 
Hummel, John. 

Johnson, J. S. 
Jones, D. J. 
Jones, T. D. 

Kane, Richard, 
Keller, J. M. 
Kelly, Toseph. 
Kelly, t. A. 
Keyser, W. S. 
Kinsev. James E. 
*Kirkpatrick. W. T. 
Kleber, William. 
Knapp, Walter R. 
Krausc, Carl. 

Lancaster, A. L. 
Landfried, Jacob. 
Landkrohn, J. C. 
Lando, Frank. 
Lane, L R., Jr. 
I^ Roche, L. F. 
La Roche. W. F. 
Lerch, J. C. 
Lewis, T. L. 
Lipphart, William. 
Lockwood, A. L. 
Long, Corwin. 
Luchs, .Albert. 
Luchs, L. M. 
Lynskey, G. A. 
Lynskey, M. G. 

Mc.Andrews. B. F. 
McConnaughey, Charles. 
^fcConnaugl^ey, Ed. 
McConnanghcv. Joseph. 
McDr.nongh. James. 
McFarland. A. L, 
McFarlaud. J. K. 
McGir.iv. George. 
McGirtv. Wilford. 
^^cGol1gil, Thomas, 
McGraw. J. A. 
McKce. H. D. 
McMillan. Robert. 
McXabb, J. C. 
Mangis, George. 
^ranley. J. T. 
Martin. .Samuel C. 
Mason. F. S. 
Mason. O. P. 
Maule, J. W. 

Minnchan, M. J. 
Moore, E. L. 
Moore, G. T. 
Myers, George W. 

Ncininger, F. W. 
Nclsor., F. J. 

Ogle, .Mc.xandcr. 
O'Toolc, Ambrose S. 

Pennman, Joseph H. 
Phillips, G. D. 
Pickett, Pearl ^L 
Peirsol, Joseph.. 
Porlerfield. G. W. 

Rassaw, Richard. 
Ranch, Harry. 
Rearcon, Albert. 
Riddle, Henrv. 
Riedel, Paul. 
Roberts, J. C. 
Robinson, William. 
Rodewig. C. W. 
Rosser, T. J. 
Rowland. G. D. 
Rumbach, Conrad. 

Sanders. H.irry. 
Schad, Charles. 
Scharff, Willirm H. 
Schell, J. H. 
Schiffler, Nick. 
Schindewolf, Albert. 
.Schindeuolf, J. N. 
.Schindewolf, William, Sr. 
.Schindewolf. William, Jr. 
Schmidt, Emil. 
Scott, G. C, 
Scabrooks, J, R. 
Seeger. J. C, 
.Sells. Harry T. 
Shackelford, J, C. 
Sharff, W. H. 
Sheflin, .Andrew. 
Sherrv, John F. 
Smith, C. A, 
Smith, E. G, 
Snyder. W. H. 
■i^Sonncborn. Isadnr. 
South, F.berly. 
Sncar, E. S. 
Slaab, C. W. 
Stabl. Abe. 
.Stabl. Reni.iniln. 
Steele. C, C. 
Stcgcr, F, J. 
Stevens, A. H, 
Stewart. F, W. 
Stewart. I.. J, 
.Stilwell, Samuel, 
Storm, IT. E, 
•Stricbich. fosenh, 
Striebich, r.. W. L. 

50 ( 

Bici.i.AiKi; \'(i. 419. 

i^Strobcl, George E. Wagciior. N'an. VVIImjii N. V. S. 

Waiker. C. A. WiiiiiiuT. .Scl)asli:iii. 

Tallman. J. C. Wassinan. Fred. VViiUcrhulIcr. C. II. 

Tlioinpsoii. MiUoii. Wassiiiaii, William. Wllle. ll.nrrv. 

Tluirlx-r. Harry. Wall, J. IV VViKen. Vcrii. 

Troll. I.. P. Wcc-ms, C. L. Wood, Cluul. 

Tnieiiian. J. E. Wliealaii. |..lin M. Wood, J. .X. 

Tiirnbull, Gcorw. Williams. J. P. Woods, Alljorl A. 

Tiirnbidl, James. Wilson, l"r:iiil< P. Woods, C. 

Wagener, David. 

Owr Absent Brothers. 

Vance, Charles W., November 26, 189S. Gray, John. Marcli 2, 190,3. 

Grella, Henry, May 5, igoj. Johns, Charles, March 13. I'jo^. 

Minesinger, J. L., June 20, 1902. Shuttleworth, W. B., December iS, 1903. 


'■r:i.i,Aii;i; N'd 


S. G. Crow, 


Wall Paper and Pa i ill 

William T. Rainhkiix-.i:, 
Est. Loyal Knight, 190J-05. 
Mine Foreman. 

Hakhv Hi:rzi!i;ki;, 
Dry Goods >rcrcliant. 


Thornton .A. Arciikr. 
Bcllairc New.s .Agency. 

P.i:i.i.Aii;i-; No. 419. 

John S. Amllkr, 

Mill Foreman, 

The Aiukrson & McGregor Co 

Tf,vr:i7^3 - 

William Ernst, 
Contracting Plasterer. 

Harry Dkxnis McKeE, 


Balliniorc & Oliin Railroad. 


William Neil Elliott, 

Locomotive Engineer, 

Cleveland & PitsbMrg Railroad. 

P.i:i.i..\ii;i-; Nil, 419. 

David Wagner, 
State Senator. 

Matt H. Gray, 
Sheet Roller, 
Martins Ferry. 

George D. Rowland, 
Mining and Civil Engineer. 

Dr. Van Wagener, 


Bridgeport, Ohio. 


John C. Roberts, 
Sheet Roller, 
Martins Ferry. 

Pearl M. Pickett, 


Columbia Cafe. 

William George, 


WiLLiAiM Edgar Gavin, 

Ria.t.Aiun: No. 419 

Frank P. Wilson, 
With Juliii Schcll, Cafe, 
Biirlingioii Station, \ 

August P. Dennick, 

Cafe Proprietor, 
Martins Ferry, Ohio. 

(jKokge H. Brksock, 


Bridgeport. Oliio. 

Abe Stahl, 

Wholesale and Retail 

Liquor Dealer. 


M. G. Lv.xsKv, 
Reyniann's Brewery, 

ni'i.i.AiiJi', \'i). 410. 

William Schixdkwoli'. Jr., 


Retired Merchant. 

[.\C011 N. SciIIMlKUol.l , 

The Capitol Cafe. 


Albert SciiiNmcwoLi-, 
With Capitol Restaurant. 

I'.i'i.i.AiNi-; i\'( 


W'li.i.iAM S. Kkvsi;[(, 

Sliippins; Clerk. 

Novelly Slaiiiping Co. 

Dr. Ciianui.icr C. Colk, 

Physician and Siirgeoi). 

Bridgeport, Oliio. 


Meat Market, 
Ben wood. ( lliii) 


William Jonks, 

Sheet Roller, 
Wheeling, VV. Va. 

History of Lebanon Lodge No. 422. 

LEBANON Lodge No. 422 was granted a dispensation to organize a lodge 
of B. P. O. E. in Lebanon and on March 17th, 1898, the K. of P. hall was 
secured and used for some time by the lodge. There were but nineteen 
of the charter list able to attend the institution of the lodge. The work of in- 
stitution and initiation was done by the members of Middletown Lodge No. 257. 
T3ie degrees were given the nineteen signers of the charter list and at a later 
day the balance were taken in. 

The charter members were the following representative citizens : George 
W. Sausser, J. W. Glcnny, W. H. Antram, W. G. Thompson, R. W. Smart, 
James R. Bundy, G. F. Brown, W. H. Stubbs, C. L. Blackburn, Frank Gallaher, 
J. B. French, A. M. Brown, G. M. Curry, E. L. Ricks, J. O. Arnold, M. B. 
Hyman, E. Trovillo, F. M. Conden, Lewis Sicker, James Stoops, Clem Conden, 
\V. J. Kilbon, Fxl. Stewart, Frank Brandon. 

The charter officers were : W. H. Stubbs, Exalted Ruler ; W. H. Antram, 
Esteemed Leading Knight ; Frank Gallaher, Esteemed Loyal Knight ; Frank Bran- 
don, Esteemed Lecturing Knight ; G. W. Sausser, Secretary ; W. G. Thompson, 
Treasurer; G. F. Brown, Tyler; J. R. Bundy, Esquire; James W. Glenny, Inner 
Guard ; G. M. Curry, Chaplain ; J. B. French, Organist ; R. W. Smart, Ed. Stew- 
art, Trustees. 

The lodge started with a membership of twenty-five and gradually grew until 
it now consists of 157 members. 

On September 15th, 1902, the lodge moved into new quarters that they se- 
cured in a new building just completed. They have an entire third floor and in 
it are their lodge room, banquet hall and club rooms. The lodge is in a healthy 
condition in regard to membership and finances and are experiencing a steady 
growth of the best people in the city and surroundings. Its meetings are held first 
and third Thursday evenings. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Stubbs, W. H Mch 17 to Apr, 1898 Etoherty, E. F 1901— 1902 

Antram, W. H 189&— 1899 Thompson, W. G 1902— 1903 

Gallaher, Frank 1899 — 1900 Mounts, C. S 1903— 1904 

Brown, G. F 1900 — 1901 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Stubbs, W. H. Brown, G. F. Thompson. W. G. 

Antram, VV. H. Doherty, E. F. Mounts, C. S. 

Gallaher, Frank. 


Li:r!A.\<i.\ Xd. 42: 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Hxallcd Ruler C. S. Moiinl.s 

list. Leading Kiiii;lil E. \V. Ramsey 

list. Loyal ATm.;'/;/ W. N. Thompson 

list. Lccturiii;; Kiuf^hl W. E. Moorc 

Secretary W. H. Stiibbs 

Treasurer M. B. Hyman 

'Tyler James W. Glennv 

lisquire D. A. Brown 

Inner Guard Charles Stibbs 

Clial>lain S. N. Williams 

Organist Ferd J. Schwartz 

Trustees : 

William J. Pflaiizcr. G. P. Brown. 

W. E. Stockton. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

T^.Anlram. W. H. 
.Arnold. J. O. 

Baker, A. C. 
Balzhiscr. M. J. 
Barbeau, Charles. 
Benham. James, 
BenncttJ. C. 
Blackburn. B. E. 
Blacklmrn C. 1.. 
Bone. E. A. 
Bone, Fred S. 
Bone. Hnse. 
Booth. A. H.. Jr. 
Bradbnry, John. 
Brandon. Frank. 
Brant. Josenh T. 
Brenner. William. 
Brown, A. M. 
Brown, D. A. 
■frBrown. G. F. 
Bryant. I. H. 

Cadwallader, F. W. 
Carey, Georec W. 
Carson. William. 
Cartwright. J. O. 
Chamhcrlin. C. P. 
Clair, Harry. 
Cline. Raymond. 
Colbert. Rov G. 
Condcn, F. M. 
Gonvin. R. B. 
Crane. W. W. 
Grawford. Wilbnr. 
Giinninphnm. F. M. 
Cnrry. G. M. 

ncchant. C. B. 
Oecker. Ed. 
nitmars. Grant. 
MDohcrtv. E. F. 
nnml)aii<?h. C C. 
Orakc. T. H. 
I">riscnll, Peter, 
nnnham. E, C. 
nniiliam. Ed. F. 

■m" [ndicates Grand I.oilprc Mciiil>cr. 

Unnham. S. 0. 

Edwards. O. J. 
Ewers. A. G. 

Feclihcinier. S. S. 
Ford, A. S. 
Frazer, E. 
Frazer. F. E. 
Fred. S. 
French, J. B. 

i^Gallaher, Frank. 
Glennv. James W. 
Click.' H. T. 

Haney, .\. D. 
Hayncr. Fred C. 
Hayner, J. Monte. 
Hayner. W. B. 
Henkle. Walter. 
Hicks. Frank. 
Holden. John E. 
Holmes. William. 
Hopping. W. H. 
Hutchinson. O. E. 
Hnfford. John L. 
Hufford. W. D. 
Hnfford. William. 
Hurley. J. C. 
Hutchinson. M. J. 
Hyman. L. S. 
Hyman. M. B. 

Jones. John W. 

Kalm. .Abraham. 
Kaufman. A. B. 
Kenler. John. 
Keevcr. W. n. 
Kilbon. W. J. 
Kingr. C. E. 
Kine. Harry I,. 
Kitchen. G." F. 

Lewis. Ben. 


Under, John W. 
I.ongslrcth, George F. 

McDonald, William. 
McKay. Will S. 
.Maher, L. S. 
.Maag. S. Jr. 
-Major, S. S. 
Mason. C. V. 
.Mohrmann. F. .\. 
Mont fort. A. M. 
Moore, W. E. 
Morton, C. W. 
^Mounts. C. S. 
Mounts. Van. 
Myers. C. F. 

Oglesbee. G. D. 
OglesI)ee, W. E. 
Oswald, M. H. 

Peckenpangh. H. M. 
Pcrrine. Joseph. 
Pflauzer. William J. 

Ramsey, E. W. 
Reeve.s. Cliflf. 
Reid, W. A. 
Reppcrt. William R. 
Ricks. E. I.. 
Roberts, James F. 
Rogers, E. B. 
Rogers, H. C. 
Roeers. W. W. 
Roll. W. Z. 

Sanderson. F. L. 
Sausser. George W. 
Schwartz. Ferd J. 
Schwartz. George V. 
Sev. Frank M. 
.Sicker. Lewis. 
Sicking. H. M. 
Simonton. .\. p. 
Smart. R. W. 
Smith. E. H. 
Smith. R. B. 

l.i;iiA.\(i\ Xd. 4J_'. 

SiHiok, J. K. 

SltMips. lames. 

WaKoii. 11. E. 

Si.ook. .\l. K. 

WSinhbs." W. 11. 

Wanl/. C. 1.. 

SomlKird, C. K. 

WlieatoM. C. \\ 

Spence, Pliili|). 

'riicimpsiin. John .-V. 

Williams. S. N. 

Spciiccr, Tlioiiias R, 

ThnnipMHi. 1,. N. 

W'llli.ims. The.). 

Stewart. Ed. 

1 Thompson. \V. (■. 

Wilson. J. C. 

Stil)l)S, Charles. 

Thompson, W. N. 

Wilson. J. VV., 

Stibbi. John. 

Thompson. VV. S. 

Wright, VV. J. 

Stilhvcll. S. \. 

Trovillo. E. 

Stockton. \V. E. 

Ziinmernian. J. i 

Stone. R. J. 

Venable. C. .\. 


our Absent Brothers. 

Bimdey. James R. Scluvart;:. F. A. 

Ricks, E. I.. Wallace, J. C. 


Lkhan'on' iVo. 422. 

William H. Antram, 

Exalted Rnler 1898-1899. 


G. B. Brown, 

Exalted Ruler 1900-1901 


V t 


H. F. DoHCRTv, 
Exalied Ruler 1901-1902. 
C. L. & N. Railroad 


W. GiLncRT Tiio.Mi'so.v, 

E.xalted Ruler 1902-190.3. 


LKPAN'ON' X^o ^22. 

E. W. Ramsey, 
U. S. Post Office Service 

C. S. Mounts, 

Exalted Ruler 1903- 1904. 

Clerk of Courts. 


Husi; Bone, 

History of Uhrichsville Lodge No. 424 

Till-: L'hriclisville Lodge No. 424 was orijaiiizcd May 12, i8y8, by District 
Deputy George Buxton, Sr., of Hast Liverpool Lodge, under dispensation 
granted by tbe grand lodge upon application of Brothers Joseph Loeb, 
George VV. Robinson, W. J. Shrier, J. F. Keegan, Wiliiani Krupps, Jr., \V. J. 
Miller, Ed. Downey, J. A. Horn, Jacob Kuiiinier, and E. L. Van Horn. 

Charters Members: H. A. Wright. D. C. Mahon, W. H. Hudson, William 
Krupps, Sr., Louis Lcibman, A. E. Gctz, W. J. Shimm, G. A. Miller, Samuel 
Kramer, John F. Gerber, W. H. Barcroft, John W. Young, W F. Rouse, T. J. 
Quilligan, Andrew Robinson, J. D. McGill, John Reusser, C. W. Bell. J. F. 15ar- 
rett, George S. McCaw, Charles Aken. 

The charter officers were: Joseph Loch, Exalted Ruler; G. W. Robinson, 
Esteemed Leading Knight ; W. J. Shrier, Esteemed Loyal Knight ; Samuel Kramer, 
Esteemed Lecturing Knight; Wiliiani Krupp, Jr., Secretary; W. J. Miller, Treas- 
urer; Edward Downey, Tyler; J. F. Barrett, Esquire; Charles Aken, Inner Guard; 
J. Kummer, E. G. Van Horn, J. A. Horn, Trustees. 

The lodge has lost but two of its mcmijers by death : Brothers William A. 
Lloyd and Victor E. AfiBoter, whose memories are kept green at its memorial 
services every year. 

The lodge meets on first and third Tuesday evenings each month. 


Past Exalted Rulers. 

Loeb, Joseph 1898 — 1900 Keegan. J. F 1902 — 1903 

Young, J. VV 19OC— 1901 J. P. Welsli 1903 — 1904 

Robinson, Andrew 1901 — 1902 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Loeb, Joseph. Robinson, Andrew. Welsh, J. P. 

Young, John \V. Keegan, J. F. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler James P. Welch Esquire John White 

Est. Leading Knight Charles Brooks Inner Guard T. J. Quinn 

Est. Loyal Knight A. P. Bunker Chaplain .\. L. Duncan 

Est. Lecturing Knight . .Joseph N. Barrett Organist L. F. Sage 

Secretary James W. Hopkins ... 

Treasurer Ludwig Hies ' ''"'<•" : 

Tyler J. C. Polen J. F. Barrett. W. H. Burns. J. Kummer 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Aken. Charles. Barrett, J. F. Brook.s. Charles. 

Auld. H. G. Barrett. Joseph W. Browing, J. \V. 

Berkowitz, B. L. Bunker. A. P. 

Barcroft, W. F. Bower, J. W. Burns, W. H. 


I ' IIKKHSV ll.I.I'. .\"<l. 4_'4. 

Cahill, Philip. 
Clark. Haywood C. 
Clark. W. F. 
Collier, H. R. 
Connor, James V. 
Connor, VVni. J. 
Cope. Frank. 
Coulter, Jerome. 
Crew, Fcris T. 

Downey, Ed. 
Dimcaii, -'\. I.. 

Eaby, Harry P. 
El son, .\<;a W. 
Evans. Cieorge S. 

Fisher, C. L. 

Cloyd. \V. A. 

Hartford. E. I). 
Hill. William. 
Hopkins. James \V. 
Horn, E. J. 
Hudson, W. H. 

Johns, John \V. 

iKccRnii. J. F. 

Krnpps, William Jr. 
Knipps, William. Sr. 
Kummer, Jacob. 

Lcihman. Louis. 
Lewis, James C. 
*Locl). Josepli. 
Logan, Samuel T. 
Long, Frederick. 

McComhs. H. A. 
McGill, John n. 
Mahon, D. C. 
Ma.xwell. Fred. 
Miller, G. A. 
Miller. W. J. 
Morinrtv. D. 
Murphy', P. C. 

Penn, H. W. 
Peoples. D. C. 
Polen. John C. 
Puniphrey. A. J. 

Quinn. Thomas J. 

Rheiuhart. Frank. 
Ries. Ludwig. 

'"Robinson, .Andrew. 
Ronald. Joliii. 
Rouse, W. H. 

Sage, L. F. 
Shrier, Frank. 
Shrier, W. J. 
Slavelcy, A. J. 
Slimm, James A. 
Sliinm. W. J. 
Smith, Charles C. 
Stephens, W. W. 
Stiehl, L. P. W. 
Swanson. John H. 

Thalhcimer, Zac. 
Tucker, E. F. 

Van Horn. J. .\. 
\'an Vog, C. M. 

■':rWelsh. J. P. 
Welch. Josepli. 
White. John. 

■i?Young. John W. 

tV Indicates (".mini I.oilgc Mcmljcr. 


UnRicns\'n.i.F, No. 424. 

James P. Welch, 

Exalted Ruler 1903-1904. 

With P. C. C. & St. L. R. R. 

John W. Young, 

Exalted Ruler 1900-1901, 

Engineer P. C. C. & St. L. R. R. 


Oty Marshal, Dc»inison, Oliio. 


John R B.vrrett, 


With P. C. C. & St. L. Shops 

I'llNICIISVIM.!-: Xo, 424. 

John \V. Johns, 
Slicct Roller. 

Prof. L. P. W. Stiehl, 

Pros. Stielil's CollcRe Co., 

Canton, Ohio. 

Thomas J. Quinn. 

Inner Guard. 

Willi P. C. C. & St. L. R. R. 


H. H. Carnahan, 

Est. Le.Tding Knight 1902-1903. 

History of Massillon Lodge No. 441 

THIS lodge was instituted May 4, i8y8 witli iliirly-tive cliarter nieinbers as 
follows: T. H. Smith, II. R. I'ai-soiis, E. T. I'lowells, T. B. Arnold, J. 
C. Streeter, Paul Kirchhofer, J. J. Klotz, \V. C. Bryant, S. K. Weirich, 
C. M. Whitman, T. C. Brown, F. A. Vogt, S. A. Stalcup, H. C. Foltz, F. VV. 
1 lever. Otto Kopp, VV. A. Diellienn, Z. T. Shoemaker, W. L. Bechtel, F. E. Hess, 
C. IVl. iMcLain, K. B. Crawford, Jr., B. L. Ayres, L. 1". Schimke, E. H. Pille, 
C. H. Rudolph, F. B. Silk, VV. D. Jacob, \V D. Benedict, J. J. Wise, J. C. Lowe, 
C. C.^ .Miller, VV. R. Coleman, Samuel Rollins, R. F. Myers. 

The charter officers were : T. H. Smith, Exalted Ruler ; Z. T. Shoemaker, 
I'.steemed Leading Knight; E. S. Howells, Esteemed Loyal Knight; T. B. Arnold, 
listeemed Lecturing Knight; J. C. Streeter, Secretary; Paul Kirchhofer, Treas- 
tuer, L J. Klotz, 'iyler; F. W. Preyer Esquire; H. C. Foltz, Inner Guard; S. A. 
Stalcup, Chaplain; VV. C. Bryant, S. R. Weirich, C. M. Whitman, T. C. Brown, 
I'. A. Vogt, Trustees. 

The work of initiation was done by Canton Lodge No. 68 in the I. O. O. F. 
hall. I'anquet was served at Conrad Hotel, two hundred Elks being present. 
The lodge has splendidly arranged lodge and club rooms in Pille Block, having 
fitted up on March 7, 1901, the entire third floor and furnished it at a cost of $6,500. 

A minstrel show is given every year, two nights, to packed houses. 

The mothers, wives, sisters and daughters of the Elks have a Deer Club, 
which meets in the afternoons in the ladies parlors. These occasions are not only 
enjoyable to the ladies themselves, but the moral effect has been beneficial and 
far reaching and has tended to elevate and ennoble the dignity, the standing 
and the work of the order in the community. 

The lodge was honored in 1901 by the appointment of Brother T. H. Smith, 
one of its most representative members as District Deputy for Northeastern Ohio. 

The lodge meets every Wednesday evening. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Sniitli. T. II 1898—1899 -McLain, C. M 1901— 1002 

Howells, E. S 1899— 1900 Gardner, D. S 1902— 1903 

Shoemaker. Z. T 1900— 1901 Willison, E. G 1903—1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Smith, T. H. Shoemaker, Z. T. Garihier, D. S. 

Howells, E. S. McLain, C. M. 

Officers, 1903-04 

Exalted Ruler E. ('>. Willison Esquire Fred W. Justus 

list. Leadiu« Knight A. O. HegReni huier Guard Jesse Brown 

E.St. Lo\al Knijiht Elton Rice Clia/'laiii Charles G. Kine 

E.St. Le'eturiii^ Knight. . . .G. P. I-. Howald Organist G. L. Schworm 

Secretary. R. B. Crawford. Jr. Trustees : 

Treasurer Josepli J. Kloi/ II. \^. Kramer. S. R. Weirich. W. D. Bene- 

y- ,,/,.,- .\| I.. K. Ildw.ihl diet. .X. H. Coleman, I. .\. Yost. 

Massii.i.on Xii. .441 

Adair, Rolicn L. 
Aikins, John R. 
Arnold, T. B. 
Ayres, B. L. 

Baltzly, Stanley. 
Becker. Jacob. 
Bechtel, W. L. 
Bell. Bernard. 
Benedict, W. D. 
Bevard, Charles. 
Bi?choff. Dan. 
Blilcr, S. S. 
Bostick, J. M. 
Bowers. H. A. 
Breed. W. F. 
Brown. Jesse. 
Brown. Thomas C. 
Brown, W. C. 

Coleman. A. H. 
Converse. R. P. 
Craiff. E. S. 
Crawford. R. B., Jr. 
Cnrry, Charles. 

neVVoesc. H. G. 
Diclhenn, W. A. 
Doll. Dennison. 
Drake. Thomas. 
Duncan, C. J. 

Eggert, G. B. 
Eyman. Henry C. 

Palke. Ia'O. 
Fleniinff. Thomas. 
Poltz. H. C. 
Fox. Slanton. 

"Gardner, D. S. 
Gris. George I,. 
Gilliert. C. V. 
Gilliam. J. J. 
Graze. Jacoh. 
GrifTin. J. W. 
Hackelt. George I.. 

Hardgrove. G. .\. 
flarrison. H. P. 
Haverstack. G. C. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Hay, .Xiistin .\. 
Hcggem, .v. G. 
Hemperlv, F. I.. 
Hess, Al. 
Hess, Frank E. 
Hictzman, William. 
Holzhach. C. J. 
Hous.>r. A. B. 
Howaid. Harold. 
Howald. Melville 1,. R. 
Howald. G. Per I.ce. 
*Howclls. E. S. 
Howells. George .'\. 
Howell s. Harry. 
Himibergcr, F. O. 

Jacob, W. D. 
Johnson. Charles. 
Justus. Fred W. 

Kcleher. John I. 
Kellar. J. F. 
Kilmer. George. 
King. Charles G. 
Kirchhofer. Paul. 
Klotz. Jcsepli J. 
Kopp. Otto. 
Krrmer. H. V. 

I.eahy. H. T.. 
F.oew, A. J. 
T.owe. J. C. 
Lucy's. H. E. 

*McUin. C. M. 
VztU-a. VV. B. 
Mellon. George. 
Mctzg'ir. A. H. 
Miller. C. C. 
Morgan. V. H. 
Mougcy. \V. A. 
Mvers. Clyde. 
Myers. R. F. 

Pillc. E. H. 
Pille. H.nrrv. 
PolW-k. R. A. 
Porter. C. F. 
Portman. A. F. 

R^ilchford. M. D. 
Rca>' Rol>err. 

Kiev. Ellon. 
Kico. .S. E. 
Richcimer, .'\. J. 
Rider, Harry F. 
Rollins. Samuel. 
Rose, John J. 
Rudolph, C. H. 

Sailer, Arthur, 
Schimke, Louis P. 
Schworm, G. L. 
Secse, J. M. 
Segner, E. C. 
Scibold. Olto. 
Shanabrook. Eugene. 
Shauf. George H. 
Schlallev, Harrv. 
Sheets. J. C. 
Shcnlcy, Felix. 
Shcpley, Jerome. 
^Shoemaker. Z. T. 
Siffert. F. VV. 
Silk. F. B. 
Smith, Harry. 
Smith. Maurice. 
■i*rSmith. T. H. 
Souers. D. S. 
Stalcup. S. A. 
Stewart. E. J. 
Swicr. Charles E. 

Taggart. E. C. 
T.iggart. F. F. 

Vogt. F. A. 
Volkmor. T,. I.. 
Volkmor. O. C. 

Wcfler. S F. 
Weihle. Hcnrv. 
Weinrich. H. J. 
Weirich. S. R. 
Wheeler. A. Z. 
Wheeler. Thomas. 
Whitman. C. M. 
Willenborg. I.. A. 
*Wini^on. E. G. 
Wise. lacob. 
Worthin.gton. William. 

Yost. c. n. 
Yost. I. A. 

Ess. J. J. 
Mvers. Harry. 
Albaugh. W. A. 

Our Absent Brothers. 

Willnlni. George W. 
PiUiKini. J. C, F. 

Wetter. Alherl M. 

^^llulg, Olio E. 

•Cr Indicates Grand I.odse Memljcr. 


Massii.i.ox .\"( 


Frank A. Vogt, 

Exalted Ruler 1904-05. 

Agent Finlay Brewing Co. 


History of Cambridge Lodge No. 448. 

CAMBRIDGE Lodge B. P. O. E. No. 448, was instituted August 30, 1898, 
with forty charter members, and in less than four years it has increased to 
one hundred and seventy-two members. The lodge held their sessions in 
Odd Fellows Temple until about a year ago, when they leased a suite of rooms in 
the JMorton block, and now have a comfortable lodge and club rooms in the same 
building. The lodge meets on the second and fourth Monday evenings of each 

The follcnving were the charter members : O. M. Hoge, James Joyce, C. R. 
Mcllyar, Charles T. Ogicr, A. W. Brown, T- W. Burry, C. M. Hyatt, A. M. 
Sarchet, Otto Thalheimer, F. C. Rankin, J. A. ]5ostwick, James R. Barr, W. N. 
Bradford, Charles L. Carev, E. M. Treat, Fred P. Mcllvar, Theodore Meyers, 
W. M. Sherrard, L. E. Carlisle, Albert Westwood, J. P. Mahaffey, John P. Rvan, 
T. C. Robins, W. P. Devore, A. T. Jones, Charles A. Rech, A. B. Clark, FrecT 
k. Potter, T. F. Morton, C. F. Hamme, Frank S. Carev. Alva B. Hall, J. F. Stock- 
dale. R. W. Zahniser, M. J. Cosgrove, T. W. Scott, W. P. Guild, John L. Locke, 
John M. Ogier, Martin Varley. 

The charter officers were: O. M. Hoge, Exalted Ruler; A. B. Hall, Esteemed 
Leading Knight ; W. N. Bradford, Esteemed Loyal Knight ; James Joyce Esteemed 
Lecturing Knight; J. P. MahafFey, Secretary: A. M. Sarchet, Treasurer; A. T. 
Tones, Tyler; Tohn F. Stockdale, Esquire: F. C. Rankin, Inner Guard; J. L. Locke, 
Chaplain ; A. W. Brown, J. R. Barr and T. W. Scott, Trustees. 

The club rooms are open to all visiting Elks and they are cordially invited. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Hodge, O. M 1898— 1900 Potter, Fred K 1902—190.3 

Hall, Alva B 1900— 1901 Turner, Milton H 1903— 1904 

Mcllyar, C. R 1901— 1902 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Hoge, O. M. Mcllyar, C. R. Turner, Milton H. 

Hall, Alva B. Potter, Fred. K. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler Milton H. Turner, Jr. Tyler J. F. Burris 

Est. Leading Knight Charles T. Ogier Chaplain Clarence H. Smith 

Est. Loyal Knight H. \V. Davidson Inner Guard J. S. Cowden 

Est. Lecturing Knight J. R. Scott Organist John B. Schick 

^"'■'^'"O' J- P^, Mahaffey Trustees : 

Treasurer A. M. Sarchet 

Esquire Richard Bevington L. E. Carlisle. T. W. Scott, C. R. Mcllyar. 

Our Absent Brothers. 

Claggett, H. F.. September 27, 1900. Kellar, .A. B., March 27, 1902. 

Craig Van. D., April 6, 1901. Downar. John R., August 4, 1902. 


Arnold, Frank P. 
Anlx-le. Albert. 

Barr, James R. 
Baxter. Asa A. 
BegRs. James C. 
Bell, Charles A. 
Bennett, Artlnir J. 
Berry. O. J. 
Bcvington, Hugh. 
Beynier, VV. E. 
Boden, J. Cliff. 
Boetcher, H. E. 
Borden, G. S. 
Bostwick. J. A. 
Bradford, VV. N. 
Brenan, Carl A. 
Brown. A. W. 
Brown, Frank. 
Brown, James M. 
Brown, W. H. 
Brndewold. C. L. 
Bnrdettc. Clyde R. 
Bnrris. J. F. 

Cain. Paul M. 
Carlisle, L. E. 
Carnes, Charles W. 
Casey. Charles I,. 
Casev. Frank S. 
Clark. A. B. 
Colpitis. G. A. 
Cook, T. E. 
Cosgrove. M. J. 
Cowden, J. S. 
Cowden. Dr. N. W. 
Craie. Fred G. 
Craig. Samuel A.. Jr. 
Creighton. Frank R. 

Davidson. H. \V. 
Davis. \V. H.. Jr. 
Davis. W. H.. Sr. 
Davis. W. S. 
DcH.->rt. Elza C. 
Depew. J. R. 
Dcvorc. H. J. 
Dcvore. W. P. 
Dcvries. I. H. 
Dollison. "j. B. 
Dnwmr. Tames C. 
Dngan. George D. 
Dutton. J. A. 

Evans. Walter H. 

Ferris. James Nt. 
Flahcrlv. M. D. 
Flciclier. T. Fred. 
Fryc. \V. R. 

Gallni.. E. S. 

■ Iiidic.Ttcs r.rand Lodge Member. 

(.'.\.M r.KIIK.I': .\(1. _J4X. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Gaiev. Sylvester. 
Gibson. Port E 
Gill. Herbert R. 
Glaser, John. 
Goodwin. \V. I',. 
Grelcn. William. 
Gregg. \V. H. 
Gnild. \V. P. 

Hagedorn. C. I.. 
^Hall. Alva B. 
Haninie. Charles F. 
Hannan. P. J. 
Havener. W. C. 
Havt. James T. 
Hazlelt. J. E. 
Heiner, Charles A. 
Henrctta. C. W. 
Hilderbrand. Benianiin. 
*Hogc. O. M. 
Homer, J. K. 
Home. Wendel. 
Hunt. Harry E. 
Hyatt, Charles M. 

Johnson. D. G. 
Johnson, Frank H. 
Johnson, Olla. 
Johnson. T. E. 
Jones, A. T. 
Jones. E. D. 
Joyce. James. 

Kirkpatrick. William. 
Kline, W. S. 

I.ane. Dr. Fred, 
r.eeper. S. M. 
Lewis. William J. 
I.ocke. John I,. 
I.a Follette. J. A. 
r.inkhorn. I,. .S. 
Love. Thomas F. 
Lowry, O. F. 
Lynch, Charles J. 

McCnllev. Samuel J. 
McDonald, fesse. 
McGovern. T. W. 
■ftMcTlvar. C. R. 
Mcllvar. Fred K. 
Mahaffev. G. F. 
Mahaffev. T. P. 
Afahann.T. John. 
Movers. Theodore. 
Miller. Charles D. 
Miller. Edgell B. 
Miller. Tohn J. 
Moore. Robert B. 
Morgan. John H. 
Morris. Bcniamin. 
Morton. J. F. 
Moss, William. 


Nicholson. George D 

Ogicr, Charles T. 
Oigicr, John .M. 
Ogle, A. W. 
Orr, James C. 

Padgitt, W. F. 
Palmer, George S. 
Parker, J. L. 
Phillips. Arthur. 
^Potter. Fred K. 
Potter, Percy J. 

Rainie. R. M. 
Rankin. F. C. 
Rech, Charles A. 
Reese. D. R. 
Reese, E. T. 
Rcmer, R. B. 
Reppart, Waller H. 
Richardson, John M 
Riley, J. W. 
Ritter, Adam F. 
Ryan, John P. 

Sarchet. A. M. 
Schick. John B. 
Scott, James R. 
Scott, lames V. 
Scott. T. W. 
Shaff. J. W. 
Shannon. W. >' 
Sherrard. W. M. 
Shroyer. Howard. 
Smith. Clarence H. 
Spragne. W. R. 
Stewart. J. J. 
Stevenson. Roy T. 
Stockdale. John F. 
Sutton. Brooks. 

Tillman. Frank T. 
Treat, E. M. 
Troettc. J. A. 
Trott. G. F. 
Tnrnbaugh. Charles S. 
■s^Turner. Milton H. 

Varley. Martin. 
Varrelman. Giistave H 
Vcitch. C. W. 

Wallace. S. A. 
Walters. Fred. 
Wells. Harry. 
West wood. X. 
Wilson, J. r. 
W'innetl. Hnnni R. 
Woodworlh. IL P. 

;^aImisor. R. W. 

History of Logan Lodge No. 4')2. 

LOGAN Lodge \'o. 452 Pi. P. C). Elks was instituted Fcbruar}- 22, 1899, by 
Zanesville Lodge No. 114 witii the following twenty-four charter mem- 
bers: C. H. Uuerhause, S. Weldy, F. A. Rochester. W. II. White, W. H. 
Strentz, C. A. Donahue, C. S. Work, C. E. Larimer, Ed. Price, A. K. Smith, 
W. A. Henderson, W. L. Gage, H. F. Ambrose, O. W. H. Wright, Thomas 
Price, A. G. Steinman, William Wancr, V. G. Bowcn, J. F. White, T. S. Hous- 
ton, M. H. Donahue, John Slisher, W. J. Frasch, J. E. Frasch. 

The charter officers were: W. A. Henderson, Exalted Ruler; John F. 
White, Esteemed Leading Knight ; A. K. Smith, Esteemed Loyal Knight ; W. H. 
Strentz, Esteemed Lecturing Knigiit ; H. F. Ambrose, Secretary ; Thomas Price, 
Treasurer; William Waner, Tyler; C. H. Uuerhause, Esquire; J. E. Frasch, In- 
ner Guard; W. L. Gage. Chaplain; T. S. Houston, Organist; A. G. Steinman, 
C. S. Work, W. J. Frascli, Trustees. 

The membership grew quite rapidly after its organization — members being 
taken in from the surrounding towns until lodges were installed in Lancaster, New 
Lexington and Nelsonville, when demits were issued to quite a number in order 
that they join their home lodges. This lodge has now ninety-one members 
in good standing. 

The social rooms, located on the second floor of the Rempel Bank Building, 
corner Main and Market streets, are always open and visiting Elks are always 
welcome. Regular meeting nights first and third Mondays of each month at 7:30 
p. m. Social session at frequent intervals as ordered by the Exalted Ruler. 

Logan Lodge has lost four of its members by death whom they mourn as: 

Our JIbsent Brothers. 

Hughes, John P. Moriarty. D. T. 

Buerhausc, C. H, Kesler, S. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Henderson, VV. A 1898— 1900 Wright, Judge O. W. H 1902— 1903 

Wright, L. C 1900— 1901 Houston, T. S 1903— 1904 

Canty, John E 1901— 1902 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Henderson, W. A. Canty, John E. Houston, T. S. 

Wright, E. C. Wright, Judge O. W. H. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Bralted Ruler T. S. Houston Esquire John E. Cinty 

n'sl. Leading Kuiglit F. E. Rose /uner Guard . . .Luke Uhmau 

Est. Loyal Knight John Uker. Jr. Chaplam O. W H Wright 

Est. Lecturing Knight W. J. Ryan Organi.^t W. J. Curry 

Secretary ■ ■ I . • B Engle Trustees: 

Treasurer H. F. .'\nibrose 

■fyler H. S. Green John J. Mori.irty. F. Brown. Dr. A. K.Smiih 

Ambrose. H. F. 
Alison, \V. II. 

Barry, R. J. 
Barry. \V. J. 
Beck, Charles. 
Billison. John R. 
Blasius, F. 
Bowen, V. G. 
Bovven, W. F. 
Brandt, C. F. 
Brown, F. 

■i^Canty. John F. 
Curry. W. J. 

DoIIison. J. B. 

Easterling. J. 
Edniiston, R. J. 
Engle, L. B. 

Feik, G. 
Fox, J. 
Frasch, J. E. 
Frasch, VV. J. 

Gabriel. J. W. 
Gage. W. L. 
Gill. J. D. 
Gladnian. George. 
Green. H. S. 
Griffiths, D. J. 

HarbaiiRh. M. G. 
Healv. A. B. 

I.IM'.A.V No. 452. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

■'"^'Hoiulcrsoii. W. A. 
Hess, R, A. 
Holl, Chris. 
^Houston, T. S. 
Hughes. James. 
Hyson. A. I.. 

lies, H. A. 
Irvin, F. 

Josten, C. 
Joyce, M. E. 

Kessler, F. 
Kinnear. H. B. 
Kinney, M. J. 
Kirshbaiim. G. 
Krieg, C. R. 

I.appcn, D. H. 
Larimer. C. E. 
Ivehman. Luke. 

McBride, F. J. 
McDevitt, C. L. 
McGwine, James. 
McKeever, Daniel. 
Maher, Jerry. 
Martin, E. M. 
Miller. Ed. 
Monahan, James. 
Moriarty, J. J. 

Nichols. W. G. 
Nnneniakcr. A. J. 

Price, Ed. 
Price. Thomas 

Rainey. Z. V. 
Ranch, G. H. 
Ricketts. E. D. 
Rochester, F. A. 
Rose. F. E. 
Ryan, VV. J. 

Sanderson, P. E. 
Schaeffer, G. 
Shorr, J. 
Slazer, J. N. 
Sloan, P. D. 
Smith, Dr. A. K. 
Snider, J. J. 
Steckcr, M. 
Strentz, VV. H. 

Thomas. H. E. 
Thiirniss. D. V. 
Toole, Thomas F. 

Ucker, John. Jr. 

Van Home, J. 

Waner, William. 
Watkins. H. 
Weldy. S. 
Wellman. John. 
White. J. F. 
White, W. H. 
Williams. D. A. 
Williams. W. S. 
Work, C. S. 
wWright. L. C. 
^Wright. Judge O. W. H. 

J.Mvtns McGwiNK, 
l.iciiior Mcrcliaiil. 
Lancaster, Ohio. 


C. JoSTK.V, 


Athens. Ohio. 

History of Elyria Lodge No. 465. 

ELYRIA Lodge was instituted in Maccal)ces Hall, February 15, i8yy, In 
District Deputy Ed. M. Campfield, assisted by members of Cleveland and 
Sandusky lodges. It continued to meet in the hall where instituted until 
January i, 1902, when they moved into their present splendid quarters in Elyria 
Block, occupying the whole fifth floor. Here they have magnificent lodge and 
club rooms fitted up at a cost of $1 1,000. Elyria lodge conducted a Street Fair in 
August, 1902, which was very successful, both from social and financial stand- 
points. Their minstrel shows, which are given every year, are occasions of special 
interest and enjoyment to the people of the city. 

The charter members of the lodge were : F. N. Bartlctt, C. A. Bemis. G. L. 
Bivins, W. E. Brooks, E. D. Chapman, E. E. Critz, H. A. Dykeman, C. T. Ely, 
J. M. Farrell, M. J. Farrel, Charles AI. Farrell, Ross Fauver, F. L. Fuller, F. E. 
Griswold, W. W. Grout, William Heldmyer, W. R. Huntington, E. G. Johnson, 
H. C. Johnson, Tude R. Jones, F. F. Kimball. R. B. Lersch, M. H. Levagood, 
F. H. Lewis. George H. Lewis, C. E. Mudge, H. W. Patrick, W. A. Reed, S. L. 
Sands, W. H. Seward, C. L. Sotherden, F. M. Stevens, F. H. Sudro, A. C. Teas- 
dale, D. S. Troxel, P. W. Walsh. D. F. Ward, E. E. Williams, F. O. Williams, 
A. P. Worthington, George Wuhrman. 

The charter officers were: Charles M. Farrell, Exalted Ruler; George H. 
Lewis, Esteemed Leading Knight ; F. M. Stevens, Esteemed Loyal Knight ; W. 
R. Huntington, Esteemed Lecturing Knight; F. E. Kimball, Secretary; C. L. 
Sotherden, Treasurer; Ross L. Fauver, Tyler; C. R. Jones, Esquire; F. N. Bart- 
lett. Inner Guard; C. A. Bemis, F. H. Sudro, E. G. Johnson, M. J. Farrell, C. E. 
Williams, Trustees. 

The lodge meets the second and fourth Tuesday evening each month. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Farrell, Ch.irlcs M Feb. to Apr., 1899 Lewis. George H 1900— igor 

Brooks, Walter E 1899— 1900 Hiinlington, William R 1901— 1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Farrell, diaries M. Lewis, George H. Hiiiiliiigton, William R. 

Brooks, Walter E. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler William R. Huntington Inner Guard H. C. McKinley 

Est. Leading. Knight. . .George E. Dachtler Tyler R. Holcombe 

Est. Loyal Knight Charles C. Ensign Organist Robert S. Davies 

Est. Lecturing Knight Lee Stroiip Chaplain Charles C. Lord 

Secretary George Wuhrman Trustees: 

Treasurer Charles L. Sotherden Ross Fauver. E. G. Johnson. F. H. Sudro 

Esquire Jude R. Jones James A. Dakc. L D. Fax 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Mien, E. F. Baldwin. D. C. Bartlelt. F. X. 

Baldwin, H D. Bell, G. A. 

Bailey, Fred. B.irnard, J. I. Bemis, C. .\. 


t!r Indicates T.rand l.od^c Member, 
t Life Member. 


Im,\kia Xii. 4(13. 

ncmz, \V. T. 
Hickfnrd. C. 1,. 
Biggs, !•. I.. 
Bins. J. C. 
Riviiis, G. L. 
Bollcs. H. v.. 
Bonsicur, I.. E. 
liowcn, J. F. 
Bowen, S. H. 
Bowcii, W. J. 
Boylan. J. C. 
Boyntoti. H. C. 
Brnnsoii. I. C. 
^Brooks, W. E. 
Burgess. T. B. 
Burgctt, \V. F. 

Cairns. Wiiliani. 
Cavcrt. E. H. 
Clianlcc. W. S. 
Chapman. Claytcni. 
Chapman. I''. 0. 
Chcnc" T. J. 
Clitz. Raniiolnh. 
Clon£;h. Karl R. 
Cohen. Cns. 
Cnniir-TS. W. R. 
Cottier". C. \V. 
Crandall. H. A. 
Crisp. H. E. 
Crisp. H. G. 
. risp, I. C. 
Critz. E. E. 
Cromlin". M. C. 
Culver. H. T. 
Gushing. C. H. 

Dachtlcr. G. E. 
Dachtler. \V. J. 
Dake. James A. 
Daniels. H. A. 
Davics. W. F. 
navies. R. S. 
navis. H. W. 
Pavis. lames A. 
Dchm. W. A. 
Dellefield. C. S. 
Disbro. E. I,. 
Dunham. W .L. 
DnRoss. W. H. 
tDykeman. H. A. 

Easnn. Daniel. 
Ehcrt. J. A. 
Ecklcr. F. R. 
Elliott. Frank. 
Elv. C. T. 
Englebr'- I.. 
Ensign. C. C. 

F'ragher. C. C. 
■>C"irrcll. Charles M 
Farrell. T. M. 
Farrcll. M. T. 
Fnnver. L. R. 
Fanvcr. L. C. 

F.uuer. Ross. 
Faxon, I. D. 
Faxon. J. II. 
Felix. II. 
Ferguson, G. M. 
Firestone. I. B. 
Foster, C. H. 
Foster, Parks. 
Fuller. F. I,. 

(.ale, E. B. 
Garv, A. C. 
Gawn. H. B. 
Gilbert. A. O. 
Glover. D. A. 
Goodfriend. D. 
Greer. H. D. 
Griffin. A. ;■ 
Griswold. F. ]t. 
Griswold. T. H. 
GroiM. W. W. 

H.-.davv.-.v. George. 
Hale. A.' E. 
Hall. \V. C. 
Harkness. T. C. 
Hart. W. F. 
Hav. A. E. 
Hcldmvcr. William. 
Herrick. W. C. 
Hill. G. E. 
Hill. R. W. 
Hillier. W. J. 
Hinman. E. H. 
Hinman. Scott. 
Holcombc. R. 
Horn, C. A. 
Hunt. C. H. 
Huntington. J. T. 
t^Htuitington. \V. R. 

Johnson. Dell, 
tjohnson. E. G. 
Johnson. H. C. 
Johnson. T. C. 
Jones. F. B. 
Jones. Jude R. 

Kimball. F. E. 
Kinlii-.gcr. E. S. 
Krantz. J. A. 
Krohn. H. 
KidiUnv. F. 

Lagron G. .\. 
Laundon. A. J. 
Eaundon. B. R. 
I.c Master. W. C. 
I.ersch. A. E. 
I.ersch. T. W. 
I.ersch. R. B. 
l.cvagood. M. H. 
[.euis. F. H. 
■i-*T.cuis, George H. 
Lord. C. C. 
r.ord. E. G. 

l.owry. E. i). 

Mallory. D.ll. 
.\Iarbourg, 1'". S. 
Marsh. A. C. 
Martin. C. VV. 
Martindalc. H. B. 
Mathews, S. W. 
McCarvel. James. 
McDonald. C. C. 
McKinley, H. C. 
Mecr. M. H. 
Miller. F. S. 
Miller. \V. S. 
Moodv. H. 
Mudgc. C. E. 

Nicholas. G. D.. Jr. 
Nicholas. G. D.. Sr. 
Nicholl. E. H. 
Niclioll. Tames. 
Nickle. W. M. 
Notlev. VV. H. 
Nye. C. E. 

Parker. H. M. 
Parsch. \V. T. 
Patrick. H. \V. 
Pelton. F. V. 
Piercy. Ed.gar. 
Pomeroy. J. W. 
Probert. P. D. 
Pritchard. \V. G. 

Rawson. J. B. 
Rawson. S. B. 
Redington. H. G. 
Reed.W. A. 
Rcttig. D. S. 
Rcidilln. Frank. 
Reublin. J. A. 
Robson. Ed. 
Rose. E. M. 

Sailsburv. Charles F. 
Samnsell. J. V. 
Sands. S. t,. 
Sanford. H. W. 
Sanford. J. S. 
Saunders. B. E. 
Savage. G. W. 
-Sawyer. C. W. 
Sawver. S. T. 
Seuard. D. W. 
Seward. W. H. 
Sharn. \V. G. 
Sheffield. F. F. 
Sheffield. JI. S. 
Small wood. E. 
Smith. C. \\\ 
Smith. F, A. 
Smith. F. \V. 
Smith. W. B. 
Solhcrden. C. 1.. 
Snrague. R. H. 
.'Squire. S. H, Ji. 
Standen. C. .V. 

l•".l.^•K•lA Xii. 4(13. 

Steele, E. F. Teas.lnlc, A. C. Wilder, W. T. 

Steele, H. N. Troxel, D. S. Wilder, M. G. 

Stevens, F. M. Tucker. C. F.. tWilli.ims, K. ]-.. 

Stevenson, Fred. Williams, F, O. 

Stone, L. W. Wagner. C. E. tWilianis, P. H. 

Straus, J. C. Walsh. P. W. Williams, P. S. 

Straus, M. Ward. D. F. Wooster, N. P. 

Stronp. Lee. Warden. W. H. Wortliincton, A. P. 

Sudro, F. H. Weinle, H. C. Wuhrnian. George. 

Simimers, H. W. Wherry. J. G. Wiirst. C. J. 

Summers. R. M. White, A. E. 

Swisher, C. Whitmore, C. S. Yost, G. E. 

Wick, Tennis. Yost, 01)ed. 

Taylor, A. B. Wilcox, H. C. Young, William. 
Taylor, H. B. 

Our Hbscni Brothers. 

Jacobs, Joseph A. Sheffield. J. C. Pitcher, Charles S. 

Barch, Edward E. Reublin. .\rthur. Lewis, F. H. 


^J,^■N1A No. 465. 

E. H. HiN.MAN, 

Probate Judge. 

W. R. Huntington, 
Exalted Ruler 1903-04. 

C. SwisiiKu, 

Supt. of Switcliljoards, 

Home Telephone Co. Toledo. 


Ch.\kles C. Lohi>. 

Fire Iiisiiraiice. 

Justiee of the Peace. 

History of Jackson Lodge No. 664. 

JACKSON Lodge No. 466, B. P. O. Elks, of Jackson, Ohio, was instituted 
on the 2nd day of March, 1899, at tiie K. of P. Hall in the City of Jack- 
son, by District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler F. M. Ford, of Zanesville, 
Ohio, assisted by the regular team from Chillicothe Lodge No. 52. The institu- 
tion of the Lodge of Elks in Jackson was a gala day in the history of the city 
when seventy-five members from the ancient capital, Chillicothe Lodge No. 52, 
accompanied by the Salem band, thirty-eight from the River City, Ports- 
mouth Lodge No. 154, and brothers from Washington, C. H., Gallipolis, Hills- 
boro, Newport and other sister lodges, joined together in the festivities and work of 
installation. Early in the afternoon business was suspended and the people of 
the City and vicinity turned out en iiiasse to greet the visitors, welcome the 
new lodge of Elks and witness the parade, which was one of the interesting 
features of the occasion. The installation ceremonies being completed, the line of 
march was taken to the banquet which was held at the Crescent Opera House 
where a scene of beauty met the gaze of the new Elks and visitors. Brother 
Thomas Emmett Moore acted as toastmaster and welcomed the visitors and 
guests. Brother Ford, Grand District Deputy, delivered a pleasant address on 
some of the prominent features of the order and was heartily applauded. H. D. 
Meade Massie, of Chillicothe, responded eloquently to the toast, "The Elks," 
while Brother L M. Jordan, of Chillicothe, spoke most entertainingly on "Our 
Obligations." Judge J. C. Milner, with sparkling wit and cheering logic, had 
much to say for the "Portsmouth Elks." The hour of eleven at hand, Hon. Harry 
T. Bannon, of Portsmouth, eloquently and touchingly responded to the beautiful 
memorial toast of the order. Brother W. A. Wallace, of Chillicothe, told of "The 
Things I Cannot Forget," while Judge J. M. Thomas, his fellow-townsman, was 
assigned to talk on "Our Order" ; he did not fail to express a handsome tribute 
to the ladies of Jackson, many of whom were present, the banquet being served 
by the ladies of the M. E. Church. Hon. R. L. Grimes, one of the newly made 
Elks, spoke pleasantly and feelingly of the "New Elk," after which the toast- 
maister bade the visitors good night and the big banquet was at an end. 

The charter for Jackson lodge was granted at a session of the Grand Lodge 
on the 22nd day of June, 1899, and immediately thereafter the lodge opened its 
club rooms in the Martin block which they continued to occupy until May, 1903. 
During the summer of 1903 its quarters were remodeled and a new structure 
added thereto, and in September of 1903 the lodge was at home again in the 
Martin block, corner Main and Broadway. It has a neat and commodious lodge 
room with well equipped quarters and club rooms consisting of parlor, billiard 
and card rooms, reading room, smoker, small gymnasium, paraphernalia rooms 
and other modern equipments essential to make an attractive and comfortable 
home. The parlor is furnished with an elegant piano with a Cecilian player at- 
tached. The club rooms are open for Brother Elks only, except for the last few 
months, as an innovation, the quarters are open on Friday afternoons and even- 
ings to ladies when accompanied with a Brother Elk. 

The open house and social sessions are features of the Jackson Lodge. Dur- 
ing tlie holidavs, one dav each year is assigned as open house day and the ladies 
of the city are its guests. Social sessions are held at irregular intervals of about 


Jackson No. 466. 

two montlis apart. The regular sessions of the lodge are held on Wednesday 
evening of each week. 

At present it has a menihership of 107, and since its institution in iSyg, it 
was instrumental and aided in the insttuton of a second lodge in the county at 
VVellston. As to menihership, its motto has heen, quality and not quantity, and 
the character of its work has reached a point of excellence. CJii the evening of 
the 25th, day of May, 1904, three candidates were initiated in the presence of a 
large memhership and several visiting brothers. District Deputy Grand Exalted 
Ruler R. L. Queisser, of Zanesville, being present to inspect the work of the 
lodge, spoke in glowing terms of the work and membership of the lodge and 
praised the work and efforts of the officers as second to none in his jurisdiction. 
Brother Oueisser's presence and words of encouragement were highly appre- 
ciated and a return visit will be fondly welcomed. 

Jackson has lost two of its highly esteemed members by death — llrothers 
Herbert C. Evans and Frank C. Morgan. 

The charter members were: S. C. Crossland, Daniel Crossin, S. O. H. Calla- 
han, J. L. Caldwell, D. P. Coll, Frank Crumit, O. 1'.. Ervin, A. L. Evans, E. \V. 
Ervin, Herbert C. Evans, R. L. Grimes, H. E. Hunt. John E. Hays, A. S. 
Horton, C. W. Haslett, H. E. Hoskins, John T. Jones, S. G. Martin. Tom Moore, 
W. C. Martin, J. G. Morgan, Frank McP.ride. J- J. McKettrick, VV. E. Stanton, 
John Stanton, F. J. Sternberger, S. A. Sternberger, W. A. Stephens, Mark Stern- 
berger, M. L. Sternberger, William Thomas, Dr. W. E. Williams, E. P. Will- 
iams. C. L. Ward. N. M. White, George Wheldon, H. S. Willard, W. O. Yard. 

The charter officers were : M. L. Sternberger, Exalted Ruler : George Whel- 
don, Esteemed Leading Knight ; Frank Crumit, Esteemed Loyal Knight ; 
Tom Moore, Esteemed Lecturing Knight: W. A. Stephens, Secretary; Mark 
Sternberger, Treasurer; J. G. Morgan, Tyler: H. E. Hunt, Esquire; S. G. 
Martin, Inner Guard; W. C. Martin, "Organi'st ; J. J. Kitterick. D. P. Coll, E. W. 
Ervin, Trustees. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Sternberger. M. L 1899 — 1900 Moore, Tom 1902—1903 

Wheldon. George 1900—1901 Crossland. S. C 1903—1904 

Callahan, S. O. H 1901— 1902 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Sternberger, M. L. Callahan, S. O. H. Crossland, S. C. 

Wheldon, George. Moore, Tom. 

Officers 1903-04. 

U.valtcd Ruler S. C, Crossland Esquire F. C. Long 

Est. Leading Knight William Thomas Inner Guard H. A. Maloney 

Est. Loyal Knight A. V, Evans Clia/jlaiii W.J. Shumate 

Est. Lecturing Knight Benner Jonc?. Organist W. C. Martin 

Secretary C. E. Ervin Trustees : 

Treasurer W. A, Motz George Wheldon, I). P. Coll. 

Tyler I. N. Davis J. J. McKittrick. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Allhar, E. D. Bertsch. F. W. Caldwell. J. L. 

.'Vrmstrono'. John M. Bertsch, Jolin H. Callahan. G. C. 

I, ^ 1 nr-ir r- ^^Callalian, S. O. 

r> ., Ti /- Bertsch, Uilliam 1>. r',„,;„i. t c- 

Beatty, Harrv C. „■ ■ i t ■ t^ Camink. J. h. 

Bertsch, E. C. Bleichart, Louis K. Carroll. James. 

i^ Indicates Grand I.odgc Mctnber. 


Jacksox No. 4OO. 

Clicstmil. Chas. S 
Claar, H. H. 
Claar. \V. C. 
Clark, I. H 
Coll, Daniel P. 
Crossland, R. J. 
^Crosslancl, S. C. 
Crossin, Daniel. 
Criiinil. Krank. 

Davies. I. N. 
Davis. W. G. 
Diing.m, C. D. 

Krvin. C. E. 
Ervin, E. \V. 
Ervin. O. B. 
Evans, A. L. 
Evans. A. V. 
Evans. Morjian. 

FenninR, I,. P. 
Eislier. I.<niis. 
Fogarly. William. 
EowUt. Ered O. 
Ercncli. .Vhraliani. 

I'.ilhcrt. S. C 
C.riffith. J. B. 
C.rinics. R. I,. 

Hall, E. B. 
Hall. John. 
Haslett. Charles \Y. 
Hayes. John E. 
Holll)crrr, l.ouis. 

ilort.m, A. S. 
Morton. C .Q . 
Horton. Earl C. 
Horton, Edward. 
Ho.skins. Homer E. 
Hunt, H. E. 

Johnson. W. E. 
.[ones. Renncr. 
Jones. John T. 

Killen. I,ee. 
Killen. Ora L. 
Klotz. Gustave. 

I.aird. E. C. 
Lane. F. C 
Eong, VV. C. 

McBrido. Frank. 
McCormlck. C. C. 
.HcKilterick. I. f. 
Malonev. H. .\' 
Marl in. D, C 
Marlin. J. H. 
Martin. S. G. 
^^artin. W. C. 
Michael. Hcrhert. 
Monahan, Ed. ff. 
*Mooro. Thomas E. 
Morgan. J. G. 
.\forris. David. 
Motz, John F. 
Motz, W. A. 

Ocier. Orson IJ. 

IVlers. R. H. 
I'hilip.s. Thomas B. 
riercc, .Mbert. 

Ridcnom, E. B. 

•Scott, Charles A. 
Sluniiate, VV. J. 
Skinner, Anderson 
Smith, H. P. 
Snider, George W. 
Stanton, John. 
Stanton. William E. 
Stephens, William A. 
Slernberger. Edward I.. 
Stcrnhcrger. F. J. 
Stcrnbergcr, Mark. 
■^Slernherger. M. L. 
SicrnbcriCer. Samuel A 
Stovvell. H. G. 

Thomas, I,. Beman. 
Thomas. Stanley C. 
Thomas. William. 

Ward. C. E. 
Ware, C. C. 
Washam. W. T., Jr. 
■^Wheldon. George 
White. N. M 
Williams, E. P. 
Wiliams. J. W 
Williams, William E. 

Vard. W. O. 


Jackson No. 466. 

Thomas EMMrn' Moore, 

Exalted Ruler 1901-02 

Author "My Lord Farquhar." 

J. F. Morz, 
Treasurer 1903-04. 
Saloon and Cafe. 

R. L. Grimks, 


\V. O. Varu. 

Manager Opera Ilinise, 

Wcllslown, Ohio. 

J.\i KSON Xn. 4()'i. 

William P. Fot.aktv, 

Wine Mercliaiit. 

Who. Dealer in Malt l,i(|iiors. 


Propr. Meat Market. 
Coal Operator. 

.\. .S. HuKTo.w 


W. F. Bi; RISC II, 



History of Alliance Lodge No. 467. 

AIJJANCE lodge No 467 was created In- dispensation of the Cirand Lodge, 
Kebriiary 28tii, i8(jq Tlie li'dge was instituted by District Deputy H. .M. 
Campfield, assisted by members of Salem, Canton, Massillon, Niles, War- 
ren, East Liverpool, Cleveland and other lodges. Much care had been expended 
in the preparation of the charter list of the new lodge, and when it was completed 
it contained a carefully selected list of the most prominent business and profes- 
sional men of the city. .At the institution of the lodge the following officers were 
elected and appointed to serve for the first year : Dr. John A. Roach, Exalted 
Ruler; Roscoe T. Sharer, Esteemed Leading Knight; Charles .-X.. Betts, Esteemed 
Loyal Knight; Owen \\'. I'fouts, Esteemed Lecturing Knight; Will P. Sharer, 
Treasurer, Philip A. Cable, Secretary; J. H. Mell, Tyler; E. S. McDonald, 
Esquire; W. J. Berry, Inner C.uard ; B. E. Trescott, Chaplain; F. E. Rhinehart, 
Organist; Lyman D. Keplinger, Benjamin F. Weybrecht, Leroy L. Lamborn, 
Jacob E. McFadden and Perry W. Welker, Trustees. 

Since the lodge was organized, it has moved quietly along progressive lines, 
and today is in a very prosperous condition in every respect. Elegantly appointed 
club rooms, centrally located, makes an attractive home for the lodge. 

Since the organization of Alliance Lodge No. 467, four members. Brothers 
J. Murray Webb, L. D. Keplinger, A. C. Strong and O. W. Pfouts, Exalted 
Ruler, have been called to the grand lodge above. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Rnacli, John A. .. .Fcli. 28, 1-899 — Apr., 1900 

Sharer. Roscoe T 1900 — 1901 

Pfouts. Owen \V 1901 — 1902 

Cassehiiaii. Charles W 1902 — 1903 

.McDonald, F. S 1903 — 1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Roach, Dr. John .\. 

Sharer. Roscoe T. 

Cassclniaii, Charles \V. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler F. S. McDonald 

Est. Leading Kiiititil VV. J. Berry 

Est. Loyal Kiiinlil J. B. Douglas 

Est. Lectun'iiii Kniiihl F. S. Hoinmel 

Secretary Phili|i -A. Gabeic 

Treasurer F. M Rhinehart 

Tyler H. F, Schooly 

Esquire F. A. Rudolph 

/uiier Guard C. L. Skitter 

Chaftatii Evan Parker 

Organist C. J. Bush 

Trustees : 

M. W. Diclil. R. T. Sharer, B. F. Weybrecht, 

Charles Shem, Jr., P. W. Welker. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

.Xniincnnen. .\. F. 
.Ai'.iigst. Willi.iin S. 

Baker. C. 
Ballard. L 



Ballon. T. C, 
Harnett. O. F. 
Bales, F. C. 
Berrv. W. J. 
Blake, Lewis J. 

Bohecker. J. C. 
Bradshaw. Rov. 
Bush, C. J. 

-"-Casselnian, Charles W. 

•Cr IndicalL'S Grand Lodge Member. 


Ai.i.i AMI'; Xii. 4(>7. 

Clement, D. M. 
Conlin, P. J. 

Dichl. E. VV. 
Dornian, J. F. 
Douglas. J. B. 

I£arlv. C. B. 
Ellett, W. C. 
Evans, D. I. 
Evans, William C. 

Fennerty, W. J. 
Freer, J. B. 
Fresh, Burt. 

Gabclc. P. A. 
Cicorgc. D. B. 
r.rccn, \V. H. 

Haines. C. F. 
Hecr. H., Sr. 
Herbert. A. B. 
HcrroTi. S. D. 
Holilman. George. 
Homincl. F. S. 
Householder, E. 
Hyatt. J. K. 

Irons. William E. 

JiuUl. George H. 

King. W. W. 

Kingshiny. Frank. 
Lanihorn, l.erov L. 
Low, D. W. 
l.ii|)ton. William J. 

McConnell. J. H. 
i^McDonald. Fred S. 
McEnirv, M. D. 
McFadden, J. E. 
Mclntyrc, Charles W. 
McManns, P. 
Maloney. Jolm R. 
Mathew's. M. R. 
Mell, I. H. 
Mercer, B. F. 
Mercer. Bnrr S. 
Morgan. Edwin. 
Morgan. W. H. 

Oglinc, Grant. 

Parker, Evan. 
Pfonts. O. E. 
Pnrccll, W. H. 

Rhinehart. F. E. 
irRoach. Dr. John A. 
Rndolph, F. A. 
Rnth. C. W. 

.San ford. W. F. 
Schooley. Harry E. 
Shafer, Henry. 
Sharer, J. H. 

'i'Sharer. Roscoc T. 
Shaw. Harry C. 
Shem, Aldora. 
Shem, Charles. Jr. 
Shem, William E. 
Shidler, W. W. 
Slinltz, Harry I). 
Silver. Charles O. 
Simon. Clyde E. 
SliUter, C. I.. 
Smith, I. H. 
Smith, W. A. 
Smoots, A. W. 
Stanton, Wl-aver. 
Strong, A. E. 

Teeters. C. D. 
Trescott, B. F. 
Trescott, E. M. 
Thomas, C. G. 

Vesseriat. Frank. 

Wadsworth. W. R. 
Walker. O. U. 
Wallace. S. A. 
Wclker. P. W. 
West fall. E. H. 
Weyhrceht. B. F. 
Wcvhrecht. C. C. 
Wheeler. J. Walter. 
Zang. A. G. 
y.nug. J. A. 


\i.i.iA\ci-: N'o. 467. 

Col. \V. H. Mouoa.v, 
The Morgan Engineering 

Frei> S. McDonalii. 
Exalted Ruler 1903-04. 
Dcpt. Mngr. T. B. Gulp. 

Otis Upton Walker, 


City of Alliance. 

Di< John .\. Roach, 


Dr. .\i.i' Cm-rouu Ball, 

History of Marielta Lodge No. 477. 

EARLY in 1S99, Brothers J. W. Nye , A. IX Follett, E. S. Aklcniian and J. A, 
Joscjiliy, wlio were then niembcrs of Zancsville Lodge, No. 114, feeling 
tiiat tlic time was ripe for a lodge of Elks in Marietta, secured a suitable 
list of names and applied for a dispensation, which was granted by Grand Exalted 
Knler John Calvin. April 27, 1899, was selected as the day for instituting the 
new lodge, which was done by District Deputy Frank M. Ford, assisted by the 
members of Zancsville Lodge, No. 114. 

There were fifty-two names on the charter list, as follows : H. S. Alderman, 
F. C. Audibert, O. .\. C. Ahrcndts, H. K. Bond, John H. Becker, C. S. Colt, C. K. 
Clarke, George L. Clark, H. Fred Curtis, James L. Davis, Marvel J. Davis, 
William E. Detlor, C. Fred Dysle, A. D. Follett, Charles A. Faires, O. J. Fuller, 
E. Frank Gates, George E. Gates, W. B. Gaitree, E. W. Glines, Dr. Charles S. 
Hart, James W. Hughes, Lewis J. Harpold, L. D. Herring, A. R. Heidrick, J. A. 
fosephy, C. W. James, S. T- Kennedy, J. W. King, Walter Kirby, D. S. Milne, 
"C. W. Mervdith, W. M. Morse, George, F. Mitchel, A. D. McCoy, J. A. McCor- 
mick, F. E.'McGrew, James W. Nye, Thomas Padden, A. C. Phillips, F. R. Porter, 
C R. Richardson, Charles Richardson. W. S. Richardson, J. IL Russell, J. K. D. 
ShafTer, Peter Schlicher, Jr., W. B. Smith, F. G. Seyler, L. D. Shrvock, D. C. 
Stewart, A. F. C. Williams, Alia Winsor. 

The officers duly elected to fill the respective offices and installed at that 
time were : J. W. Nye, Exalted Ruler ; Dr. Charles S. Llart, Esteemed Leading 
Knight ; H. K. Bond, Esteemed Loyal Knight ; E. Frank Gates, Esteemed Lec- 
turing Knight; E. S. Alderman, Secretary; F. C. Audibert, Treasurer; A. F. C. 
Williams, Esquire; D. S. Milne, Tyler; A. C. Phillips, Chaplain; John H. Becker, 
Inner Guard; C. W. Mervdith, J. A. Josephy, C. W. James, Trustees. 

The first regular meetings were held in the Maccabees Hall. 

The growth and progress of the lodge has been marked. On July loth, 1899, 
it was decided that steps be taken to secure suitable permanent quarters for the 
lodge, together with a club room, and a committee was appointed, consisting of 
Brothers C. R. Richardson, Dr. Charles S. Hart and E. C. S. Holmboe, to secure 
plans and specifications for such quarters. 

Upon July 24th, 1899. the Trustees were authorized to purchase from Brother 
J. W. Nye the lot upon which now stands the club house. On August 7th, 1899, 
plans were submitted by Brother E. C. S. Holmboe and adopted. On October 
15th, 1899, the contract was let to Brother W. B. Smith. 

On October 15th, 1900, the lodge held its first meeting in its new building, 
built by an F.Ik, out of funds furnished by Elks, upon a lot purchased from an 
F'lk. This building, completed and furnished, stands as a monument to the cnter- 
]>rise of a young lodge. 

Dedicatory exercises were lield on the afternoon of October 15th, 1900, fol- 
lowed by a banquet in the evening, these two services being exclusively for Elks 
and their families. 

On the afternoon of October 18 a reception was tendered the ladies of the 
city bv the ladies of the F.Iks, and in the evening the same courtesies were extended 
to the citizens in general by the lucmbcrs of the l<i(Igc and their ladies. 

While Marietta lodge has had its little trials and troubles, such as ordinarily 



.Mauii-:'i"i'.\ .\'(i. 477. 

icrs called 

hctall new Iddo-cs, it has been foi-luiiatc in haviii,:; hut (inc of its Ijrotiic 
hy tlio Grand HxaUcd Ruler of the Universe. 

During the forty niontiis of the lodge's life its meniliership has been increased, 
making a total membership at this time of 409. 

The State Reunion of 1900 was held witii Marietta lodge. 

The lodge meets every Monday night and all visiting members are lieartilv 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Nye, James W 1S99— 1901 

Hart. Dr. Cluirlcs .S 1901 — 1902 

Becker, John H 1902 — 1903 

Gaitrcc, VV. B 1903— 1904 

i\yc. James W. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Hart. Dr. Charles S. Becker, John H. 

Ciitree, W. B. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

lixallcil Ruicr 

list. Leading Kiiig/il. . 

list. Loyal Knight 

Est. Lccttdiii}; Kiiiglit. 




\V. B. Gaitrce 

.Joseph A. Josepliy 

F. E. McGrew 

W. M. Hoge 

. . . .Chas. A. Faires 

C. VV. James 

Harry Pfat? 

Bsquire Karl G. Kaiser 

Inner Guard Charles E. Tresch 

Chaplain George Weiser 


J. K. D. Shaffer, James Nve, 

John H. Becker. 

tAbicht, W. D. 
.'Vdams, W. C. 
tAgin, A. M. 
tAhlborn, Dr. L. C. 
.'Vhrendts, A. O. C. 
Ahrendts, George R. 
Ahrendts, S. 
Alderman, A. D. 
tAlderman, E. S. 
tAUord, George L. 
Angert, L. L. 
fAngle, S. L. 
Audibert, F. C. 


tBahlman, G. A. 
Bailey, C. B. 
Baker, W. L. 
Ballard, Dr. C. 
Bankson, A. J. 
Barr, Howard V. 
Barr. Sam E. 
Barry, A. J. 
Battin, VV. S. 
Baum, Albert VV. 
Baiimgartncr. A. F. 
Bay. Albert G. 
Beagle. Charles 
Beal. F. VV. 
Beasley. H. A. 
Becker, Carl. 


YV Indicates Grand Lodge Meinher. 
t Life Member. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

tBecker, J. H. 
Bel ford, J. 
Benedict, C. S. 
Best, Edward. 
Best, F. A. 
Biddison, S. M. 
Biddle, J. D. 
Biszantz, Daniel G. 
Blair, VV. T. 
Bohl, H. G. 
Birnie, R. H. 
Bond, H. K. 
Booth, C. L. 
'Borgman, H. F. 
Bostaph. H. P. 
Boyes, Dr. E. H. 
tBoyle, D. S. 
Boyle, F. A. 
Braim, L. C. 
Brown, R. F. 
Brown, Ryland F. 
Bullman, J. S. 
Bullock, Gary S. 

Cable. George B. 
Callaghan, J. P. 
Cameron. A. A. 
tCampbell. VV. A. 
Cawlcy, D. B. 
tChanil)erIain, E. E. 


tChamberlain. H. G. 
Cisler, L. T. 
Clapsedel, A. B. 
Clarey, Thomas. 
Clark, E., Jr. 
tClark, George L. 
Clark, P. E. 
Clarke, C. K. 
Clarke, \V. J. 
Cleary, J. T. 
Coen, H. B. 
Cohagan, J. L. 
tCole, A. F. 
tConnor, Dr. C. S. 
Cooke. R. D. 
Costello, T. P. 
tCram, W. J. 
Crippen, Branch E. 
tCromley, F. M. 
Cnllen, J. O. 
Curran. C. S. 
Curry, James F. 
Curtis, H. Fred. 

Dabney, Dr. VV. R. 
Dabold. C. F. 
Dabold, Harry. 
tDavis. A. M. 
Davis. E. M. 
Davis, George S. 

.M.\i;ii:'i'i.\ Xo. 477. 

tDavis, J. 1.. 
Uavis, M. J. 
tDavis, R. D. 
Davis, T. 1-. 
Dedmaii, Bryaiu. 
Deerin, T. J. 
Deuison, F. E. 
DcRousse, H. \'. 
tDctlor, W. H. 
Ucvol, M. H. 
Dilley, George. 
Donaldson, Dr. I. W. 
Donley, J. V. 
Donnelly, P. J. 
Dorman, H. V. 
Dorr, Dr. A. I. 
tDowling, C. W. 
Drumm, Ed. 
Dunbar, George II. 
Dunfec, H. C. 
Dunham, \V. O. 
Dye, VV. S. 
Dysle, O. Fred. 

tEbinger, F. H. 
tEbinger, W. H.- 
Eddy, Dr. I. P. 
Edgecomb, George J. 
Eichelberry, Thomas. 
tEllcnwood, L. W. 
Erdman, Ed. 
Ernst, W. H. 
Ernst, W. W. 
Eyssen, George B. 

Faires, C. A. 
Finch, A. P. 
Finlayson, Mathew. 
Fish, Dr. F. F. 
Flanders, Ed. 
Flaherty, W. F. 
tFoUett, A. D. 
Foster, G. Ed. 
tFowler, J. A. 
tFox, John J. 
Fuller, O. J. 

tGaitree, W. B. 
Gallagher. M. G. 
Gamlin, K. S. 
Gandee, C. E. 
tGates E. Frank. 
Gates, George E. 
tGerken, D. R. 
Gilchrist. E. D. 
Glines, E. W. 
Goodwin, J. W. 
Graessle. C. W. 
Green, J. F. 
Grimes, \V. R. 

Harpold. L. J. 
*Hart. Dr. Charles S. 
Heidrick. A. R. 
Henne. H. S. 
Hcnne. John A. 
Herring, L. D. 

Highland, l-'.d. 
Ilodgkin>, Fred .V. 
Hoge, W illiani Al. 
Hovey, \'. H. 
fHuwe. F. F. 
IhilT, Harry, 
fllnglies, JauKs W. 
Hughes. Juscpli .\I. 
Hughes. J. W ill. 
Hughes, K. D. 
Hughes, S. 1-. 
Hupp, C. W. 
Hupp, W. E. 
Hyde, Earl C. 
tHyde, O. P. 

tjames, C. W . 
Johnson. W. G. 
Jordan, H. E. 
TJoscphv. Joseph A. 
Jndd, \V. A. 
[unc, E. S. 
"June, J. M. 

flvaiscr. K. G. 
Kaminsky. W. 11. J. 
tKatzcnsiein, Jacob. 
Kelly, Dan. 
Kennard, Oren 1'^. 
fKenncdy, S. J. 
Kerr, Frederick D. 
Kerr, W". A. 
Ketter, W. E. 
Kifer, H. K. 
King. James H. 
tKing. J. Will. 
Kirby, Walter. 
Knapp. Frederick. 
Kuehn, .\ugust .\. 
Kuehn, George. 
Kimz, C. Fred. 
Kunz, Peter. 

Landy, Jacob. 
I.arcomb. D. C. 
Laughlin. C. F. 
•I.eedom. J. H. 
tLink, O. G. 
Loffland. J. M. 
Loffland. T. S. 
tLongfellow. .A J. 
I.ongfcllnw, J. F. 
r.orentz. .\dani. 
I^owry, H. S. 
I.ucas. P. S. 
Luchlcnluirg. luliu'; R. 
l.udcy. C. A.' 

tMcCann. Frank. 
McCann, Frank P. 
^TcCloy. J. W. 
McCnrmick. T. .\. 
McCnrniick. Tames. 
^fcCov. A. f). 
McDonald. W. A. 
McGraw. T. E. 
McGraw, Af. 


t-XicGuu, 1''. h'.. 
McGrew, J. II. 
McGrew, T. 1'. C. '1'. 
tiMcliUyrc, J. 1". 
Alclntvre, K. C. 
McKdlip, F.J. 
McKinnev, F. B. 
McMillan', A. Paul. 
McMillan, M. 
Mack, H. E. 
Magce, T. M. 
Mann. .Xrcli. 
Martin, J. W. 
Mattcrn, C. W. 
Mcchling, J. .S. 
tMcister, W. F. 
tMcndenliall. 1.. F. 
Mendcnhall, '1'. W . 
Merrill. A. J. 
tMeryditli. C. V. 
Mervditli, Hanv. 
Metcalf, Waller. 
Mildren, C. R. 
Mildren, E. J. 
Miller, Ed. 
Miller, G. S. 
.Milne. D. S. 
tMinch. H. H. 
Mitchell, G. F. 
Moore, S. O. 
Morey, T. H. 
Morey. W. F. 
Morrison. James E. 
tiMorse, G. H. 
fMorsc. H. D. 
Morse, W. M. 
Mumford, A. L. 

Ncwbeck, W. L. 
Nichols. George H. 
Noll, Logan A. 
tNve, A. T. 
t*Nyc, James W. 

O'Connor, Fergus. 
Offord. Bert. 
Ogle, D. W. 
Owens, Fred. 

tPaddcn, Thomas. 
Page, L. W. 
tPape. Charles. 
Pape, Clyde. 
Parker. S. O. 
Parker, W. R. 
Patlin, F. Owen. 
■ Pattin, Lieu P. 
Paftin, Thomas O. 
Patlin. W. S. 
Pennwell. F. S. 
Peters, .-Vrtluir W. 
Peters. Harry H. 
Peters, Tacnii I.. 
Peters, I.. H. 
tPetcrs, W. C. 
tPfaff, Douglas. 

Marietta No. 477. 

Pfaff, Harry. 
PfaPf John H. 
Phillips, A. C. 
Pierpoint, J. S. 
Porter, F. R. 
Porter, R. P. 
fPotter, Harry. 
Power, G. C. 
Primm, J. M. 
Pring-lc, J. H. 

Queen, A. J. 
Quinn, I^eonard. 

Race. R. E. 
Rambo, Aaron. 
tRanger, F. B. 
Reed, Guy C. 
Reever, Joseph M. 
Reenier, A. B. 
tRichardson, C. R. 
Richardson. W. S. 
Rodgers, W. B. 
Rodgers. W. J. 
Roe, Henry C. 
Roeser, Henrv. 
Roeser. W. H. 
tRussell, J. H. 

Saner, J. C. 
Savage. A. L. 
tSchlicher. P.. Jr. 
Schmideke, H. L. Franz. 
Schnauffer, John B. 
Schnauffer, W. T. 
tSchramm, Ed. F. 
tSchramm. F. F. 
Scott, A. P. 
Scott. James H. 
Seyler, Ben T. 
tSeyler, F. G. 
Sevier. Harrv. 
tShaffer. J. K. D. 
Shaw, Daniel M. 
Shipley. W. E. 
Shoup, F. J. 
Shoup, S. R. 

tShryock, L. D. 
Shurmer, VV. H. 
tSlaugenhaupt, B. C. 
Smith, Dr. A. H. 
Smith, Ellsworth, 
Smith, F. R. 
Smith, T. L. 
Smith, W. B. 
Smith, W. H. 
Smithson, VV. N. 
Smithson, J. C. 
Snakard, Joseph. 
Sniffen, Albert M. 
Sniffen, W. A. 
Spear, H. V. 
Squier, James M. 
tStancliff, A. J. 
Stanfield, G. A. 
Stephenson. A. G. 
Stewart, D. A. 
Stewart, D. C. 
Stewart, P. B. 
Still, Fred C. 
Stillwagon, Etten. 
Stokes, L. J. 
tStork, George. 
Stover, Frank G. 
Stowe, Dudley S. 
Stowe, P. L. 
Strecker, F. M. 
Strlckler. Joseph. 
tSwallow, M. O. 
Swan. Thomas J.. Jr. 
Swinburne. A. H. 
Sykes. W. E. 

Theis. H. L. 
Thomas, W. L. 
Thompson, O. C. 
Thornilev, Elmer W. 
tTimblin, H. L. 
Tischer, Alva D. 
Topping, J. T. 
Tornes. J. H. 
Tracy, Walter D. 
tTracy, W. T. 
Trapp, Philip. 

Trapp, William. 
Tresch, Charles E. 
True, D. M. 
Twyman, B. W. 

Uhrhane, Frederick J. 
Underwood. R. A. 

tVaughn, Ai. 
tVoll, Peter. 

Walden, George H. 
Walsh, J. B. 
Walters, J. R. 
tWard, J. S. 
Ward. Dr. T. S. 
Warren, Dr. W. W. 
Weaver, A. H. 
Wehrs, George H. 
Weidner. Henry. 
Weiler, George J. 
Weiler, William. 
Wein stock, Ed. 
Weis. J. Henry. 
Weiser, George. 
White, H. W. E. 
Wilder. W. B. 
Wilking, C. C. 
Wilking, E. P. 
Wilking, George. 
Williams, A. F. C. 
Williams. A. I. 
Williams, G. B. 
Williamson, B. W. 
Williamson, Dr. M. L. 
Willis. Dr. O. M. 
Wilson, G. W. 
WinFrove. A. R. 
Winsor. Alia. 
Winters. S. C. 
Wittlig. Henry T. 
Work. W. S. 
Worstell. F. A. 
Wyland, R. E. 

Zimmer, Charles W. 


Makiictta No. 477. 

Officers, 1900-01. 

C. Audi BERT, 

John H. Becker, 
Inner Cuard. 

A. C Phillips, 


Oil Operator. 

li. S. Aldekman. 

E. I'RANK Gates, 

Esteemed Lecturing Knight. 

Civil ICngineer. 

A, C. I'. Williams. 

l.octtTnotivc I'jiginccr. 

D. S. Milne, 

James W. Nye. 

Exalted Ruler, 
Nye Hardware Co. 

Charles W. James, 


Boots and Shoes. 



Mngr. Buckeye Clothing Co. 


C. \V. Mebydith, 

Transfer Company. 

William H. Hetlok. 

Makii:tta No. 477. 

Officers, 1901-02. 

Cmaklks Richardson, 

W. B. Gaitree. 

I'lsleiiiifd l.ecruriiip Knight. 

Super\'isi)r Kiiral Free Oelivery. 

John H. IticcKeR, 

ICstec'inc<i Leading Knight. 


]'.. \V. C.LIN ECS. 

Inner Guard. 


John J. Fox, 

Dk. C. li. ItALLAkU, 

I'!s teemed l.oyal Kniglit. 


Dr. Chas. S. Hart, 

Kxaltcd Kuler, 

Physician and Surgeon. 

C. \V. James. 


Boots and Shoes. 

C. W. Mkkvdith. 

Transfer Company. 

A. F. Cole, 


County Engineer. 

L. VV. Pace, 

J. K. L). Shaffer, 


Oil Producer. 


William E. Detlor, 

r. B. Stewart 
Inner Guard 

Ed. Flanders. 


Real Estate. 


Esteemed Loyal Knight. 

Makiictta No. 477. 

Officers, 1902-03. 

O. P. Hyde. 
Mayor of Marietta. 

H. D. MoKSE 
Esteemed Lecturing Knight. 
Marietta PressinR Company. 

\V. B. Gaitree. 

Esteemed Leading Knight. 

Supervisor Rural Frc-e Delivery. 

A. F. C. VVilliams, 


John H. Becker, 

Exalted Ruler, 

Pres. & Mngr. Becker Mill Co. 

L. W. Pace. 


With Cumberland Pipe Line Co. 

C. W. James, 


Boots and Shoes. 

J. K. D. Shaffer 


Oil Producer. 

I;. S. Aldekma 

James W. Nye. Tmsiec . (See Page Si6.) 


Mauii-tta N(i. 477. 

Officers, 1903-04. 


Kstccmcd LcadinR Kniglil. 
MnRr. liuckcyc CIotliinE Co. a. Faires, 

Clothing Sakscinan. 

Charles W. .Iames, 
Koots and Shoes. 

Charles K. Trescii, 

Inner (iunr<l. 


1". K. McGkew, 

Kstcenied I.oyal Knichi 

Oil Well Contractor. 

\y. n. gaitree, 

Kxalted Ruler. 
Supervisor KurnI I'ree Delivery. 

W. M. lIocE, 
l-.stecmcci Lecturing Knight. 
Willi Marietta Register Co.. 

Harry Pfaff, 

K.vRL (;. Kaiser, 


Mookkecper .National Sup|ily Co. 

.1. K. IJ. SllAFl-EH. 

Oil (.)|ierator. 


J. II. llECKER. 


I'rcs. & .\Iiigr. Meeker .Mill Co. 

MAuiiri'TA No. 477. 



GtoKCE K. AnKENurs, 

Oil Well Supply Co. 

A. D. Alderman, 

George L. Alford, 

S. L. Ancle. 

George A. Bahlman 

Editor Marietta Register. 

Oil Producer. 

German National Bank. 


Z. J. Bahlman. 

C. B. Bailev, 


\V. L. Baker, 
Pipe Line Co. 

Sam }%. Barr, 

W'liolcsale Lumber, 

Zaiic^ville, Ohio. 

A. J. Barry, 
Oil Producer. 

W. S. Battin. 
Oil Well Contractor, 
Real Kstate Dealer. 

AluEkt Baum, 

, H. A. Beasley. 

Timbliii & Beasley, 

Oil Producers. 


^fANII■TTA N(1. 477. 

S. M. I'llMHSON. 

Merchant Tailor. 

Kdwahii IIkst. 
Clerk I'ostoOicc. 

C. I.. I5ooTH, 
Hank Clerk. 

I»K. v.. II. ISUYF.S. 
Osteopatliic Physician. 

I). S. ISovLE. 
Oil I'rodiicer. 

I,. C. IIkaun. 


Hyland r. HkowN. 
Oil Producer. 

George I>. Cadle. 

A. A. Camekon. 
D, A. Cameron & Sons. 
Oil Producers. 

W. .\. Campbell,, 

Oil Producer. 

E. E. Chamberlain, 
Oil Producer. 

H. G. Chamberlain, 
Crescent Supply Co. 
Oils and Supplies. 

A. B. Clapsedel, 

C. K. Clark, 

Pipe Line Superintendent. 

Beaumont, Texas. 

George L. Clark, 
Oil Producer. 

W. J. Clark, 
Oil Operator. 


Mauii-tta No. ^-j^. 

ii. n. CotN. 

Cocn & Wilson 

C. S. Con NEK, 


Oil I'roUuccr. 

.1. I.. CoilACAN . 


H. Fred Curtis 

CriARLi^s F. l»AiiuLu, Harry I. DAitoLn. 

fhc .Marijtta I'aint & Color Co. ! In- Marietta Paint Jv Color Co.. 
Paints, Oils, Wall Paper. Paint>. (tils. Wall Paper. 

A. M. Davis. 


K. M. Uavis, 


C'.EORGti S. 1)a\ IS. 

Oil Producer. 

James I,. Davis, 
Oil Producer. 

M. .1. Davis. 
Oil Producer. 

K. U. Davis. 
Oil Operator. 

Theo. F. Davis, 
Oil Operator. 

H. V. DeUousse, 

M. H. Devol 
Truck Farmer. 


ATauiktta No. 477. 

Or. J. W. Donaldson. 

J. r. Donley, 



CllARl.ES W. DowuiNC, 

Wirt S. Dve, 

O V. Dvsi.K, 

V. li. l^BINCER, 

Harness Manufacturer. 

William H. Ebincer, 

Turner, Ebinger & Co., 

Dry Goods. 

Dr. I. P. EuuY. 

L. W. Ellen WOOD, 

Ivllenwood & Smith, 

('.EOKCli 11. I^VSStN, 



U. J. l-'ULLEK. 


C. IC. Canuici-:, 


('•ICOMr.K v.. CiATKS. 


I>A\'I0 k. (".EkKKN. 
r'tireman Marie It a Kegister. 


Mauiiitta \'(). 477. 

^itei^ "^^ 


Lewis I. IIakpolu, 

A. K, I Ieiukick, 

I.. I>. IIerrinc, 
\<. k. ICnginccr. 

Hd. IIickland, 
Traveling Sntcsnian. 
riic A. T. Nye \- Son Co. 



S. L. Hughes, 
Pi|)e Line Co, 

li. E. Jordan. 

JAMKS W". IluciiES, 

Oil Producer. 

J. M. June, 
Pipe Line Co. 

J. Will IKM.iiEb. 
Pipe Line Co. 

Jacob Katzenstein, 
Leader Dry C.oods Store. 

\\". .\. Kerb, 

Lcidcckcr Tool Co. 

W. I'. Kettek, 

n K. Kit'ER, 

Oil Ilnbiiiess. 

James H. King, 
Oil Producer. 


Mauiictta Mn. 477. 

,1. Will King. 
Traveling Salesman. 

Waltkk Kirry, 

August A. Kueiin. 
DrtiR Clerk. 

Sccrel.Try anil Treasurer 
The Marielta Ilrewing Co. 

C. Frkd Kunz, 


Peter Kunz. 

O. G. Link, 

,1, M. I.OKI'LANI), 


A. .1. Longfellow, 
()il Producer. 

Adam Lorentz, 


Frank McCann, 
Oil Producer. 

1-. P. McCann, 

Oil Driller, 

Independence, Kansas. 

James McCokmick, 

J. A. McCoRMiCK, 
Oil Producer. 

A. n. McCoy. 
Asst. Postmaster. 


^[.\NII•:TT.\ N(i. 477. 

J. H. McCrew. 
Oil Producer. 

r. 1' 

. McC.KKW. 


C. MclNTVRt. 

A, Paul McMillan 




P. L. Company. 

Oil Operator. 

M. McMillan. 


S. Meciilinc. 

W. F. MtlSTtR, 


Superintendent Water Works. 


The Pattin Bros. Co. 

C. R. & E. J. Mildren, 
Oil Contractors and Producers. 

Edward F. Mildren, 

Edward Miller, 

H. H. Mincii, 

George F. Mitchell, 

C. K. & M. J. Mildren. 


Oil I'roducer. 


Oil Contractors and Producers. 

Seylcr Hardware Co. 

S. O. Moore, 
Crescent Supply Co. 


G. H. Morse, 

William M. Morse, 

Pipe Line Co. 

Morse Brothers, 
Marietta Pressing Co. 

R. R. Superintendent. 


MaKIIC'I'TA \n. J^'J'J. 

Arthur I.. Mlmi-ukd. 

A T. NvK. 

Tmumas I'adden, 
K. U. C" "inductor. 

Charles Tape, 
Wholesale Grocer. 

Liiiu r. I'attin, 
Tool Uresser. 

Thomas <). I'attin. 


The Pattin Bros. Co. 

WiNFiELi* S. Pattin, 

The Pattin llros. Co.. 

I'ounders & Machinists. 

Arthur W. PtTEKS, 


Marietta Rnok Store. 


■ .Metal Worker. 

W. C. Peters, 

The C. & P. Coal Co. 

Coal Merchants. 

Douglas Pfaff, 


Oil Producer. 

1', U. Porter, 

k. P. PoKTEk, 
Oil Producer. 

Harrv Potter, 

MauiKtta N<i. \~-]. 

J^^ ^^kwn 

G. C. PoWF.R. 

ripe Line Co. 

r.uY C. KEF-D. 

Trn\clinK Salesman. 

Oil Producer. 

J. M. Pkimm. 

U. K. Kace. 

1". 1'.. Uanckk, 
Oil Producer. 

"^ k ^^ 

C K. Richardson, 




I Iknhv C Koi:. 
Stearnl)oat Captain. 

J. H. Russell, 
Oil Producer. 

Pkter Schliciier, Jr., 
Cigar Manufacturer. 

II. L. Franz Schmieuekl, 
Musical director. 

J. B. Schnaufer. 
Crescent Supply Co. 

W. T. Schnaufer, 
Crescent Lumber Co. 



F. F. Schramm, 


IVTauikt'i'a Nn. 477. 

I-RANK (,. SlCVLtK, 


U. A. Skvlkk, 


Seyler Hardware Co. 

L. 1>. SUKVOCK, 

Cicnl. Mngr and 'Ireas. 
Ixidcckf r Tool Works. 


Oil Business. 

1-)K. A. II. Smith 

];Li.s\\nHTi[ Smith 

F. K, Smith, 
Pipe Line Co. 

'I". I- Smith, 

W . i:. Smith 

Josi;i*n Snakard, 
(.lil Operator. 

II. \'. Spear. 

n. C. Stewart, 
Supcrintenilent l^ipe l.ine. 

I'Kiiu C. Stiul, 
l'i[>e Line Co. 

' .i.oKi.i: Stouck. 

I'. L- Stou E. 


Mahii-'i'ta Xii. 47; 

M. O. SwAl.l.i 

TiKiMAS I. Swan. Ik.. 


\V. L. Thomas. 

II. I. 


I. !I. ToKNES. 

W 11,1.1 AM 

T. Tka»:v, 

Oil f)perator. 

Oi! I 

& Ilcaslcy. 





U. M. Truh. 
ripe Line Co. 


Ai Vauciin. 
Oil I'rociucer. 

I'i:ti:k \'oll., 
.Mercliaiit Tailor. 


\V. M. WaMeii \- Co.. 
Coinmis-.ion Merchants. 

I. k. W M.TtK 
Ilntel Clerk. 


I. S. U AKU. 

Mil ( )|K-i;it..r. 

iMAuii-rnw No. 477. 

T. S. W'At 

W. S. Wark. 
Oil Producer. 

('.KoKce J. \Veji.i:r, 

Weilcr Urotlicrs, 

Contractors Oil & (".as Wells 

William Wkn,i:k. 

W'tilcr llrutlicrs, 

Cuiitractur> (Jil \- Gas WclU 



M. L. Williamson, 


IW. (>. M. W 

Al.i.A W'lNSCK. 



k. 1:. WVI.A.NU. 


History o\ New Lexington Lodge No. 509. 

THIS Iodide was instituted June 14, i8<;9. hy Zancsviilc I.odjje Xo. 114. Dis- 
trict Deputy I\ M. Ford officiatine^. The cliartcr nicnihcrs were : Iv. P.. 
Cochran, G. S. Courtrig^ht, J. E. Curran, W. A. Clarke, Moses Debncy, 
T. O. Crossan, AI. I'.ring^archier, WiUiam I'.rinsanhier, Jolm Elder, F. E. Fel- 
lows, D. H. Foster, John Fcrsirusoii, P. A. Gordon, Frank Green, Alf. Gold- 
stein, J. J. Johnson, Jr., James Jenkins, C. C. Guy, L. H. Kennedy, Jesse Lcidy, 
T. L. ^Ioran, N. T. AicTcague, J. R. Montfjoniery, J. G. McDoug^al, Jolni 
JMonahan, [. F. Nuijent, Thomas O'Connor, Ross Rissler, C. C. Sharp, Joseph 
McNeill, f. J. Smitii, C. E. Spencer, R. M. Small, W. E. Sheeran, E. J. Tague, 
T. J. Tracy, Fred Tiiacker, P.. D. Yaw, P. A. Yoerger, James E. Johnston, 
Joseph Goldstein and C. T. Rissler : the last three being deceased, the first Ex- 
alted Ruler of the lodger being the first to die. 

The charter officers were : J. E. Johnston, Exalted Ruler ; A. Bringardner, 
Esteemed Leading Knight; C. C. Guy, Esteemed Loyal Knight; J. G. McDougal, 
Esteemed Lecturing Knight; Philip Allen, Secretary; C. T. Rissler, Treasurer; 
T. O. Crossan, Tyler; J. R. Montgomery, Esquire; John Elder, Inner Guard; 
N. T. McTeague, Chaplain ; E. J. Tague, Organist ; T. J. Smith, T. J. Tracy, J. F. 
Nugent, Trustees. 

The lodge meets in regular session the first and third Wednesday evenings in 
each month. 

Past txalted Rulers. 

Johnston, James E 1899 — loou Foster, D. H 1902 — 1903 

McDongal. J. G 1900 — 1901 Coiirtright, G. S 1903 — 1904 

.■\IIon, Pliilip I90r — 1902 

Grand Lodge Members. 

McDongal. J. G. .Mk-n. Philip. Foster, D. H. Conrtrighl. G. S. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler G. S. Courtright Esquire .Mf Goldstein 

Est. Leading Kuiglit. . . .]. R. Montgomery Inner Guard John EUler 

Est. Loyal Knight Philip Allen Chaplain N. T. McTeagne 

Est. Leeluring Knight T. D. Price Organist Frank Green 

Trustees : 

Secretary E. J. Greely 

Treasurer T. J. Smitli 

Tyler John Rapp T. J. Tracy. D. N. Elder. A. J. Ward. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

^.-.Mlen. Philip. Brown, E. .\I. Clark. Charles. 

-Mien. W. A. Clarke. W. A. 

Callinan. D. F.. Tr. Cochran. E. B. 

Boska. Henry. Carroll. Peter. Cnnkle. B. F. 

Bringaidner, .-\l. Chadwick. T. J. ' Ccinrtrighl. G. S. 

Bringardner. William. Cliilds, F. P. Curran. J. E. 

•C^ Indicates Grain] I.odffc Member. 


.\':;w I,i;xi \'( 


DvbiK-y. Musos. 
Denmati. Arllmr ('■. 
I^ciimaii, Kilgar. 
Diamond. J. A. 
DonalHie. M. H. 
Doiialnic. C. A. 

Elder, D. N. 
Elder, Jacob. 
Elder. John 

Fellows. F. E. 
Ferguson. John. 
Foley, Bart. 
^Foster. D. H. 

Goldstein. Alf. 
Gordon. P. A. 
Grcely. E. J. 
Green. Frank. 

Hall, Edward M. 

James, William M. 

Jenkins. Janu-s. 
Johnson. J. J.. Jr. 

K.'uifni.'in. S. J. 
Kcllv. J.>lin F. 
KellV. R. L. 
KiiiK. C. \V. 
Knhns. C. M. 

Leroy. William. 

•ii:McDongal. J. G. 
McTeagiic. N, T. 
Monahan. John. 
Monalian, Tliomas W. 
Montgomery. J. R. 
Moore, Jolin. 
Moran, T. L. 

Nugenl. J. F. 

Olds. W. M. A. 
O'Comior. Thomas. 

Price, T. D, 

ISle. John T. 

Rapp. John. 
Richards. C. C. 
Rissler. C. T. 
Rissler, Ross. 
Rowan. J. A. 

Scrafford. E. A. 
Sharp. C. C. 
Sheeran. W. E. 
Small. R. M. 
Smith, T. J 
Spencer. C. E. 
Souders. Albert. 
Souders. Frank. 

Tagiic. E. J. 
Tracy. T. J. M. T. 
Ward. A. T. 
Ward, J. E. 

Yocrger, P. A. 

Our Absent Brothers. 

Jolniston. James. F... June 18. iQOr 
Goldstein. Joseph, July 6, 1901. 
Rissler. C. T.. May 8, 190.3. 

M. T. Walsh. 

Proprietor Elk Hntcl. 

.\lhens. Oliiii. 

T. J. S.MITIl. 
0|)era House .M.inager. 
Electrical Contractor. 


History of New Philadelphia Lodge No. 510. 


NI'IW rillLADHLl'HlA Lodge No. 510, of the I'.eiievoleiU :ind rrotective 
Order of Elks was instituted under a dis])ensation granted b_v Grand Ex- 
alted Ruler Calvin on the 8th day of June, iSijy. The petition for tli 
eslablishnKiit of this lodge was signed b)' llic following members : Dr. K. S. 
liarton. Canton Lodge No 68; H. B. L"l<ens. Wheeling Lodge No. 28; Thomas 
Eurey, Wheeling Lodge No. 28; A. ]•:. Cetz, J. l\ Cerber, John Keusser, and 
C. A. Conway, of Uhrichsville Lodge No. 424. 

It was the aim of the committee wIk) had in charge the matter of securing a 
charter list — J. E. Cerber, .\. E.. Cetz, and C. .\. Conway — to get as many of the 
representative citizens of this city and Canal Dover as possible, and tiiey suc- 
ceeded far better than they could possibly have anticipated. The charter list con- 
tained tiie names of forty-three members, thirty-six of whom took the degree on 
the day of installation. 

The lodge was duly organized b)- Brother E. M. Campfield, of Findlay, O., 
District Deputy for the Northern District of Ohio, assisted by a team made up of 
brothers from Massillon, Cleveland, Canton, Mansfield, Salem, Eindlay and 

The charter members were: C. II. .Xkey, II. W. Streb, J. E. Kaldenbaugii. 
Joseph Slinglufif, C. E. Reiss, A. L. Wible, E. A. Wentz, R. H. Nussdorfer,'^E. 
C. Harvey, E. C. Kuenzli, S. R. Miimig, George W. Canada, E. E. Schoch, C. 
Bernhard, John Kuenzli, B. C. Henderschott, E. S. Douthitt, George W. Williams, 
M. Seebold, James F. Barrett, J. A. Linn, William Kaley, John Burri, E. W. 
Price, T. M. Morgan, George W. Getz, Henry Rex, Al. E. Getz, H. E. Burnside, 
A. Gintz, J. C. Kelly, E. O'hliger, J. J. I'arr, William A. Carver, John O'Tool. J. 
Iv. Hurst, H. B. Lukens, E. A. Burri, John E. Cerber, Thomas Eury, R. S. Barton, 
John Reusser, C. A. Conway. 

The charter officers were; C. H. .\ckey, Exalted Ruler; .A. L. Wible, Es- 
teemed Leading Knight; R. S. Barton. Esteemed Loyal Knight; II. B. Lukens, 
h'steemed Lecturing Knight; C. A. Conway, Secretary; J. E. Kaldenbaugh, 
Treasurer; .\. Gintz, Tyler; .\1. E. Getz, Esc|uire; J. C. Kelly, Inner Guard; E. 
S. Douthitt, Chaplain, J. J. Parr, Henry Rex, F. C. Kuenzli, M. Seebold, Trustees. 

During its five years existence the lodge has lost but two members by death — 
E. A. Deardorfif and Frank L. Co.x. From the institution the lodge has been am- 
bitious to have its own home, and imder the wise and conservative leadership of 
past officials has obtained its desire, and ofTers to all weary and travel-stained 
F.Iks, who mav sojourn in its manor, the well kmnvn hospitalitv of an up-to-date 
I'.lks Club. 

The club and lodge rooms are located in the Alexander block, on the public 
square, and the lodge meets in regular session the first and third Tuesdays of eacli 

The first Exalted Ruler, Mayor C. II. .\cke\. was ;i tireless worker and nuich 
credit is due him for the success of the organizalinn. Ilrdther E. C. Kuenzli took 
up the work as second l-'xalted Rider and under his administration the new club 
rooms were dedicated March 20. 1901. for the uses and |iur|xises of the F'.lks. 


MM \iin I'll I \ 

\'n ^|l 

I'cist Lxcillcd Kulcrs. 

AcUcy, C. il JiiiK- S. iSiM I,, mill 

Kucn/li. 1'". C' ii)4)i I'liij 

l).Ml.ll.l> \ \'. 

Kill 1 i. loliii 

. li)i)j |i|r>_l 

Ackiy. C. H. 

Ailolpli I-. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Kiun/li, I-' I' 

D.Miiiluy. A. \'. liiMii. Ji.lin. 

Officers. 1903-04. 

I'.xolird A'li/i-r Julin Itiiiri 

UsI. J.CiHiiii^ Kiiiiilil II. IC. raliiur 

list, l.oyl Kniglit William Hur-.l 

list. Lcclui'iia Kiiiiihl M. V. Rc'.iMi 

Srcrclary Joliii Rosili 

Trcasurci Mifhad ScihoM 

V y/i'- I ) !•:. Tlioiiias 

lUquirc K. A. Ilurri 

Inner (I'liiiiil l'„ P. P.irr 

('/iii/i/i/iM K. li. llavrniiaii 

1 1 iislii's : 
I". (.' Kiun/li. Ilitiry Hc\ and S. H. Movers. 

*Acl<ey. C. H. 
Adolpli, E. 
.Alexander, F. 

Barret, J. F. 
IJarton, R. S. 
Beiter, Joseph. 
Bornliard, C. 
Hodey, F. C. 
Brcilenstcin. I/niis. 
Bristcr, S. J. 
Biirnsidc. H. E. 
Burri, E. A. 
*Burri, John. 

Canada, G. W. 
Capper, Clininicey. 
Carey, C. F. 
Conway, C. A. 

Conway, C. A. 
Cotter, B. F. 
Crater. George. 

navis. A. W. 
ncfenbacher, D. 
^rDonahey, A. V. 
Oonthitt, E. S. 
Dye, A. A. 

Empfield. William. 
Evans. Byron H. 

Fcrnsell. C. C. 

Crcrher. J. F. 
Get?. Al. E. 
Get?., George W. 
Gintz. A. 
<~.reene. Jo<;epli F. 
Gregory. Michael. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Hacketl, Inhn. 
Hall. Thomas H. 
Harvey, F. C. 
Haverman, R. E. 
Henderscholl. B. C. 
Hcnsel, Samuel. 
Herron, S. H. 
Hcizig, C. H. 
Hirst, Samuel. 
Hostclter. !l II. 
Hnrst, J. ]■.. 
Hurst, W. F. 

Jentes, E. 
Jones. Ebenezcr. 
Jones. John. 
Juukins, W. L. 

Kaldenluueh, J. F. 
Kalcv. William. 
Kelley. J- C- 
Kinscy. William Irwin. 
Kniseiv, A. S. 
Knodel. William I 
Kuenzli. C. H. 
^Kncnzli, F. C. 
Kiicnzli. F. G. 
Kuenzli. John. 
Kuenzli, Willinm. 

LcPage. F. E. 
I.icscr. W. H. 
Linn, J. A. 
Ludwick. n. B. 
I.ukcns. TI. B. 

Meyers. S'liuiel B. 
Mcvers. Milan. 
Miller. Charles. 
Minnig. S. R. 
Miiinis. Fr.ank. 

.Morgan. T. M. 
Murphy, R. A. 

Xussdorfer, R. H. 

Dhliger. \'.. 
O'Tool. John. 

Palmer. II. H. 
Parr. F.. P. 
r-arr. J. J. 
Priee. E. W. 

Rainsbcrgcr, H. N. 
Ream, M. V. 
Reeves, A. G. 
Rciss, C. E. 
Reiss, Josenli .A. 
Reusser. John. 
Rex. Henry. 
Rosch, John. 
Roihacher, William. 

Schcu, W. H. 

Scott, C. W. 

Scott, James E. 

.Sciherl. W. E. 

Seilmld, Henry. 

Seiliold. John A. 

.Seihold, Michael. 

Shuck. E. F. 

Slinglnflf. Jo-eph. 

.Smith. C. A. 

Smith. C. D, 

Smith. J. M. 

.Stevenson. GcorRc W. M. 

Stoller, C. C. 

Slrel). H. W. 

Swiharl, J. B. 

Tarhet. A. 

.■, Iii<lic;it'-s C.raiul;,- Member. 

Xi.u l'iiii..\iii;i,iiiiA Xn. HI C. U. 
Tliiiinas, I). !•;. 
Tlumias, Udwarii 1'. 

Willi/. I-:. A. 

Wislhafir. J, 11 
UiMc. A. I. 

Williams. C. !•". 
VVilliaiiis. CviirKv W. 

/iniiiicrnian, 11. 

Fred C. Kuenzli. 

n:.\al(ed Ruler 1901-OJ, 

Meat iMarkct. 

Exalted Ruler 1902-0.?. 
Printer and Pnlilislier. 


Xi:\\ 1 'ii n,Aiii:i.rii i.\ \"( 


Chaplain 1902-03, 
Coiiiily Recorder. 

Thomas H. Hai.i , 
Sheet Roller. 

C. C. STdl.l.KK. 

C'llAKl-KS A. CiiNU AV, 


History of Piqua Lodge No. r)23. 

PIQUA LODGE, No. 523. was instituted N'ovcinbci- <)tli, iX<J9, Ijcgiiiiiinj:; 
witli a charter membership of scvciitv, as follows: ("icorj^c j. Sank, W. J. 
Uiwdcr. Albert Acton Hall, Raphael Louis, W. 1*. ( )rr, .M. Iv Flesh, 
]. C. Winans, H. M. Hayes, J. VV. Flesh, Joel R. Allen. Charles S. liidwell 
A. L. D. Campbell, Leo M. Flesh, Jacob Wendle, Clyde lliliiard, Walter F. 
Heniie, J. Frank Gray, Leo Louis, Leon C. Hatch, John .\. Snyder, K. M. 
Zieg-cnf elder, 1!. J. Kussman, Charles \V. Maf,^ec, C. .\. Ramsey, II. L. Rice, 
J. M. Kussman, Cyrus Hodson, George D. Uateman. William C.. 1 lenne. \V. \V. 
Hethcrington, W. .\. Snyder, James Hicks, VV. F. Itusser. W. I'. Rice, A. \). 
Hance, E. C. Huti'man, William S. Ramsey, Frank Lange, Henry Kampf, .\. VV. 
DeWesse, I*. F. Sarver, J. Harrison Smith, M. J. Sheridan, C. C. Sank. R. M. 
Shannon. J. W. Morris, O. O. Poorman. l.el'.olt, F. Y. Warren, J. W. 
I'.rown. M. G. Smith, W. J. Prince, M. E. Rarber, Charles Suessman, J. II. 
Frantz. 11. K. Harvey, Stanhope Boal, John L. Rover, (k'orge A. P>rooks, .\lie 
Louis, John G. Ilagan, of Piqua ; George W. Hennc, Sidney ; W. W. Hi.ght, 
Dayton; W. H. Grapes, Fremont; Charles Hallgath, Columbus; R. F. Ziegen- 
fclder, Denver, Colo.; Joseph Stiens. Wheeling, W. Va. ; John Gordon Rattelle, 
Columbus: E. .M. Heaton, P)radford ; 1). ( )tlell, Lexington, Ky. 

The first Exalted Ruler of the Lodge was Stanhope I'.nal, and he was 
.supported by the following other officers: H. Kampf, Esteemed Leading Knight: 
Joseph Stein, "Esteemed Loyal Knight: E. M. Heaton, l\steemed Lecturing 
Knight; .\be Louis, Treasurer; II. M. Hayes, Secretary: G. J. Sank. Ivstpiire; 
George .-\. P.rooks, Chaplain: .\. W. DeWeese, limer Guard: I'".. M. Ziegenfeider, 
Tyler; Gen'l. W. P. ( )rr. Col. J. C. I!attelle, James Hicks, W. J. Lawder. \V. .\. 
Snyder, Trustees. 

Immediatelv after organization they leased the third story of the Piqua 
National Rank I'.uilding. Main street, which was furnished and fitted up with all 
the comforts and conveniences of a club. On ALiy ist, 1904, they leased the third 
floor of Mav's opera house where the lodge room is newl\- furnished in malmg- 
anv, and is now well known as the "I-'Iks" Rest," and liere all visiting brothers, 
from where .so'er they may come, find a home and fraternal greetings, and the 
privileges of the club are cheerfully extended to all out-of-town friends of 
members of the Lodge. 

The Lodge meets regularly every Tuesday night, and some of our most 
prominent citizens can testify to the thorough manner in which the initiatory 
ceremonies are carried out. 

The Lodrre has been umisualK fdrtunate in combining in iheii' memberslii]) 
a band of social, congenial s|)irits. 

Four members have been callecl to the great bexund liy the Grand Ivxalted 
Ruler of tlie Universe : James II. Hatch. James Hicks. M. G. Smith. F. 1'.. Morse. 


PiQL'A Nf). 523. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

l!o;il, Suuiliiipc i8(>;— ryoo 

DoU'cosc. A. W 1000—1901 

llealoii. lid. M . Kjoi — 1902 

Smith, J. Harrison J902 — 1903 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Boal. Siaiiliope. UeWecsc, A. W. Hcaton, Ed. M. Sniitli, J. Harrison. Hodsoii, Cyrus. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

li.valU-d Ruler Cyrus Hodson 

ISst. J.cajiiig Kiiii;hl J. (~.. O'Donnell 

I'.sl.'/ Kiiii^lil H. M. Hayes 

Esl. J.ccluriiii; Kiiiglil D. R. Burr 

Sccrclary A. W. DeWeese 

Treasurer Bert Ostertag 

Tyler Stephen Genslinger 

lisquire C. .\. Grosch 

Inner Guard W. F. Steiner 

Chaplain J. M. Lloyd 

Organist L)r. C. \V. Sheridan 

Trustees : 

General VV. P. Orr, W. P. Rice, Giis 

Lebolt, Frank Lange, .A. A. Hall. 


C. N. 

Allen, J 

oel R. 


J. T. 


\V. H. 


.M. E. 


Jacob L. 




H. W. B. 

Batenian. George D. 

Bat telle. 

John Gordon 


. Ed. M. 


, George M. 


Charles S. 


ev. T. A. 




J. VV. 

Burr. D. R. 


w. p. 

Callahan. William. 
Campbell. A. L. D. 
Charters. W. F. 
Clarke. Charles B. 
Conway. J. Nelson. 
Crawford, J. L. 
Cron, L. C. 
Crump. Handy. 
Custer, George A. 

Davis. Arthur N. 
i^ncWccse. A. W. 
DeWecsc. Charles E. 
Doyle. Will J. 

Flesh. T. W. 
Flesh, M. 
Flesh. M. E. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Foster, Will N. 
Friedlich, Maurice. 

Genslinger, L. W. 
Genslinger, Stephen. 
Grapes, W. H. 
Grosch, C. A. 
Gunther, C. J. 

Hagan, John G. 
Hall. .Albert Acton. 
Hallgath, Charles. 
Hardin, H. L. 
Harrison, O. E. 
Harvey, H. K. 
Hatch, Leon C. 
Hayes, H. M. 
*Heaton, Ed. M. 
Heiser, John A. 
Henne, Walter F. 
Henne, Wni. G. 
Hctherington, VV. VV. 
Hight. VV. W. 
Hilliard, Clyde. 
HoI)an. Walter J. 
"■Hodson. Cyrus. 
Hollowav, Jcreininli. 
Hood. Burt. 
Huffman, E. C. 
Huhn. Morris. 
Humbert, C. L. 

Johnston. F. B. 
Jones, H. C. 

Kalbfleisch. O. C. 
Kampf. Henry. 
Kelly. Webb J. 

Kussman. J. M. 

Lange, Frank. 
Laut, A. H. 
Lawder, VV. J. 
LcBolt, Gus. 
Linsev, L. L. 
Lloyd. J. M. 
Longnecker. John IC. 
Louis, .•\be. 
Louis, Leo. 
Louis. Raphael. 

Magee, Charles W. 
Magee, Edwin R. 
Mathews, E. VV. 
Morris, J. VV. 

Nageleisen, William F. 
Nicklin, George K. 

Odell. D. 
O'Donnell, J. G. 
Orr, A. M. 
Orr, W. P. 
Ostertag, Bert. 

Palmer. Charles H. 
Paul, Louis. 
Pausch, Ed. 
Phillips. Evan. 
Piercy. C. G. 
Poorman. F. P. 
Powell. VV. R. 
Prince, VV'. J. 

Ramsey, VVillinni S. 
Rhodehamcl. John. 

•ir Indicates Grand Lodge .Member. 


!'ior.\ No. 5_\^. 

Ivioc. II. I.. Snnrf. Parker I,. Warruii. I''. \'. 

Rice, \V. P. Snyder, .lohii .A. War.son, C.iiy I. 

Roger.s, \V. E. Snyder. W. A. Wciidle, Jaeiilj. 

Riitulle, C.ocir.iie II. S|H-as;ue. .\. \'.. While. Ilerinaii C 

Steiiier. Waller \\ . Wilkiiisoii. .Jiiliii I!. 

Sank. C. C. Sliens. Joseph. Williani.s, Charles !•; 

Sank. C.eorRe J. Stelzer, l.onis J. Winans, J. C. 

Sarver. P. R Snessnian. Cliarle>. 

Schilling. Charles C Voiuig, John II. 

.Schlosser. .\orhert J. Tlioma. A. I.. 

Scxion. K. F. Thoiiia. Fred. Zenicr, Seth I. 

Shannon. R. M. Trosl. C. J. ZicRcnfeldcr. F. M. 

Slieri<lan. l")r. Chester \V. Zieffenfehler. R. F. 

Sheridan. M. J. Waimiics. H. /.ininierlin. ^harles 

■"Sniilli, J. Harrison. Warren. Benjamin K. 


'liil A .\'( 

A W. I)j;\Vki;si;, 


l''.i'i..\i< M. I Ii; \T(iN. 

I'.xalud Killer iijoi-02. 

I '..111. V(I. Mstr. I'. C". C". & Si. I. 

J. 1 1 \i<uis(i.\' Smith, 

l''..s ilic'd Killer. IQO2-0.V 


IKxH M. Hayes, 

Esteemed Loyal Knight, 1903-04. 

Stock Broker. 


J. M. Llovd, 

Chaflain 1903-04. 


I'HUA \(i. [;j^ 

A. M. Ork, 

Vice President 

Orr Felt and Blanket Co. 

Will J. Pkinci;, 
Physician and Surgeon. 

James Hicks, 
Born Cincinnati, May 9, 1861. 
Died New York, D??. 24, igoi. 


Ch.\rles .a. Grosch, 

History of Nelsonville Lodge No. 543. 

NELSON X'lLLE Lodge was instituted January 20, 1900, by Past Ex- 
alted Ruler Emuiett Tompkins, of Columbus Lodge, wbo was deputized 
by District Deputy Al. G. Field to conduct the ceremonies. Seventy- 
tive members from Columbus, tliirty-five from Logan and a goodly number 
from New Lexington were present to assist in tbc institution. Tlie visitors 
came on a special train at four o'clock in care of W. H. Fislier, the obliging 
General Passenger Ag;ent of tiie Hocking Valley Railroad. They were met at 
tile depot by a reception committee of twenty-five and headed by a band from 
Lancaster were escorted to the Knights of Pythias hall where the ceremonies 
lit institution and installation took place, .-\mong the prominent men in the 
part\ were Hon. Emmett Tompkins, Judge M. B. Earnliart, Ex-Mayor George 
Karl), lion. \'A\. West, Col. Samuel N. Cook of Columbus, McTighe of New Lex- 
ington and Judge O. W. H Wright of Logan 

The work of institution commenced at 6 o'clock and thirty members were 
received and initiated into the mysteries of the Order of Elks. 

The ciiarter members of the lodge were : W. F. Bort, James Sharp, J. L 
Pritchard, George P.ethel, Ed. C. Evans, C. E. Leslie, Dr. C. E. Welch, Ralph L. 
Shugert, Jiben Wilson, L'^aac Warner, R. H. Schrader, E. J. Rosser, H. E. Howe, 
S. J. Howe, L. D. Poston, E. J. Kessinger, G. L. Hendron, C. J. Coe, S. D. Pres- 
ton, Dr. .\. L. Pritchard, G. D. Ridenhour, L. D. Lampman, Joseph Slater, K. R. 
Lash, Jr., Frank H. Logan, A. Murphy, L. F. Carpenter. Frank Coolcy. Jamies 
T. Shejipard, J. N. Howell, James Haughee, O. L. .\umiller, H. \V. Pemberton, 
William Wolf, George Johnson, F. A. Morgan, Charles L. Baird, AL Kaelin, 
James E. McVicker, John C. Raird. 

The charter officers were : W'illiam F. Bort, Exalted Ruler : James Sharp, 
l''.stcemed Leading Knight: .\. L. Pritchard. Esteemed Loyal Knight; Ed. C. 
{'"vans, ]'"steemed Lecturing Knight: L. F. Carjicnter, Secretary: F. H. Logan, 
Treasurer: C. J. Coe, Tyler: L. D. Lanipmann. Ivsquire : Ralph I,. Shugert, 
Inner Guard; Eben Wil.-on. Chai)lain ; M. Kaelin, R. PL Schrader, E. J. Kess- 
inger, Trustees. 

.\ftcr the institution a banquet was served in the Imperial Hall, which was 
one of the finest ever spread in the city, retlecting great credit on Messrs. Shephard 
and Kclch. under whose direction it was prepared and served. The room was 
decorated in purple and white, the Elk colors, and across the end of the hall was 
stretched a banner hearing the title "P.. P. O. E. Nelsonville Lodge No. 543," 
while on the walls were hung pictures of elks and a magnificent pair of antlers. 
The tables r:in the entire length of the room and covers were laid for 175 guests. 
Hon. Emmictt Tompkins was toast master. Pass. .Agent Fisher responded to the 
"Telephone": McTighe. of New Lexington, "Why I am an Elk": and Judge 
i'*arnhart. ".V) to 5(1": l'*N-Mn\<ir Karb and Col. S. N. Cook ;dso made short 

Since the institution the lodge has made ra|)id progress and n<Tw has the 
finest lodge and clul) rooms in the city, indeed there are few lodges in the State 
which have finer, the lodge? room furnisliings especially being very handsome. 
W^c present a view of them re])riiduced from photos made by Brother Lee Mc- 
Dowell, a member of the lodge. 



.\'i;\\ii.i.i-; Xii. 543. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Boit, \Villi;iiii F. . 
Wckli, Dr. C. !•:.. 

Bort, William F. 

. Jan., |i)00 — .\|ir.. lyoi 
Kjoi — iy02 

I'.aird, C. L 

I', J. 1. 

. 1902—1903 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Welch, Dr. C. H. 

Uaird, Charles L. 

Pritchanl. James I. 

Officers, 1903 04. 

Exallcd U tiler 

Lsl. Lcadiiiii Kiiiiihl. . 
Est. Loyal Knight. .. . 
list. /.Ccliiiiiig Kiii!.;lil. 



. lames I. Pritcliard 

James Sharp 

Fred Thaoker 

. . .(icorge Johnson 

Ed. C. Evans 

..William F. Bon 

lisciuirc C. E. Welch 

Inner (Jnard Isaac Warner 

Tyler Nathan Howell 

Cliaplain Ehcn Wilson 

J ruslees : 
E. J. Rosser. C. 1,. Baird. P. \V. Hickman. 

Aldcrson, R. P. 
Angell, E. 0. 
Armstrong, H. C). 
Armstrong. W. I'. 
.\nmillcr. O, 1.. 

i Baird, Charles I.. 
Baird. John C. 
Bates, C. H. 
Bethel. George. 
Bland, John P. 
■wBort, William F. 
Bower, \\'. S. 
Burns, Thomas. 

Cable, Don C. 
Carpenter. L. F. 
Coe. C. J. 
Corlcy, Frank. 
Conistock, A. C. 
Cornwell. Charles .\. 
Co.x. John M. 
Craig. T. W. 
Crawford, Dr. A. J. 
Cnmmins, Cassins. 

Dailey. O. D. 
Denison, John M.. Dr. 
Dew, C. G. Dr. 
Donaldson. J. !•". 
Dnsz, William. 

F.herle, Lewi^ J. 
Evans, Ed. C. 

Foster. T. M. 

Ciinnan. James. 
Gordon. Jnhn J. 
Gross, Morri-^. 

Hallam. T. O 
Haning. W. P. Dr. 
Haiininfr. H. H. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Haughee, James. 
Hawkins, Harry L. 
1 lendrcii, George. 
Hickman, P. W. 
Hnwe, H. E:. 
Hdwe. Samnel J. 
Howell. J. N. 
Hyde, J. M. Dr. 

llcr, Harvey. 
Irvin, Frank. 

Johnson. George. 
Josten. James. 
Juniper. Exi. 

Kaelin, Maurice. 
Kelch, L. R. 
Ke-singcr, E. J. 
Knight, A. D. 

I.asli. E. R.. Jr. 
Leslie. C. E. 
r.ey, H. J. 
Logan, Frank. 

McBride, Peter. 
>[cD.iwen, Lee. 
McLean, W. E. 
McV'icker. James E. 
>Lison. Ralph ^L 
Minner. Frank. 
M-.nalian. W. H. 
Monre. A. E. 
Mn„re. David H. 
Morgan. F. .'\. 
.\liirpl\y. .Andrew. 
Mnrpliy. J.imes S 
.Murphy. \\'illiam. 

() Dnnncll. W, P. 
( lucns. [■'.dward, 

P.dmcr. John. 

Pemherton, H. W. 
Pickett, James E. 
Poston, L. D. 
Poston, W. C. 
Preston, Leonard. 
Prestcin, S. 1). 
Pritchard, .'\. L. Dr. 
"Pritchard. James 1. 

Rhodes, W. S. Dr. 
Rideiioiir, G. D. 
Rose, J. B. 
Rosser, Elmer J. 
Ryan, R. E. 

Scott, Clarence E. 
Schacfcr, George. 
Sharp, James. 
Shelhamer, George W 
Sheppard, Cliarles. 
Sheppard. Frank S. 
Slieppard, Frank S. 
Sheppard, James T. 
Shngert, R. L. 
Slater, Joseph. 
Staldcr, Harry G. 
St.aldor, J. A. 
Stalter, Bcniamin. 
Stuart, W. J. 

Tennvhill, Will G. 
Thaciv-er, Fred W. 

Vorhecs, Ed. M. 

Walker, E. R. 
Warner. Isaac. 
Weill). George .M. 
■fWclch. C. E. Dr. 
Wilson, llarvev D. 
Wolf, William. 
Wnrdworth. E. C. 

Intlicatcs (".r.iiid I.odse Mcinltcr. 



Expert Machinist. 



City Engineer. 

Wine Merchant. 


Xi'.i.siiwi I.I.I': X'd, 34^^. 

I''u.\NK MlN.NKU. 


N'clsoiivillc Bollliiig Works. 

pREn W. Thackkk. 

F.slccmcd Loyal Kiiiglu 1901-OJ 

Drv Goods Merchant. 

W. S. BoUhK, 

Livery, Feed and Sale Stabk-i, 
Athens, Ohio. 


J. F.. D().\.\i.rsL;.v, 

Propr. Emerald Cafe, 

.■\lliens, Ohio. 

History of Painesville Lodge No. 549. 

P,\l.\l^S\'II.LI'". I.ik1i;c was instituted l'\-bi-iiai'y (>. 1900, by Clcvclaiul Lodge. 
The charter nienihers were: T. W. .\liir.L;aii, II. C. Johnson, W. J. Syinons. 
W. !•. (".reen, W. .M. Stuniin, W. J. Cray, C. A. Dill. George \V. .\lvord, 
Iv 1). lleartweli, S. R. King, |. VV. Hiniter, \V. C. .Anderson, 1j. K. Crofoot, 
Iv 11. (".ibbons. R. C. .Moody. \V. l". Klynn, Harry 1'. Uosworth, J. G. Grace. I'.. 
11. Rogers, l-'rank Rowers. L. W. 1 liingerford. G. 1".. Stevenson, lames H. Ijurns, 
K. J. Kelly, W. .\. IClwcll, Harry Iv I'lamnier, L. II. Shei)ard, F. T. Pyle, J. T. 
Robison, George 11. Morse. 

The charter otiticers were: 1!. K. Crofoot, Ivxalted Rider; W. J. Svinons. 
l^steenied Leading Knight: L. J. Kelley. Esteemed Loyal Knight; George W. 
.Mvord, J-".steenied Lectiuing Knight; j. G. Grace, Secretary ; Harry E. Hammer, 
Treasurer. W. F. Green. I'ylcr; F. D. Heartwell. JCsquire: G. E. Stevenson, 
Inner Guard: S. R. King, Chaplain; W. M. Stumm, Organist; S. R. King, T. W. 
M(jrgan, h". T. I'yle, Trustees. 

The lodge has lost two of its members by death : Edward H. Gibbons who 
died .Ma\- 8, iij02, and Rnrton J. Ttdior. L)ctobcr ly. 1902. 

'J'hc lodge is in prosjierous condition with a membership of 180 re])resenting 
the best interests in t! e citv. It has very pleasant (|uarters in the I'ioneer 'I'rust 
liuildiiig where it meets the first and third Thursdays of each month. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Crnfoul. B. K I'clj'y, (1, 1900— 1901 Harrison, W. C lyoj— 190J 

lU.irluill. I'". 1^ 1901 — 1902 .Slevciisoii. 0. H 190.^—1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Crdfool, B. K. Ileanucll. Iv U. Harrlinii, W. 1{. Stevenson, G. 1*. 

Officers 1904-05. 

limllcd Rider F. 0. liuglics Tyler T. W. Morgan 

list. Lci'tliiii; Kiiiiihl C. H. Stocking Chaplain J. V. VVinans 

list. l.ccliiriii,i: Kiiij;lil E. M. Martin Inner Guard C. A. Hlne 

list. l.o\al Kiiinlil E. B. DcWitt Or^^anisl Oeorge W. Stumm 

Seerelaiy W. H. Black -j-^.^^ ^^^.^.^ . 

Treasurer <"icorge K. McLcod 

Listiuire I.. S. Miller R. C. MooJy. O. E. Gl1l^cu•il(.•, B. F. Crofoot 

Roster, 1903-04. 

■MvMi,!, (Kcrijc \V. Baker. Charles P. Bosuorlli. Harrv P. 

AmiilMi,. 11. \ Bano. [. C. Brccf!. John F. 

\n.lreu-. C. S Black, W. 11, Breusler. H. Iv 

Auii, C I Blaokninn, C. I. Hii!, T. J 

Axlell. 1.. V. Blacknic.n. Charles F. Burn-. I.mmks It. 

Bliss. C. I,. 

Bailey. \V. S. Boles, James R. Caauell, M. 1). 

1^ Indicates Ciraiid I,o<Jkl- Member. 


I'aim'.ssii.i.i'. Xo. 54y. 

C;mhfUI, C. W, 
OiniRUy. .\i. 11. 
CariK-(,'ic, (.uy J. 
Ciirriil. A. K. 
CluipiiKui, S. IJ. 
Cluipmaii, Fri'd. 
Cliil:,oii, F. B. 
Clinsly, J. C. 
Clousc, J. 11. 
Coo, Harrv 1'. 
CottrcU, C. C. 
Crofddl, B. R 
Ciimiuiiigs, L. B. 
Ciirlis, F. B. 

Davis, Thomas P. 
Davis, W. Alborl. 
Davis, James Roy. 
Davct. J. C. 
DcUitt, E. B. 
Dill, Charles A. 
Di.xoii, James. 
Doolitilc, H. -M. 
Doolitllc, E. A. 
Dowcii, Roy F. 
Downer, B. !•. 

Elfriiig, Ceorge. 
Elias, B. K. 
I'-Jwcll, \V. A. 
Flynii, W. F. 

Foster, A, E. 
Freeman, E. 

Gardner, Cieorge -A. 
C.arrctt, H. C. 
Gil)hs. George M. 
Gilmore, H. E. 
C.iliiiore, J. F. 
Glenn, A. B. 
Glenn, George H. 
Grace, J. G. 
Graves. F. A. 
Gray. W. J. 
Green, W. F. 
Greer, Marlin F. 
Gnisewile, G. E. 

Hamilton. G. A. 
Hamniar. Harry E. 
Hammond. Georfe M. 
Harrison. W. C. 
Haywood. W. D. 
Heartwell. E. D. 
Henrv, Ed. F. 
Hinc. C. A. 
Hisev. M. Tt. 
Howe. n. F. 

Hughes, F. G. 
Hiiiett, K. C. 
Hnngerfurd,- 1,. W • 
llungcrford, Jusepli C. 
Hunter, J. W., 11. D. 

Johnson, H. C. 
Johnson, Albert. 
Johnson, F. 1. 
Jones, Trevor P. 
Jordan, J. J. 

Keefe, Samuel, Jr. 
Keener, E. D. 
Kelley, E. J. ^_ 
Kennedy, W . T. 
Kilcawlcy, T. J. 
Kimball, C. L. 
King, S. R. 
Kinnin, W. H. 
Kitson, Thomas M. 
Korth, Carl G. 
Krutcr, J. R. 

Lawton, -A. P. 
Lcland, A. W. 
Leonard, S. E. 
Littlejohn, T. A. 
Loy, Cliarles M. 
Lynch, J. E. 

McCue, A. J. 
McGugan, Hugh. 
McLeod, George K. 
Maloncy, James. 
Manchester, Robert. 
Marceaii, J. L. 
Marquette. H. P. 
Martin, E. M. 
Means, William F. 
Miller, L. S. 
Miller, C. E. 
Moodey, R. C. 
Moodey, C. A. 
Morgan, T. \V. 
Morse, George H. 
Munyan, \V. G. 
Munyan. J. \V. 

Nenman, L D. 
Nicklas, George W. 
Northcotte. R. N. 
Nve. Harrv D. 
Osborne. H. M. 

Palmer. O. P. 
Patton. .\ndrew. 

I'llcher, 11. L. 
I'laisted, Charles E. 
Post, John G. 
I'ouers, Frank. 
I'owers, J. Wylie. 
Prentice, George ll. 
Pyle, F. T. 

Rand, Perrv A. 
Reynolds, 11. h. 
Rexford, T. J. 
Robinson, Harry .V. 
Robinson, J. T. 
Rogers, B. H. 
Rutland, A. L. 

Salkeld, \V. E. 
Sanborn, M. D. 
Sargent. J_. D. 
Sawyer, E. V. 
Schiapnacasse, .\. 
Shepherd, L. H. 
Smith, J. F. 
Smith, J. E. 
Snell, X. R. 
Snell, C. A. 
Stalker, Fred R. 
Stearns, C. F. 
Stevenson, vj. E. 
Stocking, C. H. 
Stumm, W. M. 
Stumm, G. W. 
Syinuns. \V. J. 

Taylor. H. E. 
Tliomas. Milo H. 
Tillotson, Fl S. 
Trontman, H. L. 
Traver, S. D. 
Treat, F. E. 

Viall, Fred V. 

Waitc. F. C. 
Wall. C. E. 
iv'altliour, P. F. 
W'arn, Albert M. 
Warren, E. D. 
Wells, George F. M. 
Werner, C. J. 
Wheeler. H. I. 
White, A. J. 
Williams. E. L. 
Williams. George D. 
Wilson, R. N. 
Winans. J. \'. 
Woodman. S. T. 
Wright. B. H. 


History of Lancaster Lodge No. 570. 

LANCASTER Lodge No. 570 was instituted May 17. 1900, by District 
Deputv Al. G. Field, assisted by members of ColumI)us Lodge No. bl- 
under' A\s\:>enszi\on granted l)y Oand Exalted Kulcr Allen. The charter 
■Jist contained the names of thirty-seven citizens prominent in the various walks 
of life and representative of the city's best business and trade interests. They 
were. Frank Matt, Thomas H. Gray, Albert J. Highland, Patrick McAnespie. 
Robert L. Gilliam, William J. Grateii. .\lonzo Trait, V.. H. liininger, S. W. 
Rainey, Walter E. Barker, W. 1-.. Kinney, George V. Uoyer, Henry A. Bau- 
man, C. A. Likens, William Fralinger, Charles 1). jucrgensmeir, Joe Mattox, 
F. B. Crumley, John C. Halderman, Charles E. Lehman, Frank L. Norris, 
W. J. McFee, Charles V. Noll, Thomas S. Kelley, 1'. 1". Moore, Thomas F. 
Cannon, Martin A. Rowe. Clement R. Miller, George W. Hooker, Henry Thimmes, 
Charles Sears, Edward Hewitt, George S. Cunnigham, Harry A. Wachter, 
Thomas F. Little, James S. Shaw, John (.ardner. William Carman, John LaMott, 
William Radebaugh. 

The charter officers were: Rol)ert L. Gilliam. Ivxalted Ruler; George b. 
Cunningham, Esteemed Leading Knight; Clem Miller. Esteemed Loyal Knight; 
Frank B. Crumley, Esteemed Lecturing Knight; Frank Matt, Secretary; E. H. 
Bininger, Treasurer; John Haldeman. Tyler; Henry llauman, Esquire; Harry 
WaclUer, Inner Guard; S. W. Rainey. Chaplain; Charles Lehman, Organist; 
Tames A. Davidson, Charles P. Noll and Walter !•:. Barker, Trustees. 

The lodge meets on the second and fourth Tuestlays of each month in Elks' 
Home. West Main street. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Gilliam, Robert L 1900-1901 Nester. Charles F 1902-1903 

Cimningham, George S 1901-1902 Snider, Van A 1903-1904 

Grand Lodge Members, 

Cunningham, George S. Nester, Charles F. Snider, Van A. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

l^valu-d Kulcr Van A. Snider Esquire William J. Graten 

Est. Lculin.' Kuii^hl. .Terrence .McAnespie hnuT Guar,! Kduard Bonner 

E^t I oyal Kni^'hl Louis Rnsenbnrg Clwl^hvn Maleolm Jennings 

/;./. /.,r/i,;i»s /^'m'.v/ir.. -George E.Whilcy Orgouisl Frank A. Tarpey 

Sccrclarv Frank Tnisiccs: 

Treasurer E. H. Bininger James A. Davidson, Waller E. Barker, 

Tyler Patrick McAnsi>ie Charles P. Noll. 


Aliliull, .huucs 11. 
AliUill, Jiiscph (J. 
AcloM, Frank il. 
Alk-ii. Harry F. 
Aiilill, lji.-iijainiii F". 

Barker, Walter E. 
liaiiinan, Henry A. 
Bans, Heiirv i\I. 
Beek, Jaeob" F. 
Becker, Harry F. 
Becker, Ikrniaii. 
Biiiinger, liilward II. 
Birch, Charles F". 
liirch Is.i.ic L. 
Bischol't, Joseph F. 
Bonner, iiduaril. 
Buyer, Geurge 1". 
Brandon. Claude. 
Bnnigardner. Charles .A. 

Cannon Tlionias F. 
Carr, Charles .A. 
Cliandler, Jolni S. 
Cherry, John F. 
Clarke, Christopher. 
Clover, G. N. 
Cole, Clinlou P. 
Creed. Charles H. 
Crumley. F". B. 
Cullen, James J. 
'■■'Cunnnigham, George S. 

Davidson, James A. 
DefFcnbaugh, Ennnet .\. 
DeL;uicy, Edward. 
DcI.XDSS, Harry P. 
Denman, John. 
Dodds, James E. 
Dou.glierly, Dennis. 
Dnni, Benjamin F. 
Dnm, H. C. 

Enibich. Edwin 
Evans, P. G. 

Farrell, James. 
Fitzgerald. James H. 
Foskett, John J. 
Fralinger, William. 
Frcar, John. 
Ferguson, C. IX 

Gardner, John W . 

Getz. Ferd \V. 

Goctz, William. 

Goss. Clarence W . M. D 

I ,.\.\i ASTHK Nil. 57(j. 

Past Exalted Rulers 

Gr.itT, Theiidore C. 
Graten, \\ iliiam J. 
(-"■ray, Thomas 1 1, 
(jriliin, John. 
CrrilHlh, C. W. 
Grubh, Clarence .M. 

Hade, Charles. 
Haldcrman, John C. 
Hale, Andrew I,. 
Hause, William 11. 
Hazelton, Heiison Al. 
Heller, Charles. 
Hewill, I:.dward. 
Hickle, Crtiorgc M. 
Highland, Albert J. 
Holland, H. T. 
Hooker, George W. 
lloynian, Oscar . 

Jennings, Malcolm. 
Jncrgensnieir. Charles ll 
Instns, Albert. 
Justus. Ed. M. 

Kelley, Thomas S. 
Kcsinger, Allen J. 
Kcsslcr, William. 
Kinney, W. E. 
Kiltie.' Adam. 

Likens. Bert C. 
Lingcrfeld, H. 1'. 
I.ittic, Thomas F. 
Eudy, A. L. 

Malicr, Jerry. 
McAnespie. Patrick. 
McAncspie. Terrence J. 
McDonough, Thomas. 
McGwine. James. 
McKown. I.ewis. 
McNeill. Joseph. 
Maccracken. .S.imnel F. 
jNIallory. Edward. 
Martin H. Starling. 
Matt, Frank. 
Malt, George. 
.Matt, Harry B. 
Matto.x. Joseph. 
Miller, Clement R. 
Miller. Ma.x. A. 
Moodv. Jesse H. 
Moore. P. F. 
Mnrriu, Charles \'. 
.Miirtaugb. James. 

■ Xester, Charles !•". 
-Voll, Charles P. 
.Vye. William II. 

O'l'.rieii, Charles N. 
U'Grady, Standish 1'. 

Pe.irce, !•. A. 
Pratt, Alonzo. 
Pnrsell, Jo.seph S., Sr. 
Pursell, l.effard H. 

Raiiiey, Samuel W. 
Redding, Charles. 
Rigby, Silas W. 
Rosenberg, Lonis. 
Rushia, George. 

Schreibcr, Herman. 
Scott, Harvey H. 
Se.irs, Charles E. 
Sh.iw, James S. 
-Siemen, Ernst J. B, 
Silbangh, J. J. 
Silbaugh, Ltroy G. 
Slisher, John 1,. 
Smith, Edson B. O. 
'-Snider, \'aii .\. 
Snyder. C. L. 
Strclton, William C. 
Stuckey, William H. 
Stuckcy, Dr. J. J. 

Tannchill, George W. 
Tarpey, ITrank A. 
Taylor, D. James. 
Thimmcs, Christopher. 
Thinunes, Henry. 
Thimines, William E. 
Thompson, Dallas B. 
Tilden. Ivan 1,. 
Tilley, F. I. 
Timberlake, C. .\l. 

Wachter, Harry .\. 
Websler, Charles T. 
Wehres, Henry. 
Whilcy, George Edwin 
White. Walter D. 
Wittekind, .Alfred. 
Wonderly, William V. 
Wooster. .Adam. 
Worch, W. C. 

^'enrich. Noah. 
N'oniz. Charles E. 



Our Ebscnt Brothers. 

Beck John W.. September JO. ]c|00, 
.Schoeliel. J.. May J4. looj. 
Likens, James C, Feliru.iry 10. 1003. 

Slropel, Charles H., .\pril ji. igoj. 
-Moody. J. H.. OctolK'r 7, 190J 

•^ Indicates Grand Lodge Member 


History of Xenia Lodge No. 



I IK ninvcnau for il>ocslaMi>h,ncnt nf a I.n.l-c nf Klks in tins aty l.ot;an 
c-arlv in lanuarv, ujuu Tw„ atlcn>i.l> ha,l l.ccn nuuk- <UuMno- ihc past ten 
vcar. toward t'his cn,l, l)Ut tor some unknown reason, bntl, Itad i-rovcl 
unsncccisful. lutt with scarcely any soliatation :nt,l ^f^^^''^^^^'^;;''^ 
tion of Uros. H. Iv Schmidt. Lep. StenUe s Lhas. S|:h.mdt. ( . ^:^^V^^-^J^J^^ 
Dines, who were members at that time of Dayton Lodge \o. 3^ 1 he rams te 
amount of nanies were secured and on March _H,. ujoi Dayton L«dge No ,8 
together with the District Deputy. Irviu McD. bmuh o, ^ ''"^ ^ °' ^' ^'^;, \^^ 
formed the rites which added to the firuKunent ot l'.lkdou>. a new star, known as 

''"^ Otl;:;Ss Sr^t^;;- 'cur Jl'r lodge roonts a,td socal parlors and .or, 
was SSlatelv begmt to tnake them as handsome and -ntK^U^.le - PO^^ 
the success of which was attested to by the ma.ty resulents ot >;^"^- °,;'^^ '^^ 
the rooms during the •ilouse Warmmg" winch took place ^ '^o'" ' ^^ f'^^ 
Xenia Lo.lge has ha.l a constant and healthy growth eve. Muce "'^ '^'^ ot 
,ts installation, although the ntotto of the lodge now .s and ay ways w dl be- 

•■-'"t' grS -S"? d,a.-,ty has already been dis,,ensed "---tJ-t^^S" 
Xenia lodge and it will always be their a,m to contorm not « > /^J'f'^ ™: 
but also to the spirit of the first grand prmople ot the Lenevolent and 1 lotec 

'''• Xenia td'rhl:;ralwavs nta.le its social entertainments for ;Kl'<^-^'l ^'-^ 
ladie^ "me of Its strongest points and is now looked ttpon m th,s ctv as the 

'''%;T'i:: :r ir;;:;;nd' -S^X'Sng professional and l,usiness me,, 

,„ J: Onnuv'::,; preparation, a,, ■ under wav ^; ;-•---;;--. -^;: 

„;,ie.U Klk-s C-lub 11;;- -- - -;;-;;-;:■ ';'ii:,;,:',:;i.h;.:^:alwa s'welcome. 
^■'■^ \^;::;':V' X:::-: men,l,;;:,,al^ pa.ed nn„ the great beyond an., are 
ninurned as ; 

Our Hbm\ Brotbers. 

McClure. iM-ank. 

Harrison, W, 


Xl-MA No. '''f>8. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

SchlosiiiRci, II. N.... Marcli i. 1001-1902 Shoup, Marcus 

Grand Lodge Members. 

SclilcsinRi-r. H. N. Slioiip, Marcus. 

. 1902 — 1904 

Exallcd Killer. 

HsI. Lcadiiiii Knis^ht. . 

Est. Loyal Kiiii:lit 

Est. Lecttiriiiii Kiii!;lit. 




Alexander, F. S. 
Alexander, P. .\. 
Allison, Louis. 
AnibuliI, William. 

Baldncr, F. P. 
Baldwin. John. 
Barrows. M. F. 
Berrv, Tlionias K. 
Bocklet, J. P. 
Bratton, W. H. 
Brundage, L. H. 
Brvan, Jolm. 
Buckles, William. 
Buvinger, R. E. 

Conklin, Alvara. 
Conwell, J. C. 
Cost, Lew. 

Davidson, K. S. 
DcHaven, .\. V. 
Dickey, J. H. 
Dines, L S. 
Douglass, Rolierl. 

Eavey, H. E. 
Eavey, Herman. 
Eavey, W. E. 
Eicliman, \\ . H. 
Evans, C. R. 

Fetz, H. 
Fisher, C. 1-:. 
Flynn, P. R. 
Fraser, C. S 
Fulkerson. William. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

. . . M.M cus Shoup Es.uirc William B. M<^Cal'.ster 

. W. L. Marshall l„ner Guard ^^Toh.f Brvan 

R. L. Rhodes Chal^hnn ■ • • ■ J°'i" ^7^" 

■ ■ W F Kiser Or,.;amst 1 homas E. Berry 

T. H. Zell Trustees: 

C M. Johnson , ,t ,^- i c r\ ii..r. 

. Madison Kump J. C. Conwell, J. H. Dickey, S. O. Hale. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Galleghcr, C. W. 
Galloway. W. A. 
Ganoe, Clif!. 
Grice, C. 
Grieves, R. H. 
Grottendich, George. 

Ha.genback T. H. 
Haie, S. O. 
Hardt, A. H. 
Harner, W. H. 
Havcrstick, J. F. 
Hebble, C. R. 
Higgins, H. .'\. 
Howard, C. F. 

Johns, C. L. 
Johnson, C. M. 

Kany, J. 
Kellv. George. 

Kent, F. M. 
Kcyes, E. D. 
Kiernan, H. 
Kingsburv, Genrge W. 
Kiser, W. E. 
Kump, Madison. 

Le Sourd, H. S. 
Linkbart, C. W. 
Little, .Xsa. 
Logan. C. F. 
Long, H. C. 

McCallister. William B. 
McGervev. W. 11. 
Marshall. W. I.. 
Martin, John P. 
M,-.rtin. Jolui r.. Jr. 

Miller, W. L. 
]\Iontague, G. \\ . 

Neflf, J. W. 
Nesbit, J. A. 
Nichols, W. A. 

Parker, Onier. 
Peters, F. A. 
Pettegrew, W. D. 

Reutinger, X. C. 
Rhodes, R. L. 

*Scblesinger. H. N. 
Schmidt, Charles. 
Schmidt, H. E. 
Schncolv, P. R. 
Schrock. E. B. 
Scott, J. W. 
Scroggy, T. E. 
Shearer, C. C. 
^'Shoup, Marcus. 
Smith, Ed. M. 
Spahr, C. A. 
Steinmetz, J. F. 
Swartz, George. 

Tate, C. K. 
Tavlor, Jesse. 
Thomas. E. .\. 
Tbr.all, H. H. 
Trader, L. L. 

Weaver, Cliarle>. 
Whitmer, C. W. 

Zcll. T. H. 

■sj Indicates C.raml Lodge Member. 


Xkma Xn. (<hR. 

W. I-:. KiSKK. 

l'2>u-ciiKcl Leading Knight 1904-05 
Orticial Ccinn Kt-portcr. 

K. I,. Schi.i:sjn(.i:k. 

I-'xalic(l Riilcr 1901-0.5. 


CuARi.i:!i A. I). WIS. 
|)i'l)in> Prnh.iic Jiulgi- 

Marcls SllOlT, 
lixaltcd Ruler 1903-04. 
Judge Probate Court. 

Chaulks C. Siii:.\i;i:i< 
.\ii(iriu'\ . 


\i \i \ \(i. (iiiS. 

W. II. llAlTdX. 

Mrsr. Xcni.-i OlTicc 
SpriiiglicUl Prc>s Rcpiililic 

1[- \'.. SciiMinr. 

H. E. Schmidi i\: Co., 

Wholcsnlc r.iul Rcnil Grocer.; 

j. 1' Sii:iN'Mi:r.', 
Ci^ar .\laiiiil:icuncr. 


History of Greenfield Lodge No. 717. 

Gl\i'.l''..\'l''l]'',l,I) I.ndo ■ Xii. 71J was iiistiluti'd |iil\ ii, Hjdl. in l\iiii;'nts uf 
I'ytliias 'IV'inplo liy |)islricl Deputy I. Mel). Sniilh. The wink ui iiisti- 
tutiim and installation was done hy L'liiUieotlie l.odine Xo. 52, assistetl 
l)y llillslioro l,od_t;e Xn. 361. 

The eharter nienilieis were: lliij^h T. Adams. C'. (.". Ho^ness, C. W. lirowder, 
f. K. i'.illison. X. I". Chhm-n. Ilarr'v Christo|)lKr. 11. T. Clvhiirn, J. T. Daniels. 
C. A. Kntrekin, IC. S. Fishhaek. iT M. Foidke, Jacnh ILiller, Aaron Head, M. 
1.. Jones, R, A. Kerr, I'.ert l.oii.^h, C'li.irles .Murra\. .\. \\. MeClain, Charles 
I'arrett. F. .\. S(|nier, J. I,. Strange, .Martin Tnice\. .\e;d 1'. Waddel, F. L. 
Wilson, llarley West, J. A. .Mercer. 

The charter officers were: W. 1'. (.'lylnnn, l'' Unler : |acol) I laller, 
h'steenied Feadinij Knit^ht; Ilerhert L. Jones. Fsleeined l.o\al Kniu;ht : .\aron 
I lead, l'"sieenied Lectiiring' ]\nii;'hl : (.'. .\. Fntrekin, vSecrelar\ : lleri Loui^h. 
Treasurer: llarley West, 'J'yler; Xeal 1'. Waddel, Fs(|uire: L". l". llos^-gess, 
Inner C.iiard: Herman Fonike, Chaplain: Merman h'oulke, John T. Daniels. 
1 larry Christopher, Trustees. 

On Sejitemher 20, 1901, the lodcje moved into its present (|narters in the 
.Miller bnildinc;- on East JetYerson street, and on the 15th of Xoveniher. 1902, they 
fitted up their very comfortable club rooms on the second floor of the same 
huildinc;, where they extend lo all visiting brothers a most hearty greeting- and 
welc<ime. The lodge has been fortunate in that it has lost none of its u'embe'"s 
by deatli. The lodge meets every Tlnu^sdax' eveniiii^- at 7 :.V' o'clock. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Clyliiini. X. r 1901 — 1902 l'"..iilks. II. .\[ 1902 — 903 

D.MlicIs, JllllM T 190.',--[C)04 

C'lvliiini. X. P. 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Fnulks M. M. Il;MiicN. .I..lm '[•. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

/■..valid Kuh-r John T. Daniels 

list. Lccidi}iii Kiii;j,lil Cliarli-s I.cnii;li 

list. I.oyal l\'iii,i:lil Charles Murray 

list, /.rcliiiiiii; 'Kiii;.;IiI I'M. Ilaller 

.S'l-crclaiy II. T. Cl\ Inirn 

'rrc(f surer Bert Lnusll 

Tvlrr Ch.arles 11. Wolfe 

I'.sijiiirc II. M. Foulkc 

liiiuT (iuiiril C. C. Boggess 

Clni/'laiii J. M. ^iarlill 

OrgciiiisI J. 0. Beach 

'friistc's : 
C I". I.ii|il'>ii. I, I.- TiiriKT. Ihitjh T .Xil.inis 

V.lam.. Ilimh T. 
r.caeli. J. (~,.^s. f. C. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

BrMuder. C. W. 

Cnle. I. T. 

(.■KlMirn. II. T. 

Clii istiii)her. I l.'inx - 

Clyhuni. \. I'. 
Cnumaii. II. .'s-, TCfl. M. 

Iniilc.nt.s r.r.iiul I.,„li;c 


(■.i<i:i;.\i'ii:i.ii Xn. 717. 

• . Daiiifls. Inhn T. 
U;ivis, J. B. 

l':du;n<l>. li. II. 
liiilrckin. C A. 

Fibliliack. 1".. S. 
FergiiMin, K. M. 
■ftFoiilkc, 11. .M. 

Clioriiilcy. Ck'orgc O. 

Ilallcr, Jacob, 
llallcr. Kd. 
Hamilton, Win. 
Hiead. Aaron. 
lloiding>lcld, Oscar. 
Hyor, E. D. 

Jones, H. L. 

Kerr, K. A. 

Lough, licrt. 
l.ongli, Charlo. 
Lough, \\'a>liinglon. 
l.upton, C. L. 
LarrinuT. ("i. C. 

Mackcrlcv, A. M. 
Mercer, J. A. 
Murray. Charle--. 
McMu'llen, John M. 
McClain, A. E. 
Martin, J. ^L 
Martin. \V. C. 

Xeal. L. Roy. 

Parrelt, Charle>. 

ronnnerl. .Mlieri. 
I'orui, WillK'.ni .M. 


E. F. 

S<|uier, 1'.. .\. 
Strange, J. L. 
Simons, II. *"•■ 

Tnicey. Martin. 
Turner, J. L. 

Waddel, Xeal P. 
Wilson, F. L. 
West, Harlcy. 
Weidmann, Frank. 
Wolfe, Charles H. 
Weller, F. A. 
Waddel, Don W. 
Williams, Morgan 


History of Wellslon Lodge No. 726. 

DTRIXC. tlic siiiiinKT Mt iijoi. Slops were taken towards tlic org:atiiz:i- 
tion of an Elk Lod^e in W'cUstoii. iMually a cliarter list of thirty-one 
nanics was secured, and on the 23rd day of October, 1901, Wellston 
Lodije Xn. ■/2G P.. r. U. E. was instituted with tlie following charter members : 
!!. il. Akin, George X. Atkinson. J. H. i'.rown, V. A. Carraci. George C. Car- 
raci, H. P.. Carraci, J. W. Chandley, J. K. Clutts, L. I'.. Denning, R. F. God- 
(krd, I. C. Gooding.' C. 1!. Harrison. \'. R. Iliggins, \V M. Hotchkiss. T, R. 
Jones." S. M. Kelly! W. H. Kelly. \'.. L. Long. F. R. McGhee. 11. P. McGhec. 
Creorge Pugh. W. ( ). Rosebrock, A. 1-:. Shattuck. Jacob Snider, J. P. Spencer, 
I. G. Spira, Ed. L. Stephenson, J. L. Stewart. C. F. Walker, Tliomas P. Wang- 
ler, T. F. Willson. 

The charter officers were: W. .M. Hotchkiss, Exalted Ruler: A. E. Shat- 
tuck, Esteemed Leading Knight; J. \V. Chandley. Esteemed Loyal Knight: T. P. 
Wangler, Esteemed Lecturing Knight; L. P.. Denning, Secretary; VV. H. Kelly, 
Treasurer; J. H. P.rowne, Esquire: J. L. Stewart, Tyler: J. C. Gooding. Ciiap- 
lain ; R. F." Goddard, Inner (niard : T. R. Jones. Jacob Snider, J. G. Spira. 

Since the institution the lodge has enjoyed a good, healthy growth, and to- 
day it numbers about 115 true and loyal Elks. 

The lodge meets every Wednes<lay eyeniug on ( )liio .\venue where it has 
comfortable and well appointed lodge and club rooms. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Hotclikiss. \V. M i()Oi— 190.? Shattuck. A. E [90,^—1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Hotchkiss. \V. M. Shattuck. .\. E. 

Officers 1903-04. 

llxciUcd Ruler A. E. Shattuck liscimrc T. j. Reagan 

Eslccmcil Leading Kmnhl..}. W. Chandley 1 ylcr . D. P^ l\^;^'g'"i 

llstccmcd Loyal Knight R. I.. Ervin C liaflaui Porter McAbllen 

Esteemed Leeturuis, Kuight. . .J. O. Dorscy /""■•)■ Guard ^ A. li. Aun 

Seerelarv '...J. M. McGhce, Jr. ('"f''".- c- a r- 

Treasurer George C. Sellers W. H. Reynolds. J. (.. Spira. F. A. Carraci. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

.Akin. B. H. Barnhill. Hugh. Hurux Jaco]i S. 

.Vthey. .-v. C. Beckley, John I., . ■ ,- , 

Atkinson. Ccorge X. I'.randnu. C. W Larrnci. K A. 

Urown. Pan R. Carraci. George C. 

Bale H \ Brown. T. H. Carraci. U. B. 

Barn'es I C Bnnn. P. I(. wCliandley. J. \V. 

^ Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 


Chuis, J. C. 
CUitts, T. U. 

Darnlo, !•:. T. 
IJhivis, (icorgc B. 
Davis, J. S. 
Davis, \V. J. 
Day, Jolin F. 
1 /Liininp L. B. ^ 
Donaldson, E. E. 
Dorscy, J. O. 
Dowd, A. A. 
Dnnlao. C. O. 

Edwards, \V. R. 
V.]y. Fred H. 
I'.rvin. R. L. 
Ivvans, \V. L. 

Ferguson. F. L. 

Callivan, S., Jr. 
(larrard. C. H. 
C.ottles. William. 
Crtjddard. Carl S. 
(rt>d(lard. Harry 1.. 
C.oddard, James E. 
Gooding. J. C. 
Coddard. R. F. 
Gould, O. B. 

Haltcrman. James. 
Hamilton. H. S. 
Harrison. C. B. 
Higgins. V. R. 
Hockctt. F. A. 
Hogan. J. W. 
*Hotchkiss, W. M. 

\\ I'.I.I.STO.N Nil. 720. 

Hu>kr. W. J. 

John. 1. H. 
Jon.■^. D. Iv 
Jonc■^. D. T. 
Jones. Samuel. 
Jones. T. K. 

Kellv. Orin. 
KcH'v, S. M. 
Kelly, \V. H. 
Kennedy, James S. 

Laslcy, H. R. 
I, each, A. B., Jr. 
I.each, A. B.. Sr. 
Leonard, J. R. 
Lockard, J. A. 
l^ng, E. E. 

McGarvcy, J. M. 
MeGhee, Allen, 
McGhce, F. R. 
McGliee, H. P. 
McGhce. J. B. 
McGhcc. I. M. Jr. 
McLauglilin, J. F. 
McMillen. Porter. 
Maurer, J. C. 
Moore, H. B. 
Morgan. T. J. 

Noon, J. H. 
Nutt. A. B. 
Pittinger. \'. E. 
Poorc, Harry. 
Pttorc. Elza .'\. 
Powers. R. B. 

I'uyh, George. 

Reagan, IJ, P. 
Reagan, T. J. 
Rennio, W. B. 
Reynolds, \V. 11. 
Rosehroek, W. O. 

Sehadel, Bruno A. 
Scott, F. S. 
Sellers, George C. 
Sellers, J. H. 
v.Shattuck. A. E. 
Shceran, \V. H. 
Sh<xik, H. \V. 
Snider, Jacob. 
Spencer, J. B. 
Spira, J. G. 
Steele, Dennis. 
Steiilienson. E. F. 
Stewart, J. L. 

Tilley. Melvin. 

VoUenweider. O. E. 

Wanelcr. T. P. 
Walker, C. F. 
Wasliburn, A. E. 
Washburn. E. E 
WiUard, E. B.. Jr. 
Willard. H. S. 
Williams. A. K. 
Willis. E. H. 
Wills. S. W. 
Willson. T. F. 
Woodrow. G. B. 

Dk. H. N'. B.M-K. 

History of Norwalk Lodge No. 7'M). 

N( )RW.\l,ls^c Xn. J.V w;i> instituted .\nvcml)cr _"). nj'ii . liy -'^- H- 
Needs, District Dqnitv of Xmtlieast District of Ohio, on applic.ition of 
George T. Maxes and C. K. Acker of Fremont Lodge, S. F. C<iiirt and W. 
II. Koenig of Sandusky I.odge. The Lodge starte.l off with a roster of ninetv- 
seven uieml)ers. composed! (,f the leading l)usincss and professional men of Xor- 
ualk, ncllevuc, Monroeville, Chicago Junction and Milan, all nearby towns. 
.Mthough the lodge has been in existence nearly tliree years, at the i)resenl 
writing it has had but' two F:Nalterl Rulers. Cnl. J. II, Sprague. the first Kxalted 
Ruler being re-elected and his successor. J. W. \'an Dusen, being likewise r- 
elected to succeed himself in .\pril, 11J04. 

The lodge has grown steadily and has at the present time more than two 
Inmdred members on the rolls. The lodge has also prospered financially and 
has splendidly ai)pointed club and lodge quarters in tlie Link building on .Mam 
street. The lodge is noted for its splendid exemplification of the ntuahstic 
work. The present I-:xalted Ruler being noted as an orator and public speaker 
far and wide. 

The charter members were: h". M. Fdsall, Louis Fiesinger, j. W. Foster, 
C. W Smith, C J. P.aldwin, J. 11. Ilillmcyer. .\. T. I'doxham, John Laylin. C. 
S. i'.ateham, Theodore Williams. Jr., V.. T. Hatch. C.eorge W. Warner, W'. \. 
Rice, .\ndrew Hiss, (). M. Harter. Thomas Dunmore, C. \V. .\iuler.son. F. A. 
Stearns. C. L. White, J. V.. ( )'Hearne. S. F. Simmons. Charles Suhr. Jacob 
Kalin, .\udrew Spies. H. .\. C.allup, 11. C. Schwarz, Andrew Herman. F. .\l. 
Hu.sted, A. IL Rundell, E. F. A. L. 1 lusted. Jay C. llarkness, E. W. 
Crecelius, C. T. Thomas, W . C.. C.ilger. Fred 11. Hay, W. T. Hay. P.. IL Woo.l. 
F. F. Sidnell, F. W. Raker. Iv C. I-".luen. I'red 1'. Link, 1). W. L<^ney. C. M. 
Frazier. .\. L. ( )sl)orn, Milo iVak. S. -M. Young. I'.. I-.. Cherry. J. R. IVrrin, 
.\. H. Farker, O. A. .Mevers. F. F. Harter. W. J. Tossell, L. L. C.ebhart, X. L. 
Gebhart. J. C. Curtis, C. F. Ilawley, C. S. Shedd. John Fugles, Frank Reiley, 
Pitt Curtiss, R. L. Christian. R. O. Williams. J. C. Dawson, E. S. C.oodnow, 
Rudolph Kugle, K. R. Graham. A. S. Prentiss, W. D. Johnston E W. Coit, 
John H. Rnmsev, A. L. W. J. Farewell. W. O. Smith, .Andrew Hcrr- 
man. C.eorge S. Powlev, lohn Yin.gling, I. P. I'.astou. 11. M. Jamison. J. E Hcn- 
uinger. lo'hn C. Hexter,"W. E. Miller. J. 11. Smith, George .A. Parker. H. h. 
Thomas; T. ). Rvan. F.. I. Harper. Lawrence Cook. Xoali D. Luler, F. A At 
water. R. I'.. "Wilis. C. P.."Tomlinson. P.. F. Turner. J. W. Seeley. W ilham Molt. 
I".. G. .Martin. F. II. Fox. |. H. Sprague. 

The charter officers were: Tames II. Sprague. I'.xalled Ruler: W . ( .. ( .Hue, . 
Fsteemed Lea.liug Knight: C. S. I'.ateham. l-.sleeme.l Lo\ al Knight; J. C. Curtiss. 
■•.>teemed Lecturing Knight: I-.. S. \an Sciver. Secretary: h. II. box. Ireasurer: 
Milo Peak. Tvler: F. G. Martin. l'.s(|uire: jav C. llarkness. Inner ( .uard ; ( ). W 
Williams. Chaplain: R. L. Prechtel. Organist: C. X. brazier. J. 11. I'.eattie. J. 
1*. Laning, .\. H. Parker. 'S. M. ^'oung, Trustees. 


.\'( il;\\ M.K Nil. 7i 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Spras'iic, J. II 



11)111- ii)(i,! 

\-an Dillon, I". W 190.?-I'J04 

Grand Lodge Members. 

\ an 1 )iiicn, 1". W . 

Officers 1903-04. 

lixalU-d Ruler V. W. \an Dii-^cn l.anlin'^ Kiiiiilil l'-- (■■ Marlin 

l:sl. L<>v«l Kiiijihl F. U. Suy<lam 

I'st I.c'cluniif; Kiii'^lil John A. iNostur 

.SVnvMrv. . . ." l'-- S. Va" Sc.vcr 

Treasurer ^i/'-p^'T 

A. B. RiiiKlcll 

janics H. Sprague 
.. Ro1>ert Prcchtcl 


Acker, C. K. 
Adams, R. J. 
Adclman. F. A. 
Anderson. C. \V. 
Atwater, F. A. 

Baker. F. \V, 
Baker, J. W. 
Baldwin. C. J. 
B.TSconi. \V. J. 
Bateliaiiv. C. S. 
Bcattic. John H. 
Bedell. William. 
Billmeyer. J. H. 
Bloxham. A. T. 
Bongliton. F, W. 
Bnrns. Jolm P. 

Canby. C. F. 
Canficld. C. n. 
Christian. R. I,. 
Chcrrv. B. K. 
Clark. C. E, 
Clark. Joseph K. 
Clark. W. P. 
Clearv. J. A. 
Coit.'E. W. 
Conklin. F. B. 
Omklin. H. B. 

Cook. F. \V. 

Cdok. Lawrence. 

Tooley. H. T. 

Toolcy. J. T. 

rrcaecr. \\'. T. 

Creceliu'^ F. W. 

Crosby. P B 

Ciirran. C. 1. 

Curtis. .\. C 

("nrlis. Retrinald 

Curtis^. I. C. 

Curti-^. Pitt 

r):iwsriii. r Ci. 
nav. M. H 
Dininiore. Tlmnnv 

. C. S. Peterson 

I liner (iimrd 



Trustees : 

I M liarr. I. 11. Beattie. Uri Kciscr 

J F. l.anina;. .\. 11. Parker. 

A. II. Parker. 

■d Indicates r,r.Tii.l I o'lce McmlH-r 

Roster, 1903-04. J. P. 
Edsall. F. M. 
Elncn. E. C. 
Engcls. John. 
Euler, Noah D. 

Farewell. W. J. 
Fiesinger. Louis. 
Fifner. F. H. 
Fi filer. George W. 
Flcnner. F. C. 
Foster. J. \V. 
Foster. V. \V. 
Fox. F. H. 
Frazier. C. N. 

Gallnp. H. A. 
Gates. George PL 
Gebliardt. L. L. 
Gebbardt. X. L. 
Gilgcr. W. G. 
Gillmorc. T. R. 
Goodnow. E. S. 
Graham. K. R. 
Grognry. E. F. 

Halstcad. W. C. 
Harkncss. .Tav C. 
Harper. E. T. 
Harr. J. ^r. 
Harrington. C. S. 
Hartcr. F. F. 
Harter, O. M. 
H?itch. E. T. 
Hawlcv. C. F. 
Hawl.v. F v. 
Hav. Fred H, 
T-Tmv. W T. 

H-.ves. Genr.n- T 

H-vter. Tnl'i, C 
Hi'iinincrcr L F 
Hrrnrin. V'ulreu, 
M-rrmui. \i"l'-ru. 
i^.-nnvn. P. T 
He... R. F 


Hiss, .'\ndrcw. 
Hollidav. A. C. 
Hupp. E. W. 
Husted, A. L. 
Hustcd, F. M. 

Jamison, H. M. 
Jennings. E. K. 
Johnston, W. L). 
Johnson, VV. S. 
Justice, Charles. 
Justice, Thomas. 

Kahn, Jacob. 
Keederlc. F. M. 
Reiser. Uri. 
Kellogg, L. E. 
Kellogg. T. P. 
Kiefcr. W. H. 
King. Walter H. 
Kirk. W. B. 
Koeni.g. W. H. 
Kn"-le. Felix. 
Kngle. Rudolph. 

Lamkin. Frank. 
I^mkin. Georee. 
Laning. Ford H. 
Laniiig. J. F. 
Lavlin. John. 
Lcinincer. W. O. 
Link. Fred P. 
Loncv. D. W. 
ATartin. E. G 
Mevers. O. \ 
AFiller. F E. 
Miller. W. 1'. 
Mills. \\'. H. 
Molt. Willi-MU. 
AFoorc. B. L. 
Morton. C C 
Miillin. Tolin C, 

Xe-ter. John A. 

XdUWAI.K X'll. 730. 

Ockcr. M. T. 
O'Hcarii, J. E. 
Osl)orii, A. 1.. 

l':ilincr, S. H. 
Parker, A. H. 
Parker, E. C. 
Parker, George A. 
Parker, VViUard. 
Parker, Williaiii. 
Patterson, T. G. 
Peak, Milo. 
Pcrrin, J. K. 
Peters, W. H. 
Peterson, C. S. 
Peterson, Steven P. 
Phillips. F. M. 
Phillips, Jackson. 
Powlev. George S. 
Prcchtel. Robert. 
Prentiss. .\. S. 
Prnner. \V. R. 

Reily. Frank. 
Reynolds, Cliarles. 
Rice. W. V. 
Rule. Ralph R. 
Rinnb.iui;li. S. C. 
Rnniscv. John H. 
Rundell. A. B. 

Russell. K. R 
Ryan, 1'. J. 

SalliK. ^V. ll. 
Schafer, C. A. 
Schonidorfer, 1,. J. 
Sclnvarz, 11. C._ 
Scroggie. VV. G. 
Seeley, J_. W. 
Segna, Fred. 
Shedd. C. S. 
Sheldon. 11. F. 
Sidnell. F. F. 
Sinnnerniacher.^ Panl. 
Sinnnons. S. F. 
Sinith. C. \V. 
Smith. J. H. 
Smith, W. H. 
Smith. W. O. 
Spies. Andrew. 
Spies. \V. F. 
Spragnc. J. H. 
Stearns, F. A. 
Stewart. Thayer. 
Stowe. O. F. 
Snhr. Charles. 
Siiydam. F. D. 

Taussig. G. C. 
Thomas. G. T. 

Thomas, H. F. 
Ihomas, 1.. D. 
Tomlinson, C. U. 
I'ossell, W. J. 
rnrner, B. P. 

Van Unsen, F. \V. 
Van Dnsen, J. W'. 
Van Sciver, h. S. 
Venns. C. P. 

Wagner, A. T. 
Warner, George W. 
Weiss. C. B. 
White, C. L. 
Wickham, B. B. 
Wickham. R. D. 
Willard. Harry A. 
Williams, George. 
Williams, R. O. 
Williams, Theodore. 
Wills. R. E. 
Windisch, John. 
Wood. B. B. 
Woods. V. B. 
Woodward. D. O. 

S'ingling. Fred W. 
Yingling. John. 
Young. S. M . 

Our Absent Brothers. 

Rumsey, John H. 

Sleeper. .-\. I. 

Williams. O. W. Breckcnridge. George U. 

XdKW AI.K X'll. 7.V'. 


Jamks W. VanDlsen, 

First Lioiit. and Ast. Surgeon 

Unilcd States Army. 

Frkii p. Link, 

With J. P. Link, 


History of Sidney Lodge No. 786. 

Sl|).\l'".\' is not only iiiilcd for being one of the most pleasantly situated 
,,1 uur gnnving cities; having in its surroundings scenery that entrances 
with the beuitciiery of nature; but also for the hospitality that the local of Klks extends to every visiting member of the order. 

\n Klk tiiat meets one of the members of Lodge 786 or enters their lodge 
room no longer feels a stranger in a strange land, but at home among friends 
and brothers. , 

Sidney Lodge /Sf. !'.. I'. O. J'lks was instituted on June 25th, 1902, at the 
Masonic Temple with the regular ceremonies of the order; the work bemg in 
ciiarge of Jolin W. Mowen, District Deputy of Northwestern Ohio and the 
degree team from Lima Lodge 162. • , , ■ t 

' The following charter applicants lieing present were given the degrees into 
l-:ik,lnn,. viz.: C. W. Benjamin, Ed. C. Servis, James G. Bayley, McVey Lmd- 
sav. ]. W. Conklin. .\. O. Marshall. Robert C. Enders, Charles H. Neal M. 
T'Hussev, lames 1'. Ward, L L (ones. Louis F. Wagner, A. W Knauer, W. S. 
Baker, W. E. Lierman, L. C,." Croft. Charles C. Marshall J L- D.ckensheets, 
W. H. McCloskev, H. W. Thompson, Charles C. Hall, Ed. J. Wagner. W T. 
Tohnston. W. R. Blake, L. W Kraft, G. Max Carey, MR Line, G. H. Dickas. 
";■.. O, Moore. A. R. Friedman. ( ). S. ^farshall, Thomas M. Hussey, J. E. Russell, 

Iv !•:. Kah, Henrv Wagner. , , , 1 .■ ^f 

The organization of the lodge was immediately perfected by the election o 
tiie following officers bv acclamation, who were at once mstalled by the District 
Deputv: Charles C. Alar.shall. Exalted Ruler; J. E. Russell, Esteemed Leadmg 
KnWht ■ \ R. Friedman, I- stccmed Loval Knight ; McVey Lmdsay. Esteemed 
Lect'ining Knight; G. H. Dickas. Secretary; Millard T. Hussey 1 reasurer ; 
William 'G. Baker. Tyler; H. W. Thompson., Ed. J. Wagner, W. E. Lierman. 

Trustees. . t • o w ■,-,(* 

The exalted Ruler made the following appointments : Louis i . Kratt. 

Ivsquire: J. L. Dickensheets. Inner Guard; M. R. Lme. Chaplain; Walter K. 

I'.lake. Orsjanist. . , . , ■, 1 

-\ji elaborate banquet was then served ; the table decorations being white and 
p,n-|iie. Judge H. T. Mathers acted as toastmaster and this program ^^^s car- 
ried out ; "each speaker eliciting much deserved applause . Tine O der Elks of 
Sidney." bv McVev Lindsav ; response, by Charles C. Marshall. The Grand 
Lodge of Elks." bv Jason Lamison. of Dayton: response by C. E. McGmniss. 
"Elk Tod"-e No. 786— Its Morrows and Future." by James P. Ward, re- 
sponse i.v J. W. Conklin. "Charitv." bv R. C. Patterson, of Dayton. Imperson- 
ation -The Gladiator." l)v Tolin Baker. r^ Af 1 11 .1 . 
1, was lar-elv through" the untiring efforts of Charles C. Marshall that 
Sidnev T,odge of Elks was organize,! and it was a deserved compliment to his 
abilitv and wise foresi<:ht that prompted the members to choose him as the 
first Ex-dte.l Ruler Mr, Marshall ablv represented y^C. at the meetings of the 
Grand Lod-e in SaU Lake Citv. Utah, and Baltimore. Md. 

Meetin^^s of the lodge were reoularly held in the Burkhart liall. winch was 

fated' up in':, suit.-d.le manner, but applicants '^^^""^^ ,^V'"T""r'l^ Wn^ 
bcrsliip so laruv that soon new quarters were leaked for. Fin.allv the Wagner 
ball was chosen and through the efTorts of the Trustees. .\. R. Friedman. E, E. 


SiiiMiv Xd. 780. 

Kail aiul C. W. Jlcnjamiii, was furiiislicd so as to excite- tlic just priilc of the 
members and tlic admiration of visiting hlks. 

Sidnev Lodge lias but one deceased brotlier— J. W. Cotiklin. 

The lodge lias been fortunate in the selection of the meni'bers of the enter- 
tainment committee and festive gatherings of the Elks and their friends arc 
always enjoyable affairs. In 1903 an Elk's picnic was held m the fair grounds 
which was attended bv nearlv all the Elks and their families. 

That the lodge is'not lacking in talent was shown by tlic successful minstrel 
show given on April 27 and 28, 1904. The committee on general arrangements 
for this entertainment were George W. Hemic, George Kraft, Arthur knauer, 
1' I. Scherer, E. C. Over. Interlocuter, Charles M. Wyman ; Uones, George 
Rickets, Louis P. Kraft'. Charles Xeal ; Tambos, George Fenner, Charles Wid- 
mer, Milton Hertzstani. The opening overture introduced the following songs: 
"The Military Coon," "Message of the Violets," "Lip in the Cocoanut Tree;'' 
"Anv Rags," George Rickets; "You're the Flower of my Heart, Sweet Adeline." 
George i\raft ; "Llannah, Won't You Open That Door," (k>orge Fenner ;_ "Only 
a I'.unch of \'iolets," George Henne; "Everv ^forn 1 Bring Her Chicken," Louis 
Kraft- "Down on the Farm," Max Carey; "The Man 15ehind," Milton Hertz- 
stain '"An Old Sweetheart of Mine," Allen Whited ; "Two Eyes of I'.rown, 
Robert Van DcGrift. Chorus: tenors, Garfield Calland, Ralph Kali; baritone, 
Will Kaser- bass, Kerr Carev, Eayre Flinn, Arthur Bates. Grand finale in- 
troducing the songs, "Meet me in St. Louis," "B. P. O. E. Volunteers." Mono- 
loo-ue bv Thomas Filmer and an excellent olio by professional talent. 

'^ This minstrel was favorablv commented upon and the members received 
manv liighlv complimentarv expressions on the excellence of both perform- 
ance's which were held with crowded houses. Financially, a large amount was 
netted for the lodge, although the weather was unfavorable and the original 
intention of giving it in a tent had to be changed at the last moment to the 

.-\rmorv. , , , , 

This lodo-e is progressive and has secured the most up-to-date parapher- 
nalia for degree work, being assisted bv the liberality of Harry G. Wagner: 
and each ofificer takes pride "in having a high standard for the ritualistic cere- 
monies The lodge is entirclv out of debt and is saving for a home. 

Tlie success of Sidnev Lodge has been due in a large sense to the ability 
of its officers and the ?o'od will and unanimity which exists between all the 
members The District Deputv paid a visit to the lodge and was extremely well 
pleased Everv Elk is an enthusiastic worker for the order and is ever mindtul 
of the cardinal attributes of Elkdom— Charity. Justice. Brotherly Love and 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Mar5lu.ll, Clmrles C 1902-190.1 '■ivc.i. John F 1903-1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Given. John F. M.Trsh.ill. Charles C. 

Officers 1903-04. 

. Tolin F. r.iven l:s,iuirc Louis P. Kraft 

Exollc'd Ruli-r. 

?; 7. ;.,/);." KnH,i:: : : :i.- S. D,ckc,isl,eets /»„.•,■ Canl Charles H.Neal 

l-st I oynl K„t^hl OcorRe W. Hcnnc tlwfh'l" J^ni" ?■ W ^--jl 

fa /cv/»n"q KmV''Chnrlcs M. Wyman On^onisl R.ilph C. Kah 

•^'•rrrtnrv ' ..John H. norrick Inislccs: 

r,'<;urcr:::::::::::. . . . Xharles I^ Va^er Ed. E. Kah. C. W. Benjanun. 

j-^.l^.,. Thomas Doorlcy -V- K. Fn.dman. 

SiDNEv No. 786. 

Amaiin, Fcrd A. 
Amos, Howard A. 
Amos, William T. 
Apple, Ray R. 

Baker, John A. 
Baker, W. S. 
Baiighmaii, Frank. 
Bayer, (leorge M. 
Bayly. James S. 
Benjamin, C. W. 
Blake. Waller R. 
Brandeuic. Joseph P. 
Bush, William S. 

Carev. Kerr T. 
Care'v. S. Max. 
Croft. L. O. 
Crusev. Edward. 
Crusey, Walter L. 

nanford, A. R. 
derrick. John H. 
Dickas. J. H. 
nickenshcets. J. L. 
Doorlev. Thoinas. 
Dyer, E. C. 

Enders. Rolicrt C. 
Eshman. I. A. 

Friedman. A. R. 

r.cyer. Dr. J. D. 
■frCiiven. John F. 

Hall, Charles C. 
Henne. Gcoree W. 
Herzstam. Milt. 
Hubble, Dr. I.. Flint. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Hiisscy, Dr. M. F. 
Hussey, Thomas M. 

Johnston, W. T. 
Jones, J. J. 

Kah, E. E. 
Kah, Ralph C. 
Knaucr, A. W. 
Knauer, Harry E. 
Kraft, GeorKC F. 
Kraft, L. P. 

I.aughlin. Joseph S. 
I^ut, Eniil W. 
Laut, Frank H. 
I^ut. Herman. 
Lenip, Joseph. 
Lewis. Edward G. 
I.ierman, W. E. 
Line, M. R. 

McCloskey. W. H. 
McGinnis. C. E. 
McLaughlin, Edward W. 
McVav. H. R. 
Marshall. A. O. 
■^Marshall. Charjcs C. 
Marsliall. Frank J. 
Marsh.all, Logan W. 
Marshall. O. S. 
Marshall. Robert Jt. 
Maurer, William. 
Mayer, William H. 
Merkle, John. 
Moore, E. V. 

Ncal. Charles H. 

O'Lcary, William. 
Ovenden, James. 

Pruden, D. U. 
Piirpus, Edward. 

Rebstock, Harry A. 
Reed, Arthur M. 
Reed, F. D. 
Russell, J. E. 

Scherer, P. J. 
Sheets, Elmer S. 
Shine, James. 
Shine, John B. 
Smith, George E. 
Steil, John W. 
Steinle, John C. 
Sturdevant, L. M. 

Thieman. H. B, 
Thompson. H. W. 
Trimpe, J. B. 

Van De Grift. C. H. 

Wagner, EdwarH J. 
tWagner, Harry G. 
Wagner. Henry. 
Wagner, Ix)nis F. 
Walkup. Dr. Thomas. 
Ward, Tames P. 
Whitney. C. 
Widmer, Charles J. 
Wilson, Frank H. 
Woodward. H. G. 
Wyinan, Charles M. 

Yager, Charles F. 


History of Wilmington Lodge No. 797. 

WILMINGTON Lodge No. 797 Benevolent rrotcctive Order of Elks 
was instituted August 1, 1902, with all the formalities incident to such 
occasions. The ceremonies attracted a large number of members of the 
order from all the towns around. Xenia Lodge was in charge of the work of mitia- 
lion and the largest delegation came from that city. The District Deputy, 
whose duty it was to institute the Lodge, was accompanied by many Llks trom 
Cincinnati, while Lebanon, HiUsboro and Washington C. H. were largely rep- 
resented. Others came from Columbus, Chillicothe, Uayton and other cities ot 
Ohio, while even Nashville, Tenn., had a representative present. 

Wilmington was turned over to the visitors, their welcome made as cordial 
as possible and their stay as pleasant as the capabilities of the town would permit. 
Many business houses were decorated and the purple and white, the colors ot the 
order were in evidence everywhere. About three hundred Elks were present, 
and with others w-ho were attracted by the occasion, made the crowd on the 

streets a large one. . . , . 

Each hour during the forenoon brought the visiting Elks and by one o clock 
many were in town. The home band at that hour went upon Us stand and rend- 
ered a concert, and at three o'clock a procession was formed for a short parade 
about town. The uniform for the day was shirt waists, or the absence of coats 
and w^hite caps with a purple band. Headed by the band the procession moved 
around a few blocks and then to the B. & O. station to meet the grand othcers and 
associates from Cincinnati. Upon their arrival the lines were again torined and 
the several hundred antlered brethren marched to South street and north on 
that street to the Odd Fellows Temple, the procession being a large and a hand- 
some one. . , J I , 

On arrival at the Temple the work of the day^ was taken up and proceeded 
without intermission until concluded at about 9 o'clock. r u a 

The initiation of the candidates was in charge of H. N. Sch lesmger, Exal ed 
Ruler of Xenia Lodge, and he was assisted by "Billy" McCalhster and Judge 
Marcus Shoup, of the Xenia Lodge, the Exalted Ruler of Cincinnati Lodge anu 
other visitors. The novi'tiates were as follows: Fred C. Bath. C. J^;^/ooP^- 
H D Wire D T. Taylor, Eugene E. Hale. Simon Goodman, F. M. Wegman. 
C ■ Q.' Hildebrant, F. A. Vandervort. J. M. Fisher, W. H. Miller, J A. Edward.^. 
C. M. Hughes, S. A. Mitchell, Lee Baker. O. H. Crouse. S. H. \\ 
W Savage, E. D. Hurst. L J. Jefferies, Harry Eastman, J. C. Hall. S L. Lonsh, 
E .t Rockhill, D. Peebles, 'C ^L Hinman, F. C Whinery. Lee Allen W. A. 
Hprsh-i Fred Weltz G T. Sparks. Stanlev S. Outcalt. S. R. Mitchell, U A- 
Ve, a d, L D Vanmman. W. G. Holloway, A. R. Custis, C. F^ Vandervort C, R. 
Fisher, J. M. Champlin, J. N. James, B. E Conway. C.eorge ^;- .^^^-^- "^"^'^^^l];!;^- 
ton- W. B. Woodmansee, ]. L Spurgeon. .Mfred Dun Frank Pame. F. L. khonc- 
mus John T Custis. G. A. Pavcv. X. B. Thorpe. Sabma : R S. baiUce, New 
Vienna C.F. Rice, Blanchester. F. E. Early. Port William; George Batten, K 

A. Batten. Clarksville. ^,r., ^-vrr-.- n r 

And this class, with O. F. Peddicord, F. L. Sanderson C. ^ . Forticr. C. C. 

Burge Bert Moon. Earle Shaw. Al. W. Doan and V W^ Madden, who were 

menibers of the order, composed the charter membership ot the new k)dge. 

Upon the conclusion of the work of initiation the following officers x ere 

elected \ W Madden, Exalted Ruler: O. F. Peddicord, Esteemed Leading 


Wilmington Xu. ji.)-]. 

Kni.Lllu; W. W. Sava,L;c, l-*..slt.TiiK'(l l.dval Kiiiyiil; W. 11. Miller, Hstocmcd LfC- 
Uiriiig Kiii,y:lit ; C. M. Uiij^Hics, Secretary; C. M. llinmaii, Treasurer, and C. C. 
r.urge, 'IVIer; C. R. Fisher, JCarle Siiaw, S. R. Mitchell, Trustees. J. M. Fisher 
was appointeil Cliaijlain, C. \i. 'J'oojjs, Inner Cjuartl, and S. S. (Jutcalt, Esquire. 
The orticers were rei^ularly installed, t'lie new lodjjje was declarcil instituted by 
District Deput\- Mor^^enthaler, of Cincinnati, and the work of the day was 
done with another branch of Elkdoni dul\ aiuhorized to confer the degree and 
grow antlers upon the heads of victims. 

An elaborate banc|uet had been prepared at the armory of Company F, and 
all reixiired there to do justice to the refreshments with api>etites which bad beeii 
whetted by a long fast. When the cigars were lighted Congressman Hildebrant 
acted as toastmaster and a numiber of prominent Elks w^ere introduced, among 
them Al. G. Fields, the famous minstrel. Addresses were made by members from 
Cincinnati, Xenia, Lebanon, Hillsboro and Wilmington, while the Lebanon quar- 
tette rendered several sungs. This social feature was very nuicli enjoyed, but at 
1 1 o'clock the banquet was broken up, good-byes were said and the festivities of 
the day were over. 

The visitors all expressed themselves as being highly pleased with their brief 
sojourn here and with the cordiality of their entertainment, while the home 
l)eople were glad of the opportunity to meet and act as liosts for their brethren. 

Past Exalted Rulers. 

Madden, A. \V 1902— 1903 

Pcddicord, O. F 1903 — 1904 

Grand Lodge Members. 

Madden, A. \V. 

Peddicord, O. F. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

li.valird Ruler O. F. Peddicord 

list, l.coding Knight. . .Pred A. Vandevort 

list. Lccturiug Knight VV. H. Miller 

Secretary C. M. Hughes 

Treasurer C. M. Hinman 

7'v/t''' Frank C. Wliinery 

listjuire Charles Toops 

Inner Guard Charles Nichols 

Chaplain Jerry M. Fisher 

Trustees : 

C. R. Fisher, Earl Shaw, S. R. Mitchell. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Adams, C. R. 
Alexander, Roscoe H. 
.Allen, Lee. 

Babb. Lou. 
Baker, George. 
Bath. Fred C. 
Batten, F. A. 
Batten, Ceorge. 
Beckett, S. M. 
Briggs, A. C. 
Burgc, Charle.<i C. 
Burnett. T. M. 

Cale. William T. 
Carroll. J. I. 
Caudle. Frank. 

Chaniplin, J. M. 
Clevenger, F. M. 
CofTman. H. G. 
Collett, H. E. 
Conway, B. L. 
Craig. E. M. 
Crouse, O. H. 
Curtis, A. R. 
Curtis, John J. 

Devoss, Ed. 
Drake. R. D. 
Dun. Alfred. 
Duryees, Sidney. 

Early. F. D. 
Eastman, H. 

Edwards, J. A. 
Edttfards, Nelson D. 
Egan, Lawrence. 

Fisher, C. A. 
Fisher, C. VV. 
Fisher, J. M. 
Fisher, Walter G. 
Fisher, William G. 
Fortier, C. M. 

Gallup, Frank V. 
Gaston, Jame.; E. 
Goodman, Simon 
Goodwin, E. M. 
Granlhani, H. H. 

lllr Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 


\Vii,Mi.\GTOi\ No. "j^y^. 

Hagiic, Ihirrv. 
HaiiK-s, Ariluir N. 
Halo, C. I.. 
Hale. W. R. 
Hail. Hugcne li. 
Hall. J. C. 
Harlan. F. M. 
Hams, W. R 
Harsha, \V. A. 
Hart, Jesse. 
Hartman, \V. H. 
Haworth. C. I.. 
Hiazard, L. M. 
Hendrick, J. C. 
Hiildcbrant, C. Q. 
Hiiiman, C. M. 
Holloway, \V. G. 
Hoskins, H. E. 
Hurst, E. D. 

James, Joseuh N. 
Jefford. T. J. 
Jenkins, R. G. 

Katzenmeyer. H. E. 
Kimbrougli. J. S. 
Kirk, W. B. 
Krackney, E. H. 

Lamb, Charles D. 
Lamb, D. .-V. 
Leonard, Arthur. 
Linton, Charles B. 
Linton, G. H. 

McCuIluni, Frank. 
McKibbon, W. Jeff. 
Mann, G, D. 
Mann, J. E. 
Mathew. R. H. 
Miller, C. B. 
Miller. VV. H. 
Mitchell. Fred B. 
Mitchell. H. E. 
Mitchell, S. A. 

Miichell, .S. K. 
.Moure, li. G. 
Aloore, Clark. 

Nelson. S. B. 
Nichols, C. E. 
Nichols, Vinton C. 

Osborn, Rol)erl J. 
Oulcalt, Stanley S. 

Paine, Frank. 
Patterson, H. Z. 
Pavey, G. A. 
Peebles, Auburn. 
Peebles, D. 
i^Pcddicord, O. F. 

Quinn, A. T. 

Rapp, Harry E. 
Raybnrn, C B. 
Record. C. W. 
Rice, C. F.. Jr. 
Richardson, Frank. 
Riley, L. M . 
Rhonemous, F. L. 
Rockhill, E. A. 

Sanderson, F. y. 
Santie, H. H. 
Shaw, Earle. 
Shelton, S. S. 
Sliker, J. VV. 
Slone, Felix G. 
Smith, Ben. 
Smith, Clyde L. 
Smith, E. J. 
Smith, F. R. 
Smith, S. G. 
Smith, S. R. 
Sparks, G. T. 
Spurgeon, J. J. 
S'tarbuck. Roy. 
Steen. George. 

Stone. .\. C. 
Swaine, Charles \V. 
Strawn, Gordon M. 
Swan, Miner. 

Taylor, D. T. 
Tavlor, George K. 
Taylor, H. K. 
Tavlor Roy J. 
Taylor, William H. 
Taylor, \ViIli?.ni T. 
Thomas, C. S. 
Thorp, N. B. 
Thorpe, G. P. 
Townsend, O. J. 

Van Pelt Milner. 
Vandevort, C. F. 
Vandevort, Fred A. 
Vanniman, L. D. 
Vanniman, S. H. 
Venard, H. A. 

Walker, Harry H. 
Walker, J. M. 
Walker, I^w. 
Walker, Roy. 
Wallace, Charles. 
Washington, J. M. 
Wegman, Fred M. 
Weltz, Charles. 
Weltz, Fred. 
Weltz, Leo T. 
Weltz, Trebor. 
West, Gordon R. 
West. Wilbur. 
Whiney, Fred H. 
White, L T. 
Williams. J. G. 
Wilson, A. 
Wire, G. W. 
Wire. H. D. 
Wcodmansee. M. B. 

Zahn. C. E. 

Savage. W. W. 
Hurst. W R. 

Our Jibscnt members. 

Lorish. S. T. 
Madden. .A. W. 

Slack. W. J. 
Hughes, C. M 


History of Bowling Green Lodge No. 818. 

Ox THE application of Brothers Joe C. Murphy of Chillicothe Xo. 52; L. 
C. Cole, of Toledo Xo. 53; and E. H. McKnight, of Middletown Xo. 
257, a dispensation was granted for the erection of a Lodge of Elks at 
Bowling Green, and January is.^yo^. District Deputy J. Bell Smith, assisted by 
members from Fremont, Toledo and Findlay lodges instituted Xo. 818, the occa- 
sion being one of the greatest secret order events in the history of the city. A 
magnificent banquet was spread at Hotel MiUiken after the installation cere- 
monies, the recollection of which will ever be a pleasant memory to those who 
were fortunate enough to have been present and participated in its festivities. 

The lodge has been fortunate in having lost no m|ember by death. The lodge 
meets in its very pleasant rooms in Pythian Castle, South Main street, on the 
first and third Thursdays, each month. 

The charter members were: James O. Troup, A. C. McDonald, E. E. 
Bourquin, B. f. Fronev. Joseph G. Starns, Joseph R. McKnight, George R. Spin- 
ney, \V. W. browning, I. E. Shatzei, M. A. McKendrce. Harry D. Waldron, 
Toim T. Hutchinson, h'. G. Hankcy, George W. Fearnside, C^rla White, Wm. 1.. 
Smith, F. E. Whitkcr, F. P. Riegle, Ed. O. Sargent, Henry Hughes, F. E. Munn, 
George L. Yeager, W. M. TuUer, Fred Button, Fred Kimmons, R. A. Beatty, 
lames L. Constable, Charles H. Russell, Samuel Blakeley, Alfred Haswell. F. C. 
Reed, S. VV. Bowman, Thomas Singleton, John .'\very. R. S. Thurstin, E. P. 
Raydure, B. C. Harding. 

The charter officers were: James O. Troup, Exalted Ruler: R. A. Beatty, 
Esteemed Leading Knight: G. \v. Fearnside, Esteemed Loyal Knight: J. E. 
Shatzell, Esteemed Lecturing Knight: Joe C. Murphy, Secretary: Fred Kim- 
mons. Treasurer: George L. Yeager, Tyler: Thomas Singleton, Esquire; B. J. 
Froney, Inner Guard; John T. Hutchinson, Chaplain; Alfred Haswell, Organist; 
Ed. O.'sargent, A. C. McDonald and M. .V. McKendree, Trustees. 

Bowling Green has but one Past Exalted Ruler and Grand Lodge Mem- 
Brother James O. Troup. 


Officers, 1903-04. 

f.vallcd Ruler Jnmcs O. Troup lis.iunc Thomas Singleton 

i-st Leading KniKht R. A. Ecatly /"".■,- hua,,! B. J. Fronoy 

/•■(/ loyal Kiwhl .. ..<V \V. Fearnside Cluil'lciiii John T. Hutchinson 

iisl. U'cturi,,:^ "^KmKht J. E. Shatzcl On-anisI -Mfred Haswell 

Sccrctiuy Bricc B. HerritY Trusl.-rs: 

r,rasiin-r Fred Kimmons Ed. O. Sar-eni. A. C. McDonald, 

■fyl^i- F. C. Reed M- A. McKendrce. 


Bowling Grken Nn. 8i8. 

Aiken, Floyd. 
Avery. John. 

Boatty. R. A. 
Blakclv. Samuel. 
Blue. Edward L. 
Bourqnin, E. E. 
Bowman, S. VV. 
Brandcbcrry, J. F. 
Brewer, Charles R. 
Brewer, John W. 
Brown, Homer C. 
BrowninR. \V. W. 
Button, Fred W. 

Chidester, M. B. 
Conley, Thomas F. 
Constable. James L. 
Cramer, \V. S. 

Dana. A. G. 
Delancy, M. J. 

F^asley. J. N. 
Fearnsidc, George W. 

Forbes, F. G. 
Froney. B. J. 

Gantz. J. F. 
Cree. Harvey M. 
Gonycr. David J. 
Green. E. Q. 

Hankey. H. G. 
Hardinfc. B. C. 
Harvev, S. C. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Haswell, Alfred. 
Hazlctt, J. B. 
HerritT, Bricc B. 
Hughes, Henry. 
Hutchinson, John T. 

Jenks, F. H. 
Jones, Eugene. 

Kimmons, Fred. 
Kurtz, C. E. 

Udd, J. E. 
Lake. T. J. 
Lawler, Frank. 
Long, J. W. 

McDonald, A. C. 
McGolrick, J. K. 
McKendree, M. A. 
McKnipht, Joseph R. 
Mann. F. E. 
Marsh, L. 
Matson. J. V. 
Moore. Fred C. 
Morrison, R. P. 
Murphy, Joe C. 

Ncaring, Charles R. 
Nelson. Harrison. 

Ordway. Clarence S. 

Perrin, Frank F. 

Raydure, E. P. 
Raydure. W. S. 
Reece, W. S. 

Reed, F. C. 
Ridley, Frank H. 
Riegle, F. P. 
Russell, Charles H. 

Sargent, Ed. O. 
Schwartz. /\. 
Shatzel, J. E. 
Simpson La Verne. 
Singleton, Thomas. 
Smith, William L. 
Spencer, George B.. Jr. 
Spinney, George R. 
Stafford, A. W. 
Starns, Joseph G. 
Stewart. B. A. 
Sweet, R. S. 

Thomas, E. P. 
Thomas, G. H. 
Thurstin, R. S. 
Tobias, E. H. 
■frTroup, James O. 
Tuller, W. M. 

VValdron, Harry D. 
Walker, J. A. 
Whitaker, F. E. 
White, Orla. 
Willhite, P. A. 
Wilson. Milo D. 
Wolf. Frank. 

Yeager, George L. 
Yonker. A. H. 
Yott. M. C. 
Young, C. S. 

ir Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 


History of Troy Lodge No. 833. 

Ox Marcli 19, iyo3, Tro)- Lodge was instituted by l'i(|iia Lodge No. 523. 
District Deputy Morris \V. Renick otificiating in the institution and 
installation of officers. 

The charter members were : John W. Morris, Louis R. Balheim, Charles 
N. Peters, James C. Robins, J. H. Landis, John G. Scott, David C. Green, Ralph 
G. Gibson, Theodore Sullivan, Joseph VV. Means, John G. Senour, Norris H. 
Peters, William A. Dailey, Leroy Lambert, Frank C. Roberts, Sterrett Faulkner, 
Charles R. Kline, George I'. Irwin, Louis L. Thomas, James R. Zcigenfelder, 
John C. Dieter, James W. Young, Joiin Headley, Darius E. Deweese, Frank A. 
Purdy, Richard H. Sotherland, Jr., Charles M. Redmond, Thomas Zcigenfelder, 
Lenlon E. Marshall, Theo. E. Torlina, Frank IL Bonner, James L. Borden, 
Horace H. Smith, Joseph L. Greulich, Walter J. Weller, James M. Rebholz, 
David M. Shilling, Elva A. Jackson, Guy A. ISramian, Clark Coate, Alva B. 
Campbell, Burton W. Jones, Robert A. Griffith. 

Tlie charter officers were the same as for i(>03-04, having been re-elected. 

The lodge has very pleasant lodge and club rooms where the members 
gather in goodly numbers for their own enjovment and to extend a hospitable 
greeting to all Elks who have wandered from their own pastures. The lodge has 
lost one of its highly esteemed menrbers — one of its charter members — by death. 
Brother John G. Senour. TSie lodge meets every Monday evening southwest 
corner public square. All Elks are heartily welcomed. 

Troy Lodge No. 833 has but one Past Exalted Ruler and one Grand Lodge 
member. Brother John W. Morris. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler John \V. Morris 

Est. Leading A'm'g/i/. .. .Louis R. Balheim 

Est. Loyal Kviglit Charles N. Peters. 

£.5/. Lecturing Kiiiglil. .. .James C. Robins 

Secretary J. H. Landis 

Treasurer John G. Scott 

Tyler R. H. Sotherland, Jr. 

Esquire Charles R. Kline 

Inner Cuard Frank H. Bonner 

Chat'lain Clark Coate 

Organist Leroy Lambert 

Trustees : 

Theodore Sullivan. F. C. Roberts, 

George F. Irwin. N. B. Peters, 

Thomas Zcigenfelder. 

.\cker, Harlcy. 

Balheim. Louis R. 
Beery. Levi O. 
Bobbs. Charles E. 
Bonner. Frank H 
Borden. James L. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Botlie, Henry J. 
Brannan, Gnv A. 

Campbell. .Mv: 
Carver. Harrv 
ChalTee. C. C. 
Coate. Clark. 


^ Indicates Grand Lodge Member. 

Coleman. Warren. 

Dailey. W illiani .\. 
DcW'eesc. .Andrew. 
DcW'eesc. Darins E. 
.Dietor. John C. 
Dolison, Oliver S. 


TudV iVn. 833. 

l'"aiilkin.T. Stcrrcll. 

(".ales. Hilwiii C. 
Ciihsdii. Park IC. 
Gibson. Ralph H. 
Goodrich, Frank C. 
Goodrich, Harry. 
Green, David C. 
Greulich, A. C. 
Grcwlicli, Joseph I,. 
Griffith. Ro1)ert A. 

Harness, William I£. 
Hart. Joseph G. 
Hayner. Charles C. 
Hayner. William M. 
Hcadley. Jolin. 
Hcnne. Jacob C. 
Hunter. Gcorfjc N. 
Hyde. Frank. 

Irwin, George F. 

Jackson. Elva A. 
Johnson. Brooks J. 
Jones. Burton W. 

Kline. Charles R. 

Krauser. Charles II. 
Kyle, Thcimas I!. 

Lamlx;rt, I.eroy. 
Ivandis, J. H. 
I.^ng, George .A. 
I/ong, George S. 

McClain, John. 
McKec, Harry. 
McKimiey. H. J.invey. 
McKnifiht. W. Vincent. 
Marshall. Lemon li. 
Means. Joseph W. 
li'Morris, John W. 

Nicol, Fred R. 

Peckhani. Uavid ,-\. 
Peters, Charles N. 
Peters, Norris B. 
Purdy, Frank .\. 

Rapn. John W. 
Rebholz. James M. 
Redmond, Charles M. 
Ritter. Edward O. 
Roberts, Frank C. 

Robins, Jauies C. 

Scobey. F. Ed. 
Scott, John G. 
Shilling. Uavid M. 
Shilling. H. Frank. 
Smith. Horace ,H. 
Sommer, Nathan. 
Solherl.ind. Richard H.. 
Sullivan. Theodore. 
Sweeney, Patrick H. 

Thomas, Gilmer T. 
Thomas, Louis L. 
Thomas, William I. 
Torlina, Theodore (■. 

Weller, Walter J. 
Wilson, Robert M. 
Wilson. William G. 
Wood. David W. 
Worman. Frank T. 

Yost. Clinton L. 
Young. James W. 

Zei.genfclder. James B. 
Zeigenfelder, Thomas. 


Tuny \'(j. .'^^3. 

R. H. SoTunRi.ANi), Jr., 

Esteemed Lecturing Ktiight. 

Stockkeener Trov Wagon Works. 

.\ix.\ B. C.\mi'ui;ll, 

Kxalted Ruler 1904-05. 


\\ll-I.l.\M A. Dailkv. 

Tyler 1904-05, 


.1. W. Rapp. 


DaVIII M. .SlIll.l.l.M.. 

Trojan Coal CoMi|)any. 

History of Martins Ferry Lodge No. 595. 

IN the fine old town of Martins Ferrv, Ohio, l(x-atecl on the Ohio river op- 
posite Wiiedintr. W. Va.. there was instituted on January 25th, 1904 midst 
raging torrents and seas of ice, a new Elk Lodge called "Martms Ferry 

■'^°' Sstrict Deputv. Grand Exalted Ruler Robert L. Queisser. of Zanesville 
officiated and instituted this new lodge that started out with a membership of 
twentv-five. all of whom were previously Elks in good standing-th.s perhaps, 
being' the first time in the history of Elkdom that all the charter members of a 
new lodge were already Elks. 

The first lines of this article, referring to "raging torrents and seas ot ce 
must be explained bv saying that January 25th was the day of the tremendous 
Hood on the Ohio riv^-r, when, for the first time in twenty years the water reached 
the unprecedented stage of 44 feet two inches and completely ^uhn..jged t e 
Island" situated in the Ohio river between Martins Ferry and Wheeling, and 
called "the garden spot" of Wheeling. 

The District Deputv reached Uellaire, Ohio, seven miles from Martins herr), 
the ni-ht before, and in ihe morning was told that it would be absolutely miposs.ble 
to reach Martins Ferry that day, as all railroad and traction line tracks were under 
water, and on account of the high stage of the water no boat service was to 
be secured and all this, too, when the date had been made to absolutely appear a 
Martins Ferrv that day and institute the new lodge. By the way, too, it is of 
passing interest to know that the day previous, when the river was at Us lugh^ 
St potn, zero weather had prevailed and ice from 6 inches to 8 inches hick had 
frozen and when the water receded, leaving the banks and the who e Is and 
covered with ice and ice floes from 6 inches to 6 feet thick. Curious cakes of ice 
were still hanging from the second and third stories of the residence and busi- 
ness buildings all over the Island. 

After considerable telephoning the District Deputy finally reached Wheeling, 
W \^a via 15 & O.. and late in the afternoon Brother P. P. Miller secured a 
ca;riage, drove' over from Martins Ferry, and the return trip of Brother Mil er 
and tlfe District Deputv was quite memorable, for the streets were stdl filled with 
dangerous ice, and in places the streets were covered with deep running wate . 

^Notwithstanding Ihese back sets and apparent obstacles, the lodge was duly 
instituted at the appointed time that evening. This new lodge started out with a 
p ndid meiubersii, of sterling good fellows. For three years they had be. 
endeavoring to organize for themselves, but on account o. objections raised In 
near bv lodges, winch were sustained by some of the Past District and 
r.rand' Exalted Rulers, it seemed they would not be able to attain tliew wishes, 
i: the face of these objections, however. Brothers P. P. Miller and L. Leather- 
wood continued with trojan efforts ,0 bring about a lodge o their own. and it 
was onlv through the indefatigable efforts of these two that brought about the 


iMaktins FivUuv No. 895. 

final culmination and institution of this lodge. A point worthy of note is that 
t\vcnt_v-nine new ap[ilicati(>ns for nienihcrship were prcseiuetl on the niplit the lodge 
was instituted. 

Not only has this lodge a local ])0]ndation in Martins Ferry of 10,000 to 
draw from, hiU it also draws from i'ridgeport, a town of perhaps 5,000, and 
the prospects are the very hrightest for a sjjlcndid organization, and as the Dis- 
trict Deputy aptly said in his address at the han(|uet, "A new star has risen in the 
firmament of Elkdom and its name is Martins Ferry No. 895." 

The charter members were : George Cooke, P. P. Miller, Carlos Leather- 
wood, Thomas H. Jones, George W. Webb, James Furey, Louis L. Scheehle, 
Hay ward Long, W. A. Tweedy, John A. Moore, J. R. Wilson, John Woods, H. 
C. Park, Hillis Criswell, William F. Ebeling, John P. Gray, Jenkin W. Evans, 
Roger .Ashton, August Kraatz, George Joseph. K. Oliver, William E. Miller, 
P.. F. Perry. D. C. Watkins, Samuel Westwood, John M. Cusack. 

Officers, 1903-04. 

Exalted Ruler Carlos Lcathcrwood 

Est. Lcadiiif; Aiiif/i/ P. P. Miller 

Est. Loyal Kiiighl Jciikin VV. Evans 

list. Lecturinf. Knight Roger -•Kshtoii 

Secretary Heyward Long 

/ reasurer George Cooke 

Esquire H. C. Park 

'I'yler William F. Elieling 

Chafilain George Cooke 

htiier Guard Benjamin F. Perry 

Trustees : 

Thos. H. Jones, August Kraatz, 

John A. Moore. 

.^cres. T. H., Jr. 
.Armstrong, Harry. 
Asliton, Roger. 

Breitenstein, H. C. 
Bnsch, C. G. 

Cliessol, Harry. 
Criswell, Jiillis. 
Cooke, George. 
Coss, David. 
Crawford. Dr. A. J. 
Crawford. Clyde. 
Cusack, John M. 

Diven, Dr. A. W. 
Doudna, .\. H. 
Duff, Charles L. 

Ebeling, William F. 
Evans, Jenkin VV. 

Floto, Chris. 
Fo.x, Henry. 
Francis, John. 
Furey, James. 

Githcns, W. E. 
Graham, Charles. 
Gray, John P. 
Green, Howard. 
Griffin, Thomas. 

Handel, William G. 
Hanes. Joseph T. 
Havne, John C. 
Hcinrich, Frank. 
Hipkins, H. J. 

Roster, 1903-04. 

Hobson, Edward L. 
Hoffman, Fred. 
Hopkins, David. 
Hopkins, Richard. 
Hunter, James K. 

Jenkins, Thomas C. 
Johns. Edgar. 
Johns. Dr. John. 
Jones, Thomas H. 
Joseph, George. 

Kennedy, R. A. 
Kraatz, ."Xugusl. 
Kraatz, Charles. 
Krim, Frank A. 
Krim. John R. 
Kuckuck, Chris. 

Lash, Ellis D. 
Leatherwood. Carlos. 
Lewis, Charles. 
Lewis. William. 
Long, Heyward. 
r.ynch, Richard. 

McConnaugliey. Earl. 
Miller, George .\. 
Miller, P. P. 
Miller. Williani E. 
Mitchell. R. B. 
Monks, Dr. John S. 
Moore. John A. 
Morrison. Dr. Paul. 
Mullaney. J. F. 

Noble, George M. 

Oliver, E. 

Park. H. C. 
Perry, Benjamin F. 
Pickett, Bert. 

Reasbeck, Charles. 
Redman, Henry T 
Rees, Joseph W. 
Ritchey, C. D. 
Roberts. Frank M. 
Rosenthal. Dr. Harry. 

Scheehle, Louis L. 
Sedgwick, George G. 
Sedgwick. Ira B. 
Selby. Fred L. 
Silber, George. 

Terrill. John W. 
Thompson Earl. 
Tweedy. W. A. 

Uudegraff, Charles T. 

Vanpelt, A. J. 

Watkins, D. C. 
Webb. George W. 
Weil. S. J. 
Westwood, Samuel. 
Wilson, J. R. 
Wilson, Dr. R. H. 
Woods, John. 
Woods, Leandcr. 

Yingling, Thomas W. 

Mautins Kiiuus' .\(i. 8<j5. 

Jk.nkix W. ICvans, 

'isli'i-iicil Kiiiiihl 1 

11)0,; 04. JB 

Sheet Mill W.irkcr. 




Carlos Leathekwood, 
li.vallCit Ruler iyO3-04. 

P. P. Miller, 

I'.slccincd Leading Knight, 1903-04 

Hotel and Restaurant. 

Roger Ashton. 

KfUemed [,eclitring Knight, 1903-04 

Secretary 1904-05. 


Mauti.ns Imckuv Xo. 895. 

J. Francis Mullanev, 
Traveling Salesman, 
Schaefer, Drieliorst Co., Whcelin 

John VV. Terrill, 

Exalted Ruler 1904-05. 

Chief of Police. 

T. H. Acres, Jr., 
Master Phmiber. 

Frank Heinrich, 

Mayor of Martins Ferry. 


Louis Lincoln Scheei.e 
Clerk of Courts, 
Belmont County. 

Maim INS 1"i',i;k\ Xu. 895. 

David C. Watkin.;. 
Slicet Steel Worker. 

William E. Mii.lkk, 

Assistant Engineer, 

The RelmiMU Brewing Co. 

CiRoRci; Sii.nKK, 


The Belmont Brewing Co. 

Charli;s C. Dli-1', 

Locomotive Engineer. 

Wheeling & Lake Erie Railro:id. 


(".KoRc.i; .A. Millkr. 
Propr. Earlier Shop. 

Maktins Fkkkv \ii. .'-'ii.: 


Butter, Eggs and Poultry, 
Bridgeport, Ohio. 

Dr. Joh.n Johns, 
Physician and Surgeon. 


Thiiiiias Hill Macliine Shops 

HoUAKl) ('.RKEN, 

Tin Worker. 

J.ACK P. Ck.w. 
Sheet Roller. 


History of Naploeon Lodge No. 929. 

NAl'ULKUX Lodge No. 929 was instituted Frida_\-, June 24, 1904, in K. 
of r. hall, witii t\vcnt3-ninc of the bravest citizens who bowed their lieads 
in tile dust, journeyed across tlie burning sands of the Sahara and did 
various other valorous deeds before being invested witli the several mysteries of 
the order. 

The names of the charter members were : James P. Kagan, Charles F. 
Augenstien, T. J. Edwards, E. H. Miller, James Barton, Edward I'iso, J. D. 
Groll, A. H. Augenstien, F. J- Beck, C. VV. Davis, H. R. Dittmer, D. D. Donovan, 
James Donovan, W. 1'. Dutiy, C. L. Fast, E. A. Hanna, C. M. Harrison, G. F. 
Hays, George P. Lutz, F. S. Martin, J. M. Rieger, F. J. Shalt. F. T. Shoemaker, 
W. P. Smalley, George R. Teeple, A. S. Thicson, A. A. \'anilenbrock and John 

The installation ceremonies were in charge of District Deputy John B. Stahl, 
of Freemont, assisted by the following team from his home lodge : Ed. H. Hist, 
Leading Kjiight; Harmon Wensinger, Loyal Knight; B. B. Smith, Lecturing 
Knight; Myron C. Cox, Esquire ;L AL Dryfoos, Tyler, and C. C. Bowlus, Inner 
Guard. There were also members present from Toledo, Defiance and other places. 

The initiating ceremonies began at four o'clock in the afternoon and were 
completed at ten in the evening, after which the officers for 1904-5 were installed. 

After the work was finished an adjournment was made to the Wellington 
hotel, where refreshments were served and a social time, such as is only found 
among the Elks, was enjoyed by all present. 

The lodge meets every Friday evening in K. of P. hall. 

Officers, 1904-05. 

li.vallcd Ruler Jas. P. Ragaii 

Esteemed Leading Kinglit F. J. Bock 

Esteemed Loyal Knight. \V. P. Duffy 

Esteemed Leeliirins, Knight A). D. Donovan 

Seeretarx ' C. \V. Davis 

Treasurer J. D. Groll 

Txler Ed. H. Piso 

Esquire J. M. Rieger 

Inner Guard Chas. Augenstien 

Cliaplain G. F. Hays 

Organist Clarence B. Baldwin 


Jas. Donovan, F. S. Martin, H. R. Dittmer, 

John Vocko. E. .\. Hanna. 

Roster, 1904-05. 

Augenstien, Charles F. 
Augenstien, .\. E. 

Baldwin. Clarence B. 
Barton, James 
Beck, F. J. 
Blair, Wallace 
Brown, D. C. 

ClarU, \V. F. 

Davi.. C. W". 
Dittmer. II. R. 
Donovan, D. D. 
Donrivan. lames 
Duftv. W.'P. 

Edwards. T. J. 

Fast, C. I.. 

Groll. J. D. 

Hanna. E. .-\. 
Harrison, C. M. 
Havs. G. F. 
Hud-on. \V. O. 

Johnson. Walter 

Lut/., Gccrgc P. 

Magill. Charles 
Martin, F. S. 

Miller, E. H. 

Piso, Edward H. 

"Ragan, James P. 
Rieger, J. M. 

Slia.if. F. J. 
Shoemaker. F. P. 
smalley, W. P. 

Teeple. Geiiii;i_- K. 
Thicsen, .A.. S. 

Vandenbrock, A. A. 
\"noke, I.'hn 

1^ Irulicitc? Cr.iiul Lodge Member. 


Index to Pholo-gravures. 

Alibott, lihncr 1).. S))ringlicld 

Abclc, Ucrinan J., '1 olcdo 

.v.ckcrman, Udwiii X., Colimibus 

Acres, T. H., Jr., Martins l-'crry 

Adams, l-rank J., I'indlay 

Adams, W'illiani, Salem 

Agm, A. M., Marietta 

Ahrendts, A. O. C, Marietta 

Alircndts, George U., Marietta 

Ahrendts, S., Marietta 

Alaback, Howard E., Salem 

Alban, \V. K., Stetibenville 

Albanvis. Carl L., Toledo 

Albrcclit, Tred. C, Toledo 

AlbrcclU, William I., Toledo 

Albright. Dr. O. A.. Toledo 

Alder, lames \V., Columbus 

Allen, lames A.. Columbus 

Alderman, A. U., Marietta 

Alderman, K. S., Marietta 

Alcshire, R. P.. Gallipolis 

Alford, George L., Marietta 

."lien, F.. E., Fremont 

A'lcn, Frank Y., Salem 

Allison, \V. C, Niles 

Alspach, S. v., Fmdlay 

AltafTer, G. F.. Bucyrus 

Alttnbaugh. Charles D.. Tiffin 

Altsman, W. B., Portsmouth 

Amhier. T. C, Cleveland 

Ambler, Tobn S.. Bellairc 

Amlin, Z. K., Columbus 

Anderson, A. A.. Youngstown 

Anderson, Carl L., Fremcnt 

Anderson, Frank H.. Fremont 

Andrews. B. F., Toledo 

\ndrews, I.aForcst K., Ironton 

.■\ndre\v=. Dr. O. P.. East Liverpool 
An.gic, S. L.. Marietta 

. .550 
. . 405 
, . . 110 
. . . 454 
. ..3G5 

ilasch, Joel, Findlay 

llassell, John V., Columbus... 
llasfcll, Dr. W. B., Columbus. 

llattin, W. S., Marietta 

liatton, W. 11., Xenia 

Baum, Albert, Marietta 

Baumann, C. II., Fremont 

Baur, Julius, Fremont 

Raster, John G., Tiftin 

Bayer, lohn S., Columbus.... 
Beach, "Hr. A. M., Niles.... 

Bc.ich, Orra K., Toledo 

Beal, Andrew T., Youngstown 
Beall, George S., Columbus.. 

Beard, Charles, Toledo 

Beard, Koland A., Toledo 

Beasley, 11. A.. Marietta 

Beattie. A. C, Cincinnati 

Beck, George, Cincinnati ... 

Beck, Joseph J., Niles 

Beck, William G., Cleveland.. 
Becker. Charles B., Toledo... 
Becker, John H., Marietta .. 

Beers, Ford P., Cleveland 

Beidler, J. A., Cleveland..... 
Bcilstein, Louis E., Toledo.. 

Belcher, E. T., Ironton 

Bell, E. L., Del.iwar 
Bell, Dr. G. F, 





























Councaut '^^^ 

Hoylc, J. E., Mt. \'ernon 

Bradbury, 'llionias V... Gallipolis 
Bradley, Herbert \'... Columbus. 

Bradley, Owen L., Bucyrus 

Bramham, W. C, Toledo 

Bramlage, George C, Hamilton 
Bramley, M. F.. Cleveland 

. .302 


.^ntram. William H., Lebanon 510 

'\ppel. Harrv, Cincinnati 00a 

■\ppleby. Calvin W.. Conneaut... 

.\rcner, Thorpton A.. Bellairc 

Archer. R. W.. Bellairc 500 

Ardiier. Tohn L. Toledo 203 

Armleder. Otto, Cincinnati 3'' 

Armstrong, Eied M.. Delaware 30H 

.\rmstrong. Herman C, Salem 4^^ 

Armstrong, T. D., Lima '\>^ 

Armstrong. R. B.. Mt. Vernon 351 

Armstrong. Walter L., Salem -4^ 

Arnsman. Edw.ard E., Toledo 225a 

Arrel. David T.. Youngstown -»' 

.^shton, Roger, Martins Ferry bOS 

Asliworth, George S.. Youngstown 2lib 

Audibcrt. F. C. Marietta »4G 

' Toledo -25 

Columbus Ia5 

. 04 
. 79 
. 34 
. 45 

.\uer, George S., 
.-\uld. Tames -^., 


Baird, Charles L., iN'eisonvilie 576 

Bake, O. M., Hamilton 324 

Baker, Cassius F., Toledo. 

Baker, '■ 


Babbitt, E. A., Warren 

Badger, UeWitt C, Columbus 

Baertschi, John, Toledo 

l.aggott, lohn C, Dayton 

I'.ahlman,' George A., -Marietta.. 

Bahlman, Z. J., Marietta 

Bailey, C. B., Marietta 

Bainbridge, F. W., lolcao 

Bainbridge, W. T., Bellairc 

Bair, W. S., Fremont 

Duane IL. Columbus 

I'.eorge -\., Youngstown.. 

Baker, I. Burt, Salcni 

Baker, K. M., Toledo 

Baker, W. L., Marietta 

Baker, W. V., Columbus 

Baldwin, Frank L., Youngstown. 

Baldwin, Robert M., Toledo 

Bale, H. N., Wellston 

Ball Dr. .\lf ClilTord. .\lliance 

Ballard, Dr. C. B, 

Marietta 547 

Ballman, Tohn W.. Cincinnati. 

Bamberger. Lee, Cincinnati 

Barber, lames S.. Columbus 

Barber, 'Tosepli \V., Columbus.. 

Barker, B. S., Cleveland 

Barnes. Walter T., Salem 

B.-rr, Sam E. Marietta 

Barrett, Tohn F.. llhrichsvillc. . , 

Barrv, .\. J., Marietta.... 

Barrv. >iicbael IL. Toledo 

Barth. Fred L. Bucyrus 

Bartlev. William. Toledo 

.. 34 
. . 127 
. . 79 
. . 400 
. 550 


Bellman, William M., Toledo 

Bcllsmith, R. P., Cincini.ati 

Benes, G. D., Cleveland :• 

Bennett. Edward King, Cincinnati. 

Bennett, Smith W., Columbus 

Benton, R. P., Delaware 

Berg, Conrad, Salem 

Berg, Philip C, Ilillsboro 

Bergcr, George M., Cincinnati 

Bcrgin, Matthew J., Columbus 

Berry, George C, .\kron... JJ 

Bcrtling, Henry, Cincinnati ■'i 

Bertsch, W. F., Jackson 537 

Best, Edward, -Mcrietta 

Betts, Frank D., Fremont 

I'.etzlcr, Charles A., Cleveland. 

Biddison, S. M., Marietta 

Biedenharn, Henry, Niles ... 
Bigger, James C, Steubcnville. 

Billmcver. H. F., Fremont 

Billow, N. Kurtz, Columbus.. 
Binder, .Adolf, Toledo 

Bingham, Nye S., Toledo 

Bird, E. J. Jr., Ironton 

Black, -Arthur, Toledo 

Black, Dr. L. IL, Youngstown... 

Black, Samuel L., Columbus i" 

Black, W. A., Dayton.,....,.. y-fj- 

Blackmore. Tom 1)., l-.ast Liverpool. .. .43o 

Blaeszer, Joseph, Cincinnati -^o 

Blair, S. S., Delaware 

Bland, Joseph, Niles 

Bland, W. F., Bucyrus. 

ISIankncr, Frederick, Columbus. 

Blatz, Charles L., Sandusky 

Blott, Dr. H. E., Youngstown, 

Blum, Ambrose J., Fremont 

Blumenthal, Samuel. Columbus 

Bodemer, William, Cincinnati... 

Bodmann, Arthur G.. Cincinnati 

Bodurtlia. W. H., Delaware 

Boclim, G. Louis, Columbus 

Bocshans, William, Coluinbus i-^ 

Bogardus, Evert, Mt. Vernon 

Bollin, O. J., Toledo.... 

Bolton, Elmer C, 1-indlay 

Bond, Sherman. Findlay 

Bone. Husc. Lebanon.... 

Bui sail, Herbert T.. Salem 

Booth, C. L., Marietta.. 

Bork, William H., Toledo 

Borrautb, H. E.. P'Ueyru«; 

Born, C. Christia.i, 

Born, C. Edward. Columbus 

Born, Conrad, Columbus 

Bostcn. Harley. Salem 

Botsford, James L.. Youngstown.... 

BoMcherlc." I.oui.s. Ynun.gstown 

Boudot, Eugene. Cincinnati 

Bower. W. S., Nclsonvillc. ......... 

Bowers. Charles F.. Upper Sandusky 

Bowlus. C. C, Fremont 


. 73 


Bowlus. E. E, 
Boves. Dr. E. 
Bnvle. D. S.. 
r.nvle. Ed. M. 


JL. Marietta. 



Brand, Adolph, Toledo -203 

Brand, Dr. Walter W.. Toledo i9S 

Brandt, Tames M., Cineinnati 59a 

Brandt, Robert F., Cleveland (0 

Brangham, William, Niles 482 

Braun, L. C, Marietta 551 

Breene, Frank S.. Dayton -73 

Breidenb.ach, W. F., Dayton 27S 

Breitenstein, JL C, Martins Ferry Oil 

Brenner, C. F., Youngstown 244 

Bresnahan, Roger P., Toledo 210 

Bresock. George IL, Bellairc 610 

Brickell, William D., Columbus 12!i 

Brinkman, Dr. G. D., Springfield 172 

Britton, L. H.. S.alem 4o9 

Broer, B. F., Toledo 218 

Brookfield, Ed. \'.. Cincinnati 3o 

Broughton. John. Youngstown 249 

Brown, Charles JL, Columbus 120 

Brown, Clement V.. Salem 161 

Brown, Frank L.. Youngstown 244 

Brown, G. F.. Lebanon 516 

Brown, Dr. JL S,. Niles 476 

Brown, Rvland F.. Marietta 551 

Brown, Thomas, Mt. Vernon 350 

Browning, Hoover, Columbus 101 

Bruce, F. E., Cleveland §0 

Brush, Louis TL. Salem 454 

Brvan, F. E.. Niles 475 

Bullard, Rollin E.. Salem 4.57 

Bunce, Lafayette E., Cleveland 82 

Bunert. Herman G.. Toledo 214 

Buchanan, T. TL, Fremont 3,S4 

Buckman, A. L.. Toledo 20? 

Budd. William F., Toledo..., 213 

Buhr. George T.. Cincinnati 60 

Burdiek, T.eander F.. Toledo 225a 

Burger. Chailes, Cineinnati 6'''a 

Burkhardt. R V,. Dayton 275 

Burkhardt. William .M.. Davton 275 

Burnett. W. R,. Springfield T75 

Burns, Terrv. Fremont 404 

Burns, W. E., Cincinnati 61a 

Burns, \Yilliam Id.. Cleveland 88 

Burroughs. P. T.. Fremont 384 

Burton. David F.. Cleveland 83 

Buse. William. Cleveland 84 

Bush. Nicholas T., Cleveland 81 

Butler, James M., Columbus 115 

Cable, George B.. >farietta 551 

Cadot, M. L.. Gallipolis 336 

Cain. Henrv J.. Cincinnati 54 

Caldwell. Hartzell. Columbus 151 

Caldwell, J. S.. Niles 470 

Calvert, L. A., Youngstown 246 

Cameron, A. .^., Marietta 5,51 

Cameron. T. B,. East Liverpool 4.33 

Camp. D. W., Tr., Toledo 208 

Camp. Edwin L.. Toledo 208 

Campbell, .Mva B., Troy 605 

Campbell, George C, Niles 4i6 

Campbell, George L., Niles 470 

Campbell, Tom D., Cincinnati 35 

Campbell, W. A., Marietta 651 

Campbell, W. W., Toledo 

Canne, Tohn, East Liverpool 

Cappel, Ed., Dayton -'i 

Cappeller, W. S., Manstield 20b 

Caren, lohn M., Columbus 

Carcw, 'lohn \V., Toledo 

Carcw, William F.. Toledo 

Carland, H. L., Toledo 

Carland, Tohn C, Toledo 

Carlisle, \\ illiam S., Columbus.. 
Carnahan. 11. TL, Uhrielisville. . . 

Cassidy, P. J., Columbus 

Carpcnier, Cap .'\., Findlay 

Carpenter, C. G., Findlay 

Carrier, L E. .\dclhert, Toledo.. 
Carson, Ed L.. Ivast Liverpool... 
Carlzdafner, J. W., Columbus... 

Cassidv, P. L, Columbus 

Caswcfl. D. O., Cleveland........ 

Cavanaugli, James E.. Cleveland. 

Cavanaugh. lohn. Toledo 

ChamlicrTain. E. E.. Marietta.... 
Chamberlain, H C... Marietta... 


. 79 
. 71 
. .551 

l.\lli;X 'I'D PlloTlJ-CDAVUKl-S. 











Conway. 1.1V. lolcilo 

(.'Ini'l'ill. i-'., .Ir., \.mv.\ 

Cliciincll. I'.LorKC 1... CoUnnlnis 

Clic>li.r. lulin .1.. Coliinil)Vis 

Cluistian, Ik-rliL-rt W.. Tolcilu 

Clin-lii.-. Charles 1.. Cincmn.ili 

Clal'sulfl. .\. 11.. .Marietta 

Clark, ilcnjaniin .\l.. Culumlnts 

Clark. Charles \'... Yovini;slown 

Clark. C. K.. Marietta 

Clark. C.corge I... Marietta 

Clark. Harry ]■'... Tolcil.) 

Clark. Walter S.. I'ln.llay 

Clark. \V. 1.. Marietta 

Cl.Hi.l. Charles S.. Cokiinlms 

Cohourn, K. I,.. Salem 

Cockell, Ilarvcy. CoUniihiis 

Coe, C. I.. Xclsonville 

Cocn, II. n.. Marietta 

Co.itan, Thomas .!.. Cincinnati 

Coilagan. T. I,., Marietta 

Cole, A. v.. Marietta 

Cole. Or. ChaniHer C Hellairc 

Cole. I.eamlcr S.. Nilcs 

Coleman. lolin K.. CoUimhvis 

Collctt. .\lbcrt M.. Ironton 

Frank, llillslioro .\.. Tljllslioro 

r.ilward. CoUimhus 

\' T.. navton 

i:<lwaril r... Fimllay 

Tohn T.. Coliimhns 

Thomas V... YounRStown 

Dr. C. S.. Marietta 

Thomas T.. CoUimlius 

Thomas Peter. Cincinnati 

^ Charles .\.. Xew Philarlelphia 

Cook. I'rank. Mansficlil 

Cook. II. M.. Fremont 

Cook. Mont C... Salem 

Cook. Sanuicl X.. Columbus 

Coonrod, Tohn P... Fremont 

Corhin. GeorRC C. Toledo 

Corrodi. .\lhcrt. Columbus 

Corrodi, Kdv.ard. Columbus 

Cotter, nan. Toledo 

Court, Xicholas -\., Columbus 

Covert. (JeorRC F.. Toledo 

Co.x Myron C, Fremont 

Cox. Walter Taylor. Cincinnati 

Coxon, I. Frederick, T'ifiin 

Craney, Richard li., Columbus... 

Crawford, Capt. W. .M.. Columbus.... 

Crecelius, Henry .1., Columbus 

Crites, George C, Findlay... 

Crocker, Lincoln. Cleveland 

Croiieii, W. T., Findlay 

Crook, .\rthur U., 

Crooks, Ur. .1. H., 

Cross. Cassius E., 

Crossland, I'M IC, 

Crossley, William 

Crouse, George W 

Crow, S. (j., llellaire 

Crowe, I. T., Youngstown... 

Crowe, 'M. J., Xilcs...... 

Crozier, .Mbert 1'... I-indlay.. 

Crumb, W. Hurt, Bucyrus..., 

Crumhey. William, Xilcs 

Cryder, George S., Delaware 

Cullen, J. O., Marietta....... 

Curl, George K., Circl_cvd)e_ 

Curiey, Thomas L. 

Currier. S. U., Youngstown 

Curtis, H. Fred., .Marietta 

Curtiss, T. C, Xorwalk.. 

Cussins, William C, Columbus 

Cutler, Burt M., Columbus 

0.abold, Charles F., Marietta 

Dahold, Harry .1.. .Marietta 

IKach, 1. -M., Fremont 

Dacschner, I.ouis, Toledo 

Hailey. William .\.. Troy 

Dalbey, iJr. Kalpli .\., Youngstown. 

Dalic. T. H.. Sliringlield 

Dankel. T. F... Delaware 

Dauben. .losepb. Columbus 

Davis. -\. C. Cincinnati 

Davis. .\. M.. .Marietta 

Davis, Charles .\., Xenia 

Ilavis, 1). W., Salem 

Davis. I-:. M., Marietta 

Davis. Frank P... Youngstown 

Davis, George S.. Marietta 

Davis, Ivor J., .Xilcs 

Davis, lames L.. Marietta 

Davis, "lohn K., Youngstown 

Davis, M. T., Marietta 

Davis. K. I)., Marietta 

Davis. Theo. F.. .Marietta 


Youngstown. . . 


F., Salcin 

., .\kron 






. "_'0 ( 






. 37 

. wn 



. .15,S 
. .3SS 

.. :i;i 

. . 82 
. .292 
. .DtW 
, . .594 

. ..Illto 
. . . 1115 
... Ill^ 

. . . .5.52 
... 552 
... 552 
. . .552 

U.ui.. W. l.ullHi. Ciiitinnati 

hawlev. Dr. I'.yroii W.. Toledo 

llean.' 1.. \\ .. Fremont 

Deck, lolin. Couiu-.uit 

Deeriek's. I'V.iiik I.. Clevehind 

Ilet.ariiu., D. S,. Xile> 

DeGraw. Samuel, Cleveland 

Dellaas, l-Mward, Columbus 

Heibel, Charles, Youngstown 

Deihel. Christ S., Youngstown 

Deiliel. Cliristo]iliir W., Youngstown. 

Deihel. FMward .!.. Youngstown 

Denuith, .Mfied M., Toledo 

Denison, \V. C. Delaware 

llenuiek, August P.. ilellaire 

Dennis, George I-'... Fremont 

Dennis, X. Iv, I'remont 

Denny, losepb D., Cineinnati 

DeUan. II. C. F'rem.iut 

DcKhodes, Will II.. Salem 

Dekousse, II. V., Marietta 

Descnlierg, I.ouis, Cleveland 

IVtlor. \S'. F.. Marietta 

Dc\'aux. Charles. Toled 

De \ennisb. .\. P., Columbus 

Dcvol. M. It., Marietta 

De Wecse, .\. W.. Pi'l".' 

niekcv. David M.. Nonngstown 

Dieboit. F. I... Cleveland 

Ilicfcnbacb. William. Hamilton... 

Dierkcs, lohn Herman. Cincinnati 

Diethclm.' .Martin. Toledo.. 

Dietrich. lolin IC. Cleveland 

Dillev. Dr. S. S., l-reinont 

DiUnian, Hcnrv. Cincinnati 

Diugledy, II. t.. Youngstown 

Discbinger. Fred A.. Toledo 

Doeright. Gus .\.. Youngstown 

Doerr. Walter, Cincinnati 

Dorrzb.ach. George .1., Sandusky.... 

Dohertv. F.. F.. Lebanon............. 

Donahcv. .\. \'., N'cw Philadelplua. . 

Donahue. T. R.. Cleveland 

Donahue. Thomas. Fremont 

Donaldson. T. IC. Xelsonville 

Donaldson. Dr. .T. W.. Marietta 

Doncyson. George F... Ficmont 

"onlev. L P.. Marietta 

Donnelly. Tommy. Columbus 

Doolcv.'Tohn .T.. Conncaut 

Doolcv. \Y. L. Findlay 

Dnruan, S. L. Mt- Vernon 

Dorman. 11. V.. Marietta 

Dostal. George .\.. P.ucyrus 

Dostal Tohn. P.ucvrus 

Douccttc', Maurice A., Cincinnati... 

Dougher. .Tohn IL. Salem 

Oouchcrtv. George. Tiffin 

Douglas. T. A.. Toledo 

Douglas, R. W., Xcnia 

Dow, .\llan R., Salem 

Dowling, Charles W ., .Marietta 

Downing, Vuoa li., loleilo 

Uoylc, John, Cincinnati 

Drauers, \\ . IL, Xilcs 

Drake, Frank, lolcdo 

Drake, W. .\., Dayton 

Urouillard, Curtis 1., lolcdo 

Drury, W. llerlicrt, Columous 

Uryloos, 1. .\i., Fremont 

Due, -\. L., Cincinnati 

Duesing, Herman F., Voungstown 

LUirf, Charles C, .Martins ferry 

Dunn, Bert .\., Toledo 

IJunn, W. C, .\lles 

Dunn, William, Salcni : 

Duseuberry, John Haines, Cincinnati 

Duttuii, William, Salem 

Dwver, lames, Cincinnati 

Dye, Wirt S., .Marietta 

Dysle, O. F., Marietta 

C, Cleveland 

Charles S., Salem 

William T., Salem 

W. Harry. Columbus 

Leo. 1 rLiiuun 

Fbinger, F. IL, .Marietta 

l.:hingcr, William IL, Marietta... 

Fckerlc, lohn, Cincinnati 

Lekcrman", W. .\.. Cleveland.... 
l-A-kcrt. [■.. IL, Toledo 

ICarl, I. 

Ivldy, B. O. 
I'.ddy, Dr. I 
I'Mwards, Dt 
ICftler, Jacob 
I-ibrman, Jot 
l.^isenhard, M 


P., Marietta 

I' .M., Portsmouth... 



A.. Tiffin 

I'ldcr, T. Frank. Salem 

Fllcnwiiod. L. W.. Marietta. 
KllitT. C. W.. Dayton 


43 I'llinlt. Willi.iiii X.. r.ell.iire 

.191 |.;ilswortli. W. W., Cleveland 

.;193 h:iriek. lohn R.. Columbus 

124 I'lnbry. Talton, Cineinnati 

71 Iniery. TMward V.., Youngstown 

I71I l-'iiunert. T'icderick 1,., Cincinnati 

. 91 l-'mminger. .\. V... Cincinnati 

..152 l.;nders, Charles S., Hamilton 

..245 ICndle, .Max, Sandusky.... 

.215 I'.ngels, Hugo I"., Sandusky 

. 215 |.'ngels. Iltto. Sandusky 

..245 l.:nsign, Charles A._, Youngstown. .. , 

..222 l-'nteman, ICrnest, Toledo 

..310 |.;iiz. Charles F., Findlay... 

..510 l-'rbardt. Charles. Cleveland 

.103 1-rnst. FMwaril IL, Columbus 

..384 F-'rnst, William, Bellaire 

.. 54 |.;ssick. IL W., Conne.aut. 

.390 Fsswein. Samuel .\., Columbus 

.404 l.-uchenliofer, .Mexander, Dayton... 

..*i2 Fvans, Bert IL, Columbus 

.. 87 Fvans, Ltd C, Xclsonville 

..547 Fvans, F. T., Delawfare 

..200 Fvans. Harry I... Columbus.. 

..113 Fvans, Tenkin W., Martins Ferry.. 

...5.52 Fvans, 'Marcus G., Columbus 

..571 Fvans, Oliver M., Columbus 

..259 Fvans. W. Samuel, Xilcs. 

.. 73 Fverson, Daniel S.. Cincinnati...... 

..323 F'vcslage. George W.. Cincinnati.... 

..34 l.-winr. T Calvin. Youngstown.... 

..217 F-xcell. M. P... Cleveland 

.. SI I'vsscn. George P.. Marietta 

..404 I'aber, .\lbert W., Bucyrus 

...57a Falicr, Toe A., Bucyrus 

...238 Faires Charles .\., Marietta 

..210 Fairman. Will S.. Y'oungstown 

...237 Faller. Alf A.. Toledo.... 

...50a Faller Fdward M.. Toledo 

...440 l.'amilton. P. C. Columbus 

...516 Fanghoncr, T. R. Fremont 

.500 Farrar ProL O. R.. Youngstown.. 

...94 Faulkner. G. \V.. Bucyrus 

...301 Faust, F.ugenc. Columbus 

...578 Faust. Ted, Columbus 

...553 Faweett. L W.. Youngstown 

...400 Feicht, Harry F., Dayton 

....553 Felber, Frank L. Columbus 

...131 Fernedinc. Al. II. , Dayton 

...424 Ferncding, Joseph, Dayton.. 

...301 Fettcrman, U. IL, Cleveland 

...351 Fey, F.dward, Cincinnati... 

...553 Fickc, George .Albert, Cincinnati... 

...305 Fiegelist, lohn G., Tiffin 

...301 Field, .Al. G., Columbus 

... 00 i.-inke, lohn IL, Uayton.. 

.4.58 Finlay, William J., loledo 

.3.30 Finucan, F. M., Cleveland 

-214 Fischer, John, Cincinnati.. 

.580 Fischer, Louis, Cincinnati ....... 

.400 Fischer, Dr. Robert. Cleveland.... 

..&o3 Fisher. Charles K.. Lima 

21J Fisher, W. IL, Columbus 

33 Fisher, William .A., Fremont 

.4.0 Fisk, Scbring C Toledo 

...:;19 Fitch, Paul P., Y'oungstown 

Fitziiatrick, P. A., Columbus 

Fix, Cliarls W., Columbus 

Flahertv, John, Xiles 

Flaherty, M. J., 

Flahertv, W. F... Xiles 

Flanders, Kd., Marietta...... 

Flanerv, Tohn L., Springfield..... 
Fleisch'm.a'nn, Julius, Cincinnatti. . 
Fleischmann, Max C, Cincinnati. 

Flemming, Dr. R,. C, Luna.. 

Flicker, Perry W ., Clevcl.and 

Flory, Louis F., loledo 

Flynn, W. L, CoUnnbus 

Focrste, John, Dayton 

Fogartv. W. P., Jackson 

Follett.' .\. D., .Marietta.... 

F0I2, Frank W., Cincinnati 

Foreman. Homer A., Bucyrus 

Forsyth, Xate, Youngstown 

Forsyth, Robert II. , Fremont 

Foster Frank, Cincinnati 

lohn W., Cincinnati...... 

'Rodger X., Cleveland. .. . 

Theodore M.. Cincinnati.. 

I . F., Fremont 

cowie,. Harry R., Toledo 

Fox, Gustavc, Cincinnati 

I.-ox, lohn I., Marietta 

Fox, Nl. M., Siiringtield 

Frame. lacob, Toledo 

Franev, lames -\., Bucyrus 

Frank's. C. L., Cleveland 

Freeman, Fred, lolcdo 

I'rev Tohn. Cincinnati 

Frisbie. William M.. Columbus.... 

. . o9a 
. . . 20U 
. . . lilU 
. . .2.;1 
... 553 
. . .553 

... 93 
. . . 41.3 
. . . 103 
. . .553 
... 15 
. . . 80 
. . . 553 
... .59 
. . . . 553 


. 42 

. 84 
, 570 
, .311 
. .'-IS 


. .135 
, 5*a 
. , 54 
, , 242 

. . 300 
. . 254 
. 132 


. . 2.* 

. .281 
. . S3 
. .5Ta 
. .332 
. ,2So 

[ '"si 
.. 49 

. 41 
. 44 

. .oo.> 
. . 51 


, SS 

1 M)i;x '1(1 I 'iio'it i-(;iw\\ I Ki-:s. 

Frit^L-lK-. W. 1-:. A.. C..lunilm> If,:! 

i* rtMiizcr, S. .M., I- nniMiit o'.'- 

l-'uclis, M.tx. CiticiiiiKiu r»S 

Fucrst, CunicliUb. Cincuni.iti iJl 

Fuller. (K .1.. .Marittta r>u3 

I'link. 'riicmiorc K.. rnrt-.innmli oo'i 

('.;i.i, Cliristi.Tii 1',, lt^^cyr^I^ 3(Jo 

('.ahel. W illiam A., l-'rciiumi -iSV 

Cnitrcc. W . I!.. MariL-iia hVJ 

Calf. Franklin H., CuKinilms iL'O 

(■allaglKT, I', I.. Vouni^stown liu'J 

(■alluuay, lusc|ili 1*., 'I olcilo li-- 

C.alluway. inii It.. Cohimhns 11^ 

CiaKin, John, Cincinnati 3. 

Candcc, C. I'... Mariutla ixiU 

r.arand. Dr. Frc-ck-ritk X.. Tolcth* V^ 

Carhcr. J. .Murray, .Mt. N'crnon 3r>li 

rtaniner. J. A., l-.ast l.ivt-riiool V-i^ 

C.arrisan. "I'liil A., ToIlmI.. V.*rt 

(iartland. Dr. John I... Cleveland 77 

Ciaruood, .lohn }., Salcni 4(1,1 

Ciassnian. Charles, Findlav -I'l' 

r.atcs. i;. Frank. Marietta 54'' 

Ciatcs, C.corpe V... Marietta 55.3 

Oatto. Charles Iv, Cincinnati ti5 

dattn, I, on is A., Cincinnati 55 

r.auclian, Walter V... Toledo 22tla 

r.avin. William K.. Hetlaire 500 

C.nvnor, Thnnias 1*.. Tnledn -oH 

Celcerd. William. Toledo 22Sa 

Geis, .\usnstns A., Cincinnati <^0 

r.endrnn. Adolph J.. Toledo -'■^• 

Cicntilc. Leonard, Cincinnati 59 

Gcon, Joseph \V.. ICa«t Liverpool 435 

Ceoriic", |)r. T. I'.. ICast Liverpool 43fia H. V.. Salem 4fiO 

r.corce, William. Uellairc 509 

r.erard. Joseph, F.ast Liverpool 435 

r.crkcn. Oavid U.. Marietta 55.'? 

r.crlau^;)!. John W.. Dayton '^'*} 

Ccssner, C.. A., Fremont 397 

r.cttum. I'aul. Toledo 204 

r.ihson, W. T., Voungstown 241 

r.ilbcrt. X. K., Cleveland N3 

Gilbert. A. K.. Clcvclan.l S?, 

Gilsdorf. GeorKc L. Toledo 215 

Gilsdorf. Mathias" L. Toledo 215 

Gilsdorf. Michael L. Toledo 215 

Gilson. l-:<hvard L.". Salem 462 

Ginp. Tohn F.. Sandu^kv 440 

Givens". Charles H.. Toledo 221 

Glazier, Harry. Toledo 19^ 

Glines, IC. W.. Marietta 547 

Gluck. .\rthur W.. Toledo 214 

Goehrinp, Philip, Columbus 149 

Goekc. John IL. Lima 37S 

Goeke, John ^L. Lima 37S 

Goctz, lir. T. Louis, Lima 378 

Golde. George, Cmcinnati ''H> 

C.oldcnhogcn. John F.. Cleveland 7i! 

Goldsmith. Moses, Cincinnati 53 

Goodall, James G., Columbus 12'J 

Goodhue. X. P., Akron 494 

Gonnly. (Jcorge C. liucyrus 3<il 

Gottron, Adam, Fremont 39o 

Gottron. lohn F., Fremont 393 

Gould, Kdwin l\., F.ast Liverpool 433 

Goulden, C»eorge AL, Toledo 22(>a 

C.oulden, Thomas L, Toledo 2lit>a 

Gow, lohn R., Bellaire 5o7 

Graessie. C. W., Marietta 554 

Graham, Jolin. Cleveland 94 

Graney. Jolin C. Columbus 147 

Graves, Orth C. \'oungsto\vn 253 

Gray, lack P., .Martins Ferry 611 

Gray. '.Matt IL, Dellaire 50S 

Green, Howard, Martins Ferry 611 

Green, I.ewis V... Vounijstown 256 

Greene. J. Tyler. Toledo 211 

Greene, Thomas M., Cincinnati 42 

Grccnfelder, Jacob. Jr., Cincinnati 40 

Greenwald, IJcnjamin. Cincinnati 62 

Greer. Uobert M.. Mt. \'ernon 350 

Gregory, A. J.. Cleveland 79 

GreilT. Harry .\., Cincinnati 63 

Greiner. Hi rain .\., Salem 453 

Greiner. J. .M.. Tifbn 3.32 

Grett. C. IL. I'remont 406 

Griffin, IdIiii Franci-^. Cincinnati 43 

Griffis "W. ]\., l-:ast Liverpool 434 

Grillith, Tom L.. Cincinnati 57 

GritTiths, (".enrge l\.. Cincinnati 37 

Grimes, IL S., Portsnumth 357 

Grimes. K. L.. Jackson 5.36 

Groh. C.eorge \l.. Frennint 3SS 

Groencwold, I'ernard. Toledo 207 

Grosch, Charles .\., Piqiia 572 

Grosflcld. Theo. P... Findlav 299 

Gross, Samuel M.. Cleveland S7 

Gr.ive. George W.. Salem 155 

t"iro\e, Thomas S., Delaware 312 

Grutnniel. < Uto A.. Tijliii. 3LI3 

('.uethlcm, hrcdenck, Cincinnati UI' 

("■nygenheimer, I Iiigo, Cincinnati 44 

Guldemeistir. HHu W.. Cleveland 84 

Gumier, W. U., Salcni 453 

(".unklach. Henry. Jr.. Cincinnati 6-lh 

Gunning. J aires I L. Cincinnati 43 

Gutlirie. .v. K., I^ast Liverpool 433 

('.ynn. Cicorge, Cleveland SS 

Haaek, Henry, Toledo 202 

1 laas, I* rank. Sandusky 4J2 

Haas, Louis J., Columbus 156 

1 laerr, lacob, Cincinnati 33 

Halhedel, i:. X., I'pper Sandusky 317 

Hall. Frank L, Dayton 276 

Hall. lohn IL. Salem 461 

llall. 'riiomas IL, .Xcw Philadelphia 567 

Hall. \*onis 1^., Dayton 276 

Hallv\ood, Henry .S.. Columbus LS7 

Hanniian, James L, N'oung^town 2'iO 

Hand, Capt. A. S., Conneaul 423 

HanlT. Harry L. Findlay 292 

Hanks. Limes "G., Toledo 205 

Hanley, "T. J.. Coshocton 49S 

Hanna, .S. j-^d.. Columbus 12S 

Hanner. Charles, Toledo 196 

Hanncr. Louis, Toledo 196 

Hanrahan. lolin C. Xiles 479 

Harley. Ivdwar.l M.. Toledo 225a 

llarlor. Joseph A., Washington C. IL...342 
Harlow. 'Charles D.. Washington C. n...342 

Harm on. Pen. IL. Columbus 145 

Harold. \'allee, Portsmouth 357 

Harpold. Lewis L. Marietta 554 

Harris. Clovd P.. Salem 462 

Harris. L. P.. Salem 455 

Harris. L. M.. SnringficId 173 

Harris. Walter, Salem 462 

TTarris, Williain F... Xiles.. 479 

Harrison, I'r. Charles L. I",ast LiverpooL431 

Harrison. I-ranklin. Fremont .384 

Harrison. Samuel L. Delaware 312 

JIart. Dr. Charles S.. :Marietta 547 

Hart. William L. Cleveland 75 

Hnshrouck. Claud C. Salem 460 

Hatcher, Dr. TL JL, Dayton 274 

Haiich. Louis. Cincinnati 62a 

ITavcrbcck, L Penj.. Lima 375 

Da\crnnn, Pobert F . X'ew Philadelphia. 567 

Haverstick. J. F., Xenia 586 

Hawkins. G. K.. Columbus Ifo 

TJayes, Hugh >L, Piqua 571 

Hayes. Tohn ^^., Toledo 222 

T-Jayes. ^^ort H.. Columbus 149 

T^azlett. Tohn P., Voungstown ?3S 

Heal. .\. D., Fremont 402 

Heaton. Fdgar M.,Pin<'a 571 

Heckler. Dr. F. A.. Columbus 113 

Heddlcston. Russell C, Fast Liverpool. .436 

Hccdv. Horace P., ^'ouncstown 247 

Hcz-scn. Alfred L, Toledo '^22 

Heffncr, Oral ^r.. Columbus 132 

Heener, Fmnk. Cincinnati 46 

ITclir'pian. Harry. Cincinnati 64 

TIpKlplbacli. Seward. Cincinnati 62 

TTeidrick. .\. R.. Marietta 554 

iToJnric''. Frank. ^Tartins Ferry 609 

^^e"awell. Gfor^e .\ Youngstown ''SO 

TTeller. Frank_ IT.. Toled-^ 193 

'l^enderson. Wil'iam H.. Cleveland P9 

T ten pp. Tnhn. "S'ou nest own ?55 

Henricks. George. I'remont 404 

TTenry. .\ndrcw T., ^alem 45fi 

TTf-nrv. Georcc X'.. Stcnbenville 41R 

rr^rliert. Fngpne. Cleveland 72 

TTerman. Dr. T. V. Sandusky 440 

TTcrmon. Charles W , Fremont 35vS 

TT^Ton. James. Cincinnati 36 

TTcrplcb. Tohn T... Cobnnhus 154 

ITerrine. L. D.. Mari-^tta 554 

TTerrmann .\uiius'' Cincinnati 41 

TTcr^Hcy, TJarry H. Columbus 120 

rrorzIx^rfT Harry. P.^-llaire 5ii(l 

ilf'ijsc. Sip"^n. Cincinnnti 5Sa 

Hrusner. W. G. Findl.nv 296 

n.,vn. ^■^U^■h^ \^'.. Toleilo 213 

TTie'-s. T.nnies. Piqua 572 

iTwIKer' Robert F.. Frmiont 3'^ 

ifier. Franris Tav'nr. Cinrinnati 33 

Tlie^tand. F. S.. 'Man^rudd *>66 

ii;H,1..^.1. r.t.. Marietta 554 

T»iit-.hid1-. W >r . Nkrui 491 

TTlnkle. T.-'ek G.. rob-mbus 1''9 

^'inman.' F. IT- FK-ria 53'' 

TTInn. Cb^'-lc^ A.. Toledo 20? 

Minmrd. F . Voun"sto-n 239 

'T;MM->rd G-orc" ". Columbus T'R 

Hii.ide. F. U.. Delaware 310 


1 1 irscli, Leonard. C<diimbu> 12S 

llirl. i:. l... l-reinonl 3S7 

lliri, Samue! L. l-rcmonl 392 

Hisey. Dr. Walter IL. Tolclu 19b 

llilehcuck, I'rank .\.. l-'mdlay 2'Jl 

Hnadley. lolin S,. Lima 377 

llocbenedel. C. .\.. l"rem.uU 392 

Hucliencdcl. L II,. Frem-uit 406 

llndge. William K.. T.ded.. 224 

Ho.lgkins. l-red. .\.. .\iarietta 554 

1 l.ielle. Henry. CnicMinati 6'^a 

1 locgner. lohn. Lima 379 

HolT, .\I. A., Cincinnati 61a 

Hoffmann. John P... Cincinnati 40 

Hnfman, Joseph. Toledo 231 

Hocan. T; G.. Xiles 474 

llogan, T. J.. Xiles 474 

Holder. Charles S., Cincinnati 58a 

Hollberg, Lou li.. Tackson 537 

I lolloway. Pert. Xiles 474 

Ilomberger. Herman. Mansfield 26" 

Hoover. W. F., Lima 372 

Hopkins. Gcorce R.. To'edo 225 

Hnnkin-;. William .\.. Cincinnati 33 

Horan. Charles W.. Toledo 230 

Horn. L I... Fremont 398 

Horining. Oorge W., Fremont 405 

TTorton. A. S . Jackson 537 

Hoskot. W. JL. D^vton 272 

llnssfcld. .\lbcrt. T^amilton 326 

Hotter, Carl L. Colu-nbns 140 

TTnster T onU Pli.. Col'imlnis 141 

J4ouck, ^\■i|l.e F.. Findlay 295 

"ouch. P W . '»-la" Tre .M'^a 

TToust-^n. Frank M P-cvrus 362 

TTowa'd Charles. TTnmilton 3-'3 

TTnwells. G^nrre, X'i'es J81 

Huhacb. W. G.. Tiffin 3:^3 

ITnbba'-d. T«nnl IT.. Xi'e« ^~" 

Hnbbell. William S.. Toledo ''04 

TTuhcr, Charles F., Cincinnati 6ia 

Huber. Tospph C. Toledo :*04 

TJuebncr. Henry F.. Toledo 203 

T4nehes, JJenry. Fremont 394 

TTuirhes, Tamos' W.. Marietta 554 

Hughes. T. Will. Marietta 5.54 

TTn(The<:. S. L.. Mnri;-tta 554 

TTulI. Harry p.. Fin.lhy "'^'^ 

TTummcl. L. F, F... Cincinnati 57 

TTiiinnhrevs. Fflw,'"-d C . Cincinnati 60^ 

TTnntinc-ton. W. R.. Flvria 53'' 

TTiinman, Hnrry R. Snrincr6eld 172 

tTnsman, IJenrv. Cincinnati ^^ 

T-l,.^iev T P." Salem 455 

Hyde. O. P., ^farietta 548 

lams, Russel, Fremont 404 

Ibold. Kdward F.. Cincinnati 45 

Ibold. Michael. Cincinnati 45 

Ingalls. Fred F.. Toledo 221 

Ingraham, R. IL. Xiles 472 

I nman, P. M., Fremont 392 

Ivory, R. T., Voungstown 256 

Jackson. D. IL. Salem 45S 

Jackson, George A., Toledo 22Sa 

Jacobs, F. H., Columbus 113 

Jacobs, Robert II. . Voungstown 254 

iaconv, Peter M., Toledo 225 

'lames'. Charles W., Marietta 546 

janes, Charles C, Columbus U4 

laynes, Roland .\., Columbus 124 

Jeekell. Charles. Voungstown 237 

Jeckell, William, Voungstown 25S 

jetTrey. Robert II. , Columbus IVo 

Jennings, W. 1!.. Springfield 175 

'tennings, William, Cleveland 91 

jcssop, W. P., Marion 99 

Johns, Dr. Tohn, Martins Ferrv Oil 

Johns. John W.. Uhrichsvillc 521 

Johnson. .\. P. Fremont 4<i5 

Johnson, lulward, Jr., Columbus 159 

"Jolinvnn, Fugene L.. Cleveland 88 

Johnson. H. W., Lima 37S 

John -on, J. L-. Cincinnati 55 

Tohnson. Russell \'.. Fremont 402 

Jones. Arch F.. Delaware :;i2b 

Jones. Horace G., Co|und)us 147 

Jones. L. l'"wing. Cnlumbus 119 

Tones, William. Pellaire 512 

Jordan. H Iv, Marietta 554 

Joseph. l-Mward L. Cleveland 87 

Tosepbv. J. .\.. Marietta 546 

Josten, C, Logan 528 

Tuergens, Otto C-, Salem 466 

Judy. P. J.. Springfield 17S 

June. T. M.. Marietta 554 

Tung. T. George. Cincinnati 46 

Jungk." Theo. IL. Fremont 396 

Jungman, J. W.. Cleveland 72 

Ini)i:x 'rn I'lnrm-cK.wi m- 

K:icliii. Kail. Ciiiciniiali 

KacrcluKi, II. I'.. VovUl|i^t.)^^^ 

KacrcliiKT, I'aiil C. Vouiigstuwn 

Kailcr, I. N., CoKiiiibiis 

Kaiser, Karl C, Marietta 

Kamcrcr, James A., Voiuigstown 

Kampe. .loliii If., Cincinnati 

Karlj, George I., Columliiis 

Karshncr, Malcolm .'\., Columbus 

Katzcnstein, Jacob, Marietta 

KaulTman, Luius 1!., Columbus 

Kayc, Kicbard, Niles 

Kaye, William, NUcs 

Kecler, George J., Cleveland 

Keller, Adam, b'rcmont 

Keller, August 1'., Toledo 

Kclley, C. Herbert, Columbus 

Kelley, Thoinas B., Cleveland 

Kellcy, William J., Salem 

Kelly, Dennis, Columbus 

Kelly, William A., Toledo 

Kelscy, Tobn M., Toledo 

Kelso, Cbarlcs H., Cleveland 

Kcndriek, Joe, Cleveland 

Kennedy, Jobn \'., Cleveland 

Kcogb, I. r., Dayton 

Kcpner. W. II., liucyrus 

Kerr, Dr. D. E., Conneaitt 

Kerr, Harry S., P.ellefontaine 

Kerr, \V. A., Marietta. 

Kelt, Franz, Cincinnati 

Kctte, Will r... Dayton 

Kettcr, W. K., Marietta 

Keyes, S. Turney, Columbus 

Kcyser, William S.. Bellairc 

Kifcr, H K., Marietta 

Kight, T. H., Springfield 

Kilbourne, .James. Columbus 

King, C. A., Columbus 

King, F. D., Delaware 

Kmg, Tames H., Maricttta 

King, T. Will. Marietta 

King, "M. A., Cleveland 

Kinkelaar, 15. II.. Cleveland 

Kinnane, Tobn, Springfield 

Kinnear, Samuel A., Columbus 

Kinney, George, Fremont 

Kinsley, John U., Cincmnati 

Kirby, D. D., Salem 

Kirby, Walter, Marietta ;. 

Kircbner, Frank Henry, Cincinnati.. 

Kirkby, lames E.. Toledo 

Kirscli, Fred T., Columbus 

Kiser, W. E., Xenia. 

Kisselle, Cbarles C, Findlay.. 

Kissick, diaries F.., Cincinnati 

Klein, Joseph D., Cincinnati 

Knorr, George L., Cincinnati 

Knowlcs, J. D., Delaware 

Kobmann, E. W., Cincinnati 

Koch, Edward L., Columbus 

Koch, FrankB .. Columbus 

Koch, George B.. Cleveland 

Koch, Thomas F. M., Columbus.... 

Koebler, William, Cleveland 

Kocbler, Gustav, Toledo 

Koerner, T. Nick. Columbus 

Koestle, Julius J., Cleveland 

Kohl, A. S., Cleveland.. 

Kohler, John, Cincinnati 

Koblmorgan, John. Niles 

Kohn, Dave, Cleveland 

Kontz, W. Harry, Toledo 

Koop, Herman S.. Cincinnati 

Kramer, Matthew, Hillshoro 

Krantz, T. J., Findlay 

Krause, Frank S., Cleveland 

Krausc, William, Findlay 

Kreimberg, Henry, Cincinnati. 

Krcimer. August C... Cincinnati 

Kropp, William, Columbus 

Krouse, Peter C, Columbus 

Krudwig, .Albert C, Sandusky 

Krug. Frank Xavier, Cincinnati 

Krusc, Ed. J., Hillshoro 

Kuehn, August .\.. .Marietta 

Kuebn, George J., Marietta 

Kuenv. Joseph D., Cincinnati 

Kucnzli, Fred C New Philadelphia 

Kuerze. Kohert M.. Cincinnati 

Kuhlman. W. H., Dayton 

Kubn. Michael, Cincinnati 

Kunz, C. Fred. Marietta 

Kunz. Peter, Marietta 

Kuntz, William, Dayton 

I.aekman. .Mbert, Cincinnati... 

I.ackman, Henry F., Cincinnati 

Laden, I.ouie it., Toledo 

. *■ 




. 4:; 



, .48:! 


.. 8:; 

. .39i 
.. 85 
.. 9a 

.. 8:; 
.. 8'J 
.. 52 
. .12r. 
. .30.'v 
... 8'J 
. .17<i 
. . .390 
. . .555 
... 3;. 
. . .152 
... bo 
... 52 
. . .312 

. 74 

l.aiiiheil. William E.. Salem 

Laiiiim.m, .1- l< . Zanesville 

I.ance, Geoige A.. Cleveland 

I.aiig, Fred, Toledo 

l.amgan, Leon ;\., Cleveland 

l.anza, Icsse J., Tiflin 

I.asley, .Mont I,., Miinstield 

l.aughlin, Peter M., Lima Ralph, Columbus 

Leach. Dr. Sherman, Columbus 

rieacbman, William, Columbus 

Leas, P.. v.. Delaware 

Lease, Mervin A., Tolciio 

Leatbcrwood, Carlos. Martins Ferry. 

Lee. E. Lawrence, Dayton 

Lee, R. W., Columbus 

l.effler. C. \V.. Marion 

Lchncrtz. Jacob .\., Toledo 

Lcibius, Herman W.. Toledo. 

Lcidlcin, Tobn F.. Cincinnati 

Leisy, Otto I.. Cleveland 

Lenz, Joseph E.. Dayton 

Leonard. John E.. S'oungstoun 

Leonard. W. R.. Voungstown 

T.eppetman. J. C. .A.. Toledo 

Levi, Charles. Cincinnati_ 

Levi. Rculicn. Cincinnati 

Lewis. Frank W.. Lima 

Lewis, Luther E., Niles 

Lewis. T. E.. East Liverpool 

Lewis. Prof. Wilmer D, Dayton 

Lewis, W. S., Fremont 

Liddle. Mark IL. Voungstown 

Liebman. Charles. Ynungstown 

Lied, Fred. Columbus 

Lightbodv. Thomas, \'oungstown. . . 

Lind. T. P. Columbus 

Lindlcy, Miles D.. Hamilton 

Link. Fred P., Norwalk 

Link. O. G.. .Marietta 

Llovd. T. M.. Piqua 

Lock. E. n.. Toledo 

Loesser Paul .\., Toledo 

Loflland. J. M.. Marietta 

Loller. \y. IL. Voungstown 

Lomison. J. B.. Lima Haywaid. Martins Ferry 

Long. Jasper W., Voungstown 

Long. Jonah R., Voungstown 

I Longfellow. A. L. Marietta 

I T.ord. Cbarlcs C. Elyria 

I Lorentz. .Adam. Marietta 

Lotze E. H., Nilcs 

I Loving, Dr. Starling. Columbus... 

I Lower. T. C, Cleveland 

I.owrv. Dr. .A. Clark. Ironton 

I Lowrv Dr. Joseph W,, Ironton 

Lowry. Paul R.. Salcm 

Lucas. Ilarvev IL. Findlay 

Luck. Dr. Henry C Cleveland 

r.udev. C. .\.. Marietta 

Lugenhcll. J. S.. Delaware 

Liipper. George B.. Columbus 

T.utz. L. Fred. Columbus 

Lyon, .Arthur M., Voungstown 

T.yon Everett L., Salcm 

Lyons, Frank F.. Voungstown 

Lvnsky. M. G., Bellaire 

. 03 

.480 ' 

. Sd 

.63a 1 
. . 80 . 
..301 ; 

. 63 ' 
. . 136 ! 
.. 35 

..555 ; 

.. 61 
..566 ! 

..27'; I 

. . 42 1 
. .555 




. 78 


. 91 
. .2Ti 

.. 90 

. 200 
.. 57 
.. 61 
. . .255 
. . . 555 
. . .55r. 
. . .241 

. .12:1 

Mc.Alpine. .\. IL, Columbus 

Me.Arthur. George, Findlay 

McCalje, lames H., Cincinn.lti 

McCafferty lobn \V., Columbus 

McCann. Frank, Marietta 

.McCann, F. P., Marietta 

McCarthy. Thomas F., Hamilton 

McCarty, P. L., Springfield 

McCauslen, W. S., Steubenville 

McClellan, Dr. Tames I., Columbus.. 

McClellan. I. M., Bucyrus 

McComb. Howard C... Toledo 

McConnaugbv. l^arl. Martins Ferry. 

MeCorkle. ~R! L. Nilcs 

McCormick. J. .S., Marietta 

McCormick. James. Marietta 

.McCormick. lolin W.. Fremont 

McCormick, Thomas B.. Columbus... 

McCoy, A. D., Marietta 

McCune, Harry C. Lima 

McDermott. lolin I... Niles 

MeDermott. Stephen P.. Nitcs 

McDonald. Fred S.. Alliance 

McDonald. W. IL, Voungstown 

McDonough. I.ibn. Voungstown. 
McDowell. W. W. 
McElrov. Hugh I... 
McGavren. Dr. G. 

Voungstown. . 
Voungstown. . . 
W.. Lima. 

McGilvray. C. I'., Springfield 


. 73 
.. 77 
, .15:< 

.. 53 
. . 225 
. . .655 
. . .372 
. . .478 

.McGinn, l\. J., Cineinuati 

■McGorray, James W., Cleveland 

.McGorrav, (osciill V., Cleveland 

McGorray, Mark T.. Cleveland 

McGowan, John F., Voungstown 

McGrcw, F". IC, Marietta 

McGrew, I. II. , Marietta 

McGrcw, T. P., Marietta 

McGwine, James, Logan 

.\lclntyrc, M. B., Cincinnati 

Mctntyre. R. C, Marietta 

MeKee, Harry D., Bellaire 

.\lcKce, Thomas, Cleveland 

McKcefrev, N. J., Salem 

McKenna, .M. II. . Cleveland 

MeKenna. W. S.. .Xiles 

McKenzie. T. W., Toleilo 

McKim, George .A., Columbus 

McLaughlin. J. .A., Tole.lo 

McMahon, James C Fremont 

McMahon, T. J.. Fremont 

McMillan, A. Paul, Marietta 

McMillan, M.. Marietta 

McMonagle, Tames B., Cincinnati.. 
SicNamara, Edward L, Columbus... 

McNernev. P. T,. Toledo 

McVcan. Tames E-, Voungstown 

.McVicker. I. F.., Nelsonville 

Miiag, Frederick, Cincinnati Arov. H. W., Tiffin 

Maeklin, Frank J., Columbus 

Macklin. George J., Columbus 

Macv, Oria .A., Columbus 

Mag'nee, lule, Findlay 

Maher, Cornelius IL, Toledo 

Maiberger. M. F., TiflSn 

Maisen, F. J., Lima 

NLallov, Tohn R.. Columbus 

.Malot't. Peter J.. Columbus 

Manns, Tohn. Toledo 

Markt, Karl C, Hamilton 

Marriott, F. M., Delaware 

Marston, Tames M.. Cincinnati 

.Martin, T. -^.i East Liverpool 

.Martin, U. S., Dayton 

Marvin, Charles W., Findlay 

Mason, Henry .A., Columbus 

Mason, IT. IL, Nilcs 

Maxwell, Walter II. , Cincinnati 

Mayers, II. C, Columbus 

Mayhew, John \^., Toledo 

;\Iayo, William, Toledo 

Mazcy, J. C, Fremont 

Mead, Charles D., Dayton 

Means, Dr. Charles S.. Columbus... 

Mecbling, J. S., Marietta 

Meehan, Michael .A., Cincinnati 

^Ieehan. Patrick, Voungstown 

Meek, Dr. R. B., Fremont 

^Ieeker, Claude, Columbus 

^Ieeker, Garry W., Columbus 

Meier, IL W., Jr., Cincinnati 

Meier, II. William, Cincinnati 

Meinhardt, Jobn C., Cincinnati 

Meister, W.' F., JIarietta 

Mendel, Tosepb, Columbus 

.Merki, .Albert L, Cleveland 

Merkle, Edmund C, Dayton 

Alerriam, F. \V., Fremont 

Merydith, C. \V.. Marietta 

Messinger, I'^mniett L., Findlay.... 

Messinger. Ferd, Fremont 

^Ietzgcr. Lewis P., Salem 

NIcyer, C. Harry, Cincinnati 

Meyer, Henry G., Dayton 

Meyer, W. H.. Lima 

Meyers. John C, Cleveland 

^Iichacl, Theodore, Lima 

Miekley, Samuel J.. Salem 

Middleton. John II. . Vr.iingsloun 

Midglev. Thomas. Columbus 

Mild, \\'illiam. Hamilton 

Mildren, C. K.. Marietta 

Mildren, Tidward I., Marietta 

Miles, Dr. F. T.. Salem 

Miller, Charles F., Toledo 

Miller, Charles TL, Cleveland 

Miller, Don C, Findlav 

Miller. Edward. Marietta 

Miller. Ivlwani E., Voungstown... 

Miller. Etlward L. CoUimhus 

Miller. Frank, Fremont 

Miller, Frank C. Cleveland 

Aliller. George .A., Martins Ferry, 

Miller. George F. Tr.. Toledo 

Miller. George I., Rucvrus 

Miller. Grant R., .Nilcs 

Miller, I. T., Fremont 

Miller, Jobn, Voungstown 

. W 
. 74 
. 71 
. 74 

. 64 

. 91 
. 81 
. 17:' 


. 4" 



.. 51 




. 44 
. 44 
. So 

, .4':" 

. .3'-^ 
. 49 





Im)i:.\ io rn()'i'()-GKA\'ii;i;s. 











.M.llikun, T. 

Milne. I>. 

eph A,, lule.l... ,, 

.1. W.. l-reM;,iiil 

1-oiiis \\ ., \'uiiiiy>luun. 
I Irl.inil.. .\.. l,nliiiiiliu>... 
r. 1'.. .Marlins l*'erry.... 

\\ . I[., ISiicyrus 

William, 'lokilu 

William k,, .Martins l*er 

William k., .Xew.irk 

k., \'miii!,'slo\vii. . . 

... 10 1 
. . .oOU 

.\kirictta 550 


.Minch, II. n 

-M inner. l-Vank, .Vclsonvill 

iMitclicll. Ceorge I'., .\lariett 

Mitchell, loliM I;., Salem 

Mitchell, I'arlcc, l-"iiullay 2'M 

Mitchell, T. M., l-'intllay LW 

Mizer, Or. Ira f., Colninlnis 12-1 

Modi, Moses I'Mwin, Cincinnati 58 

.Mfcrlein, Tolin, Cincinnati 47, "W . Ik. .Wkcnville 57li 

Montgomery, I^indall, ^'nvlngsto\vn 239 

.Moon, Dr. kark, Colnmlins 123 

Mooncy, Joe I., Toleiio 224 

.Mooncy, T., kinia 3S0 

Mi'ore. Charles ]',., Saleni 4115 

Moore, I'^dmond Ik. \'oiint:sto\Mi 240 

Moore, Tcssc lames, Cincinnati 57 

Moore, John \\"., Coluinlnis 13.S 

Moore, J. W., Fremont 395 

Moore, kcw, Cincinnati 57a 

Moore, S. O., Marietta 556 

Moore. 'Ihomas ICmniet, Jackson 536 

.Morclioiisc, Ma>;. Coliimkns 139 

Morcy. W. F.. Marietta 55G 

Morgan, lohn R., Vonngstown. 258 

Morgan. "Col. W. Ik. .Alliance 540 

Morgcnthalcr, Ilcnrv \\'., Cincinnati.... 37 

Morrison, fir. AuKiistns. Cleveland 7S 

Morron, Will C, Salem 459 

Morrow. Toseph M.. Toledo 231 

>kirsc. G. Ik, Marietta 556 

Morse, H. D., Marietta 54S 

Morse, William M., Marietta 55fi 

Mosancr. Ed.. Payton 275 

Mosier, kiigenc O., CoUimbus 124 

M. .k. Culinnlnis K.J 

('.eorge Ik, S.ileni lljli 

kicliard I',., Springfield 1T5 

S., h'reir.ont 39.". 

W., Fremont 3fci9 

Iv-. k'remont 39u 

k'remont 395 




Uchs, .\, 

Uchs, A. 

Uchs, C 

Uchs, II 

U'Connell, Charles .\ 

U'Connell, James .\k 

U'Connor, lolin k, 

U'Dell, Witliam .1 

Ochni, Henry C, 

Ullner, Isaac Ik, 

Uhl, Howard C, 

Ukcy, I'erry, 

Oldhani, Will 

Ulson. F. O., 

O'N'cil. John. 

Unions, Joseph 


Motz. T. F.. Tack 

Mountain. H. W.. Ironton 

Mounts. C. S.. I chanon 

Moiiser. G. V... Marion 

Moycr. George. Vonngstown .... 
Mucssig. C. Xick. Fast Liverpool 
Mnhlcman. .Arthur H.. Cincinnati 

Miihllianser. F'luard C-. Cincinnati 48 

Mnlholland. Frank L.. Toledo 197 

Miillanev. T. Francis. Martins Fcrrv 609 

Mullen, g; a.. Fremont ' 401 

Mnmford, .'\rthnr I... Marietta 557 

Mnnima. F,. Tl., Dayton 272 

Mnnsliowcr. Nathan T.. Coltimhns 143 

Mnrdock. Joseph P.. Cincinnati 5^ 

Mnrpliy. Harry S.. Dayton 273 

A'lirphv-. James. FVemnnr 399 

Mnrphv. John P.. Cincinnati 40 

MnrphV. M. H., Colnmhns 14S 

Murphy, Richard, Cincinnati 5.^ 

Murray. John I... Cleveland 73 

Mvall. .\quilla k. Cincinnati 54 

Mvers. C. E.. Fremont 391 

Mvcrs. F.d. k. Carton ?S4 

Mvers. Frank B. Fremont 3.<!S 

Myers. O. T.. Tiffin ,13? 

Cincinnati 49 

Niles 479 

, Vonngstown 247 

, Cincinnati 3.S 

l'"reinont 401 

Cincinnati 64a 

C., Niles 474 

Coluinhus 159 

Ik, Salem 45;'. 

kima 373 

Niles ; 47b 

, , . Ik, Voungstown 253 

Urmerod, Dr. Henry V., Niles 469 

Orpiial, I-!dwaril, kima 377 

Orr, A. M., I'ii^ua 572 

Orr, Fred M., \ouilgstown 24S 

Orwig, J. Harrison, Niles 470 

Osborn, George Jk, I'ortsmoutli 357 

Ushorn, Samuel G.. Columbus 122 

Osgood, Frefierick S., Toledo 220 

Ossmann. Conrad, Salem 464 

Osterfekl, (leorge II.. Cincinnati 49 

Ott, ku'lolph C. Cincinnati 64a 

Owens, John J.. Conneaut 424 

Owsley, Charles II., Voungstown 255 

Padden, Thomas, Marietta 557 

I'aden, R. W., Warren 447 

Page, L. W., Marietta 54S 

Palmer, Richard I,., Cleveland 81 

Pape, Charles, Marietta 557 

Papworth, George S., Cleveland 89 

Ik J., Toledo 226 

J. C, Dayton 273 

J. I'ark, Salem 464 

Robert C, Dayton 273 

U. S., Cleveland 84 

kieu P., Marietta 557 









O., .Marietta. 


536 Pattin. Winfield S., Marietta 567 

Myers, Warren D.. 

Springfield 176 


. .481 
,. 73 

Nash, George K., Columbus 

.\augliten. Charles .\., Cincinnati. 

Naylor, k. k.. Delaware 

.\aylor, Will, Jr., Niles 

.\eeds, Samuel Ik, Clevelan.k . . . 

.Nellie, Fred, Salem 

.\ewnian, Frank, llel.'iware 

.Newman. Jacob. Columlius 

.Newman, X'alentine. Iront.m 411 

.Newton, John \ ., Toledo 220 

Niemaii. .\rtliur. Cineinii;iti 4S 

.Nolan, Harry ]■'., Dayton 274 

Norton, Henry G., Toledo 227 

Norton, k A.. Tiffin 330 

Nolen, John D., Toledo 226 

.Norton, I. .\., Tiliin 3:io 

Norton, Lawrence C, Toledo 227 

Nuhfer, William S.. Toledo 225a 

Nungesser, Dr. J. k. Ck-\eland 77 

Nusbaiini, Otto. Columbus 143 

.Nye. .A. T., Marietta 557 

Nve, James W.. Marietta 546 

.Nyhan, D. J., Findlay 29S 

Oakley. John Ik. Voungstown. 

Patton, Robert J., Cincinnati 39 

Paiisch, Henry, Columbus 151 

Paxton, Thomas W.. Cincinnati C4a 

I'earce, Charles .A., Columbus 118 

435 Pcarlstein, Joseph, Toledo 199 

61a I'cil, John, Columbus 149 

Pendleton, .Alfred }.. Columbus 139 

Perkins, Ambrose, Voungstown 241 

Perkins, George R.. Voungstown 258 

Perry. G. W. C. Chillicotbe 182 

Peters. .Arthur W'., Marietta 557 

Peters. Harry Ik, .Marietta 557 

Peters, Jacob I... Marietta 557 

Peters. W. C, Marietta 557 

Peterson, Gus J.. Cincinnati 52 

Peterson, J. .\. Cincinnati .54 

Pew. I!. F.. .Niles 475 

PfalT. Douglas. Marietta 557 

Pfaff. Harry, Marietta 549 

PfeitTer, ;\., Cincinnati 61 

Pfouts, Dan H.. Dayton 274 

Pbelan, Pierce k. Toledo 197 

Phillips, .A. C. Alarietta 546 

Phillips, Curtis K., Salem 458 

Phillips, I-:, k.. Ironton 410 

Phillips, George J., East Liverpool 433 

riullips, Walter. Cincinnati 53 

Pickett. Pearl .M.. Bellairc 509 

Pickett. S. J.. Toledo 201 

I'iel. H. i;., kima 375 

Piepmeycr, Joseph F., Cincinnati 43 

Pierpoint, J. S., Marietta 557 

I'lerstork Charles F., Fremont 399 

Pirrnng, Henry C. Columbus 150 

I'lxlev. Charles Ik. Ir.. Toledo 201 

Piatt. William T.. Findlay 291 

Pletscb, Ilcnrv. Columbus 137 

Pletseb. lonas P.. Columbus 137 

Plunkctt. K. Ik. Toledo 200 

PInnkett. Phil k. Cleveland 93 

Polen. John C Ubrichsville 520 

Pollock. John Ik. Fast Liverpool 436 

Pomerene, .Atlee, Canton 284 

Pomerenc, W. R.. Coshocton 498 

Pond. II. O.. Columbus 161 

Popp. Joseph. Toledo 'j^il 

Pojiplcton, F. S.. Delaware 312b 

Porch. T. C. Fin, Hay 292 

Porter. F. R.. Marietta .557 

Porter. R. P.. Marietta 567 

Porlerfield, K. Dekaware 308 

Potter. Harry. Marietta 557 


Powell. Harry T.. Columbus. 


Powell, Richard .\.. CinciiuK 

Power. G. C, .Marietta 

Powe^^, r.corge [•., Fiemoiu 

Pray, .Alvah J., Columbus 

Price, James S., Voilng=I.)\. 

Primin, J. M., .Marietta 

Prince. David, Cincinnati.... 

Prince, Will J., Piqua 

Prior, I';dward, Columbus 

Pritehard, W. Ik, .Niles 

Pyle, Ira D., Delaware 

. .558 
. .572 

lhle1^ser. Robert L., Zjilesville 1 

(Juigley, Doc, Columbus 131 

Uuill, Jerry .\I., Cincinnati 51 

(Juiiin, T. .A., Conneaut 425 

(Juinn, Thomas J., Ubrichsville 521 




Rabbitt, James E., Toledo 

Rabbitt, .Michael .\k, Toledo 

Rabbitt. Patrick Ik. Toledo 

Race, R. k., iMarietta 

Rader, k. F.., Findlay 

Rader, Prof. William J., Columbus.. 

Radlotl, Charles, Cincinnati 

Raftiean, Thomas J., \uungstowii. . 

Rainey, J. \'., I-'remont 

Raitz, Ilenjainin, Toledo 

Raitz, Robert, Tole.lo JK) 

Ramsey, k. W., kebanon 517 

Ranger, F. P., Marietta 558 

Ranney, John W., Columbus 144 

Ransom, C. k.. Coshocton 498 

Rapp, J. W., Troy go5 

Rang, A. K., Columbus US 

Ratterinann, Frank. Cincinnati . . 64 

Ravelle, J. T.. T..ledo '.'.'.IS-l 

Raymer, Charles S., Coshocton 49S 

Raymer, John D.. Toledo 205 

Rcber, Joseph J., Bucyrus 364 

Kebman, l'"rcd It., Voungstown 250 

Reed, Guy C, .Marietta 558 

Pees, Thomas D., Fremont 402 

Regan, William Ik. Columbus 138 

Reibcr, J. Clint. Cleveland 75 

Reid. Dr. Charles P., kima 376 

Rcilley, Thomas, Cleveland 75 

Reilly, Hugh, Toledo 211 

Reinhart, W. IL, Sandusky !!!441 

Renner, George J., Jr., Voungstown 260 

Reynolds, Robert R., Cincinnati 52 

Rlioads, R. Stanley, Columbus 157 

Rhodes, J. P., Zanesville 340 

Rhody. William. Lima 379 

Richardson, Charles, .Marietta 547 

Richardson, C. k.. .Marietta 558 

Richardson, W. S.. Marietta 558 

Richmond. H. J.. Toledo 232 

Ricliter, Frederick C, Columbus 138 

Riddle. Charles W., Delaware 309 

Rid. lie, K. R., Salem 459 

Ri.blle, Roy R., Delaware 308 

Ridgeley, C. T.. Springfield 177 

Rigby. .Arthur, Columbus 13J 

Rigby, George K.. Fast kiverpool 435 

Riley. Charles T., Voungstown 251 

Rinehart. Harrkson S.. Last Liverpool. .436 

Ritchie, Pyron T.. Toledo 197 

Ritezel, 1'. .M., Warren 447 

Roach, Dr. John A., .Alliance 540 

Robben. Henry John, Cincinnati 43 

Robbins, James. Saleni 45:.. 

Roberts. John C, Bellairc 508 

Robertson. William .A., Toledo 226 

Robinson, John G.. Cincinnati .'.il 

Roche, D. IL, Chillicotbe 182 

Rock, P. J., Fremont 400 

Rockfield. H. k., Springfield 175 

Roe, Henry C, Marietta 558 

Roeser, W. Ik. Marietta 558 

Rogers, Herbert I!., Cleveland 78 

Rogers. John Ik. .Niles 471 

Rook, h.ugeiie, ^.lungstown 1*40 

Rooney, W. I-;., Toledo 232 

Ross, Chauncy R., kima 376 

Ross. James. C.ilunibus 145 

Rosser, 1;. J., Neksonville .577 

Rossiter. Tom, Salem 

Roth, Charles, Cincinnati 
Roth, Tohn G., Cincinnati 
D.. Bellairc 

Roland, l.e.trge 
Knhreeht. I'ranklin, Columbu 
Ru.lge. W. Ik. \'oungstow n. . . 
Rudy, W. F.. Lima 


. 45 
. 42 

Ruggy. RcN W 
Ruiilnian. fohn 
Russell, K IL, 
Russell, J. Ik, 
Russi, Jolin .A., 
Rutter. Oric -A. 


, Salem 46.=> 

Ik. Voungstown 247 

I'Veniont 389 

Marietta 55S 

Salem 463 

Salem 461 


I.\i)i;x Tn rn(vr(i-r,K.wi'Ki:s. 

Ky.iM. Daniil J., CoUmibiis 

Kyaii. (..curgu li., ToIlJo 

Kyaii. John i:.. CiiKiiiiKiU 

Kyiui. S. .).. l-'iL-mont 

Samr, Harry I.., Ci>Uimhvis 

Saik'. l-'rank U., Columbus 

St Jolnl, Kollo, Toledo 

Salniar, l''rt.-<l II.. Cincinnati 

Saltonstall, \V. II., Tolc.lo 

Sovage, William E.. 'I olcdo 

Sawkius, ICdwarJ .\., Tok-do 

Schabcr. Cbarlcs 1-., Ilucyrus 

Scliaclitclc, C.corgc II., I-rcmont... 

Scbai-ft-r, C. I'... SprniRlicld 

Scbacfcr, I. N., I'indlay 

Schafcr. Charles W.. Voungst.iwn 

Schafcr, llcnry C. Voung^town 

Scliafer. lohn, I'indlay .• 

Schcehlc, l.ouis Lincoln, Martins I'crry 

Schcuur, .\., Cleveland, Charles. Bcllaire 

Schillc, I'Vank II., Columbus 

Schillinger, I'rederick, Toledo 

Schindewolf, .Mbcrt, Bellaire 

Schindewolf, lacob N.. I'.ellairc 

Schindewolf. \\illiam, Jr., Hcllairc 

Schindewolf, William, Sr., licllaire.... 

Schindler, Clmrles i:., Cnicinnati 

.Schlesinger, II. I.., Xenia 

Sehlichcr, Peter Jr.. Marietta I.ouic. Cineninati 

Schmidt, H. 1-:.. Xenia 

Schmidt, riiilip. Tcdedo 

Schmiedekc. II. I-. l-'ranz. Marietta 

Pclimitt. Carl. Cleveland. 

Sehmitt. Joseph .\ 
Schmutz, Charles, 
.Schnaufcr, T. I!.. 
Schiiaufer, \\'. T,, 
Schneider, Charles^ 
Schnell, .\ugust \' 
Schramm, ]\. 1' 
Schramm. F. 1' 

Columbus. . . . 
Voungstown . . 



I,. CoUimbus. 

. Columbus 



.Schroedcr. U. C. Youngstown. . . 

Scbuler, Geo. William, Cincinnati 

Schumann, .\1. C, Cincinnati 

Sclinmann. Kd., Cleveland 

Scbnrtz, William II., Toledo 

Schuster, Kdward X., Cleveland 

Schwab, Julian C... Cincinnati 

Schw.ih, Peter H.. Hamilton 

Schwartz, Kdward. Fremont 

Schwartz. Frank K.. Columbus 

Schwartz. John C. Lima 

Schwartz. W. II.. Fremont 

Schweitzer, Frank 1., Cleveland 

Scbwentner, Frank W., Cleveland... 

Scott. Tohn .\., Findlay 

Scott, Oliver .M., Findlay 

Searle, Fred 11., Toledo 

Seelbacb, Louis, Cleveland 

Segal, Abe, Cincinnati 

Seibert, Ferdinand. Cincinnati 

Selbach, Al. K., Columbus 

Semlcr, Harry L., Hamilton 

Scmple, W. J., Lima 

Scrposs, II. II.. Cincinnati 

Seyler, II. .\., .Marietta 

Seyler, Frank C... .Marietta 

Seymour. C. W., Toledo 

Shackelford, Tames C, Bellaire 

Shafer, M. C, Findlay 

Shafer. Tohn II.. Youngstown 

ShalTcr, C. ^1., Youngstown 

Shatter, E. F., Columbus 

ShalTcr, .1. K. D., Marietta 

Slianahan, 1. I'., Findlay 

Shank, Fred A., Youngstown 

Shannon, Albert F., Columbus 

Sharp, F.lmer D., Columbus 

Sharp, Uobert H., Columbus 

Shaw, William Meeker, Cincinnati.. 

Shay, Thomas F., Cincinnati 

Shearer, Charles C, Xenia 

Shearer, l-'red, Hamilton 

Sheehan, P. T., Xiles 

Slicehan, Warren TL, Salem 

Shccbcy. Joseph E., T^oletlo 

Sheen, James, Salem 

SbethaiiuT, George W., Xelsonvillc. 

Shenk, 1-Vank L., Lima 

Shenk, Meda, Lima 

Shields, I. B., Cleveland 

Shiflcv, Isaac L, Toledo 

Shilling, David M.. Trnv 

Shirley. O. IL, Toledo 

Shoup, Marcus. Xenin 

Shriner, Dr. P. 11., Columbus 

Shriver. Joseph, Salem 

. 03 





. 87 


. ;>Ta 
. 3S 
. 78 



. 92 
... GO 
. . .373 

Shrvoek, 1.. II., .MarKll.i 

rdiu'llz, \\ . I.., Helaware 

Sluimaekei, Coonrud. lilhu 

Shunk, Harry C, Columbus 

.siel.ert, ClKuies .M., Ir., Columbus 

Mlber, George. .Martins Ferry 

Silverman, losepli, Cincinnati 

;iiuionton, \\ illiam 11., Columbus 

Sinipkins, F. A., Voungslo%vn 

Siml'son, 11. W., IJelaware 

Sims, .\elson .\., Columbus 

Slack, 'l. .\rnold, Toledo 

Slaght, George .\., Haylon 

Slaughenliaupt. 1!. C, -Marietta 

Slessinan, .\. Iv. Fremont 

Sloane, L'Irie. Columbu- 

Smith, IJr. .\. II. , -Marietta 

Smith, .\mor. Ir.. Cineinn..ti 

Smith, .\ugustus -M., Findlay 

It. 1'.., I'remont 

Charles F., Findlay 

Clale .\.. Youngstown 

Claude A., Fremont 

C. W., Conneaut 

Kldon F., Columbus 

Ivllsw orth, Marktta 

I'kiyd L., Portsmouth 

I-', k.. Marietta 

Prof. George W., Columbus. 

Ilarry F., Cincinnati 

James, Toledo 

.iamcs -\., Salem 

"lames li., Lima... 


J. Bell. Fremont 

.L Harrison, Piqna 

L. M., Bucyrus 

T. L, Xew Lexington.... 

T. "I.,, Marietta 

W. P... Marietta 

Snakaid. Tosepli. Marietla 

Snider, William .\.. Columbus.. 

Snow, C. G., Mt. \'ernon.... 

Snow, George W., Cleveland 

Snvder, C. K., Bucyrus 

Snyder, David I'"., Springfield... 

Snyder. Jacob .\.. Cincinnati 

Sonimer, ' George L, Cleveland.. 

Sonimer, T. A., Cleveland 

Songer. Fd. T.. TUlcyrus 

Sorg, Jacob G., Salem 

Sotheriand. K. IL, .Jr.. Troy 

Southard. Burton, Toledo 

Spade, Daniel IC. Bucyni.s 

Spaitli. George. Cincinnati 

.\. F.. Sprin.gtield 

Frank. Findlav 

II. v.. Marietta. 


. 90 
. 50 

. . 64 
. . .547 
. . . 160 
... 570 

. ... 91 
. . .225a 
. . , 5,85 

1 i Spillanc. Dennis. Cincinnati 

Sprenp, George, Cleveland 

Sprengard, M. .T., Cincinnati 

Springer, Charles F.., Salem 

Sta.ger, -Mlwrt W., Toledo 

Stager, Charles, Toledo 

Stager, Frank J., Toledo 

Stahl, Abe, BeUaire 

Stalil. Inlin B.. F'remont 

Stalker,' Jolin D., Toledo 

Stanhurrough, C. M., Findlay 

Stanley, C. T., Conneaut 

Stapely, George IL, Cincinnati 

Starr, Dr. S. Iv, Toledo 

Stearns, (".ardner B., Columbus 

Steeii, Cli.-irles K., Findlay 

Stein, Charles M., Cincinnati 

Steinle. W. .L, Lima 

Steinmetz, J. P., Xenia 

Stephens, Luther P., Columbus 

Stevens, Frank M., Niles 

Stevens, Harrold .A., Xilcs 

Stewart, D. C, Marietta 

Stewart, P. B.. .Marietta 

Stewart, Dr. Kalph W.. Toledo 

Stiehl, Prof. L. P. W.. Ulirichsville. 
Stiffler, Iiar\ev, Salem 

Still, Fred C Marietta 

Stillinan. Dr. C,. T",.. Clevelaml 

Stillwagon, F. W., -\i1es 

StiUwaugh, .\lbert. Hntnilt«ni 

Stollcr, C. C, Xew Philadelphia.... 

Stone, John J., Toledo 

Slorek, " George. Marietta 

Stonffer. Charles C. Columbus 

StoulTer, Henry G., Columbus 

Stover, J. IL. Cleveland 

Stowc, Henry M.. Cleveland 

Stowe. P. I... Marietta 

Streeter, Tohn H,. 'S'nungstown 

Strclilan. K 1\-. Frennuit 

Strock, ('.enrge 1\ . Mansfield 

Stnarl, John B,. Toledo 

. 53 
, .114 
. .559 
. .559 
.. 34 
. . 296 
. .2:fe 
. . 150 
.. 50 
. . 4C0 

, .58a 
. . 90 
. on 
-. 50 
. .,559 
. .61a 
.. 80 
-. 50 
-. 1 
.. 38 
, ..oSH 
. . . 559 
. . .548 
, . . 521 

Stiiber, Clias. W., Columbus 

Sullivan, -M. C, Toledo 

Summers, Charles J., Voungstown... 

Sutphcn, IJr. J. T., -Middletown 

Swam, losepli G., YouUgBtown 

Swallow', -M. O., -Marietta 

Swan, Thomas J.. Ir., -Marietta 

Swartz, Samuel J., ColumbuS 

Suift, ICdward, Cincinnati 

Swimleman, George L., Toledo 

Swisher, C, Flyria 

Swisher, Don B., Belblontaine 

Swisher, K. W., Columbul 

Sykes, {\. G., Xiies 

Sykcs, W. Iv, Marietta 

Tanian, Edward L., Columbus 

Tanian, Toseph J., Columbus 

Taylor, K. 1... Jr., Columbus 

Taylor, II. I., Conneaut 

Taylor, Walter C, SteubenviUc. . . 

Tefrill, Tohn W., Martins Ferry 

Tbacherl .\ddison O.. Toledo 

Th.ackcr. Fred W.. Xelsonvllle 

Theis, II. L., Marietta 

: bomas. Charles S., Youngstown... 

ihomas. David J.. Niles 

Thomas, E. B., Columbus 

■fhomas, John E., Cleveland 

Thomas, lohn Edwin, Xiles 

Thomas, John IL, Dayton 

1 honia», 1. E., -">^ile» 

Ihomas, W. Aubrey. Niles..,. 

llionias, William E., Cleveland 

Ihomas, W, L., -Marietta 

Ihomas, W. K., Xiles 

; hompson, Robert, Columbus 

Ihonipson, T. A. L., Steubenville. . . 

1 hompson, W. Gilbert, Lebanon 

iimblin, 11. L., -Marietta 

lindall, James L., Fremont 

lipiier, Charles J., .\iles 

1 ip|ier, lohn, Niles 

Tipper, j. \V., Xiles 

Tobias, \ernor F.. Fremont 

Tod, David, Youngstown 

Tompkins, Emmett, Columbus 

Tonson, G. W., Toledo 

Tomes, 1. II. , Marietta 

lorrenee, Frank P., Springbela 

Tracy, William T., Jlarietta 

Trauller, Harvey -\., Toledo 

Tresch, Charles E., Marietta 

Trier, Frank E., Toledo 

True, D. -M., Marietta 

Tubman, Dr. T. Henry, Cleveland. 
Tucker, T. E., Dayton 

Tunnington, Fred W., Fremont 

Turner, Dr. Charles E.. Columbus. 

1 urner, Clarence E., Columbus 

Turner, Uobert C, Columbus 

Twinum, William C, Columbus... 

Tyler, Ed. K., Fremont 

iylcr, (jeorge M., Columbus 

Tyler, William Pitt, Columbus 

I'ebelhoer, Fred, Bucyrus.. 

T'hrig, --v. Herman, Gallipolis 

Tlrey, Charles JL, Delaware 

I'lre'y, Demas, B., Commtus 

I'nderwood, Rufus A., Marietta,,. 

\ail, William. Xiles 

\'ance. B. W., Findlay 

\'an Driesen, .A. C. Toledo .... 

\'an L)usen, Lieut. James W., Xor\ 

\'an Keurcn, T. H. B., Findlay 

\'an Keurcn, Wade, Findlay 

\'an Tassell, W. II. , Springfield... 

VaugliEn, J. IL, Marion 

\'aughn, -\i, ^Lirictta 

N'edder. Ilarry .\.. Cincinnati. 

\'ehr. Gerhard .\., Cincinnati 

Wit, Joseph W., Lima 

\crha.gc, II. .\.. Cincir.nal! 


, .ir,8 

.. 85 
. . 71 



\ oges, 

Tohn \\'.. Columbus 

P. -A., Columbus.. 

Herman. Sr.. Soringfield. 
W. F., Canton. 

[•'rank .\., Massillon. . . . 

N'oliwinkcl. Henrv. Salem 

\ oik, Louis, Toledo 

\'oll, Peter, Marietta 

Yollkopf, C. F., Cleveland.... 

X'ollmaver, John J.. Toledo 

N'ollme'i. C. Fred. Bucyrus.. .. 

Waelde. Charles i:.. Cleveland. 

Wagener, David. B.-llai.e 

Wagener. Dr. \'an. Bellaire 

,.. 39 



. . . 424 
. . . 419 
... 80 



. . . . 390 
. ... 20 1 


.... 77 
. ... 135 










.... 224 








. 133 
. ;,-j ! 
. 2**2 


i.\i)i:.\ 'I'll 

1 'ii(ii'()-(-,K.\\'ri<i:s. 

\\'.TR:^"ncr, Charles I-!., l-'icmont ill''' 

W'aiJiur. Kdwar<l. C'lncinnati -11 

W.iKstart. Edwar.l A,, X.lcs 477 

Wn^'slaff, Fronk C, Xilcs ■177 

W'.nlc.ilt, 11. E.. Vomiiislown 1!:!7 

W.ilcmt. C. H.lrrv. Colunilms H« 

W.iMo. JoBCpli A..' Fri-monl 403 

Wnl.lcn, George- H.. Mnrictla SCn 

Walker. (!)d« L'pton. Alliance 540 

Wallaslon, W. R.. Davtnn 280 

Walsh. A, >I . Clevel.-in.l 84 

. . .50:! 

... si: 



Walsh. M. T. New I.cxinK<on. 
Walsh, Thoiras I".. Cleveland.. 

Walters. J. K.. Marietta 

Ward. E. B.. Fremont 

Ward. T^mpF D-. VonnRstown. 
Ward. T. 8.. Marietta 

Ward, r>r, T. S.. Marietta .Wl 

Wark, W. S.. Marietta Wd 

Warndorf, -X. .T.. Hamilton 3J:'. 

Wasserman. I,. TI.. Springfield ITS 

Water», John E.. N'iles 4.i?l 

Wattti'n*. David C. Martins Ferrv 6!0 

Watkins, Walter H.. Toledo 'J2'a 

Wateoi), F. O.. Dayton 277 

■Weaver. Harrv V... Voiinpstown 21*10 

Weljh, Charles'. Niles 4HX 

Webh, Herbert. N'iles 4S.'! 

Webber, .■\mhrnsc F... East Liverpool. . .4.W 

Webster. A. C. Fremont SOI 

Webeter. Holland C. Toledo Ifl7 

Webster. P. I... Fremont iOl 

Wehner. Toseph. Dayton 2Si 

Wehner. T.ouis T... Davton 27J 

Weidlinc Carl r. Tiffin r.O 

Weiffel. Daniel. Salem 4fi'! 

Weiler. Ceorce T.. Marietta Bfil 

U'ciler. Henrv.' Lima ?,«1 

Wcilcr. William. Marietta 5fi1 

\\'einstoek. Ed.. Marietta .V.l 

Weiss. Robert. N'iles 471 

Welbon. William C. . Toledo 20-' 

Welch. Tames P.. T'hrichsville S-'O 

Welch. Louis T... Delaware 30n 

Welch. P. E.. rramilton 32(1 

Wcllman. Edear T. Toledo 21i; 

Wemnier. TTeiiry C, Lima 374 

Wemmer. Williain I., l.iini 374 

Wciidel, llr. H. C, 1,'inciiinati H- 

Wendt. I'.lis F., Toleilo 227a 

W'cnham. Frederick L.. Cleveland S:', 

Wensinper, Harmon, I'remont 3S7 

W'erk. Fred C. Cleveland S;> 

WeriKT. John, i-rcmont 3117 

W'ernert, Toseph .\.. Toledo 217 

Wenlieim. L I-:,. Clevelan.l S7 

West. Uoliert .L. Toledo 21i: 

\\est. Samuel H.. liellefontainc Mli 

Westhrock. Hen. Dayton 278 

Westermann. Marcus. Vounpstown 242 

Whaley. .1. D.. Fremont 403 

Whayman. Horace W'.. Columbus 12U 

W'heian. Tames L. Toledo 222 

White. Thomas A.. Lima 371 

Whitman, Toseph W'., Lima 370 

Whitney, George, Columbus 149 

Whittakcr, E. L, Fremont 403 

Wickham, E. M., Delaware 310 

Wickham. Toseph W., Columbus HO 

Widell, Wi'lliam F., Toledo 223 

Wief;and, Fred, Colembus 143 

Wi.cgim. E. IL, Dayton 278 

Wildermuth. Rov L.. Columbus 121 

Wilkes. William'. Xiles 4S2 

W'ilkins, Charles I^., Columbus 157 

Wilkoff. William. YounRstown 2fiO 

Willard. C H.. Toledo 207 

Williams, A. F. C, :Marietta S4S 

Williams, Curtis C., Columbus 121 

Williams. L R.. Cincinnati 5-^ 

Williams. T. T.. Toledo... 223 

Williams. Tolin 1. Tr.. ^'oungsto\vn. . . .243 

Williams. R. Reese, N'iles 472 

Williams. Thomas .\.. N'iles 482 

Williamson. .\. C. Delaware 311 

Williamson. H. P.. Lima 374 

Williamson. Dr. M. 1... Marietta Sfil 

Willis. Dr. n. M. Marietta 5fil 

Willison. Thomas M.. Vounpstown 248 

Wilson. Frank P.. Hellairc." Sin 

Wilson. TIerhcrt IL. Toledo 227 

Wilson. T. W.. Jr.. Fremont 3.84 

Wimsey. Thomas J.. Cincinnati 40 

Winetrardncr. Joseph P., TTillsboro 48.8 

I Win^r. Charles 1!-. Cineain.-iti. . . . 

WinS'ir. ,\Ila. .Marietta 

I Winsworth. W . IL. X'ounpstown. 

Wirschiuj,'. l'liilipt>. Salem 

Wise, F'red .\., Rucvrus 

Wiselev, W. P.. i-indlav 

Wittman. John IL. Toledo 

Woland. W. A.. F'reinont. 

.. 41 
. .2.S3 

. .4.''.i; 

. .2!'3 
. .207 

WnlL Frank X.. CoUimhus 14.=> 

Wolf. loscph. F'rcmont 39,') 

Wolfe. "A. [(., Cbillieothc 182 

Wolfe, Charles II., Columbus 130 

Wolfe, Robert F., Coluinhus 137 

W'olk, Oscar, Conncaut 425 

Wollenhaupt, .\upust J.. Dayton 279 

Wollenhaupt. Herman. Davton 279 

Wood. Cland. Bcllairc ' ,509 

Wood, F. Thayer. Younestown 257 

Wood. James J. Jr.. SprinRfield 17fi 

Woodford. TI. T.. Younpstown 2.58 

Woolf. .\. J., ^'oiincstown 239 

Woolf. Ceorpc R.. Cleveland 71 

Worts. ChivinRton. Toledo 212 

Wricht. J. Edward, Hamilton 324 

Wnest. Toseph. Cincinnati (>3a 

Wyatt. Charles. Toledo 199 

Wvland, R. E.. Marietta fr,\ 

Wysoon. John IT., Cleveland 85 

Yaple, Wallace D.. Cbillicotbe 182 

^"ard. W. O. Jackson 53n 

Yeacrer. R. C,.. Conncaut 425 

Yeafflcy. James. N'iles 481 

^'o^lnc. .■\rthur C.. ^'ounRstown 255 

^'oun[:. Fleet C Youncstown 248 

Younp. John \V.. I'hricbsville 520 

Younp Stanley M.. Sprinftficld 172 

7an(jers. .Jacob. Cincinnati fi2 

7ecli. Con. Cincinnati 3*> 

7etl!tz. EiTKert N'.. Lima 3i9 

7iepler, .Joseph. Toledo 204 

7iepler. X\'- C Cincinnati .59a 

7immerman. Toseph. Fremont 3.84 

7Immerman. Joseph. Cincinnati 47 

7inimermann. Lou W.. Steubcnvillc 418 

Zizelman. Oeorfie. Cleveland 72 

Our Absent Brothers. 

Babbitt K. A., W'arrcn 447 

Beach. Dr. A. M., Xilcs 484 

Feall. George S.. Columbus 139 

Blum, Ambrose J.. I'remont 3S4 

Buchanan, J. IF., rrcniont 3S4 

Burroiiplis. P. T., Fremont 3S4 

Campbell, Torn O., Cincinnati 3rt 

Cassidv, P. I., Columbus 15*^ 

Cole, "I.caniler S.. Niles 4S4 

Dennis, X. I-"., Fremont 3S4 

DcRho<lc^. Will TI.. Salem 4G4 

Diebolt. I". T... Olrvcl.Tnd 1?. 

r»icfcnl>r.cli. \\illi;im, Hamilton 3J3 

rirury, W. Mcr)>crt, Columbus li'iO 

Du sen berry. J. IF. Cincinnati. 47 

Faller. K. ^1.. Toledo.^ 219 

I'isber, William A., Fremont 384 

Frev, Tobn. Cincinnati .... 38 

r.ilsdorf, Miciiael T., Toledo 215 

Ciriftitlis. George K., Cincinnati 37 

Ilanncr, Charles, Toledo .1% 

Harrison. Franklin. Fremont 3S4 

Ilellauell, G. A., Voungstowii 230 

I lick-;. Tames, Piqua 572 

IToIder/Charles S., Cincinnatti 58a 

K rouse, Peter C. Columbus 155 

Kuerze. K. M., Cincinnati 4S 

I,az,Trus, Ralph, Columbus 139 

r.indsay, Dr. Oliver W.. Columbus 124 

McCabc. J. B., Cincinnati 53 

Ma.-^on. H. H., Xiles 4S4 

Paincy, J. \'.. Fremont 3S4 

Rrtitz, Benjamin, Toledo 210 

Ravelle, T. T.. Toledo 232 

Rcillev, Thomas, Cleveland 75 

Richmond. II. T.. Toledo 232 

Rooncy. W. \\,', Toledo 232 

Scbrocdcr, R, C.. Voungstown 244 

Stager. Frank T., Toledo IHG 

Slo.'er, J. II.. Cleveland S5 

Tipper, Tolin, Xilcs 484 

Tvler, W. Pitt. Columbus 153 

W'iknn. J. W.. Jr., I-remont 3S4 

/iniincrmaii. .loscph, Fremont SS4 


Business Classifications. 

Academies of Dancing. 

Racier. WillLim J., Coliimbu?; 160 

Smith, (".corf,'e \V.. Colunihii-' Hi" 


Itarkcr. IV S.. Clcvclaii<l T^' 

CottL-r, 1 )an, Tnlciio --■"- 

Gilbert, A. K.. Cleveland S3 

Meyer, Henry G., Dayton 277 

Miller. George F., Jr.. Tolcd<i 20G 


(Sec also Comedians; also Minstrels; also 

Familton. P. C, Columbus 13- 

Faust, Kiicene, Coin minis 1^'^ 

Glazier. Harry. Toledo 11*9 

McCarthy. Thomas F.. Hamilton 3Jo 

RiRhy. .\rtluir. CoUimhvis., 13- 

Advertising Agents and Managers 

Dccricks, Frank" T.. Cleveland 71 

Dorpan, S. T.. Mt. Vernon 351 

Tacohs, K. H.. Colnmhns 113 

tanes, Charles C. Columhiis 114 

'Snow, Geor.ce W.. Cleveland 72 

Agricultural Implements, 

Young. Stanley ^^.. Sprincrfield 172 

Amusement Manager. 

McCormick, John \V.. Fremont 393 


Eonchcrle, I,ouis, Yonngstown -55 

Dauben, .Toseph, Columbns ir»5 

Owsley, Charles H., Voungstown 255 


Alban, \V. R., Stcubcnville 419 

Allen, James A., Columbus 113 

Andrews, LaForcst R., Ironton 411 

Appletiy. Calvin W'.. Conneaut 42J 

Armstrong. J. D., Lima 374 

Arrel, David T., Youngstown 257 

iJadgcr, DcW'itt C. Columbus 121 

P.aker. J. Burt, Salem 452 

Paid win, F. L., Youngstown 243 

Tlcnnett, Smith W.. Columbus 116 

Pigger. Tames C, Steubenville 419 

Black. \V. A.. Dayton 2S1 

Bradbnry. Thos. K.. Gallipolis Zid 

Bradley. Herbert E., Columbus 122 

Brandt. James 'M., Cincinnati 59a 

Brccne, Frank S.. Dayton 273 

Butler, Tames M., Coluinlnis 115 

Campbell. Aha B., Troy 605 

Campbell. \V. \V.. Toldeo 229 

Chester, John J., Colinnbus 151 

Cobourn, T\. T,.. Salem 152 

Coen, JT, B.. Marietta......... 552 

Cogan, Thomas T.. Cincinnati 37 

Collins. Frank. Hillshoro 4S9 

Conncll. Thomas V.., Youngstown 239 

Cox. ^Valter Taylor, Cincinnati 39 

DeRan, H. C. Fremont 3;W 

De Wecse. A. W., Piqua 571 

DmiHas. R. W., Xcnia 5Sfi 

Elliff. C. W., Dayton 274 

Kltenwood, L. \V., Marietta 553 

JUIsworth, \V. W., Cleveland 75 

Hxcell. M. B., Cleveland 75 

Follett, .\. D.. Marietta 553 

Funk, Theodore K., Portsmouth 356 

Gale, Franklin H., ColumI)us 120 

Galloway. Tod 11. Columbus 118 

GaK'in, John. Cincinnati 37 

('•ibson. W. ')'.. Vonnu-;to\\ M 241 

Goekc. lohn 1 1.. J.ima .'ITS 

Grccr. Robert M., Mt. Vernon 350 

<irimes. K. I,., lacksun 53<i 

Harper, Joseph H.. Washington C. H. 

Harris. I^. B., Salem 455 

Hart. William J., Cleveland 75 

Hcrshcy, H. H., Columbus 120 

Holcomb. A. T.. Portsmouth 

Huxley, T. P., Salem 155 

Jordan, H. E., ^farietta 554 

Kinney. Georcjc, Fremont 390 

Leslie, T. O.. Warren 

I.ower,"j. C-, Cleveland 73 

Uudey, C. .\., .Marietta 555 

L,3"on, liverett L., i)aleni 45 1 

McCausleii, \V. S., Stuul)cnville 41ii 

Macy, Urla A., Columbus 122 

Marriott, F. M., Delaware ^10 

Martin, U. S., Dayton 274 

.Metzger, 1,. i*. baleni 451 

Miller, E. IC, Voungstown 240 

.\lcorc, E. 11., Vour.-^btown 210 

Mouser. G. l-.., Marion 'J'J 

.MulhoUand, Frank L.. Toledo 197 

.Murphy, Larry S., J-)ayton 273 

.\asli, George K., Columbus 117 

.\olan, Harry F., l>aytun 274 

.Norton, J. A., Tillin 330 

O'Neal, li. v., Zanesville 

( >sl)orn, George M., Portsmouth 357 

(Jsborn, Samuel G., Columbus 122 

i'atterson, .1. C, Dayton 273 

Patterson. Robert C, Dayton 273 

I 'f outs, Dan H., Dayton 274 

riielan, Pierce J., Toledo 197 

Pome re ne, Atlee, Canton 284 

I'omerene. W. K.. Coshocton 49^ 

I'owetl, Richard A., Cincinnati UOa 

Ouigley, H. N., Marion 

Uitchie, Byron F., Toleda 197 

Ross, T. N., Ironlon 

Kubrecht, Franklin, Columbus 113 

Kyan, Daniel J., Columbus 122 

Sayles, E. C, I'reniont 

Schaber, Charles F.. Biicyrus 361 

.Sclilesinger, H. L., Xenia 5S5 

Shafer. .M. C. Findlay 291 

M'ay, Thomas F., Cincinnati 37 

Shearer, Charles C, Xenia 585 

-SJoane, Ulric, CoUnnbiis 122 

Smith, ICrnest G., Bella ire 

Smith, J. Harrison. Piqua 571 

Stahl. John U., Fremont 1 

Swartz, Samuel T.. Colinnbus 151 

Sykes. W. V.., Marietta 5t>J 

Sylvan, T. P., Upper Sandusky 

Taylor. E. L., Jr., Columbus 118 

Taylor. Walter C. Steubenville 119 

Thomas, E. B., Columbus 121 

Thompson, T. A. 1,., Steubenville 418 

Thompson. W. Gilbert. I.^I)anon 516 

Tompkins, Emmett. Columbus 120 

I "Irev, Dcmas B., Columbus 121 

Underwood. R. A., Marietta 560 

Webster. Holland C. Toledo 197 

Wcidling. Carl P.. Tifiin 330 

Weiss, Robert. Xiles 471 

West. Samuel H., Bellcfontainc 346 

Wiekham, E. M., Delaware 310 

Wildcrmuth. Roy I,., Columbus 121 

Williams. C. C Columbus 121 

Williams, John I.. Jr.. Youngstown 243 

Wnnlf. A. T-. ^'oungstown 239 

Williamson, "n. P.. T.ima 374 

Woolf. George R.. Chvetand 71 

Vaple. Wallace D., Chilllcothe 182 


Moore. T. TC.. Jackson 536 


Ix'udy. W. E.. Lima 372 

Awning Manufacturer. 

Patton, Robert J., Cincinnati 39 


lUaun. L. C. Marietta 551 

I'.resock, George II.. Bellaire 510 

Gr.»seh. Claries A., I'i.|na 572 

Kampe. Totin IT.. Cincinnati 42 

Link. Fred P.. Xorwalk 594 

Miller, George I., IVicyrus 366 

n>smann, Conrad, Salem 461 

Schramm, V.. F.. Marietta 558 

Schramm. F. F.. Marietta 5,5.S 

Storck, George. Marietta 559 


Greincr. H. -\-. ."^alem 453 

Jungk. Theo. IT,. I'remnnt 396 

Gormly. George C , P.ucyru-; :iljl 


Assistant C.\suii:rs. 
.\rm strong. W. I,., Salem. 459 


I iaTK^l. William .\., l-'rcmont 3S7 

I'.odiirtha, W. H., Delaware 3l0 

Cryder, George S., Delaware 309 

Southard, Burton. Toledo Ji7 


Angle, S. L., Marietta 550 

Stillwagon, 1-. W., Xiles 470 

Kerr, Harry S., Bcllefonlaine 316 

I.iddlc, ^L^rk H., Youngstown 243 

Koerncr, J. Nick, Columbus 120 

Vice Prksident. 

Bake, O. M., Hamilton 021 


.\lcshire. R. P., Gallipolis 336 

Banking and Trust Companies. 
Skcrktariics and Treasurers. 

Cameron. I. B., Fast Eiverpuol 43j 

Stanley, C. T.. Conneaut 42o 


Kopp, W. J-. Cincinnati 


P.rown, G. F., Lebanon 516 

Hocgner, John G., Lima 379 

L.ingan, James, Toledo 

Lutz, L. Fred, Cotuml)iis 153 

Miller, G. A., Martins Ferry 610 

Schmuck, J. C, Bucyrus 

Seibert, Ferdinand, Cincini:ati ^•*i 

Spaith, George, Cincinnati 50 

Stiffler, Harvey, Salem -553 

Tyler. George M.. Columbus 153 

Webster, P. L.. Fremont 401 

Winegardner, Joseph P.. Hillsboro 4SS 

Wollenhaupt, Aug J., Dayton 279 

Wollenhaupt. Herman, P)ayton 27:^ 

Voimg, Fleet C, Voungsiow n 24S 

Baseball Players. 

Itresnahan. R. P.. Toledo 21" 

Selbach. Al K., Columbus 132 

Wood, R. R.. Xilcs 

Baths — Sanitary. 

T^ugcnbell, J. S., Delaware 312 

Baths — Turkish. 

Widell. W. F., Toledo 223 

Billiards and Pool. 

Enz, Charles F., Findlay... 
Kirsch, Fred J., Columbus. 


Billiard Table Manufacturing Co. 

Gunklach. Henry Jr.. Cincinnati 'Ub 

Bill Posters. 

Chennell, Gcoigc I... Coii:mbus 13- 

Biscuit Manufacturers. 

(See Cracker aiiii Biscuit Manufacturers.) 

Carpenter. Cap 
VVeinstock, Ed, 

.\.. I-indlav SOJ 

Marietta 5G1 

Boards of Trade. 


Ilassell. Tolin X.. Columbus 1J5 

Hunt, U! T., Coshocton 

Boiler Manufacturers. 

,\sliwortli. ('.cnrue S.. Vuunil^town 25'^ 

.\lc.\rthur. Ccuu-e. I'in.llay i;'^i4 

Meeiian. ratnck. ^'lMl^esto\vn '2o'.> 

Sclinei:. .\ucust \'., Culumbus Ufi 

liicker. r. !■:.. llaytnn JT- 

Bondins; and Trust Companies. 


Ooylc, John, Cincinnati o3 


.Mircnrlts. .\. 11. C. Mariett.1 .'■■vi 

.\hrenills. C,eorj;c K., Marietta ■".'•' 


IVIlm.iH. W M.. T.-lclu n^^ 

IViis. I- rank M . I-ii;n.>iit :"IS 

DitiyliMlv. II. I.. ViMini^-ioun 1^;!S 

UraW. I"i.iiik. 'Ink-iln IJIH 

Faiigijoncr, T. U.. I'mnnnt 30S 

iMiikc. I'.lni' ir.. n.-ivtnii liSil 

Tn^all-s "Krcl I".. 'I'<. -J^M 

K.nscr, KnrI ("... Marii.-tl:i *V.i 

Kcl^cy, John .\r.. I-iIlmIc IIM 

SlcCnunaiiyhv. I'nrl. Marl in-; l-\rrv 'HI 

McCorklc- ^ R. L.. Nilcs -l^S 

Miller. II.. n C. l-in.llav SM' 

Miller. T. T.. Frcinoni :'.S7 

Mumina, T\. V.., TLivton Ii72 

Osgood. I". S., Tnk-do l^-O 

Pnttcrson. K. S., CIcvclniiii 84 

IVtcr^. II. II.. Marietta •"'■iT 

Picrstorf. C. F.. FrL-mont 3^0 

Simpkin^;. I'. A.. Yountjstown 23S 

Ward. E. B.. Fremont 101 

Werner, I.nni'^. Cincinmti 

Zizclnian, G?orp:c. CIcvilant! 72 

Books and Stationery. 

Chandler. \V. 11., Cohur-I.ns 

Boot and Shoe Dealers. 

(See Slioc Mtrclianls.) 

Boot and Shoe Manufacturers. 

Kropp, William. Cohnnlji-s 13(i 

I'lelsch. I lenrv. C"..lunil)ii- !;J7 

Stuhcr. Charles W.. Colunilius lo'l 

Wolfe, Charles W., Cohimbus 13G 

Wolfe, K. v.. CoUniihus 137 

Bottling Works 

Kontz. W- IT,. Toledo -m 

^Ian^s, Tolin. Toledo -19 

M inner, Frank, XclsLinvillc 578 

Brass Finisher. 

O'Hricn, G. II.. Salem 46G 

Brass Founders. 

Kennedy, Tohn V.. Cleveland §9 

Murdock, Joseph U., Cincinnati 58 


Ardncr. John J., Toledo 203 

JJorn. C. Clinstian, L oluniltii> Uo 

r.orn. C. IMuard, Columlnis 14;l 

Born, Conrad. Columbus 142 

iJostal, George A., Bueyrus oilo 

Dostal, John, Bucyrus 364 

IChert., I ronton 411 

Finlav. W. T.. Toledo 202 

Grummcl. Otto A., Tiffin ?'33 

llauch, Louis, Cincinnati G2a 

Iloster. Carl J.. Colunihus 14(1 

Hosier, I.oui; P., Columbus 141 

llubach, Charles II.. TilTin 

Huhach. W. G.. TiflF.n.. 333 

Lnckman, Albert, Cincinnati n2a 

Lackman. I lenrv F.. Cincinnati *'2a 

I.eisy. Otto I.." Cleveland S!* 

Moerlcin. John, Cincinnati 17 

Renner, G. J., Jr., Youngstown 200 

Brewers' Agents. 

Brcidenhach. W. F.. Dayton 27D 

Brown. Thomas, Mt. Wrnon 350 

Crohen. \V. T.. Findlay 292 

Endlc. Max. Sandusky 440 

Kssick, H. W,, Conneaut 425 

Fischer, lohn, Cincinnati 49 

Haack. Henry, Toledo 202 

tynsky, M. G., Bellairc 510 

Meyers, John C, Cleveland 90 

Oiiinn. I'. A.. Con ne.iut IJ'i 

Seelbacli. Louis, Cleveland 90 

\'nct. Frank A.. Ma<;sillon 524 

Webber, Ambrose H., Fast Liverpool. . .43G 

.\ SSI ST.\ NT F NO I N Ei;RS. 

Miller. William F.. Martins Ferry 610 


Binder. Adolf. Toledo 203 

Huebner. Ilenrv F.. Toledo 203 

Kaclin, Karl. Cincinnati 4S 

Silbcr, George. Martins Ferry 610 

Weaver. Harry F.. Youngstown 260 

Wtcgand, Fred, Columbus 143 


Brand. Adolph. Toledo 203 

Lcidlein, John F., Cincinnati 63 


Krantz. J. J.. Findlay 298 

Vieman, Arthur. Cincinnati 48 

Somnier. George J.. Cleveland 90 

Stcinle, W. T., Lima 375 

Thomas. lobn II., Dayton 279 

Wehner, t,. I... Dayton 272 


Osterfeld, George H., Cincinnati 49 

\'olk, Louis, Toledo 20_ 

Secri:tarii:s anu Tki:asukers. 

lung. J. George. Cincinnati 46 

Kuchn," George J., Marietta 555 

Schmidt. I'rank I'"... Fremont 

SUfERIN TEN dents. 

i'icke. George A.. Cincinnati 4G 

Mublhauser, Fdward C. Cincinnati 48 

Schwab, P. F-, Hamilton 326 

KaufFman, C. J.. Cincinnati 

Stein, Charles K., Cincinnati 62a 

TBAVELtNO Auditor. 
Welbon, W. G.. Toledo 202 

Brewers Grain. 

P.crgcr, Charles, Cincinnati 62a 

Fmnierl. F. L-, Cincinnati 46 

Brick Manufacturers. 

Gynn, George, Cleveland SS 

Oueisscr. Kobert r„.. Xanesvillc 1 

Tciglcr, Herman. Dayton 

Thomas. T. F.. Nilcs 474 



Mailman, T. W., Cincinnati 60a 

<l'Dcll. William J.. Cincinnati 38 

Uichardson. C. U.. Marietta 558 

Stapely, George IT., Cincinnati 3S 

Brokers— General. 

Sharp, Flmcr D., Columbus 127 

Brokers— Stock. 

'■.I.izier. Marrv, Toledo 109 

TlanfF. Harry T.. Findlay 292 

I layes. Hugh ^L, Piqua 571 

Meeker. Claude. Columbus 127 

Meeker. Garry W.. Columbus 127 

Van Kcuren. T. II, B.. Findlay ^00 

Wyatt. Charles. Toledo 199 

Bronze Works. 

Doeriglit. Gus A.. Yonngstown ..237 

Swain, Joseph G.. Voungstown 240 

Buggy Manufacturers. 

Corcoran, K. B.. Cincinnati 

Gcis. A. G., Cincinnati 60 

Building and Loan Companies. 

I'arber, loscpli W.. Columbus 127 

Brown, C. II., Columbus 126 

Burial Case Companies. 

Kinkelaar. B. H.. Cleveland 74 

Butter, Eggs and Poultr3'. 

Brcitenstein. H. C, Martins Ferry Gil 

Business College, 

Stichl, ProL L. P. W., Uhrichsville 521 


(Sec also Restaurants.) 

Haum. Albert. :Marictta 550 

r.aur, Julius, Fremont 400 

Bclzlcri *^.. A.. Clevland 73 

Ititlner. John J., I'.ueyru-. 

Bodmann. Arthur G.. Cincinnati 49 

r.rul|)ort. L. Lima 

r.use. Wifliam. Cleveland 84 

Carroll, James. Wellbton 

Conrov, Thomas P., Cincinnati 57a 

I lavis,' K. M., Marietta 552 

DeGraw, Samuel. Cleveland 01 

l)ennick, August P., Bellairc 510 

Dennis, George V... I'remont 403 

Dillman. Henry. Cincinnati 57a 

Donaldson. I. F... Nelsonville 578 

l-;ynon, I.. V... MilNboro 

Foucar, Theodore M.. Cincinnati 59 


Gavin, W. F... Ilellaire 500 

Gcon. Joseph W., Ivast Liverpool 435 

('.eorge, William. Bellairc 500 

Graham, John, Cleveland 01 

C.rett. C. IL. Fremont lO'l 

(".uthric, A. K., l-'ast Liverpool 433 

I lanner. Louis Toledo lO'j 

Ilarvel. C. W., Cleveland 

Horn, I. L.. Fremont 30S 

lennings. William, Cleveland 01 

Kocstle. Julius J.. Cleveland 92 

Kobler. Jolin. Cincinnati 63 

Krausc. William. Findlay. 301 

Kreiniberg. Henry, Cincinnati 6o 

Krollmann, Jacob. Cincinnati 

Kueny, Joseph D.. Cincinnati 61 

Leacbman, NVilbam, Columbus 150 

McGorrav. Mark T.. Cleveland 74 

Mc\'ickei-. J. I-:.. Nelsonville 376 

Minnehan, M'ke. Bellairc 

Motz. I. F.. lackson 536 

Ochs. A. S.. Fremont 395 

debs. A. W., Fremont 380 

Ochs. C. F., Fremont 395 

Ocbs, IL G.. Fremont 305 

O'Conncll. Charles A.. Cincinnati 40 

O'Connor. Tohn. Salem 

Pickett. Pearl M.. Bellairc 509 

Plunkctt. F. IL. Toledo 200 

Roth, Charle<;. Cincinnati 45 

Salmar, Fred B.. Cincinnati 63 

Sanders. H. F., Bellairc 

Sell indc wolf. Jacob N.. Bellairc 511 

Scbuler, G,eo. William. Cincmnati 5.t 

Scbumann. AJ. C. Cincinnati 63 

Schi'mann, Fd. Cleveland. 92 

Si nd linger. Fdward. Cincinnati 64b 

Sommer. L A., Cleveland 00 

Vance. Tl." W.. Findlav 301 

Warndorf. A. L. Hamilton 323 

Welch, P. F.," Hamilton 326 

Werner. John. Fremont 397 

Wernort, Frank, Lima 

Whaley. J. D., Fremont 403 

Williams. L B.. Cincinnati .V» 

Wilson. F. P., Bellaire 510 

Wolf, Joseph. Fremont 305 

Carbonating Machinery. 

Sprengard, M. J.. Cincinnati 50 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Dalie. J. IL, Springfield ITS 

Veagley, James. Xiles 4S1 

Car Manufacturing Companies. 

Allison. W. C. Xiles 473 

Hazlett. John P.. Voungstown 23S 

Car Shops. 


Whitney. George, Columbus 149 

Carriage and Coach ManufactVs. 

Armleder. Otto, Cincinnati 30 

Curley, Thomas L., Hamilton 324 

Doucette, M. A., Cincinnati 60 

Hayes, Mort H., Columbus 149 

Wright, J. Edward. Hamilton 324 

Carriage Trimmer. 

Faber, Joe A.. Bucyrus 366 

Cash Register. 

Hallwood. Henry S.. Columbus 157 

Cash Register. 

Lasley, Mont L. >Lansfield 267 


Docrr, Walter, Cincinnati 593 

I-;iirman, Joe. Cincinnati 59 

Mumford. A. I... Marietta 557 

Sehindlcr. Charle*^ F., Cincinnati -ujx 

Moore, Lew, Cincinnati 57a 

Seymour, C. W.. Toledo 104 

Chain Manufacturers. 

Burkbardt. W. M.. Dayton 205 


Morrow. Joseph M.. Toledo 231 

Xewman, Frank. Delaware 3I2b 


Phillips. E. L- Ironton 410 

BL"SI.\i;SS Cl.A^Sll'KA'I'IONS. 

Chewins; (ium /Manufacturers. 

C.rovc, GL-or^;c \\'., Salt;ni l^"-^' 

Cigar Box Manufacturers. 

Ulrcy, Ch.irk-s M.. llcl.iuarc 312a 

Cigar Broker. 

Torrciicc, Frank IV, SpringlicM 177 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Gayimr. Thomas !>., Toledo -30 

M.nihcrger, M. V.. Tinin 333 

RobLTtson. William A., Toledo 220 

Cigars — Wholesale. 

Ilamlierger, Ij?c, Cleveland 34 

Hcusner, \V. C... I'iiidlay "X 

Mendel, Joscpli, CoUimlnis 152 

Meyer. C. Marry, Cincinnati 49 

Cigar AlanufaCturers. 

Deck, Tolin. Contleant 424 

Drahcrs, \V. II., Nilcs 475 

Fislier, Clinton A., Lima 
Glekler, M. M., Cleveland 

Ibold, ICd'.vard T., Cincinnati 45 

Ibold, Miciiael. Cincinnati 45 

Juergens, Otto C. Salem 46tj 

Scliafer, Tolin, l-indlay 297 

Sclilicher, Peter, Ir., Marietta 55S 

Shields, .1. P.., Cleveland 91 

?org. Jacob 0., Salem 453 

Steinnictz, T. P., Xenia 586 

VVallaston, \V. R., Dayton 2S0 

Wcmnicr. TIenry C, I.iina 374 

Wemmer. \V. T., Lima 374 

White, H. C, iPiqiia 


(See also Showmen.) 

Robinson, John G., Cincinnati 50 

City Officials. 


Rcilicr, J. Clint. Cleveland 75 


Kins. K. D.. Delaware 308 

Silver. Charles, Alliance 

Assistant Auditor. 

Bork, \V. II.. Toledo 220 

Bo.\RD or Public Affairs. 

Purnett, \V. R., Springfield 175 

Board of Public Service. 

Nolen, Tohn D.. Toledo 223 

Pc nd, H. O.. Columbus IGl 

Davie s. Geori^e II., I ronton 

Grct-ne, T. Tyler. Toledo 211 

Perkir.s. Ambrose. Yoiing:stown 241 


Monahan. W. II., Nelsonville 576 

Pfont?. O. I-:.. Alliance 

FtRE Detartment Chief. 

Loller. W. II.. VounRstown 241 

Mayo, William, Toledo 21) 

Welch. P. K.. Hamilton 326 

FiKE ni:r\BTME\T Captain. 

Reilly. Hugh, Tolctio 211 


Fix, Cliarles W'., Coliindius 153 

Keller, .\iisiist F.. Toledo 2il 

Smith. Tame^. Toledo I'-'i^ 


I'.dui. Jnliii C. L'lirichsvillc 52') 


P.ilhniver. 11 I',, l-'reinont ^nfi 

Hradi.iiry. Thomas I-;., (.allipoli^ ?.?••: 

Fiei'.-liic.-iim, jtdius. CineiiMiati -li 

C.ibsnn. W. T.. \'o'jiij;stov.-ii J :1 

TTeinrich. I" rank. Martins I'errv HnO 

Tlv.K-. O. p, Marietta '. f. IS 

Tellrev. Unbert It.. Colnmlms ll.'i 

■MeC'.rtei, J. I-:.. M iddlcr.T.v.i 

Mountain. 1 1 W.. I ronton -110 

W;dker, (), V.. Alliance ^>V^ 

Mtat \\n Mii.K Ivsi'EcroKS. 
SeliurU. W , II., Toledo 1^;? 

I in.ei. K, c . I ■.hiMii.;!-; r::. 

I'oi.ici:— Cii ii-:rs. 

McUowcll, W. \V'., VonnjTStown 2_ll 

( )Tiric'n, Richard ]•,., Springfield 17."i 

Tcrrill, John \V., Marlins Ferry iJO'.t 

Police Clerk. 

Schacfcr, C. IC. Springfield 1"* 

Police Junr.E. 

W'iUIcrmuth, Roy L., Columbus 121 

Police Tel. <)i'Erator. 

McDonough, John, Vonngstown 24 ^ 


Wimsey, Thomas J.. Cincinnati '1'^' 

Secretaries to Mayor. 

Christie, Charles J., Cincinnati 41 

Karsbner, M. A., Columbus 115 

School Princh-al. 

Shearer, Fred, Hamilton 321 


Mutler, Tameii M., Columbus 115 

Hough. B. W., Delaware 312a 

Sayles, Emmet C, Fremont 

SuPT. Schools— Clerk. 
Zieglcr, W. C, Cincinnati 59a 


Hoffmann, John B., Cincinnati 40 

Superintendent Stkeet Cleaning. 

Maaff, Frederick, Cincinnati 4ii 


Cussins, William C, Columbus 115 

Kinsley, John R., Cincinnati 41 

Deputy Treasurer. 

Schwartz, Frank R., Columbus 115 

Water Works— Ceiief Engineer. 

Lock, E. D.. Toledo 211 

Water Works— Commissioner. 

Herrmann, August. Cincinnati 41 

Water Works— Secretary. 
Erdrich, W. H., Fremont 

Water Works— Supkrivtendents 

Dow. /Mian R., Salem 455 

McMillan. M.. Marietta 55<) 


Hahlman. C.corge A.. Marietta 550 

I'eck, William G., Cleveland 7^ 

Hartley. William, Toledo 193 

Raumann, C. IL, Fremont 40t> 

Rollin, O. T., Toledo 208 

liooth, C. I... Marietta Ril 

Cable, George B., Marietta 551 

Cook, Frank, Mansfield 2fii 

Paeschner, T.onis, Toledo 209 

Doncyson. Georpe K.. Fremont 40(t 

Ernst, Edward H., Columbus 163 

Freer, J. B., Alliance 

Gandee,' C. K., Marietta 5.^3 

TIarpold, Lewis J., Marietta 554 

Tohnson. Edward. Jr., Columbus 159 

Jones, .\reli F., Delaware 312b 

"Kevser, William S.. P.cllaire 512 

Kodi, E. L., Columbus Ifi2 

Krudwic. A. C. .Sanduskv 442 

Kunz, C. F., ^[arietta 555 

Lehnertz, T.acob A., T.dedo 2011 

Lewis, r,. E., Kilos 4n9 

Miller, Edward, ^farietta 5.5'i 

Moore, S. n.. Marietta 5.50 

T'etcrs, .\. W., Marietta 5.57 

PoppletoM, E. S.. Pelawnrc 312b 

Radcr, L. E., Findlay 300 

Raftican. Thomas L. ^*ouncstown 247 

fvutter, Orie A., Salem 40' 

Rvan John E., Cincinnati 50 

Sclimitt", Tnscph .\,. Columbus 129 

Shechan. Warren IT. Sniem 400 

Sl.nck, T. .\rnold. Toledo 195 

Spade, Daniel E.. Ilueyrus 301 

Sprinpcr. Charles E.. Salem 400 

Sqiiier. L :\L. Marietta 

Stearns.' G, P., Columbus 103 

T\\ inum. William C. Columbus 114 

\"an Kcuren W-..le. Eindlav 3ilfl 

'"•liter- T, K. Marietta XO 

Wood, Claud. Pelbnre .509 


Coukle, .\, T. D.,vl,in 275 


Glii.i-.. 1".. W-. Marietta 5)7 

1 le.'itheriuKton, .\. S.. Uellairc 

Jos^.phy. J. A.. .Marietta 546 

Keller, lobu L, I'remont 

McDernuUt, lohn I.., Xiles 47.S 

Mellvar, C. T., Marietta 

Michael, Theodore, Lima 373 

ScRal. -\be. Cincinnati 63a 

Slienk, Frank I.., Lima 375 

Wolk, f>sear, Conneaut 425 

Clothing — Manager. 

Graves. Ortli C, VouuKStown 253 

Clothing — Wholesale. 

r)csenl)crfr, Louis, Cleveland 87 

Much, Moses Edwin, Cincinnati 5S 

Clown Novelties. 

Clark, Harry E., Toledo 231 

Club Manager. 

Walsh, A. XL, Cleveland S4 

Coach Manufacturers. 

(See Carriage and Conch Manufacturers.) 

Coal Dealers. 

H.aertschi, lohn, Toledo 200 

P.inKham. Nye S., Toledo 207 

Caldwell, J. S.. Niles 470 

Cisler, L. T., Marietta 

Gendron, Adolph L, Toledo 22S 

Hall, Frank L, Dayton 276 

Hall, \'onis £., Davton 276 

Irvine, A. W. S., Toledo 

Myers, \\'arren O.. Springfield 170 

Peters, W. C. Marietta 557 

St. John, R., Toledo 20O 

Sheen, James, Salem 453 

Shriver, Joseph, Salem 450 

X^oges, Ilerman, Sr.. Springfield 174 

West, R..bert J., Toledo 210 

Coal — Wholesale. 

Baker, R. M., Toledo 229 

Coal Companies. 


Powell, Harrv T., Columbus 159 

Shilling, David ^r., Troy 605 

Winters, Charles C Sandusky 
S.M.ES -Agent. 

Roche, D. H., Chillieothe 1S2 


De Vennish, A. P.. Columbus 113 

Needs, Samuel H., Cleveland 73 


Sullivan, M. C, Toledo 229 

Dunn, William, Salem 45S 

Coal Operators. 

Beidlcr, J. .\., Cleveland 76 

HoIUx^rp. Lou H., Jackson 537 

\'ogel, P. .A., Columbus 159 


McComb. Howard G., Toledo 225 


Donnelly. Tommy. Cnhnnbus 131 

Ouiglev, Doc, Columbus 131 

.Shunk; Harry C, Columbus 131 

Commission Merchants. 

Deuiulh. .\lfre.l M.. Tole.lo 222 

I'.vans. Pert H., Columbus 135 

FAans. 01i\er .M., Colinnhus 135 

Gentile. Leonard, Cincinnati 59 

Turner, Clarence V.., Columbus 135 

W.ildeu, G. IL, Marietta 500 


t.'^ie Bakers ant". Confectioners) 

Construction Companies. 

Paluur. Kicb.ird L., Cleveland SI 


Beers. F..rd P. Cleveland S9 

Bormuth. IL V... Bueyn:s 3ilj 


Tlvirns. W. II,. Clcvcl.m.i 

Cnrlanil, II. I... Toledo 

Carland, John C, Toli-ilo.... 

Cavnnniif;li. .loliii. Toledo 

Cliapiiian. .lay. Toled 

Dornlan, II. V'., Marietta.... 
novvliiiR. C. W., iMarictta.. . 
I'olz, I-' W'.. Cineinti;iti. . 
I''iierst. Cornelius. CmciiHlati 
r.arrijian. Philip .\.. Toledo. 

... » 
. .JL'.Sa 
. . . M 
... .">! 


Kirclincr, Traiik H.. Cineinnati 3."i 

Lelllcr. C. \V.. Marion 99 

Lightbody, Thomas. Voiingstown 255 

MeKenna. \V. S.. Xiles 479 

Miller, William, Toledo 20G 

Mvers, I'rank II.. I'reniont .l^^* 

Phillips, G. T.. Kast Liverpool 433 

Pickett, S. J., Toledo -'01 

Potter, Harry, .Marietta .''riT 

Quill, lerrv \\., Cincinnati 51 

Kahhitt", lames V.. Toledo JIS 

Kahhitt. jl. M., Toleilo 2IS 

Kalihitt, Patrick II., Toledo 21S 

Kincliart. H. S., Kast Liverpool 436 

Ivosser, T. T., liellairc 

Remiile, W.'j., Lima 377 

Smith. Tames ,\.. Salcin 460 

Smith, \V. B., Marietta 559 

Stone, John J., Toledo 194 

Thomas. John H., Cleveland SS 

WasstalT,' Trank C. Niles 477 

Weliner, Joseph, Dayton 2.S1 

WHiitman, Josepli W'., T^inia 376 

Vouni;, Artluir C, Youngstown 255 


W'alde, Joseph A., Fremont 403 

Cornice Makers. 

Posten. TIarlev. Salem 4I»5 

Harris, Cloyd D., Salem 462 

Harris, Walter, Salem 462 

Doughcr, John JL, Salem 45S 

County Officials. 


Fronizer, S. M., Fremont 392 

Halbedel, E. X.. Upper Sandusky 317 

Jones, r,. Kwing, Columbus 119' 

Leonard, W. R., Youngstown 242 1 

Meyer, W. H., Lima 378 

Di-rrTv .Vi'niTORS. ' 

Dean, L. W., Fremont 393 

Hirt, E. U., Fremont 3S7 

Simpson, H. \\^, Delaware 311 


Amiin, Z. K., Columbus 119 

Pair, W. S., Fremont 392 

Carlisle, W. S., Columbus 119 

Mason, H. A., Columbus 119 

W'cstermann, Marcus, Youn.gstown 242 


Cross, Cassius Iv. Younpstown 242 


Cole, A. F., Marietta 547 

Infirmary Sl'pkrinti;.\'dent. 
Riddle, K. K., Salen\ 459 

Haverman, l\. V... Xew Philadelphia. .. .5G9 

Swisher, Don P., Pellefontainc 346 

W^ickbam, J. W'., Columbus 119 


Karl), C.eorRc J.. C«ilumbus 145 

Xewton. Tohn \'., Toledo 220 

Williams.ui, A. C, Delaware 311 


liolton, F.lmcr C. Findlav 293 

Hochenedel. C. .\.. Fremont 392 


Wenninger, llnrmon. I'remonI 3.'^7 

Irk \si Ki:t<. 

Sims. Xels.m .\.. Columbus 114 


Pcrs, Philip C. Ilillsboro 4S9 

Campbell, (".eorce C, Xiles 476 

h'isk. Sebrirg C, Toledo 220 

Courts and Officers. 

ClKii IT JiTir.KS. 
Mo.uicv. Wniiam T.. Lima 3S0 

Common Pl.l-IAS JfllC.KS. 

Lvans. Marcus (".,, C(dinubus -IIS 

Murphy, John P.. Cincinnati In 

Smith, S. W'.. Jr.. Ciiiciun;iti 

I'ko!i.\tic Jinr.K.s. 

Plack, Samuel L., Columbus 145 

Coonrod. John P., I'"remcuit .3S9 

Davis. Charles .\.. Xenia 5.S5 

Lvvin.i;, J. Calvin, Youugstown 242 

lliiuiian, I',. II., IClyria 532 

.Martin. T. .\., F.ast Liverpool 4;!6a 

Porterliefd, Iv Lee, Delaware 308 

Sboup, Marcus, Xenia 585 


Taylor, L. L., Jr., Columbus US 


Ilelcher, IC. T., 1 ronton 410 

Penton. R. P., Delaware 30S 

Crofoot, B. Frank, Painesville 

ICdwards, T. J., Lima 

Ilanley, T. .\.. ICast Liverpool 

lloskot, W. 11.. Dayton 272 

Inmaii, I!. M., Fremont 392 

McCatterty, John \V., Columbus US 

.Mounts, C. S., Lebanon 517 

Schechle, L. L., Martins Ferry C09 

Court Rr.roRTKRS. 

I'.ddy, P. O., YouuRstown 242 

Kiser, W. K., Xeni.i .^85 

Watts. Walter II.. Sandusky 

Cracker and Biscuit Manufact's. 

Coleman, John L., Columbus 146 

I'elber, Frank J., Columbus 157 

Sager, Harry L., Columbus 14u 

Cravat Manufacturers. 

McCormick, TJHunas P., Columbus 138 

Creamery and Dairy Products. 

Walsh, Thomas I'., Cleveland 86 


Murphy, James. Fremont 339 


lloiiahuc, T. R., Cleveland 94 

Lberst, W'. IL, Columbus 150 

lolinson, Eugene L., Cleveland 88 

■pirrung. IL C, Columbus I.M 

Kaymer, John L^., Toleiio 205 


Cerard, Joseph, Last Li\-erpool 435 


Ketter. W. E.. Marietta 554 

Lanza, Jesse J., Titlin 332 

Marston, James M., Cincinnati 51 

Decorative Companies. 

Pidgeley. C. T.. Spriiigtield 177 


.Mhright Dr. O. A., Toledo 199 

Pale, Dr. II. N., Wellston 590 

Pell, Dr. C. F., Conneaut 423 

Pillmeyer, Dr. H. F.. Fremont 405 

Plack, Dr. L. IL, Youngstown 250 

Prinkman, Dr. G. D., Springfield 172 

Puvinger, Dr. Nov V... .Xenia 

Conner, Dr. C. S., Marietta 552 

l-juminger. Dr. .\. IC.. Cincinnati 36 

Franks, Dr. C. L., Cleveland 72 

r.eorgc. Dr. J. IJ., I\ast Liverpool 4:;6a 

I'loetz, Dr. J. Louis, Lima 378 

ll.irrison. Dr. C. I., East Liverpool. ... 134 

Merman. Dr. 1. I-;., Sanduskv 440 

Ihsev. Dr. W'alter IL, Tole.lo 198 

Kepner. Dr. W. IL, Pucvrus :;i;l 

Kerr. Dr. I I. \'... Cunueaut 123 

.Marvin. Dr. t.'. W.. I'lndlay 297 

>lorris.ui Dr. .\ugtistus. C'leveland. . . . 78 

Sl.irkweather. Dr. C S.. PellrJrc 

Slarr. Dr. S. Iv. Toledo 198 

Ward. Dr. T S.. .M.irietta .")61 

Wini.nmson. Dr, M. L. Marietta 501 

Department Stores. 

(.'urrier. S. D. \'o^lug^toul^ 238 

(."tissins. William t.".. Columbus 115 

Flory. Louis V... Toledo 195 

lliipkins, (George K., Toledo 225 

J..e.>by. Peter .M. Toledo 225 


l'.irc«. Tohn W.. Toledo 210 

Carew, W. F., Toledo 210 

Dwver, lames, Cincinnati 40 

Kelso, Ciiarles II, . Cleveland 93 

.Meyer, George. \'ouilgstown 241 

Disinfecting Companies. 

Davis. A. C, Cincinnati 61 


t'.uggenheimer, Hugo. Cincinnati 44 

I'lciscbmann, Julius, Cincinnati 41 

[■"leiscbmann. Max C. Cincinnati 44 

Paxton, Thomas \\'., Cincinnati 64a 

Divers and Contractors. 

Thacker, A O., ToL-do 224 


Lee, E. Lawrence, Dayton 277 


I'.onsall, Hcrlxirt T.. Salem 466 

Lambert, W. E., Salem 461 

I'attin, T. O., Marietta 557 

Dredge Contractor. 

Rooney, James Jr., Toledo 

Drug Companies. 

Pakcr, W. \^., Columbus 154 


.\belc, Herman J. Toledo 217 

Peaglc, Charles H., Marietta 

Plaeszer, Joseph, Cincinnati 5Sa 

Curtis, n. Fred, Marietta 532 

Davis, Frank B., Youngstown 251 

Diethelm, Martin, Toledo 217 

Dysle, O. F., Marietta 553 

I'.nsign, C. .\ , Youn,gstown 251 

C.eorge. II. W, Salem 460 

Harlow Charles D., Washington C. H..342 

llcrpich, John L., Columbus 154 

Kagy, Tullus, J., Findlay 

Kuehn, August .\., Marietta 555 

I.oesser, Paul A., Toledo 217 

I.otze, E. H., Niles 47S 

Lyon, .\. M., Youngstown 251 

Lyons, Frank F., Youngstown 251 

Markt. Karl C, Hamilton 325 

O.gief C T., C.imhridgc 

K'aymer, C. S., Coshocton 498 

Richardson, W. S.. Marietta 5.58 

Rilev. Cbnrlcs T., Youn.gstown 251 

Schmitt, Carl, Cleveland 78 

Smith. P. P., Fremont 3S7 

\oit. W. S,. Warren 

WagstafT, E. .^., Xiles 477 

W'crnert, Joseph A., Toledo 217 

Druggists — Wholesale. 

Kauffman, Linus P.. Columbus 151 

Druggists' Rubber Sundries. 

Myers, C. R., Fremont 391 

Dry Goods. 

Caren, John M, Columbus 139 

Conkle, .\. L, Dayton 275 

DeGarmo, D. S., Xiles 476 

Ehingcr, W. H., Marietta 5.53 

l.ilsdorf. M. L, Toleilo 215 

Gross, S. M.. Cleveland S7 

llerzberg, Harry, Pellairc 506 

Katzcnstein. Jacob. .Marietta 554 

Kinnane, John. Springfield 176 

Kunz. Peter. Marietta .555 

.Morehouse. Max. Columbus 139 

Ransom, C. Iv. Coshocton T'.tS 

Snnileborn. Isadore, Pellairc 

Tliacker. Fred W.. Xelsonville 578 

^'e.Tgl^. l\. G.. Conneaut 425 


(See Xeivspapcr Eeitors.) 

Electric Companies. 

Bentlic. .\- C. CiiKinnati 62 

Simonton, W. IL. Columbus 144 


I!rsi.\i:ss Ci.Assii 


t£lectric Light. 

.Kv-op, W. l;., M;,n,,n u:i 

Electric Light & Fuel Companies. 

M;iiscii, r. J., Lini;i 377 

Electric Railway & Light Co.'s. 

(Sll- .lis J Tiacticin Lilies.) 

Claim Agent. 

lickcrt, IC. 11., Tiiltilo 2:;'J 

Electrical Agent. 

Hutchison. 1". A., Coliunbiis 

Electrical Contractors. 

Smitli, T. 

J., New Le.\int;:ton. . , 
Herbert \V., Toledo. 



Carpenter, C. ('.., l-in.llay 294 

Donley, J. 1'., .Marietta 553 

Fonke, L. IC, l-reniont 4U3 

Knntz. Charles S., Warren 

Shanahan, J. P., l-'inJlay 209 

Engine Manufacturing Comoany. 

\'ici; I'residext. 
Davis, D. \V., Salem 454 


i:arley, Ciiales S., Salem 463 

Rabbins, James, Salem 452 


(See .-ilso Locomotiv.^ Kiigineers.) 

McMahon, James C, Fremont 405 

Schachtele, George II., Fremont 402 

Engineers — Civil. 

Armstrong, II. C, Salem 459 

Garbcr, J. Murray. Mt. Vernon 350 

Gates, li. Frank, Marietta 540 

Iloadlcy, John S., Lima 377 

liofman, Joseph, Toledo 231 

Rowland, George D., Bellaire 50S 

-Smith, .'\l Bert, Warren 

Tonson, G. W., Toledo 220 

Engineers — Electrical. 

Duckman. A. L., Toledo 20S 

Fowler, Harry R., Toledo 220 

Okcy, Perry, Columbus 159 

Oldham, Will H., Salem 455 

Werk, Fred C. Cleveland 89 

Engineers — Mechanical. 

Everson, Daniel S., Cincinnati 58a 

Gilbert, E. A., Xilcs 473 

Holloway, Bert. .Xiles 474 

Engineer — Sanitary and Hydraulic 

Force, John P., Columbus 

Engineering Companies. 

Morgan. Col. W. H., Alliance 540 

Karig, .'\. K., Columbus 125 

Engraving Companies. 

Fiiuican. F. M., Cleveland SI 

f"ire Works Manufacturers. 

Due, A. L.. Cu.einiiali 59a 

Firing Arms Manufacturers. 

Rlioads, R. Stanley, Coliimhiis 157 

Fish, Oysters and (jame. 

(lolihlen, C.coiHe M., Toledo 2J0a 

Goulden, TluMiias J., Toledo 22Ga 

Cain, Henry J., Cineinnati 51 


lirliardt, Charles, Cleveland !s4 

Galloway, Joseph P., Toledo 222 

Lewis. Frank W., Lima 373 

Peterson, J. .\., Cincinnati 54 

Zetlitz, Eggert .\'., Lima 379 

Flour, Feed and Coal. 

Bryan, F. E., .\iles 475 

Flour Manufacturers. 

Ilanley, T. J., Coslioctun 49s 

Founder and Machinist. 

Pattin, W. S., .Marietta 557 

Foundry Facings and Supplies. 

Griliith. lorn L., Cineiiiiiati 57 

Foundry and Machine Works. 

Vollmer, C. Fred, Bucyrus .302 


Bradley, Owen L., Bucyrus 302 

Fraternal Insurance. 

Sui'KE.uE Secketaky. 
Berry, George C, Akron 494 

Funeral Directors. 

Clark. Walter S., Findlay 293 

Fuller, O. J., .Marietta 553 

Koel.'ler, William, Cleveland 74 

Krupp, Charles J., Sandusky I 

Krupp, Ira C. J., Sandusky... 

(ilass and China Compaii_\. 


W itlinan, John II. Toledo 

(ilass Workers. 

Archer, R. W.. Bellaire 

Dougherty, George 

. u)< fj 

McGorray, James W ., Cleveland 74 

.McGorray, Joseph \'., Cleveland 74 

Orr, Fred il., Voungstown 248 

Schwartz, Edward, Fremont 390 

Schwartz. W. II., Fremont 400 

Westbrock. Ben, Dayton :i7bi 

Wilson, H. H., Toledo 227 


.McDonald. W. IL, Voungstown 261 

Furniture Dealers. 

Alspach, S. v., Findlay 291 

Dayton 275 



M. H., Marietta 

James S.. ^'oung^town. . 

Claude .\., Fremont 

P. I... .Marietta 


Tindall, James L.. l-reinont 

Feed Dealers 

-Angle. E. C., Nelsonville 

Felt Blanket Manufacturers. 

Orr. A. .M., Piqiia 5 

Fire Hose Company. 


DlsTKicT Manager. 
J. W., Columbus 


Burkhardt, 1. 

Flaherty. .\l. J.. .\ lies 47 

Heron, James, Cincinnati 30 

Hoover, \V. F.. Lima 372 

Koch, George 1!., Cleveland 80 

Kreimer. .August G., Cincinnati 63a 

Lewis, T. E., ICast Liverpool 434 

.McElroy, II. I... Voungstown 231 

Shatler, C. i\I., Voungstown 25S 

Shannon, .Albert F.. Columbus 114 

Welch, Louis L., Delaware 309 

W'ise, Fred .\., Bucyrus 363 

Furniture — Steel. 

r.ainbridBe, I-. W ., Toledo 212 

Gas and Electric Companies. 

Gi;\ i;r Al. Ma\agi;rs. 

Kacrehner, Paul C, Voungstown 213 

Montgomery, Randall, Voungstown 239 


.Abbott. Elmer D., Springfield 174 

Fester, Frank, Cincinnati 50 

General Merchandise. 

Drouillard. Curtis L. Toledo 22."i 

Milliken. T. i;.. Voimi;st.>wn 24S 

Generator and Manufacturing Co. 

.AcTl.vG Manager. 
Goeke, John M., Lima ..37S 

Glass Company. 
Xolan, Cornelius J., Toledo 



.Mc.Vlonagle, J. B., Cineinnati Ola 

-Miihleman, .Arthur II., Cineinn;iti Ola 

Shackelford, James C, Bellaire 5m'.« 

Shumaclier, Coonrod, Tithn ;;;;i 

Spillane, Dennis, Cincinnati Ola 

Grain, Coal, Builders Supplies. 

Cook, II. JNL, Fremont 3^14 

Gottron, Adain, Fremont 3^<o 

Gottron, John I'., Fremont 3".*3 

Grain Dealers. 

Chcnoweth, R. F., Columbus 

Curl, George K., Cireleville 314 

Cox, Myron C, Fremont Ui^ 

Grain and Milling Company. 

Secketaky and iKEASUREk. 
Camp. D. \V., Jr., Toledo 2'.";> 

.\SSISTA.\T Ge.nEK.M. AIa.vaGEK. 

Camp, Edwin L., Toledo Ji-o 

\'lCE PkESlUE.NT Ma.\ agi;k. 

Savage, \V, E., Toledo 2oo 

Grain — Wholesale. 

Grimes, II. S., Portsmouth 357 


.Allen, Frank V., Salem 454 

.Altholf, Charles P., llaylon 

.Arndt, Joseph, Lima 

Bertsch, \V. F., Jackson 537 

Bratton, T. JI., Warren 

Cartzdamer, J. \\ ., Columuua 140 

Conroy, Tliomas J., Columbus l^.'j 

Dean, L. W ., rremoiu 3v'3 

Duesing, II. F., Voungstown Ir/.' 

Ulrick, John K., Columbus 14. 

E\ans, Ed C, Nelsonville 0',:. 

Ging, Jolm F., Sandusky 4-1'-' 

Gnltin, John 1-., Cinemnati -.j 

Ileddleston. R. C, East Liverpool 430 

Ilidlier, Robert F., Fremont 3;-' 

Horton, .A. S., Jackson ooT 

Jones, Horace G., Columbus 14^ 

Kuiitz. William, Dayton _'7:^ 

Lomison, J. B., Lima 37j 

.\Iorron. Will C, Salem 4c.:* 

Pew, B. F., N'iles 4:0 

Pfati", Douglas, .Marietta 557 

PfalT, Harry. Marietta 54;* 

Plart", John II., .Marietta 

Pollock, John B., East Li\-erpool 43'. 

Snider, W'illiam -A., Columbus 147 

\ollkopL C. F., Cleveland .'4 

Grocers — Wholesale. 

Crossland, Ed E., Hillsboro 4^^ 

Fitch, Paul 1'., Voungstown 240 

Gallagher, P. J,, Voungstown 1:52 

Kelly, Dennis, Columbus loo 

Pape. Charles. Marietta 557 

Schater, Charles W., Voungstown J40 

Sehafer. Flenry C, Voungstown 24o 

Schmidt, II. E., -Xenin 5S0 

Tanian, Edward L., Columbus 140 

Tanian, Joseph J., Columbus 140 

W'eiiliam, I'. L., Clevelanil Si 

Gypsum Companies. 

Winters, Charles C Sandusky 


P.elehcr, IC. T.. Ironton 

Hell. 1;. I,., Delaware 

IJogardus, l-;\ert. Alt. X'ernon.., 
Ilurdiek, I.eander I'., Toledo.... 
Eckerman, W. .\., Cle\elaiul. . . 

t7a5siuan, Charles, I'lUiilay 

(".uethlein. l-"ret.ierick, Cincinnati 

Henne, lohn 

Leas. B.' v.. Delaware 

Xuhler. W. S.. Toledo 

.Vye. J. W'.. JIarietta 540 

Pontius. I. R., IJiper .Sandusky 

Robheu. Henry John, Cincinnati 43 

Seyler, P.. T., Niarietta 

Seyler, II. A., .Marietta 5.5;' 

Shilley, Isaac J.. Toledo 225a 

Stecn. Charles E.. Findlay 2".*1 

Wood. James J., Jr., .Sprinctield 170 



. 22.:.a 


Harness /Manufacturers. 

l-.l.niiiir. I-, II,. .V.:; 


IJ.nrL-y. M.. \\,W:hi I'J.'ia 

Kocli. {•'r;ink I'... C'.ihiiillm^. Km 

Kntli. r. !•■. M.. l,-.,l,iiiil>ii, Iiij 

''at Manufacturers. 

M.nlrttt. IVlcr J., Colnmliiis V.\: 

Wurts, Cliivingion, Toledo ...-1J 

Heating and Lisfhting Companies. 

KacK-lur. II. I*., \'.nin^sl.u\ ii Jl:'. 

Swisher, I-;. W.. C.ilumliu-. Itil 

Horse Dealer. 

Trney, W. T.. Marielta .".On 


neplnirn, Tlios. II., I. una 

Hotel Managers. 

llarnion, l!en II., C'lhnnlmr; I4."» 

JTaNwell, W.alter II.. Cincinnati :!N 

Hotel Proprietors. 

liaker, CeorRC .\., ^'ouni^stown JIT 

Hond, Sherman, i'indl.iy "J'< 

Ilower, H. I'.., Salem 

I'radhnry, William, Salem 

Conrt. -V. .\., Cidnndm-. llill 

Corrodi, ICduard, C'diimlms 1^1' 

r.ilhert, S. I.., Wellston 

(.oodall. James (",., Colnmlnis 12^1 

llaniinan, lames I,. N'ounijstuu n 'J'io 

Ilashrouck," Claud C Salem JUI 

Ilinkle, JacK C, Cnlinnhiis 121t 

Ilowald, Charles, Hamilton -VS-'t 

Kellv, William A., I'cdcdo \X> 

Kisscllc. Charles C, I'indlay -W 

Kramer, Matthew. Ilillshoro -ISil 

I.UBcnhcll, .1. S.. IVIaware S12 

^^cCleIlan, .[. M., llueyrus ;iG.T 

McDonniiRh. lames, Itellairc 

Miller, T. W'., l-rem.)nt 404 

Miller, I'. I'., Ntartins Ferry l»S 

Tew. Charles S., .Viles 

I\eher, loseph I., Iliievriis .1*tl 

Rockfield. H. [.., Spri'nKficId IT.' 

Kopcrs, I'.d .r., Columhus 

Koschrnck, Oscar, Wcllston 

Saltonstall, W. H., Toledo 19.". 

Schmidt, Mniil. I'.ellairc 

Stevens, Harold .\., N'iles 477 

WaUh, M. T., Xew r.ecxin^ton atl.'^ 

Walt, John 1!., Rellaire 

Whilt.ikcr, K. I., Fremont VC, 

Widell, W. I'.', Toledo ^2:! 

Williams, I. T.. T.iledo 22.", 

Ice Dealers. 

P.owhis, v.. V... Fremont XC, 

Knorr, Ceor.ije I.., Cincinnati 52 

Kruff, Frank .\., Cincinnati 3.1 

Kiddell, Theo., Columbus 

Ice and Coal. 

Miller. Charles F., T.dedo 2fli: 

Miller, losei.h .\.. T.dedo 2Ui; 

Wiseley,' W. V.. Fin. Hay 203 

Ice Manufact'ing & Cold Storage. 

Ilicr, FVancis T., Cincinnati 3u 

Xauphten, C'. A., Cincinnati rt- 

Xaylor, IC. I-;., Delaware.. 311 

Reynolds, Kohert K., Cincinnati 52 

Winsworth. W. II.. Yountistown 253 

Ice Machine Companies. 

Md.l, W illi.un. Il.imdt.m 323 

Insurance Agents. 

.\,lams. .\rlliur. Salem 

Ileal. .\. I.. Vounysi.iwii 240, U.' .\., T..le.l,i 2ll."i 

nroi.klklil. I-;. I \'.. Cincinn.iti 35 

l!r..ui;htou, .loliu, Wiun.t-stow n 24il 

r.rownini;, Ilooeer, t'.dinnhns ltd 

r.ruce. i-. i;., Cleveland .So 

P.ntman. X'ineent 1'., I'reniimt 

Camphell, '.. 1.., Niles I7i-. 

Chanan, I, I.,. Man. Ha 5.52 

Collelt, A. M.. 410 

Court, S. A. 

Davis, l..lni K.. \ ..uue~l..wn 240 

I i.,M-. W. l.iillieT. e'lneinn.ili 4:; 

Ded.el, i:, I , ^ .inni.-.l..wn 245 

llierkes, I. 11 , ( i 31 

I-dliotI, I, S., S|.i niKliel.l 

l-isher, Charles i: , Lima 370 

I-lieker, I'errv W., Clevelan.l Sll 

('...rudv, ("i. C. I'.nevrus 3C1 

Heller. Charles II., Dayt..n 

Herman, I". .\., l"reni.)nl. 

Midi. Ilarrv I'... l-'in.llav 202 

Kme. .M. A.. Clevelan.r. SO 

Krause, Frank S., Cleveland SO C. C, l-'llyria 532 

MeC.innaupIiev, C'h.arles, Ilillsljoro .... 

.M.nklin, I'raiik I,, Clnmlms 15S 

.Matl.ick, II. I'.. 'C.dumhns 

Mdler, l.ouis W., ^■.lnn|.st..wn 240 

Mooncv. loe 1.. T.iled.i 221 

Mosicr', F. <).,■ Colundms 124 

XevMnan, V'alentiiie, Ir.mton 411 

rialt, William T, I'in.llay... 201 

Kattermann. I'rank, Cincinnati 64 

Siehert, C. M.. Ir.. Columhus Ifil 

Smith, ICIlsworth, Marietta 5.59 

Smith. I'loyil I... rortsmouth 3.5fi 

Stowe, Ilenrv M., Cleveland 71 

Thomas, W.i:., Cleveland SO 

Incandescent Light. 

Sri'KHI \TK.\nKNT. 
Hanks. James (■... T..ledo 205 

Iron Companies. 


t'.ay. I're.I A., Clevelan.l 


Schmutz. Charles, VoutiRStown 250 

I)[-:p.akti.(Kn'T M.^naokk. 

To.l, David, ^'oun^;stown 257 

District I-rkioht .Ack.s-t. 

Mackey, Frank H.. Vounpstown 

I'avm \STrR. 
Onions, Joseph H., Voun.nstown 253 

Iron Manufacturers. 

Ilir.l, !■:. T., Ir., Ironton 410 

Svkes, N.' i; 473 

rimnias, W. .\uhrey, Xiles 471 

Iron Moulder. 

Hall, John H., Salem 4r,l 

C.ilson, I'Mwnril I,.. .Salem 4'12 

Iron Worker. 

Ilil.iehrand. T.enj.. Candiridpe 


I'rainc, Jacoh. Tolc.Io 227a 

t",reenwaid, Meiljauiin, Cincinnati G2 

Haverheck, 1. Ecnj., Lima 275 

Heesen, Alfred J., Toledo 222 

Ilummcl. L. F, !■;., Cincinnati 57 

Lotze. i;. II., Nilcs 47S 

Slerriam. F. W., Fremont 400 

>Iiller, IvKvard J.. Coluinhu.s 1^ 

Sailc, l*rank W., Colinnhus 155 

Trcsch, Charles I-;., Marietta 540 

Ulirig. ,\. Herman, Cillip-dis .33r. 

Jewelers — Manufacturing. 

.\uld, James .\.. C.iUnnhus 15,5 

Crecclins, Henrv J., Columhus 155 

Fox. r.ustave, Cincinnati '^^ 

Wade. W, O.. Hast Liverpool 

Jewelers Auctioneer. 

lyler. F.d U., I'remont 3S0 


Cook, Samuel X, Colund)ns 134 

()'C..nn..r, J.ilin J..;st.>wn 217 

Ladies' and Men's Furnishings. 

K....|>. llerm.iu S,. CineiTinali il3a 

Ladies' Skirts and Suits Manuf'r. 

llei.U Ih.ieh. Sewaril. Cincinnati G2 

Laundering AAachinery. 

J,ilni-..n. J. 1^-. t'i.ieinnati 55 


Clark. I', i: , .Marietta 

Ilailey, \y. .\., Troy (1U5 

I'jnery. ]\. ]\., ^'.Jun^,'sto\^ ii 259 

Ijatt.i, Charles ]■'.., Cincinn.ati 55 

Ciatt.i. l.ouis ,\., Cincinnati 55 

Koch, Charles .V, Dayton 

Kyan, C.corRe I'.., Toledo 227 

Tohias, Vernon 1'., Fremont 390 

Tunnington, Fred \\'., Fremont 39G 

Leather Belting. 

.McKenzie, J. .M.. T.'le.lo 22Ca 

Libraries — Public. 

Hopkins, W. A., Cincinnati 33 


I'hillips, U'altcr, Cincinnati 53 

KadlolT, Charles, Cincinnati 53 

Zecli, Con, Cincinnati 3(j 

Live Stock Breeder. 

Smith, ]-;idoii F., Chnnhus 15G 

Live Stock Dealers. 

ICmhry, 'lalton, Cincinnati 43 

C.rcene, Thomas .M., Cincinnati 42 

-Xorton. J. L., Delaware ". 312a 

Livery, Sale and Feed Stables. 

.Agin, A. .M., Marietta 550 

liarncs, Walter L. Salem 4G0 

I'.ower, W. S., iXelsonville 578 

Forsyth, Kohert IL, Fremont 4UC 

liobson, I'A L., .Martins Ferry 

Hunt, II. E., Jackson ." 

Kinnear, S. A., Colinnhus 158 

Popp, Joseph, Toledo 231 

Kinehart, H. S., Kast Liverpool 436 

Slaght, George ,\., Dayton 278 

Locomotive Engineers. 

I Sec also ICngineers.) 

Dooley, lohn T., Conneaut 424 

Duff, Charles 'C, -Martins Ferrv GIO 

Dunn, W. C, Xiles ' 479 

ICIIiott, W. .\., Bellaire 507 

Grimes, W. .\., lUicyrus 

Herring, L. li., Marietta 554 

Hogan, John P., Niles 

Mullen, G. A., Fremont 401 

Tavlor, H. T., Conneaut 424 

Williams, .\.'F. C, Marietta 548 

Young, John W.. Uhrichsvillc 520 

Lumber Dealers. 

IJcrgin. .Matthew T., Columhus 148 

Drake, W. A., D.ayton 27G 

Gregory, A. J., Cleveland 79 

Meier, IL \V'iHiain, Jr., Cincinnati 44 

Kidenour, O, J., Columhus 

Schnaufer, W. T., Marietta 558 

Thomas, W, R., Niles 473 

W'aggoncr, Charles V.., Fremont 399 

Lumber Manufacturers. 

Hecker. John IL, Marietta 548 

Kuhlman, W. IL, L>ayton 27G 

Lumber — Wholesale. 

P>arr, Sam IC. Marietta 5.50 

McCarty, P. 1... Springtield 17G 


.\ltalTer, G I'., llucvrus 3ll5 

liiedenharn. Ilenrv. Xiles 4S0 

Carnahan. 11. IL,' riirich-ville 521 

Douglas. 1. .\., Toledo 214 

l-:arley, \\ . T.. Salem 403 

C„ia, Chri-liau P., Ilncyrns 3G3 

I', lohn L, Salem 4ii5 

Kerr, W. .\., Marietta 554 

LoOlaml, J. .M., Marietta 5m 

Lowrv. Paul Iv.. Salem 4G1 

.\lci-ler, W. I'.. Marietta 55G 

M.i.ire, W. V... Colinnhus 

Primm. I. .M., Marietta 5,58 

Uces, Tin. mas I)., I'reim.nt 402 

Kuggv. Ive^ W.. Salem 4(5 

Shelhamer. G, W., .\el~.niville a.G 

Snvder, CV I"... llucvrus 3G5 

re' Fre.l. Mucyi u- 3113 

Malleable Casting Company. 


llilm. Ilciiiy, Tuiodo 

Malt Extract Manufacturer. 

l.cwis. W. S.. l-rciim;U 


llowUis. C. C, I'reniont 

llramlaBC, Ccurge C. ll.imilton 

llritton, I,. 11., Salcni 

Crousc, George \\ ., Akron 

Davis, A. M., .Marietta 

Dye, Wirt S.. .Marietta 

Frishic, William .M., Columbus 

llccdy, lloraee 1'., VounRstovvn 

Ilippard, K. VouiiKStown 

lones, William. Toledo 

Kilhournc. James. Columbus 

McCormick, lames. Marietta 

McC.ilvray, C. !■'., SprinKfield 

McKcefrey. N. .1.. Salem 

Midgley, Thomas. Columbus 

Miller, W. K., .Newark 

Nye, A. T.. Marietta.. 

Orwig, I. Harrison, Xiles 

Scarle, i'"red II., Toledo ,••,■•,■:•■ 

Smitli, Charles .\., New Phdadel|>liia. 

Smith, lames II., Lima 

Sparks, "A. !•'., SpriuKlield 

Sliear. II. V.. Marietta 

Timms, lames O.. CoUimbus 

Wilkins, Charles I,., Columlius 

Winsor, Alia, Marietta 

Merchandise Brokers. 





f.rancy. loliii C. I,. 
Shank. Ired A., \ .. 


. . .20tl 




Manufacturers' Agent. 

Kelt, I'ranz, Cmcinn.Tti 

Manufacturing Companies. 


n.acli, I. M., Fremont 

Iloiicb, WilliL- i;., Kindlay 

Marble Works. 

Miller, Cliarles II.. Columbus 

Mueller, J. .M.. Jr., Cincinnati 

Xellic, I' red. Salem 

Smitli. A. M., l-indlay 

Marine Captain. 

Wysoon. John II., Cleveland 

Marine Engineer. 

Kelley, Thomas I'... Cleveland 


Ihiber, Charles V... Cincinnati 

Mattress Manufacturers. 


. . . .5ii5 
. . . . 275 


. . .558 
. ...2i;i 
. ...5(;ii 

. . .551 
... SI 
...13>^ i 
...204 1 



. . So 

. S5 


Kurtz, Columbus. 

Lupfer, ('.corse 1!., Columbus 

Wuest, Joseiih, Cincinnati 

Meats and Provisions. 

(Sec also I'rovisions— Wholesale. 

Cloud, Charles S., Columbus 

Deibel, Charles Voungstown 

Dcibel, Christ S., Voungstoivn 

Ilaas. I.ouis J., Columlnis 

llolllierK, l.ou II., Jackson 

Kucnzli, Fred C, .\'. I'hilailclpliia. . 

Kulin. Michael, Cincinnati 

Scha<l, Charles. I'.ellaire 

Schwartz, lolin C. I. una 

rietseli, Jonas 1'.. Cobinibus 

Wills, George, Jr., Fremont 

Meats — Wholesale. 

I'.roer. I'.. I'.. Toledo 

Men's Furnishings. 

.\yling, b're.l W., Toledo... 

Itoudtit, luigenc. Cincinnati 

t'.olde, (".eorge, Cincinnati 

Koch, Thos. F. M., Columbus 

(I'l'.eirnc, M. I.. Columbus 

rendleton. Alfred J., Cidniubus 

i'erkins, C.. K.. Vouncslown 

Woodford, II. T., Voungstown 

Mercantile Agencies. 

M \N.\CHt.S. 

Gunning. James 11.. Cincinnati 



. W> 
.. 42 
. .137 

nlius. . . 


I'.ainl, Charles I.., .Xelsonvillc 5i'; 

lleeker, Charles 1!., Toledo |.l^ 

lilair, S. S., Delaware ■»" 

Cassclman, C. W., .Mliaiic 

Crossland, S. C, Jacks,. n 

DeVaux, Charles, Tolc.b' 

ICnderes, Charles S.. Hamilton. 
ICvans, Harry I... Columbus... 

Gates. C.eorRe V... Marietta 

Hcidrick, .\. U. .Marictt.i 

Hcrnion. Charles W.. l-rcnioi.t 

llornung. F. C, Fremont 

Horniing, Geo. \\ .. Fremont .. 

Kirby, Walter. Marietta 

Mosauer, I'M, Dayton 

I'iel. 11. i;., Lima 

kace, K. Iv, -Marietta 

Sevier, Frank (',.. Marietta 

Sli'afer. lohn 11.. Voungstown... 
Tornes, 'J. H.. Marietta 

Merchant Tailors. 

(See .tIso Mcn"s Furnishings.) 

nasch, loel. Findlay 

licnes, G. D., 

Uiddison, S. .M., .Marietta 

Itusli, N. T., Cleveland 

Council, John J., Columbus 

Deibel, C. W., Voungstown 

Gettnm, Taul, Toledo 

Heinzelman, George, I iflm 

Henry, .\. J., Salcni.... 

Ihibcr. losepll C, 1 oledo 

leckell, Charles, Voungstown 

Jeckell. William. Voungstown 

'"Keller. .\dam, I'rcmont ■. 

Kobmann. K. W.. Cincinnati 

.McKee, Thomas, Cleveland ... 

Moore, lessc lames, Cincinnati 

Moore, "lohn W., CoUimbns 

Morse, ('.. II., Marietta 

Morse. H. D., Marietta 

reterson. Gus T., Cincinnati 

Regan, William H., Columbu.. 

Ricbter, Frederick C. Columbus... 

l^yan S. I., l-rcniont 

Shultz, W." i;., Delaware. 

Sprcng. George, Cleveland 

Tullv, lames I., Hamilton 

Voll." Peter, ^larietta 

Wolf Nicholas I.. Cincinnati 

/.icgler. Joseph. Toledo 

Metal Worker. 

I'ctcrs. J. 1.-. Mari.tta 

Metal Company's Agent 

Mc.Mpinc. .\. H., Columbus 

Mill Foreman. 

Ambler, John S., llellaire 

Mill Supplies. 

Discbinger, Fred .\.. Toledo 


Hone. Ihisc. Lebanon 

F.lder. T. Frank. Salem 

Semlcr, Harry I... Hanidton 

Minstrel Companies. 

(See also llnaliical CoiiipMii. 

Faust, Ted. Columbus 

I'icid, .\l I... Columbus 

\'ogel. John W., Columbns 


Conard, l-Mwanl. C.d..iiii.ii~ 


Crumb, W. Hurt, llucyrus 

.Mitchell, George F., .Marietta 

Music Dealers. 

. ...K'," 

554 ' I'.rinkcrholT, M. II., l'pp;-r Sandusky 
. .388 j Hayes, John M.. loledo 

Music Teachers. 

Mayer, I'rof. John S., Columbus... 

I-^vans, W. Samuel, .\ilcs 

{•"arrar, I'rof. < ). R.. ^■oungstown. 

Koebler, Glislav, Toled > 

Lewis, I'rof. Wilmcr D.. Dayton... 

Musical Directors. 

Hippie, v.. K.. lleLiwarc 

l.iebman. I'rof. Charles. Voungstown. 

SclimicdeKc, II. I.. Franz, .Marietta 

..293 Schneider. Cliarlc.. I.., Columbus 




Cutler. Hurt .M.. C.>UinibiiN. . . 

Shenk. Meda. Lima 

Theis. II- I... .Marietta 

Nail Works. 


.\,lanis. William. Salem. 

. . . 450 


. ...258 1 W eigel. Daniel, Salem 

;;:.'03a j News Agency. 

■••• ?1| .\rclier, T. .\.. IVllaire 

. . . . ^< . 

138 i Newspaper. 

550 , 

54S .\TT.scHrs. 

'!!! 52 ! .\ R. B.. Mt. Wrnon.. 


. . 138 

. . 3:«i 

.. SO 



llogc. W. 



. 325 

Appel, Harry 1... C 
Scheuer, .\.. Clevel: 

. 57 



Millinery— Wholesale. 

Iloellc. Henry. Cincinnati 

Mine Foreman. 

I'.ainbri.lgc. W. T.. lielbmc 

Devore, 1.. 1'.. I'.ellaire 

Mineral Waters. 

Schmi.ll. I'hlliu. Toleilo 

■.;iillinan. Dr. G. V... Cleveland 

\\agiuT. Fdwar.l. Cineiiiiiali 

Mineral Spring Compani 

Scliiiiidl.-ipli. Louie. I'ineiiiiiati 

Mining Operator. 

Slessman, .\. y. . l-'reiiuiiit 


. . 60a 
. . 87 



. . 78 
. . 44 

M.. Marietta.... 

.\kwsi'.mm-;r Lditoks. 

.\lderiiian, .\. D.. Marietta 

.\rmstrong, Fred .M., Delaware 

Davis, Ivor I., Nilcs 

Harold. X'allce. I'ortsmouth .. 
Iliestand, I-:. S.. .Mansfield ... 
Hippard, George R.. Columbus 
Hough. .\. I-... Hillsboro 

Kirbv, D. D.. Salem 

Knowles, I. D., Delaware 31." 

Smith. Clatc -\.. ^'ounfistown 2:.'> 

Smith. C. W.. Conneaut 4_'"' 

Xt:\'Sl'Al'l-;K I- OK EM A. \. 

Gerkin, Da\id R.. Marietta ■'-"'■■ 

Xku SI* AiTR Manac.kks. 

I'.atton. W. 11,. Xenia J>'' 

I'crrv, G. W, C-. Cbillicothc 1^- 

Smith, L. yi- I'.ucyrus O'-'. 

iX'HWSrAl'KK — Sli'T. ClKCl'LATIi. N. 

I'.oesbans, William. Colum!nis 1*^ 

Conliss. Fd I'.., FiniUay 2>> 

Notions — Wholesale. 

I.enz. Joseph I-;,, Dayton -T^ 

Office and Lodge Furniture. 

Scbmit. Henry. Cincinnati 

Oil Drillers. 

McCann. l". 1'.. Marietta 'v-" 

Smith, r. I... Marietta J-^; 

Wybind. K, i: . Marietta ■■' . 

Oil Ouageis. 

Mclnlvi-c. K. C. Marietta ■-•■■■ 

McMaiion. T. J.. I'remont '■' 

Riley, T. C. Lima 

Oil Operators. 

(Sec .iLo l':i-e Lin.- Compani. s.) 

P.udd, W. I-:,. I'llcdo zi: 

Clark, W, I,. Marietta Cv, 

llavi^ R. II,. Marietta •>; 

Davis! Ibeo, h',. Marietta :\'' 

Kifer. H. K,. Marietta C-' 

McMillan, .\, I',. Marietta ;^;' 

Mitcbell. T, M,. l-indlay 

Oils and Supplies. 

in. ir. ('. , Marii-tta 

.1. r... Mririfttri 

Oil Well Contractors. 

Cli.iinlii-rlnin. H. 
Schn.mfcr, }. I*. 

U.Tltin, \\ . S . M.iriutta 

Mcl'.ruw. I-', i;., M.iriclt.i 

WiiUr. Ccruv I.. ^r.^riL•tta.. 
Wcilcr, William. Mari.-tta.. 

Oil Well Supplies., S-. Manitta 

IlitclicoL-k, I- rank A., l-'illdlny 


Ila\LTl)cck, .1. I'k-hj' . Lima 

I'riiicf. I>a\nl. C'lncinnati 

I^chman. 1*. i'... ^■^nlnl;^^l>\^■n 

/angers, Jatnl). L'liicinnati 

Organ Builder. 

\\'ir<cliiiik'. i'iiilil'i'. Salvm 


Kid. Ik-. ClKirli^ W .. Delaware... 

Packers — Pork. 

Rotli, j.'lin r, , Cincinnati 




I'liillii'-. A. t . .M.iiR-ua •»• 

Sl.niKheiili.ini.l. II. I.'.. .Manilla. 

Snakar.l. I..,i|.li. .\larii-tl.i 

Ill, .11,..^. \\ I.. .M.irKtla 

TranlUr. II. .\.. 

War, I. .1. S.. .Manilla 

Oil Producers. 

.\lf,,r,l. r,i-,,r,i;i- 1... MaricUa... 

Harry. .\. I.. .Mariulla 

IV■.l^k■v. If. .v.. .Marietta 

I'.iivlc. I). S., Mariutla 

I!,.vk-. I-;. .\l., l-"in,llay 

Ilr,iwn. Kvlaii'l I'., .\lariella. . . 

Cameniii. .\ .\.. Mariella 

Cam|,lp<.Il, W . .\.. .MariLtta....; 
fliamliirlain. l;. \'... .Marietta... 

Clark. C.erirKe 1... .Marietta 

Cullen, I. ()., .Marietta 

Davis, C. S.. .Marietta. 

Da\is. lames !.., .Marietta 

Davis. Si. .1.. Marietta 

llu;.,dies, Henry, I'reinonl 

IIUKlies. lames \\ .. .M.irielta. . . 

Kin^^ l.imes II.. .Marietta 

I.i.ili;fell,.H. .\. .1.. Marietta.... 
I.nurv, lame^ 1". . 

MeC.ann' Frank. .Marietl.i 

.MeCirmiek. I. .\.. Marietta... 

.MeCrew. 1. II,. .Marietta 

Mcl'.reu. r. I'-. .Marietia 

.MiMreil. (.'. K . M.inella 

.MiMren. I:. I. .Marietta 

Mineli. II II.. .Marietta 

Mileliell. I'.irlee. 1-iil.ll.iy 

rieri„,iilt. 1. S.. .Marietta 

I',>rter. N.I'., .Marietta 

k.iimer. I-. l;.. Marietta 

l;,ieser. W . 11., Marietta 

Nns-ell. 1, II,. M.iriitta 

Seli.aeler, I, ,\-. l-'iii.llay 

Sli.ilier, I, K D,. Marietta 

Sn.irk-, l-r.ilik. |-in,llav 

Timlilin. II. I.,. Marietta 

\ ,in«liii. .\i. Marietta 

Wark. W". S.. .Marietta 

. . .."51 

...".:. 1 

. ..=..14 

llrSl.Nl'.SS Cl.ASSll-K'A'I'luNS. 
Paper — Wholesale. 

Ke,,«li, I, r,, Daylwil -T^ 

.Miller, (Irlanil,, .\,. C.iluiiilms. lii 

Winy, Charles 1!,, Cineiiinati ^1 

Pattern Maker. 

Kelky, William .1.. Salem il',1 

Pattern Works. 

l'i>r'\'lli, .X.'il,-. N',>iiiii;-l,iuii -5- 

UllilKe, W. II., \',miiK-.l,,,vn -'52 

Paving Contractors. 

Ilramlev. .M. I-,, Ckvelaml N-S 

Kiilin, II, K.. (.■.•Inmlius 

\liir|,liv. .M. i;.. Cliiinlms IK 

l;,ihms; I. C.. ■|'r,iv 

ScliiU>m;er, l-'re,lk., T..le,l,i 21li 

Percheron and Coach Stallions. 


Uiissel, I'remiint. 

Pianos and Organs. 

I'laiierv. I, 

I,, Samluskv 

1.,, SlirnlK-liekl.. 




. .;:a. 
. . .'i.jS 

. . 'i':S 


. , :;!in 
. ..'.lin 
. .".'11 








I'.aker, D. II.. Ciluinlm- 

Ikll-mitli, U. I'.. CiiKinn.ili 

Cnizier, .Mlierl I'.., IJinillay 

Dielricli. lolm IC, Cleveiaiul 

\-o\. .M. '.M., SpriiiKl'iekl 

C.r.iessle, C. \\.. .Marietta 

(".r,ili. Ceiirite II.. I'remunt 

Harm, mm. \. K., Delauaie 
Hatliawav, lolm C, Cliiilicithe 

Ileal. -\. D.. I'reim.nt 

Kis-i-lle, Charles C. rinillav 

I.loyil, .1, .M,, I'l'ina 


.\n,lre«-. Dr, t I. I'.. Ilasl l.iverpiK.l. 

I'.all, Mr, .\. C. .\lliance 

Ilall.inl. Dr. C. II,, .Marietta 

I'.assell, Dr. W'. I'.., Coliimhus 

I'kilt, Dr. II. K.. Wiuni^suiwu 

I'.,ive~ Dr i;. H. .Marietta 

Ilran.l, Dr. W. W., T<.le,lo 

Ilrnwn. Dr. II. S., Nilcs 

linn,laKe, Dr. I.. II., .\enia 

C.k. Dr. C, C, I'.ellaire 

C,trli.>\'. Dr. t,",irneliiis, Cincinnati 

Cn.nk"-, Dr. I. II., VoniiKstinvn 

Clirrv. Dr. f. ,M,, I.el.amm 

Dalhev. Dr, K, ,\,, ^■lHl^.est,,u n 

|la«ley, Hr, l'.yr,iil W.. Toleiki 

Dillev Dr. S S,, I'remont 

D,.nal,lsi,n. Dr, I. W'., Marietta 

l-;,l,lv. Dr. I. I'., Marietta 

l-:,I\\'ar,l-.. Dr. I-. M.. P,irtsmmitli 

I'ischer, Dr k'ohert, Clevelanil 

l-ishcr. Dr. William II., Tolctin 

ricnnnini:. Dr. \i. C, Lima 

C.araml. Dr. I'. .\.. Tole,lo 

C.artlaml Dr. Jnlm I.., Clevelanil 

Ilaerr, Dr. I.ach. Cincinnati 

Hatelier, Dr. H. II., Davl.m 

Heckler. Dr, I". .\,, Cilninlins 

lolins. Dr. jolin, .Martins Ferry 

[niiKman, Dr. I. W',, Clevelanil 

I. each. Dr, Sheriii.-in. Columhus 

Lindsay. Dr. Oliver W',. Coiunibns.. 
I.nvinK, Dr. Starlinii. (.'nUimhns. . 

, . 04 
. .iTJ 
. .554 

. 4(rj 


. .5411 
25(1 ! Ac 

Piano Tuner. 

HarriiiKlcn, .1. I',. l-;.isl Liverponl 

Pipe and Foundry Companies. 

S.M.KS .\l,l,NT. 

Iliiinphrey-, L. C, Cinciniiali I'Jia 

Pipe Line Companies. 

Ilaker, W. I„, .Marietta 550 

lUiKhes, I. Will, .Marietta 554 

lUiHlies, ^. I.. .Marietta xA 

Inne, I. .M., .Marietta --154 

.Morey, W'. I"., .Marietta 550 

l',,«er, ('.. C, .Marietta 5ri.s 

Smiili, I-'. K.. .Marietta 551) 

Still, l-'re,l C, .Marietta 550 

I rne, D. .M., -Marietta 5U0 

Itnrns. Jerry, l-remant 4U4 

Pipe Line Superintendents. 

Clark. C. K., Marietta... 
I'aite, L. W ., .Marietta ... 
Meu.irl. 1). C. .Marietta 

. .551 
. .54S 
. .550 

Plating Works, Gold and Silver. 

Kin-ky. J,.lin K., Cmeiiinati 41 

Plasterers — Contracting. 

Cntes, I'.eurge C. Fimilay 
l-.nist, William I'.ellaire ... 





. .47i; 



, .2.511 
. .I'.M 


. .1111 






Alhrecht. W', 1. I.,k-,1,. 

.Mien, .1. W., .Xewark 

llenricks, Ceiirjle, I'Vcimint 

riunkett. I'hil .1., Cleveland :i 

Paint and Color Manufacturers. 

riepnuxer. L.-eph !■",. C! 

Paints, Oils and Varnish. 

r.ertlinn. Henry. Cincinnati 

Crow, S. I'.,, r.ellaire 

Daholil. Charles I-".. Marietia 

Dahol.l. Harry I., .Marietta 

Oakley, 1 II. ^■ulln^;sto\vn 

Paper Manufacturers. 


I.ill.nrn. ,\1 i,l.llel,.« 1 
Charles D,. Dayt..n, 

.\. Clark, Irnnton 411 

L.nvry Dr. I. W'., lronl,.n ID 

Luck,' l>r. Henry C, Cleveland 77 

McClcllan, Dr. lames L, Cnhimhus 124 

Mcl'.avren. Dr. C.. W'., Lima 3711 

Means. Dr. Charles S,. C,.lninhus 123 

Meek. Dr. K I'., IVemmlt 3S4 

Miles, Dr. !•■. T,. Salem 452 

Mi?er, Dr. Ira I.. Colnmhns 124 

Mo.,11. Dr. Lark, Colnmhns 123 

NeihlinK, Dr. W. C. I'in.llay 

Vnncrcsser, Dr. 1. L. Cleveland ii 

Ormcr,.d. Dr. H. \'.. Xiles ir.ll 

I'rince. Dr. Will I., I'iiina 572 

Nee-, Dr. Owen C. Toledo 

Nei.l. Dr. Charles I'.,. Lima 3,0 

Uhii, Dr. .\nffnste, Mariim 

Roach, Dr, lolm ,\., .\lliance 540 

Schiller. Dr. .\, W',, Salem 

Shriner. Dr I" D,. Colnmhns 110 

Sieler. Dr. W'. D,. Salem 

Smith, Dr. .\. IL. Marietta 5.-,!) 

Smith, llr 1. M.. N'ew Philailclphia 

Stewart, fir. U. W'., Tole,lo lOS 

Sntphen, |)r, I, T.. Mi.hllelown 427 

leaclmor, Dr, Wells, rorlsimnith 

Tnhman. Or. T. lleiirv. Clevelanil ,7 

Turner, Hr. C. I".,. Colnmhns 154 

Waeencr, Dr. \"an, ndlaire 508 

Wendcl. Dr. IL C. Cincinnati 02 

273 Willis, Or, n, M.. Marietta 501 


1 1., ir., .Martin- Ferry OO'J 

-Vlhrecht, Frd" C Toledo 215 

C,ln^■,llln, Ccorge !•;.. Dayton 

l%s-weiii, S. .\.. Colnmiitis 10li_ 

F'anlkner, C. W'., ISucyrns 300 

Fitzpatriek, 1'. .\. Cohimbus 100 

(".elee-ril, William, Toledo 22ba 

..ils.lort". r.eorKe .1.. Toledo 215 

(■, I'.ernard, Toledo 207 

llenikr-on. William II. , Clevelanil S9 

IL.ilKkins, Fred .\., .Marietta 554 

lack-on, ('.eorse .\., Tolcito 22Sa 

■|.an,i;, Fred. Toleilo 207 

.Mc.Xamara, ICtlward .1., Ctdunihns 114 

Mnrphv, Richard, Cincinnati 5S 

;)lil, I i,. ward C, -Xiles 174 

I'apw.irth, Ceurge S., Clevelanil S.") 

Torter, F. R.. .Marietta 557 

Rail;:, Rol.ert. T.dcdo 210 

Sn,nv, C. C,., .Mt. \'ern,in 351 

Wellman. i;d,i!ar J., Toleilo 215 

Plumbers' Supplies— Wholesale. 

t'.ro-sw iller. Josel'h F., T,.Iedo 

Porcelain Enameler. 

I'cil, .lohn, Clnmhus 1411 


.Mah.ick, II. F;., Salem 4(5 

-Mtenhangh. Clias. D., TiHin :I31 

I'.axter, .lolm (',.. Tiffin 331 

Cnmminij, W. E., Fast Liverpool 

('.onl.l. IC. n., Kast Liverpool 433 

Me.Xntt. II. F.. Kast Liverpool 

KiKhv. C.eorue IC. ICast Liverpool 435 

Wehiier. N, .\.. ICast Liverpool 

Potters' Material. 

C. Xick. i:ast Liverpool 435 

43 I 

. 51 




Pottery Managers. 

lilackmore, T,.ni D., I\ast Liverpool.. 

Car-,.n. I-, I I.,, l-ast l.iverpo,.! 

CoNon, .1, F'rclerick, Tillin 

Powder Companies. 

Dickev, 1. II . Xenia 

Ken.lfick, .loe, Ckvelaml b- 

Pretzel Manufacturer. 

Ikru. Conra.l. Salem 457 


Karl, .1. C. Clevelanil 33 

ll SIM:SS L I.Ar^SI I'll'A'l'KlNS. 

I'rinters and I'lihlisliers. 

iSi. al-.. riiMi:.lnTS.) 

llnii.iluv. A, \ -. New l'liil:iil^-l|.;na '•<•■■ 

ICvaiis, V. I'.. Iklawari.- :ill 

Ikll.T. I'Vaiik M.. I'cilfiln Ur.: 

X'aiighan. .1. II.. Mari.m V.) 


Printing Press Manufacturer. I 

Harris. C. I.,. NiU- | 

Produce Dealer. 

IVIilkr. I' rank. I'niiiuiU SHT 

Produce — Wholesale. 

Henry. ('.f<>rj,'c .\.. Stciilifiivillc 41S 


Willard. C. II.. Toledo :07 

Provision Dealer. 

liran.It. l^.hi-rt I-.. Cleveland 711 

Provisions — Wholesale. 


Crowe. T. 'P.. Vonnjjstown -4S 

W'illisnn, T. .M.. Voungstown -i^ 


(See aKu rrinter-- ami I'lililislier-^; alsu 
.\e\\ "-liaper^. ) 

lirickell. W ilhanl l>.. Columbus 1* 

r.rush. [.ciuis II.. Salem 454 

Capiieller. W. S., Manslield -06 

C.ranl. C.Ien M.. Columlnis 

Ilirscli. Leonard. Columhus I2S 

.M.TlialTv. T. 1'., Cambridfie 

Ritezel.' I'. M.. Warren 147 

Pump Dealer. 

Mercer, llurr S.. .\lli.ince 

Pump Manufacturer. 


Lepiielman, .1. C. .\., Toledo -im 

Putty Manufacturers. 

WiKKim. i;. II.. Diyton L'7S 

Railroad Contractor. 

Kenan. H. 1.. Ipptr Sandusky 



Collins, C.eort-e .\.. Ilillsboro 4&S 

Flaherty. W. V... .Viles 470 


Harrelt. lohn I-., riiralisville 520 

Doherty. Iv 1-.. l.cbancn 516 

Jennings, W*. 11.. Sprin.ijfield 175 

Quinn, Tln>nias I., Uhricbsville 5-1 

Welch, .lames T.. Ubrichsville 520 


Myers, O. I., Tiffin.... 332 

Sheehey, .loscph }'.., Toledo 2hft 

Conners. Thomas. I'reniont 
Haas. C. M.. Tremont 
McCarthy, Thos. I-'., Uucyrus 

Miller, \\'. II.. Uucyrus 3111 

Owens, Tolin I., Conneaut i24 

Padilen, Thomas. Marietta ri57 

I)l\ isiuN 1-!nc.i.\f.i-:k. 

I'aweelt. .1 \\.. ^'.lun•.:sI,n\ n 25'-- 

(".?:m:kai. M\N.\e.i:K. 

Olson. ]••. O.. I.iinn 37:1 

rAssicNcicK Ticki;t .\r.KxTS. 11. I., l.allipolis 33i; 

Fisher. W. II.. Columbus 131 

Shaw. \\" M.. Cincinnati .Wa 

Swift, Ivlward. t."incinnati 3il 

rol.ici: CaI'Iai.n. 

Mcl.anublit,. .1. .\.. Toledo 2lin 

Skckktaijy and Tkeasubkk. 

Uublm.TU. .lolin II.. YounRstown 247 

Si n,Hi NTr-.Nor.NT. 
Morse, W". M, Manett.i -'M 

Tka\ i;i.i .V«. .\ri'ITnK. 

Sc.ill, (I. .\l . I'm, Hay 2a."i 

In \\ 1,1,1 m; I'ui.n.uT .\i;i;n T. 

k.iHcr-. II. l;,, I'leveland 7S 


Ii.'irtb, l"red .1,, llucyrtis 302 

C.ross, !■;. C., Conneaut, !•;. .M., I'i.pi.i 571 

llehenian, H.'irrv, CMicul?i;ili G4 

.MeKee, II. 1 >., ' ilellaire 607 

O'.Wil, John. .\des 478 

I'billips. William. Conneaut 

Real Estate. 

.\mbler. Jay C, Cleveland 79 

.\slry, O. J., Salem 

llarber, lames S., Columbus 127 

llattin, \V, S., Marietta 55" 

llrenner, C. 1*., Voun;;stown 244 

Caswell, I). O.. Cleveland 711 

Cockell, Harvey, Columbus 1211 

Corrodi, ,\II)crt Columbus 15S 

Dolim, \y. H.. Toledo 

Fisher, Charles IC. Lima 379 

I'lanilers, Kd, Marietta 54S 

C.ardncr, I. ;\.. Last Liverpool ^.434 

C.oodliue, 'N. 1'., .Akron 494 

lIodKc W. R.. Toledo 224 

Jacobs. Robert II,. Vonngstown 254 

Keves, S. Turncv, Cohuiibus 1211 

Isiglit, T. II,, Springlield 172 

Kinue.'ir. .Samuel .\., Columbus 15,S 

I.indley. .Miles I)., Hamilton 324 

Long, Jasper \V., ^"oungstown 252 

Long, Jonah K., Voungstown 252 

Lower, T. C Cleveland 73 

I'atterson. H. J.. Toledo 22il 

Ross. James. Columbus 145 

Scliellman. Charles. Davton 
Shields, W. I. Ir., Newark 

Stuart, John' II., Toledo 224 

Tlnmipson, Robert, Coliniibus 12(1 

I'rltn. C, C, Columbus 

\'an Driesen .\. C, Toledo 224 

Whnyman, Horace W.. Columlnis 12C 

Register Companv. 

.\uer, Ceorge S., T.iled.i 225 


(Sie also Cafes.) 
,\n.lers,Hi, 1). .M., Lima 

Iteck. (".corge, Cincinnati 5(» 

lllan.l. W. F., Uucyrus 301 

liraun, L. C, Marietta 551 

Cook, Mont r... Salem 4511 

Corbin, C.corge C, Toledo 21(1 

OeHaas, Ldward, Columbus 152 

Fabcr, .\lbert \\'., lUicvrus 3ilii 

Fallcr. Alf A.. Toledo.' 219 

Fiegelist, John (1.. Tiflin 332 

I'iscber, Louis, Cincinnati 59 

riarvcl, C. W.. Cleveland .. 

Jostcn. C. Logan 528 

Kampc. John II.. Cincinnati 42 

Lee. I. \\\. Fremont 

Mc\ickcr. J. I-:.. .Velsonville 5711 

Macklin, Ceorge L, Columbus 152 

Magnec, Tule, I'indlav 301 

Scbindcwolf, .\ll)ert liellaire 511 

ScbindewoK. William, Jr., liellaire .511 

Stanburrough. C. M.. l'"indlay 301 

Rooting Companies. 

Shaffer, V. V. Columhus 16fi 

ShalTer. I. W,. Columlnis 

Stillwaugh. .\lliert. Hamilton 32(. 

Rubber Companies. 

Herbert. l.ugiiH. CK vcland 7. 

Rubber (ioods Compan_\ . 

SKCKl.TMtV V\n 1k1 \M Kill, 
Mill. hell. W. S,. Tciledo 201 

Rugs, Oriental — Importers. 

Ser|io-^. II II , lnK niiiali 01 

Safes — Fire- Proof. 

,\lcl.ow.iii. lohn F Vouue-loun 2."ili 

I'ivley. Charles H., Jr.. lole.h. 201 

Sales Agent. 

Miircbison. |l S,, Coluuihus 


.Mhanus, C. I.., Toledo 22Sa 

.\rnsmail, L. L.. I'tiledo 225a 

Hay. Henry C. Toledo 

llennett. l-.tlw.aid K,. C'lueiiinati 31 

Calver!. L. .V.. Voungstown 240 

Cappel. |-;d. Davloii 277 

Carrier, L Iv .\., Tole.l 221 

Claiisedel", .\. II.. .M.irielt.i ,5.-.l 

Covert. C.corge F,. Toledo 2;>l 

llankel. T. I;.. Uelaware 309 

l)eRoii--e. II. \'.. .Mariell.i .'..'i2 

Dryfoo,. I. M.. Fremont 3S9 

I'A'Ssen, Cieorge II., M;irietta 553 

[•'.aires, Charles .\., .Marietla M:l 

l-incli, A. v.. Marietta 

C.ivens, Charles 11., Toledo 221 

(Ireen, H. \\'., .Mliance 

C.rove, Tliomas S., Uelaware 312 

lloff. .\l. .A., Cincinnati (11a 

Iloran, Charles W., Toledo 230 

lohnsion, l-.llis ('.., \'oiiiigstowp. 

Joseph, i;dward I., Cleveland S7 

ludv, II. I., Springfield 17S 

Keliey, C. Herbert. CoUiinbus 147 

Kelly, lames k., Springheiil 

King. C. .\., Columbus 102 

Laden. Louie IL. Toledo 20il 

Laugblin, Peter M.. Lima 373 

I.eihius. Herman W'., Toledo 223 

McCnne, H;irr\- C. Lima 372 

.McN'ean, J. I*!., V'oungstov.n 24-5 

Mazev, L C Fremont 405 

Mechling. 1. S.. Marietta -^S*; 

Merklc. V.. C. Davton 272 

.Messinger. L. 1... Fimllay 300 

Mickley, Sanuicl J.. Salem 404 

N'orton, Lawrence C Toledo 227 

I'atterson, 1. Park, -Sakm 4il4 

Rapp, J. W., Troy G05 

Rlioa<ls, Lorin IC, Niarion 

Riddle. Roy R.. Delaware 3",s 

Schweitzer, I'rank L. Clevelainl 9_' 

Stalker, lohn I).. Toledo 2-'0 i 

Vcit. Toseph W.. Lima 37!t 

Watkiiis. Walter IL. Toledo... 227,a 

Zimmerman. Joseph. Cincinnati 47 


( See Cafes.) 


lolinson. Russell \'.. Fremont 402 

Saw Manufacturers. 

Voges. W. 1'.. Canton '. 2S4 

Scale Expert. 

Flynn. W. J.. Columlnis 103 

Scrap Iron and Steel. 

WilkolT. William. Voungstown 20O 

Sealing Wax Manufacturers. 

Wiggiin. K, IL, Dayton 27S 


Stager, Charles. Toledo 19« 

Sewer Pipe and Fire Brick. 

Robinson, .\ndrcw, L'hrichsvitle 

Sheet Rollers. 

Crumbcy, William, N'iles 4Si) 

Orav, Tack P., Martins Ferry Gil 

Gray, Matt II. . liellaire 50S 

ITali, J'hoinas IL, New Philadelphia. .. .507 

Howells. C.corge. Nilcs 4S1 

Johns, John W., rbricbsville 521 

Tones, William, liellaire 512 

Kave, Richard, Niles 4S3 

Kave, William, Niles ISD 

Koidmorgai. lolin. Nik-- IN" 

Xavlor, Will, 'Tr.. Niles 4S; 

Rolierts, John 'C. Liellaire 5lV! 

Summer-," Charles L, Viuing-tow n 2'1I 

Ihomas, 11. L. Niles Jji 

Thomas. I, IC. Nile- 472 

Tipper. Charles I. Niles 470 

Tipper. I. W'.. Nilcs 471 

\'ail. William. Niles 4.<;o 

War.l. I D,. Voungslown 2fil 

Webb. Charles. Niles 4S3 

Webb. Herbert. Niles 4S3 

Wood. F, Thayer. V'iningstown 257 

Wilkes. William. Niles 4S2 

Williams 1.' R.. Niles 472 

Williams, Thomas .\ . Niles IS2 

Sheet Steel Company. 


It.-ck. InM-ph 1., Mli-s ITl' 

lliilili^inl. I'.-uil' II., Niks 172 

Stri-i-lcr, jnlin II.. ^ lmll^,':,towll -Hi 

Tliuin;i>, Cli;irlfs S.. \*oiitiKst<iwn litjl 

\\';in:ici:, S. ;\.. .ViIi.Tncc 


Mcllyar. C. K., Cnniliridgi- 

Sheet Steel Workers. 

l-'lK-Iiiifi. W. I*',, Martins l'*crry 

livans. .Icnkin W'., .Martins I'\Try COS 

Hcitznian, Williatn, M.Tssillon 

Watkins, David C, Martins I'crry CIO 

Shirt Manufacturers. 

Coklc, CcorRf, Cincinnati C4b 

Shirt Waist Manufacturer. 

ISlack, .\rtluir, Toledo 214 

Shoe Merchants. 

Ciilp. Henry T.. Conncant 

rcrncdinp, loscpli, Dayton 281 

rcttcrnian. K. II.. Cleveland 83 

JauKs, Charles W.. Marietta 54C 

I.owry, (".. 11., Mansfield 

l.lie.'is. Harvey II., Tindlay 295 

Oclnn. Henrv C, Treniont 401 

PrIteliard. \V. II.. Nilcs ICO 

Watson. 1'. n., Davton 277 

Wekster, .\. C. rreniont 399 


(See also Circus.) 

Railev, C. 11., .Marietta 550 

.Swall.iu, .\1. O., .Marietta 560 

Sign Printing Companies. 

luiclienliofer, ,\le.\. Dayton 280 

Soap Manufacturers. 

Foerste. Tolin. Dayton 275 

Soda Water Manufacturers. 

Meinhardt. Join: C. Cincinnati 59 

Scliille, Frank II., Columbus 154 

X'crhaKc, II. .\., Cincinnati G4b 

Sponges and Chamois Importers. 

Fnclis, Mav.. Cincinnati 5S 

Sporting Goods. 

Denny, T<i>e|)h D., Cincinnati 54 

Stage Carpenters. 

Crook, .Arthur D., Toledo 22S 

State Officials. 


Nash, George K., Columbus 117 

-Assistant Sf.rckant at .Arms. 

Blankncr, Fred. Columbus IIC 

Dkputy Marsiiai, Supremk Coi-kt. 

Caldwell, Ilartzell, Columbus 151 

On, Inspector. 

Malloy, Totin \i., Columbus IIC 

Statk Senator. 
Ilursl, .T. i;.. New riiiladelphia 
Wagener, David, liellaire 508 


lliltabidle. W. M., .\kron 494 


Dcnnv. Joseph 1).. Cincinnati 54 

Wcndt, ('.us 1'.. Tidedo 227a 

Steamboat Captain. 

Koe. Henry C. .Marietta 558 

Steamboat Companies. 

I'kLH.HT Cl.Al.M .\e.ENT. 

I. mice, (".eor^e .\., Cleveland 7s 

Steamship Agents. 

Newman, laeob. (,'nliimbus l.'jl 

Whelan. lames I.. Toledo i;22 

111 .il.\ i:S.^ L'l..\>SI IK'.\llll.\S. 
Stenographer — Law. 

Sehueiilner, l-r.-ink \\.. ('levelaiicl 71 


K.irrv. .M. II. Tided. i 211! 

Culdeniei-ler, (I, W.. Cleveland 81 

Stockkeeper. \i. II. Jr.. Iroy COfi 


.Myers. ]'.. J.. Canton 284 

Orplial, ICdwaril, Lima 377 

Stone Quarries. 

Shar|i, Kobert II.. Columbus 15fi 

Walentl. C. Harry. Columbus 14S 

Store and Office Fixtures. 

.McNerncy, I'. T., Toledo 209 

Stove and Range Company. 

Melnlyre, M. 11., Cincinnati C4 

Strock, George I'.., .Mansfield 2C7 

Street Railwavs. 

(Sec also Kleelric Kailwavs; also Traction 



.\uderson, .\. -A., Voungstown 25G 

Ivory, U. T.. Voungstown 25C 

Structural Iron Work. 

McKenna. M. II., Cleveland 81 

Surgical Instruments. 

Rurton. Da\iil I"., Cleveland 83 


Wallers, Claude C, Marion 

Swimming Pools. 

Johnson, II. W. I.ima 37fi 


Link. O. G.. .Marietta 5!>5 

Messinger, I'erd. I'remont 3S8 

Swan, Thos. J., Jr., .Marietta 5C0 

Tailors' Trimmings. 

Wertllelin, I. F... Cleveland S7 

Tallow and Oil Manufacturer. 

Smitii. .\nn>r. Jr.. Cincinnati 34 

Tax Attorneys. 

.Morgenthaler. Henry W., Cincinnati.... 37 

Tea Merchant. 

.Vyiian. 1 1. J., l-indlay 291; 


llarlor, Josepli .\., Washington C. H...342 

Telegraph Companies. 


Boyle. J. E., Mt. X'ernon 3.S0 

Hawkins, G. K., Coliunbus 1C5 

I'yle, Ira 1).. Delaware 312 

( )perators. 

lirown, C. \'.. Salem 4C1 

Key. Tolin K., Cincinnati 

Van Tassell, W. H.. Springfield 171 

Train Dispatchers. 

Frauey, James .\., I'.ncyrus 3CI 

Greenl Lewis l:., Voungstown 2.[>li 

Ilanralian, John C, Niles 479 

Houston. Frank M.. Itucyrus 3C2 

Kcegan. J. 1'.. Lniriclisvilte 

Telephone Companies. 

('.i:nlrai. .Managers. 

Crosslev. W. F.. Salem 4.'i8 

Rhodes.' J. I!.. Zanesvillc 340 


Haverstick. I. I'.. Xcnia i'tSiI 

Kruse. IM J., llillsboro 4SS 

Kigut of Way .Agent. 
lUillard. U. IC. Salem 457 


Si ri;i(i Nii;\ iii:\T oi* Consthvctio.n , 

.\laher, C. II.. loled.. 2II.S 

Crillis, W. l;.. Last 434 


Swisher. C. l-;iyria ."i32 

Theatres — Lessees and Alanagers. 

Feicht, Harry IC, Dayton 277 

llanner. Louis, 'i'oledo 19C 

HelTner, Oral M., Columbus 132 

.Miller, L. H., Salem 
.Moore, Iv I,., Hellaiic 

Uook. luigene, Voungstown 240 

Smith, T. I., .\ew Lexington 5C3 

Wyatt, Charles, Toledo 199 

Vard, W. ().. J.aekson .",311 


Fix, Hdward L., Dayton 

Foster, lohn W., Cincinnati 50 

.Miller. G. C, Columbus 

Stage Manager. 
Pcarlstein, Jose[>h, Toledo 199 

Theatrical Agent. 

Kirkby. James I;., Toledo 199 

Tile Works. 

Dcnison, W. C, Delaware 310 


Smith, T. Bell. I'remont 390 

Porch, J. C, Fiudlay 292 

Tin Mills. 


Uogers, John IL, Niles 471 

.Assistant Superintendent. 

Flaherty. John, Niles 471 

KooM Superintendent. 

Brangham, William. .Niles 482 

Mill Worker. 
Green, Howard, Martins Ferry GU 

Tobacco Companies. 

General Agent. 
Rucgg. Henry C, Columbus 

Daggott. John C, Dayton 280 

Tobacco Dealers — Leaf. 

Berger. George -M., Cincinnati 45 

Eckerle. John, Cincinnati 45 

Myall, .Ai|uilla J., Cincinnati 54 

Vcdder, Harry .\.. Cincinnati 30 

Tool Dresser. 

Dunham. W. ().. Marietta 

Pattin, i.ieu P., Marietta 557 

Tool Maker. 

.Moore, Charles B., Salem 4C5 

Rossitcr, Tom, Salem 463 

Tool Works. 

Shryiick. L. D.. -Marietta 559 

Toys, Fancy Goods — Wholesale. 

Goldsmith, Moses, Cincinnati 53 

Traction Lines. 

(See also Electric Railways; also Street 



Harris. L. M.. Springfield 173 

Hupman, Harry R., Springfield 172 

(.".ENERAL MaN.\GI;rS. 

Smith. Charles F., Fiudlay •_'!« 

Stephens, L. P., Columbus 134 


I'.eilstein, I.. ]'.. Toledo 229 

Strehlau. U. R.. Fremont 394 

Transfer and Storage Companies. 

.\dains. Frank I.. I'indlay 297 

Chappell. C. Ir.. I.ima 372 

Clark. .A. I., Toledo 

Merydith. C. W.. Marietta 546 

StoulTer, Charles C. Columlnls 158 

StoufFer, Henry ('.., Columbus 15S 

Transportation Company. 

Th„nM.-.M,, A. I-:,. CU-vvl.uul 

Traveling Salesmen. 

Ackcnnaii, IC. N.. CoUmibvis 

Alk-ii, i;. !■;., I'rcm.jiU 

Andrew,., I!. 1'.. 'u,'™,"-,- 

ISaki-r, Cassius I'-., , 1"1™V- •. 

Ualihvin, KolKTt iM., li>li--Jo 

licacli Orra V... 'I ulcili) 

llcaril. Charles Toledo. ..•• ■ 

ISlume.uhal, Samuel LnUimbus 

Iloclmi. (■,. I.oiiis, Lnlumlius 

Uramhani, W. C, lo.edo..... 

r.iihr, CeofKe .1., Lincmnat. 

liunce, I,. IC, Cleveland 

Clark, Cliarles K., Voungstown 

Cranev, Richard I-.., CoUimlms 

Crocker, Lincoln, Cleveland 

Donahue. ■, 1-reniont 

Donnellv, W. -M-, .l-o'.""!''"* 

Downing. Vuha 1;... "Icdo 

Dunn. I'.ert A., loledo.... 

Fairnian, Will S.. 'ioungstown 

K-rneding. Al. II., Ijayton 

l.'recnian. h'red, loledo 

C.eier, lacol). Cincuinati 

Cluck. .Srthur W ., I oledo. ......-■. ■ 

Creenfclder, lacol.. Ir Cn-cu.nat,.. 

ll-mna S I'M. CoUnnhns 

Ihirrisjn. Sanuicl .1., Uclawarc 

Ilegncr, Urank, Cuicinn.ati 

lles~c. Simon. Cincmn.ati 

llevn, lulwin \V., loledo 

Highland, I-:<1. -Marietta.. 

llinp. Charles .\., i oledo... 

Hochcnedel. .1. H.. 1-remont 

lluseman, Henry, Cincinnati 

Ingraham, K. H N'c-s 

Kailer, .1. X.. Colnmhus 

Kamercr. .1. A \oungstown 

Keeler C.eorge .1., Clcvelaml 

King. .1. WMl. .Marietta 

Kohl. A. S., Cleveland 

Kohn, Dave, Clcvelanil 

I ea~c, .M. .\., loledo 

Ice K. W.. CoUimhns 

I ronard. lohn Iv, Voungstown.... 

I'evi, Charles, Cincinnati 

lied, I'rcd, CoUnnlius 

liiid I 1'., CoUimhus'n. V.. T., Cincinnati 

Mc.Mahon, T. .1, .."cdo 

McManus, J. 1'.. loledo 

Mavers, II, C, Coluinhus.. 

Mefki, Alhert .1.. Cleveland 

Milet. Martin, Cincinnati 

Miller. 1-rank C, Cleveland... ... 

Mnllanev, .1. l--rancisMartins Icii 

Mnnshower, Xatlian J., Coluinhus.. 

Xaushaum, fitto. Columhus 

O'Dwver, lohn .\., •loledo 

OlTncr, Isaac II., Cincinnati 

I'adcn, U. \V., .y^'^rrcn 

I'ersons. 1-. K., I oledo. 

Pfciffcr, .\., Cincinnati 

Porter. \V. 1)., (.nUimhiis 

Powers, George F., 1-remont 

I'ray Alvah T., Columhus 

Uecd, C. Marietta 

Khodv, William. I.mia 

Uock, P. .T. Fremont 

Russell, !■".. H.. 1-remont 

. .4U1 
, . .'Mi 

RcsixKss Classifications. 

Sclir.igelllieiiii, S.. I'ole.lo 

Scluister, i:, X.. Cleveland....... 

Sehwah, hili.iii ('.-. Cincinnati.... 

St.igcr, .\llierl \\.. Toledo 

Swindeman, t.eorge I 

Irier. Frank I-;., Icde.hi 

\'oliwiiikcl, Henry, Salem ■.■.. 
Waeldc, Charles 1-;., Cleveland.. 

Winters, \-.<\ F., I'reniont 

Wcdf, Frank X., Coluinhus 

Tug Manager. 

Ilan.l, Ca|.l. .\. S.. Cnneaiit. . . . 

. .S2 
. lit) 
. .-2U4 

. . 7i; 



"iVl Cannc, lohn, l-^a-t Liverpc 
82 Lorentz, .\ilam .Marielt.-i 

. 431; 
. .555 

.. S-1 



.. 411 
. .12S 

. .31-.; 

.. 41; 
. .aSa 
. .554 
.. 4S 

United States Army. 

AssisT.\NT SrKoi-o.-<. 
\an Duseii. Lieut. L W ., Xorwalk. 

United States Post Office Service 

M.Mi. C.m<kii:ks. 

I'.urns, W . I-:., Cincinnati 

Foreman, Homer .\., Ilucyrus.. 

McDermiitt. S. P., Xiles 

Rohinson, Howard, Coshocton .. 

K.iss, ClKinney R., Lima 


.\ntram, W . H. Lebanon 

Davi-, Ivor .1.. Xiles 

Cessner, (.. .\.. T'reiiiont 

Cow, lohn R., Ilcllairc 

I von, ".\. .M-. ^■nungstowll 

Mile-. Dr. I-', r.. Salem 




. ->li^< 


Wall I'aper and Paint. 

Crow S (',., I'.ellaiie ''"T, 

Dahoicl, Cliiirle- 1-., .Mariella aa2 

Dab.dd, llarrv I., Marietta aaL 

Oakley, J. 11., \ouiigstown -m 

Wall Paner Manufacturer. 

\'oiglil, W. I.., Cincinnati 

Wheel and Spoke Works. 

White, Tlioiiias .\., Lima 374 

Wines, Native— Wholesale. 

l-.nleman, Lrncst, Toledo 213 

Fey, l-;dward, Cincinnati oia 

Wine Producers. 

Kngcls, Hugo F., Sandusky 442 

Kngels, Otto, Sandusky 44- 

Reinliart, W. II., Sandusky 441 

Wines and Liquors. 

(See also Cafes.) 

Cowe, M. .1., Niles..., ^S0 

Lisenhard. M. A., l.ilhn ^-ii 

l;iseniiaio, ..1. -... ■ 

Ilaas, Frank, Sandusky 

McCwine, James, Logan ..... 
Mc\'icker, 1. I-;., .Xelsonville. 

.Moore, I. W., Fremont 

Rosser. F.. L, Xelsonville. 


, . . 3;i5 
.. .577 

51'J Wines and Liquors— Wholesale. 

■3<'l7 j niatz, Charles 1.., Sandusky 4- 

~'r,- l.-ni.,.. |..,-,,h 'Toledo 



...144 McCoy, .\, 1'.. Marietta 

...-■I'j i',,sT Onici: Ci.KKKS. 

"555 r.est, l-:dward, Marietta 

Kissiek Cliarles I-:., Cincinnati.... 

Ramsey, I-:. W.. Lebanon 

AV Postal Ci.krks. 

i';riier, iaeoh, Toledo .... 
Fveslage, Ceorge \\ .. Cincinnati. 

Fogartv, W. P., Jackson.... 

Foster,' Rodger X. Cleveland 

Franc, Harry I.., Toledo.... 

.550 Fritschc. W. 1-:. .\., Columhus.. 

Ilossteld, .\lbert, Hamilton 

-=, iKcltc, Will I-:.. Hayton...., 

'^?-,. Klein, loseph I).. Cincinnati 

ci- levi Reuben. Cincinnati ........ 

'Meier 11. William, Cincinnati... 
' hit, Rudolph C, Cincinnati. 

Ra„.wav IW.^t. CKRUS^ „,-l ;^'\,,'^yX;"A.r-Fin;nay ,. 

I'.ow-ers Charles F., I p. Sandusky ■;! ' i Sihcrnian. Joseph, Cincinnati 

lackson, D. II., Salem 7?c, Stalil, .\be, liellaire 

Phillips, Curtis 1-... ^'aL■.■.l ;^-^;., Vollmayer, J .'■■, , ' "'j-'''".- ' -A- ; 

Rus~i. John A., Salem .,!;;! Wasscrman. L. IL, Springhel 

Sawkins, v.. ■\-. 1 oledo --i i 

Woland, W. A., i-rcmont ->■ ' ; Wirc Drawers 

Underwear Manufacturing. D'olcy, W. J 

(■,i.;\i;k\i. Masac.i-.r. 
Andcr.son. Frank II. . Fremont., 

Anderson, Carl I... 


Underwriters Salvage Corps. 

Conway, Capt. I. J . Cincinnati 

Wagon Maker. 

Cochring, Pliilili, Columhus 


Wagon Manufacturer. 

■.3Sn 'prior, Fdward. CoUimlnis 


. .53* 


. . 3ji; 

. . 01 
. . CI 
. . 44 

'. .5111 


. . 17.8 



Wool Dealer. 

Hohson, F.d L., Martins Ferry 

Woolen Mills. 


Snyder, Jacob .\., Cincinnati aSa 

Wooden Novelties. 

Hunt, Robert T., Coshocton 

Yeast Manufacturers. 

Flcisclimann, Julius, Cincinnati ^l 

Fleischmann, .Mav C, Cincinnati 41 




FEB 84